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This is a list of official symbols for the U.S. state of Illinois:

State symbols[edit]

Illinois centennial flag
Type Symbol Image Law Year adopted
Amphibian Eastern tiger salamander
(Ambystoma tigrinum)
Tiger salamander.jpg 2005
Bird Northern cardinal
(Cardinalis cardinalis)
Cardinal.jpg 1928[1]
Butterfly Monarch butterfly
(Danaus plexippus)
Monarch In May.jpg 1975
Folk dance Square dance 1990[2]
Fish Bluegill
(Lepomis macrochirus)
Lepomis macrochirus UMFS 2014 2.JPG 1986[1]
Flower Violet
(Viola sororia)
Purple violet 1908
Snack food Popcorn
(Zea mays averta)
Fruit Gold Rush Apple
(Malus domestica)
Apples.jpg 2007[4]
Fossil Tully monster
(Tullimonstrum gregarium)
Prairie grass Big bluestem
(Andropogon gerardii)
Andropogon gerardii.jpg 1989
Animal White-tailed deer
(Odocoileus virginianus)
White-tailed deer.jpg 1980
Mineral Fluorite
(Calcium fluoride)
Fluorite with Iron Pyrite.jpg 1965
Motto State sovereignty, national union
  • Land of Lincoln (official)
  • Prairie State
  • The Corn State
  • Garden of the West
Reptile Painted turtle
(Chrysemys picta)
Terrapene sierschildpad Chrysemys picta.jpg 2005
  • Mile After Magnificent Mile
  • Right Here. Right Now.
Soil Drummer silty clay loam
(mesic Typic Endoaquoll)
Song "Illinois" 1925
Tree White oak
(Quercus alba)
Quercus alba.jpg 1972

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