List of Indian and Madagascan dinosaurs

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This is a list of dinosaurs whose remains have been recovered from India or Madagascar. Though widely separated today, India and Madagascar were connected throughout much of the Mesozoic and shared similar dinosaur faunas, distinct from what has been found on other modern African and Asian landmasses.

List of Indian and Madagascan dinosaurs[edit]

Name Period Location Diet[1] Notes
Alwalkeria Late Triassic India omnivore
Archaeodontosaurus Middle Jurassic Madagascar herbivore
Barapasaurus Early Jurassic India herbivore
Brachypodosaurus Late Cretaceous India herbivore
Bruhathkayosaurus Late Cretaceous India herbivore
Coeluroides Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Compsosuchus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Dandakosaurus Early Jurassic India carnivore
Dahalokely Late Cretaceous Madagascar carnivore -
Dryptosauroides Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Indosaurus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Indosuchus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Isisaurus Late Cretaceous India herbivore
Jainosaurus Late Cretaceous India herbivore
Jaklapallisaurus Late Triassic India omnivore
Jubbulpuria Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Kotasaurus Early Jurassic India herbivore
Laevisuchus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Lametasaurus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Lamplughsaura Early Jurassic India herbivore
Lapparentosaurus Middle Jurassic Madagascar herbivore
Majungasaurus Late Cretaceous Madagascar carnivore
Masiakasaurus Late Cretaceous Madagascar carnivore
Nambalia Late Triassic India omnivore
Ornithomimoides Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Orthogoniosaurus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Pradhania Early Jurassic India omnivore
Rahonavis Late Cretaceous Madagascar carnivore
Rahiolisaurus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Rajasaurus Late Cretaceous India carnivore
Rapetosaurus Late Cretaceous Madagascar herbivore
Titanosaurus Late Cretaceous India herbivore
Vahiny Late Cretaceous Madagascar herbivore


Nomen dubium
Nomen nudum

Criteria for inclusion[edit]


This is a timeline of selected dinosaurs from the list above. Time is measured in Ma, megaannum, along the x-axis.

Mesozoic Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous Rapetosaurus Rajasaurus Rahonavis Rahiolisaurus Orthogoniosaurus Ornithomimoides Majungasaurus Laevisuchus Jubbulpuria Jainosaurus Isisaurus Indosuchus Indosaurus Dryptosaurides Compsosuchus Coeluroides Brachypodosaurus Bruhathkayosaurus Masiakasaurus Dravidosaurus Bothriospondylus Lapparentosaurus Dandakosaurus Barapasaurus Kotasaurus Archaeodontosaurus Lamplughsaura Pradhania Alwalkeria Mesozoic Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous


  1. ^ Diet is sometimes hard to determine for dinosaurs and should be considered a "best guess".