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This is a list of the cattle breeds considered in India to be wholly or partly of Indian origin. Some may have complex or obscure histories, so inclusion here does not necessarily imply that a breed is predominantly or exclusively Indian.

Indigenous breeds[edit]

Local name Other names Notes Image
Alambadi[1][4] Tamil Nadu
Amrit Mahal[1][4] Amritmahal Karnataka[2] Amruthamahal 01.JPG
Bachaur[1][4] Bihar[2]
Badri[2] Uttarakhand[2]
Bargur[1][4] Tamil Nadu[2] Baragur 02.JPG
Belahi[2] Haryana, Chandigarh[2]
Binjharpuri[1][4] Orissa[2]
Brownsind[1] Allahabad; composite of Red Sindhi and Brown Swiss
Cutchi[1] Kachhi Cutch, north-western Gujarat
Dangi[1][4] Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh[2] Dangi 01.JPG
Deoni[1] Maharashtra, Karnataka[2] Deoni 01.JPG
Devarakota[1] Tamil Nadu, regional variant of Ongole
Devni[1] Osmanabad, Maharashtra
Frieswal[1] composite breed
Gangatiri[1][4] Shahabadi Uttar Pradesh, Bihar[2] Gangatiri 02.JPG
Gaolao[1][4] Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh[2] Gaolao 02.JPG
Ghumusari[1][4] Goomsur;[3]:190 Ghumsuri[4] Orissa[2]
Gir[1][4] Gujarat[2] Raghav Gir bull at Hyderabad.jpg
Goomsur[1] see Ghumusari
Gujamavu[1] variant of Hallikar[3]:193
Hallikar[1][4] Karnataka[2] Hallikaru 02.JPG
Hariana[1][4] Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan[2] Hariana 01.JPG
Hissar[1] Hansi-hissar; Hissar-hansi; Hissar-hariana; Hansi southern Punjab
Jellicut[1] see Pulikulam
Jersind[1] Allahabad; composite of Red Sindhi and Jersey
Kangayam[1][4] Tamil Nadu[2] Kangayam 01.JPG
Kankrej[1][4] Gujarat, Rajasthan[2] Kankrej 01.JPG
Kappiliyan[1] see Jellicut
Karan Fries[1] composite of Tharparkar and Friesian
Karan Swiss[1] composite of Sahiwal and Brown Swiss
Kasaragod[3]:322 Kerala[3] Kasaragodu 01.JPG
Kenkatha[1][4] Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh[2] Kenkatha 02.JPG
Khamala[1] Betul, southern Madhya Pradesh
Khariar[1] Orissa[2]
Khasi[1] Assam Hill; Assam Plain Assam, north-eastern states; variant of Bengali
Kherigarh[1][4] Uttar Pradesh[2] Kerigar 02.JPG
Khillari[1][4] Maharashtra, Karnataka[2] Khilari 02.JPG
Kosali[2] Chhattisgarh[2]
Krishnagiri[1] Tamil Nadu
Krishna Valley[1][4] Kistna Valley Karnataka[2] Krishna-cow 02.JPG
Kumauni[1][4] northern Uttar Pradesh
Ladakhi[1][4] Kashmir
Malnad Gidda[1][4] Karnataka[2] Malenadu Gidda 01.JPG
Malvi[1][4] Madhya Pradesh[2] Malvi 02.JPG
Mampati[1][4] Madhya Pradesh
Manapari[1][4] Tamil Nadu
Mewati[1][4] Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh[2]
Mhaswad[1] variant of Khillari
Motu[1][4] Deshi Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh[2]
Nagori[1][4] Rajasthan[2] Nagori 01.JPG
Nakali[1] variant of Khillari
Nimari[1][4] Khargoni; Khurgoni; Khargaon Madhya Pradesh[2] Nimari 02.JPG
Ongole[1][4] Andhra Pradesh[2] Ongole 01.JPG
Ponwar[1][4] Uttar Pradesh[2] Ponwar 01.JPG
Pulikulam[1][4] Jellicut; Kilakattu; Kilkad; Kilakad Tamil Nadu[2]
Punganur[1][4] Andhra Pradesh[2]
Purnea[1] Red Purnea[4] north-eastern Bihar
Ramgarhi[1] east Mandla, Madhya Pradesh
Rathi[1][4] eastern Rajasthan[2] Rathi 02.JPG
Red Kandhari[1][4] Lakhalbunda Maharashtra[2] Red Kandhari 01.JPG
Red Sindhi[1][2][4] Malir; Sindhi; Red Karachi Sindhi 01.JPG
Sahiwal[1][4] Punjab, Rajasthan[2] Sahiwala 02.JPG
Sanchori[1] Marwari Jodhpur, Rajasthan; variant of Kankrej
Shahabadi[1][4] see Gangatiri
Siri[1][4] Trahbum Sikkim, West Bengal[2]
Son Valley[1] Madhya Pradesh
Sunandini[1] Kerala; composite of local zebuine stock and Brown Swiss
Taylor[1] Patna, Bihar; composite of local zebuine stock with Shorthorn and Channel Island stock
Tharparkar[1][4] Grey Sindhi; White Sindhi; Thari Rajasthan[2] Tharparkar 02.JPG
Thillari[1] Tapti; Tapi
Tho Tho[1][3]:314[4] Nagaland
Umblachery[1][4] Mottai Madu; Southern; Tanjore; Therkuthi Madu Tamil Nadu[2] Amblacheri 01.JPG
Vechur[1][4] Kerala[2] Vechur 01.JPG


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