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Within the Indian music industry, there is a history of many members of a family over several generations all participating in the music industry. This page lists some of the more well-known such "clans". For Indian film families, see Lists of Indian film clans (For Hindi film families, see List of Hindi film clans).

The Bhattacharya family[1][edit]

The Sajid–Wajid family[edit]

  • Sajid–Wajid (cousins of singer Salma Agha and uncles of Sasha Agha)
    • Salma Agha (mother of Sasha Agha and cousin of Sajid-Wajid)
      • Sasha Agha (daughter of Salma Agha and niece of Sajid-Wajid)

The Ganguly family[1][edit]

Though the Ganguly family is more well known for acting rather than singing, Kishore Kumar is a legend in Indian film music.[2] His son, Amit Kumar is also a singer.[3]

The Kumar family[1][edit]

Gulshan Kumar was the founder of the T-Series (Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.), the best known music label in India, and an Indian Bollywood movie producer.

The Lahiri family[1][edit]

  • Bappi Lahiri (Music director and singer)
    • Bappa Lahiri (Music Director. Son of Bappi Lahiri)

The Mukesh family[1][edit]

Mukesh was an Indian playback singer of Bollywood.

The Mangeshkar-Burman family[1][edit]

The Malik family[edit]

The Mukherjee family[1][edit]

The Narayan Jha family[1][edit]

This family belongs to Nepal

The Pandit Family[1][edit]

The Shankar family[edit]

Frequently quoted as India's first family of music, the Shankar family have been in the industry for nearly a century. The family has produced a galaxy of dancers, singers, and stalwarts in various other art forms.

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