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This is a list of Indian warriors (both legendary and historical figures).

Ancient warriors[edit]

Surya Vanshi[edit]

Chandra Vanshi[edit]

Mahabharat War[edit]

d to approximation by Archaeological Survey of India based on relics found at Kurukshetra

600 BC – 1 AD[edit]

Maurya Empire[edit]

Medieval warriors[edit]

Chalukya Dynasty[edit]

Chola Empire[edit]

Rashtrakuta Dynasty[edit]

Vijayanagara Empire[edit]

Brahmins(Tyagi, Gaud and Bhumihaar)[edit]

Solanki Warriors[edit]

Rajput Warriors[edit]

Rana Hamir, a Rajput warrior.

  • Rana Sanga, a ruler from Sisodia clan of Rajput.He United the Rajputs and defeated sultans of Malwa, Gujarat and Delhi. He also led the Rajput armies against Babur in the Battle of Khanwa.
  • RajRana Bahadur was Prominent Rajput warrior in Mewar history, he used to fight for cause of Mewar and been very victorious in each battle he fought. He was one of the bravest warrior and key soldier which every king might want to have.

Rajrana Bahadur was also compared to Rana Sanga in Fighting and valour, even he got many scars and wounds from battles he fought but wounds never let him stop in defending Mewar.

Jhala Maan singh is an outstanding dazzling example of extraordinary valour, bravery and sacrifice who shrouded with the glory of struggle for freedom. In the battle of Haldi Ghati in 1576, Jhala Maan decorated himself with the Crown and the royal emblem from Pratap and started fighting valiantly. Jhala Maan has set a unique example of bravery and courage by sacrificing his life to save the life of Pratap for his country.

Jat warriors[edit]

Maratha warriors[edit]

Sikh warriors[edit]

Tamil warriors[edit]