List of Indiana state historical markers in LaGrange County

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Location of LaGrange County in Indiana

This is a list of the Indiana state historical markers in LaGrange County.

This is intended to be a detailed table of the official state historical marker placed in LaGrange County, Indiana, United States by the Indiana Historical Bureau. The location of the historical marker and its latitude and longitude coordinates are included below when available, along with its name, year of placement, and topics as recorded by the Historical Bureau. There is 1 historical marker located in LaGrange County.[1]

Historical marker[edit]

Marker title Image Year placed Location Topics
The La Grange Phalanx[2] 1966 U.S. Route 20, 0.7 miles east of its junction with State Road 3 west of Brushy Prairie
41°38′31″N 85°15′54″W / 41.64194°N 85.26500°W / 41.64194; -85.26500 (The La Grange Phalanx)
Historic District, Neighborhoods, and Towns

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