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Indonesian faunal emblems are Indonesian endemic fauna that gain the status as national animal symbol that represent Indonesia and describe Indonesian biodiversity. Today there are three animals that gained the status as Indonesian faunal emblems: Komodo dragon, Javan hawk-eagle and Asian arowana. Next to national animal symbols, there are also more specific provincial faunal emblems that represent each respective provinces of Indonesia.

Indonesian national faunal emblems[edit]

Komodo is an Indonesian endemic animal found only in Komodo, Padar and Rinca island within Komodo National Park. The surviving largest lizard on earth is easily recognised as Indonesian national animal. Komodo also become the emblem of East Nusa Tenggara province.

Elang Jawa or Javan hawk-eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi) an endangered raptor endemic to the mountainous forest regions of Java. The Javan hawk-eagle was chosen because its resemblance to the Garuda Pancasila, the most obvious physical traits is the prominent crest crowning its head and the plumage coloured dark-brownish to chestnut-gold. By Presidential decree, the Javan hawk-eagle was legally registered as considered as the national bird of Indonesia, and thus attributing the endangered species very high protection.[1]

Both arwana merah (super red Asian arowana) and arwana emas (golden Asian arowana) are designated as Indonesian national animal of charm and also national fish. These fish are endemic in rivers of Sumatra and Indonesian Borneo. Both species of Scleropages aureus (red-tailed golden arowana) is native to northern Sumatra, while the Scleropages legendrei (super red arowana) is native to Kapuas river and nearby lakes in West Kalimantan.

Status Animal name Image
National animal[2] Komodo dragon Komododragon2.jpg
National rare animal also national bird[1] Javan hawk-eagle Elang Jawa Nisaetus bartelsi Bandung Zoo 2 cropped.jpg
National animal of charm also national fish Asian arowana Arowana.jpg

Indonesian provincial faunal emblems[edit]

Each of 33 Provinces of Indonesia have their own faunal emblems that represents their provinces. The faunal emblems are:

Province Provincial identity animal Image
Aceh Rufous-tailed shama
North Sumatra Nias myna
West Sumatra Great argus BxZ Argusianus argus 00x.jpg
Riau Blue-crowned hanging parrot Loriculus galgulus -on food bowl-4c2.jpg
Riau Islands Humphead snapper
Jambi Sumatran tiger Sumatran Tiger Berlin Tierpark.jpg
South Sumatra Giant featherback Chitala.JPG
Bangka–Belitung Islands Horsfield's tarsier Kera hantu Sarawak.jpg
Bengkulu Sun bear Sun Bear 3.jpg
Lampung Sumatran elephant Sumatra elephant Ragunan Zoo 3.JPG
Banten Javan rhinoceros Java-1934.jpg
Jakarta Brahminy kite Haliastur indus -Kerala, India -upper body-8.jpg
West Java Javan leopard Panthera pardus close up.jpg
Central Java Black-naped oriole Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis)- immature in Kolkata W IMG 6532.jpg
Special Region of Yogyakarta Zebra dove Geopelia striata NBII (cropped).jpg
East Java Bekisar Stavenn Gallus varius 0.jpg
West Kalimantan Helmeted hornbill Helmeted Hornbill.jpg
Central Kalimantan Bornean peacock-pheasant
East Kalimantan Irrawaddy dolphin
South Kalimantan Proboscis monkey Portrait of a Proboscis Monkey.jpg
Bali Bali starling Leucopsar rothschildi -Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, USA-8a (1).jpg
West Nusa Tenggara Sunda deer Rusa Deer (C. Timorensis).jpg
East Nusa Tenggara Komodo dragon Komododragon2.jpg
South East Sulawesi Anoa Lowland anoa.jpg
South Sulawesi Knobbed hornbill Aceros cassidix - Weltvogelpark Walsrode 2011-03.jpg
West Sulawesi Snoring rail
Central Sulawesi Maleo Stavenn Maleo.jpg
Gorontalo Dussumier's mullet Liza ramada 1.jpg
North Sulawesi Spectral tarsier Tarsier Tarsius sp.jpg
North Maluku Standardwing
Maluku Moluccan king parrot Alisterus amboinensis -Brevard Zoo-8a-3c.jpg
West Papua Red bird-of-paradise Paradisaea rubra female.jpg
Papua Twelve-wired bird-of-paradise Seleucidis melanoleucus -Jurong Bird Park -male-8a.jpg

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