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The following is a list of Intel's manufacturing and assembly/test sites. Processors are manufactured in semiconductor fabrication plants ("fabs") which are then sent to assembly and testing sites before delivery to customers. Approximately 75% of Intel's semiconductor fabrication is performed in the USA.[1]

Intel's competitive strength is in manufacturing and process technology, enabling it to produce and sell advanced products versus its primary competitors, such as Advanced Micro Devices, a fabless chip manufacturer. They are generally on the cutting edge of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) developed by SEMATECH.[citation needed]

Fab sites[edit]

Fab name City Production start year Process (Wafer, node)
D1X Hillsboro, Oregon, USA 2013 300 mm, 14 nm
D1D Hillsboro, Oregon, USA 2003 300 mm, 14 nm
D1C Hillsboro, Oregon, USA 2001 300 mm, 22/14 nm
Fab 12 Chandler, Arizona, USA 1996 300 mm, 65 nm
Fab 32 Chandler, Arizona, USA 2007 300 mm, 22/14 nm
Fab 42 Chandler, Arizona, USA tbd[2] 450 mm,[3] 14 nm
Fab 11 Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA 1993 (Closed) 300 mm, 45/32 nm
Fab 11X Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA 2002 300 mm, 45/32 nm
Fab 17 Hudson, Massachusetts, USA 1998 200 mm, 130 nm[4]
Fab 24 Leixlip, Ireland 2006 300 mm, 14 nm[5]
Fab 28 Kiryat Gat, Israel 2008 300 mm, 22 nm
Fab 68 Dalian, Liaoning, China 2010 300 mm, 65 nm

Fab 3[edit]

The Intel Fab 3 building is a wafer manufacturing plant located in Livermore, California on North Mines Road. The plant opened in 1972 and began making wafers in April 1973. Fab 3 closed its doors in 1991. It was the first plant outside of the Santa Clara area, and where the famous Bunny Suits were first introduced.[6]

Assembly/test sites[edit]


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