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Ion Plus was an American broadcast, cable and satellite television network that was owned by Ion Media Networks, which originally launched on February 19, 2007 as Ion Life. By the time of the network's closure in 2021, the network had affiliation agreements with 65 television stations, the vast majority of which are owned by its corporate parent.[1][2] Ion Plus also distributed its base national programming feed directly to cable, satellite and IPTV providers in various ways not elaborated on here. Ion Plus ceased operations on February 28, 2021.[3]

This article is a listing of the network's former affiliates, including subchannel affiliates, satellite stations and select low-power translators), arranged alphabetically by state, then the station's city of license, followed in parentheses by the main market city.

The station's virtual (PSIP) channel number follows the call letters, and is itself followed by the station's actual digital channel number, which are listed as separate columns. The article also includes a list of its former affiliate stations before the network's full February 28, 2021 closing, which is based strictly on the station's city of license or market, and denotes the years in which the station served as an affiliate.

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Former affiliates[edit]


  1. This list includes Ion Media Networks-owned stations (most of which incorporates the letters "PX" in their call signs, in reference to the pre-2007 name of its corporate parent, Paxson Communications), which are also listed separately from its affiliated stations in the article List of stations owned and operated by Ion Media Networks.
  2. This list does not include parent network Ion Television and sister network Qubo, which are carried on most of the stations listed. For a list of affiliates of those networks, see List of Ion Television affiliates and List of Qubo affiliates.
City of license/Market Station[1] Virtual
Year of
Ownership Notes


WPXH-TV 44.3 33 2006 Ion Media Networks


KPPX-TV 51.3 51 2006 Ion Media Networks


KSPX-TV 29.3 48 2006 Ion Media Networks
(Los Angeles)
KILM 64.1 24 2006
KILM shares the spectrum of Ion's KPXN-TV (and since September 2018, is owned by Ion Media); KPXN's DT3 Ion Life subchannel was transferred to KILM to take advantage of must-carry on local pay TV systems.
San JoseSan FranciscoOakland KKPX-TV 65.3 41 2006


Denver KPXC-TV 59.3 18 2006 Ion Media Networks
Gunnison K04DH-D 4.3 4 2011 Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association


New London
(HartfordNew Haven)
WHPX-TV 26.3 28 2006 Ion Media Networks


(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
WPPX-TV 61.3 31 2006 Ion Media Networks


(TampaSt. Petersburg)
WXPX-TV 66.3 29 2006 Ion Media Networks
Lake Worth
(West Palm BeachBoca RatonFort Pierce)
WPXP-TV 67.3 36 2006
WOPX-TV 56.3 48 2006
Miami WPXM-TV 35.3 21 2006


(Jacksonville, Florida)
WPXC-TV 21.3 24 2000 Ion Media Networks
RomeAtlanta WPXA-TV 14.3 16 2006


KPXO-TV 66.3 41 2006 Ion Media Networks


Chicago WCPX-TV 38.3 43 2006 Ion Media Networks
East St. Louis
(St. Louis, Missouri)
WRBU[4][5] 46.3 47 2014


Boise KTRV-TV 12.3 13 2016 Ion Media Networks


WCLJ-TV 63.3 27 2006 Ion Media Networks


Cedar Rapids KPXR-TV 48.3 22 2006 Ion Media Networks
NewtonDes Moines KFPX-TV 39.3 36 2006 Ion Media Networks


WUPX-TV 67.3 25 2001 Ion Media Networks
Louisville WBNA 21.3 8 2006 Evangel World Prayer Center


New Orleans WPXL-TV 49.3 50 2006 Ion Media Networks


Lewiston/Portland WIPL 35.3 24 2018 Ion Media Networks


Boston WBPX-TV 68.3 32 2006 Ion Media Networks
W40BO 40.3 40 2006 Operates as a repeater of WBPX-TV
Dennis/Cape Cod WMPX-LP 33.3 33 2006
Vineyard Haven WDPX-TV 58.3 40 2006 Operates as a satellite station of WBPX-TV


Ann Arbor
WPXD-TV 31.3 50 2006 Ion Media Networks
Battle Creek
(Grand Rapids and Lansing)
WZPX-TV 44.3 44 2006


La Crescent, Minnesota
(La Crosse, Wisconsin)
KQEG-CA 23.3 23 2013 Magnum Radio, Inc.
St. Cloud
(MinneapolisSt. Paul)
KPXM-TV 41.3 40 2006 Ion Media Networks


Kansas City KPXE-TV 50.3 30 2006 Ion Media Networks


Pahrump KPVM-LP 41.3 46 2006 Pahrump Video Media

New Hampshire[edit]

Concord WPXG-TV 21.3 33 2006 Ion Media Networks

New York[edit]

Amityville WPXU-LD 12.3 12 2006 Word of God Fellowship Operates as a repeater of WPXN-TV
WYPX-TV 55.3 19 2006 Ion Media Networks
(Buffalo and Rochester)
WPXJ-TV 51.3 24 2006
New York City WPXN-TV 31.3 31 2006
Syracuse WSPX-TV 56.3 36 2006

North Carolina[edit]

Burlington (Greensboro
Winston-SalemHigh Point)
WGPX-TV 16.3 26 2006 Ion Media Networks
Archer Lodge
WFPX-TV 62.1 15 2006 Shares channel with WRPX-TV/Rocky Mount as of mid-2018; became a sole Ion Life station upon channel share going into effect to allow full pay-TV must-carry coverage throughout the market.
Greenville WEPX-TV 38.3 51 2006 WEPX/WPXU maintained a secondary affiliation with MyNetworkTV from that network's launch in September 2006 until September 2009, following the closure of Flinn Broadcasting Corporation's sale of the station to Ion Media Networks; WEPX-TV operates as a satellite station of WEPX-TV
Jacksonville WPXU-TV 35.3 34 2006


AkronCleveland WDLI-TV 17.1 23 2018 Ion Media Networks Sharing its frequency with ION's owned & operated WVPX. ION Media purchased WDLI from TBN and replaced the TBN network with ION Life on September 26, 2018.
Columbus WSFJ-TV 51.1 19 2019 Ion Media Networks Shares frequency with 19.1 WCLL-CD


Oklahoma City KOPX-TV 62.3 18 2006 Ion Media Networks
KTPX-TV 44.3 28 2006


Cottage Grove K14LP-D 14.3 14 2006 South Lane Television Operates as a repeater of KPXG-TV
Portland KPXG-LD 42.3 42 2006 Word of God Fellowship
KPXG-TV 22.3 22 2006 Ion Media Networks


Pittsburgh WINP-TV 16.3 38 2013 Ion Media Networks
ScrantonWilkes-Barre WQPX-TV 64.3 33 2006

Rhode Island[edit]

Providence WLWC-TV 28.1 22 2017 Ion Media Former CW affiliate which uses WPXQ-TV's bandwidth under a channel sharing agreement and was purchased by Ion in February 2018

South Carolina[edit]

Columbia WZRB 47.3 25 2013 Ion Media Networks


WNPX-TV 28.3 36 2006 Ion Media Networks
WPXK-TV 54.3 18 2006
Memphis WPXX-TV 50.3 33 2006


ArlingtonDallas KPXD-TV 68.3 25 2006 Ion Media Networks
ConroeHouston KPXB-TV 49.3 24 2006
(San Antonio)
KPXL-TV 26.3 26 2006


ProvoSalt Lake City KUPX-TV 16.3 29 2006 Ion Media Networks


(Washington, D.C.)
WPXW-TV 66.3 43 2006 Ion Media Networks
Norfolk WPXV-TV 49.3 46 2006
Roanoke WPXR-TV 38.3 27 2006


BellevueSeattle KWPX-TV 33.3 33 2006 Ion Media Networks
Spokane KGPX-TV 34.3 34 2006

West Virginia[edit]

Charleston WLPX-TV 29.3 39 2006 Ion Media Networks
Martinsburg WWPX-TV 60.3 12 2006 Operates as satellite of WPXW-TV, Manassas, Virginia


WTPX-TV 46.3 19 2006 Ion Media Networks
WIFS 57.1 32 2019 Byrne Acquisition Group, LLC Affiliate station; Ion main feed carried on ninth subchannel
WPXE-TV 55.3 40 2006 Ion Media Networks

Former affiliates before shut down[edit]

City of license/Market Station Current ownership Years of affiliation Status
Indianapolis, Indiana WIPX-LD 51.3 Word of God Fellowship 2010–2014 Operated as repeater of Bloomington, Indiana O&O WIPX-TV; license was donated to Word of God Fellowship in December 2014, to be converted into a repeater of Daystar owned-and-operated station WDTI


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