List of Iranian Air Force bases

Coordinates: 32°53′53″N 59°15′58″E / 32.89806°N 59.26611°E / 32.89806; 59.26611
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This page lists bases and airports operated or used by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF). Categories include: (1) Tactical Air Bases (TAB), the 17 major IRIAF operational air bases, (2) Other Military Aviation Installations and joint civil/military, installations without TAB designation numbers, and (3) Civil Airports, facilities under civil authority that sources indicate to be of strategic importance to the IRIAF for contingency scenarios, etc.

Tactical air bases[edit]

Map of airbases

Former military aviation installations[edit]

converted into VELAYAT park

Other military aviation installations[edit]

Civil airports[edit]

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