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This is the list of episodes for the Japanese cooking television series Ryōri no Tetsujin, known among English-speaking audiences as Iron Chef, produced by Fuji Television. The series is a cooking competition in which a challenger chef "battles" one of the resident "Iron Chefs" by cooking at least one dish in a one-hour time slot based on a theme ingredient.

Not included in the lists below are special two "Legend of" episodes, one about Rokusaburo Michiba, the other about Chen Kenichi and Hiroyuki Sakai. Both special episodes are made exclusively for the English-speaking audiences, especially "Iron Chef fans in the States".[This quote needs a citation]

For consistency, all Japanese names are in Western order, macroned with Hepburn romanization. All other Asian names, on the other hand, are in Eastern order. Also, for each of the non-Japanese Asian challengers, as much as possible, the name used is the romanization used by either the English-dubbed version of the show or any English language publication or website. Otherwise, the romanization used for the Chinese names is derived from the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and Pinyin romanization of the name (the episode involving the only Korean to compete in the show has already been dubbed in English).

All Asian challengers, except those with Wikipedia articles, will have their names in kanji in parentheses upon first mention in the list. For the non-Japanese Asian challengers, the Japanese pronunciation of the name as used in the show (or at least the name used by Chairman Kaga, if subtitled without voiceovers, in the English-dubbed versions) is also included.

In the case of Asians with mixed Chinese-Japanese heritage, such as Chen Kenichi, they follow the same criteria as the Chinese names (i.e. Eastern order and Japanese pronunciation guide beside kanji).


All episodes from this year are half an hour long, as opposed to at least an hour in the following years.

Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
1 October 10, 1993 Yutaka Ishinabe Takeshi Maruyama (丸山 剛) Chinese (Cantonese) Salmon Yutaka Ishinabe
2 October 17, 1993 Rokusaburo Michiba Yōsei Kobayakawa (小早川陽青) French Foie gras Rokusaburo Michiba
3[1] October 31, 1993 Chen Kenichi Italy Paolo Indragoli Italian Globefish Chen Kenichi
4 November 7, 1993 Yutaka Ishinabe Toshiyuki Kudō (工藤敏之) French Tofu Yutaka Ishinabe
5 November 14, 1993 Rokusaburo Michiba Zhou Tomiteru (周 富輝, Shū Tomiteru) Chinese (Cantonese) Lobster Rokusaburo Michiba
6[2] November 21, 1993 Chen Kenichi Cheng Kazuhiko (程 一彦, Tei Kazuhiko) Chinese (Taiwanese) Octopus Cheng Kazuhiko
7 November 28, 1993 Yutaka Ishinabe Masato Mutō (武藤正人) Japanese Daikon Radish Yutaka Ishinabe
8 December 5, 1993 Rokusaburo Michiba Zhou Tomitoku (周 富徳, Shū Tomitoku) Chinese (Cantonese) Crab Rokusaburo Michiba
9 December 12, 1993 Yutaka Ishinabe Eizō Ōyama (大山栄蔵) Dessert Banana Yutaka Ishinabe
10 December 19, 1993 Yutaka Ishinabe France Jacques Borie French Chicken Jacques Borie

^1 This is the first battle featuring a foreign challenger.
^2 This is the first battle in which a challenger won against the Iron Chef.


Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
11[3] January 9, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Zhou Tomitoku Chinese (Cantonese) Pork Zhou Tomitoku
12 January 16, 1994 Chen Kenichi China Wang Weiping (王偉平, Wan Wīpin) Chinese (Cantonese) Squid Chen Kenichi
13 January 23, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Jun Hoshino (星野 淳) Egg Rokusaburo Michiba
14 January 30, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Toshio Tanabe (田辺年男) French Sea bream Rokusaburo Michiba
15 February 6, 1994 Chen Kenichi Kōichi Taniguchi (谷口広一) Japanese Prawn Chen Kenichi
16 February 13, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Kazuyoshi Masaki (正木数義) Japanese Anago eel Rokusaburo Michiba
17 February 20, 1994 Chen Kenichi Toshirō Kandagawa Japanese Flounder Toshirō Kandagawa
18[4] February 27, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai France Guy Shokr French Oyster Hiroyuki Sakai
19 March 6, 1994 Chen Kenichi Shinji Kondō (近藤紳二) Chinese (Shanghai) Wheat flour Chen Kenichi
20 March 13, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Hiroyuki Kitami (北見博幸) Italian Tomato Hiroyuki Sakai
21[5] March 20, 1994 Chen Kenichi Kyōko Kagata (加賀田京子) French Scallop Kyōko Kagata
22 March 27, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Hideaki Otakura (小田倉秀昭) Italian Cheese Rokusaburo Michiba
23 April 8, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Kōichirō Gotō (後藤紘一郎) Japanese Rice Rokusaburo Michiba
24 April 15, 1994 Chen Kenichi Munetaka Takahashi (高橋宗孝) Japanese Bamboo shoot Chen Kenichi
25 April 22, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Mario Nakagawa (中川麻里生) French Lamb Hiroyuki Sakai
26 April 29, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Yukio Hattori Truffle Rokusaburo Michiba
27 May 6, 1994 Chen Kenichi Hiromi Yamada Italian Cabbage Hiromi Yamada
28 May 13, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Hiromi Funatsu (船津博美) Japanese (Sushi) Bonito Hiroyuki Sakai
29 May 20, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Masatoshi Kimura (木村政敏) Chinese (Cantonese) Duck Hiroyuki Sakai
30 May 27, 1994 Chen Kenichi Kiyoshi Takahashi (高橋 清) Chinese (Cantonese) Carrot Chen Kenichi
31 June 3, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Kuniyuki Ishikawa (石川邦行) Japanese Natto Rokusaburo Michiba
32 June 10, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Katsumi Hanato (花戸克己) Japanese Sweetfish Rokusaburo Michiba
33 June 17, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Yūji Wakiya Chinese (Shanghai) Sea urchin roe Hiroyuki Sakai
34 June 24, 1994 Chen Kenichi Masahiko Miyamoto (宮本雅彦) French Milk Chen Kenichi
35 July 1, 1994 Chen Kenichi Kōichi Tabata (田畑孝一) Japanese Eggplant Chen Kenichi
36 July 8, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Takashi Mera (米良 隆) Japanese Tuna Rokusaburo Michiba
37 July 15, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Tadaaki Shimizu (清水忠明) French Homard lobster Tadaaki Shimizu
38[6] July 22, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba & Chen Kenichi France Joël Bruant & Masashi Furutaka (古高雅史) French Sea Bass Joël Bruant & Masashi Furutaka
39 July 29, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Mitsuru Saitō (斎藤 満) Chinese (Cantonese) Beef Hiroyuki Sakai
40 August 5, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Yasuhiko Yoshida (吉田靖彦) Japanese Eel Rokusaburo Michiba
41 August 12, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Hirohisa Koyama (小山裕久) Japanese Pike eel Hiroyuki Sakai
42 August 19, 1994 Chen Kenichi Katsuyo Kobayashi (小林カツ代) Home cooking Potato Katsuyo Kobayashi
43 August 26, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Keiji Nakazawa (中澤敬二)[7] French Corn Rokusaburo Michiba
44 September 2, 1994 Chen Kenichi Hideki Ōsako (大迫秀樹) Italian Mushroom Chen Kenichi
45 September 9, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Germany Artur Rütter French Bell pepper Artur Rütter
46 September 16, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Tsutomu Hiroi (廣井 勉) French Pacific saury Rokusaburo Michiba
47 September 23, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Sotetsu Fujii (藤井宗哲) Japanese Yam Hiroyuki Sakai
48 September 30, 1994 Chen Kenichi Takashi Saitō (斉藤隆士) Chinese (Szechuan) Prawn Chen Kenichi
49 October 7, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Masamitsu Takahashi (高橋正光) Japanese Matsutake mushroom Masamitsu Takahashi
50 October 14, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Hong Kong Xu Peirong (許沛榮, Hoi Choiwen) Chinese (Cantonese) Shark fin Rokusaburo Michiba
51 October 21, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Katsuyuki Sekihata (関端克之) French Bread Hiroyuki Sakai
52 October 28, 1994 Chen Kenichi Kōji Kobayashi (小林幸司) Italian Pumpkin Koji Kobayashi
53 November 4, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Yasuo Kawada (河田康雄) Japanese Anglerfish Rokusaburo Michiba
54 November 11, 1994 Chen Kenichi Tadashi Sugita (杉田 忠) Chinese (Beijing) Shanghai crab Chen Kenichi
55 November 18, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Tatsuo Umemiya (梅宮辰夫) Horse mackerel Rokusaburo Michiba
56 November 25, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Seiya Kawasaki (川崎誠也) French Quail Seiya Kawasaki
57 December 2, 1994 Chen Kenichi Toshikatsu Nakagawa (中川俊勝) Chinese (Cantonese) Noodles Chen Kenichi
58 December 9, 1994 Rokusaburo Michiba Hiroshi Furushō (古庄 浩) French Turkey Rokusaburo Michiba
59 December 16, 1994 Hiroyuki Sakai Masayo Waki (脇 雅世) French Strawberry Hiroyuki Sakai

^3 This is the first rematch episode.
^4 Sakai's first battle as Iron Chef.
^5 This is the first episode to feature a female challenger.
^6 This is the first tag team match wherein both teams have no assistants.
^7 There were two different Keiji Nakazawas with two different specialties who battled two different Iron Chefs Japanese almost five years apart. The first one, a French cuisine chef, battled against Michiba, while the other one, a sushi chef, battled against Morimoto.

The last episode of 1994 covers the first half of the 1994 Mr. Iron Chef competition featuring winning challengers from previous episodes. The winner faced off against an Iron Chef.

Episode #
Original airdate Challenger Challenger Theme Ingredient Winner
60 December 23, 1994 Toshirō Kandagawa Hiromi Yamada Spiny lobster Toshirō Kandagawa
Tadaaki Shimizu Cheng Kazuhiko Beef Tadaaki Shimizu


Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
61[8] January 2, 1995 Toshirō Kandagawa Tadaaki Shimizu 1994 Mr. Iron Chef Preliminaries (Finals) Abalone Toshirō Kandagawa
Rokusaburo Michiba[9] Toshirō Kandagawa 1994 Mr. Iron Chef Finals Yellowtail Rokusaburo Michiba
62 January 6, 1995 Chen Kenichi Toshiyuki Nakagawa (中川敏行) Japanese Mochi Chen Kenichi
63 January 13, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Kōji Yamada (山田康司) French Turnip Hiroyuki Sakai
64 January 20, 1995 Chen Kenichi Hisao Oidate (追立久夫) Chinese (Cantonese) Chinese cabbage Chen Kenichi
65[10] January 27, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Fuyuko Kondō (近藤冬子) Pastries Chocolate and apple Hiroyuki Sakai
66 February 3, 1995 Chen Kenichi Yoshie Urabe (卜部吉恵) Japanese Soybean Chen Kenichi
67 February 10, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba Masao Suzuki (鈴木眞雄) Matsuba crab Rokusaburo Michiba
68 February 17, 1995 Chen Kenichi Kunihiko Hashimoto (橋本邦彦) Japanese Taro Chen Kenichi
69 February 24, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Toshihiro Komine (小峰敏宏) French Asparagus Hiroyuki Sakai
70 March 3, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba China Wang Zhijian (王志堅, Wan Jichen) Chinese (Cantonese) Egg Rokusaburo Michiba
71 March 10, 1995 Chen Kenichi Tetsutoshi Shimazu (島津哲俊) Italian Squid Chen Kenichi
72 March 17, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Shigeo Yuasa (湯浅薫男) French Cod Hiroyuki Sakai
73[11] March 31, 1995 Chen Kenichi Hong Kong Leung Waikei (梁偉基, Ron Waikei) Chinese (Cantonese) Pork Chen Kenichi
Rokusaburo Michiba Hong Kong Chow Chung (周中, Shū Chū) Chinese (Cantonese) Spiny lobster Rokusaburo Michiba
74 April 7, 1995 Chen Kenichi Chiyo Chō (張 千代) Chinese (Cantonese) Tofu Chen Kenichi
75 April 14, 1995 Yutaka Ishinabe Tomoyuki Sawaguchi (澤口知之) Italian Flounder Yutaka Ishinabe
76 April 21, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Kunio Santō (山東邦男) Japanese Clam Hiroyuki Sakai
77 April 28, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba Keisuke Tamano (玉野圭介) Japanese Tilefish Rokusaburo Michiba
78 May 5, 1995 Chen Kenichi South Korea Lee Myong Suk (李明淑, Ri Meishō) Korean Liver Chen Kenichi
79 May 12, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Isao Yanagidate (柳舘 功) French Caviar Hiroyuki Sakai
80 May 19, 1995 Chen Kenichi Italy Elio Orsara Italian Swordfish Chen Kenichi
81 May 26, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba Etsuo Jō (城 悦男) French Broccoli Rokusaburo Michiba
82 June 2, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Katsuo Ōmiya (大宮勝雄) Yōshoku (Japanese Western-style diner) Onion Hiroyuki Sakai
83 June 9, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Kazutaka Okabe (岡部和隆) French Lamb Kazutaka Okabe
84 June 16, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba China Zeng Mingxing (曽明星, Sō Meisei) Chinese (Shanghai) Blue crab Zeng Mingxing
85 June 23, 1995 Chen Kenichi Yukihiro Noda (野田幸宏) Italian Sardine Chen Kenichi
86[12] June 30, 1995 Yutaka Ishinabe Takayoshi Kamatani (釜谷孝義) French Avocado Yutaka Ishinabe
87 July 7, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Takayoshi Kawai (河合隆良) French Sole Hiroyuki Sakai
88 July 14, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Haruyoshi Omino (小美野晴愛) Japanese Sweetfish Hiroyuki Sakai
89 July 21, 1995 Chen Kenichi Hong Kong Lai Kamlun (黎錦倫, Rai Kamuron) Chinese (Cantonese) Swallow's nest Chen Kenichi
90 July 28, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Shin'ichi Nagamatsu (永松信一) Italian Eggplant Hiroyuki Sakai
91 August 4, 1995 Chen Kenichi Hisama Hirano (平野寿将) Japanese Sea urchin Chen Kenichi
92 August 11, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba Kenji Kaji (梶 憲司) Japanese Umeboshi Rokusaburo Michiba
93[13] August 18, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba & Hiroyuki Sakai Italy Salvatore & Raffaele Cuomo Italian Tomato Rokusaburo Michiba & Hiroyuki Sakai
94 August 25, 1995 Chen Kenichi Yoshiko Takemasa (武政佳子) Japanese Short-necked Clam Chen Kenichi
95[14] September 1, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai France Joël Bruant French Salmon Hiroyuki Sakai
96 September 8, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba United States Minoru Noda (野田 稔) Japanese Matsutake mushroom Rokusaburo Michiba
97 September 15, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai France Philippe Aubron French Crayfish Hiroyuki Sakai
98 September 22, 1995 Chen Kenichi Tsuguo Fujiwara (藤原次雄) Chinese (Shanghai) Sea cucumber Chen Kenichi
99[15] October 6, 1995 France Pierre Gagnaire Italy Gianfranco Vissani French (Gagnaire), Italian (Vissani) Tuna Gianfranco Vissani
Rokusaburo Michiba Hong Kong Hsu Cheng (許成, Hoi Sei) Chinese (Cantonese; Hsu) Squid Rokusaburo Michiba
Rokusaburo Michiba Gianfranco Vissani Italian Duck (Kamo) Rokusaburo Michiba
100 October 13, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Sadaharu Nakajima (中嶋貞治) Japanese Rice Hiroyuki Sakai
101[16] October 20, 1995 Rokusaburo Michiba Lin Kunbi (林 訓美, Rin Kunbi) Chinese (Fujian) Potato Draw
102[17] October 27, 1995 Sweet potato Rokusaburo Michiba
103 November 3, 1995 Chen Kenichi Masahiko Hagiwara (萩原雅彦) Italian Scampi Chen Kenichi
104 November 10, 1995 Chen Kenichi Kiyotaka Ikegawa (池川清隆) Horsehair crab Chen Kenichi
105 November 17, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Toshirō Kandagawa[18] Japanese Lotus root Hiroyuki Sakai
106 November 24, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai France Bruno Menard[19] French Escargot Hiroyuki Sakai
107 December 1, 1995 Chen Kenichi Shōzō Miyamoto (宮本荘三) Chinese (Shanghai) Carp Chen Kenichi
108 December 8, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai Tadamichi Ōta (大田忠道) Japanese Octopus Tadamichi Ōta
109 December 15, 1995 Hiroyuki Sakai France Phillip Groult French Oyster Hiroyuki Sakai

^8 This episode covers the second half of the 1994 Mr. Iron Chef competition.
^9 As the winner of the preliminary finals, Kandagawa challenged Michiba in the final round of 1994 Mr. Iron Chef.
^10 This the Valentine's Day battle. Also the first battle to feature two theme ingredients.
^11 This is the Hong Kong Special, wherein both battles were held there. It is actually a two-hour special, although it has been erroneously labelled as a two-episode special.
^12 This is Ishinabe's final ever battle as an Iron Chef.
^13 Second ever tag-team battle.
^14 This is Bruant's second appearance in Kitchen Stadium, challenging the Iron Chef he did not choose in the tag-team battle the year before.
^15 This is episode covers the 1995 Iron Chef World Cup, which pitted the masters of French, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese cuisines against each other in elimination matches. The winners of the first two battles squared off against each other in the final match. Michiba represented Japanese cuisine, hence the retention of his Iron Chef color in this chart. The part of the match itself is also covered in the English-only exclusive "Legend of Michiba" episode.
^16 & ^17 Lin and Michiba's battle ended in a draw, hence the overtime match the next week with a new theme ingredient.
^18 Kandagawa was the 100th even challenger, when separate appearances by a challenger count as two challengers.
^19 The first episode where they started displaying the judging panel's scores.

The last episode of 1995 covered the first half of 1995 Mr. Iron Chef competition. The winner would battle Michiba, who was about to retire as a regular Iron Chef.

Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Iron Chef Theme Ingredient Winner
110 December 22, 1995 Chen Kenichi Hiroyuki Sakai Chicken Chen Kenichi


The first episode of 1996 covered the second half of 1995 Mr. Iron Chef competition. This would be Michiba's last battle as a regular Iron Chef.

Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Iron Chef Theme Ingredient Winner
111 January 3, 1996 Rokusaburo Michiba Chen Kenichi Beef Rokusaburo Michiba
Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
112 January 12, 1996 Chen Kenichi Taiwan Gao Jinyi (高進益, Kō Shin'eki) Chinese (Taiwanese) Dried abalone Chen Kenichi
113 January 19, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Hidetoshi Ushimaru (牛丸英敏) French Curry powder Hiroyuki Sakai
114 January 26, 1996 Chen Kenichi Hiroshi Yamanobe (山野辺 宏) French Scorpionfish Hiroshi Yamanobe
115 February 2, 1996 Chen Kenichi Yōji Watanabe (渡辺洋二) Japanese Snapping turtle Chen Kenichi
116 February 9, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Tadashi Yanagi (柳 正司) French Chocolate and pear Hiroyuki Sakai
117 February 16, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Jin'ichi Tateyama (舘山仁一) French Leek Hiroyuki Sakai
118 February 23, 1996 Chen Kenichi Takaya Nakazawa (中沢隆弥) Chinese (Szechuan) Shiitake mushroom Takaya Nakazawa
119[20] March 1, 1996 Komei Nakamura Kiyoshi Suzuki (鈴木喜代司) French Foie gras Komei Nakamura
120 March 8, 1996 Chen Kenichi Tatsujirō Yoshida (吉田辰次郎) Japanese Cod Chen Kenichi
121 March 15, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Senji Osada (長田銑司) Japanese Scallop Hiroyuki Sakai
122 March 22, 1996 Komei Nakamura Lin Kunbi Chinese (Fujian) Bell pepper Komei Nakamura
123 March 29, 1996 Chen Kenichi Katsuaki Mori (森 克明) Italian Spinach Chen Kenichi
124[21] April 12, 1996 Komei Nakamura France Bernard Leprince French Salmon Bernard Leprince
Hiroyuki Sakai Pierre Gagnaire French Lobster Pierre Gagnaire
125 April 19, 1996 Komei Nakamura Toyoaki Suganuma (菅沼豊明) French Egg Toyoaki Suganuma
126 April 26, 1996 Chen Kenichi Hong Kong He Yewen (何業文, Ho Gyōmon) Chinese (Cantonese) Lettuce Chen Kenichi
127 May 3, 1996 Komei Nakamura Katsuko Nanao (七尾かつ子) Home cooking Cod roe Komei Nakamura
128 May 10, 1996 Chen Kenichi Shunji Morikawa (森川俊二) Thai Pineapple Chen Kenichi
129 May 17, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Tamotsu Takao (高尾 保) French Abalone Hiroyuki Sakai
130 May 24, 1996 Komei Nakamura Kenji Motai (もたい健治) Japanese Udon Kenji Motai
131 May 31, 1996 Chen Kenichi Ichio Gotō (後藤市雄) Italian Cuttlefish Chen Kenichi
132 June 7, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Yoshinobu Sonobe (曽野部好信) Japanese Salmon roe Hiroyuki Sakai
133 June 14, 1996 Komei Nakamura Sun Guanyi (孫関義, Son Kangi) Chinese (Shanghai) Pomfret Komei Nakamura
134 June 21, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai France Philippe Baton French Bacon Philippe Baton
135 June 28, 1996 Komei Nakamura Hideo Tozawa (戸沢英夫) Spanish Clam Komei Nakamura
136 July 5, 1996 Chen Kenichi Takayuki Nomura (野村孝之) Japanese Sweetfish Chen Kenichi
137 July 12, 1996 Komei Nakamura Hideki Yamamoto (山本秀樹) Japanese Pike conger Komei Nakamura
138 July 19, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Yoshimasa Uki (浮 義正) Japanese Fatty tuna (Toro) Hiroyuki Sakai
139 July 26, 1996 Komei Nakamura Masaru Toriumi (鳥海 勝) French Iwa oyster Masaru Toriumi
140 August 2, 1996 Chen Kenichi Takeshi Yamamoto (山本 猛) Chinese (Cantonese) Black pork Chen Kenichi
141 August 9, 1996 Komei Nakamura France Thierry Houngues French Caviar Komei Nakamura
142 August 16, 1996 Chen Kenichi Toshizō Tsugawa (津川利蔵) Sushi Conger eel Chen Kenichi
143 August 23, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Kenji Sugawara (菅原健二) California Corn Hiroyuki Sakai
144 August 30, 1996 Chen Kenichi Shinsuke Shimada (島田紳助) Fleshy prawn Chen Kenichi
145 September 6, 1996 Komei Nakamura Takamasa Uetake (植竹隆政) Italian Peach Takamasa Uetake
146 September 13, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Chōmei Sō (曽 兆明) Chinese (Cantonese) Soft-shell crab Hiroyuki Sakai
147 September 20, 1996 Komei Nakamura Tokuo Endō (遠藤徳雄) Japanese Saury Komei Nakamura
148 October 4, 1996 Chen Kenichi Takeo Kashiwabara (柏原剛雄) Okinawan Winter melon Chen Kenichi
149[22] October 11, 1996 Chen Kenichi China Sun Liping (孫利平, Son Rihei) Chinese (Beijing) Shark fin Chen Kenichi
150 October 18, 1996 Komei Nakamura Shin Fujita (藤田 新) Japanese Buckwheat Komei Nakamura
151 October 25, 1996 Komei Nakamura Ryūichi Ogusu (小楠隆一) French Chestnut Komei Nakamura
152 November 1, 1996 Chen Kenichi Italy Daniela Ozik Italian Mushroom Chen Kenichi
153 November 8, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Hiroshi Yamaoka (山岡 洋) Chinese (Cantonese) Chinese cabbage Hiroshi Yamaoka
154 November 15, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai United States Wayne Nish New American Apple Hiroyuki Sakai
155 November 22, 1996 Komei Nakamura Kenjirō Kuroki (黒木献二郎) Japanese Angler Komei Nakamura
156 November 29, 1996 Komei Nakamura Kiyoshi Miyashiro (宮代 潔) French Beef tongue Komei Nakamura
157 December 6, 1996 Chen Kenichi Sachio Ishizaki (石崎幸雄) Italian Garlic Chen Kenichi
158 December 13, 1996 Hiroyuki Sakai Yoshio Suzuki (鈴木芳男) French Orange Hiroyuki Sakai
159[23] December 20, 1996 Komei Nakamura Bernard Leprince French Duck (Kamo) Bernard Leprince

^20 This episode debuts Nakamura as Michiba's hand picked successor.
^21 This episode, known as the France Special, took place in Château de Brissac in Anjou, France. It also took place to promote Gagnaire's restaurant, which was on the verge of closing. This episode was aired as two separate episodes in the dubbed version (although these two merged as a single two-hour episode in the Food Network).
^22 This three-hour long episode, entitled the Beijing Special, pitted the best of four styles of Chinese cooking (Canton, Beijing, Shanghai, and Szechuan) against each other in the Chinese capital. Other chefs include Su Dexing (蘇徳興, So Tokushin) (Shanghai) and Zhuang Weijia (庄偉佳, Shō Ika) (Cantonese). They, Chen, and Sun battled each other with chicken as the theme ingredient; the two with the most points met in the second battle indicated above.
^23 This episode served as a rematch to their battle back in France.

The last episode of 1996 is the New Year's Eve episode wherein 100 judges were said to have sampled the New Year food prepared by the two Iron Chefs, which took 100 minutes and 10 assistants to make.

Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Iron Chef Theme Ingredient Winner
160 December 31, 1996 Komei Nakamura Rokusaburo Michiba Pork, sweet potato, & octopus Komei Nakamura


Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
161 January 10, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Kan Kasahara (笠原 寛) Japanese Mochi Hiroyuki Sakai
162 January 17, 1997 Chen Kenichi Hiroshi Michifude (道筆 博) Chinese (Cantonese) Dried scallop Hiroshi Michifude
163 January 24, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai United Kingdom Rory Kennedy Gibier [24] European rabbit Draw
164[25] January 31, 1997 European pigeon Hiroyuki Sakai
165 February 7, 1997 Komei Nakamura Hiroyoshi Morie (森枝弘好) Japanese Spider crab Komei Nakamura
166 February 14, 1997 Chen Kenichi China Huang Baokang (黄宝康, Kō Hōko) Chinese (Fujian) Rice Chen Kenichi
167 February 21, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Tetsuya Shimada (島田哲也) French Truffle Hiroyuki Sakai
168 February 24, 1997 Komei Nakamura Tateo Yamazaki (山崎建夫) Japanese Natto Komei Nakamura
169 March 7, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Etsuo Jō French Wine Etsuo Jō
170 March 14, 1997 Chen Kenichi Yūji Wakiya Chinese (Cantonese) Papaya Yūji Wakiya
171 March 21, 1997 Komei Nakamura Takashi Mera Japanese Wakame seaweed Komei Nakamura
172 March 28, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Hiroyuki Kitami Italian Honey Hiroyuki Sakai
173 April 11, 1997 Komei Nakamura China Yang Guangjian (揚光鑑, Yō Kōkan) Chinese (Cantonese) Hanami[26] Komei Nakamura
174 April 18, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Shinzō Okunuma (奥村眞三) French Bamboo shoot Hiroyuki Sakai
175 April 25, 1997 Chen Kenichi Chihiro Ōtsuki (おおつきちひろ) Spanish Tomato Chen Kenichi
176 May 2, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Kiyoyasu Sasaki (佐々木清恭) French Sea Bass Hiroyuki Sakai
177 May 9, 1997 Komei Nakamura Norio Azumaya (東屋則夫) Japanese Pork Komei Nakamura
178 May 16, 1997 Komei Nakamura Australia Gillian Hirst Australian Ostrich Komei Nakamura
179 May 23, 1997 Chen Kenichi Masao Takagi (高木政雄) Chinese (Cantonese) Thousand-year old egg Chen Kenichi
180 May 30, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Italy Germano Orsara Italian Ham Hiroyuki Sakai
181 June 6, 1997 Komei Nakamura Hisato Sakane (坂根久人) Japanese Conger eel Hisato Sakane
182[27] June 13, 1997 Masahiko Kobe Masahiko Hagiwara Italian Short pasta Masahiko Hagiwara
183 June 20, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Kunio Satō (佐藤訓生) Japanese Amberjack Hiroyuki Sakai
184 June 27, 1997 Chen Kenichi Hong Kong Chow Kuen Chung (周権忠, Shū Kenchū)[1] Chinese (Cantonese) Blacktip grouper Chow Kuen Chung
185 July 4, 1997 Komei Nakamura Masami Kashima (鹿島正己) Vietnamese Kuruma prawn Komei Nakamura
186 July 11, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Toshiyuki Ishikawa (石川敏行) Chinese (Shanghai) Sea urchin roe Hiroyuki Sakai
187 July 18, 1997 Chen Kenichi Yoshikazu Matsuno (松野義一) Chinese/Sushi Mantis shrimp Chen Kenichi
188 July 25, 1997 Masahiko Kobe Italy Stephano Tabacchi Italian Cabbage Masahiko Kobe
189 August 1, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Seiji Toyoshima (豊嶋誠司) French Milk Hiroyuki Sakai
190[28] August 8, 1997 Chen Kenichi & Komei Nakamura Hiroyuki Sakai & Masahiko Kobe Iron Chef Watermelon Hiroyuki Sakai & Masahiko Kobe
191 August 15, 1997 Chen Kenichi Sōsei Kawaguchi (川口宗清) Vegetarian (Buddhist) Eggplant Chen Kenichi
192 August 22, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Italy Pietro Androsoni Italian Melon Hiroyuki Sakai
193 August 29, 1997 Komei Nakamura Yoshinori Kojima (小島孔典) French Potato No Contest
194 September 5, 1997 Marbled sole Komei Nakamura
195 September 12, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Toshiyuki Nakajima (中嶋壽幸) French Beef cheek Toshiyuki Nakajima
196 September 26, 1997 Chen Kenichi Miyuki Igarashi (五十嵐美幸) Chinese (Cantonese) Cucumber Chen Kenichi
197 October 3, 1997 Masahiko Kobe Fujio Imai (今井富士男) Japanese Matsutake mushroom Masahiko Kobe
198[29] October 10, 1997 Komei Nakamura China Liu Xikun (劉錫坤, Ryū Sekikon) Chinese (Cantonese; Liu) Beef Komei Nakamura
France Alain Passard United States Patrick Clark French (Passard); New American (Clark) Lobster Alain Passard
Komei Nakamura Alain Passard French Foie gras Draw[30]
199 October 17, 1997 Chen Kenichi Matsuo Nagasaka (長坂松夫) Chinese (Cantonese) Spare rib Chen Kenichi
200 October 24, 1997 Hiroyuki Sakai Masashi Gotō (後藤雅司) French Freshwater prawn Hiroyuki Sakai
201 October 31, 1997 Masahiko Kobe Yūji Seki (関 雄二) Chinese (Beijing) Chestnut Masahiko Kobe
202 November 14, 1997 Komei Nakamura Keiji Azuma (東 敬司) French Lamb Keiji Azuma
203 November 21, 1997 Chen Kenichi Toru Matsushima (松島 徹) Chinese (Shanghai) Shanghai crab Chen Kenichi
204 November 28, 1997 Masahiko Kobe Kazunari Takeda (高橋和名利) Japanese Cod soft roe Draw
205 December 5, 1997 Pink prawn Kazunari Takeda
206 December 12, 1997 Komei Nakamura France Maurice Guillouët French Scallop Maurice Guillouët
207 December 19, 1997 Masahiko Kobe Yasumasa Takagi (高木康政) French Strawberry Masahiko Kobe
208 December 26, 1997 Komei Nakamura Toshirō Kandagawa Japanese Longtooth grouper Toshirō Kandagawa

^24 Wild animals hunted for game.
^25 This is the second overtime episode.
^26 There was no theme ingredient, just a theme the chefs' dishes must focus on.
^27 This is Kobe's debut battle as an Iron Chef, and he loses.
^28 For the summer battle, Chairman Kaga grouped the four Iron Chefs by the continental birthplace of their cuisines. Kobe and Sakai composed "Team Europe" while Chen and Nakamura were "Team Asia."
^29 This is episode covers the 1997 Iron Chef World Cup. Much like the 1995 Iron Chef World Cup, it pitted the masters of French, Japanese, Chinese, and New American (instead of Italian) cuisines against each other in elimination matches and the winners of the first two battles squared off against each other in the final match. Nakamura represented Japanese cuisine, hence the retention of his Iron Chef color in this chart.
^30 This is the first drawn battle that did not immediately result in an overtime match. In fact, a rematch between Passard and Nakamura never took place.


Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
209 January 9, 1998 Chen Kenichi Akihiko Inoue (井上明彦) Japanese Salted salmon Chen Kenichi
210 January 16, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Yasuhiro Fukatsu (深津泰弘) French Venison Yasuhiro Fukatsu
211 January 23, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Yoshimasa Matsumoto (松本吉正) Japanese Snow crab Hiroyuki Sakai
212 January 30, 1998 Chen Kenichi Hong Kong Tong Chiufai (唐 朝輝, Tō Chōki) Chinese (Cantonese) Black tiger prawn Chen Kenichi
213 February 6, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Fumiaki Satō (佐藤文昭) Japanese Daikon radish Fumiaki Satō
214[31] February 13, 1998 Komei Nakamura Yukio Hattori Tuna Komei Nakamura
February 20, 1998
215 February 27, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto[32] Yukio Hirayama (平山幸男) Japanese Red snapper Masaharu Morimoto
216 March 6, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Motohito Kondō (近藤元人) Japanese Girl's Festival[33] Hiroyuki Sakai
217 March 13, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Italy Mario Frittoli Italian Broccoli Masahiko Kobe
218 April 4, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Masuyoshi Kimura (木村昌義) Chinese (Szechuan) Rice Masaharu Morimoto
219 April 10, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Tomoji Ichikawa (市川知志) French Guinea fowl Hiroyuki Sakai
220 April 17, 1998 Chen Kenichi Mitsurō Harada (原田充朗) Japanese Spanish mackerel Mitsurō Harada
221 April 24, 1998 Chen Kenichi Takashi Shimamura (島村 隆) Japanese Pen shell Chen Kenichi
222 May 1, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Tetsuo Hagiwara (萩原哲雄) Japanese Bamboo shoot Tetsuo Hagiwara
223 May 8, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Yōsei Watanabe (渡辺庸生) Mexican Mango Masahiko Kobe
224 May 15, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Yasuhiko Habuchi (羽渕康彦) French Asparagus Masaharu Morimoto
225 May 22, 1998 Chen Kenichi China Liang Shuqing (粱樹卿, Ryō Jukei) Chinese (Cantonese) Pork belly Draw
226 May 29, 1998 Konnyaku Liang Shuqing
227 June 5, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Kumiko Kobayashi (小林久美子) French Mishima beef Hiroyuki Sakai
228 June 12, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Ken'ichi Miyanaga (宮永賢一) Japanese Sweetfish Masaharu Morimoto
229 June 19, 1998 Chen Kenichi Kentarō (ケンタロウ) New potato Chen Kenichi
230 June 26, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Yasuhiro Sasajima (笹島保弘) Italian Kamo eggplant Masahiko Kobe
231 July 3, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Takaji Yoshida (吉田隆二) Japanese Tofu Masaharu Morimoto
232 July 10, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Shūzō Shimokawa (下川秀蔵) Chinese (Cantonese) Jinhua pork Hiroyuki Sakai
233 July 17, 1998 Chen Kenichi Jun'ichi Itō (伊東淳一) French-Italian-Japanese fusion Yogurt Chen Kenichi
234 July 24, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Takeshi Kajimoto (梶本剛史) Japanese Abalone Takeshi Kajimoto
235 July 31, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Miyoko Sakai (酒井美代子) Thai Japanese blue crab Masahiko Kobe
236 August 7, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Hirokazu Handa (半田博一) Japanese Giant eel Masaharu Morimoto
237 August 14, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Masanobu Watabe (渡部政信) French Peach Hiroyuki Sakai
238 August 21, 1998 Chen Kenichi Kaoru Miyazawa (宮澤 薫) Chinese (Chiuchow) Carp Chen Kenichi
239 August 28, 1998 "All French"
(Hiroyuki Sakai,
Yutaka Ishinabe,
& Etsuo Jō)
"All China"
(Chen Kenichi,
Shōzō Miyamoto,
& Yūji Wakiya)
2,000th Plate[34] Spare rib, snapping turtle, and banana "All French"
September 4, 1998
240 September 11, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Kyōnori Miura (三浦経則) Italian Squid Hiroyuki Sakai
241 September 18, 1998 Chen Kenichi Hideki Maruyama (丸山日出樹) Italian Sardine Chen Kenichi
242 September 25, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Shuichi Fujii (藤井修一) Japanese Unisex salmon Masaharu Morimoto
243 October 2, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Shin'ya Tasaki (田崎真也) Wine Fatty tuna Shin'ya Tasaki
244 October 9, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai United States Ron Siegel French Lobster Ron Siegel
245 October 16, 1998 Chen Kenichi Kyōko Kagata French Veal Chen Kenichi
246 October 23, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Tatsutoshi Kumamoto (隈本辰利) Japanese Natto Masaharu Morimoto
247 October 30, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Kensuke Sakai (坂井謙介) Italian Pumpkin Masahiko Kobe
248 November 6, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Kazumi Nagayama (永山和美) Japanese Pacific saury Hiroyuki Sakai
249 November 13, 1998 Chen Kenichi Hisao Yaginuma (八木沼久男) Chinese (Cantonese) Shanghai cabbage Chen Kenichi
250 November 20, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Takatsugu Sasaoka (笹岡隆次) Japanese Maitake mushroom Takatsugu Sasaoka
251 November 27, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Italy Marco Molinari Italian Porcini Marco Molinari
252 December 4, 1998 Hiroyuki Sakai Mitsuo Hazama (間 光男) French Duck Hiroyuki Sakai
253 December 11, 1998 Masahiko Kobe Hiromichi Yoneda (米田裕道) Italian Octopus Masahiko Kobe
254 December 18, 1998 Chen Kenichi Mitsuo Suganuma (菅沼美都雄) Chinese (Cantonese) Shark fin Chen Kenichi
255 December 25, 1998 Masaharu Morimoto Jirō Ogue (小久江次郎) French Turkey Masaharu Morimoto

^31 This episode featuring Nakamura's retirement battle, counted as one, was aired in two parts. This was also Yukio Hattori's second time he took the role as a challenger; former Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba took his place as commentator.
^32 This is Masaharu Morimoto's debut as Iron Chef.
^33 This episode featuring is the second one without a theme ingredient but a theme on which the dishes should be based.
^34 The 2,000th Dish Special, wherein two teams composed of Iron Chefs and past challengers, was aired in two parts. Chairman Kaga also used this special as an opportunity to list his five best and three worst dishes tasted in the show. The score was tied at 77 points both. But Kaga decided the All-French team won.


Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
256 January 8, 1999 Chen Kenichi China Xie Huaxian (謝華顕, Sha Kaken) Chinese (Cantonese) Spiny lobster Xie Huaxian
257 January 15, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai Kōei Kamimura (上村孝栄) Japanese Cod Hiroyuki Sakai
258 January 22, 1999 Masahiko Kobe Italy Costantino Gemmoli Italian Bell pepper Masahiko Kobe
259 January 29, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Hiroyuki Hakogi (函城弘行) Japanese Yellowtail Masaharu Morimoto
260 February 5, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Tetsuji Iio (飯尾哲司) French King crab Masaharu Morimoto
261 February 12, 1999 Masahiko Kobe Hironobu Tsujiguchi (辻口博啓) Dessert Banana Hironobu Tsujiguchi
262 February 19, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai Toshiya Senba (仙場才也) Japanese Asura oyster Hiroyuki Sakai
263 February 26, 1999 Chen Kenichi Ryōzō Asō (浅生良三) French Sturgeon Chen Kenichi
264[35] March 5, 1999 Michiba and Morimoto tour New York City. No battles were held in this part.
March 12, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Komei Nakamura Iron Chef Egg Komei Nakamura
265 March 19, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai Kōji Hosogai (細貝孝司) French Oxtail Hiroyuki Sakai
266 March 26, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Seiya Masahara (正原聖也) Japanese Anglerfish Seiya Masahara
267 April 2, 1999 Chen Kenichi China Cui Yufen (崔玉芬, Gai Gyokufun) Chinese (Beijing) Chinese cabbage Cui Yufen
268 April 9, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai Tōru Komori (小森 亨) Japanese Udon Tōru Komori
269 April 16, 1999 Masahiko Kobe Italy Franco Canzoniere Italian Tomato Masahiko Kobe
270 April 23, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Yūsuke Yamashita (山下裕輔) Japanese Cod roe Draw
271 April 30, 1999 Scallion Masaharu Morimoto
272 May 7, 1999 Chen Kenichi Takeshi Ōkubo (大久保武志) Chinese (Cantonese) Bean sprout Takeshi Ōkubo
273 May 14, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai France Michel Husser French Lamb Michel Husser
274[36] May 21, 1999 Chen Kenichi Italy Spano Stelvio Italian Suckling pig Chen Kenichi
275 May 28, 1999 Morimoto and Michiba tour Indonesia. No battles were held in this episode (in both parts).
June 4, 1999
276 June 11, 1999 Masahiko Kobe Makoto Osada (長田 誠) Chinese (Cantonese) Giant lobster Masahiko Kobe
277 June 18, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Keiji Nakazawa (中澤圭二)[37] Japanese Sushi[38] Masaharu Morimoto
278 June 25, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai Isao Makio (牧尾 勲) French Black pork Hiroyuki Sakai
279 July 2, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Canada Michael Noble French Potato Masaharu Morimoto
280 July 9, 1999 Chen Kenichi Yūji Tateno (舘野雄二) Japanese Sea urchin roe Chen Kenichi
281 July 16, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Yoshimi Tanigawa (谷河吉己) Japanese Pike eel Yoshimi Tanigawa
282 July 23, 1999 Masahiko Kobe Shōji Yamaoka (山岡昌治) French Jumbo mushroom Masahiko Kobe
283 July 30, 1999 Chen Kenichi France Dominique Corby French Foie gras Draw
284 August 6, 1999 Asparagus Draw[39]
285 August 13, 1999 Masahiko Kobe Hiroki Sakai (坂井博基) Italian Conger eel Masahiko Kobe
286 August 20, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Akira Watanabe (渡辺 明) Italian Cuttlefish Masaharu Morimoto
287 August 27, 1999 Hiroyuki Sakai Yoshihide Koga (古賀義英) French Stingray Hiroyuki Sakai
288 September 3, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Ryōzō Shigematsu (重松良三) Japanese Sea bass Masaharu Morimoto
289 September 10, 1999 Chen Kenichi Masahiko Kobe King of Iron Chefs[40] Tokyo-X pork Chen Kenichi
290 September 17, 1999 Masaharu Morimoto Hiroyuki Sakai Bell pepper Hiroyuki Sakai
291 September 24, 1999 Chen Kenichi Hiroyuki Sakai Homard lobster Hiroyuki Sakai
Hiroyuki Sakai Alain Passard French Longgang chicken Hiroyuki Sakai

^35 This episode, aired in two parts, celebrated Morimoto's first anniversary as an Iron Chef. The two elder Iron Chefs Japanese were present to help Morimoto put his focus back.
^36 This is the first episode in which all four Iron Chefs appear at the same time, rather than have Kobe making a separate entrance. Yhis was also the first episode wherein Chairman Kaga boycotted the battle due to the Iron Chefs' recent losses. Yukio Hattori did double-duty as emcee and usual color commentator for this episode.
^37 There were two different Keiji Nakazawas with two different specialties who battled two different Iron Chefs Japanese almost five years apart. The first one, a French cuisine chef, battled against Michiba, while the other one, a sushi chef, battled against Morimoto.
^38 Theme ingredients included tuna, kohada (Japanese gizzard shad), anago, eggs, and kanpyō. Also, the one-hour time limit for the battle did not include the preparation of the rice to be used for the sushi.
^39 Both Chen and Corby were declared joint winners in the overtime battle.
^40 The final three episodes cover the King of Iron Chefs tournament which saw the Iron Chefs battle against each other. The last Iron Chef standing would then battle the last ever challenger in the show's regular run, Alain Passard.

Specials (2000–2002)[edit]

Special Original airdate Iron Chef Challenger Challenger Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner
Millennium Cup January 5, 2000 Chen Kenichi China Zhao Renliang (趙仁良, Chō Jinryō) Chinese (Beijing) Abalone Chen Kenichi
Rokusaburo Michiba France Dominique Bouchet French Kobe beef Rokusaburo Michiba
New York Special March 28, 2000 Masaharu Morimoto United States Bobby Flay Southwestern Rock crab Masaharu Morimoto
21st Century Battles January 2, 2001 Hiroyuki Sakai Toshirō Kandagawa Japanese Red snapper Toshirō Kandagawa
Masaharu Morimoto Bobby Flay Southwestern Spiny lobster Bobby Flay
Japan Cup January 2, 2002 Chen Kenichi Yūichirō Ebisu (胡 雄一郎) Italian King crab Chen Kenichi
Kimio Nonaga (野永喜三夫) Takeshi Tanabe (田辺 猛) Japanese (Nonaga); French (Tanabe) Pacific bluefin tuna Kimio Nonaga
Chen Kenichi Kimio Nonaga Japanese Ingii chicken Kimio Nonaga

Specials notes[edit]

The Millennium Cup, occurring three months after the last regular battle, introduced two "new" Iron Chefs in the persons of Yūji Wakiya and Seigo Mitani as successors to Iron Chefs Sakai and Chen. Both actually never battled since their introduction. And while there were two battles, all four chefs involved were competing to have one of their dishes be declared as the "Millennium Dish." Although Bouchet lost his battle with Michiba, his beef main course was declared the "Millennium Dish."

The first part of the New York Special saw Iron Chefs Morimoto, Sakai, Kobe and Honorary Iron Chef Michiba visit the city. During the Iron Chefs' visit to the Zagat weekend home, Tim and Nina Zagat had arranged a battle between Morimoto and Flay. Also included in the first part were Kobe and Sakai's visit to an Asian cooking class in the Culinary Institute of America and Morimoto and Michiba's guesting in an episode of Doorknock Dinners. Gordon Elliot, the host of that show, would also serve as the English-speaking host for Flay and Morimoto's battle in the second half of the special alongside Kaga.

The 21st Century Battles were held, especially held to usher in the beginning of the 21st century, brought back two previous challengers. The first was prolific guest Toshirō Kandagawa, who shaved himself bald to atone for his antagonistic role in the past. The second, Bobby Flay, was brought back to fulfill a clamor for a rematch against Morimoto as according to several reports, Flay did not take his loss very well, even complaining about the treatment against him in that battle (the show even cited in a Time magazine article to bring home the point[2]).

In the events that led to the Japan Cup, Chairman Kaga (the character) had died due to puffer fish liver poisoning. A memorial service was held before the new chairman, Kaga's equally flamboyant nephew, played by actor Masahiro Motoki, was introduced. The Japan Cup, launched to keep the tradition of Kitchen Stadium alive, was held at the Tokyo Dome. Chen was chosen to represent Chinese cuisine while the selection of representatives for French, Italian, and Japanese cuisines was opened to "unknown nameless chefs." There were only two battles that were covered in full: Chen's semifinal battle and finals between Chen and Nonaga; only highlights of Nonaga's semifinal battle were shown due to time constraints. Takeshi Kaga was still alive at the time of the Japan Cup (and still is as of 2012, according to IMDb[3]); his character was killed off due to commitments he was having at the time, thus preventing him from reprising his role. It should be noted, however, that the story element of the "death" of Kaga's character was ignored in Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters, as according to that show's storyline, it was Chairman Kaga himself who sent Sakai and Morimoto to America to grace the opening a new Gourmet Academy there.

Revival series (2012–2013)[edit]

On October 26, 2012, Fuji TV revived the original Iron Chef franchise, this time simply using the English name Iron Chef (アイアンシェフ). Actor Hiroshi Tamaki assumed the role as the new Chairman in this revival. For the line-up of Iron Chefs, Yuji Wakiya became the official Iron Chef Chinese, while Yōsuke Suga was selected as the new Iron Chef French instead of Seigo Mitani; Jun Kurogi was chosen as the new Iron Chef Japanese. Yukio Hattori would reprise his role as commentor, guided by a set of culinary experts.[4]

Unlike the previous series, the 2012 revival has challengers nominated by prominent personalities, such as past Iron Chefs. Through public vote, challengers who won battles would have a chance to officially become future Iron Chefs.[4]

For consistency, all Japanese names are in Western order, macroned with Hepburn romanization. All other Asian names, on the other hand, are in Eastern order. Also, for each of the non-Japanese Asian challengers, as much as possible, the romanization used for the Chinese names are derived from the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and Pinyin romanization of the name.

All Asian challengers, except those with Wikipedia articles, will have their names in kanji in parentheses upon first mention in the list. For the non-Japanese Asian challengers, the Japanese pronunciation of the name as used in the show is also included.

In the case of Asians with mixed Chinese-Japanese heritage, such as Chen Kenichi, they follow the same criteria as the Chinese names (i.e. Eastern order and Japanese pronunciation guide beside kanji).


episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Nominee Nominee Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner Final Score
1 October 26, 2012 Yōsuke Suga Ken'ichi Miyanaga (宮永賢一) Japanese Salmon Yōsuke Suga 88.5 - 83
Yuji Wakiya Chen Kentarō (陳建太郎, Chin Kentarō) Chinese Okinawan pig Yuji Wakiya 98 - 85
2 November 2, 2012 Jun Kurogi Katsuyasu Itō (伊藤勝康) French Japanese lobster Katsuyasu Itō 84 - 86
3 November 9, 2012 Yōsuke Suga Mitsuaki Okamura (岡村光晃) Italian Mushroom Yōsuke Suga 93 - 75
4 November 23, 2012 Yōsuke Suga Isato Nakano (中野勇人) Chinese Tofu Yōsuke Suga 95.5 - 80
Yuji Wakiya Toshiyuki Kudō (工藤敏之) French Pacific cod Yuji Wakiya 91.5 - 83
5 November 30, 2012 Yuji Wakiya Seiichi Honda (本多誠一) Spanish Potato Yuji Wakiya 90.5 - 76
6 December 7, 2012 Jun Kurogi Yūsuke Kawasaki (川崎祐介) European Native chicken Jun Kurogi 99 - 89

The last episode of 2012 is the New Year's Eve episode as the Mr. Iron Chef competition. It was broadcast live for six hours and there were seven judges for each battle. It was broadcast as alternative programming to NHK's hugely popular Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

Episode #
Original airdate Resident
Iron Chef
Iron Chef
Speciality Theme Ingredient Winner Final Score
Omisoka Special (7) December 31, 2012 Yōsuke Suga Thailand Ian Chalermkittichai French (Iron Chef Thailand's Iron Chef Western) Spiny lobster Yōsuke Suga 128 - 114
Jun Kurogi Japan Rokusaburo Michiba Japanese (Honorary Iron Chef Japanese) Japanese amberjack Rokusaburo Michiba 122 - 125
Yuji Wakiya United States Masaharu Morimoto Japanese (Honorary Iron Chef Japanese / Currently of Iron Chef America) Apple Yuji Wakiya 132 - 125


Episode #
Original airdate Iron Chef Nominee Nominee Specialty Theme Ingredient Winner Final Score
8 January 18, 2013 Jun Kurogi Kazuhide Nose (能勢和秀) French Cheese Jun Kurogi 85 - 75.5
9 January 25, 2013 Yuji Wakiya Tsuneyuki Hamada (浜田統之) Japanese Beef Yuji Wakiya 85.5 - 80.5
10 February 15, 2013 Yuji Wakiya Hiromi Yamada Italian Cabbage Hiromi Yamada 91 - 94
11 February 22, 2013 Yōsuke Suga Hideki Irie (入江瑛起) Japanese Scallop Yōsuke Suga 90 - 82
12 March 1, 2013 Yōsuke Suga Toshihiko Yoroizuka (鎧塚俊彦) Pastry Strawberry Toshihiko Yoroizuka 90 - 93
13 March 22, 2013 Jun Kurogi Takemasa Kinoshita (木下威征) French Bamboo shoot Jun Kurogi 88 - 83
Episode #
Original airdate Japan USA Speciality Theme Ingredient Winner Final Score
World Cup Special (14) July 4, 2013 Japan Yōsuke Suga United States Tony Maws Iron Chef Beef United States Tony Maws 1 point
Japan Jun Kurogi United States Frank A. Ruta Japan Jun Kurogi 1 point
Japan Yuji Wakiya United States Eric Ziebold United States Eric Ziebold 1 point
Japan Team Japan United States Team USA Japan Team Japan 2 point


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