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This is a list of notable Israeli Arab Christians (also known as Palestinian-Israeli Christians).

The list is ordered by category of human endeavor. Persons with significant contributions in two fields are listed in both of the pertinent categories, to facilitate easy lookup.

Religious figures[edit]


Cultural figures[edit]

Film, TV, and stage[edit]

Popular musicians[edit]

  • Amal Murkus – actress and singer.
  • Rim Banna – singer, composer, and arranger who is well known for her modern interpretations of traditional Palestinian Arab folk songs.



  • Elinor Joseph – soldier who has served with the Caracal Battalion of the Israel Defense Forces since 2010. She is the first Arab woman ever to serve in a combat role in the Israeli army.[1]

Politicians and government officials[edit]




  • Hossam Haick a senior lecturer in chemical engineering and nanotechnology at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology already has several patents in his pocket. Last year he was included as one of the world's 35 "most-promising young scientists" in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's.[4]
  • Yaqub Hanna an Israeli Arab who is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, earned his Ph.D. and M.D. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specializes in the study of embryonic stem cells.[5]

High tech[edit]


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