List of Israeli Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews

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This is a list of notable Mizrahi Jews and Sephardi Jews in Israel, including both original immigrants who obtained Israeli citizenship and their Israeli descendants.

Traditionally the terms "Mizrahi Jews" and "Sephardi Jews" were used as all encompassing terms referring to the Jews descended from the Jewish communities of Iberia, North Africa and the Middle East; but due to the melting pot effect of the Israeli society the terms have gradually become more vague. Many Israeli descendants of Mizrahi and Sephardi Jewish immigrants have gradually adopted the Israeli culture and intermarried with descendants of other Jewish communities.

Government and Politicians[edit]



Religious figures[edit]

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs[edit]

Shai Agassi - Israeli Entrepreneur

Academic figures[edit]

Avshalom Elitzur - Israeli Physicist

Cultural figures[edit]

Film, TV, and stage[edit]


Popular musicians[edit]



Association Football[edit]


Olympic Sports Athlets[edit]

  • Shahar Tzuberi, Israel, windsurfer, Olympic bronze (RS:X discipline); 2009 & 2010 European Windsurf champion[4]

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