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Israel has submitted films for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since 1964. Despite its relatively small film-making industry, ten Israeli films have been nominated for the Foreign Language Oscar, placing it in the Top Ten most nominated countries of all time. However, no Israel film has ever won the coveted award.

Since 1991, the Israeli Ophir Award winner for Best Film is automatically designated the Israeli submission for the Oscar. In 2007, Aviva My Love and Sweet Mud tied for the award, necessitating a second round of voting which resulted in the submission of Sweet Mud. In 2008 The Band's Visit won the Ophir Award for Best Film but was disqualified by AMPAS for containing too much English dialogue. The runner-up Beaufort was submitted in its place, resulting in Israel's first Oscar nomination in 23 years.

The most successful Israeli director is this category is Moshé Mizrahi who received two Oscar nominations representing Israel, and whose 1977 film Madame Rosa won the Oscar, representing France. Ephraim Kishon represented Israel twice, and was nominated both times. Joseph Cedar and Savi Gavison have represented Israel in the competition three times each, and Cedar was nominated twice.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited the film industries of various countries to submit their best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since 1956. The Foreign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees for the award.[1] Below is a list of the films that have been submitted by Israel for review by AMPAS for the Foreign Film Oscar along with the year of the submission and the year of the respective Academy Award ceremony.

In most of the Israeli submissions, the majority of the dialogue was in Hebrew. Films which notably used another language as a primary spoken language are The Glass Cage and Moments (French), Late Marriage (Georgian) and Ajami (the local dialect of Arabic). Many others, including Yana's Friends and Saint Clara, feature a heavy dose of Russian.

The missing years are those in which no film was submitted by Israel.

Film title used in nomination Original title Director Result
Sallah Sallakh Shabati
(סאלח שבתי)
Ephraim Kishon Nominated
The Glass Cage Kluv Hazkhukhit
(כלוב הזכוכית)
Philippe Arthuys and Jean-Louis Levi-Alvarès Not Nominated
The Flying Matchmaker Sh'nei Quni Lem'l
(שני קוני למל)
Israel Becker Not Nominated
Every Bastard a King Kol Mamzer Melekh
(כל ממזר מלך)
Uri Zohar Not Nominated
Siege Matzor
Gilberto Tofano Not Nominated
The Policeman Hashoter Azulai
(השוטר אזולאי)
Ephraim Kishon Nominated
I Love You Rosa Ani Ohev Otakh Rozah
(אני אוהב אותך רוזה)
Moshé Mizrahi Nominated
The House on Chelouche Street Habayit Birkhov Chelouche
(הבית ברחוב שלוש)
Moshé Mizrahi Nominated
My Michael Mikhal Sheli
(מיכאל שלי)
Dan Wolman Not Nominated
Operation Thunderbolt Mivtza Yonatan
(מבצע יונתן)
Menahem Golan Nominated
Lemon Popsicle Esqimo Limon
(אסקימו לימון)
Boaz Davidson Not Nominated
Moments Regayyim
Michal Bat-Adam Not Nominated
The Thin Line Al Khevel Daq
(על חבל דק)
Michal Bat-Adam Not Nominated
A Thousand Little Kisses Elef Neshiqot Q'tanot
(אלף נשיקות קטנות)
Mira Recanati Not Nominated
Hamsin Khamsin
Daniel Wachsmann Not Nominated
A Married Couple Zug Nasui
(זוג נשוי)
Yitzhak Yeshurun Not Nominated
Beyond the Walls Me'akhorei Hasoragim
(מאחורי הסורגים)
Uri Barbash Nominated
When Night Falls Ad Sof Halaylah
(עד סוף הלילה)
Eitan Green Not Nominated
Avanti Popolo Avanti Popolo
(אוונטי פופולו)
Rafi Bukai Not Nominated
I Don't Give a Damn Lo Sam Zayin
(לא שם זין)
Shmuel Imberman Not Nominated
The Summer of Aviya Haqayitz Shel Aviyah
(הקיץ של אביה)
Eli Cohen Not Nominated
One of Us Echad Mi'shelanu
(אחד משלנו)
Uri Barbash Not Nominated
The Lookout Shuru
Savi Gabizon Not Nominated
Beyond the Sea Me'ever Layam
(מעבר לים)
Jacob Goldwasser Not Nominated
Life According to Agfa Ha'khayyim Al Pi Agfa
(החיים על פי אגפא)
Assi Dayan Not Nominated
Revenge of Itzik Finkelstein Niqmato Shel Itziq Finkelstein
(נקמתו של איציק פינקלשטיין)
Enrique Rottenberg Not Nominated
Sh'Chur Sh'khur
Shmuel Hasfari Not Nominated
Lovesick on Nana Street Kholeh Ahavah Beshikun Gimel
(חולה אהבה בשיכון גימל)
Savi Gabizon Not Nominated
Saint Clara Clara Haqdoshah
(קלרה הקדושה)
Ari Folman and Ori Sivan Not Nominated
Pick a Card Afulah Express
(עפולה אקספרס)
Julie Shles Not Nominated
Circus Palestine Qirqas Palestinah
(קרקס פלשתינה)
Eyal Halfon Not Nominated
Yana's Friends Hakhaverim Shel Yanah
(החברים של יאנה)
Arik Kaplun Not Nominated
Time of Favor Hahesder
Joseph Cedar Not Nominated
Late Marriage Khatunah Me'ukheret
(חתונה מאוחרת)
Dover Kosahvili Not Nominated
Broken Wings K'nafayyim Sh'vurot
(כנפיים שבורות)
Nir Bergman Not Nominated
Nina's Tragedies Ha'asonot Shel Ninah
(האסונות של נינה)
Savi Gabizon Not Nominated
Campfire Medurat Hashevet
(מדורת השבט)
Joseph Cedar Not Nominated
What a Wonderful Place Eyzeh Maqom Nifla
(איזה מקום נפלא)
Eyal Halfon Not Nominated
Sweet Mud Adamah Meshuga'at
(אדמה משוגעת)
Dror Shaul Not Nominated
Beaufort Beaufort
Joseph Cedar Nominated
Waltz with Bashir Vals Im Bashir
(ואלס עם באשיר)
Ari Folman Nominated
Ajami Agami
(عجمي / עג'מי)
Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani Nominated
The Human Resources Manager[2] Sh'likhuto Shel Ha'Memuneh Al Mash'abei Enosh
(שליחותו של הממונה על משאבי אנוש)
Eran Riklis Not Nominated[3]
Footnote He'arat Shulayyim
(הערת שוליים)
Joseph Cedar Nominated[4]
Fill the Void[5] L'male Et Hekhalal
(למלא את החלל)
Rama Burshtein Not Nominated
Bethlehem[6] Beit Lechem
(בית לחם)
Yuval Adler Not Nominated
Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem[7] Get — Ha'mishpat shel Vivian Amsalem
(גט - המשפט של ויויאן אמסלם)
Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz Not Nominated
Baba Joon[8] Baba Joon
(באבא ג'ון)
Yuval Delshad Not Nominated
Sand Storm[9] Sufat Chol
(סופת חול)
Elite Zexer Not Nominated
Foxtrot[10] פוֹקְסטְרוֹט Samuel Maoz Made December shortlist[11]

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