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This is a list of episodes for the 1968 television series It Takes a Thief.

List of episodes[edit]

Season 1 (1968)[edit]

Ep. # Original air date (US) Episode title Guest cast
1-01 9 January 1968 A Thief is a Thief is a Thief
(original episode title, 90-minute special)
Magnificent Thief
(expanded overseas/syndication movie title)
Senta Berger, Raymond Burr, Leslie Nielsen, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Wally Cox, Les Crane, James Drury, Doug McClure, Kurt Kasznar, Joe Louis, Susan Saint James, Michael Forest, Anita Eubank, Willi Koopman, Stuart Margolin, Donald Barry
1-02 16 January 1968 It Takes One to Know One Mark Richman, Alfred Ryder, Susan Saint James, Len Birman, Francine York
1-03 30 January 1968 When Boy Meets Girl Suzy Parker, Donnelly Rhodes, David Hurst[1]
1-04 6 February 1968 A Very Warm Reception Simon Oakland, Katherine Crawford, Gavin MacLeod, Hagan Beggs, Stanley Waxman, Ilka Wwindish[1]
1-05 13 February 1968 One Illegal Angel Fernando Lamas, Kate Woodville, Anthony Zerbe, Francine York[1]
1-06 20 February 1968 Totally By Design Tina Louise, John van Dreelen, Mari Blanchard, Ron Soble, Oscar Beregi, Jr., Francine York[1]
1-07 27 February 1968 When Thieves Fall In Susan Saint James, Mario Alcade, Terry Jenkins, Ben Wright, Ben Astar, Cec Linder, Charlene Holt, Amzie Strickland, Lorna Thayer[1]
1-08 5 March 1968 A Spot of Trouble Katherine Crawford, William Campbell, Cliff Osmond, Joan Patrick, Barbara Rhoades[1]
1-09 12 March 1968 When Good Friends Get Together Rosemary Forsyth, Patrick Adiarte;
James Shigeta (special guest star)[1]
1-10 19 March 1968 Birds of a Feather Tisha Sterling, Mark Lenard, Strother Martin, Charlene Holt, Taina Elg[1]
1-11 26 March 1968 To Steal a Battleship Bill Bixby, Linda Marsh, Janis Hansen, Maurice Marsac[1]
1-12 2 April 1968 Turnabout Ida Lupino, Steve Ihnat, Shannon Farnon, Lawrence Montaigne[1]
1-13 9 April 1968 The Radomir Miniature Ina Balin, Jill Donohue, Richard Van Vleet, Than Wyenn, Eve Plumb[1]
1-14 16 April 1968 Locked in the Cradle of the Keep Celeste Yarnall, Marti Stevens, Joe Bernard[1]
1-15 23 April 1968 A Matter of Royal Larceny Lynda Day, Henry Wilcoxon, Ben Murphy, Brenda Benet, Don Knight[1]
1-16 30 April 1968 The Lay of the Land Hermione Gingold; Sheila Larken (introducing); Larry D. Mann, Stuart Margolin, Helen Funai, Cathy Lee Crosby[1]

Season 2 (1968–1969)[edit]

Ep. # Original air date (US) Episode title Guest cast
2-01 24 September 1968 One Night on Soledade Nancy Kovack, Madlyn Rhue, Logan Ramsey
2-02 1 October 1968 A Sour Note Suzanne Pleshette, Harvey Lembeck, Gino Conforti
2-03 8 October 1968 The Bill is in Committee Yvonne Craig, Jocelyn Lane, Roger C. Carmel
2-04 15 October 1968 The Thingamabob Heist Ricardo Montalban, Bill Russell, Sharon Acker
2-05 22 October 1968 Get Me to the Revolution on Time Ivan Dixon, Wende Wagner, Morgan Woodward, Ena Hartman, Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr.
2-06 29 October 1968 The Packager Alex Dreier, Lee Meredith
2-07 12 November 1968 Hans Across the Border – Part 1 Joseph Cotten, Pamela Austin, Willi Koopmann
2-08 19 November 1968 Hans Across the Border – Part 2 Joseph Cotten, Pamela Austin, Willi Koopmann
2-09 26 November 1968 A Case of Red Turnips Noel Harrison
2-10 3 December 1968 The Galloping Skin Game Richard Kiel, Ricardo Montalban, Martine Beswick
2-11 17 December 1968 Glass Riddle Mrs. Robert Wagner (Marion Marshall), Jason Evers
2-12 31 December 1968 To Catch a Roaring Lion George Takei, Brock Peters, Denise Nicholas
2-13 7 January 1969 Guess Who's Coming to Rio? Teri Garr, Michael Ansara, Alejandro Rey, Arlene Martel
2-14 21 January 1969 The Artist Is for Framing Paul Henreid, Gia Scala
2-15 28 January 1969 The Naked Billionaire Sally Kellerman
2-16 11 February 1969 A Matter of Grey Matter – Part 1 Joey Heatherton, Barry Williams
2-17 11 February 1969 A Matter of Grey Matter – Part 2 Joey Heatherton, Barry Williams
2-18 18 February 1969 Catspaw Fernando Lamas, Sharon Acker
2-19 25 February 1969 Boom at the Top Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, Barry Sullivan
2-20 11 March 1969 The Funeral is on Mundy Julie Newmar
2-21 18 March 1969 The Baranoff Time Table Jessica Walter
2-22 25 March 1969 Rock-Bye, Bye, Baby Gavin MacLeod, Melodie Johnson, Edmond O'Brien
2-23 1 April 1969 The Family Geraldine Brooks, Carla Borelli
2-24 8 April 1969 38-23-36 Nancy Kovack
2-25 15 April 1969 The Great Chess Gambit Nehemiah Persoff, Stuart Margolin, María Noel, Greg Mullavey
2-26 22 April 1969 Mad in Japan Sharon Acker, Alex Dreier

Season 3 (1969–1970)[edit]

Malachi Throne was no longer a regular cast member by this time, and his Noah Bain was no longer a regular character; Edward Binns's Wallie Powers had become Alexander Mundy's boss.

Ep. # Original air date (US) Episode title Guest cast
3-01 25 September 1969 Saturday Night in Venice Delia Boccardo, John Russell
3-02 2 October 1969 Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars? Peter Sellers, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Paola Pitagora
3-03 9 October 1969 The Beautiful People Teri Garr, John Van Dreelen, Ann Smyrner
3-04 16 October 1969 The Great Casino Caper Fred Astaire, Adolfo Celi
3-05 23 October 1969 Flowers from Alexander Senta Berger
3-06 30 October 1969 The Blue, Blue Danube Martine Beswick, John Russell
3-07 6 November 1969 The Three Virgins of Rome Fred Astaire, Victor Buono, Karin Dor
3-08 13 November 1969 Payoff in the Piazza Susan Saint James
3-09 20 November 1969 The King of Thieves Lex Barker, Lionel Stander
3-10 27 November 1969 A Friend in Deed Frankie Avalon, Maria Mirka
3-11 4 December 1969 The Second Time Around Fred Astaire, Adolfo Celi
3-12 11 December 1969 The Old Who Came in from the Spy Elsa Lanchester
3-13 18 December 1969 To Lure a Man Wilfrid Hyde-White, Tina Sinatra
3-14 25 December 1969 The Scorpio Drop Brenda Benet
3-15 15 January 1970 Nice Girls Marry Stock Brokers Michele Carey, Geoffrey Holder
3-16 19 January 1970 The Steal-Driving Man Dick Smothers, Fernando Lamas, Felicia Farr
3-17 26 January 1970 Touch of Magic Bette Davis
3-18 2 February 1970 Fortune City Stefanie Powers
3-19 2 February 1970 Situation Red Earl Holliman
3-20 23 February 1970 To Sing a Song of Murder The 5th Dimension – Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr., Florence LaRue Gordon, Lamonte McLemore, Ron Townson
3-21 2 March 1970 The Suzie Simone Caper Susan Saint James
3-22 9 March 1970 An Evening with Alistair Mundy Fred Astaire
3-23 16 March 1970 Beyond a Treasonable Doubt Cesar Romero, Ahna Capri
3-24 24 March 1970 Project X Tina Sinatra, Keye Luke, Lloyd Bochner, Wally Cox


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