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The following is a list of Italo disco artists and songs, divided in two sections. The first section includes notable Italo disco groups and solo artists. The second section includes Italo disco songs. Solo artists are listed alphabetically by last name while groups are listed alphabetically by the first letter (not including the prefix "the", "a" or "an").



Year Artist Origin Song
1978 La Bionda Italy "One for You, One for Me"[10]
Giorgio Moroder Italy "Chase"[30]
Riz Ortolani Italy "Il corpo di Linda"[41]
1979 Easy Going Italy "Fear"[30]
Tantra Italy "Hills of Katmandu"[41]
1980 Kano Italy "Holly Dolly"[45]
Kano Italy "I'm Ready"[17][46]
Kano Italy "It's a War"[30][47]
Kano Italy "Now Baby Now"[28]
1981 A Number of Names United States "Sharevari"[30][48]
Passengers Italy "The Last Romantic"[19]
1982 Blackway Italy "New Life"[4]
Dharma Italy "Plastic Doll"[30]
Electra Italy "Feels Good"[43][30]
Expansives Italy "Life With You"[49]
Klein + M.B.O. Italy "Dirty Talk"[2][30][50]
'Lectric Workers Italy "Robot Is Systematic"[17][30][51]
Pink Project Italy "Amama"[28]
Gino Soccio Canada "Remember"[30]
Steel Mind Italy "Bad Passion"[30]
1983 Asso Argentina "Do It Again"[52]
B.W.H. Italy "Stop"[30]
Baby's Gang Italy "Happy Song"[53]
Casco Italy "Cybernetic Love"[28][30]
Charlie Italy "Spacer Woman"[28][51]
Doctor's Cat Italy "Feel the Drive"[30]
Fun Fun Italy "Happy Station" (Scratch Version)[30]
Gazebo Italy "I Like Chopin"[8][9][14][17][37]
Gazebo Italy "Love In Your Eyes"[17]
Helen Italy "Witch"[28]
Kano Italy "Another Life"[23]
Klein + M.B.O. Italy "The MBO Theme"[43]
Gary Low Italy "I Want You"[54][55]
Mr. Flagio Italy "Take a Chance"[30][50]
My Mine Italy "Hypnotic Tango"[28][30]
P. Lion Italy "Happy Children"[32][56]
Plustwo Italy "Melody"[28]
Ryan Paris Italy "Dolce Vita"[8][14][56][57]
Righeira Italy "Vamos a la playa"[17]
Alexander Robotnick Italy "Problèmes d'amour"[2][58]
Bob Salton Italy "Starknight"[30]
Savage Italy "Don't Cry Tonight"[59][39]
Scotch Italy "Penguins' Invasion"[28][51]
1984 Baby's Gang Italy "Challenger"[14][28]
Big Ben Tribe Italy "Tarzan Loves the Summer Nights"[60]
Carrara Italy "Shine on Dance"[10]
Valerie Dore Italy "Get Closer"[14][30][61]
Danny Keith Italy "Keep On Music"[57]
Valerie Dore Italy "The Night"[61]
Fake Sweden "Frogs In Spain"[28]
Fancy Germany "Slice Me Nice"[17]
Ken Laszlo Italy "Hey Hey Guy"[15]
Sandy Marton Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia "People from Ibiza"[9][56]
Miko Mission Italy "How Old Are You?"[14][28][56]
Moon Ray Italy "Comanchero"[5]
Novecento Italy "Movin' On"[62]
P. Lion Italy "Dream"[32]
Ryan Paris Italy "Fall In Love"[57]
Raf Italy "Self Control"[1][63][64]
Rose Italy "Magic Carillon"[28]
Savage Italy "Only You"[65]
Scotch Italy "Disco Band"[14]
Alexander Robotnick Italy "Dance Boy Dance"[30]
Topo & Roby Italy "Under the Ice"[57]
1985 Alba Italy "Only Music Survives"[66]
Baltimora Italy "Tarzan Boy"[5][6][8]
Cyber People Italy "Void Vision"[28]
Valerie Dore Italy "It's So Easy"[57]
Brian Ice Italy "Talking to the Night"[59]
Ken Laszlo Italy "Tonight"[14]
Loui$ Italy "Pink Footpath"[28]
Taffy United States "I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)"[67]
Thai Break Belgium "Flowers In the Rain"[30]
1986 Eddy Huntington United Kingdom "U.S.S.R."[16]
Koto Italy "Jabdah"[23]
New Order United Kingdom "Bizarre Love Triangle" (Shep Pettibone 12" Remix)[59]
Mike Mareen Germany "Love Spy"[28]
Radiorama Italy "Vampires"[14]
Sabrina Italy "Sexy Girl"[17]
1987 Danuta Poland "Touch My Heart"[68]
Den Harrow Italy "Don't Break My Heart"[14]
Funny Twins Italy "You and Me"[67]
Francesco Napoli Italy "Balla Balla"[65]
Sabrina Italy "Boys (Summertime Love)"[5][16][59][56]
Spagna Italy "Call Me"[16]


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