List of James Bond comics

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This is a list of comics featuring James Bond.


Title Year Publisher Author(s) Artist(s)
Doctor No (movie tie-in)
Classics Illustrated (UK)
DC Comics (US)
Dell Publishing (Europe)
Norman Nodel
For Your Eyes Only[a] (movie tie-in)
Marvel Comics Larry Hama Howard Chaykin/Vince Colletta
Octopussy (movie tie-in)
Steve Moore Paul Neary
Licence to Kill (movie tie-in)
Eclipse Comics Richard Ashford Mike Grell
Permission to Die
Mike Grell
Secret Agents[b]
Personality Comics Delmo Walters, Jr. Delmo Walters, Jr.
Serpent's Tooth
Dark Horse Comics (many packaged by Acme Comics) Doug Moench Paul Gulacy
A Silent Armageddon
Simon Jowett John M. Burns
Light of My Death Das Petrou John Watkiss
Shattered Helix
Simon Jowett David Jackson/David Lloyd
Minute of Midnight Doug Moench Russ Heath
The Quasimodo Gambit
Don McGregor Gary Caldwell
GoldenEye (movie tie-in)
Topps Comics Rick Magyar
Dynamite Entertainment Warren Ellis Jason Masters
Andy Diggle Luca Casalanguida
Felix Leiter (spin-off) 2017 James Robinson Aaron Campbell
Black Box Benjamin Percy Rapha Lobosco
Service Kieron Gillen Antonio Fuso
Kill Chain Andy Diggle Luca Casalanguida
Moneypenny (spin-off) Jody Houser Jacob Edgar
Solstice Ibrahim Moustafa
The Body
Ales Kot Luca Casalanguida (Issue #1, #6)
Antonio Fuso (Issue #2)
Rapha Lobosco (Issue #3)
Eoin Marron (Issue #4)
Hayden Sherman (Issue #5)
M (spin-off) Declan Shalvey P.J. Holden
Casino Royale (adaptation) Ian Fleming (novel)
Van Jensen (adaptation)
Dennis Calero
James Bond Origin
Jeff Parker Bob Q
The Odd Job Epic Greg Pak Marc Laming (issues #1, #2, #,3)
Stephen Mooney (Issue #4, #5, #6)

James Bond Jr.[edit]

Comic adaptation by Marvel based on the animated television serial.

  • 1992 #1 The Beginning!
  • The Eiffel Missile!
  • Earth-cracker!
  • Plunder Down Under!
  • Dance of the Toreadors!
  • original story The Gilt Complex
  • Sure as Eggs is Eggs!
  • Wave Goodbye to the USA!
  • Absolute Zero!
  • Friends like these!
  • Indian Summer!
  • Homeward bound!

Junior James Bond Secret Agent 005.[edit]

A series of comics mostly in Hindi published in India in the Eighties by the now defunct Chitra Bharthi Kathamala. English titles include:

  • Thief with a Difference
  • International Killer
  • Road to the Jail!
  • Back to the Jail!
  • The Killers!
  • The Traitors
  • A Band of Robbers


The James Bond 007 Annual

  • 6 comic stories, 1965.
  • 6 comic stories, 1967.
  • Live and Let Die (from novel) 1968.


These comics were all published by Semic Press.

Year # Swedish Title English Title
1967 1 Död Och Diamanter Death and Diamonds – Diamonds Are Forever
2 Risico – De Hänsynslösa Opiumsmugglarna Risico – The Ruthless Opium Smugglers
3 I Hennes Majestäts Hemliga Tjänst On Her Majesty's Secret Service
4 Djävulens Trädgård – Man Lever Bara Två Gånger! Devil's Garden – You Only Live Twice!
1968 5 Dödligt Uppdrag Fatal Assignment – From A View to a Kill
6 Spionen från öst The Spy From the East – The Living Daylights
7 Manden Med Den Gyllene Pistole The Man with the Golden Gun
8 Octopussy – Undervattensdöden Octopussy – Underwater Death
9 Ubåt Saknad! Submarine Miss! – The Hildebrand Rarity
1969 10 Operation Spökflyg The Spy Who Loved Me [Part 1]
11 Skräcknatten Fright Night – The Spy Who Loved Me [Part 2]
12 Fågelkvinnorna Bird Woman – The Harpies
1970 13 Dödens Flod The Dead River – River of Death
1971 14 Goldfinger Goldfinger
15 Dödligt Toppmöte Mortal Top Rendezvous – Colonel Sun
16 Leva Och Låta Dö Live And Let Die
17 Det Gyllene Spöket The Golden Ghost
1972 18 Högt Spel I Monte Carlo High Game in Monte Carlo – Casino Royale
19 Dödens Dubbelgångare Dead Doppelganger- Double Jeopardy
20 Diamantfeber Diamond Fever – Diamonds Are Forever
21 Stålspionen Steel Spy – Fear Face
1973 22 Döden På Jamaica Death at Jamaica- Dr No
23 Bond Avslöjar Stjärnornas Herre Bond Reveals Star Man – Star Fire
24 ? From Russia With Love
25 Dödligt Budskap Fatal Message -Trouble Spot
1974 26 ? Thunderball
27 Kondorernas ö Isle of Condors
28 Ur Dödlig Synvinkel "From A Fatal Angle" – For Your Eyes Only
29 Droghandlarna Die with My Boots On
30 Moonraker Betyder Döden Moonraker
31 Vampyrligan The League of Vampires
1975 32 ? On Her Majesty's Secret Service
33 Jakten På Det Svarta Guldet "Hunt for the Black Gold" – The Girl Machine
34 Mannen Med Dengyllene Pistolen The Man with the Golden Gun
35 ? Beware of Butterflies
36 Risicologan! Risico
37 ? The Nevsky Nude
1976 38 Man Lever Bara Två Gånger – Djävulens Trädgård You Only Live Twice – "Devil Garden"
39 ? The Man with the Golden Gun & The Living Daylights
40 Kodnamn: Svart Storm "Codename: Black Storm" – The Black Ruby Caper
41 Tävling Med Topp-Vinster! Bond På Jättebild! "Competition with the Top Prize – Bond at Giant Picture!" – Octopussy
42 Bond Blir Indragen I Projekt Fenix! "Bond Gets in to Line On..." The Phoenix Project
43 Dödligt Uppdrag "Fatal Commission" – From A View to a Kill
1977 44 Kontraspionaget Slår Till: Intrig På Balkan! Till Death Do Us Part
45 Ubåt Saknas The Hildebrand Rarity
46 En Enkel, Acapulco! The Torch-Time Affair
47 Operation Spökflyg The Spy Who Loved Me – Part 1
48 Dödsstrålen Hot-Shot
49 Bäddat För Bond... Skräcknatten The Spy Who Loved Me – Part 2
1978 50 Nattfågeln Dödligt Uppdrag För Bond! Nightbird
51 Det Gyllene Spöket The Golden Ghost
52 Dödligt Kommando "Fatal Command" – Ape of Diamonds
53 Farligt Uppdrag: Dödens Dubbelgångare "Dangerous Commission" – Double Jeopardy
54 Trollkarlen + Stålspionen "Magician + Steel Spy" – Fear Face & When The Wizard Awakes
55 Fågelkvinnorna "Bird Woman" – The Harpies
1979 56 Moonraker Moonraker
57 Dödligt Budskap Fatal Message -Trouble Spot
58 Operation Big Mama Sea Dragon
59 Dödens Flod The Dead River – River of Death
60 Döden På Jamaica Death at Jamaica- Dr No
61 Operation Deathwing Death Wing
1980 62 Agent 007 Ser Rött "Agent 007 See Red" – From Russia With Love
63 Operation Xanadu The Xanadu Connection
64 Goldfinger Goldfinger
65 Åskbollen Thunderball
66 Man Lever Bara Två Gånger You Only Live Twice
67 Operation Shark Bait Shark Bait – Part 1
1981 68 Högt Spel I Monte Carlo High Game in Monte Carlo – Casino Royale
69 I Hennes Majestäts Hemliga Tjänst On Her Majesty's Secret Service
70 Operation KGB Shark Bait – Part 2
71 Diamantfeber Diamond Fever – Diamonds Are Forever
72 Kondorernas ö Isle of Condors
73 Bond Avslöjar Stjärnornas Herre Bond Reveals Star Man – Star Fire


These were all published by Zig Zag.

  • Based on Risico (1968) Operation Risk
  • The Hildebrand Rarity
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • original Le Chiffre story, Deadly Gold
  • Gold for Le Chiffre
  • (1969) Ultra Secret
  • original Le Chiffre story Child's Play
  • Casino Royale
  • Based on "From A View to a Kill Hunting
  • first chapter of "Goldfinger novel Mission in Mexico
  • Gold and Death
  • Relentless pursuit
  • Based on Goldfinger novel Fatal Crossroad
  • Based on Goldfinger novel The Gold of Fort Knox
  • Berlin Intrigue
  • Holiday for a Spy
  • The Crime at the Discothèque
  • Based on novel "Moonraker Sabotage
  • Deadly Safari
  • Doctor No
  • A Beauty in Distress
  • From Russia With Love
  • Diamonds are Forever
  • The C.I.P.E.T. affair
  • The Crows
  • The Missing Pilot
  • Sacrilege
  • start of Thunderball SPECTRE
  • The Queen of the Bees
  • Intrigue in the Arctic
  • (1970) The Silk Cord
  • The Hand of Fate
  • Based on Thunderball Operation Thunder
  • Based on Live and Let Die To Live and to Let Die
  • Doubles
  • The Beach of Flowers
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Based on On Her Majesty's Secret Service The Arch-Criminal
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • You Only Live Twice
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • Death is amused
  • The Executioner
  • Bait
  • Cry of Freedom
  • Danger at Dock 4
  • The Prince and the Dragon
  • A Warm Summer Afternoon
  • Bodyguard
  • 5 degrees below zero
  • The Saboteurs
  • A Pleasure Trip
  • Mercenaries
  • Inferno in Sicily
  • Yeti
  • The Golden Dolphin
  • (1971) The Rally of Death
  • Mystery on TV
  • The Condemned


Before creating Golgo 13, manga artist Takao Saito drew a serial based on the 007 series that was published monthly in Shogakukan's Boy's Life magazine from December 1964 to August 1967. The manga adapted four of Ian Fleming's original novels and were subsequently republished in collected editions under Shogakukan's Golden Comics imprint during serialization. The collected editions were later reprinted in 1981 under the Shogakukan Bunko imprint, and in 2015 under the Big Comics Special imprint.

  • Shinuno wa Yatsura Da 死ぬのは奴らだ [Live and Let Die] (Big Comics Special ed.). 2 December 2015. ISBN 9784091874146.
  • Sandābōru Sakusen サンダーボール作戦 [Thunderball] (Big Comics Special ed.). 2 December 2015. ISBN 9784091874108.
  • Jo'ō Heika no Zero Zero Sebun 女王陛下の007 [Her Majesty's Secret Service] (Big Comics Special ed.). 28 December 2015. ISBN 9784091875402.
  • Ōgon no Jū o Motsu Otoko 黄金の銃を持つ男 [The Man with the Golden Gun] (Big Comics Special ed.). 28 December 2015. ISBN 9784091875457.


  • Anthology Comic – Doctor No
  • Semic – Codename: Nemesis
  • The Slave Traders
  • Operation: Burma
  • Liquidate Bond
  • Operation: Little
  • The Mad Emperor
  • Operation Jungle Devils
  • Operation: UFO
  • Loempea – Licence To Kill (1989)


These comics were all published by Nyomdai.

  • Operation Jungle Devils
  • Operation: Blücher
  • Codename: Romeo
  • The Green Death
  • Death in Tahiti
  • Chinese Puzzle

Satire comics[edit]

  • Blitz Weasel Studios — The Blonde Avenger, March 1996
  • Cottonwood Graphics — Rick O'Shay, Hipshot and Me, 1990
  • DC Comics
    • L.E.G.I.O.N. 94 Annual
    • Animaniacs
  • Diamond Comics
    • Deathmask
    • The Mystery of Box
  • Dark Horse Comics — Light of My Death
  • Marvel Comics
    • Laff and Let Die
    • Live And Let Spy
  • Studio Chikara — The Barbi Twins Ashcan
  • Topps Comics — The Barbi Twins Adventures
  • NOW Comics — Married With Children
  • Play Value Books 
    • Storm Bringer
    • Blackclaw's Doomsday Plot
  • The James Bond 007 Fan Club — The Illustrated James Bond, 007
  • Titan Books
    • The Golden Ghost
    • Till Death Do Us Part
    • The Phoenix Project
    • Trouble Spot
    • Shark Bait
    • Death Wing
    • Paradise Plot

In humour magazines[edit]

Mad magazine
  • #94 April 1965 007 – A MAD Musical
  • #165 March 1974 8 "James Bomb" Bomb Movies: Dr No-No, From Russia With Lunacy, Goldfinger Bowl, Thunderblahh, You Only Live Nice, On His Majesty's Secret Shamus, Dollars are Forever, Live and Let Suffer
  • #199 Jun 1978 The Spy Who Glubbed Me
  • #213 March 1980 $00 Moneyraker
  • #229 March 1982 For Her Thighs Only
  • #248 July 1984 Remington Steal: Pierce Brosnan before Bond
  • #340 Oct/November 1995 If James Bond Were Updated for the Politically-Correct '90s: Pierce Brosnan as the new, PC Bond.
  • #365 Jan. 1998 James Bond Villains' Pet Peeves
  • #521 June 2013 Casebook "Skyfail" The Battle of the Bonds
Mad Super Special
  • #27 1978 "James Bomb" (reprint)
Cracked magazine
  • The Beatles meet James Bond
  • 1977 The spy who snubbed me
  • 1979 Moonwrecker
  • A Cracked look at 007
  • #306 March 1996 007-Plasticeye
  • Collectors edition April 2000 007's Latest Supercool Spy Gadgets
  • #342 March 2002, "The World is Not Enough"

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  1. ^ Marvel published its adaptation of For Your Eyes Only in three formats: a two-issue comic book miniseries, a single-volume magazine-sized edition (as part of its Marvel Super Special series), and as a paperback novel-sized edition by its subsidiary, Marvel Illustrated Books (ISBN 0-9604146-4-9).
  2. ^ Unauthorized comic book biographies of James Bond actors Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton.