List of James Bond film locations

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Story and filming locations of the Bond films

This is a list of locations in which films of the James Bond series have been set and filmed (excepting only Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale (1967)).

List of locations[edit]

Locations are listed in order of appearance. Studio sets are not included.

Location in story Actual location Coordinates Country or region (depicted)
Dr No (1962)
Queen's Club Liguanea Club 18°00′17″N 76°47′19″W / 18.004746°N 76.788642°W / 18.004746; -76.788642 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
MI6 Headquarters Queensborough House and Hampton House, Albert Embankment 51°29′29″N 0°07′19″W / 51.491346°N 0.121997°W / 51.491346; -0.121997  United Kingdom
Le Cercle, Les Ambassadeurs Club Same 51°30′16″N 0°09′01″W / 51.504483°N 0.150395°W / 51.504483; -0.150395  United Kingdom
Kingston Airport (now Norman Manley International Airport) Same 17°56′16″N 76°46′42″W / 17.937862°N 76.778384°W / 17.937862; -76.778384 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Government House (now King's House) Same 18°01′24″N 76°47′03″W / 18.023224°N 76.784196°W / 18.023224; -76.784196 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Puss Feller's Morgan's Harbour 17°56′26″N 76°50′22″W / 17.940565°N 76.839477°W / 17.940565; -76.839477 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Hearse crash Quarry Road 17°57′43″N 76°43′09″W / 17.962032°N 76.719297°W / 17.962032; -76.719297 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Miss Taro's House Grand Lido Sans Souci (now Couples Sans Souci) 18°25′02″N 77°04′05″W / 18.417301°N 77.068075°W / 18.417301; -77.068075 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Bond's hotel Courtleigh Manor 18°00′38″N 76°47′18″W / 18.010489°N 76.788309°W / 18.010489; -76.788309 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Crab Key beach Pearly Beach 18°25′23″N 77°08′52″W / 18.422941°N 77.147911°W / 18.422941; -77.147911 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Bath on Crab Key Island Dunn's River Falls 18°25′03″N 77°08′24″W / 18.417415°N 77.139897°W / 18.417415; -77.139897 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
Dr No's laboratory Reynold's Pier 18°24′38″N 77°06′52″W / 18.410495°N 77.114567°W / 18.410495; -77.114567 Jamaica Colony of Jamaica
From Russia with Love (1963)
SPECTRE Island Heatherden Hall 51°32′47″N 0°32′00″W / 51.546447°N 0.533216°W / 51.546447; -0.533216 Unknown
Picnic with Sylvia Trench River Thames at Hurley 51°33′05″N 0°48′07″W / 51.551344°N 0.801935°W / 51.551344; -0.801935  United Kingdom
Yeşilköy Airport (now Atatürk Airport) Same 40°58′43″N 28°49′10″E / 40.978667°N 28.819366°E / 40.978667; 28.819366  Turkey
Kerim's office and residence Grand Bazaar, Istanbul 41°00′38″N 28°58′04″E / 41.010592°N 28.967879°E / 41.010592; 28.967879  Turkey
Meeting with Rosa Klebb Zincirli Han 41°00′41″N 28°58′08″E / 41.011334°N 28.968965°E / 41.011334; 28.968965  Turkey
Hagia Sophia Same 41°00′30″N 28°58′48″E / 41.008379°N 28.979927°E / 41.008379; 28.979927  Turkey
Basilica Cistern Same 41°00′30″N 28°58′40″E / 41.008354°N 28.977849°E / 41.008354; 28.977849  Turkey
Krilencu's apartment Şehzadebaşı and Fevziye; Bond and Kerim stand across the street at the Damat Ibrahim Mosque 41°00′46″N 28°57′28″E / 41.012734°N 28.957721°E / 41.012734; 28.957721  Turkey
Russian consulate 161 Halaskargazi Caddesi 41°03′28″N 28°59′11″E / 41.057657°N 28.986482°E / 41.057657; 28.986482  Turkey
Sirkeci railway station Same 41°00′54″N 28°58′37″E / 41.015138°N 28.977042°E / 41.015138; 28.977042  Turkey
Emergency stop of and exit from Orient Express 41°02′39″N 28°45′04″E / 41.044180°N 28.751073°E / 41.044180; 28.751073
Zagreb  Yugoslavia
Belgrade  Yugoslavia
Boat launch, Istria, Adriatic Sea Lunga Estate, Scotland 56°12′14″N 5°33′38″W / 56.203798°N 5.560473°W / 56.203798; -5.560473  Yugoslavia
Boat chase Loch Craignish, Scotland 56°10′19″N 5°31′41″W / 56.171938°N 5.527963°W / 56.171938; -5.527963
rio del Palazzo Same 45°26′02″N 12°20′27″E / 45.433949°N 12.340906°E / 45.433949; 12.340906  Italy
Goldfinger (1964)
Oil tanks and drug laboratory Esso West London Terminal 51°27′03″N 0°27′34″W / 51.450731°N 0.459513°W / 51.450731; -0.459513  Mexico
Fontainebleau Miami Beach Same 25°49′03″N 80°07′19″W / 25.817486°N 80.121909°W / 25.817486; -80.121909  United States
Stoke Park Same 51°32′05″N 0°36′10″W / 51.534664°N 0.602780°W / 51.534664; -0.602780  United Kingdom
London Southend Airport Same 51°34′09″N 0°41′51″E / 51.569044°N 0.697522°E / 51.569044; 0.697522  United Kingdom
Fruit stand Furka Pass 46°35′27″N 8°29′41″E / 46.590709°N 8.494656°E / 46.590709; 8.494656   Switzerland
Tilly Masterson's car crash Furka Pass 46°36′17″N 8°31′14″E / 46.604722°N 8.520444°E / 46.604722; 8.520444   Switzerland
Gas station Hotel Aurora, Andermatt 46°37′56″N 8°35′34″E / 46.632235°N 8.592719°E / 46.632235; 8.592719   Switzerland
Entreprises Auric AG Pilatus Aircraft 46°58′27″N 8°22′50″E / 46.974098°N 8.380520°E / 46.974098; 8.380520   Switzerland
Blue Grass Airport, Kentucky RAF Northolt 51°33′24″N 0°25′16″W / 51.556676°N 0.421125°W / 51.556676; -0.421125  United States
Fort Knox Same 37°53′00″N 85°57′55″W / 37.883221°N 85.965171°W / 37.883221; -85.965171  United States
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Louisville Same (Miami) 25°53′03″N 80°12′40″W / 25.884134°N 80.211020°W / 25.884134; -80.211020  United States
Scrap yard, Louisville Atlantic Iron & Metal Co., Miami 25°47′58″N 25°47′58″E / 25.799469°N 25.799469°E / 25.799469; 25.799469  United States
Godman Army Airfield RAF Northolt 51°33′23″N 0°25′00″W / 51.556380°N 0.416730°W / 51.556380; -0.416730  United States
Thunderball (1965)
Chapel, Jacques Bouvar's villa Château d'Anet 48°51′31″N 1°26′19″E / 48.858670°N 1.438623°E / 48.858670; 1.438623  France
SPECTRE headquarters No. 35 Avenue d’Eylau, Paris 48°51′54″N 2°17′01″E / 48.865126°N 2.283534°E / 48.865126; 2.283534  France
Shrublands Chalfont Park 51°35′44″N 0°32′44″W / 51.595579°N 0.545482°W / 51.595579; -0.545482  United Kingdom
Dorval's hotel Royal Saracen's Head, Beaconsfield 51°36′06″N 0°38′10″W / 51.601626°N 0.636223°W / 51.601626; -0.636223  United Kingdom
RAF Waddington (Vulcan base) Same; RAF Northolt gates used as entrance 53°10′16″N 0°31′40″W / 53.170977°N 0.527827°W / 53.170977; -0.527827  United Kingdom
Road from Shrublands (assassination of Lippe) Silverstone Circuit 52°04′03″N 1°00′47″W / 52.067589°N 1.013159°W / 52.067589; -1.013159  United Kingdom
Paradise Beach (Bond meets Domino) Same 25°05′12″N 77°19′41″W / 25.086796°N 77.328091°W / 25.086796; -77.328091  Bahamas
Bond's Nassau hotel Coral Harbour Hotel 24°58′56″N 77°28′19″W / 24.982155°N 77.471918°W / 24.982155; -77.471918  Bahamas
Café Martinique (casino scene) Same 25°05′00″N 77°19′12″W / 25.083236°N 77.319862°W / 25.083236; -77.319862  Bahamas
"Palmyra" (Emilio Largo House) "Rock Point" (Nicholas Sullivan House) 25°04′25″N 77°26′33″W / 25.073643°N 77.442453°W / 25.073643; -77.442453  Bahamas
Balcony at the Junkanoo Frederick and Bay Streets, Nassau 25°04′41″N 77°20′33″W / 25.078149°N 77.342584°W / 25.078149; -77.342584  Bahamas
Picnic with Domino Love Beach 25°03′50″N 77°29′03″W / 25.063918°N 77.484164°W / 25.063918; -77.484164  Bahamas
Assembly of diving team Paradise Island breakwater 25°05′14″N 77°19′18″W / 25.087199°N 77.321749°W / 25.087199; -77.321749  Bahamas
Grotto "Thunderball Grotto," Staniel Cay 24°10′43″N 76°26′49″W / 24.178719°N 76.447023°W / 24.178719; -76.447023  Bahamas
Biscayne Bay, Miami Same 25°43′15″N 80°12′01″W / 25.720872°N 80.200276°W / 25.720872; -80.200276  United States
You Only Live Twice (1967)
Secret UN base in Northern Norway Control and Reporting Centre, Mågerø 59°09′17″N 10°26′33″E / 59.154801°N 10.44249°E / 59.154801; 10.44249  Norway
Ling's apartment, Hong Kong 128 Tam Kung Road 22°19′25″N 114°11′21″E / 22.323748°N 114.189056°E / 22.323748; 114.189056  Hong Kong
Pentagon  United States
Cape Canaveral
NASA control room, Hawaii
Baikonur Cosmodrome  Soviet Union
Kuramae Kokugikan (sumo fight) Same 35°41′51″N 139°47′20″E / 35.697604°N 139.788773°E / 35.697604; 139.788773  Japan
Dikko Henderson's house Good Fukuhisa Restaurant 35°35′03″N 139°44′13″E / 35.584252°N 139.736925°E / 35.584252; 139.736925  Japan
Osato Chemicals Building Hotel New Otani Tokyo 35°40′52″N 139°44′03″E / 35.681223°N 139.734082°E / 35.681223; 139.734082  Japan
Subway station and Tiger Tanaka's office Nakano-Shimbashi Station 35°41′33″N 139°40′28″E / 35.692514°N 139.674363°E / 35.692514; 139.674363  Japan
Kobe Docks Same 34°41′31″N 135°12′52″E / 34.691884°N 135.214344°E / 34.691884; 135.214344  Japan
Takeoff in plane with Helga Brandt RAF Finmere 51°59′04″N 1°03′56″W / 51.984348°N 1.065498°W / 51.984348; -1.065498  Japan
Tiger Tanaka's house Shigetomi-so 31°36′30″N 130°34′22″E / 31.608241°N 130.572891°E / 31.608241; 130.572891  Japan
Q's workshop Tenpozanchō, Kagoshima 31°34′18″N 130°33′37″E / 31.571715°N 130.560157°E / 31.571715; 130.560157  Japan
Ninja training school Himeji Castle 34°50′22″N 134°41′38″E / 34.839395°N 134.693983°E / 34.839395; 134.693983  Japan
Bond's wedding Seiganto-ji, Nachi Falls 33°40′09″N 135°53′24″E / 33.669241°N 135.889894°E / 33.669241; 135.889894  Japan
Kissy Suzuki's house, Ama village Bonotsucho Akime 31°21′33″N 130°11′58″E / 31.359155°N 130.199487°E / 31.359155; 130.199487  Japan
SPECTRE rocket base (Blofeld's lair) Shinemoedake 31°54′41″N 130°52′58″E / 31.911423°N 130.882868°E / 31.911423; 130.882868  Japan
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Guincho Beach Same 38°43′57″N 9°28′24″W / 38.732614°N 9.473451°W / 38.732614; -9.473451  Portugal
Palácio Estoril Hotel and Casino Estoril, Estoril Same 38°42′17″N 9°23′47″W / 38.704839°N 9.396306°W / 38.704839; -9.396306  Portugal
Draco's office Port of Lisbon 38°42′00″N 9°10′16″W / 38.700045°N 9.171011°W / 38.700045; -9.171011  Portugal
Draco's estate (birthday party scene, wedding scene) Herdade do Zambujal 38°33′59″N 8°43′47″W / 38.566439°N 8.729620°W / 38.566439; -8.729620  Portugal
Office of Gebrüder Gumbold, Bern Bollwerk 15 (entrance), Hotel Schweizerhof (balcony) 46°56′57″N 7°26′26″E / 46.949058°N 7.440588°E / 46.949058; 7.440588   Switzerland
"Quarterdeck" (M's house) "Thames Lawn" 51°34′06″N 0°46′15″W / 51.568369°N 0.770824°W / 51.568369; -0.770824  United Kingdom
College of Arms, London Same 51°30′44″N 0°05′55″W / 51.512199°N 0.098739°W / 51.512199; -0.098739  United Kingdom
Lauterbrunnen Station Same 46°35′54″N 7°54′28″E / 46.598321°N 7.907904°E / 46.598321; 7.907904   Switzerland
Helicopter takeoff Below First 46°38′29″N 8°03′22″E / 46.641330°N 8.055976°E / 46.641330; 8.055976   Switzerland
Piz Gloria Same 46°33′26″N 7°50′07″E / 46.557311°N 7.835159°E / 46.557311; 7.835159   Switzerland
Birg Same 46°33′43″N 7°51′27″E / 46.561831°N 7.857541°E / 46.561831; 7.857541   Switzerland
Stechelberg cable car station Same 46°33′19″N 7°54′06″E / 46.555182°N 7.901793°E / 46.555182; 7.901793   Switzerland
Cliff edge Same; Christmas festival projected on the village of Stechelberg below 46°32′59″N 7°53′42″E / 46.549738°N 7.895047°E / 46.549738; 7.895047   Switzerland
Christmas festival and skating rink Grindelwald town centre 46°37′27″N 8°02′04″E / 46.624090°N 8.034497°E / 46.624090; 8.034497   Switzerland
Phone booth (Tracy calls the town Feldkirch) Beim Alten Schulhaus, Lauterbrunnen 46°35′37″N 7°54′26″E / 46.593578°N 7.907167°E / 46.593578; 7.907167   Switzerland
Stock car race Field south of Lauterbrunnen 46°35′10″N 7°54′48″E / 46.586159°N 7.913447°E / 46.586159; 7.913447   Switzerland
Barn Obers Äbnit, Heiligenschwendi 46°45′19″N 7°41′13″E / 46.755273°N 7.686972°E / 46.755273; 7.686972   Switzerland
Joalharia Ferreira Marques (jeweler in Lisbon) Same 38°42′47″N 9°08′21″W / 38.712917°N 9.139106°W / 38.712917; -9.139106  Portugal
Tracy's assassination Miradouro do Portinho da Arrábida 38°28′53″N 8°59′22″W / 38.481294°N 8.989369°W / 38.481294; -8.989369  Portugal
Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Tokyo  Japan
Cairo  United Arab Republic (now  Egypt)
Beach  France
Spa Unnamed Latin American country
Unnamed location  South Africa
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
Dover hoverport
Amsterdam  Netherlands
Las Vegas  United States
Los Angeles International Airport, El Segundo, California
Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California
Oil rig in Baja California  Mexico
Live and Let Die (1973)
New York City  United States
Isle San Monique in Caribbean(fictional)  France
Bond's flat in Chelsea, London  United Kingdom
Green Grotto Caves  Jamaica
New Orleans  United States
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
Beirut  Lebanon
Casino Portugal Portuguese Macau
Kowloon Peninsula  Hong Kong
The Peninsula Hong Kong
Bottoms Up Club
Wreck of RMS Queen Elizabeth
Bangkok  Thailand
Ko Tapu
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Alps  Austria
KGB headquarters in Moscow  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
Royal Navy submarine pens  United Kingdom
Cairo  Egypt
Giza pyramid complex
River Nile
MI6 base
Costa Smeralda, Sardinia  Italy
Moonraker (1979)
Airplane and circus Unnamed African country
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
California "Drax's villa"  United States
Venice  Italy
Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
The Kremlin, Moscow  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
Drax's space station Outer space
For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire  United Kingdom
Beckton Gas Works and MI6 headquarters in London
KGB headquarters in Moscow  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
Villa outside Madrid  Spain
Cortina d'Ampezzo  Italy
St. Cyril's  Greece
Greece–Albania border  Albania and  Greece
10 Downing Street in London  United Kingdom
Octopussy (1983)
Airbase Unnamed Latin American country
MI6 headquarters and Sotheby's in London  United Kingdom
Jag Mandir  India
Moscow  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
Hermitage Museum in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg)
West Berlin (now Berlin)  West Germany (now  Germany)
East Berlin (now Berlin)  East Germany (now  Germany)
Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz)
A View to a Kill (1985)
Siberia  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
Paris  France
Château de Chantilly
San Francisco  United States
The Living Daylights (1987)
Upper Rock  Gibraltar
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
Bladen safe house
Bratislava  Czechoslovakia (now  Slovakia)
Czechoslovakia–Austria border  Czechoslovakia (now  Slovakia) and  Austria
Vienna  Austria
Tangier  Morocco
Soviet airbase  Afghanistan
Baluchistan  Pakistan
Licence to Kill (1989)
Key West  United States
Bimini Islands  Bahamas
Cray Key
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
Isthmus City Republic of Isthmus (fictional)
Olimpatec Meditation Institute Centro Ceremonial Otomí
GoldenEye (1995)
Arkangelsk chemical weapons facility, Dam Section Contra Dam, Switzerland 46°11′48″N 8°50′55″E / 46.196683°N 8.848501°E / 46.196683; 8.848501  Soviet Union
Monte Carlo Casino Same 43°44′21″N 7°25′41″E / 43.739171°N 7.427936°E / 43.739171; 7.427936  Monaco
Fort Antoine Theatre Same 43°43′59″N 7°25′41″E / 43.733102°N 7.427942°E / 43.733102; 7.427942  Monaco
Quai des États-Unis (French warship docked) Same 43°44′13″N 7°25′26″E / 43.736917°N 7.423767°E / 43.736917; 7.423767  Monaco
MI6 Building Same 51°29′15″N 0°07′29″W / 51.487382°N 0.124615°W / 51.487382; -0.124615  United Kingdom
Palace Square, St. Petersburg Same 59°56′20″N 30°18′57″E / 59.938819°N 30.315950°E / 59.938819; 30.315950  Russia
Winter Palace, St. Petersburg (interior) Drapers' Hall, London 51°30′55″N 0°05′11″W / 51.515163°N 0.086486°W / 51.515163; -0.086486  Russia
Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg Epsom Downs Racecourse 51°18′49″N 0°15′16″W / 51.313578°N 0.254351°W / 51.313578; -0.254351  Russia
Railway station St Pancras Station, London 51°31′49″N 0°07′31″W / 51.530389°N 0.125237°W / 51.530389; -0.125237  Russia
Square in St. Petersburg (car breakdown) Somerset House, London 51°30′40″N 0°07′02″W / 51.511018°N 0.117126°W / 51.511018; -0.117126  Russia
Our Lady of Smolensk Brompton Cemetery (exterior), Saint Sophia Cathedral (interior)  Russia
Grand Hotel l'Europe Langham Hotel, London 51°31′05″N 0°08′38″W / 51.517970°N 0.144019°W / 51.517970; -0.144019  Russia
Jail in St. Petersburg Saint Michael’s Castle 59°56′23″N 30°20′17″E / 59.939842°N 30.338121°E / 59.939842; 30.338121  Russia
Train parked British Sugar Corporation, Peterborough 52°33′04″N 0°19′15″W / 52.551111°N 0.320803°W / 52.551111; -0.320803  Russia
Train crash with tank Mill Lane Bridge, Nene Valley Railway, near Peterborough 52°33′48″N 0°20′09″W / 52.563367°N 0.335710°W / 52.563367; -0.335710  Russia
BMW/plane trade with Wade Road near Punta Garza, Puerto Rico 18°29′07″N 66°22′18″W / 18.485220°N 66.371747°W / 18.485220; -66.371747  Cuba
Beach house Playa Ojo de Agua, Puerto Rico  Cuba
Janus Satellite Dish Arecibo Observatory 18°20′48″N 66°45′10″W / 18.34661°N 66.75278°W / 18.34661; -66.75278  Cuba
Wade finds Bond Field near Tortuguero Lagoon, Puerto Rico 18°28′13″N 66°26′49″W / 18.470265°N 66.446876°W / 18.470265; -66.446876  Cuba
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Terrorist market  Russia
Oxford University  United Kingdom
MI6 headquarters in central London
Hamburg  Germany
South China Sea  Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam
The World Is Not Enough (1999)
Bilbao  Spain
MI6 headquarters and River Thames in London  United Kingdom
Eilean Donan  United Kingdom
Russian ICBM base  Kazakhstan
Baku  Azerbaijan
Istanbul  Turkey
Die Another Day (2002)
DMZ  North Korea and  South Korea
US Air Base  South Korea
Kowloon Peninsula  Hong Kong
Havana  Cuba
MI6 headquarters, Buckingham Palace, Blades gentleman's club and abandoned subway station in London  United Kingdom
Ice palace  Iceland
Casino Royale (2006)
Prague  Czech Republic
Lahore  Pakistan
Mbale  Uganda
Nambutu Embassy  Madagascar
Nassau  Bahamas
MI6 headquarters and M's home in London  United Kingdom
Miami  United States
The Casino Royale  Serbia and Montenegro (now  Montenegro)
Venice  Italy
Lake Como  Italy
Quantum of Solace (2008)
Siena  Italy
Talamone  Italy
MI6 headquarters in central London  United Kingdom
Port-au-Prince  Haiti
Bregenz  Austria
La Paz  Bolivia
Kazan  Russia
Skyfall (2012)
Istanbul  Turkey
Aegean coast
MI6 headquarters, British parliament, Vauxhall Bridge, M's home, MI6 temporary headquarters, National Gallery and London Underground in London  United Kingdom
Shanghai  China
Macau  Macau
Hashima Island  Japan
Skyfall estate United Kingdom}
Spectre (2015)
Mexico City  Mexico
London  United Kingdom
St. Peter's Square   Vatican City
Rome  Italy
Altaussee  Austria
Tangier  Morocco
CGI Facility digitally inserted in Gara Medouar Crater near Rissani
No Time to Die (2021)
Matera  Italy
London  United Kingdom
Port Antonio  Jamaica
Santiago de Cuba  Cuba
Atlantic Ocean Road  Norway
Kelsoy, Faroe Islands  Denmark
  • With You Only Live Twice and Licence to Kill being notable exceptions, James Bond is almost always seen at the HQ of MI6 (referred to as MI7 in Dr. No) in central London. This has been the actual headquarters of MI6: the Vauxhall Cross building on the Thames from GoldenEye (1995) onwards. Prior to that it was a nondescript building near Whitehall, sometimes (Dr. No, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Living Daylights) ostensibly the HQ of Universal Exports, the Secret Service's front company.

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