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The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorable villains and henchmen. Each Bond villain has numerous henchmen to do their bidding.

There is typically one particularly privileged henchman who poses a formidable physical threat to Bond and must be defeated in order to reach the employer. These range from simply adept and tough fighters, such as Donald 'Red' Grant, to henchmen whose physical characteristics are seemingly superhuman, such as Jaws.


Eon Productions henchmen[edit]

Sean Connery era (1962–67, 1971)[edit]

Dr. No[edit]

From Russia with Love[edit]

  • Donald "Red" Grant (Robert Shaw)
  • Tov Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal)
  • Morzeny (Walter Gotell)
  • Krilencu (Fred Taggerty)
  • Rhoda (Peter Brayham)
  • Benz (Peter Bayliss)



You Only Live Twice[edit]

Diamonds Are Forever[edit]

George Lazenby era (1969)[edit]

On Her Majesty's Secret Service[edit]

  • Irma Bunt (Ilse Steppat)
  • Grunther (Yuri Borienko)
  • Gumbold (James Bree)
  • Braun (George Lane Cooper)
  • Felsen (Leslie Crawford)
  • Josef (Joseph Vasa)

Roger Moore era (1973–85)[edit]

Live and Let Die[edit]

The Man with the Golden Gun[edit]

The Spy Who Loved Me[edit]


  • Zbigniew Krycsiwiki (Richard Kiel)
  • Chang (Toshiro Suga)
  • Blonde Beauty (Irka Bochenko)
  • Museum Guide (Anne Lonnberg)
  • La Signorina del Mateo (Chichinou Kaeppler)
  • Lady Victoria Devon (Françoise Gayat)
  • Countess Labinsky (Catherine Serre)
  • Mademoiselle Deladier (Béatrice Libert)
  • Apollo Jet Hostess (Leila Shenna)
  • Corinne Dufour (Corinne Clery)

For Your Eyes Only[edit]


A View to a Kill[edit]

Timothy Dalton era (1987–89)[edit]

The Living Daylights[edit]

Licence to Kill[edit]

Pierce Brosnan era (1995–2002)[edit]


Tomorrow Never Dies[edit]

The World Is Not Enough[edit]

Die Another Day[edit]

Daniel Craig era (2006-present)[edit]

Casino Royale[edit]

Quantum of Solace[edit]



  • Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista)
  • Max Denbigh (Andrew Scott)
  • Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona)
  • Moreau (Marc Zinga)
  • Dr. Vogel (Brigitte Millar)
  • Mr. Guerra (Benito Sagredo)
  • Lorenzo (Peppe Lanzetta)
  • Guerra (Benito Sagredo)
  • Marco (Matteo Taranto)
  • Francesco (Francesco Arca)
  • Gallo (Domenico Fortunato)
  • Gallo's Accomplice #1 (Marco Zingaro)
  • Gallo's Accomplice #2 (Stefano Elfi DiClaudia)
  • Oberhauser's Right Hand Man (Gediminas Adomaitis)
  • Oberhauser's London Helicopter Pilot (Richard Banham)

Non-Eon henchmen[edit]

Casino Royale (1954 TV special)[edit]

Casino Royale (1967)[edit]

Never Say Never Again[edit]

Novel henchmen[edit]

Ian Fleming[edit]

Casino Royale[edit]

Live and Let Die[edit]

  • The Whisper
  • Tee-Hee Johnson
  • MoThing
  • Sam Miami
  • The Flannel
  • Blabbermouth Foley


  • Krebs
  • Dr. Walter

Diamonds Are Forever[edit]

  • Mr. Kidds and Mr. Wint
  • Shady Tree

From Russia, with Love[edit]

  • Red Grant
  • Krilencu

Dr. No[edit]

  • Annabelle Chung
  • Miss Taro



  • Count Lippe
  • Giuseppe Petacchi
  • Kotze

The Spy Who Loved Me[edit]

  • "Sluggsy" Morant
  • Sol "Horror" Horowitz

On Her Majesty's Secret Service[edit]

You Only Live Twice[edit]

The Man with the Golden Gun[edit]

  • Hendriks

Kingsley Amis[edit]

Colonel Sun[edit]

  • Von Richter

John Gardner[edit]

Licence Renewed[edit]

  • Caber
  • Mary Jane Mashkin
  • Franco

For Special Services[edit]

  • Markus Bismaquer
  • Walter Luxor
  • Mike Mazzard

Role of Honour[edit]

  • Rolling Joe Zwingli
  • Peter Amadeus
  • Simon

Nobody Lives Forever[edit]

  • Nannie Norrich
  • Doktor Kirchtum
  • Heinrich Osten

No Deals, Mr. Bond[edit]

  • Heather Dare
  • Norman Murray
  • Mischa


  • Bailey
  • Pearlman

Win, Lose or Die[edit]

  • Clover Pennington
  • Abou

Never Send Flowers[edit]

  • Maeve Horton

Raymond Benson[edit]

Zero Minus Ten[edit]

  • General Wong
  • Sunni


  • Mrs Tarn


  • Nadir Yassasin
  • Jimmy Powers
  • Margareta Piel

Video game henchmen[edit]

007: Agent Under Fire[edit]

Main article: 007: Agent Under Fire
  • Nigel Bloch (Denny Delk, voice)
  • Carla the Jackal (Roxana Ortega, voice)

007: Nightfire[edit]

  • Armitage Rook (Richard Whiten, voice)
  • Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi (Tamlyn Tomita, voice)

007: Everything or Nothing[edit]

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent[edit]

007: From Russia with Love[edit]

James Bond 007: Blood Stone[edit]