List of Japanese board games

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This is a list of board games invented, developed, and/or with cultural significance in Japan.

Game name Year Origin Players Gameplay style Similar Games
Go (囲碁 igo?) ? Traditional (originated in China) 2 Strategic territory and surrounding game
Love Letter 2012 Kanai Factory 2-4 Risk and deduction game Coup
Gomoku (五目並べ gomokunarabe?) ? Traditional 2 Strategic abstract game played with Go pieces on a Renju board (15x15), goal to reach five in a row Renju, Four in a row, Irensei
Irensei (囲連星?)  ? Traditional 2 Strategic abstract game played with Go pieces on a Go board (19x19); unites elements of the game of Go with those of Gomoku Go, Gomoku
Jinsei Game (人生ゲーム jin-sei gēmu?) 1967 Takara  ? Japanese adaption of The Game of Life The Game of Life
Renju (連珠?)  ? Traditional 2 Strategic five-in-a-row game with equal chances for both players Pente, Gomoku
Shadow Hunters (シャドウハンターズ shadō hantāzu?) 2005 Game Republic 4-8 Supernatural themed, strategic, secret team play Bang!, Mafia
Riichi Mahjong (リーチ麻雀 Riichi Maajan?) ? Traditional 4 Chinese Mahjong with Japanese rules Mahjong
Shogi and variants (将棋 shōgi?, generals' chess) Japanese chess  ? Traditional 2 Played on a 9x9 board; can use captured pieces against opponent Chess
Sugoroku (双六?)  ? Traditional  ? Race game, two variants Backgammon (variant), Snakes and Ladders (variant)