List of Japanese military detachments in World War II

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Detachments (支隊?, shitai) were particular military formations of the Japanese Imperial Army. Detachments were a force of infantry, artillery, armor, and other support units which were temporarily assigned for independent action and had a special mission. Generally such units were named after a leader, for example the Ichiki Detachment was named after Kiyonao Ichiki, and the Yasuoka Detachment was named after Masaomi Yasuoka. Some were named after a location, such as the Aoba Detachment. These designations also often referred to the core or main force under personal command of its operative chief within a division or another Army unit.

The Japanese Imperial Navy also used such formations in special assignments.

Infantry detachments[edit]

These units grouped not only infantry units, but usually included artillery, cavalry or armor, engineer and other support units as well.

Armored detachments[edit]

These could be armored sections of infantry detachments or completely independent armor units.

Airborne detachments[edit]

Refers to Army airborne/paratroop detachments and units.


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