List of Japanese armoured fighting vehicles of World War II

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Depot for IJA 4th Tank Division with Type 1 Chi-He and Type 3 Chi-Nu tanks, 1945

Japanese tanks and armoured vehicles[edit]

This is a list of the Japanese armoured fighting vehicles of World War II. This list includes vehicles which never left the drawing board; prototype models and production models from after World War I, into the interwar period and through the end of the Second World War.


Light tanks[edit]

Medium tanks[edit]

Photo of Type 1 Chi-He on left and Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha on right

Heavy tanks[edit]

Amphibious tanks[edit]

Self-propelled guns[edit]

Experimental tanks[edit]

Experimental tank No.1, 1927 (Imperial year 2587)
Experimental IJN Long Barrel 120 mm SPG being demonstrated to US Army personnel, post-surrender

Armored vehicles[edit]

Other vehicles[edit]

Imported tanks and armored vehicles (including captured types)[edit]

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