List of Japanese armoured fighting vehicles of World War II

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Japanese tanks and armoured vehicles[edit]


Light tanks[edit]

Medium tanks[edit]

Heavy tanks[edit]

Amphibious tanks[edit]

Self-propelled guns[edit]

Experimental tanks[edit]

  • Experimental Tank - Number 1
  • Experimental Type 91 Heavy Tank
  • Experimental Medium Tank Chi-Ni
  • Experimental Medium Tank
  • Experimental Medium Tank Chi-Ho
  • Experimental Type 98 Medium Tank
  • Experimental Type 2 Ho-Ri Tank Destroyer (Very similar to the German Elefant Tank Destroyer)
  • Experimental Jiro-Sha Self Propelled Gun (SPG)
  • Experimental Type 2 Ka-To 105 mm Tank Destroyer
  • Experimental Type 2 Ku-Se 75 mm SPG
  • Experimental Light Armored ATG Carrier So-To
  • Experimental Type 5 Ho-Ru 47 mm SPATG
  • Experimental Flying Tank Ku-Ro
  • Experimental 75 mm Tank Destroyer Na-To
  • Experimental Light Tank Ke-Ho
  • Experimental 105 mm Tank Destroyer (Very similar to German Sturmgeschutz Tank Destroyers)
  • Experimental Type 5 155 mm Ho-Chi SPG
  • Experimental 120 mm SPG

Armored vehicles[edit]

Other vehicles[edit]

Imported tanks and armored vehicles (including captured types)[edit]

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