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Jewelpet Happiness
Happiness Poster.jpg
Official Illustration Art for the series, showing the main characters.
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes52[1]
Original networkTV Tokyo, TV Osaka
Original releaseApril 6, 2013 –
March 29, 2014
Season chronology
← Previous
Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!
Next →
Lady Jewelpet

Jewelpet Happiness (Japanese: ジュエルペット ハッピネス, Hepburn: Juerupetto happinesu) is the fifth Jewelpet anime series created by Sanrio and Sega and animated by Studio Comet, announced in Shogakukan's Pucchigumi magazine and directed by Hiroaki Sakurai, released to coincide with the Anime Franchise's 5th anniversary. The series aired on April 6, 2013 and ended on March 29, 2014 on TV Tokyo and TV Osaka. Happiness is the final Jewelpet Anime animated by Studio Comet, ending the studio's 5-year run before Zexcs took over production for Lady Jewelpet.

The series focuses on the main heroine Chiari Tsukikage and her friends on managing the Jewelpet Café. One day at the magical world of Jewel Land, Lady Jewelina entrusted Ruby the Magical Jewel Box with a mission to make friends and collect Magic Jewels. At the same time she needs to attend the Jewel Academy to do so and open a shop called the Jewelpet Café. However, with her friends, things didn't go well as expected as the cafe is considered abandoned and needs a lot of work for them to prosper and to reach that goal Ruby is expecting. But when she met three middle school student named Chiari Tsukikage, Nene Konoe and Ruruka Hanayama, she decides to make friends with then and accepted their help on managing the Jewelpet Cafe. Now, she and her friends now must work together for the cafe to prosper, stick together through good and bad luck as well as protecting the Jewel Box from being stolen.

The music in the series is composed by Wataru Maeguchi. Happiness is confirmed to have two official songs. For Episodes 1-39, the opening and ending theme is titled At the End of the Light (光の果てに, Hikari no hate ni) while for Episodes 40 to 52, the opening and ending theme is titled RUN with U,[2] both performed by the Japanese idol group Fairies. The song is composed by Tetsuro Oda and arranged by Kaz.[3]

TC Entertainment, a Group company of Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Mainichi Broadcasting System and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting announced 4 official DVD-Box sets of the series, each of the box sets containing 4 discs, spanning into each half of the series. The first box set is released on October 25, 2013 and will span into 4 discs. It includes a creditless version of the OP and ED videos, several concept art used in the anime, official cast and staff commentary and a limited 5th anniversary postcard of Ruby along with the heroines of all 5 series.[4] The second box set is released on January 31, 2014, the third box set is released on April 25, 2014 and the fourth is released on June 27, 2014.

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original airdate
01"Let's Collect Magic Gems!"
Transcription: "Mahō no hōseki atsume chao!" (Japanese: 魔法の宝石あつめちゃお!)
April 6, 2013 (2013-04-06)
One day inside the Jewel Tower, Queen Jewelina gathered all the Jewelpets in one place and discuss and asked them a favor as the queen showed them the Magical Jewel Box. She explained to them if they collect enough Magic Jewels and filled the Jewel Box, a miracle would happen. The queen give the Jewel Box to Ruby and told her the only way to collect the jewels is to make friends and open a shop called the Jewelpet Cafe. The next day, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka, roommates who attend the prestigious Jewel Academy were preparing for school as Chiari checks her fortune. The other girls both think she is jinxed thought thinking on in a positive mood as they all went to class. Back at the Jewel Tower, Ruby and her friends were about to leave as they wait for Rossa to come out. As explained earlier to open a cafe, they all decided to go to the Jewel Academy to open the said cafe by bus. However as they arrive, the cafe is worn down and haunted as Chiari, Nene and Ruruka passes through and were late in class, The trio saw the Jewelpets and hand an unexpected meeting with each other and introduced themselves. Ruby told the three that they will open the Cafe in the side of the Academy, also Chiari taking notice about the Magical Jewel Box. As the girls found out they're late, they rushed into class and the pets goes to work, finding out the cafe is in the worse condition as it seems. Ruby decided to use her Jewel Pod and cast her magic to the place, only it backfired and decorated the cafeteria. At the academy, the class had a speech with their teacher as Jewelina appeared on the screen, advertising the Newly Opened Jewelpet Cafe as Chiari and her friends listen. Back at the Cafe, two mysterious students surveyed the area and saw the cafeteria being brightly decorated until they saw a lot of students going in the cafe as well as they go into hiding. Chiari arrives along with the others and saw a huge boom in the cafe, but not knowing to Ruby, this is the start of her troubles.
02"It's Gone~!"
Transcription: "Kiechatta~!" (Japanese: 消えちゃった~!)
April 13, 2013 (2013-04-13)
After getting the first Magic Jewel for the Jewel Box, Chiari and her friends decides to work for the cafe full-time. But there are a lot of questions the group were wondering about how the Magic Jewel appeared out of nowhere. Sapphie herself explained that the bond between the Jewelpet and a human is the reason why a Magic Jewel appeared and it maybe a key on filling the Jewel Box. As they know what to do, they all decided to store the Jewel Box in a safer place and found a stand lurking around and place the Jewel Box on top and starts to shine, transforming the worn-down into a brightly decorated place. All of them were amazed and decided to work hard for the cafe. After a long day, Chiari and her friends were going back to their dormitory while the Pets stayed back at the cafe, thinking on what to write on what is meant being happy. Lady Jewelina then visited the cafe and greeted the six pets, also telling Ruby what is happiness and congratulating them on finding the first magic jewel. The next day, rumors about the Jewelpet Cafe spread all around the Jewel Academy as Chiari and her friends knew Ruby's cafe is becoming a trend and some of the students even admired Chiari on how she became cute, making her happy and excited. Back at the cafe, the pets heard from Garnet about the rumors regarding their cafe making girls cuter, just like what happened to Chiari. As they found out that Ruby is the one who spread the rumor through invitation letters and make Sanada and Chiari come closer to each other, the others are confused until Ruby used her magic and failed, making the little bamboo sprout grow. However Sapphie had another idea on how to bring them both together and invite them to a party inside the cafe. As everyone arrived and the party started, Chiari is also excited on how many customers the shop had today. For Labra, her jealousy with Rossa getting the attention made her mad as she cast her magic to make herself cuter, but then backfired as a cloud of smoke filled the entire cafe. Chiari and everyone noticed it's not Ruby's fault but worse, the Magic Jewel has disappeared from all the commotion.
03"Breakthrough to a Jewel!"
Transcription: "Bureiku de jueru!" (Japanese: ブレイクでジュエル!)
April 20, 2013 (2013-04-20)
It's another good day in the Jewelpet Cafe as Sapphie is handling all the orders given to her by the customers and bringing them to the ones who ordered them. Having a hard time in the cafe. As they were handling more orders, Sapphie asked what happened to Ruby as she is missing. Worst of all that everyone in the cafe is still waiting for their orders or have their orders wrong. Meanwhile, Nene brought both Ruby, Ruruka and Chiari to one of the Department Stores owned by her family. She told them that the store she's managing had a hard time due to she rented the place and is needing of renovation. Nene is asking the three what ideas they should give her, pretty much giving the three a hard time. Chiari noticed the statue in the middle of the room in which Nene's father ordered it from France, and noting its weirdness. Ruruka then took the three into a cafe in downtown Jewel Land for lunch and told Chiari its a popular spot for the High School Boys Quartet to hang out. As they went in, they were shocked on someone screaming as they all run away, not knowing that the cafe is being run by Master. After the girls had lunch, Nene left the group and when to the Library while Chiari and her friends went back to the Jewelpet Cafe, only finding out that the place is not open during Lunchtime. Marie and the other customers were mad from waiting for too long and also getting their orders wrong as they left. Breathing a sigh of relief Sapphie is somehow worn out like the others until Chiari and the others arrived. Garnet is furious and scolded Ruby for now appearing earlier as Ruby left and make some tea. Sapphie tried to calm the feline Jewelpet down but got ignored as she decided to do everything by herself. At the library, Nene is still studying about managing a business, having no luck as Sapphie appeared with the same intention. As both of them had the same ideas, Nene's father messaged her about the mall as Sapphie knew what she is thinking, both of them decide to do a breakthrough in their business.
04"Friends Labu!"
Transcription: "Nakayoshi rabu~!" (Japanese: なかよしらぶ~!)
April 27, 2013 (2013-04-27)
In the continued search for the Magic Gems and running the cafe at the same time, the Jewelpets and the three girls were happy that they get the second Magic Gem in the Jewel Box. Labra wanted to see it while wanting to know how she can obtain one for herself as Sapphie explained that both the hearts of the Jewelpets and Humans must unite together. Labra herself didn't get the entire point while Nene herself did as the only way is to friends with the Jewelpets. Labra chose Ruruka to be her friend, in which she disagrees, harshly told her not to. The little bear Jewelpet is hurt by those words that she started to cry, causing powerful shock waves all over the place which some of its magic runs wild inside the cafe. Sapphie explained to the girls that Labra possessed powerful magical abilities, and her cries can destroy everything in its wake. Ruruka calmed Labra down and agrees to be her friend as the two will develop some strange relationships. The next day, the girls were walking out the dormitory with their Jewelpets as Ruruka had some problems with Labra disrupting her homework, giving her a bath and even going to bed. Chiari stated she's been looking after her nonstop like a big sister while giving her a lot of problems in-between. As they encountered Angela and Rossa, she invited Labra to play with them. However Labra refuses and wants to stick with Ruruka, causing one of Angela's flowers to fall off her ears. As they knew Labra wanted to be friends with Ruruka so badly, Ruby decides to speed it up using her magic, yet failed. The girls then rushed off as they were late for class and managing the cafe as Angela is stunned. At school, Labra is bored in class as she wanted to go out and play with Ruruka, but she refuses due to being in the middle of the class. And many problems in school arises for her as she's being scolded by her teacher. Angela's problems were getting worse as the flowers on her ears is withering. Back at the cafe, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie were super busy preparing for the cafe's opening in lunch as Garnet complained on where Labra went. They also wondered what happened to Angela as well as Rossa said she may have run away, saying that Labra wanted to be friends with Ruruka than with Angela. The pets were becoming worried regarding the two and Ruby decides to look for Angela. Back to Ruruka, after she took Labra to the comfort room, Labra then got hungry as Ruruka took her out for lunch. However, she told Labra what she's doing is more of babysitting than being friends, and said true friends know each other's feelings and making each other happy. Labra reflected on what she said and knew what she's doing is wrong, until Ruby appears and notified them about Angela ran away, shocking the two and knowing its Labra's fault.
05"I Want it no matter what~!"
Transcription: "Dōshitemo hoshī~!" (Japanese: どうしても欲しい~!)
May 4, 2013 (2013-05-04)
One morning in the Jewelpet Cafe, Garnet is looking over the Jewel Box to see the three Magic Gems that the group collected, somehow jealous that she hasn't got hers yet. Ruby and the others knew about her as they bragged that they get it from their friendship with Chiari and the others, making her rather jealous. As Chiari arrived in the cafe, she told them that she had good luck today, something that Ruby is happy to hear. However for Garnet, her luck became bad as she checked her Jewel Pod and tried to back away as she accidentally tripped. As the others knew she had bad luck, Garnet stated she will endure it for her to get her Magic Jewel. Meanwhile at the dormitory, Marie is shocked to see she too, is also affected by bad luck as Nobara mentioned. As they were late for class, they both left the dormitory and hastily went to the academy, discussing about Marie's sudden bad luck as she tries to shake it off. Later in the cafe, the whole place is bustling with customers as the Jewelpets were busy serving the customers and working hard, but Garnet left the place on her search for her human friend. Marie and Nobara arrived in the place as well and they discussed about looking for a human friend to get their own magic gem. As they entered the place, Marie looked at Ruby and analyzed her deeply. She then went to Ruby and decided to help her until Chiari interrupted and notified Ruby about her test as she help Ruby clean up the dishes. Marie is shocked and angry on being ignored while Nobara told her about Chiari and how she get her first Magic Gem. This made Marie even more jealous to her until Nobara told her to look for another pet. She then got her eyes on Rossa, cleaning the tables as she went to her and nicely asked to play with her. But Rossa replied she is busy with her work, until Labra told the two to play with her instead in out of embarrassment Marie did. Labra got bored and went to Angela instead, somewhat making Marie angry as the duo left. Meanwhile for Garnet, her friend searching continues as she got no luck even asking both Nene and Ruruka. She then decided to ask anyone to be their friend, only ending up in failure. How will Garnet find her friend match?
06"The Rose is Blooming~!"
Transcription: "Bara ga saiteru~!" (Japanese: バラが咲いてる~!)
May 11, 2013 (2013-05-11)
In the academy's girls dormitory, Chiari and her friends were checking her Jewel Pod to see what luck she'll get today. However her pod gave an error, which worries her deeply regarding her luck situation. Ruby cheers Chiari up on her luckless situation as she regained her spirit. Later on, the girls were walking to school as Ruby cheers her on while Nene, Ruruka and Sapphie look at the two. While walking, they all saw a some banana peels in the ground and notified it's Tata's fault. As they all arrived at the classroom in one piece, they were all greeted by Azusa who is carrying a flower vase. She is moved on their display of friendship as the girls noticed her decorating the room with flowers every day. Sapphie herself is somehow starting to get amused to their teacher as well. At the Cafe, the pets were amazed about how the flower decorated in the cafe will give a "Happy" feel according to Rossa. But Sapphie thinks the flowers were too small as she decides to picks some more in the flower fields. As Sapphie arrived at the fields, she is greeted by Queen Jewelina, who is playing and looking around the fields admiring the flowers Azusa grew. As they both had a talk, Sapphie then noticed a small blue rose in a pot and smiles. Back to Chiari, both her and Ruby were taking more precautions about her luck and trying to stay out of trouble as possible. A ball is about to hit Chiari on the back until Mouri quickly went in and kicked it away from her. As he was about to check Chiari, both him and Ruby noticed she fell into a deep hope on the ground and were about to save her. But when Mouri is taken away, Ruby decides to save her using her magic, which again failed. Kousuke then appears and luckily got her out of the hole as she thanked him for the help. Chiari felt so happy that she finally talked to him as Ruby understands. Back at the cafe, the whole place is full of life as Azusa and Jewelina arrived to check on everything. Sapphie also thanked Azusa for the idea on decorating the place with flowers, which flatters her. But in the midst of everything, the weather turned to worse as it starts to rain and both Sapphie and Azusa checked on the little rose bud. As Sapphie used her magic to shield it from the rain, Azusa explained to her that the little rose is for a Rose-Growing contest. Sapphie decides to help Azusa to grow the little Rose for the contest itself.
07"Pet Me-Paca~!"
Transcription: "Nade nade suru paka~!" (Japanese: なでなでするパカ~!)
May 18, 2013 (2013-05-18)
Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all walking to school one day discussing about her luck for today. Chiari however believes that if she hit her big and middle toe of her right foot would mean good luck for the rest of the day. Both Nene and Rurka think this hurts until they heard Angela as they went to look for her but they saw Asano playing a game. As they went to him and asked where Angela is, the girls from the high school section backed her away from him. Later on, the trio were watching Asano playing his game again as one of the high schoolers told Chiari about Asano is part of the quartet of heartthrobs in the Academy. She then explained that he also excelled in every bit of studies in the academy as well, especially chess. As the girls stick around with the high schoolers, Angela is taking both Labra and Rossa for a walk and is watching over the two young Jewelpets together until they saw Asano. Angela focuses herself onto him as he became sad and turned off his game. At the Jewelpet Cafe, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie were looking over the Magic Gems they collected so far while preparing to open the place for the customers. Rossa overheard their conversation that she doesn't have her own magic gem so far as Garnet said she shouldn't worry, hessitantly for Rossa to reply that she didn't have her own trait to make any friends yet. But Sapphie stated that Angela doesn't have hers yet and yet Angela is worried about something else as she left the cafe and starts following Asano. Feeling curious, she then asked him what he's playing as Asano freaked out seeing her and remained his composure, returning to the classroom. With Angela feeling worried and confused, Ruruka comes in and talked her about Asano, and Angela wanted to cheer him up in some way. Ruruka came up with an idea and decides to help Angela out until Jewelina called Asano through the academy. Back at the cafe, business is usual as the girls discussed about the announcement regarding Asano and one of the girls were worried that he's in trouble. At the principal's office, Jewelina asked him about his behavior and what happened to him. He replied that he's ok however, Jewelina thinks that his troubles may cause him grief. Back at the cafe, the girls were again discussing about him and think something is keeping him from focusing on his studies as they decided to gather information. Back to the classrooms, Taira, Sanada and Mouri overheard him about his secret problems as they also getting worried. After school, Chiari and Ruby went to the cafe where Sanada and the other hang out as they gather info about Asano's problems as the boys were discussing about it. Hearing about this, Chiari and Ruby steps in and decides to cheer him up on whatever it is bothering him.
08"Jewelpet Elections~!"
Transcription: "Juerupetto sō senkyo~!" (Japanese: ジュエルペット総選挙~!)
May 25, 2013 (2013-05-25)
Rossa is admiring the Magic Gems one day worrying that she herself doesn't have one due to not having a personality of her own. As she worries about this, Chiari and her friends were busy with another class session in the academy regarding idioms. Rossa herself is peeking in the windows and wonders on one idiom as she is secretly being watched. Later that day, Ruby and the others were practicing their cheering while Chiari coaches them. But during practice, Rossa ruins it due to being scared thought it goes on well as planned. Back at the cafe, Chiari is discussing with Nene and Ruruka about their cheerleading to boost the cafe's sales. As each of them were enjoying the rest of the afternoon, all of them noticed Rossa wearing a kuroko outfit and admitted that she was secretly assisting them. She also explained that she is trying to assist them in the shadows but the rest thinks its suspicious. Angela and Labra then found out someone else is watching them as the person jumped out of the bushes and showed herself to them. Ruruka found out she's Ryoko Izumikawa, the chief editor of the Academy's Newspaper Club and she is collecting a lot of info about the Jewelpets and the Jewelpet Cafe. Chiari asked what can they do to help her, and Ryoko answered that she should host an election on which Jewelpet is popular. The girls agreed on her idea as it will boost the sales for the cafe, however Rossa has a good plan regarding the subject. As the preparations were going well in the cafe and the academy, Rossa is giving them some advise bit by bit. And at the same time, Ryoko is starting to develop an unexpected relationship with Rossa and worries about her.
09"The Fortunetelling Pudding~!"
Transcription: "Uranai purin~!" (Japanese: うらないプリン~!)
June 1, 2013 (2013-06-01)
One morning, Ruby is excitedly waking Chiari up due to no school today and her wanting to play with her. Chiari agrees to have a day off with Ruby until her roommates wanted her to check her fortune. After then, the two were now strolling around the campus talking about her bad luck and how she must be prepared for what's gonna happen. Ruby suggested to consult Peridot, one of her close friends, about her fortune to see if she will have good luck today. Both of them made it to the park and go look for her, until Chiari spotted Labra, Angela and Rossa in the park. They also wanted to have their fortunes read by Peridot too while explaining that her fortunes were sometimes wrong. As they arrived at the said place, they went in as Peridot greeted them in a scary way, frightening everyone. Peridot apologized as they introduced each other and she starts to read Chiari's fortune. However before they do, Chiari asked about the girl beside Peridot. The Papillon Jewelpet answered the girl is named Ayame, her assistant. Ayame then instantly read Chiari's fortune, saying she'll be very lucky today, but lied. Ruby was mad on this for lying but Chiari was amazed on how good and cute she is. Now Peridot decides to read Chiari's fortune for really, but changed her mind as they're closed for today. Back at the dormitory, Nene and Ruruka were preparing themselves as they were about to go out while discussing where Chiari and Ruby went. Nene decides to call Chiari through her Jewel Pod and discussed to her about reading her fortune through Peridot. But Peridot herself is actually in trouble about her life these days as they decided to help her. As Nene closed the call, both girls were worried on what would happen next. Back at Peridot's place, Peridot is being comforted by Ruby and friends as she explained to them the reason on being a fortune teller: to collect Magic Gems. But Ruby knows the only way is to join hears with their humans friends and Peridot thinks differently on how they were obtained. Peridot however is in deep trouble regarding her job, her rent to the place and everything else. Chiari and the others decides to help Peridot on her Fortune Telling job and to get her and Ayame out of their tight spot.
10"The Red Moon is an Ill Omen~!"
Transcription: "Akai tsuki ga yana kanji~!" (Japanese: 赤い月がやな感じ~!)
June 8, 2013 (2013-06-08)
Chiari and her friends were all watching a detective drama one night as they were all about to go to bed. They were then got a visit from Charlotte, a bumblebee Jewelpet who guards the campus at night who checks on the girls before she left. At the other room, Marie and her friends were talking about how to get their own Magic gems and wants to be beautiful and happy. However in a twist, the red moon starts to emit some sort of aura and completely possess Marie as she left the dorm, confusing the two. At the Jewel Tower, Jewelina is aware about the Red Moon's omnimous glow and thinks it can pose a serious threat to Jewel Land. Despite that Charlotte is keeping the academy safe, she is still worried and prepares a powerful counter spell all over Jewel Land. At the Jewelpet cafe, Nobara and Mutsumi followed Marie and reached the cafe, both in suspicion about her strange behavior due to the Red Moon's influence. Marie went into the office in the Cafe and took Ruby's Magic Gem, before Jewelina cast a dispelling magic all over Jewel Land to cleanse everyone of the Red Moon's influence. Marie snaps out of her trance and noticed she's holding the Magic Gem. Nobara and Mutsumi were confused as Marie knew she never steals stuff until Charlotte appeared and caught the three red handed and mistaking them as thieves. The trio ran out of the cafe and Charlotte follows them to take them down in a long chase until the sun rises. After the chase, the four were all tired and Marie told Charlotte she has no idea what happened to her and she even didn't want to take the Magic Gem. As she introduced themselves to Charlotte, the four must find a way to get the gem back to the cafe without Ruby and her friends noticing them.
11"It's the Athletic Meet~!"
Transcription: "Undōkai da yo~!" (Japanese: うんどうかいだよ~!)
June 15, 2013 (2013-06-15)
Tomorrow is the annual athletic meet between the Jewel Academy and the Takarada Academy as the students in Chiari's class were all excited. Chiari and Ruby were very excited on this day yearning to cheer on the students competing at the annual meet as their homeroom teacher picked the two last participants for the obstacle race: Ruruka and Sachi. As the students cheered on the two, Sachi felt kinda confused. At the cafe, Garnet and Sapphie were discussing about Ruby and the Athletic Meet in why she took a day off. In the middle of their conversation, Diana, a black Munchkin Jewelpet and the leader of the Takarada Ōendan appears in the cafe, inspecting the Jewel Box. Garnet questioned her about barging inside the shop, thought she responded she declared war against the Jewel Academy during the athletic meet. But the two ignored her and decided to open a stand during the athletic meet while Diana left. At the field, the boys were practicing for the track meet while Sachi is watching them. As she left, she accidentally fell down on her feet until she encountered Diana. She then heard to Sachi that she has a huge hate on Athletic Meets during kindergarten, in which she cause their team defeat. Diana cheered her up despite Sachi's fear on her team losing the meet. But Diana still insisted her to join so she will have a good time and decided to train Sachi for the track meet, with a lot of failed results. Diana kept on persisting to not let Sachi gave up as the kept on training until Ruby bumped onto her. Diana left as Chiari appears, checking if the two are ok. Both of them were ok as Ruby and Chiari decided to practice harder. As the day of the Athletic Meet came, the students were all ready for today's competition as Chiari and Ruby were gonna cheer for Sanada. The competition began with the Kindergarten Tricycle Race as the Takarada Ōendan cheered. Chiari and Ruby cheered on them also until a mole broke their formation, but Ruby knew it's a fake. At the stall near the competition, the pets were busy selling food for the customers in the Athletic meet, seeing Garnet is all happy cooking. As the three legged race is announced, Rossa, Angela, Labra and Sapphie left their posts to compete while Garnet is in charge on cooking and selling food for the customers. As the rest of the competition goes on smoothly, Sachi is feeling a little insecure about the competition.
12"GoKuRo-san Trio-mochi~!"
Transcription: "Gokuro~san torio motchi~" (Japanese: ごくろ~さんトリオもっち~)
June 22, 2013 (2013-06-22)
Apel Yamada, the Vice Principal of the Jewel Academy is piloting a swan boat one day in the lake near the academy. As he parked his boat, he spotted Ruby in the distance as he thinks she's running towards him but she was just greeting her friend from Sweetsland named Sakuran, a Sakuramochi Sweetspet. Sango also greeted her as well while Alphes is totally ignored. Later in the Jewelpet Cafe, Ruby introduced Sakuran to the rest of the group and Chiari notices her similarity with Rossa. Rossa went to her and looked at her up close, admiring on how she is similar to her. Ruby detached one of Sakuran's ears and gave it to Chiari, as Sakuran explained she can regenerate her ears due to being made of sweets. Later on, Ruby showed her the Jewel Box with the Magic Gems inside which amuses Sakuran on how much gems they collected. They all discussed more about how they can improve their business as Sakuran is excited and proposed a Sweets Fair. But during their conversation, the headmaster of the Jewel Academy, Paroma Tanaka appeared and approved on the idea as he left. Alphes is disappointed on the Headmaster's decision while he watched their conversation and is suspicious on the Pets gathering the Magic Gems. At the school, Chiari and Ruby were putting up some posters for the fair as Alphes wants to guest star at the fair, thought the two ignored him more. As the school grounds, Sakuran, Sango and Rossa were pounding mochi the traditional way while Nene checks their hard work. As the preparations were going smoothly, Nene notified the girls about the fair as she finally set up a stage for a special event. And Sango, Sakuran and Rossa were chosen to perform on stage while Alphes is watching them from a distance. That night, Alphes is getting jealous that he isn't chosen for the performance while angrily cleaning his swan boat. His jealousy however allows the Red Moon to possess him and plans to destroy the upcoming performance.
13"There's a Dragon~!"
Transcription: "Doragon ga iru~!" (Japanese: ドラゴンがいる~!)
June 29, 2013 (2013-06-29)
Labra, Angela and Rossa were all waking in the forest one day with Labra and Rossa getting annoyed with each other. They then encountered their friend Milky, a Chihuahua Jewelpet who invites them to ride her dragon friend. However as the dragon appears, the trio were amused and also starting to like the big beast. Back at the Jewelpet Cafe, business is usual serving the customers as Marie, Mutsumi and Nobara were discussing about the scary Red-Eyed dragon she saw. Ruby, Chiari and the others were confused about the dragon rumor as think if they all exist. However Ruby saw a saddened Angela through the window and wondered what happened to her. Ruby went to her and asked her what's wrong with her, Angela only replied that Labra and Rossa were still in the woods and hasn't even come back. As both Chiari and Ruby followed Angela to where they spotted the dragon, Chiari asked her how long they were gone. Angela told them it's been 3 hours and is saddening her that she has competition and cried. Nene asked her how the dragon looked like and explained it's not the same dragon Marie told them. They decided to search for the dragon even thought it's getting dark. At the Cafe, Garnet is busy giving the customers what they ordered as she tries her best while Sapphie is impressed with her determination. She also stated that she'll call Jewelina to appoint her as the cafe's manager, fueling Garnet's desire to work harder. Back at the forest, Chiari and her friends were busy searching for the Dragon and where both Labra and Angela went. Despite the sun setting, they had no luck on where the dragon is and Angela is still sad. Luckily, Nene and Ruruka found the two Jewelpets playing alongside Milky as Angela is worried sick on them. The two Jewelpets however explained to them that they're just learning a new massaging technique from Milky and wants to do it for Angela, making her cry in tears of joy. However the moment has been ruin as Milky's dragon friend appears, but now colored red and started to attack the girls. Ruby and Chiari heard their screams and they went to where the dragon is, only to see their friends surrounded in flames and the dragon, now possessed by Red Moon, breathing fire to them. Ruby cleared the flames using her magic and saved them, only to see the dragon has escaped. Milky however is saddened on his sudden change as the Red Moon is now controlling his actions.
14"Taira-kun, you're amazing~!"
Transcription: "Taira-kun kakkoī~!" (Japanese: 平くんかっこいい~!)
July 6, 2013 (2013-07-06)
Taira and his friends were all busy practicing for their music act for the upcoming summer festival as Fluola, a sheep jewelpet heard their practice. On the other hand, Chiari and her friends were also excited at the upcoming performance and the festival with Ruby wanting to come along. As they all walk along, Nene and Ruruka told Chiari about something, that when a couple passes through the festival gate, they'll both fall in love with each other. Chiari starts blushing madly after hearing this, before they hear Sanada's band practicing from a distance as they went to the practice building. Chiari and her friends took a peek and saw them practicing hard while Ruby bounces up and down on a strange yellow fluff, wanting to see their practice. As they kept watching them, Ruby is desperate on wanting to see them as it blew their cover and suddenly running away. The boys looked at the floor to see many presents from their fans and saw some of Taira's gifts were all cute stuff, embarrassing him to the others. Chiari is agitated on how Ruby busted their cover back at the hall as the others were not that lucky to get near the boys due to being Junior High Schoolers. Everyone then shifted their focus to Flora, who she herself is looking at the boys the whole time. At the cafe, the girls discussed about Fluola and how she is doing in the farm to earn her own Magic Gem. Ruby also explained that she works there to deliver the cafe's daily supply of dairy, in much to their surprise that she forgot to deliver it. As she went to get the cart inside the academy, she encountered Taira who is just passing by and then helped her carry the dairy to the cafe. Fluola starts to develop some sort of crush to Taira as they both went to the cafe. She then thanked him for carrying the dairy as he left. Later on the girls discussed on how Taira helped her with the good as Fluola starts to admire him. The girls knew she is falling in love as they decide to give the boys some presents after their next practice. However when they arrive they saw a lot of girls waiting in line outside their practice hall and worse of all making Fluola's present melt. As she used her magic to make it nice and cold, the girls were overwhelmed by the cold until Taira saw the girls and gets her to safety and Ruby used her magic to get the others out. But after they got out, the high schoolers started to admire Taira with Fluola in his arms, embarrassing him as he coldly dropped Fluola to the ground and walked away, crushing her feelings.
15"Delivering Letters~!"
Transcription: "O tegami todokeru~!" (Japanese: お手紙とどける~!)
July 13, 2013 (2013-07-13)
Ruby is very happy today as she decides deliver her invitation letters to the post office, telling Chiari and the other about Luna along the way. As they went to where Luna is, Marie and Nobara overheard their conversation and decides to use this chance to befriend and get another Magic Gem. Meanwhile, Chiari and the others arrived at the post office and entered the building. But Chiari accidentally tripped and hits a pink Netherland Dwarf managing the letters. As she regained her composure, she then saw the pink Rabbit and thought she was Ruby until Ruby corrected that she's holding Luna. After all the confusion, Luna formally introduced herself to the girls and Sapphie mentioned she manages the post office by herself and delivers the letters. Chiari and others decides to help her on delivering the letters themselves. Luna herself knew how happy Ruby and Chiari were relating each other that Luna is not happy on her job due to summer fatigue. As everyone were all ready, Luna used her magic to give Chiari and her friends their own postman costumes before they can begin sending letters and on Luna wishing she would become the best postman as everyone is gone, making her frustrated. Marie and Nobara overheard Luna's conversation and use the advantage to befriend Luna to get another Magic Gem. A while later, Luna met up with both Nobara and Marie and gave her an offer to help her deliver the letters, not knowing to Luna about Marie's plan. As they go on and deliver the letters in super speed, Nobara and Luna were impressed and Marie doesn't want Luna to do anything while they deliver, knowing her condition. A while later more, Angela met up with Takumi as she delivered to him his letter. The others were also doing their job on sending and delivering their letters to everyone. Back to Luna, she is sulking a lot while both Nobara and Marie were in good spirits delivering the letters. Despite how good the two treat her, Luna still thinks she never achieved her own happiness.
16"Ride the Waves~!"
Transcription: "Namininoru tte~!" (Japanese: 波に乗るって~!)
July 20, 2013 (2013-07-20)
It's summertime in Jewel Land and the cafe didn't have any customers for the past few days due to vacation and the extreme heat makes it worse. Ruby then came up with an idea to open a shop in the beach for them to make more profit for their shop. Later on, they opened the "Jewelpet Seaside Cafe" on the beach and goes to work, with each of them were hard at work cooking, preparing and serving food for the customers. Chiari and her friends made a stop to see their progress and glad they're doing fine. Teacher Azusa then appeared and gave the girls a warning not to talk to everyone. As the day goes by, the shop is bustling with customers and the pets were busy with the orders while Ruby and Chiari decide to relax at the beach and left the shop. As they all relax and play together, they then encounter an old man who runs his own shop. The two were deciding to ignore him until he offers them some pudding, but Kosuke interfered and scolded him. Later, they found out he's actually Kosuke's grandfather and they both enjoyed some pudding and Chiari was confused that he's active yet goofy. As they talked, Kosuke take his leave and left the place disappointed while his grandfather is eying on Chiari. A while later, he showed to them his photos depicting his younger self as he explained on him being a surfer and how cool and active he is during those times. Chiari and Ruby shifted their focus on the girl in the photo as he told them that's his wife and also Kosuke's grandmother. He also explained to Chiari's that he wanted to ride the great waves like he used and also wanted her to get close to his grandson, something she didn't expect. A while later, the trio were watching over a volleyball competition between Kosuke, Mouri, Takumi and Taira as he told Chiari she has the potential to be his girlfriend. Chiari however, had some doubts that it could end well like he expected.
17"A Test of Courage, Jewel-rimpa~!"
Transcription: "Kantameshida yo juerinpa~!" (Japanese: 肝試しだよジュエリンパ~!)
July 27, 2013 (2013-07-27)
It is another hot summer day at the Jewelpet Cafe as the girls were gonna order some drinks until Chiari noticed something interesting on the Menu regarding an Owarai. As she likes to see it, Ruby called out Garnet in her yellow suit and tried to impress them with her comic skilled. The girls think hers is average until they decided to try the gut breaking Owarai as Titana, a Chipmunk Jewelpet appears and shows off his skills to make the three laugh, it failed however on them while the pets laughed hard. As he continues his routine and the pets laugh on his jokes, Sapphie explained to the girls that Titana is an expert comedian who won the Jewelpet funny faces competition, much to a surprise to the girls that his jokes only affect the Jewelpets. After he made the holder of the jewel box laugh, Angela asked Titana to host a comedy show in the cafe for the night and invite their friends over as he agrees. A while later, the girls were planning on sending a lot of invitations to their friends while Chiari, Nene and Ruruka had a serious malfunction in their Jewel Pods. Jewelina appeared and explained that the Red Moon is actually messing up the signal of their Jewel Pods unlike the pets. Titana on the other hand is getting worried that he may mess up on his comedy act tonight while Jewelina is worried more about the Red Moon. Later, Titana, Ruby and Garnet were thinking more about what act should they do on the tomorrow's comedy show until they heard someone scream. Ruby and Titana went to the source and saw Miss Azusa happy and admiring that the Sunflowers were almost gonna bloom making Titana confused and didn't care about it. Azusa however stated that even the small things can make people happy but Titana ignores it. That night Titana is in despair that he never found his inspiration for his comedy act and knew he got scolded by his friends. However he got scared and ran away after seeing a strange ghost in the area, but it gave him an idea for his show. The next day, Titana's comedy show had begun in the cafe with every Jewelpet from Jewelina's castle were present to see him perform. However, they then expect him to tell a ghost story regarding a ghost haunting the academy, which makes Ruruka, Sapphie, Labra and Rossa scared. Knowing the girls will be scared, he told them that the ghost looked like a catfish and fought it single-handedly, which then impresses everyone in the room. But everyone wanted to see the ghost for themselves which make him guilty that telling them a lie about the ghost. Azusa grew concerned about his stories, knowing he lied to them.
18"Mouri-kun, Table Tennis~♪"
Transcription: "Mōri-kun takkyūda yo~♪" (Japanese: 毛利くん卓球だよ~♪)
August 3, 2013 (2013-08-03)
Chiari and the girls were all going to the Academy's Annual Sports Camp for the summer, unknowingly they were being watched. At the camp, the students listened to Apels's speech regarding camp and announced an annual Table Tennis competition, something that made Mouri felt uneasy. Later on while the students register for a scavenger hunt, Chiari encountered Azusa once again and talked about the Table Tennis match. She said that both Humans and Jewelpets must compete together, making both Chiari and Ruby excited. The others were also excited to compete with the others as they all go and register for the competition. Mutsumi, Nobara and Marie overheard their conversation and decided to compete themselves, with Marie having a chance to be with a Jewelpet so she can have her own Magic Gem. A while later, Chiari and the rest of were collecting a few items for the scavenger hunt itself while discussing about the competition. In the middle of the competition, Tour, an American Shorthaired Jewelpet appeared and interrupted their conversation. Ruby asked him if he's searching on a human partner for his own Magic Gem, but generally refuses due to his desire to work alone. But Ruby knew that it wasn't the way as he left. Later that night, the girls gather in the campfire, all happy on the search despite they lost as they encounter the boys. The pets paired up with the boys as they decided to compete, except for Mouri who is troubled with it. Marie on the other hand has no luck on asking which Jewelpet she should pair up as they all run away until they convinced Io to pair up with her. The next day, everyone were all busy practicing for the upcoming competition, while Nene and Sapphie set up some drinks for them. Mouri then appears and Sapphie asked him if he can practice but left. As he's leaving camp, he encountered Tour as he stole his bag but then tripped and fell on the ground flat. As he recovered his sackbag, Azusa saw them both and Apels paired both him and Tour for the upcoming competition, on which their situation may go from bad to worse.
19"It's Cold, it's Cold~!"
Transcription: "Samui yo samui yo~!" (Japanese: さむいよさむいよ~!)
August 10, 2013 (2013-08-10)
As summer is about to end soon, the Jewelpets in the Jewelpet Cafe were all busy with their chores before opening as Chiari and Ruruka greeted them and went back to their classroom. Inside the school cafeteria however, the aircon itself broke down while Sapphie is making some shaved ice dessert for Labra to beat the heat. Ruby however tried to use her magic to fix the entire thing but the situation became worse. Sapphie tries to lower the temperature but nothing happened as it is still too hot and decided to call Jasper to repair it. In Jasper's place, he's playing his game as he received the call from Sapphie to come over to fix the aircon and accepts. He finally went to the cafeteria and arrived just in time for him to fix the air conditioner as he used his magic to bring the aircon to life. However the aircon spew out a lot of thrash, almost burying both Ruby and Garnet and the whole room became hotter. A while later, Chiari and Ruruka has just finished class for the day while discussing about Nene's vacation in Australia. They were then greeted by a panicking Ruby, telling them what happened but shifted her focus to Sanada, making Chiari blush. As they had a little talk and left, Ruby told the girls the situation in the cafeteria became worse and Jasper is trying to fix it. As they went to the cafeteria, Marie and the others knew what's going on and used this chance for her to get another Magic Gem. Back at the cafeteria, Jasper is hard at work fixing the air conditioner as Labra and Rossa arrived and gave both Garnet and Sapphie the statue on the Jewelpet cafe. As they went there, they saw the floors all scrubbed nicely but however the cleaning is still half done. Back at the cafeteria, Jasper finished fixing the aircon as he switched it on, but instead it played a lot of loud music. He tried to fix it again and the aircon started sucking him in as Ruby and the others tried to pull him out. As the day passes and Jasper is still busy, the pets got some customers as Marie's lackeys tried to order some shaved ice and Jasper is surprised on how Marie is helping him. As both Jasper and Marie were talking, the others pets were very suspicious on the trio and Garnet knew the menu in the order list they have is wrong. As Chiari and the others arrived, they noticed how hot it is inside the cafeteria as Labra is rushing to Ruruka crying due to the heat and Garnet scolding Ruby for the menu. As Marie is assisting Jasper on fixing the aircon, Chiari noticed her determination on getting her own Magic Gem while Nobara and Mutsumi's orders were done. After a while, Jasper finally fixed the aircon as it blows off some nice cool air, but when it broke down again and after Labra used her magic to fix it....something has gone terribly wrong.
20"The Coffee Beans at the Mountain Top~!"
Transcription: "Yama ni nobotte kōhī mame~!" (Japanese: 山に登ってコーヒー豆~!)
August 17, 2013 (2013-08-17)
Having collected 18 Magic Gems and filled the Jewel Box, Ruby invited Opal, an Alicorn Jewelpet to see them in their lustrous shine. They were all excited that they have to collect two more Magic Gems and were about to fulfill their happiness soon. But Opal however told them she didn't collected a Magic Gem of her own due to slacking off and haven't yet achieved her own happiness. Opal also told them to go to the Rock Cafe to enjoy some coffee as Ruby agreed. At the Rocks Cafe, Taira is ordering a cup of Coffee for Master, but he himself is troubled about something. Meanwhile, Chiari and her friends were going to the Rocks Cafe, while accompanying Opal. The humans were amazed to see an Alicorn before as they talked about Master's special coffee blend he's serving. However as they reached the cafe, the whole place is closed with a sign saying Master is in a long holiday. This made Opal worried as she knows something's wrong happened to Master and tries to knock the door hard. The door opens as Taira himself appeared in front of them and got totally amused on Opal. They all were in assumption why is he wearing Master's clothes as he let them all inside. He explained that Master strained his arm on grinding his special coffee beans and left town, leaving Taira in charge of the shop. Opal however was disgusted that he's wearing Master's clothes and calls him a fake, making him mad. As they discussed more, Sapphie sniffed something burning as they all rushed to the kitchen to see the pancake he's cooking got burned. Opal scolded him for not doing a good job on managing while he's gone. Chiari and the others decided to help Taira for a while in the cafe as he's happy. Nene assigned them to their different jobs in the cafe as they get to work. Taira on the other hand is preparing and brewing his special coffee for Opal as she drink it, but she didn't like the taste. Opal was disappointed on him as she lectured him on how his coffee taste just like she remembered years ago when she and Master first met. As she gave him a few insulting words and left her table, Taira told her he can prepare a special coffee blend to impress her. Back at the Jewelpet Cafe, the group received a poster regarding Taira's special coffee in the Rocks Cafe and discussed on which food they should serve to the cafe. But all of their ideas weren't good as Garnet said and told them they should prepare better foods. Sapphie and Nene on the other hand were handing over flyers to people about the new blend of coffee for the Rocks Cafe. But things didn't go better back at the Rocks Cafe as Opal still didn't like the new blend of coffee he prepared for her and told him to prepare something that can impress her. After countless times, they all end in failure as Opal knows they didn't taste well. The next day, Chiari and the others went to the cafe to check both Opal and Taira, however both of them were all tired from tasting and preparing coffee. But the good news is that Opal finally liked that one coffee he made for her as the girls were happy. As he's about to make another batch, Taira noticed that he used up all of the coffee beans and trouble finally starts to brew.
21"It's Not Enough Labu~!"
Transcription: "Are ga tarinai rabu~!" (Japanese: アレが足りないらぶ~!)
August 24, 2013 (2013-08-24)
With one more Magic Gem to go, Ruby is very excited to see what miracle will the Jewel Box bring. The other pets were also happy and busy tending the Cafe but Chiari and Ruruka weren't while doing the rest of their Summer Homework. As Nene enters the shop, Garnet took her away in hopes to get her second Magic Gem while Labra wanders off as both Angela and Rossa wondered. At the shop, Marie and Nobara were also determined to get their own magic gem and plotted a good scheme. A while later, Garnet and Nene were together and wanting to be friends with her in hopes to get her magic gem but only ignored her. The other pets were happy and busy making children happy on the street as the boys from the dormitory passed through and Io wanted to be friends with them. The boys just greeted the pets as they left, making them sad before Marie and Nobara greeted them before everyone left, making Marie mad. Meanwhile at the Library, Chiari is still panicking on her summer assignment while finding one of the books she need as Ruby assisted her. But Chiari got angry due to Ruby distracting her focus as Ruruka told them to stop and focus. Ruby decided to use her magic to make sure they can finish their work, but backfired as the books multiplied and Chiari scolded Ruby for her mishap and Ruruka left the table. Sapphie is having a hard time with the students wanting to help with their homework as Ruruka saw a crowd and Azusa tried to calm them down. In all of the commotion, Machiko is busy with drawing her manga as Ruby and Chiari greeted her. But she only just ignored them and left the library as both girls were confused. Machiko went to a weird room as she knocked, but then forced out for no reason. A while later, both Nene and Chiari were still busy on their studies while Ruby cheering them on but got scolded. She then shifted her focus to Machiko but then ignored her. On the other hand, Marie and Nobara were still on a search to find the Jewelpet they can befriend and get a Magic Gem. Later, Machiko returned to the same room for someone to see her work, but was forced out. However she wanted to force herself in again as she got inside and saw the one in the chair is actually Labra, telling her it's not enough as she's dragged out. The day goes on as the pets kept on impressing the humans they wanted to be friends with as Garnet appeared out of the cafe with some sweets and impressing then. However she ended up getting stampeded by a huge crowd. Machiko on the other hand again worked hard on her manga and then went back to Labra to see it was ok for her, only getting rejected. After many tries and rejects, she then started to felt a bit down as she goes back to work while on the other hand Chiari, Ruruka and Ruby were almost dead tired from their studies as Nene brought them food. The next day, the girls finished their work and were all tired. Machiko showed her manga again to Labra for approval and she herself liked it, knowing she and Machiko were working together to get the last and final Magic Gem. Back to the Cafe, Labra showed them the last Magic Gem as they heard from her that she and Machiko were doing their best. As they put the final Magic Gem to the Jewel Box, something unexpected has happened and there was no miracle they expected as Jewelina enters. She herself that the Magic Gem can bring total miracle and happiness to everyone, not to personal gain. As they learned this, the Jewelpet Cafe and the School Cafeteria started to shine...
22"The Vegetable Sommellier Apuppu~!"
Transcription: "Yasai somurie apuppu~!" (Japanese: 野菜ソムリエあっぷっぷ~!)
August 31, 2013 (2013-08-31)
As everyone were relaxing in their new Jewelpet Cafe, Ruby is looking at the red moon while making funny faces. Chari looked at her and spit her drink out and the pets were surprised on what she did. Ruruka however noticed that the Red Moon's powers are becoming stronger and its expression changes, surprising the others. Luckily due to the power of the Magic Gems in the Jewel Box, they were never affected by the Red Moon's magic, which makes Marie interested on the whole thing. Later on inside, Chiari is worried about her summer assignment as the other girls cheered her up. She explained that her assignment is soaked wet in crude oil earlier on and was disappointed on it. With having no choice but to redo her homework, Garnet has her own problem as well regarding Vegetable related dishes that should be served in the cafe. Sapphie decided to turn to the Vegetable Sommellier, Dian, as he knows some advice what to serve at the new cafe. As Sapphie is about to call him, they all notice he's already in the cafe as he introduced himself to the girls. He then notice their problem due to his nose and decides to help them with his magic, changing his costume and baked some carrot cake and special pound cake for the girls. As they tasted, they all like the texture and taste of the newly baked desserts as Garnet will use this opportunity to impress her customers. The other girls were amazed on the pastries Dian makes that they decided to put it on the menu. However the next day, the cafe is busy as usual and the customers were lining up as Marie and her lackeys are confused. They then noticed Dian and then give them some samples of the cakes the girls baked in the cafe, with Marie's group eyeing on him and knew it was their chance. Inside, the cakes were liked by the kids as they sold well and Dian is amazed on how it turned out as he leaves. As he's now going back to his studio, he suddenly tripped as Marie and her group looked at him and noticed that the Red Moon is possessing Dian, turning him weak and hopeless. As Labra, Angela and Rossa greeted him, he was in a sad mood as they noticed him being possessed by the Red Moon.
23"Apprentice Puppy~!"
Transcription: "Deshiiri wanko~!" (Japanese: 弟子入りワンコ~!)
September 7, 2013 (2013-09-07)
The Jewelpets had finally attended school and Ruby and her friends were now attending Chiari's class for the whole year. On the other hand, Rossa and Sapphie were both attending the senior's class in the other classroom, with the boys impressed on her appearance. But during their class, Kohaku, a Shiba Inu Jewelpet barges in and wants him to be their apprentice. At the cafe, Kohaku explained to the boys on why he wanted them to teach him to be as cool as them all filled with courage. The girls know that he is cute as he is but denies it, until the girls from the academy came into the cafe and he starts to impress them with his cuteness. Ruby and the others were amazed, but he is very embarrassed on it as he sought apprenticeship from the boys. Taira agrees to take him as their apprentice as Chiari and Ruby cheers for them. Back at the classroom, Kohaku starts to hang out with the guys and examines how they do their daily studies, however it proved to be very annoying to the others throughout the entire day. After school, he starts following Sanada in hopes that he can teach him to be a man. They both went to a vending machine and get some canned corn soup until Kohaku came out with something and used his magic to create a giant fan. It however blew him away alongside Chiari and Ruby, who were passing by until they got caught by the sumo wrestlers. Later at the cafe, Kohaku knew it was hard to convince the boys to teach him as he talked to the girls about it. Kohaku explained the reason why he wanted to be a man is that he can impress a girl that saved him from getting stuck in the ice cream cone he ate. And he was very embarrassed about it as he is determined to seek Sanada's group's advice. However, the group arrived at the cafe and were all disappointed on Kohaku's behavior on being too annoying to them and being too prideful. Kohaku denied what Sanada said to him as he ran away with his feelings hurt. As he moped and got mad on what Sanada said to him, the Red Moon starts to brainwash him.
24"Brown Bear School Desu!"
Transcription: "Higuma no gakkōna nodesu!" (Japanese: ヒグマの学校なのです!)
September 14, 2013 (2013-09-14)
Rossa woke up from a dream about dancing with brown bears as she begins her day in Jewel Land. Later on, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka arrived in the Jewelpet Cafe early as they got together to talk on what to do for the cafe. Labra then noticed Rossa dancing the same dance in her dreams and also telling them about her dreams. They were soon interrupted by both a girl alongside a big brown bear with her, with the girls got scared. Rossa herself were happy about her arrival as the she introduced the girls to Yanma, the brown bear and Arisa, Rossa's teacher in the Brown Bear school and Azusa's relative. The others were amused and surprised to see her as Azusa's relative though their teacher admitted it a bit. Rossa explained also that Arisa is once her teacher in the mountains and taught her things on the mountains, while admiring her bear classmate Yanma. The other pets were amused that she did all those without relying on her Jewel Pod and Chiari and the others decided to give Arisa and Yanma a tour on Jewel Town. Ruby however is forced to stay in the Cafe with Garnet and Sapphie to look after things. Later at the school's principal's office, the girls had a talk with Jewelina about giving Arisa a good tour around campus, and noticed the similarities on both Arisa and Azusa as they both explained their similarities and their goals on being teachers. Back at the Cafe, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie were all doing a good job on managing the cafe, though Ruby herself is very saddened that she didn't get to come with Chiari. Sapphie felt sorry for her and allowed her to go with Chiari again as she left the cafe in glee, and used her magic to go to Jewel Town, and knowing this is the beginning of their troubles.
25"A Stage Play with Prase~!"
Transcription: "Purēzu to oshibai~!" (Japanese: プレーズとお芝居〜!)
September 21, 2013 (2013-09-21)
Another school day has ended and both Chiari and Ruby were about to race each other back to the Jewelpet Cafe. Nene told them not to as they tripped but then they saw a statue of a Jewelpet in the garden. The girls were amazed on the statue as they decided to take some pictures. However as they looked at the photos on Ruby's Jewel Pod, they all noticed that it moved while they're taking pictures. The statue in front of them moved and revealed herself as Prase, a Toy Poodle Jewelpet who speaks French. Back at the cafe, Sapphie explained to the girls that Prase studied theater arts in France by Jewelina's Orders in order for her to get her own Magic Gem. Everyone were pretty amused on her experience and her adventures overseas as Prase told them she wanted to set up a play inside a cafe based on Cinderella. Azusa appeared and was amused on what she heard as they then discussed about it, and everyone decides to help out for the upcoming play. For Marie, its another chance for her to get another Magic Gem on stage. Later on, the pets were with Prase as they decide what role they will act, with Garnet herself dreaming to be on stage. They all discussed their own roles as Prase gets them ready and see how they act. However during the sample act they all made, Prase is disappointed on each one of them due to how bad their acting were. Meanwhile, Chiari is busy planting some flowers in the school garden alongside Nene and Ruruka while promoting the play. She again got another encounter with Sanada as he helped her out while she told him about the play as he agrees. Back to Ruby, practice isn't going smoothly as Prase is getting even more disappointed on the pets practicing. She then broke down to tears on their mishaps and runs away, somehow making the others sad and endangering the upcoming performance.
26"A Beauty at the Jewelpet Cafe~!"
Transcription: "Juerupetto kafe de byūti~!" (Japanese: ジュエルペットカフェでビューティ~!)
September 28, 2013 (2013-09-28)
The Jewelpet Cafe is once again bustling with customers as Garnet is very happy in hoping to be the most popular Jewelpet. Ruby and the others were also hoping on aiming this as well until they got a customer, a Siamese Cat Jewelpet named Kaiya. Everyone were somewhat amazed on her looks as Sapphie told them that she is Jewel Land's best model due to her amazing charisma and beauty, which impresses everyone. As the pets asked her to rank their prettiness, Kaiya gave each of them low scores except for Labra. Kaiya herself decided to use her magic and give the girls a change of clothes to make them look beautiful. Ruruka herself didn't like the look but then Rossa admired her appearance as she didn't mind. Despite everyone were impressed, Nene herself is not satisfied on how Kaiya defines beauty is and decided to prove she's wrong. Later on, Kaiya hosted a beauty lesson for the girls while challenging Nene. As it begins, the girls and the pets take the first lesson about admiring themselves, on which Nene came on top. Nobara and Marie were spying on them, and also planning something to get their own Magic Gem. The second lesson begins, involving on how to walk gracefully as the girls were having a hard time and Kaiya made it easy. Nene herself watched her move until it's Chiari's turn. But when she's about to walk, she suddenly fell down the floor and she came out with a hot water geyser, making a hot spring. Kaiya converted it into a hot spring bath with her magic before they resume their lesson about dancing gracefully. The girls were having a hard time while Nene is catching up with Kaiya to the next lesson: singing beautifully in which the girls got an even harder time while Nene herself sang nicely. Next up is how to put make-up properly, in which Kaiya is inspecting each one of them. Nene got it right as she does the next lesson correctly as well. And the day passes, the girls were all having a hard time catching up with Kaiya's lessons while Nene catches up. However as the others collapsed from exhaustion, Kaiya is disappointed on each of them while Nene felt some sympathy to her friends, knowing that what Kaiya's doing is wrong.
27"World Champion, amazing-Paca~!"
Transcription: "Sekai chapio sugoi paka~!" (Japanese: 世界チャピオすごいパカ〜!)
October 5, 2013 (2013-10-05)
The girls and the pets in the Jewelpet Cafe attended the live interview of Takumi Asano, with them admiring his looks and skills during the event. The girls however vandalized the picture of him as Angela herself showed it to Takumi and got embarrassed to the entire crowd. After the event the girls were somehow saddened on what happened in the interview and Ruby learned to Chiari about how badly disappointed Takumi is to Angela during the interview. In the cafe however, things gets worse with Angela, being all torn out from what Takumi told her and the girls tried to cheer her up but got pushed back and out of the shop by her continuous growing wool. Later on Garnet cut off the wool on her body and used her magic to create scarfs and body warmers. Back to Takumi, he himself can't get the feeling that he wants to pet Angela as he saw the girls wearing wool scarfs as he greeted the girls. The girls greeted him back and left. In each passing day, Takumi is still haunted by his feelings for the Jewelpet, distracting him on his goal with both Kosuke and Taira worrying about him. As he does his daily jogging, he encountered both Ruby and Chiari, practicing for their cheer to Takumi. As they talked, they then encountered Takumi's rival in Chess, Afroski who is annoyed on how Ruby mispronounced his name. He also learned about Takumi's weakness towards fluffy things suspecting that it's the cause of his downfall for the upcoming competition as he left. Feeling crushed, Takumi himself left both Ruby and Chiari and continued his training, also hoping that it would erase his desire for Angela. However, he noticed he's riding her back as he got off by surprised, and Angela told him he fainted from the exhaustion and saved him. Sanada then appeared and had a conversation with the two, talking about Takumi's problems and cheering him up. Takumi, now being more motivated, asked Angela for a special favor while petting her, as this can be the key to his victory against Afroski.
28"A Blue Bird came Flying~!"
Transcription: "Aoi tori ga tonde kita~!" (Japanese: あおい鳥が飛んで来た〜!)
October 12, 2013 (2013-10-12)
It's another school day in Jewel Land as the girls and their Jewelpets were going to class, all excited for the Sports Festival this year. Ruruka and Nene noticed everyone's motivation and happiness as they were then greeted by Jewelina, telling them about Jewel Land's most famous Blue Bird. Just then, a strange bird came flying and crashed onto Ruby as she greeted the girls. At the cafe, the bird itself introduced herself as Rin, a Parakeet Jewelpet who is the blue bird Jewelina mentioned. Sapphie herself is getting worried on Garnet due to her behavior and the blue seaweed stuck on her teeth. Back to Rin however, Labra and Rossa asked Rin about their luck on getting their next Magic Jewel as she calculated their luck and said they're gonna be lucky. As both pets were happy, Sapphie herself is getting worried on Garnet's behavior. Later in the kitchen, Garnet is busy making Takoyaki as Sapphie asked her something about her teeth until Rin used her magic and pulled a dirty trick by materializing an octopus and spits ink out of nowhere. At the academy, Rin also used her magic to pull a prank on Chiari, embarrassing her in front of class and another to Labra, Angela and Rossa, which ruined their hard work on putting the clothes up for drying. Back at the cafe, the girls are mad and disappointed on how Rin pulled all of those pranks to them as they talked this to Jewelina. Jewelina stated that Rin caused a lot of incidents in the academy due to her pranks for no good reason, causing may ruckus as Ruruka is getting worried. Later on, Rin is wandering all around Jewel Land as she encountered Ruruka and left as Rin decided to pull another prank to her. At the dormitory, the girls are busy studying until Ruruka's Jewel Pod started to ring and saw Labra in the window and left. Nene replied to Labra with a message using Ruruka's Jewel Pod until they all encountered Rin and transformed into a mini-Ruruka using her magic and took off. Outside, Angela and Rossa were busy playing while Labra checks on her Jewel Pod until encountering Rin, disguised as Ruruka. She told her some harsh words to Labra as she got angry and is about to blame Ruruka for a crime she didn't commit.
29"It's not good if you only Wished~!"
Transcription: "Hoshi gari-sugi wa damenanone~!" (Japanese: 欲しがりすぎはダメなのね〜!)
October 19, 2013 (2013-10-19)
Marie, Nobara and Mutsumi came to the Jewelpet Cafe one day to discuss something to Chiari and the others. With her feeling determined, the others were questioned about her as Marie told them she wanted a Magic Gem of her own even if she wanted to go desperate. As they left, the girls discussed about Marie's desire on wanting her own Magic Gem as Garnet can actually relate to her problem and wanting to succeed. The girls do agree that she is being honest for once, but they never knew Marie is using this as another excuse as Marie is overlooking at their conversation. Later on, the three decided to see Marie concentrate until she was interrupted by a passing-by fish, which annoys her. However Nobara explained that the fish is actually a Clownfish Jewelpet named Aqua and this gives her a chance to actually get a Magic Gem from him. But goes back to concentrating as the fish got a hold of Mutsumi's honey chews and left, annoying Marie even more. Later the academy, Ruby, Angela, Labra and Rossa were going to the academy grounds as they promote Manjū cakes. Chiari and her friends decided to go to Ruby for the cakes but she again tripped into a Nameko Mushroom and crash landed at Ruby. Marie is still continuing her concentration training as the strange Fish Jewelpet is following them. But she is getting more hungry as she looked at Ruby and co. selling some more Manjū, annoying her more and make her start lose focus. As they flee and went to a more safer place, Marie is starting to suffer from hunger delusion and started chasing the fish jewelpet around. Both Nobara and Mutsumi were getting a bit worried and tried to calm her down, Chiari and the others were the same too pitying Marie's hunger and her desperate determination on wanting a Magic Gem. Sanada then appeared and gave Chiari an advise on how to cheer up on Marie's problems.
30"Jewel Hallowee~n!"
Transcription: "Jueru haroui~n!" (Japanese: ジュエルハロウィ~ン!)
October 26, 2013 (2013-10-26)
Charlotte has finished watching another episode of Jewel Detective on her Jewel Pod as she then noticed a lot of ghosts surrounding her. Arming herself up, the ghosts revealed themselves as Ruby and the others as they explained it's Halloween today as they were dressed up in their costumes. Later in the cafe, Ruby explained to her what Halloween is and how some customs like "Trick or Treating" goes as they all manage this year's Halloween Party. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka arrived at the cafe on time with their costumes on and greeted Ruby and the others. However in the academy, a worried Jewelina is facing some problems of her own as the Red Moon is becoming a bit more stronger within every passing day. Back in the cafe, the girls counted how many candy they collected for their trick or treating and discussed about the next party that will be held in Nene's Mall. Charlotte in the other hand is deeply confused on the entire holiday while talking to Ruby and the others, convincing her to down a costume for this year. But with many tries, Charlotte costume ideas didn't actually work out to the other pets as she used her magic and down in a Biker Delinquent Costume. Ruby and the others criticized hers to have no originality whatsoever as Charlotte thinks about this. A while later, Charlotte is wandering in Jewel Land regarding about her image for Halloween until she encountered three Jewelpets: Chite, Tata and Lapis. They noticed about her costume as they invited Charlotte to their hideout to talk about her taste in costumes and tries to get along. But it soon became a discussion on what the gang will plan tonight on ruining Halloween. Later, the pets were cleaning up the Cafe after the long party and noticed that Ruby is missing. At the Department Store, the girls were busy on decorating the mall for the Halloween Party until Ruby popped out of the package and wants to help. However as soon as they were gonna resume on decorating, Chite's group barged in and starts to ruining everything and noticing Charlotte is with them. With no choice, Ruby tried to use her magic to stop them, but Chiari's group became encased in food costumes as Chite's group starts chasing them on hunger. Even worse, the Red Moon's influence on the three pets is making the situation worse and Charlotte herself in a huge pinch.
31"Marie's deepest Secrets Deshu!"
Transcription: "Marie-chan ni wa himitsu deshi~yu!" (Japanese: まりえちゃんにはヒミツでしゅ!)
November 2, 2013 (2013-11-02)
Garnet hosted a meeting with Chiari and her friends to discuss another way to promote the Jewelpet Cafe, saying that the Cafe should be featured in a magazine ad with a Jewelpet promoting it. The girls find it hard, but decided to go for that approach for them to get more customers. Meanwhile, Io, a Holland Lop Jewelpet is looking at the sky all bored out until he received Garnet's e-mail on his Jewel Pod about the advertising idea. As he went back to the girl's dorm, he is greeted by Nobara, giving him a bowl of dog food for him to eat and also dressed him up in a blue dress. Nobara didn't know that Io himself didn't like the treatment she's giving to him in the last few days. Later on inside, Nobara likes on watching a TV program about dogs as Marie turned the TV off in disappointment and went to the Academy alongside Nobara. At the cafe, the girls were all busy handling out flyers to promote the cafe as planned, but Chiari got distracted when Sanada's group arrived at the cafe. Chiari decided to talk to Sanada and hands out the flyer to him, as he accepts and left with the group. Ruby was proud on how Chiari approached him. Marie on the other hand is not happy as she took the flyer from Angela and reads her, but her mood changes as she can use this for her to get her own Magic Gem. Nobara was worried as she and Marie left. Later on, the people were personally talking to the pets one at the time to determine who will be the advert girl for the cafe. However at Ruby's booth, Io asked Ruby and Chiari if he can take the position for promoting the cafe. Ruby however thinks that he's a dog but he corrected them, stating he's a rabbit like her. But Chiari wanted to know why everyone thinks he's a dog, so Io explains to them that he was found by Nobara one day and took him home, only to be treated like a puppy. Much to his disgust, he knew she did save him from getting lost and starvation as Chiari is believed, thought to him being treated as a dog and a girl is a curse. Ruby then got an idea and used her magic on Io, which cause terrible transformations to Io before being turned back to normal. Ruby and Chiari needed to find another way to convince Nobara he's a rabbit. On the other and, Sapphie herself is talking to Nobara as she shared a deep secret to her regarding Marie's hatred to dogs. She desperately asked Sapphie if she can help her with her own problem as she agrees. Meanwhile, both Chiari and Ruby were helping Io's species problem by teaching him on how to be a dog to impress Nobara, yet the training itself is not going well as planned.
32"I got Eaten~!"
Transcription: "Tabe rare chatta yo~!" (Japanese: 食べられちゃったよ〜!)
November 9, 2013 (2013-11-09)
The Jewelpet Cafe is once again bustling with customers thanks to the new Roll Cake the girls included in the menu. As they all making some good progress and Ruby is relaxing, Rald, a Giant Panda Jewelpet popped out and surprised Ruby. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka tried to know what he's saying, though Angela said he can't speak human language unlike the other Jewelpets as she explains that Rald works for the Circus somewhere in Jewel Land. Labra and Rosa gave him a ball and did his balancing tricks, impressing everyone inside the cafe. Meanwhile, Apels is driving his swan boat Queen Swanee as he thought about his elegance until he heard about some sort of performance in the Jewelpet Cafe. Back at the Cafe, a circus performance as every Jewelpet performed their own tricks before Rald appeared and stole the show. After the performance, the girls felt happy on what they accomplished until Apels applauded on what they did, offering them that he should perform with the pets. They however disgustedly disliked his idea as he himself left in anger before saying some bad thing about the cafe. Ruby never liked what he said until they noticed Rald is missing. At the Academy, Machiko is thinking hard on what Labra told her until she saw Rald juggling as she got inspired for the next chapter of her manga. She thanked Rald but he's already gone. Meanwhile the girls were searching all over Jewel Land for Rald with no luck. Nene then notice Rald at the bottom of the bridge performing as the others went to him, but Apels then appeared and attempts to take Rald for himself. Sapphie used her Jewel Magic to materialize a box for him to hide as Apels arrived and antagonize the girls for keeping Rald. He then tried to lure him out of the box using some bamboo leaves and twigs as the girls tried to cover the box in front of him. Sadly the box Rald's in fell into the river as Apels left and Chiari's group were facing a big pinch as they decided to get the box back. Back at the lake, Apels is thinking about himself until he found the box Rald's in and popped out, surprising Apels as he fell off his swan boat. A while later, he regains consciousnesses and saw Rald as both of them were in the ocean, all alone.
33"Farewell, Jewelpet Cafe!"
Transcription: "Sayonara juerupetto kafe!" (Japanese: さよならジュエルペットカフェ!)
November 16, 2013 (2013-11-16)
A mysterious man in a limousine arrived in front of the Jewelpet Cafe and noticed its potential, or his motive. Inside, the pets were busy at work preparing for opening the Cafe as Garnet is extra peppy at work. Ruby is out of energy as she herself is ordering everyone to hurry up. Seeing that she's being the boss of the cafe gave her a hard time keeping everything in shape. Then the front door opens as the strange man from earlier appears and is eying on everyone in the cafe, shifted his focus on Garnet and gave her a strange letter. As Garnet opens the letter and read what's inside, she's shocked while the others were too. Sapphie then confirmed that he's from the Jewelpet Hunting Society, searching for Garnet to become the new boss of a prestigious cafe. Garnet asked what cafe is it as she went outside and saw a bigger cafe in front of them. Everyone were shocked as the new cafe may pose a rival in sales as he left. Garnet is happy on the outcome. Days later, the new cafe is been bustling with business while Chiari wondered what happened to the customers and Sapphie think that the new cafe may affect their search for the Magic Gems. Garnet arrived with a bouquet of roses as she is happy that she bought a lot of stuff, knowing that being chosen as the new manager is getting on her ego. Taira then arrived in an emergency as he tries to convince the girls to fight back in sales and get their customers back. However, their attempts all ended in failure as the new cafe is showing off much better stuff and driving their customers away. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all getting worried on how will the pets keep up. Back inside, the pets were almost losing hope due to heavy competition the new cafe is putting on. Garnet herself had something else in mind as the girls asked her about it, saying that she needs some fresh air as she walked away. Outside, Garnet herself is thinking if she had to transfer to the new cafe and work as a manager until she encounter the couple working in the Jewelpet Cafe. They told her that they also can't keep up with the new cafe taking over their sales but never tried to give up. A while later, she met up with the guy who proposed her to work in the new cafe and she questioned him on why the new cafe is taking away her customers. However he then gave her another chance to take his offer and work for the new cafe, something she is confused on.
34"The Jewel Academy is Gone~!"
Transcription: "Jueru gakuen nakuna~tsu chau~!" (Japanese: ジュエル学園なくなっちゃう〜!)
November 23, 2013 (2013-11-23)
Somewhere inside the Jewel Academy, Lapis, a Russian Blue Jewelpet is looking at the Red Moon. As the power of Red Moon grows every day, trouble is starting to brew in the academy and she declared she will succeed. The next day, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were in the Jewelpet Cafe to see signs saying about its renewal opening to the public. They then went inside and saw the tables, chairs and everything were nicely decorated for the event alongside two rolling sushi belts filled with desserts. Ruby secretly greeted them and told the girls about the renovation as Chiari digs in on the desserts. However Nene and Ruruka read the sign on the table and knew Chiari is eating the sweets that costs 1000 yen each. She felt serious depressed on this as Sapphie said it's ok and Garnet told them the renovation was Garnet's idea to make up her mistakes on leaving her place as manager. Their discussion is then interrupted by Lapis, listening to their conversation as the girls noticed her red eyes: a mark of being possessed by the Red Moon. Lapis herself told the girls that she's chosen by the Red Moon so that she can carry out its plans on taking over Jewel Land, starting with the Cafe itself. Sapphie herself objected her ideals, but she used her magic and prepared some sushi. Ruby tasted it and she is impressed, but Sapphie stated she won't hand over the cafe to her. With her plan failed, she then decided to take over the Jewel Academy as her own for the Red Moon and the girls will going to try to stop her evil plans as Lapis left. As the situation is getting worse, they all went to Jewelina and informed her about it. She was shocked on it but then isn't worried. Garnet was worried about it, thought Jewelina told them as long as the girls collected the remaining 3 Magic Gems, everything is going to be fine. Back in the cafe, the girls looked at the Jewel Box and they were relieved that the box is ok. However, Ruby checked her Jewel Pod and saw that the Academy is about to be sold, with the school staff being possessed by the Red Moon itself. As they tried to buy it back, the girls were surprised to see that the academy is been sold to Lapis. The girls themselves must find a way to stop her. In the academy, things were about to get worse as Lapis introduced herself to the students and she put the girls in several harsh cooking lessons. After school, they were all worried about Lapis's takeover in the academy as Azusa herself is helping the students lifting a bookcase. Garnet rushed in and informed them about the cafe being taken over by Lapis herself and changed the menu. Much to their dismay, Lapis is going too far on executing the Red Moon's plans. In the academy, everything is going all according to plan as Lapis tickle tortures both Aples and the School Nurse. The girls were outside spying on what she's doing and came to a conclusion that they must stop her from taking over Jewel Land.
35"Happiness Secret Base~!"
Transcription: "Happinesu himitsu kichi~!" (Japanese: ハッピネス秘密基地〜!)
November 30, 2013 (2013-11-30)
Chiari and Ruby were again late for class as the storm out of the dormitory and into the academy in a hurry. However someone cast a magic spell in the road in the academy, creating a big hole. As the two were nearing academy grounds they fell into the hole itself. Jewelina noticed something about the moon while both Ruby and Chiari were confused about the light it cast. The magic light is about to hit both of them until Nephrite, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Jewelpet appeared as it hits, making all 3 of them feel lovely and warm inside. Jewelina noticed about the second moon in Jewel Land has finally changed, knowing its something linked with happiness. Later on, Jewelina is happy to see Nephrite again while Ruby noticed his change of accent. Chiari introduced herself as so does Nephrite while Jewelina told them about the moon that cast the warm magic. She explain the other moon is called the Small Moon of Happiness, which has powers enough to repel the influence of the Red Moon. As they were surprised, Sapphie entered the room with one of her inventions on hand as Nephrite fell in love with her. Noticing about Nephrite's affection to Sapphie, Jewelina agreed that both of them should work together as the three agrees. As she left the office, Chiari asked Sapphie about the invention she got. Sapphie told them it is her new invention called the Happiness Shot, which uses magic from the Moon of Happiness as she tested it to Ruby. Chiari was amazed on it as Sapphie took them to Jewelina's secret base and showed them where she's keeping some of the magic: a giant heart shaped tank built by Sapphie herself used to harness the Moon of Happiness's magic. Everyone were amazed as Sapphie is flattered while Nephrite was all on eyes on her as she sucked out the happiness magic inside him using the Happiness Shot. Seeing her new invention, it can serve as a chance to fight against the Red Moon's influence. Later in the Jewelpet Cafe, Nephrite decided to help the other pets in their job, much to their dismay. He himself somewhat bragging about his partnership with Sapphie in front of others as he then greeted Angela and treated her as a customer. The other pets corrected him afterwards. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were worried about how Nephrite is behaving due to falling in love with Sapphie and about his personality. Sapphie herself is worried as Nephrite told Garnet to bring the girls some desserts as she rushed to the kitchen. She then returned with a lot of pancakes, all stacked up and presented it to Chiari's table. The girls were amazed on how much she can cook as they all enjoyed their meal, however the pancakes didn't tasted as good as they expected. Garnet herself was crushed as the Red Moon started to release its magic and brainwash Garnet out of despair. Sapphie noticed the ominous glow as she told Nephrite to purify her using the Happines Shot. The purification worked as the girls saw Garnet all happy again and Sapphie is relieved that her invention worked. However this doesn't look good for the Red Moon as its starting to eye on the girls.
36"Baby Jewelina-bu~!"
Transcription: "Akachan juerīna bu~!" (Japanese: 赤ちゃんジュエリーナぶ〜!)
December 7, 2013 (2013-12-07)
That night in the Jewel Tower, Jewelina is busy cleaning the place using a vacuum, while also worrying about the Red Moon's powers growing. She then went outside and used her Jewel Pod to repair some open holes around Jewel Land, and then goes to check the Small Moon of Happiness for its magic. However the Red Moon is intimidating the moon itself, and worse, it cast a magic spell that turned her into a toddler. Later that morning, Chiari, Ruby, Nene, Ruruka and Sapphie were going to Peridot's place to check their fortune, with Ruby all happy and lucky. They then encountered Angela, Labra and Rossa who just passed by and got their hair and accessories changed and groomed. As they arrived at Peridot's tent and check, Peridot greeted them in a calm gesture as she gave them some bad news: her mobile cart is taken and no one is coming to her for her fortune. However she also told them about what she encounter in her journey, an orange tree that is blessed by the Small Moon of Happiness. Peridot showed them the orange with the other amused on how powerful the moon it in bringing happiness. She then used her magic to create a new crystal ball for it and decides to read the girls' fortune about the last Magic Gem, also peeling the orange apart. She predicted that something wrong has happened to Jewelina and the girls decided to search for her in the Jewel Tower, but they were all surprised to see her in her toddler form, much to her cuteness and dismay. The girls were confused what happened to her as young Jewelina wanted to play with them and used her magic. It created a huge daruma doll that rolled down the stairs as they all run for cover, except for Ruby and Chiari who got squished. The doll bounced back and is about to hit both girls until Ruby used her magic to make it vanish, but failed as it became a huge nameko mushroom and hits them both. It caused a huge commotion in the entire place as Jewelina got out and the Red Moon used its magic again to turn her into a toddler and wanders off. Chiari recovered from the commotion and found out Jewelina is missing, and knowing it is the Red Moon's fault that turn her into a child. Peridot used the orange to predict where she is now, the Rocks Cafe. However the girls were too late as Jewelina is not there and noticed the change of music in the cafe. They then went to the department store, on which became one big playground thanks to Jewelina's magic, as they encountered Labra, Angela and Rossa again. The girls asked for their help to search for Jewelina as they accepted, and then went to the Star Lake, where the girls are shocked to see the water became one giant milk pool. They then went to the flower fields but they saw that it got turned into a big diaper field. At the Jewelpet Cafe, Garnet herself is taking care of Jewelina until she got turn into an elephant for her to ride on. The others arrived on time and finally saw both Jewelina and Garnet together. However the Red Moon used its magic again, this time reverting Garnet back to normal and turning Jewelina even younger than before with a timer. Ruby looked outside at the Red Moon and found out that she will become younger and younger when the timer move and disappear forever, leaving the girls in a huge pinch.
37"I wanted Friends, Yami~!"
Transcription: "Tomodachi ga hoshī yami~!" (Japanese: 友達がほしいヤミ〜!)
December 14, 2013 (2013-12-14)
One day, the Red Moon unleashed a small magic burst somewhere in Jewel Land. In a meanwhile, Chiari and Ruby are both bummed out in the dormitory while admiring the new souvenirs they got. They both then saw the red moon's magic falling and decided to make on wish, with both Nene and Ruruka missed it, confused. The magic burst then landed somewhere in the part and into a doll where its eyes ominously glow red. A while later, Coal, a Capybara just closed his shop due to financial troubles. He wanders around the park, sad and worried with any job. He suddenly heard a voice and found the doll, as it spoke to him that he's amazing. He was surprised as he picked up the doll. At the academy, Jewelina suddenly made an announcement for the school bazaar by distributing flyers by plane. In the cafe, Sapphie is amazed that will participate for this year's bazaar for them to get more customers while Chiari and the others are busy setting up the cafe. Back to Coal, he is amazed on the talking doll admiring him and decided to play with it and listen to how it talks. As he's finally happy again, he decided to name the doll Angel, as the doll liked the name. He was surprised that it knew Coal so well as he's even more amazed. At the school grounds, the girls finished setting up their booth to sell some goods and with Garnet featuring a line of Maneki-neko statues modelled after her. Ruby and Chiari also had their own items for sale too as Nene and the others weren't that amused. They then looked at Labra, Angela and Rossa's booth, where they are both selling a new volume of Labra's Manga with Machiko signing at the copies, proving it to be a bestseller. Due to this, Chiari and both Ruby and Garnet decided to do their best as well. Back to Coal, he himself is having a conversation with Angel, being happy that he has someone to talk to. Angel is giving him some more praise until Coal received a pamphlet from the sky regarding the bazaar and decided to go there, not knowing about Angel's plans. Back in the bazaar, a little girl is passing out some lost and found pamphlets regarding her missing doll looking like Angel as she reached Ruby's booth. They were informed about it but they had no idea where the doll is and wanted to know more. The girl told them that she's playing with the doll named Dorothy in the park until she left it in the swings when her friends invited her to play. After her mom came and take her home, she then came back to the park only to see its missing. She is now begging Ruby and the others to search for the doll as they all agreed, with Sapphie needed to stay behind to watch over their booth. As Coal finally arrived at the Bazaar, where he decided to buy something. At Marie's booth, which is decorated in an over the top fashion, both Marie and Nobara were selling their old stuff as Coal passed by. This gave Marie a chance to befriend him until she saw Coal making a fuss on her booth. He got harshly scolded as Mutsumi offered him a snack. A while later, things didn't go well for him and Angel as they both relax in a tree and talked about what happened. Angel cheered him up as he got his determination back and went to the bazaar once more. But he himself had no idea that Angel is actually Dorothy, the doll the little girl is searching for, and its corrupted with the Red Moon's dark magic.
38"Song of Jewel Christmas~!"
Transcription: "Utau Jueru Kurisumasu~!" (Japanese: 歌うジュエルクリスマス~!)
December 21, 2013 (2013-12-21)
Chiari is all excited today as she, Nene and Ruruka are looking forward for the Christmas Party being held in the Jewelpet Cafe. At the cafe, the pets are busy setting up the place as the girls arrived on time to help as Nene said that Sanada's band will perform for the event. Everyone is happy however, the Red Moon is plotting another scheme on ruining the event. Back to the girls, they were almost finished with the decoration as they're now setting up the tables and preparing the food and somehow lagging behind. Ruby tries to remedy this using her magic, however Garnet never allowed her to do so due to she will blow up the cafe, along with their hard work. Ruby apologizes until she felt someone tugging her ears and saw a gray hamster appear before her face, as she recognize her as Amelie. The girls were amazed to see a Hamster Jewelpet before as Sapphie wondered why is she early. Amelie replied to them that she wanted to help with the decorations as they agreed, and Garnet is happy to see someone is lending a hand. Meanwhile at the practice court, Kosuke and the boys were busy practicing for the upcoming Christmas Party performing their song. Mouri looked at the time as he said to the others he had other things to do while the others are confused, and told him to meet them in the Cafe. Back at the cafe, the pets were still busy decorating as Amelie decided to help using her magic, but what she did turned everything topsy-turvy from replacing the Christmas Tree decorations with Sunflowers to turning the cooked chicken into carrots. She then went to the girls if she can help them with the fireplace and decided to make Santa appear with her magic, but she ended up destroying it. Because of this, Amelie felt worried and at the same time, guilty that her friends will scold her, enough for the Red Moon to make its move and possess Amelie using a red jewel. Back inside, Chiari is worried on what happened to Amelie with both Ruruka and Rossa feeling the same. Nene came back and Rossa asked her if she saw Amelie, but no avail as she can't find her. The girls and the pets were worried where she is hiding, however they got another problem regarding the coffee beans for the Christmas Cake as Nene decided to go to the Rocks Cafe while searching for Amelie. At town, Mouri is busy on his other job as Santa as he gives gifts to the kids, as he spotted Nene on the horizon. He decides to go where she's going but he's been blocked by various obstructions that prevent him from advancing and meeting Nene. After he got through, he found out she's gone. At the Rocks Cafe, Master told her that he's out of beans as she left the cafe disappointed, not knowing she's gonna be in trouble.
39"I Forgot~!"
Transcription: "Wasure chatta yo~!" (Japanese: わすれちゃったよ~!)
December 28, 2013 (2013-12-28)
It is almost the New Year in Jewel Land as Ruby and her friends were happy to greet the next year. However Garnet harshly reminded them that they still need to open their presents they got from the Christmas Party and clean up the cafe as Sapphie told them. A while later, the kitchen is finally been cleaned as Ruby checks the fridge, and huge amounts of food came out. Rossa reminded her that the cafe forgot to use all the food for the entire year as everyone were in a pinch. As Chiari and the others arrived, the pets prepared them some food using some of the food they didn't use. The girls weren't unsure they should eat it until Sakuran appears and served them some sweets she brought. The girls were amazed especially on the roll cake with Master's picture printed on it. Ruby said to Chiari if they can check on to see what Kosuke is doing in the guy's dorm. As they went there, the two saw both Kosuke and Taira pounding some rice in order to make mochi. Ruby helped them as she used her magic to rain down a lot of prepared Mochi as Ruby apologized and left. At the Girl's Dormitory, they then encountered Sango, who is doing her year-end cleaning in the windows. They told her that Sakuran is in the Cafe and is preparing for the New Year's celebration. However, Marie, Nobara and Mutsumi overheard them tried to use this chance to get her own magic gem. Back at the cafe, the party is underway and they all eat through the celebration as Ruby told Garnet about the Karaoke. Garnet used her magic to materialize a mini stage for them to sing while Marie's desire is burning. Nobara however told her that they got one song to sing for the duet, which bore Marie. The girls sang "Hikari no Hate Ni" in the Karaoke and Marie is almost bored, but the pets cheered her up. The girls then talked about their new year's resolutions and their past experiences for them to move forward in the future and had one goal in the future: getting all the Magic Gems. Marie is still heartbroken that she is the only person who doesn't have a Magic Gem of her own as both Nobara and Mutsumi cheered her up. Garnet and Sapphie also thought of a new idea for their cafe, a lot of them. However, all of the ideas they though were hard to do as Ruby decides to use her magic in the cafe for them to work. But it backfired as nothing happened however Ruby and the pets noticed that the Humans lost some of their memories, the memories that they knew the existence of both Jewelpets and Sweetspets. Ruby must find a way to get their memories back.
40"Jewel Defense Force, Scramble~!"
Transcription: "Jueru bōei-tai shutsudo~!" (Japanese: ジュエル防衛隊しゅつど~!)
January 4, 2014 (2014-01-04)
Tata, a Squirrel Monkey Jewelpet, is leaving town one night due to his disappointment at not getting his own Magic Gem. He then stared at the Red Moon and got mad, but the moon attacked him with countless rocks. Tata evaded the attack and used his Jewel Magic on it, only to bounce back and hit Tata directly, while completely brainwashing him turning him into a large Jewelpet. At the Jewel Tower, Jewelina saw how Tata got possessed and got worried. That morning in the Jewelpet Cafe, the girls were doing their morning exercise routine, all feeling refreshed until Jewelina appeared with Kosuke all dressed up in a strange uniform. She told the girls and the pets about Tata and they must form a Jewel Guard to take him down. Chiari however, liked how Kosuke is dressed up. Later in the secret base, the girls are busy on the lookout for Tata while Marie felt its a waste of time as Nobara told her her chance to work with them and get her own Magic Gem. Chiari and the other arrived all dressed up while Mutsumi, Labra, Angela and Rossa brought then some food until both Garnet and Sapphie spotted Tata on the radar. Kosuke and the girls sortie to take on a berserk Tata at the falls. As they arrived, Tata is about to left as Chiari received a call from Sapphie and go where he's going. The group then arrived at a snow-covered area through bus as they decided to investigate. However both of Ruby and Chiari's ice slipping making Tata mad and accidentally destroyed the ice cave as they all left the area to chase down Tata. Back at the base, Nene, Sapphie and Garnet surveyed on where Tata is going next and found out he's going straight to the Academy. Garnet tried to ask Marie about this however both her and Nobara are asleep. As Tata arrived at the dormitory and started wreaking havoc, Chiari and the others arrived late and must do something to stop him. Ruby herself used her magic that materialize some bananas. But when Tata is about to grab it, he destroyed the entire dormitory and is approaching towards Chiari. They all got out of the bus before Tata destroys it. Sapphie then told the group that they produced specialized Swan Boats to intercept Tata as they all get in and flew the boats. As they look at Tata all finished eating the bananas, they then saw him slip on one of the peels and accidentally crashed into the academy. Jewelina didn't expect this as Garnet decided to host a mini segment and answered all of the questions regarding the cafe. As Garnet is busy, the other saw Tata approaching the cafe fast and Chiari and the others have nothing to do to stop him. Kosuke told Ruby to use her magic once more, which increases her size as Kosuke ejects from his plane and Ruby landed safely on the ground. With the only way to stop Tata is through size, Ruby must take him down before its too late.
41"Where's my Pretty Jewelpet~?"
Transcription: "Bishōjo Juerupetto doko~?" (Japanese: 美少女ジュエルペットどこ〜?)
January 11, 2014 (2014-01-11)
It's wintertime in Jewel Land and snow starts to fall throughout the land. Later in the morning, the pets and the girls were amazed on how the whole place is covered in snow as they all play. Garnet thought on the idea to construct something out of snow to impress the customers in the cafe as everyone agreed on the idea. As they discussed, a Beagle Jewelpet name Yuku appeared as Ruby greeted him. He greeted back to the girls while telling them about how sad he is this winter as Angela cheered him up. Later, Yuku used his Jewel Magic to construct a Jewelpet Cafe made of snow and ice, amusing the girls. He invited them inside as Ruby and her friends were amazed on how well designed the cafe is, and they all got to work to get some customers by distributing flyers. Outside, Taira was admiring on how well designed the ice-themed cafe is and saw the girls. He then greeted Yuku as he got embarrassed when Ruby told him about Taira's love of Jewelpets. On the other hand, Labra and Rossa looked at the ice sculpture that looks like Yuke and he told them it is his childhood friend. Yuku explained that he met her 10 years ago when he was a puppy. She was very nice and also motherly, and Yuku considered her a mother. They both played together until they both part ways, and when he grew up he decided to search for her every winter. The girls are amused on his story, though Yuku himself is saddened that he never gonna see her again. The girls all decided to search for the Pretty Jewelpet, but Taira was kinda reminded about something due to Yuku's story as he left the cafe. A while later, the girls set up several posters of the girl Yuku mentioned all across town and through several flyers Garnet gave away. Through all the commotion, Marie isn't interested on the entire idea but Nobara told her that if she found the girl Yuku is searching, she may get a chance to have her own Magic Gem. Taira on the other hand is saddened as he went back to dorms until he met Yuke again, who is setting up posters inside. Taira was very sad about it while Yuku wanted to know where's the Jewelpet he's searching. However, Taira broke the silence and told him everything as he showed him a photo of him when he's younger, looking exactly like the one Yuke is searching for. Yuku is shocked that the pretty Jewelpet he's searching for is right in front of him as he apologized. But Yuku didn't take it well and ran away crying, and Taira didn't know he's hurt. Yuku himself is saddened as he walked away, not knowing that the Red Moon started to take control of him.
42"Jewel Relay Race Go! Fight~!"
Transcription: "Jueru ekiden gō! Faito~!" (Japanese: ジュエル駅伝ゴー!ファイト~!)
January 18, 2014 (2014-01-18)
In the Academy, Azusa announced about the Relay Race that's happening next week. The entire class were surprised to hear this as their teacher told them who will participate. Sachi raised her hand and volunteered alongside Nene and Ruruka. Chiari and Ruby were happy that all 3 of them will compete while they're gonna cheer for them. On the other hand, Diana is excited about the race as she rushes to the academy with her cheering squad. As she tries to warm up, she accidentally tripped and hit a rock. Seeing that she's used to cheer people instead of competing in athletics made her worried. The Red Moon then burst out a red jewel and landed onto her head, brainwashing her to be desperately hopeless as she runs away from the group. Meanwhile at the Jewelpet Cafe, the pets were also excited about the Relay Race especially Garnet herself while Labra, Rossa and Angela are all fired up. Sapphie is happy that in good spirits as they formed their own team while both Chiari and Ruby are excited to cheer on them, however, both accidentally bit their tongues much to the others' disappointment. Opal interrupted them and decided to compete with their own group in the Relay Race as well. Chiari and Ruby also cheered on Opal's team as Marie was dead jealous looking at the window regarding the relay race. While Nobara told her it's her chance to compete and get her own Magic Gem as Marie then agreed to compete with Io. At the academy grounds, Kosuke's team were busy practicing rounds for the race as the girls watch and can prove as a worthy opponent to Sachi's team. Sachi was unsure of them but she knew she could win while thinking about Diana. As Diana appears, the girls were all puzzled on why she is all depressed while both Chiari and Ruby cheered. Diana told the two to stop and said she won't win the race as she ran away. That night, Sachi was puzzled on what happened to her and why she's behaving strangely and decided the next day to do her best in her practice. The other pets are doing the same and Garnet is busy cleaning as Sapphie told her to make the uniforms. Garnet responded by using her magic and created a gigantic cake-like uniform, much for Sapphie's confusion. The other teams were all busy as well during practice as the competition is looming in while Sachi is still having a hard time catching up as the girls showed up and cheer for her, flattering her. However, at the end of the day, she is totally unsure if she can run fast enough to race as the Red Moon took control of her mind and met Diana. A while later in the dormitory, both were watching the announcement of the Relay Race even in despair as Chiari tries to open the door for them to come out. They then cheered them up to come out, however as they both come out of the door, they were utterly angry and depressed on the entire event and both decided to bail out and went back inside. Seeing them depressed, Chiari and the others must find a way to cheer them up by joining the race. However, they both found out the race is not as easy as it looks.
43"The Last Scene didn't came out~!"
Transcription: "Rasutoshīn ga detekonai~!" (Japanese: ラストシーンが出てこない~!)
January 25, 2014 (2014-01-25)
Machiko woke up one morning as she is in a hurry for school. However during in a rush, she accidentally bumped into a Jewelpet and all of her work got scattered in the air. Fortunately, the Jewelpet used his Jewel Flash Magic to gather back all of Machiko's work, and safely landed on her head. He then left as Machiko was amazed on how he saved her work. As the Academy, the whole class were excited and talking about a new classmate attending in their class as their teacher arrived alongside the Jewelpet seen earlier on. Ruby recognized him as King, a French Bulldog Jewelpet as he introduced himself to the class and Machiko is happy to see him again. Later in class, the girls were amazed to see him and how his Jewel Eyes sparkles while he talks to them. Ruby and the other Jewelpets join in as the girls looked at them all happy. Then King looked at Machiko, who then thanked him for saving her drawings earlier on. He however is lost at words and doesn't know how to repay her properly though Machiko didn't mind at all as she left him and went back to her table. Feeling rather worried about his feelings, the Red Moon emitted a dark gem and took control of King, turning him evil. Ruby and Rossa wondered what happened to him as King became rude to the two pets and left the room. The girls wondered what happened to him until King returned, all dressed up in a Bancho outfit. The whole class were surprised to see him like this, acting rudely in class chewing gum, disrespecting their teacher and turning their heads into pompadours as he caused a lot of trouble to Ruby and the others. Machiko herself is getting worried on what happened to him. At the end of the day in the Jewelpet Cafe, the girls were wondering on why King is behaving strangely and Chiari suggested that they should talk to King and know him better. The girls agreed on this. However as they tried to reason with him, he didn't listened to them and pulled a prank on them. In the classroom, the girls then asked King if he his hobbies, but rudely answered them by scratching the blackboard until the girls fainted from the harsh screeching sound. After then, the girls were busy cleaning the classroom as they themselves can't convince King to open up, however Ruby decided to host him a party. But when he arrived at the Jewelpet Cafe later on, Machiko instead appeared as she said that King is not bad. As she told the girls everything especially how he became an inspiration to her next manga, they all found out that he isn't really bad at all and decided to convince him that he's a good guy with Machiko's help.
44"It doesn't sparkle anymore~!"
Transcription: "Kirakira shinaku natsu chatta~!" (Japanese: キラキラしなくなっちゃった~!)
February 1, 2014 (2014-02-01)
At the end of the day in the Jewelpet Cafe, Sapphie is busy decorating a cake for Marie's Birthday with Rossa finishes the decoration with a ribbon. The girls checked in and see how pretty it is and checked that everything is ok. Just then, Nobara and Mutsumi arrived at the cafe to pick up the cake, the two were impressed on the decorations while saying that Marie will be happy tomorrow. That night, Nobara herself is running while she didn't notice the Red Moon making its move and spurting out a lot of red jewels all over Jewel Land. She then later stumbled into a cabin and decided to look at window, as she saw a Scottish Fold Jewelpet writing some sort of letter while somehow determined to get his own Magic Gem. Nobara heard about this and knew he would be a perfect match for Marie as she decided to knock on the door and introduced herself saying she could help him. However the Jewelpet rejected her offer harshly as he doesn't need any help, Nobara however pleaded that she can help him as she tries to open the door. But the Jewelpet refuses as he keeps it shut until finally opened it and met him face to face. However the two got hit directly by the Red Moon's red gems and successfully took control of them. Later, Marie asked Mutsumi where Nobara went as she isn't back in the dormitory. Mutsumi said she didn't know until Nobara arrived with the Jewelpet, who is named Alex and both are behaving harshly over Marie. She had no idea what happened to her or to Alex, as Nobara harshly said to her she and the pet are partners and wants Marie to treat Nobara and Alex as her masters and yearns to get their own Magic Gem for their own. Meanwhile, Jewelina is getting worried that the Red Moon's powers are getting stronger through the power of unhappiness, prompting her to take desperate actions. Later that morning, Both Mutsumi and Marie were taking Nobara and Alex outside, and gave Marie a lot of painful task in hopes for the two to get their Magic Gem. Marie herself arrived back with the items the two asked her to get, but they rejected it. Next, both Mutsumi and Marie were using Indoor cycling machines to power up a heater as Alex harshly ordered them to pedal faster. Then Marie performed some tricks for both Alex and Nobara as Marie got a bad score while Mutsumi got a good score as she cooked some food for them. At the Jewelpet Cafe, Marie is dead tired as the pets wondered what happened to her while Chiari and the others are worried. Later that day, the pets are finished cleaning the cafe as they go on a break while Ruby left the key in the counter. However without their notice both Nobara and Alex stole the key. As they came back, Marie is gonna warn them about Nobara and Alex's strange behavior until its too late as the two got the Jewel Box in their hand. The girls were surprised to see the box stolen as Alex used his Jewel Flash magic and transformed the Magic Gems into their own clothing. As they told the girls their plan to steal the Jewel Box in the beginning, Marie was very annoyed on how they behave while they have to stop them from causing trouble.
45"Valentine's Day Roll~ing!"
Transcription: "Barentaindē go~ro-goro!" (Japanese: バレンタインデーご~ろごろ!)
February 8, 2014 (2014-02-08)
It's Valentine's Day in Jewel Land as everyone in Jewel Academy were now making Chocolates for the one they love the most. The Jewelpets were in the cooking class with Chiari and the others as they were gonna learn how to make Valentine Chocolates, with Garnet is excited on this class. Ruby also decided to use her magic, but backfired as it created a giant beanstalk that grabbed her and Chiari upwards out of the academy. Later on, Sapphie is teaching some of the students in the Biology class as Taira didn't pay attention which ended him getting scolded by Sapphie. Then, Jewelina appears in the classroom as she brought some info regarding the secrets behind the Red Moon. Sapphie herself got excited as she and Jewelina decided to work together. On the other hand Mouri is getting distracted as he always think about Nene in the entire class as Takumi checks on him. Mouri replied he's ok as Takumi is busy helping the students while the others watch. A while later, Angela is happy that she finally made her valentines chocolate for Takumi as Ruruka is happy for her. She then asked her if she had a special gift for someone as well as Ruruka mentioned that she has some feelings for Takumi. As they saw Takumi, Angela went to him but got blocked by his fans who wanted him to accept theirs. The girls told the two to scram as both Angela and Ruruka can't do anything about it. However during the frenzy, the Red Moon again cast his spell on one of the chocolates as Takumi accepts them while both Ruruka and Angela decided to do their best. Back at the academy, Chiari is stumped as her cookies came out burned. Ruby and Nene decided to cheer her up as Chiari decides to try again, knowing that Kosuke will accept his gift. Then, Nene's Jewel Pod starts to ring as she answers it, it was Mouri on the line telling her some things while embarrassed. After that call, she looked at Ruby as she told her if she's gonna give him some presents while Chiari's cookies came out perfectly. Mouri was a bit embarrassed on what he said to Nene but he didn't mind until he encountered Takumi with the chocolates given to him by his fans as Mouri went inside. However, when he ate the one cursed with the Red Moon's Magic, he got possessed by the dark magic it contains and covered by a black cloud. The next day at the Jewelpet Cafe, Ruby and the others got a bad news regarding Takumi as they received a note regarding his absence. Mouri and Taira were both getting worried on what happened to him last night as Angela freaked out. Ruruka tried to get her back in place as the others are worried and decides to search for him. With Angela's chocolate tied into a string, she and the others are trying to find Takumi until they encountered Kosuke along the way. Chiari greeted him as Ruby told her it is her chance to impress him. But when she's about to say something, something big is approaching their way as they all run away. Sapphie told the others to split into separate directions as the ball is now chasing both Chiari and Ruby. They then saw the lake as they jump into the water but ended up sliding down the ice and hitting Queen Swannee, with the ball followed and came to a stop. As they recovered, Chiari is saddened that the cookies meant for Kosuke is ruined as they then look at the ball and saw it was Takumi. With Angela broken on what happened on Takumi, they all must find out how will they turn him back to normal.
46"EK Mens! Ba-Kyu~n!"
Transcription: "EK menzu! Bakiyu~n!" (Japanese: EKメンズ!ばきゅ~ん!)
February 15, 2014 (2014-02-15)
At the Jewelpet Cafe, the pets presented the girls the Valentines Chocolates they all received as Chiari, Nene and Ruruka discussed about Graduation. Seeing that they're gonna miss each other after they graduate, Ruby told her that she should spend some more time with Kosuke as she blushed in happiness. However the Red Moon overheard their conversation and decides to cast an evil spell to the High School Quartet. Back in the cafe, both Ruby and Chiari had finished eating the chocolates until Sapphie came in and gave them some bad news regarding Mouri. The girls rushed to the school grounds and saw Mouri dressed in a ballerina outfit and possessed by the Red Moon's magic. They all got worried on how did he got possessed until they noticed that the Red Moon's magic is focused on him, collecting the unhappiness magic he emits. Chiari tried to tell him what happened but he is beyond reach as the dark magic is possessing the girls around him and Nene is getting worried. Garnet arrived and told the girls that Taira is acting strange as well as they go check. It was the same situation as Mouri, also possessed by the Red Moon and spreading the Unhappiness Magic to the entire area. The girls are really getting worried as the Red Moon's powers are getting stronger. Chiari and Ruby decided to go check on Kosuke while the others go and search for Takumi. Chiari and Ruby searched around the academy until they found him in a hole, however Kosuke is starting to put Chiari in a trance and hypnotize her. Ruby immediately used her Jewel Magic for them to escape, with Kosuke vowing to find both of them. On the other hand, Nene, Ruruka and Sapphie were busy searching for Takumi until they heard Angela crying. They all went to where she is and found Takumi, all dressed up in an Alpaca costume as he said harsh words to Angela to pet her. The others are confused but worried on his situation as the Unhappiness Aura is increasing in the area. Jewelina is well aware of this situation and stated that the Red Moon has gone too far on manipulating the boys and everyone's happiness.
47"Black Jewel Castle Desu!"
Transcription: "Burakkujueru-jō yoidesu!" (Japanese: ブラックジュエル城よいです!)
February 22, 2014 (2014-02-22)
Chiari and the others had failed to turn the quartet back to normal due to the powerful influence of the Red Moon, knowing they will be a very powerful opponent to beat. As Ruby appeared and cheered Chiari up, they may have a chance. The next day, Rossa is busy changing the lightbulbs inside the Jewelpet cafe until she got a visit from the EK Mens, somewhat trying to treat her with royalty. But she is unaware that she's falling to the Red Moon's trap and turned her evil. With her personality changed, the EK Mens took Rossa out of the cafe as they all went to the Jewel Castle. However Labra and Rossa witnessed everything and decides to follow them. A while later, Chiari, Ruby and Sapphie arrived at the cafe finding that she's gone until Nene and Ruruka told them the bad news. As they went to the Jewel Castle, the whole place is changed surprisingly, now being claimed by the EK Mens. As the door opens, the girls then saw Rossa and the EK Mens as they told them they now own the place and Rossa wants to be called Queen. The pets objected to this and try to convince her to go back to normal, but failed to do so. Chiari is worried on how bad Kosuke has become and Marie's group were shocked on what they will do. As the villains went back to the castle, Angela decided to go in to convince Takumi with Labra following her. Inside, Takumi is brushing the wool on his costume as he saw Angela worried. However its too late as the Red Moon turned her evil as Takumi's plan worked. At the academy, Labra is searching on where Angela went until she heard some girls screaming for joy and investigate. She saw the EK mens and invited her to play, only to get possessed by the Red Moon. Seeing their plan worked, Kosuke is sure that they can provide enough Unhappiness energy for the Red Moon. Meanwhile, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all disgusted on what happened to the academy while searching for the EK Mens. Everything is getting worse in their search and Chiari is getting depressed on what he became as the two cheered her up and hoping they can turn him back to normal. Back in the cafe, Ruby cheered her up by giving her some special soda while finding a way to actually turn them back to normal. Ruby then got an idea and decided to use the power of the Magic Gems to turn the boys back to normal, however, things are gonna get worse as the EK Mens makes another move and a powerful wave of Unhappiness Energy is been collected. Chiari has no options left to snap Kosuke and the others back to normal, and may think she won't have any hope on saving everyone.
48"Someone came from Outer Space~!"
Transcription: "Uchū kara dare ka kita~!" (Japanese: 宇宙から誰か来た~!)
March 1, 2014 (2014-03-01)
Jewelina accidentally landed on the Small Moon of Happiness as she was now chasing a mysterious person that she saw. Back at Jewel Land, the situation is getting worse as more Unhappiness energy fills the land, and making the girls worry about Jewelina. During their worries, a flying saucer crash landed onto the Jewelpet Cafe and saw it open up. Ruby was surprised to see a White Lion came out and recognized her as Granite as he saw Ruby and the girls. Sapphie explained that Granite is actually exploring the stars as a strange alien named Uchujin came down the ship. Granite introduced him to the girls as Garnet told him some details regarding what's going on in Jewel Land and how they will rescue Jewelina. Granite however told them that his ship is damaged during the crash landing as Sapphie decided to fix it for him so they can search for Jewelina. A while later, the pets hid the ship out of the EK Men's reach while Chiari, Nene and Ruruka shop for some goods on their long work. They then encountered the EK Mens once again as they're trying to extract more Unhappiness Energy from their fans and the possessed pets were there as well. The boys went to the three girls as Kosuke is again trying to charm Chiari into joining them, and Ruby's Magic as no effect on the boy's charm. Gladly both Nene and Ruruka saved her from being possessed as Chiari snaps out and they all retreated back to the Cafe. Meanwhile the pets are busy fixing Granite's ship as Garnet complained on Marie managing the shop without her. Sapphie said it's ok while Granite informed her that a lot of repairs are needed to get it going again. Sapphie is beginning to get worried as Chiari and the others arrived with the food. Ruby then arrived with a fuel tank containing a lot of Unhappiness Energy, and she's been using it to boil some eggs. Fortunately Sapphie got an idea and used her own Magic Gem in hopes to purify the Unhappiness aura into Happiness. As it worked the girls all decided to collect some of the bad energy to be used for Granite's ship as he stays behind, however Labra, Angela and Rossa knew their plans and goes back to the Dark Jewel Castle to report it. Later on, the girls are now collecting some Unhappiness Energy using specialized vacuums in hopes that they can power up Granite's ship. On their collection, they then encountered Kosuke once again but turned to be a fake and decided to suck out the Unhappiness in them. But in a worst turn of events, the real Kosuke was notified about their plans and decided to plan a counterattack and steal the Flying Saucer from them in disguise. Back at Granite, he is busy installing the fuel tank into the ship as he then encountered Kosuke and quickly hijacks the ship. Jewelina on the other hand is still following the mysterious person inside the cave as she is surprised on who she encountered...
49"Unhappiness sukapo~n!"
Transcription: "Anhappinesu de sukapo~n!" (Japanese: アンハッピネスでスカポ~ン!)
March 8, 2014 (2014-03-08)
Due to an accident in the last episode, Sapphie has been possessed by the Unhappiness aura after fixing Granite's spaceship. On a worst case scenario, the power of the Unhappiness corrupted a lot of denizens in Jewel Land with the School Nurse and Azusa themselves worried over the situation. Azusa herself then knew that they still had hope and Sapphie can help them, but when she met up with her, she's shocked on what happened to her and she did not remember her at all. Sapphie took off and starts to spread some Unhappiness aura all around the campus, causing the students and the teachers to be corrupted, and even the other Pets themselves. Chiari and the others are getting worried as Sapphie is spreading even more Unhappiness in the campus and almost corrupted everyone. Azusa tries to convince her to stop and showed her the rose they grew together. However she ignored it and destroyed it, causing Azusa to go to despair and to be possessed. The girls are getting worried until they encounter the EK Mens once more and the other corrupted pets. Rossa herself stated that due to the growing power of the Unhappiness Aura that the Red Moon is getting stronger than before. Azusa then appeared once again, fully corrupted as they took Sapphie and went back to the Black Jewel Castle. In a crushing defeat back at the Jewelpet Cafe, the girls has lost one of the pets that can turn the tides and worries that it's all over. Marie then cheered up the girls and knew they had a chance to win while they notice Marie's group wearing some Glove Hats. As they agree, they heard Garnet screaming in the cafe as they went to see what's wrong. They saw the holder of the Jewel Box in the ground while had a strange "S" written on the ground. They then figure out that the Box and the Magic Gems are gone and find out that either Sapphie or Kosuke stole it and took it back to the castle. Chiari and Ruby decided to go to the castle and retrieve the box as everyone agrees. Meanwhile in the small moon, Jewelina and her older sister notices the Red Moon grew double in size due to the growing power of Unhappiness. She is now getting worried that it may overwhelm Jewel Land as the sisters decided to give Jewel Land more Happiness aura to support the girls. Back at Jewel Land, the girls are finally in the Castle thought they noticed that the main door is locked shut, and no sign of Marie and her group. Ruby decides to cut the lock by turning her ears into sharp blades and use her as a giant cutter. However the lock is tough and injures her ears deeply, before they saw Labra and Angela going to the front door through a secret pet door. The girls decided to go inside the castle through the door but unknown to them, a deadly trap awaits..
50"I'll Protect the Happiness Ga!"
Transcription: "Happinesu wa watashi ga mamoru gā!" (Japanese: ハッピネスはわたしが守るガー!)
March 15, 2014 (2014-03-15)
In Chiari and Ruby's continuous effort to fight against the Red Moon and the EK Mens, Garnet is determined on her part as she is cleaning the cafe's floors and busy with all the chores. Just then, she encounter the EK Mens as she didn't notice the Red Moon had cast a spell to corrupt her. At the dormitory, Chiari and the others are worried that the Unhappiness is starting to affect everyone's personality as they all think evil without hesitation. The girls knew things are not getting better and they should do something to stop it before its too late. Marie and the other arrived at the dorms as well and they all talk about how can they revert everything back to normal. Chiari then said that Paroma himself has the answer, however they all had no idea what he meant about Chiari being a chosen one. They then decided to check on Garnet in the Jewelpet Cafe to see if she's alright, but when they get there, all they see is a lot of robots modeled after her. The girls were surprised about this as the robots starts to serve them while the rear Garnet is doing nothing. Seeing its part of the EK Mens' plan to use Sapphie's knowledge to take over the cafe, the pets used their magic to redecorate the underground area for their interest. Back to Chiari, they were getting worried on how the bots were treating them and wondered what happened to the real Garnet as she shows up. Forcing the girls to work, the girls are getting worried on the situation they're in while Marie and the others used this opportunity to escape. However Garnet activated the trap door, sending Marie and the others to an underground Jewel production plant while Kosuke appears and finally reveal his true plans.
51"Chiari Transforms~!"
Transcription: "Chiari ga henshin shita~!" (Japanese: ちありが変身した~!)
March 22, 2014 (2014-03-22)
In an unfortunate event, all of the Magic Gems Chiari and Ruby have collected shatters due to the intense power of Unhappiness and both Nene and Ruruka got possessed by the Red Moon and left her. As hope is beyond their reach, Chiari is saddened on what happened to her closest friends and everyone's Unhappiness is overwhelming everyone's desires while Ruby tries to cheer her up and convince her that it is not too late. As she is again full of determination, they heard some screaming outside to see Marie's group in trouble. Marie and Mutsumi successfully saved Nobara from an Unhappiness slime as Chiari and Ruby checked on them. Marie herself told Chiari to fight on, in order to stop the Unhappiness and the Red Moon as she and Ruby decided to save everyone. However before they can do it, the Red Moon fired an Unhappiness blast directly to Chiari and Ruby until Marie pushed her out of the way and took the blast. Nobara and Mutsumi tried to save her but they also got sucked in and became corrupted. Chiari tries to save them but its too late as Marie told her to go and save everyone, as both Chiari and Ruby left. As they run, they then fall into a pit as the Red Moon looked at their despaired stated and Chiari is losing hope. Meanwhile. Jewelina and her sister decides to give Chiari another Happiness blast to save the two. Chiari and Ruby notices that the Happiness is powering them up as Megumina explained that Chiari is indeed the chosen one, the herald for the Small Moon of Happiness. But due to the overwhelming power of Unhappiness, she cannot bring out her potential which the reason why she supports her and the group. Finally learning this, Jewelina decided to support Chiari and Ruby and they both charge up her Jewel Pod. After its fully charged, she made a call to Chiari back in Jewel Land, telling her she's alright and told her everything while giving her a hint on how to weaken the Red Moon. Ruby and Chiari point their Jewel Pod to each other and used a more powerful Jewel Flash magic to teleport them into a stage. She saw a huge crowd including the EK Mens and both Nene and Ruruka who told her to perform with them as the three-piece idol unit "CRN". Chiari herself doesn't know what to do or if she can actually do it, as Ruby notices that she's slowly becoming corrupted and she manages to snap her out and told her to fight back. Chiari herself understands and convinces everyone to be happy and be free from the Unhappiness. However her words didn't reach her, especially her friends as they're gonna tear her apart before Ruby teleports them out. Kosuke knew this would happen and the fact that Ruby is getting in the way in his plans, as he decided to eradicate both of them at once.
52"Laughing Together, that's Happiness!"
Transcription: "Warai attara happinesu!" (Japanese: 笑い合ったらハッピネス!)
March 29, 2014 (2014-03-29)
In a final confrontation against Kosuke and the Red Moon of Unhappiness to rescue Ruby, Chiari decides to go to the Red Moon in order to set things straight once and for all. Megimina and Jewelina decided it's also time to support Chiari in order to restore happiness back in Jewel Land as well. At the Red Moon, she saw Ruby fully corrupted by the Red Moon's magic as well as Kosuke who is waiting for her. She tried to convince Kosuke's that his smile is gone, and wanted to see it once again and bring back the laughter inside his heart. He refuses this as he laughed maniacally and fuses with the Red Moon, destroying the temple itself. Chiari rushed to Ruby and tries to protect her with her magic, however the building fully collapses as Kosuke looked at the Rubble where Chiari and Ruby is. Luckily Chiari used her magic to destroy the rubble and faced Kosuke straight through. Her Happiness is strong enough to weaken Kosuke and the Red Moon a bit, however it was no use as he retaliated as the Red Moon fuses with his body and increases its power and size. Both sisters are surprised on the outcome and decided to use this opportunity to get to the Red Moon and assist Chiari. Back to Chiari, the battle is fierce against the Red Moon, as she tries to dodge its attacks before both Jewelina and Megumina came to the rescue and evaded the attack. Confused to see the two sisters, they shifted her focus on the red moon, who cannot tell its feelings directly and speaks through Kosuke himself. They then noticed Ruby being eaten away by the Unhappiness and she will turn back unless they save her. Chiari decided to talk to the Red Moon one more time, about its feelings as they will listen. The Red Moon explained that all of those attacks is due to wanting to be heard as he once shined brightly in the night until a face appeared on its surface, which would make everyone unhappy due it was a bad omen and locked away. He also said that people had all the happiness and he himself would represent all the unhappiness of human beings. Because of this, he decides to spread unhappiness throughout Jewel Land, as his grew and turn red. Chari said wrong about his actions, as that a world of hate and unhappiness is not an ideal paradise, but a world filled with despair and sadness. And now matter how everyone thinks its better to be happy and can share their happiness to people who don't have any, and would never run out as long as happiness creates more happiness. However the Red Moon think its a lie and emits more powerful Unhappiness aura, which hurts Ruby more. Luckily, the rest of the Jewelpets and the girls arrived as they purify Ruby from her unhappiness state. Chiari is happy to see Ruby well after being purified as the Red Moon is confused and both sisters decides to fuse together to become S-Jewelina and use their power to destroy the Red Moon's pedestal, also freeing Kosuke from the curse. After the battle, they all look at a strange mirror that has a graffiti on it, similar to the Red Moon's face. This was the mirror representing the Red Moon, as Ruby is shocked seeing it. As they all about to find the real culprit on the graffiti, Ruby decides to admit everything and how it all began...


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