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This is a list of notable Jewish American politicians, arranged chronologically. For other notable Jewish Americans, see List of Jewish Americans.

Federal Government[edit]


Current senators[edit]

State Class Senator Name Party Prior Public Office/Position Education Assumed Office Date of Birth Term Expires

California 1 Dianne Feinstein, official Senate photo 2.jpg Feinstein, DianneDianne Feinstein Democratic Mayor of San Francisco, San Francisco Board of Supervisors Stanford University (B.A.) November 10, 1992 June 22, 1933 January 3, 2019
California 3 Barbara Boxer, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Boxer, BarbaraBarbara Boxer Democratic U.S. House, Marin County Board of Supervisors Brooklyn College (B.A.) January 3, 1993 November 11, 1940 January 3, 2017
Colorado 3 Michael Bennet Official Photo.jpg Bennet, MichaelMichael Bennet Democratic Denver Public Schools Superintendent Wesleyan University (B.A.)
Yale University (J.D.)
January 21, 2009 November 28, 1964 January 3, 2017
Connecticut 3 Richard Blumenthal Official Portrait.jpg Blumenthal, RichardRichard Blumenthal Democratic Connecticut Attorney General, Connecticut Senate, Connecticut House of Representatives Harvard University (B.A.)
Trinity College, Cambridge (attended)
Yale University (J.D.)
January 5, 2011 February 13, 1946 January 3, 2017
Hawaii 3 Brian Schatz, official portrait, 113th Congress 2.jpg Schatz, BrianBrian Schatz Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, Hawaii House of Representatives Pomona College (B.A.) December 26, 2012 October 20, 1972 January 3, 2017
Maryland 1 Ben Cardin, official Senate photo portrait.jpg Cardin, BenBen Cardin Democratic U.S. House, Maryland House of Delegates University of Pittsburgh (B.A.)
University of Maryland, Baltimore (J.D.)
January 3, 2007 October 5, 1943 January 3, 2019
Minnesota 2 Al Franken Official Senate Portrait.jpg Franken, AlAl Franken Democratic-Farmer-Labor None (Entertainer) Harvard University (B.A.) July 7, 2009 May 21, 1951 January 3, 2021
New York 3 Charles Schumer official portrait.jpg Schumer, ChuckChuck Schumer Democratic U.S. House, New York State Assembly Harvard University (A.B.; J.D.) January 3, 1999 November 23, 1950 January 3, 2017
Oregon 3 Ron Wyden official portrait crop.jpg Wyden, RonRon Wyden Democratic U.S. House University of California, Santa Barbara (attended)
Stanford University (B.A.)
University of Oregon (J.D.)
February 6, 1996 May 3, 1949 January 3, 2017
Vermont 1 Bernie Sanders.jpg Sanders, BernieBernie Sanders Independent Mayor of Burlington, U.S. House Brooklyn College (attended)
University of Chicago (B.A.)
January 3, 2007 September 8, 1941 January 3, 2019

Former senators[edit]


Current representatives[edit]

District Name Party Religion Prior Experience Education Assumed Office Born In Notes
California 28 Adam Schiff, official photo portrait, 111th Congress.jpg Schiff, AdamAdam Schiff[8] Democratic Jewish California State Senate, Assistant Prosecutor for the United States Attorney for the Southern District of California Stanford University
Harvard University
2001 1960
California 30 Brad Sherman Official.jpg Sherman, BradBrad Sherman[9] Democratic Jewish California Board of Equalization University of California, Los Angeles
Harvard Law School
1997 1954
California 47 Alan Lowenthal 113th Congress Portrait.jpeg Lowenthal, AlanAlan Lowenthal[10] Democratic Jewish California State Senate, California State Assembly Ohio State University
Hobart College
2013 1941
California 53 Susan Davis Cropped.jpg Davis, SusanSusan Davis[11] Democratic Jewish California State Assembly University of California, Berkeley
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2001 1944
Colorado 2 Jared Polis Official 2012.jpg Polis, JaredJared Polis[12] Democratic Jewish Colorado State Board of Education, Internet Executive Princeton University 2009 1975 First openly gay man elected as a freshman
Florida 9 Alan Grayson high res.jpg Grayson, AlanAlan Grayson[10] Democratic Jewish U.S. House Harvard University 2013 1958
Florida 21 Ted Deutsch.jpg Deutch, TedTed Deutch[13] Democratic Jewish Florida Senate University of Michigan
University of Michigan Law School
2010* 1966
Florida 22 Lois Frankel, Official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Frankel, LoisLois Frankel[10] Democratic Jewish West Palm Beach mayor Boston University
Georgetown University Law Center
2013 1948
Florida 23 DWSPortrait.jpg Wasserman Schultz, DebbieDebbie Wasserman Schultz[14] Democratic Jewish Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives University of Florida 2005 1966 Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee
Illinois 9 Janschakowskyemailsmall.jpg Schakowsky, JanJan Schakowsky Democratic Jewish Illinois House of Representatives University of Illinois 1999 1944 Democratic leadership as a Chief Deputy Whip
Kentucky 3 Official Congressional Photo of John Yarmuth.jpg Yarmuth, JohnJohn Yarmuth[15] Democratic Jewish Newspaper Publisher, Vice-President for University Relations University of Louisville Yale University 2007 1947 First Jewish congressman from Kentucky
Michigan 9 Sander Levin, Official Portrait.JPG Levin, SanderSander Levin[16] Democratic Jewish U.S. Government administrator University of Chicago
Columbia University
Harvard Law School
1983 1931 Former chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means
New York 1 Lee Zeldin official congressional photo.jpg Zeldin, LeeLee Zeldin[10] Republican Jewish New York Senate University at Albany, SUNY
Albany Law School
2015 1980
New York 3 Steve Israel, official photo portrait, 2009.jpeg Israel, SteveSteve Israel[8] Democratic Jewish Huntington Town Board George Washington University 2001 1958 Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
New York 10 Jerrold Nadler.jpg Nadler, JerroldJerrold Nadler[17] Democratic Jewish New York State Assembly Columbia University
Fordham University
1992* 1947
New York 16 Eliot Engel, official photo portrait.jpg Engel, EliotEliot Engel[18] Democratic Jewish high school teacher, New York State Assembly Lehman College
New York Law School
1989 1947
New York 17 Nitalowey.jpeg Lowey, NitaNita Lowey[19] Democratic Jewish New York Assistant Secretary of State Mount Holyoke College 1989 1937 First female and second chairperson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Rhode Island 1 David Cicilline, Official Portrait, 112th Congress 2.jpg Cicilline, DavidDavid Cicilline[10] Democratic Jewish Mayor of Providence Brown University
Georgetown University Law Center
2011 1961
Tennessee 9 Stevecohen.jpeg Cohen, SteveSteve Cohen[20] Democratic Jewish Tennessee Senate, Attorney Vanderbilt University
University of Memphis
2007 1949 First Jewish congressman from Tennessee

Former representatives[edit]

State Government[edit]


Current governors[edit]

State Governor Name Party Assumed Office Term expires Notes
Delaware Jack Markell.jpg Markell, JackJack Markell[43] Democratic January 20, 2009 January 17, 2017 Former Chairperson of the National Governors Association
Former Chairperson of the Democratic Governors Association
Vermont Peter Shumlin 2012.jpg Shumlin, PeterPeter Shumlin[44] Democratic January 6, 2011 January 6, 2017 Vermont House of Representatives
Former President pro tempore of the Vermont State Senate

Former governors[edit]

Name Party State Term Other Public Office/Position Note
  Moses Alexander[45] Democratic Idaho 1915-1919 Mayor of Boise, Idaho Idaho's first and so far only Jewish Governor
  Simon Bamberger[46] Democratic Utah 1917-1921 First non-Mormon, first Democrat, and first and to date only person of Jewish heritage to be elected Governor of the State of Utah
  Washington Bartlett[47] Democratic California 1887 Mayor of San Francisco California's first and so far only Jewish Governor
David Emanuel[48] Democratic-Republican Georgia 1801 Emanuel is considered to be the first Jew elected to public office in the South and the first Jewish governor of any U.S. state, although he may not have been an openly practicing Jew. As an adult he became a Presbyterian, confusing later researchers about his identity, but modern historians accept that he was Jewish.[48]
  Neil Goldschmidt[49] Democratic Oregon 1987-1991 United States Secretary of Transportation
Mayor of Portland, Oregon
  Ernest Gruening[50] Democratic Territory of Alaska 1939-1953 United States Senator
  Henry Horner[51] Democratic Illinois 1933-1940 Illinois' first Jewish Governor
  Madeleine Kunin[52] Democratic Vermont 1985-1991 United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Lieutenant Governor of Vermont
Vermont's first and, to date, only female and Jewish governor
  Herbert H. Lehman[53] Democratic New York 1933-1942 United States Senator
Lieutenant Governor of New York
  Frank Licht[54] Democratic Rhode Island 1969-1973 Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court
Member of the Rhode Island Senate
Rhode Island's first Jewish Governor
  Linda Lingle[55] Republican Hawaii 2002-2010 Mayor of Maui Hawaii's first and, to date, only female and Jewish governor
  Marvin Mandel[56] Democratic Maryland 1969-1979 Maryland's first and to date only Jewish governor
  Julius Meier[57] Independent Oregon 1931-1935 Oregon's first Jewish Governor
  Ed Rendell[58] Democratic Pennsylvania 2003-2011 Mayor of Philadelphia
  Abraham Ribicoff[59] Democratic Connecticut 1955-1961 United States Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
United States Senator
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
Connecticut's first and to date only Jewish governor
  Edward S. Salomon[60][61] Republican Washington Territory 1870-1872
  Arthur Seligman[62] Democratic New Mexico 1937-1933 New Mexico's first native-born, non-Hispanic, governor of Jewish ancestry
  Samuel H. Shapiro[63] Democratic Illinois 1968-1969 Lieutenant Governor of Illinois
  Milton Shapp[64] Democratic Pennsylvania 1971-1979 Oregon's first Jewish Governor
  Eliot Spitzer[65] Democratic New York 2007-2008 New York Attorney General
  Bruce Sundlun[66] Democratic Rhode Island 1991-1995

Lieutenant governors[edit]

Current lieutenant governors[edit]

State Governor Name Party Assumed Office Term expires Prior Public Office/Position
Connecticut NancyWymanIreneResponse.jpg Wyman, NancyNancy Wyman[67] Democrat January 5, 2011 2019 Comptroller of Connecticut
Louisiana Jay Dardenne Feb 2013.jpg Dardenne, JayJay Dardenne[68] Republican November 22, 2010 2016 Secretary of State of Louisiana
Member of the Louisiana Senate

Former lieutenant governors[edit]

Municipal Government[edit]

Mayors of major cities[edit]

Current mayors of major cities[edit]

City State Mayor Name Party Assumed Office Term expires Prior Public Office/Position
Los Angeles California Eric Garcetti in Suit and Tie.jpg Eric Garcetti[72] Democratic July 1, 2013 2017 President of the Los Angeles City Council
Los Angeles City Councilman
Chicago Illinois Rahm Emanuel, official photo portrait color.jpg Rahm Emanuel[27] Democratic May 16, 2011 2019 White House Chief of Staff
U.S. House
Austin Texas 20140505 Adler Launch Speech.jpg Steve Adler[73] Democratic January 6, 2015 2019
Las Vegas Nevada Carolyn Goodman[74] Independent July 6, 2011 2019
Tucson Arizona Jonathan Rothschild 2013.jpg Jonathan Rothschild[75] Democratic December 5, 2011 2015
Anchorage Alaska Ethan Berkowitz.jpg Ethan Berkowitz[76] Democratic July 1, 2015 2019 Member of Alaska House of Representatives
Jersey City New Jersey Steven Fulop Ward E Councilman in Jersey City New Jersey circa 2012.jpg Steven Fulop[77] Democratic July 1, 2013 2017 Jersey City Councilman
Madison Wisconsin Paul Soglin 2011.jpg Paul Soglin[78] Democratic April 19, 2011 2019
Chattanooga Tennessee Andy Berke[79] Democratic April 15, 2013 2017 Member of the Tennessee Senate
Burlington Vermont Miro Weinberger[80] Democratic April 2, 2012 2016

Former mayors of major cities[edit]


Presidential candidates[edit]


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