List of Jewish newspapers in the United States

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This is a list of Jewish newspapers in the United States.

Name Frequency Circulation Headquarters Particular subject or position
Algemeiner Journal Weekly 23,000[1] Brooklyn General interest
The American Israelite Weekly 6,500[2] Cincinnati General interest
American Jewish World Twice-monthly 4,000[3] Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota Religion
The Atlanta Jewish Times Weekly 6,500[4] Atlanta General interest
Baltimore Jewish Times Weekly Baltimore, Maryland General interest
Der Blatt Weekly 10,000[citation needed] Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Buffalo Jewish Review Weekly 3,500[5] Buffalo, New York Religion[5]
Charlotte Jewish News Monthly 4,000 Charlotte, North Carolina General interest
Chicago Jewish News Weekly 10,000[6] Skokie, Chicago, Illinois General interest
Chicago Jewish Star Twice-monthly 17,500[7] Skokie, IL General interest
Cleveland Jewish News Weekly 12,000[8] Beachwood, Ohio General interest
The Detroit Jewish News Weekly 17,000[9] Metro Detroit General interest
Five Towns Jewish Times Weekly 20,000 Lawrence, Nassau County, New York Orthodox
Florida Jewish Journal Weekly 125,000[10] Fort Lauderdale Religion[11]
Florida Jewish News Closed
The Forward English: weekly.
Yiddish: biweekly
English: 28,000[12] New York City Progressive
Hamodia Daily Brooklyn Haredi[13]
Intermountain Jewish News Weekly 30,000[14] Denver, Colorado General interest
J. The Jewish News of Northern California Weekly print edition, daily online edition 17,000[15] San Francisco General interest
The Jewish Advocate Weekly 40,000[16] Boston General interest
The Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh Weekly 8,500 [17] Pittsburgh General interest
The Jewish Exponent Weekly 24,000[18] Philadelphia General interest
Jewish Herald-Voice Weekly 7,000 Upper Kirby, Houston, TX General interest
The Jewish Journal (Boston North) Bi-weekly 17,000 [19] General interest
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles Weekly 50,000[20] Los Angeles General interest
Jewish Ledger Weekly 15,000[21] West Hartford, Connecticut General interest
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Weekly 6,000 Phoenix, Arizona General interest
The Jewish Observer (Los Angeles) Encino, Los Angeles Religion[22]
Jewish Post of New York 21,000 [23] New York City
The Jewish Press Weekly 50,000[24] Brooklyn Orthodox[25]
Jewish Review Twice-monthly Portland, Oregon
Jewish Standard Weekly 24,000[26] Teaneck, New Jersey General interest
The Jewish Star Weekly Garden City, New York Orthodox
The Jewish Week Weekly 55,000[27] New York, New York General interest
JTNews Biweekly Seattle
Long Island Jewish World Weekly 16,000[28] Long Island, New York General interest
Mishpacha Weekly 50,000[29] Brooklyn Orthodox[30][31]
New Jersey Jewish News Weekly 24,000[32] Whippany, New Jersey General interest
New Standard Semi-monthly Columbus, Ohio General interest
Philadelphia Jewish Voice Monthly Philadelphia General interest
The St. Louis Jewish Light Weekly 10,000[33] St. Louis General interest
Texas Jewish Post 4,000[34]
Washington Jewish Week Weekly 10,000[35] Rockville, Maryland General interest
Westchester Jewish Life Monthly 24,000[36] Westchester County, New York General interest
Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Weekly 3,000[37] Milwaukee General interest
Yated Ne'eman Weekly 20,000[13] Monsey, New York Haredi
Der Yid Weekly 50,000[38] New York City Haredi


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