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This is a list of people affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University, an American university located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Notable alumni[edit]

Nobel laureates[edit]

Woodrow Wilson, Nobel Prize-winning U.S. President

Academia, science, medicine and technology[edit]

Wendell E. Dunn, Jr., chemical engineer, metallurgist
Michael Griffin, former Administrator of NASA



Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor

Government, public service and public policy[edit]

Kweisi Mfume

Literature, arts and media[edit]

Rachel Carson, environmentalist

Notable faculty[edit]

Hall started the first psychology lab in America at Hopkins and was the first president of the American Psychological Association.
Charles Sanders Peirce, philosopher and mathematician, inventor of semiotics
Thomas McIntyre Cooley, jurist, 25th Justice and Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, a Dean of the University of Michigan Law School, and honored namesake of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Fictional alumni[edit]


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