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Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Novi, Michigan.[1] Employees in JCW consist of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, ring announcers, interviewers, referees, trainers, script writers and various other positions. Executives and board of directors are also listed.

Employees and management are organized by role within the promotion. the ring name of the employee is written on the left, while the employee's real name is on the right. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason, due to injury, suspension, not wrestling for 30 days or otherwise, that information is noted.

The executive officers section refers to the employees that handle the everyday demands of the company. Employees that fit in this section are producers and other senior officials. Creative Writers or Script Writers are the employees that write the storylines, segments, and make the matches for each event and internet episode of JCW's internet program SlamTV!.


Male wrestlers[edit]

Kongo Kong (left)
The Ring Rydas - Ring Ryda Red (left) and Ring Ryda Blue
Ring name Real name Notes
Tuff Tony, 22 Tuff Tony Tony Borcherding Creative writer
Martel, BillBill Martel Daniel Lewis [2]
Breyer Wellington Brian Smith [3]
Bubba Mackenzie Justin Felix [4]
Pain, BullBull Pain Frank Vizi [5]
Butler Jeves Gideon Malice [3]
The Jailbird Man Lacy [5][6]
Josh Movado Josh Movado [4]
Kong, KongoKongo Kong Steve Wilson JCW Heavyweight Champion[5]
Man Pondo, MadMad Man Pondo Kevin Canady Trainer at JCW Wrestling School[4][7]
Butcher, NecroNecro Butcher Dylan Summers [4]
Colt Cabana, OfficerOfficer Colt Cabana Scott Colton [3]
Thomaselli, PaulyPauly Thomaselli Brandon Thomas [4]
Raven, Raven Scott Levy [5]
Ryda Red, RingRing Ryda Red Jacob Crist JCW Tag Team Champion[4]
Ryda Blue, RingRing Ryda Blue David Crist Jr. JCW Tag Team Champion[4]
Conway, RobRob Conway Robert Conway [5]
Sabu, Sabu Terry Brunk Inactive; hip injury[3]
Sexy Slim Goody Jason Dukes [3]
The Spider Monkey Unknown
Super Strong Tiger Unknown
Tracy Smothers, Tracy Smothers Tracy Smothers [5]
Thomaselli, VitoVito Thomaselli Vito Thomas [4]
The Weedman Kurt Krueger [5]
Gowen, ZachZach Gowen Zachary Gowen [3]

Female wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Real name Notes
O'Neal, AmberAmber O'Neal Kimberly Davis [8]
Mary Dobson Sarah Bridges

Other on-air talent[edit]

Ring name Real name Role Notes
Charlie Brown Karsten Colbert Manager of Sabu [4]
Kevin Gill Kevin Gill Play-by-play commentator
Senior Official
Slick Rick Buggles Rich Murrell Ring announcer [9]
D'Amore, ScottScott D'Amore Scott D'Amore Occasional color commentator Creative Development, Writer[10]
Shaggy 2 Dope, Shaggy 2 Dope Joseph Utsler Color commentator
Occasional wrestler
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Executive Producer of Slam TV![4][9][11]
Truth Martini, Truth Martini Martin Krcaj Manager of Breyer Wellington and Kongo Kong [4]
Upchuck the Clown Joel Fragomeni Ring announcer
Violent J, Violent J Joseph Bruce Commissioner
Occasional wrestler
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Executive Producer of Slam TV!
Creative Development, Writer[12][9][11]

Company officials[edit]

Executive officers[edit]

Name Notes
Billy Bill (William Dail) Chief Executive Officer[9]


Ring name Real name Notes
A. T. Huck Alan Haugabook [4]
Buck Bubbles [4]
Drew Taylor Drew Taylor [4]
Zachary Carter Zachary Carter [4]

Other personnel[edit]

Name Notes
Brian Kuma Camera Man
Editor, SlamTV![9]
Mike Fortunato Camera Man
Editor, SlamTV![9]
Robert Gammons Camera Man
Editor, SlamTV![9]

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