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Jumanji is an American animated television series that was inspired by the movie based on the short story of the same name. The series ran for three seasons from 1996 to 1999. In 1996, it was carried by the UPN Kids network, but later seasons were syndicated by BKN. The series was also shown by CITV in the United Kingdom, TRTÉ in the Republic of Ireland and on Russian RTR channel. Over the course of three seasons, forty episodes were produced.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 September 8, 1996 (1996-09-08) February 23, 1997 (1997-02-23)
2 13 September 20, 1997 (1997-09-20) February 23, 1998 (1998-02-23)
3 14 September 8, 1998 (1998-09-08) March 11, 1999 (1999-03-11)


Season 1 (1996–1997)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "The Price" Bob Hathcock & Jeff Myers Kevin Campbell September 8, 1996 (1996-09-08)
Peter and Judy Shepard find a board game in their attic, but once they roll the dice, they're transported into the dangerous jungle world of Jumanji with a mysterious clue stating "Clear as ice, but worth the price." There they encounter Van Pelt, the vicious hunter. They are saved by Alan Parish, a jungle-man who has been trapped in Jumanji for 23 years. When Judy asks about his clue, Alan reveals he never knew there was one which is why he's still trapped: he's unable to solve his clue and free himself. He decides to help Judy and Peter solve their clue hoping it'll free him. In searching for the answer to the clue, Peter finds and solves a puzzle, which allows the three to return to the real world. Peter cheated in solving it, which Jumanji hates, and he transforms into a monkey. Jumanji's inhabitants begin entering their world, so after once again escaping Van Pelt with the help of Tribal Bob and the Manjis, they are able to return the puzzle to the Manjis. Tribal Bob, in return for Peter saving his life and Peter's honesty, completes most of the puzzle then hands it to Peter to finish. With the puzzle and their clue solved, Judy and Peter return home, but Alan is sucked back into the game as he hasn't completed his turn. Judy and Peter decide to help find Alan's clue and free him as he helped them escape. After Peter gets some treats that Alan likes, the two prepare to return to the game with Judy rolling the dice.
2 2 "Bargaining for Time" Cathy Malkasian John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson September 15, 1996 (1996-09-15)
Peter and Judy return to Jumanji in their quest to save Alan and are given the clue "A trick in rhyme saves time." After escaping the fearsome Manji Tribe, Alan, Peter and Judy, encounter the malicious and cunning Trader Slick who holds a valuable artifact that can release Alan from Jumanji, a "Get Out of Jumanji Free" card. Judy tricks Slick into taking a broken watch for the card. Alan is allowed to leave, but the trio realize that time in the real world has frozen to a stop. Judy promised Slick that the watch keeps perfect time, so Jumanji holds her to her word and as long as Slick has the watch, time stands still in the outside world. They return to Jumanji, but Slick refuses to return the watch unless they deliver him Van Pelt's hunting hat! They obtain it, but Slick reneges after he "receives" a shipment of hats just like Van Pelt's. They steal a spear from the Manjis, but again Slick reneges the deal. Judy tricks Slick again into trading the watch for a mystery box. Slick opens it to find nothing in it—throughout the episode, Slick states that he "Wants nothing, needs nothing," but opening the box causes time to return to normal and solves their clue returning Peter and Judy. Alan can't follow as his Get Out of Jumanji Free card was used already.
3 3 "Masked Identity" Bob Hathcock John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson September 22, 1996 (1996-09-22)
Peter gets tired of getting bullied by Rock. He and Judy return to Jumanji with the clue "Someone needs to be set free, only you hold the key." The two believe that means Alan is in trouble and set out to find and rescue him. Along the way, Peter becomes a Manji after saving one from a rhinoceros. Alan steals the Sacred Key of the Manjis and makes it home only to hear Judy call for help. He goes back for her and is caught with the Key being taken away from him. The Manjis have Peter burn Alan and Judy, but Peter's true self starts to emerge again at being ordered to kill his friends. Peter turns back into himself and frees Alan and Judy and sets a fire to distract the Manjis. Judy realizes their clue was about Peter not Alan and they're sent back home while Alan is forced to run from the Manjis. At home, Rock tries to bully Peter again but Peter defeats him and his friends.
4 4 "Ransom of Redhead" Steve Ressel Nancy Neufeld Callaway September 29, 1996 (1996-09-29)
Peter and Judy prepare to enter Jumanji but are stopped by Aunt Nora who believes the game is the source of their bad grades. She throws the dice away accidentally rolling and after the clue "The more you learn the less you know and that's the only way to go", appears. Peter, Judy and Aunt Nora are all sucked into the game. Judy and Peter are attacked by a creature, but Alan saves them. However, when Aunt Nora appears, she lands on the creature's back and is dragged away to where the creature ends up in one of Van Pelt's traps. Van Pelt is distracted by Aunt Nora when he opens the trap and the creature gets away. Aunt Nora believes she is hallucinating and falls for a horrified Van Pelt. He decides to use her as bait to hunt Judy and Peter rather than killing her. Judy and Peter save her from a crocodile and Alan realizes that Van Pelt let her go to track them down. The four end up hanging off a cliff with Van Pelt getting ready to kill them and Alan unable to hold on any longer. Aunt Nora admits she was wrong and she doesn't know everything which solves her clue and sends her and the kids home leaving Alan to crawl safely into a cave and get away. At home Aunt Nora is on the verge of stopping them from playing the game but realizes that the game is Jumanji (the place from her "dream") she decides not to bother them and tells them to have fun.
5 5 "Master Builder" Bob Hathcock Steve Roberts October 13, 1996 (1996-10-13)
During another visit to Jumanji with the clue "I can make fish swim, I can make birds fly, I can make you run just don't ask why," Peter reveals he stole Judy's laptop computer and brought it with him to Jumanji to solve Alan's clue. Judy instead has Alan describe everything he learned in Jumanji over 20 years, to configure a solution. Sunset approaches and they must escape the cave as "Berbalangs" come out and attack at night. Professor Ibsen gives them a lift to his laboratory, where Alan sees all the dangers he's faced in Jumanji. Ibsen reveals he creates the dangers in Jumanji. He sends a daily report to "Jumanji" itself, which broadcasts throughout the jungle. Judy plugs a large mainframe computer into her laptop which gives her laptop the ability to analyze everything in Jumanji and predict the future, revealing that within seconds a flash flood will hit. The trio escapes to high ground, and are chased up a tree by mechanical hyenas. Judy tries to get finds Alan's clue, just as Ibsen knocks the tree down to steal the laptop. He uses it to create even more monstrous creatures, reform damaged ones, and reshape the terrain to make it more dangerous. The trio race through the jungle while he is busy doing his daily report. During the report he makes a speech about how he now rules Jumanji and Peter figures out their clue. At his lab they try stealing the computer back, but his machines attack, and then the computer overloads creating a cyclone. Peter realizes their clue ties into how to stop the computer. He asks it "why", which it tries to answer but cannot since it has no context and it shuts down. Ibsen shuts down too, revealing that Ibsen is also a machine. His factory is destroyed and the kids return home. At home Judy tells Peter to finish his homework before they return to Jumanji and offers him the use of her computer which she'd denied him earlier, but he decides to do it by hand.
6 6 "No Dice" Steve Ressel Neil Alsip October 27, 1996 (1996-10-27)
As the episode begins, Peter is sent across a gorge on a vine Judy thinks is unsafe to get a doll from a sleeping tiger and solve the clue "The tiger's prize is your concern if you want to end your turn." Peter gets the doll, but the tiger wakes up and vine snaps as Peter swings back causing him to fall into the water below and nearly drown, causing Judy to scold Alan for putting Peter into so much danger causing Alan to realize his mistake. When Judy and Peter return to the real world, Alan grabs onto them to return with them. Before Jumanji pulls him back in, he steals the dice so that Peter and Judy can no longer play or be caught in danger. The kids remember their promise and try every dice from every game in the attic trying to return to Jumanji, but failed to work. Then they suddenly remembered how Aunt Nora was sucked in by Jumanji out of spite. So they kick the game around, insult it, bash it, then dump in the garbage. Thus enraged, they're able to enter the game with the clue "without the dice your turn can end, just ride the sun around the bend", but the penalty is Peter turns into a parrot. While this has been going on, Alan, already lonesome, has been chased by Van Pelt. While cornered by him, a rhino and the hyenas, Van Pelt asked Alan what he got in his left hand. He reveals the dice in his hand. The dice (glowing red) scared Van Pelt and the animals away. Alan realizes the dice repel any danger Jumanji unleashes on him. This doesn't last, as he falls down into the inner mechanical bowels of Jumanji. There he's confronted by the Grim Reaper, named Stalker, The Evil Demonic Protector Villain of Jumanji who wants to kill Alan and retrieve the dice, restoring balance to the jungle of the game. He chases Alan across the cogs and gears beneath the surface. Near a lava river, Alan runs into the kids again, who must flow down the lava to solve the clue and take the dice back home. Nearly killed by the Stalker, they crush him under the cogs, but he disappeared without a trace before he got smashed, left nothing, but his black cloak behind. On the boat ride down the river, Alan plans on destroying the dice in the lava to prevent them from coming back and he and Judy get into an argument about it, but Peter convinces both not to let it end here. When the boat crashes into a wall, the dice nearly are destroyed in the lava, but Peter flies in and saves them. The boat rounds the bend and the kids return home with the dice while Alan sails out into the jungle vowing that together they'll beat the game. But unbeknownst to them, Stalker survives and plots for revenge.
7 7 "Love on the Rocks" Cathy Malkasian Nancy Neufeld Callaway November 3, 1996 (1996-11-03)
Judy wants to go to the dance with a boy she likes but he tricks her into doing his homework for him. Judy is heartbroken and doesn't want to play Jumanji again, but accidentally rolls the dice giving them the clue "When what you want is behind the door, be careful what you're wishing for." Upon hearing their clue, Alan takes them to a room of many doors; after two wrong tries, Judy falls down a hole and is rescued by the guy from behind door number three. Flint takes the three back to his castle in the clouds. Peter nearly falls to his death on the way up and is grateful to Flint, but Alan remains suspicious of him. Investigating a forbidden room, Alan and Peter find statues of various inhabitants of Jumanji, including that of a bird which has just attacked Judy and been driven off by Flint. Alan realizes Flint has been created as the perfect boyfriend while she's heartbroken. Flint changes Peter into a statue, but Alan escapes when Judy interrupts Flint. Flint tries to turn her to stone as he kisses her, but Alan interrupts and shows her the statue of Peter. Flint pins Alan with the Peter statue and tries again to turn Judy to stone, but she reflects his attack back onto him with his mirror. With Flint defeated, all of the statues return to normal and the castle disintegrates. Judy apologizes for her behavior and realizes she solved the clue as it was trying to warn her about Flint. Alan is saved from his fall by Slick and the giant bird, but must pay 1,000 mangoes for the service. At home, Judy gives Wade his homework, but it turns out she made him fail as she realized what a loser he is and is no longer smitten with him.
8 8 "Law of Jumanji" Bob Hathcock John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson November 17, 1996 (1996-11-17)
Being attacked by Van Pelt while trying to take a bath is the last straw for Alan. When Judy and Peter enter Jumanji with the clue "A hunting you will go, but will that defeat the foe?", they learn that Alan has been plotting to get rid of Van Pelt. The trio find him hunting the monkeys, and lay a trap for him but he sees the trip wire and then blasts at the kids and Alan. Alan takes his gun, but then he unleashes hounds. Judy states that they should give up trying to hunt Van Pelt, but Alan and Peter decide to throw him down a bottomless pit. Van Pelt falls into the pit but catches Alan's leg as he goes in, while Alan holds onto the cliff. Peter knocks him off Alan and takes his staff out of his hand, dropping him into the abyss below. Feeling triumphant, Peter and Judy return to the real world, with the staff as a trophy. Peter goes into trances and begins to see cars, people, and other objects as monstrous Jumanji animals. After Rock and his goons bully him in class, he goes on a rampage attacking them and speaking like Van Pelt. He flees the school, Judy follows him to their house. She is shocked to see him with a mustache like Van Pelt, So she decides to forcibly take him to Jumanji but nothing happens when she rolls the dice. Judy kicks the game, causing it to suck them in.They discover that Alan now lives in Van Pelt's mansion. She shows him Peter, who now fully resembles Van Pelt. To their shock, it's the law of Jumanji that there must always be a hunter, and if said hunter is defeated, the victor takes his place. Peter/Van Pelt hunts Alan and Judy with hounds, guns atop an elephant. Peter/Van Pelt reveals he wants to take over Alan. But to stop the cycle now, Judy takes Van Pelt's staff while he's distracted by Alan and throws it into the abyss where this all started. Peter returns to normal, not remembering what happened after defeating Van Pelt the first time. The kids return safely home, but Van Pelt crawls out of the pit and confronts Alan, who joyfully becomes the hunter's prey once again.
9 9 "Stormy Weather" Bob Hathcock John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson November 24, 1996 (1996-11-24)
Aunt Nora is having guests over, but comes home to find the house a mess. Angry, she orders Judy and Peter to clean it up but they go off to play Jumanji again. The two argue with Judy angry at always having to clean up Peter's messes, but Peter rolls the dice and gets the clue "Failure looms but who's to blame, set it right or repeat the game." The two arrive in front of Alan's house and he asks them to help secure his house against the oncoming JuMonsoon is coming. Alan is destroyed by a bold of lightning. Slick gives Peter and Judy a ChronoRepeater to repeat time. The two go back to the moment they first arrive and set out to warn Alan. They convince him to hide in his cave, but he runs out into the storm to check on something and is killed again. This time the two go further back in time and steal Professor Ibsen's lightning rod to protect Alan. The rod works, but hail causes Alan to fall to his death. The next time they use the lightning rod and a rope as a bungee cord, but a sudden flood washes Alan over the cliff. The next time they try the lightning rod, the rope and the Manjis War Canoe, but the canoe hits a rock and Alan goes off a cliff to his death. The two start fighting over the ChronoRepeater and after several resets, it falls off a cliff and is destroyed. On their last attempt, the two put aside their differences and work together to save Alan. This time it works: the lightning rod, the rope, and the canoe save them, but a tornado sucks them up from the canoe. Professor Ibsen's sudden appearance suggests that Alan lasso the lightning rod which pulls them out of the tornado and sends them to Alan's home. The storm ends and the two realize that by working together they've solved their clue and are sucked back home. Remembering Nora's guests, Judy and Peter quickly clean the living room together and get it done in time for the guests who are impressed and Nora gives them credit for their hard work.
10 10 "El Pollo Jumanji" Jeff Myers Tom J. Astle February 2, 1997 (1997-02-02)
Peter tries to talk to Maria, but Rock claims Maria is his girlfriend and hangs Peter over a fence. In Jumanji, Peter complains that everyone must think he's a loser while carrying a giant jar containing a swarm of bees. The three use the jar to escape porcupines and monkeys, but the jar smashes, releasing the bees and splattering them with honey. The bees turn their attack on the monkeys, driving them off. Judy realizes that solves their clue ("It's not so funny to waste some honey") and the two return home. Peter tries to impress Maria with the Jumanji game. Just as they're about to begin playing, Rock shakes Peter upside down causing the dice to roll out of his pocket, giving them the clue "Lose the battle and win the war, it's what best enemies are for". All four are sucked into the game; Rock thinks it is a virtual reality game but Maria is scared. Alan isn't happy about them bringing in Rock and Maria, but Judy explains about Maria. Rock tries to bully Alan, but Alan beats him and offers Peter help. Peter is eaten by a flowers, but Rock saves him and defeats a saber-tooth tiger. Judy starts to believe that Jumanji's making things easy for Rock as a punishment for Peter being a show-off. Rock insults Jumanji and the Manjis show up. When Peter tells Tribal Bob that Maria's a friend but Rock isn't, the Manjis capture Rock to eat him. The other four try to rescue him but are caught by Van Pelt. They trick him into hunting Rock. The four exchange Rock for a giant chicken which has been pursuing them. Judy realizes that Peter and Rock are best enemies and by saving Rock, Peter won the war and solved their clue. The four are sent back to school, but Jumanji erased Maria and Rock's memories of their adventure for some unknown reason. Taking Judy's advice, Peter asks Maria to hang out with him some time and she happily agrees.
11 11 "Perfect Match" Steve Ressel John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson February 9, 1997 (1997-02-09)
Peter, Judy and Aunt Nora are heading for a wedding when Aunt Nora gets them lost. Peter pulls out Jumanji to kill time, but the dice fly from his hand then the car goes over a bump. This time their clue is "Someone's freedom is foreseen, through a match-up with the queen" when all three people and the car are sucked into Jumanji. When they arrive, they find that Alan's being chased by the Jamazon Queen Gina. Gina wants to marry Alan; the children assume that their clue means if he marries her, he'll be set free of Jumanji. Judy and Peter help trap Alan, but he reveals that part of the wedding is a human sacrifice of the groom: him! The three decide to have Alan pretend Aunt Nora's his fiance in order to stop him from having to marry Gina. It nearly works, but the blind date is interrupted by Gina who takes everyone prisoner. Gina successfully marries Alan and is about to kill him when Aunt Nora frees herself and battles her one on one. Aunt Nora defeats Gina, puts her in a hogtie with her own whip and gags her, leaving the queen tied up and humiliated. Aunt Nora frees Alan and goes to kiss him while the kids realize that their clue meant how Aunt Nora saved Alan by fighting the queen (the match-up was their fight not the wedding) and she solved it. Before Alan and Aunt Nora can kiss, Jumanji transports the kids, Aunt Nora and her car back to the road they'd previously been driving down and the kids convince her she stopped for a nap and what happened was only a dream. Aunt Nora decides to skip the wedding and take the kids to an amusement park instead.
12 12 "Gift" Cathy Malkasian Neil Alsip February 16, 1997 (1997-02-16)
Judy and Peter enter Jumanji for Alan's birthday with the clue "Release the thing you most adore, it comes back closer than before." During the trio's picnic, Peter annoys Judy when he gives Alan Judy's Swiss Army Knife as a gift. They are attacked by a swarm of giant Jumanji ants, then by a giant centipede when they flee into a cave. They escape the centipede by going upriver in a raft, but Alan was bitten by the centipede. The green venom flows through his veins toward to his heart. if it does, he'll die. Alan collapses when they reach shore, and the children bring him to shelter. Peter vows in anger that he'll destroy the game if Alan dies. Without noticing, The Vengeful Grim Reaper, Stalker overhears with the microphone, disguised as a flower plant. Stalker vows to kill the children and Alan in order to protect Jumanji, enlisting Slick, Van Pelt, and Ibsen to do the task. Alan dips into a magic pool that allows him to rest and shows his dreams in the water. Peter tricks Jumanji into letting him return to the real world (by pretending his cap is the thing he most adores), where he tries to find a cure for the bite. He fails as the game realizes his lie and sucks him back in, transforming him into a frog. Judy ventures to Slick's looking for a cure. Instead, he gives her "Jumanji Tracking Juice" in exchange for her shoes which reveals her footprints and allows the evil trio to hunt her. The three apes deplete the juice before the villains find her. Peter journeys to the Manjis to meet Tribal Bob, who is being watched by the villains. He does plant a small statue on Peter's head without Peter noticing, who is then stalked by the villains. He manages to elude them, and Judy finds the statue, of a mosquito. They realize a Jumanji mosquito can suck out the venom from Alan's veins. But upon capturing one, the villains attack, armed with weaponized vehicles from Ibsen. The kids elude them, and Tribal Bob and the Manjis carry off the villains. Judy and Peter arrive to cure Alan, but are confronted by Stalker himself. As Peter fends him off, Judy tries to cure Alan, when in the pool she sees Alan is dreaming about when he entered Jumanji. She needs only a few seconds to see the clue, but Alan is closer to death than that. She relents when the venom reaches Alan's heart and has the mosquito suck out the venom. The mosquito then crashes through the image, destroying it just before they can get the clue. Fully healed, Alan then shoves Stalker off a cliff and down to the bottom of the waterfall, saving Peter. Judy gives Alan her knife as a gift having learned from his dreams that he considers them his family and it solves the clue and Peter returns to normal. Alan promises that they'll finish his party when they return as they leave. After Judy and Peter leave, Stalker emerges from the water and vows for more revenge someday.
13 13 "Truth or Consequently" Bob Hathcock, Jeff Myers & Steve Ressel Christopher Bird February 23, 1997 (1997-02-23)
Peter makes up a story about why he doesn't have his homework and the teacher doesn't buy it and sends him to the principal's office. At home, Peter is anxious to enter Jumanji which they do with the clue, "As this becomes more of a pest, the right path is in truth the best." The two arrive at nighttime and find an egg which falls from a tree and hatches into a small creature. Peter goes to touch it, but is interrupted by Alan who scares it away. The three end up having to hide from Van Pelt and Peter ends up hiding with the creature which steals some candy from him and causes enough noise to draw attention, but the two manage to evade Van Pelt and Alan and Judy distract and confuse him, causing him to leave. Peter keeps the creature in his backpack and they get chased off a cliff by a giant mosquito and as they took the right path, it seems to solve their clue and takes Judy, Peter and even Alan home. Because of this and the fact that there seem to be no consequences, Judy comes to believe that perhaps the clues repeat and their clue was Alan's original one. Alan finds his old bike in the attic and takes off, but the creature Peter found is still in his backpack and starts growing every time he lies and becomes scary instead of cute. It takes off with Judy on its back and Peter following while Alan arrives home. Aunt Nora shows up as well and doesn't seem to remember him from her adventures in Jumanji and decides to call the police but Alan steals her car and takes off. Meanwhile, Judy finally gets off the creature when going through a car wash throws her into a pile of tires and Peter catches up to her. After Peter lies a couple more times, the creature grows even bigger and spits out another creature which grows to that size also. Peter and Judy get trapped, but Alan shows up and rescues them and they escape in Aunt Nora's car. Aunt Nora and Officer Bentley encounter one of the creatures and as it is eating Peter's backpack, they think the kids have been eaten which enrages Nora. Alan and the kids manage to lose the other creature for a few minutes, but Peter's lying causes it to grow again and spit out yet another creature. The three split up and Judy manages to defeat one of the creatures and then she and Alan head off to find Peter. They find him and trap the creatures in the gym, but when Peter lies to Rock, they grow again to so tall they're bigger than the gym and escape. Finally Peter defeats the creatures by revealing everything he lied about causing them to shrink back to normal and be returned to Jumanji. All the damage they caused is reversed as well, but Alan is sucked back to Jumanji too and Peter and Judy promise to free him again, but for good.

Season 2 (1997–1998)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
14 1 "The Red and the Black" Bob Hathcock Peter Gaffney September 21, 1997 (1997-09-21)
Judy and Peter fight over who gets the last cookie; Peter decides to enlist Alan's help and gets the clue "the river is long, the river is wide, you'll keep looking till you've found the right side." They arrive in Alan's cave during a storm and try to drag him into their argument, but a flash flood washes them out of the cave. After the storm ends, they try to figure out which is the "right" side of the river, but are forced to land to escape a waterfall. They land and are caught up in a war between black and red ants; Peter is captured by the red. Peter is taken to the Queen of the Red Ants who thinks he's a spy, but he convinces her he's not with the help of the ant who captured him who believes him. The red queen dispatches some soldiers to find Judy and Alan, but keeps Peter with her. The black ants reveal they hate the red ants because they stole their Black Bahoot which the black ant who found Judy and Alan says words can't describe. Meanwhile the Red Queen reveals to Peter that she despises the black ants and claims that they want to steal the red ants Red Bahoot and call it their own. She shows it to Peter and it turns out to be a disgusting object that the ants seem to think is majestic. Alan gives the Black Ants plans for catapults to defeat the Red Ants as he believes it is their only hope of saving Peter, but Judy's very reluctant as they know so little about the feud between the ants. At the Red Ants camp, Peter gives them mechanical crossbows to give them an edge over the Black Ants. The Black Ants plan an attack on the Red Ants and plan to leave no trace of them behind, which horrifies Judy and Alan as Peter might get killed in the process The two sneak into the Red Anthill to rescue Peter but he refuses to go as he believes the Red Ants are great so they decide to kidnap him but are captured. Peter claims they're spies for the Red Ants and warns the Queen of the attack so she has Alan and Judy thrown into the dungeon while they prepare for battle. The battle begins and after Peter's ant friend is killed by a catapult, he steals the Bahoot and frees Alan and Judy to try to stop the battle. They use the Bahoot to get the ants attention then lead them to the river. Despite them threatening to throw the Bahoot in, the ants refuse to make peace so Peter throws the Bahoot into the river. The ants are so outraged they unite to try to kill Peter, Alan and Judy who jump into the river and escape. Later as they float on a log, they realize the clue meant the war and there was no right side; this solves the clue and sends Judy and Peter home. At home the two wonder if the ants will ever stop their war but doubt it. They remember the last cookie and resume their own war for it.
15 2 "Eye of the Sea" Scott Wood Steve Roberts September 28, 1997 (1997-09-28)
On a stormy day, Judy and Peter enter Jumanji and are given the clue "X marks the spot, the map holds the key, the shaft finds its mark, the I of the C." The two arrive on the shore of a sea where's there's a pirate ship nearby. As Peter goes to board the ship, he attacked by a giant lobster. They're saved by Alan who defeats the giant lobster but his sword breaks. The three board the ship and meet the pirate, named Captain Ishmael Squint. He plans to sail to the Eye of Jumanji, a portal that leads out and he wants Alan, Judy and Peter to be his crew which they agree to after an argument about it. After a day out at sea, Peter gets promoted to First Mate and Alan gets sea sick. Peter immediately takes advantage of his new position to order Alan and Judy around, even placing Alan in the Crow's nest despite him being sea sick. After Alan saves Peter from an albatross Squint nearly throws him overboard but Peter convinces him not to. In the graveyard of ships two massive electric eels attack them. Peter and Alan manage to defeat them and Squint changes his mind about Alan. While looking for Squint some time later, Alan and Judy discover in the map that they've been going around in circles in one spot for some time and are confronted by Squint. Squint reveals that what he's really after is the one-eyed sea monster called "The Draken" the creature that's bigger than his ship, with intolerable odor, who ate Squint's nose 20 years ago and Squint wants revenge on it. They find the Draken heading towards them and Alan tries to steer the ship away with Judy's help. Squint tries to get Peter to help him, but Peter's loyalty is with Alan and his sister and he helps them. They manage to steer away, but the Draken attacks anyway. It apparently eats Captain Squint and creates a whirlpool to sink the ship. Alan, Peter and Judy climb the Crow's Nest and Alan uses a rope to bungee jump into the Draken's eye and stab it with his broken sword, killing it and causing it to explode. The three end up drifting hanging onto a log, but Alan's actions solved Peter and Judy's clue and it returns them home leaving Alan to drift home on the sea.
16 3 "Brantford: The Game" Scott Wood Patricia Carr & Lara Olsen October 5, 1997 (1997-10-05)
Judy is asked a math problem in class and doesn't know the answer and the one she gives gets her made fun of. Upon returning home, she and Peter play Jumanji and she gets the clue "solving problems is a game, the highest point should be your aim" before being sucked in. The two arrive near a lion cub and are attacked by its mother. They are forced to jump over a ravine and while hanging onto the edge they're cornered by Van Pelt but saved by Alan who gives him the lion cub and swings away with Judy and Peter leaving Van Pelt to be attacked by the mother. After hearing their clue Alan takes them to the Temple of the Skiwans (Jumanji inhabitants who supposedly found a way to escape) where they're attacked by giant roaches but escape into a secret passageway. There they find Brantford: The Game, apparently a Brantford version of Jumanji. The tokens for the game are Alan, Peter and Judy as well. Alan rolls and they get the clue "knowledge is key to this illusion, ignorance is no solution" and are sucked into Brantford. There they encounter a warped version of Aunt Nora and a much bigger version of the neighborhood dog. Chased by the monster dog, they realize they're not really in Brantford but in another game like Jumanji. Peter manages to trap the dog in a tunnel and they set to work on solving their clue. They try the school and encounter Manji like versions of Rock and his friends, but all that ends up happening is the school is destroyed by acid. They try the library next but only end up releasing creatures from the books and encountering Van Bentley, an Officer Bentley version of Van Pelt. After escaping that they figure that perhaps the two clues are simply two parts of one clue and head to the observatory, the highest point in Brantford. There they find a bunch of equations and are captured by a warped version of Judy's teacher who sets each up in a fatal trap and gives them a problem to solve as Brantford requires brain power to be beaten. Judy realizes the question is just like the one the teacher gave her and solves it and saves herself, Alan and Peter. The teacher is shocked as no one ever succeeded before and they all leave Brantford as Judy solved Alan's Brantford clue which returns him to Jumanji and the kids home as they also solved their Jumanji clue. There they encounter Aunt Nora wearing a green face mask and run away as she resembles her warped self.
17 4 "Air Judy" Tom McLaughlin Neil Alsip October 12, 1997 (1997-10-12)
Judy is making a model of the solar system and is angry because her lab partners never showed up. Peter and Judy decide to enter Jumanji and get the clue "without wings you soar so high, now you must help the birds to fly". They encounter Alan and are shocked when an airplane comes flying right at them. It misses them and crashes revealing a woman named Dottie who got sucked into the game. She believes she's in Bermuda. Judy makes a deal with her: if they fix her plane, she'll fly them out of Jumanji. Judy fixes a hole in the wing with a leaf and sap and Dottie flies the group away just as a herd of wildebeests attack. Dottie starts to believe them, but a sudden hailstorm forces a crash-landing on a cloud. The cloud conceals a Jumaki village, what Alan terms as one of the most dangerous creatures in all of Jumanji. The Jumakis plan to drop them off the platform, but when Judy saves an egg from falling off the platform, the Jumakis change their minds. Fervish, the one Jumaki that can speak English, explains that the Jumakis believed they had come to destroy them and that was why they attacked them. It is also revealed that Jumanji's sun is a fake device that has a flame surrounded by panels that reflect the energy. Fervish explains that the Jumaki used to be a lot more powerful, but an evil black cloud has started attacking them and taking their eggs from them. Fervish reveals that the egg Judy saved is that of his own child which he guesses must've been left behind by the Black Cloud. The Black Cloud shows up and is revealed to be a blimp controlled by Ibsen who is the true enemy that the Jumaki have been dealing with. The kids, Alan and Dottie launch an unsuccessful attack on Ibsen trying to destroy the blimp, but fail and are caught by a steel claw Ibsen deploys. Ibsen reveals he plans to use the captured Jumakis to power his newest machine and the group notices a hole in the sky and realize that it must be how Dottie got there. Ibsen confirms that, but says the hole will soon close. Dottie apparently betrays them, but in reality she tricks Ibsen and helps the others escape the blimp. Dottie gets everyone back to the Jumaki village, then takes off, unwilling to help and risk the hole in the sky closing. She offers them to come with her, but Judy and Peter decide to stay and help and Alan gives up his chance to go home to do the same. Ibsen returns and collects the Jumaki eggs, but angry at Judy, Peter and Alan's interference in his plans, attacks the village, damaging it. Judy rallies the Jumakis in a massive attack on the blimp and Peter rescues the eggs during the attack. Ibsen fires a blast at them, but they dodge it and it bounces back off the panels surrounding the sun and destroys Ibsen's blimp, Ibsen parachutes to safety and survives. The hole in the sky closes and they're not sure if Dottie made it through, but hope so. Alan is disappointed, but believes there will be another hole someday that will free him. At the Jumaki village, Fervish translates from the Jumaki chief saying that not only did they save them, but in a way they gave them back their ability to fly. Judy realizes that they solved their clue and can now return home. Before they can leave, Fervish's egg hatches and he decides to call the baby Judy the Rescuer in honor of Judy's actions. Back home, Judy turns in her science project and the teacher questions her partners about planetary motion obviously knowing they left Judy to do all the work. Outside, Dottie flies across the sky having made it back, but Judy doesn't see her as she's not looking at the time.
18 5 "The Palace of Clues" Andy Thom & Scott Wood Peter Elwell October 19, 1997 (1997-10-19)
Peter and Judy decide to get tickets to a movie instead of getting Aunt Nora a beautiful birthday cake. The two decorate a cookie instead and journey to Jumanji with the clue "when you fix what has been broken, then you'll know the eyes have spoken" and the two appear in front of a roaring skeleton head, but the head is revealed to just be controlled by Slick. He gives Alan a can of paint, but plans to have him pay it off by doing odd jobs for him. After they paint Alan's door, Slick reveals that the paint is very rare and as such Alan will be paying it back for the rest of his life plus 3.5 years. While the three are trying to figure out what to do, Aston Phillips shows up and admires Alan's door. Aston decides to invite Alan, Judy and Peter to join him on his adventures and has them go inside Alan's home with him in order to discuss their plans. Judy is suspicious, but from one of Aston's comments, believes he could be part of what their clue refers to. Aston plans to travel to the Palace of the Lost Clues where there's a lot of gold he intends to take. The palace also holds all of the clues of the Jumanji players so Alan and Peter are hopeful that they can find Alan's long-lost clue there so he can go home, but Alan is initially reluctant to go due to his debt to Trader Slick but Aston convinces him to. On the way Aston reveals there's a curse of not coming back alive from the palace but doesn't seem to believe in it, before the four accidentally fall off a cliff. Luckily they land on a ledge lower down, but Alan is forced to cut off Judy's pack. Aston gets angered when Judy refuses to acknowledge that he saved her and about her cutting lose her bag with his things in it. Aston calms down and promises smooth sailing from there, but they end up in the middle of a blizzard and have to take cover under a rock ledge. They find bats there and are safe until Aston wakes up and loudly yells out. Aston runs away, but Judy's torch burns a hole in the ice which Alan escapes through. It is revealed that they were in the legendary man of the mountain and Aston heads off to find the palace and is willing to abandon Judy and Peter to get his treasure. The kids try to get free of the ice man, and manage to blind him by piling snow in his eyes which causes him to crash to the ground. Meanwhile, Aston finds the Palace of Lost Clues nearby. Peter starts to turn to ice as an apparent consequence of Alan going back on his deal with Slick. The three realize Peter's only hope is to solve the clue and go home, but Aston tries to keep them out of the palace and accidentally causes part of the bridge to break. Alan and Judy use Peter's freezing form to cross the gap, but it also causes the bridge to disintegrate. In the palace they find a statue with ruby eyes and figure they must be the eyes from the clue. The walls of the palace are lined with clues and the statue lights up what seems to be Alan's clue, but before he can read it, Aston removes the rubies from the statue's eyes. Removing the rubies causes the palace to start to collapse and Peter to shatter, but the rubies fall away from Aston, land on Peter's eyes and restore him not only from his shattered state, but back to his original one as well. The palace continues collapsing so Peter, Alan and Judy quickly try to escape. A couple of boulders block their path while Aston tries to collect as much gold as he can despite the ground starting to sink. Aston goes down but doesn't care as he has his gold while the other three escape without Alan's clue but with the rubies. Back in the jungle Alan uses the rubies to pay off his debt and they realize their clue referred to the debt being broken but fixed with the eyes of the statue which are the rubies and the two return home. Alan starts to leave, but Slick interests him with wallpaper for his house. At home, Judy and Peter pretend they've forgotten Aunt Nora's birthday then reveal they bought her the cake instead of the movie tickets they wanted. Aunt Nora is truly touched and sheds tears of joy and doesn't know what to say, but Judy simply tells her, her eyes have spoken for her.
19 6 "The Master of the Game" David Schwartz Peter Gaffney October 26, 1997 (1997-10-26)
Peter packs a suitcase full of stuff to help in Jumanji, but Judy only lets him take the binoculars and flashlight. Peter rolls and they get the clue "who is the fool and who is wise, beyond shifting sands the answer lies" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again landing in a desert where they are chased by a one-horned creature and Peter drops the binoculars and flashlight. The two end up pinned against a cliff but a hatch opens in the creature and reveals Alan. Alan calls the creature Gracie and reveals that Ibsen created it and he caught it after it chased him for three days and nights. He took it to use to travel across Jumanji safely and named it Gracie after his dog from before he got sucked into Jumanji. Alan can't figure out the first part of their clue, but guesses that the rest of it means that they must cross the desert they're in, the Great Desert of Jumanji, but no one has ever managed to do that although Alan thinks that they can with Gracie. The group crosses most of the desert in Gracie, but after finding an oasis with similar creatures to Gracie, they run out of gas. They end up surrounded by the creatures who start attacking Gracie, but ultimately fall asleep hours later allowing the three to get out of Gracie safely and escape. They reach the end of the desert and jump into a pool of water nearby, but a voice suddenly says "the game must end as all games do, but will this game be the end of you." The mysterious voice tells them a final test stands in their way and continues speaking to them in riddles. They follow a path they figure out from the riddles and arrive at a door and have to solve another riddle to get it open. Peter solves that one by simply knocking on the door which causes it to open. Next they travel through a maze and get chased by a lion, but when Alan touches it, it disappears and the voice gives them another riddle. Following a glowing star (part of the riddle) they then arrive at a spike pit which Alan jumps and touches the star which causes a bridge to appear. Next they follow a tile puzzle where only the blue squares are safe and despite a near miss, make it safely across. At the other side they finally arrive at a massive palace. Inside they see what appears to be a gate to Brantford, but when they try to pass through it, they just end up back where they started frustrating them. However, Alan is seeing the Brantford of his time while Judy and Peter see theirs which Alan realizes means the gate is just another illusion. The three track down the source of the voice and find a being that claims to be the Master of Jumanji who is mad at their intrusion. The Master tells them to return to the Gateless Gate and solve their clue, but when Peter tells him that that isn't their clue, he releases a lion on them. Peter and Judy defeat the lion and send it off a balcony to its death. When Alan threatens to do the same to him, the Master pulls off his hood and reveals himself to be an old man who reveals that he too is a player of the game. The old man reveals he's been trapped in Jumanji for centuries perhaps and his clue was the Gateless Gate but he was unable to solve it no matter what he tried. The old man hoped that someone wiser than he was would show up, solve the mystery of the gate and he could follow them home. Alan reveals the Gateless Gate is just another one of Jumanji's tricks and it doesn't actually exist. The old man finally realizes what he refused to admit to himself: the Gate doesn't really exist and he suddenly disappears. Alan realizes what happened: the old man finally solved his clue and left. When he admitted the Gate wasn't real it solved his clue and sent him home as that was what his clue was really about. Judy and Peter apologize to Alan for not being able to get him home too, but it gives him hope if the old man could return home, so could he someday. Helping the old man solve his clue solves Judy and Peter's and they return home too. The two are disappointed they couldn't get Alan out again and Judy points out that listening to unseen voices could get you into trouble before an unseen Aunt Nora orders them to do their homework causing Peter to agree with Judy.
20 7 "Robo-Peter" Bob Foster Steve Roberts November 2, 1997 (1997-11-02)
Peter and Judy try to leave the house, but as Peter hasn't finished his homework, he's forbidden from going so he decides to go to Jumanji by himself and have fun there. He gets the clue "the grass looks greener across the river wide, a simple stick leads to the other side" before being sucked in. He arrives on the bank of a river and seeing a stick acting as a lever for a boulder on top of a cliff, climbs it and pushes the boulder off with the stick. The boulder and other rocks that fall create a path for him to the other side, but a tiger arrives to attack him but Alan saves him and throws the tiger into the river and it swims to the other shore. Peter is excited about crossing the river as it has cool stuff there, then he realizes that crossing would immediately solve his clue and send him home which bums him out. Alan has Peter follow him and they end up at Ibsen's lab. At the lab, Alan greets Ibsen like an old friend and he invites Peter and Alan in for refreshments. Peter's worried, but Alan tells him Ibsen has changed. Ibsen reveals that he, with Alan's help, has been designing more friendlier creatures to populate Jumanji, having realized that his old approach was wrong and he asks for Peter's help. Peter refuses as Aunt Nora and Judy will miss him, but Alan summons a Robo-Peter who can take his place in Brantford and Peter agrees. Robo-Peter crosses the river and solves Peter's clue as Jumanji believes him to be Peter. At home, he puts the game away and starts on Peter's homework as Judy walks in and refuses to play Jumanji with her as he has chores to do. At school the next day, the teacher gives a pop math quiz, but Robo-Peter easily answers the questions and gets a perfect score, impressing the teacher. At home Robo-Peter makes the house immaculate and starts dinner, but Judy starts to get suspicious of him. In Jumanji Peter creates a robot dog he names Spike and Ibsen brings it to life for him with his voice controller. Spike falls down a flight of stairs and Peter follows. He discovers a workshop and a Robo-Judy along with the real Alan who tells him to run before he's caught by Ibsen and Robo-Alan. Ibsen reveals his plan: use Robo-Peter to lure more players into the game to be trapped allowing Ibsen to replace them with more robot versions until Earth is populated by just Ibsen's robotic copies. Alan is horrified to learn that Robo-Peter solved the real Peter's clue as that leaves Peter without a clue and thus unable to return home. Judy grows more and more suspicious of Robo-Peter. Robo-Peter defeats Rock and invites a crowd of students over in order to get more people into the game. In Ibsen's lab, Peter and Alan are found by Spike who manages to free them. The two head to Ibsen's power generator and try to come up with a plan to shut it down. At home, Judy arrives just in time to stop the crowd Robo-Peter collected from playing Jumanji and is confronted by Robo-Peter. Judy manages to trick Robo-Peter into dropping the dice which counts as a roll and he gets the clue "blind obedience brings disaster, until the servant turns on the master" and he and Judy are sucked into the game, landing near Ibsen's factory. Spike distracts Robo-Alan and real Alan gets close to shut off the generator, Robo-Peter shows up and ruins it. Peter and Judy are captured, but Alan takes advantage of the distraction when Ibsen's trying to determine which is the real Peter to overload the power generator, destroying Ibsen's factory. Ibsen, angry, sends the Robo Peter, Alan and Judy after the real Peter, Alan, Judy and Spike. No matter what they do, nothing stops the robot versions until Robo-Peter is swallowed up by quicksand. Finally, Peter manages to get his hands on Ibsen's voice controller which he uses to order the robot duplicates to get Ibsen and Alan then destroys the controller, forcing Ibsen to run, vowing to come back again. His car gets destroyed and he's forced up a tree. Peter gives Spike to Alan and as he solved Robo-Peter's clue and the game thinks he's Robo-Peter, Peter and Judy return home again. At school, Rock is afraid of Peter now thanks to Robo-Peter and both Peter and Judy's chores for years are done thanks to his efforts.
21 8 "Mud Boy" Dave Schwartz Neil Alsip November 9, 1997 (1997-11-09)
Judy is practicing her violin for a recital later that night which Peter has no choice but to go to. Against Judy's wishes, he rolls and gets the clue "fools draw ruin from the earth, the only hope is a magic birth" before the two are sucked into the game. The two land in the Jumanji Bayou and encounter Alan who is running from a giant leech monster. The three split up and the giant leech goes after Peter. He nearly gets sucked up by it, but Alan and Judy distract the leech and save him. The leech turns its attention to them, but Alan defeats it by tossing a snake he accidentally grabbed at it and the snake holds its mouth shut. After hearing Peter and Judy's clue, Alan figures it could mean the old Dirt Mines on the other side of the Bayou and heads off to find the paddles for his canoe. Peter draws a creature in the mud, which comes to life and Peter names it Mud Boy. Judy isn't too happy when she finds out about it, but they take it with them. In the canoe, Mud Boy fools around and scares Alan causing the canoe to tip over. An alligator destroys the canoe although they get safely to shore. Judy tries to impose rules on Mud Boy, but Mud Boy, who doesn't like rules, yells at her and runs off. At the dirt mines a machine attacks them and Peter gets separated from Judy and Alan and encounters Mud Boy in an underground tunnel and the two head off to find Judy and Alan. In the upper level, Judy pulls a control lever lacking any cobwebs and the two fall through a trap door into the underground tunnel and encounter a giant mole that attacks them, but Judy causes a flood that washes it away. Mud Boy reveals that he just wants to have fun and takes Peter to a place with some spongy substance and a nearby mud waterfall. The two bounce around, and then Mud Boy decides to get rid of Alan and Judy so he and Peter can have fun forever and takes off to get them after sticking Peter to a wall. Alan and Judy are nearly drowned in the mud river while Mud Boy just watches, but Peter manages to free himself and saves them. Mud Boy adds more mud to himself and grows to giant size and chases the three. Peter finally stops him by creating Mud Girl, Mud Boy's older sister and Mud Girl orders Mud Boy around like Judy does to Peter and gets him to stop. Mud Boy returns to normal and heads off with Mud Girl, but not before he gives Peter a friendly wave and appreciates what Peter put on Mud Girl for him: a kick me sign inscribed into her back. Alan realizes that Mud Boy was the "ruin from the earth" and Mud Girl was the "magic birth" thus solving Peter's clue and sending him and Judy back home. At home Peter decides to go to Judy's recital despite her saying he doesn't have to, but he wears a Walkman.
22 9 "The Magic Chest" Tom McLaughlin Patricia Carr November 16, 1997 (1997-11-16)
Peter wants to get a new squirt gun, but Aunt Nora tells him no and wants him and Judy to take some of the old junk out of the attic as Aunt Nora believes it can be sold for a lot of money. While cleaning the attic the two decide to play Jumanji and get the clue "a crumbling kingdom brings a trap to light, fathom greed's curse to make things right" before getting sucked into the game again. The two arrive at the base of a tree that Alan's trapped in surrounded by ape-like creatures and are forced to climb the tree themselves when a pack of hyenas arrive. Alan distracts them and the monkeys with fruit and he, Judy and Peter escape by swinging on a vine over a cliff where Alan reveals he collected some Hyaconda Fruit, some of the most coveted fruit in Jumanji and reveals the monkey creatures are called tree sloths. After hearing their clue, Alan leads them to the sandcastle of the Sand King, but Peter falls down a hole and discovers a treasure chest. The other two fall down too and they enter an underground room where they find a lot of treasure and the Sand King himself. The Sand King is obsessed with finding a magic chest and believing they have it, have his men chase them. Peter, Alan and Judy fall through quicksand and return to Brantford leading them to believe they solved their clue. Alan runs off, but the chest falls out of Peter's backpack and Judy realizes that it must be the chest that the Sand King was talking about. Peter secretly takes a couple of coins to buy his squirt gun and leaves the chest on the steps while he and Judy look for Alan and it is found by Mr. Olsen, the guy that came to buy the antique stuff and he takes it with him. Peter uses one of the coins to buy the squirt gun and is turned into a skunk as a result. Also, the shopkeeper turns into a rhino and demands to know about the rest of the coins when he hears about them. The kids and Alan defeat him and Peter retrieves the coin and they head home to get the chest and return it to Jumanji, but find it gone and Aunt Nora a duck as she picked up one of the coins. They realize that anyone who touches a coin turns into an animal and if they don't get the chest and the coins back, the town may turn into a zoo. They find Olsen, but he refuses to give up the chest, touches a coin and turns into an elephant, but Judy and Peter manage to retrieve the chest from him. On the way home, Rock attacks Peter and the chest spills its contents and some of the kids touch the coins and turn into animals too and start going after Alan, Peter and Judy who climb up the jungle gym to escape. Peter, Judy and Alan collect the chest and all the coins then fall through the sand and end up back in Jumanji again where they encounter Slick. His comments cause them to realize that if they toss the chest in the ocean, the curse will break as that's what their clue means, but Slick steals it. Peter forces him to give it back, but he steals the coins before doing so. The three go to throw the chest into the sea but are caught by the Sand King who discovers the chest is empty. They escape and run into Slick who's been cursed as well and he gives up the coins. The Sand King and his drones confront them, but Peter destroys the drones and kills the Sand King with his new squirt gun. Afterwards Peter tosses the chest into the ocean and the curse is broken restoring everyone affected by it to normal. Peter's clue is also solved and they return home where they discover that as Peter bought the squirt gun with money from the chest, it is gone now, too. However, Mr. Olsen paid Aunt Nora a lot for the antiques he got and Aunt Nora bought one for Peter herself and squirts him in the face with it.
23 10 "The Trial" Bob Fester Jonathan Greenberg November 23, 1997 (1997-11-23)
Peter and Judy arrive home to find Aunt Nora yelling at a plumber for breaking a vase which he claims innocence of. After he leaves, Peter suggests she get him fired and Aunt Nora likes the idea of that. In the attic Judy rolls and gets the clue "let the judgment fit the crime, an act of kindness may come in time" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again. There, they encounter Alan carrying a glass orb which he saves from accidentally going over a cliff, but ends up going over himself. Luckily he lands in a net that's one of Van Pelt's traps, but the three apes steal the orb from him and capture him in the net before taking him away. They take him to an ape who charges him with the theft of the Singing Orb (the glass orb he had) which the apes of Jumanji have been protecting since Jumanji was created. When Alan tries to defend himself, the ape tells him that he'll be having a trial. When Peter and Judy try to intervene, the ape tells them that they can defend Alan at his trial and to return the next morning before having Alan taken to a cell and taking the Singing Orb as evidence. The first witness in the trial is Slick who reveals to the judge that Alan got a map of the caverns where the Singing Orb has always been kept from him. Ibsen reveals he saw Alan enter the caves and Van Pelt testifies that he witnessed Alan leaving with the Orb and Peter makes a fool of himself trying to question him. Later that night, desperate and at Peter's suggestion, the two try to break Alan out of jail, but a failed and are captured themselves, but manage to pass it off as just talking to Alan and are released. The next day Judy questions Alan on the stand who claims he found the Singing Orb in the grass and was returning it when the cave started to collapse. Slick, Ibsen and Van Pelt merely saw him while he was returning it. Only Judy and Peter believe him and Alan is found guilty and as punishment, Peter is sentenced to 40 years on Desperation Island. Alan desperately tries to tell the judge something, but he's just ignored. On Desperation Island, Peter meets a friendly little creature named Eep that is his cellmate. Alan and Judy build a raft to reach Desperation Island and rescue Peter, but beyond the fact that he didn't steal the Singing Orb, Alan refuses to explain what happened to Judy. Peter and Eep have a hard time surviving Desperation Island and Peter starts to come up with an escape plan. Alan and Judy arrive at the island, but a tidal wave destroys their raft and they're captured. Thanks to Peter's efforts, he and Eep escape, but are shocked to find Alan and Judy held captive by the apes. Peter reveals himself to try to save them, but Eep gets away. Held captive, Alan reveals the true story: he didn't find the Orb in the grass, he found a Fludgel (either Eep or one of his race) with it and took it. The rest of the story he told in court was true, he just lied about where he found it to protect the Fludgel. Judy and Peter forgive Alan, but the judge decides to execute them. However, just before Alan can be executed, Eep returns with a group of Fludgels who exchange a giant orb for their freedom as they owe Peter Eep's life. The judge accepts and the three are freed and the judgment fit the crime (the act of kindness was Eep saving them) Judy and Peter's clue is solved and they return home. Meanwhile, the greedy judge is sucked into the Fludgels orb which amuses them and Alan. At home Judy and Peter try to convince Aunt Nora not to call and get the plumber fired and she's found a cat in the kitchen that starts to wreak havok and it is indicated the cat broke the vase not the plumber and he was telling the truth about being innocent of that.
24 11 "The Riddle of Alan" Tom McLaughlin Peter Gaffney February 9, 1998 (1998-02-09)
In Jumanji Peter tries to retrieve a jewel from a plant, but Alan doesn't let him as he thinks it is too dangerous. Later, in Brantford, Peter is disgruntled as he feels Alan was treating him like a baby and he doesn't want to play Jumanji, but Judy drags him upstairs and rolls getting the clue "find the truth so long concealed, when the hidden face has been revealed" and the two get sucked into Jumanji. There they encounter a giant armadillo and a giant bear that attacks them but is distracted by the giant armadillo which allows them to escape, leaving Peter wondering where Alan is. The two search for him, but no matter where they look they can't find him including his home, so Judy starts to believe that perhaps something happened to him as Jumanji is such a dangerous place. Judy decides that perhaps their clue indicates the Ruins of the Faceless Statue and the two head for the ruins. Along the way Peter breaks down as he said he never wanted to see Alan again and now he might never, but they get attacked by Van Pelt and are forced to jump into a nearby river and are swept over a waterfall. A snake tries to attack them, but when Judy yells at it, it gets scared and leaves and the two find themselves near the ruins. Apparently the faceless statue is that of Jumanji itself, but before they can investigate, the Manjis and Tribal Bob show up. The Manjis consider it sacred ground and trespassing has earned Judy and Peter a terrible fate. Peter tries to convince the Manjis not to kill them and they agree only to take off their fingernails when lightning suddenly strikes and the Manjis disappear leaving only their spears. Judy and Peter find Alan, but he's wearing metal claws and an animal head and seems to have no memory. The two have to save him from one of the plants that eats people and teach him to swing on vines again. At his house Alan has a bad dream about being a monster and the next day he doesn't seem to be getting any better so Judy decides that they have to go to where Alan was before he lost his memory and find out what happened. Heading back to the ruins, they find an old steamship, the Jumanji Queen and decide to use it to go upriver. On the way, a little of Alan's memory returns and he recognizes some of the shore a bit, but all he knows is that he was doing something connected to his clue. He also seems to regain at least a few memories of being a kid as when he's reminded of Brantford, he remembers he was a kid growing up there. An animal apparently gets into the boat and eats their food, so they're forced to go ashore. Questioning Alan some more, he remembers some Manjis, but one of the ropes they're using to pull the boat breaks and it starts to go down-river, dragging Alan with it, but Judy manages to stop it and secure the boat by tying the rope to a tree. Peter wakes up in the middle of the night suddenly having to go to the bathroom and finds Alan untying the boat which sends it downriver again. The boat goes over some rocks and is destroyed, but the three make it safely ashore and Alan has no memories of his actions. Judy figures Alan was likely sleep-walking as he was so scared he's unconsciously trying to sabotage the trip. Another of Alan's memories is triggered and he reveals that he came up the river as an old Manji legend says there's a spot at the head of the river where the truth can be found and he was hoping the truth he'd find would be his clue, but his memory of what he found doesn't return. At the head of the river, they get caught by Manjis and taken to a place where the faceless statue has a face: Alan Parish. It appears Alan himself created Jumanji but Alan's memories are still gone and he doesn't know how. The Manjis believe to end the game they must kill Alan, saying he escaped once before but they have him this time. The three manage to escape and climb up the cliff where the monument is. Doing so causes Alan's memory of him telling Peter he it was too dangerous for him to come back and he apologizes. Investigating the face, they find machinery inside and Peter detaches the parts attached to the eyes. The two realize that the machinery is some kind of hypnotic device that made Alan think he was Jumanji and it is just another one of Jumanji's tricks. They realize the machinery is the real hidden face and their clue is solved. Judy and Peter return home leaving Alan, who confirms his memories are coming back, behind, still not remembering who they are.
25 12 "Night of the Hunters" Andy Thom John Ziaucus February 16, 1998 (1998-02-16)
Peter and Judy are selling raffle tickets and Peter sells 20 to an old man who only meant to buy one and can't even really afford that. Judy compiles a mailing list of people, but Peter shuts off her computer and in retaliation she steal his tickets. They decide to enter Jumanji and get the clue "double crossing makes no friends, the wings of eagles make amends" before the two are sucked into the game again. Upon landing, Peter discovers the truth about his stolen raffle tickets and he and Judy argue until they're interrupted by Van Pelt. However before Van Pelt can kill them, they get interrupted by Von Richter, Van Pelt's rival. Van Pelt reveals he plans to use Judy and Peter as bait to lure in Alan who he's been hunting for 15 years and offers to let Von Richter watch. Alan falls into the trap, but Von Richter stops Van Pelt from killing him and proposes a contest between them instead with them each trying to get Alan. Von Richter reveals that after he came along, he became the best hunter in Jumanji although Van Pelt claims Von Richter just stole most of his own prizes and both want Alan for their walls. Von Richter releases Alan into his compound with a five-minute head start before he and Van Pelt go after him and promises to release Alan, Peter and Judy if Alan makes it through the compound, but is in reality lying. Von Richter nearly gets Alan, but Van Pelt stops him as he still wants Alan for himself. In the cage, Peter manages to escape and frees Judy. They distract Von Richtor and Van Pelt and although Peter is caught, Von Richtor decides to let him go and Peter frees one of Von Richtor's injured eagles. Alan is nearly caught by the two hunters, but escapes while they're arguing and Van Pelt starts to sink in quicksand. Alan saves him after he tosses away the rifle, but Van Pelt tries to kill him with a pistol and fails. Alan hurts his leg in a trap, but runs into Judy and Peter afterwards. They manage to trap the two hunters in a trench and encounter the eagles again. Peter realizes that the clue means how Von Richtor double-crossed his eagles who are now on their side due to being betrayed and Peter saving one. The three escape on the eagles and as their clue was solved, Peter and Judy return home. At home Peter returns the old man's money, but lets him keep a ticket for free. Peter and Judy have sold the same number of raffle tickets and are content to share the grand prize, but get home to discover their rival sold a bunch to Aunt Nora and has thus won.
26 13 "The Plague" Scott Wood Marsha Freeman February 23, 1998 (1998-02-23)
Peter is sick with a fever and is forbidden from going to the park. After Aunt Nora spreads a paste on his chest, Peter decides to enter Jumanji against Judy's wishes and gets the clue "all that glitters is not gold, but leads you to the bead she must hold" before he and Judy are sucked into the game. There they're grabbed into the bushes by Alan who is trying to avoid a mega ant-eating creature before the two notice the smell caused by Aunt Nora's paste. The smell draws the creatures and they're forced to run into a pepper tree. They climb the tree and drive the creatures off by feeding them peppers. Peter's illness starts to catch up with him and they head to a pool of water Alan knows that has a glitter that they believe might be the glitter they're looking for. Using a raft they explore the river and find a bead in an oyster's mouth they believe might be what they're looking for, but when Alan and Judy go after it, they get attacked by a monstrous underwater creature. Judy gets the bead while Alan defeats the creature, but the raft gets swept off a waterfall along with Alan and Judy, but Peter luckily gets washed up on shore. Even with the pearl they don't return home and decide to take Peter to the Manjis as his illness is just getting worse. Even the Manji attempt to cure Peter fails, but Tribal Bob believes that the clue refers to a statue that needs the pearl or a volcano will erupt so they take off to find it. Alan climbs the statue and puts the pearl in solving the clue, but as they leave, the Manjis show signs of Peter's illness. At home a doctor treats Peter and reveals that his illness is Norwegian Pluracy, a very contagious illness, but the doctor has an antibiotic for it. Knowing that the Manjis and Alan likely caught it too, Judy decides to take him to Jumanji and tricks him into rolling the dice, giving him the clue "undercover is the catch, turn around and down the hatch" before the doctor, Judy and even Peter are sucked into Jumanji. Judy manages to come up with an excuse, but a rhino attacks them and Alan saves them. However, he's contracted Peter's illness (which the doctor says is even worse than Peter's case) and reveals that the Manjis have it too. They find the Manjis who have caught the illness like a plague and Tribal Bob believes that the doctor is an evil witch doctor who gave them the illness and plan to kill him and Alan, Peter and Judy. The three escape, but the doctor is captured. Later, while the Manjis are sleeping, Peter and Judy rescue him from his cage and dress him up. Peter then tells the Manjis he got rid of the "evil witch doctor" and brought in a Wanji healer from across Jumanji to make them better. They pretend that the doctor speaks another language with Peter "translating" for them and manage to convince the Manjis which works as some of Tribal Bob's best friends are Wanjis. The doctor treats the Manjis and Alan and gives them instructions on their treatment through Peter. Peter realizes that the doctor solved his clue and they return home after the doctor finishes treating the Manjis. At home they convince the doctor it was all a dream and he leaves none the wiser. Peter recovers in bed from his illness and finally gets better, but Judy gets sick afterward and Peter tells her he knows a good Wanji healer (meaning the doctor).

Season 3 (1998–1999)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
27 1 "The Three Peters" Gloria Jenkins Marsha F. Griffin September 8, 1998 (1998-09-08)
Judy and Peter return home from another adventure in Jumanji and are extremely upset as they nearly got Alan home but failed. They had been very close too and Peter is so angry he tosses the game against a cabinet causing the glass dome in the center to shatter into three parts. The game sends out a massive whirlwind while the clue "woeful pieces of a broken soul, await the strike that makes them whole," before the whirlwind pulls them into the game. They land on an island and Peter apologizes, but when Judy tries to get him to swim to the nearby shore, he's too afraid. They get attacked by two giant leeches and Peter proves no help, but Alan shows up and saves them and they safely get to the opposite shore. Peter disappears and when the two find him again, he's extremely mean to them, steals Alan's food and runs off with Alan chasing him, leaving Judy behind. Judy gets consumed by a green creature, but Peter shows up and saves her. When she yells at him for being so mean to Alan, he shows no memory of it and is freakishly nice to her, causing her to realize something must be wrong. Peter picks a couple of flowers (that turn out to be dangerous) and goes off to get them some food from a banana tree. At the Manji village, Peter, with a bad attitude again robs the Manjis and escapes, destroying the village in the process. He runs into Alan and Judy who are looking for them and after he climbs a vine, he breaks it and leaves them to the Manjis. The two escape the Manjis by yodeling and causing a mud-slide that traps the Manjis. They then run into Peter being nice again and wondering where they disappeared of to and while yelling at him, run into another Peter that's acting scared. Judy realizes the first Peter is the one who gave them the flowers and saved her and the second one is the one she found on the island that was too scared to swim and she orders them both to sit down and not move. Judy realizes that when Peter broke the game's glass into three pieces, it must have broken him into three pieces of his personality and the third one is the horrible Peter that left them to the Manjis. They decide to head for Alan's cave, but Scared Peter is too scared to cross the bridge and runs away chased by Nice Peter when a bird scares him. Judy and Alan try to go after them, but the bridge they're on starts to break. Scared Peter is caught by Van Pelt while Nice Peter tries to convince Van Pelt to spare Scared Peter, but he decides to kill both. Alan and Judy manage to get to safety and find Van Pelt and the Peters gone. Judy and Alan rescue them, but Mean Peter alerts Van Pelt who is defeated by Alan and tied up, allowing them to escape. Mean Peter taunts Van Pelt, but he escapes and captures Mean Peter. Alan and Judy rescue Mean Peter and defeat Van Pelt, but the other two Peters are captured by the Manjis while they're away. Judy and Alan find this out and with Mean Peter (tied up and gagged with a pear) head to the Manji village and learn the Manjis intend to sacrifice the other two Peters. Upon seeing a bolt of lightning, Judy realizes that what their clue means is that the three Peters have to be struck by lightning to be made whole again. They turn Mean Peter over to the Manjis and Judy throws a bucket of water on the Peters to attract the lightning and conduct it through them. It works and the three Peters are struck by lightning which solves their clue and sends them home. At home the three Peters merge back together into one Peter who has no memory of what happened and the game repairs itself.
28 2 "Young Alan" David Schwartz Peter Gaffney September 15, 1998 (1998-09-15)
Peter finds an old toy that he wants to play with, but Judy convinces him to play Jumanji instead. She rolls and gets the clue "no past, no future, we know it is true, and yet the present makes you blue" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again. There they escape a bunch of traps, but run into Ibsen who is a giant green frog. Ibsen decides to send the two back into the past via a river that flows backwards into the past hoping that by their elimination there, he'll become human again. The two travel down the river, seeing images of their previous adventures before finally landing on shore and heading off to find Alan. They find things seemed to have changed on the way and when they reach Alan's place, the basket is gone. Suddenly another kid from Brantford crashes in followed by a lion, but Judy and Peter manage to tie it up and the three escape. Later, the kid reveals he found the game in his attic and decided to play as it looked fun and got sucked in. Judy and Peter are shocked as this shows there's apparently more than one copy of the game. The kid reveals that like Alan he doesn't know what his clue is. He didn't read the instructions and when his clue appeared he didn't really pay attention and he has absolutely no idea what his clue is. Spotting Van Pelt, the three are forced to run and have to jump into a river to get away and swim to shore although the kid nearly drowns and Judy and Peter have to save him. Talking to the kid, things he tells them doesn't match up and he finally reveals his name: Alan Parrish. The kid turns out to be a ten and a half year old Alan and they're over 20 years in the past. The three are attacked by Past Ibsen and are forced to climb a cliff. Alan is initially reluctant, but ultimately agrees and they escape only to find Trader Slick. They leave without buying anything and spend the night in a tree. Peter and Judy discuss their predicament of being stuck in the past and how this Alan can't survive without them and Alan hears and is gone in the morning when they wake up. They head to Slick who reveals Alan traded with him, paying cash and they find Alan with a motorboat which he bought for them to go back up-river and home. When asked why, he reveals he owes them his life and it is the least he can do. They take off, but the engine catches on fire so Alan steers them with paddles. Alan prevents them from crashing, but falls into the water and wishes them good luck. The steering wheel breaks and they cannot turn around, but they pass through the cave and travel back to their own time where the boat goes off a waterfall and they are saved by present day Alan. He does not remember what happened in the past (he says he must have hit his head) and warns them Ibsen's on the warpath. Ibsen got a cure from Slick but it shrunk him and made him blue. Judy and Peter realize their clue's solved and return home leaving Alan unhappy that he did not get to see them much, but they tell him they got to see him a lot, confusing him. At home, Judy allows Peter to play with the old toy, but he accidentally breaks it.
29 3 "The Intruder" Andy Thom Peter Gaffney September 22, 1998 (1998-09-22)
Peter is watching an R-rated movie when Judy steals the remote and runs into the attic where the two find a robber. Desperate, Peter quickly rolls the dice on Jumanji and gets the clue "your view is askew, your morals are stunted, till you see the robber robbed and the hunter hunted" which causes Judy, Peter and the robber to be sucked into Jumanji. Judy nearly falls into one of Van Pelt's traps which would kill her and when Peter is unable to pull her out, the robber, who tells them to call him Jack, saves her. Jack doesn't believe them when they tell him about Jumanji so he ties them up and heads off to explore. Judy manages to free Peter, but Jack comes back after being attacked by a monster squirrel. Judy pretends she has to go to the bathroom and uses the opportunity to escape. Peter also gets away while Jack is distracted, but Jack quickly learns of their escape and starts looking for them. He pretends to fall into Van Pelt's trap and Peter "saves" him and Jack claims that now that Peter's saved him, they have a bond and Peter decides to lead him to Alan. Meanwhile, Judy enlists Alan's help to find Peter. Jack tries to swing over a gorge, but fails and when Peter tries to help, he ends up hanging while Jack makes it across safely and plans to leave him there, but Peter tricks him into saving him by pretending Van Pelt has emeralds which interests Jack. He gets Peter to take him to Van Pelt, but Peter leaves a clue so Alan and Judy are able to find him. He escapes Jack and finds Alan and Judy who take Jack down, but after Alan saves Jack, Jack throws him to giant snapping turtles. Alan is apparently killed and Judy and Peter are recaptured by Jack who ties up Judy and sends Peter to rob Van Pelt of his supposed emeralds. Peter steals a chest from Van Pelt then runs away after Jack sees it. Jack goes to hurt Judy and Peter goes to surrender, but Alan shows up and frees Judy allowing them to run away. Alan reveals the current of the river sent him to safety over a waterfall. Opening the chest, they find a Juroceros Horn which Van Pelt, who shows up, reveals is the horn of a creature he killed that was the last of its species. Luckily for them, that wasn't the last of its kind and Van Pelt is attacked by another one before he can harm them. They capture Jack who is desperate to be saved, but he manages to get free and steals the horn. After taking another route, they encounter Jack again being chased by the Jurocerous and realize their clue is solved as Van Pelt was hunted by the Juerocerous and they robbed Jack of his prize of emeralds he expected. Judy, Peter and Jack return home just before Jack is killed and he falls down the stairs trying to get away. Outside the kids run into Officer Bentley who'd noticed their window was broken and came to check it out as there was a robber on the loose. Bentley spots Jack and arrests him and after being in Jumanji, Jack begs to be taken to jail.
30 4 "Oh, Grow Up!" Gloria Jenkins Marsha F. Griffin September 29, 1998 (1998-09-29)
Peter and Judy stand in line for 2 hours for a roller coaster, but Peter is too short and runs off, upset. Judy convinces him to play Jumanji and she gets the clue "one small trade makes fortunes rise, but what remains is just your size" before the two get sucked into Jumanji again. They end up in a field and are chased by hogs, but escape with Alan's help into a ditch. Judy and Alan easily get out, but Peter needs Alan's help to. After Alan tries (and fails) to cheer Peter up, the three head for Slick due to the clue mentioning "one small trade." There Slick tries to trade them a "divining rod" (a stick) but they don't go for it and leave except for Peter who asks if Slick has anything to make him bigger. Slick has a potion to do exactly that, and Peter trades a rabbit's foot for it and drinks some of it. Instantly Peter grows so he's a bit taller than Judy, but while hiding in a log from a lynx, Peter starts growing again. Peter grows to a height of several feet and drives off the lynx. Peter, happy drinks most of what's left of the potion wanting to be even taller, but Judy takes it from him before he can finish off the rest and they have to run from the hogs again. However, Peter grows to giant size and drives the hogs off easily. Peter gets hungry and eats bananas from a couple trees (one which damages Slick's place when he throws it, but luckily Slick has insurance), burps loudly and then heads to the river for water. After taking a drink, Peter takes Alan and Judy to a mango grove across the river, but Judy wants to return Peter to normal and he refuses as he likes being big. Judy and Alan go to Slick for an antidote and while they're gone, Peter finds the Manjis under attack and tries to help them, but only makes things worse, demolishing the Manji village. Judy and Alan force Slick to give them an antidote for free and he warns them only three drops are to be taken as it is extremely powerful. At the village, Peter continues his battle and does even more damage (and accidentally demolishes Slick's place with a rock that misses, but he has insurance for that too) but he loses the battle, however the Manjis drive the creature away. The Manjis, angry, tie Peter up and plan to drop him in the Pit of Doom. Alan distracts the Manjis and Judy manages to get Peter the antidote, but he drinks the whole thing and becomes very tiny while due to Tribal Bob's actions, they're suspended over the Pit of Doom. Alan saves them and Judy pretends Peter was killed, horrifying Tribal Bob as Peter was his friend and he realizes the mistake he made. Alan and Judy take Peter to Slick's to try to find a cure, but he's gone and Peter gets taken by a rat. Peter drives off the rat and Alan and Judy try to figure out how to help him. Thinking about their clue, they guess the trade part meant Peter's trade with Slick and Judy figures out that "what remains" means what's left of the giant potion. There's a drop left and using it on Peter cures him and restores him to his correct size. It also solves their clue and sends them home, but leaves Peter wondering where his left shoe is. It is shown that his shoe (still giant), which had fallen off when the Manjis caught him, is Tribal Bob's new home.
31 5 "Return of Squint" Andy Thom Peter Gaffney January 7, 1999 (1999-01-07)
Peter is on the swim team, but can't keep up with the other kids. He claims it is because he doesn't get the scissor kick, but the teacher won't listen to him. At home Judy tries to cheer him up and failing, decides to take him to Jumanji. Peter rolls and they get the clue "a machine will take you to the deep, but cannot tell you what to keep" before the two are sucked into the game again. There they find themselves surrounded by giant salamanders, but Alan manages to drive them off with a light bomb. Peter got some of the salamander slime on him without any notice. The three raid Ibsen's lab and steal his submarine, but Peter turns into a salamander. They're unable to find an instruction manual for the sub and are running out of air with Alan unable to figure out how to surface. Judy manages to hit a manual override and they surface near a desert island where Captain Squint and two men are. Captain Squint reveals he survived the Draken attack, although it was a very near thing and ended up washed up on the island. Squint hijacks the sub and plans to use it to find a sunken city full of treasure and forces Alan, Peter and Judy to be his crew again along with his two men. Peter and Judy are forced to serve Squint's men while Alan is forced to help pilot the ship. They get attacked by a giant whale, but Alan drives it off with a torpedo. The pressure gets too much for the sub and Squint refuses to listen to reason, sending Judy and Alan into the back to fix a leak, but the sub breaks in half from the pressure. Alan and Judy get into scuba suits just as the part of the sub breaks completely and find nobody in the front half, but encounter a fully salamander Peter who is free. The demonic shark attacks them, but Peter and Alan manage to drive it off. Peter finds the treasure, but Squint attacks before Peter defeats him. Two demonic mermaids show up, but Peter warns Alan and Judy while Squint and his men fall into the trap and disappeared along with the treasure tower. Alan and Judy collect all the treasure left and find a balloon-like plant that can take them to the surface. They're forced to drop their treasure in order for it to work, because the treasure was too heavy. But they safely make it up, but have to retrieve Peter who turned back into himself. Judy realizes Peter solved the clue: the machine that took them to the deep was Ibsen's sub while what they needed to keep was the ballon plant as it was able to take them back to the surface. Clue solved, the two return home, leaving Alan to swim to the nearby island for coconuts and crabs Squint and his two mates had. At home, Peter is now the best swimmer on the team due to his experiences as a salamander teaching him better swimming techniques.
32 6 "Armageddon" David Schwartz Steve Roberts January 14, 1999 (1999-01-14)
Judy is planning to go over to a boy named Dashell's house while Peter plans to practice for his new little league team, but both are shocked to hear Alan calling out for their help. Both haven't been to Jumanji in days, but decide to go because Alan needs them despite their other plans. Peter rolls and gets the clue "there's one way out, the price you know, save yourselves and let it go" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again. Peter and Judy are immediately forced to run from an elephant and run into the Temple of the Maroosh where a giant wooden roller chases them, but are saved by the elephant who protects them, allowing them to get out through a hole in the wall. Afterwards Peter and Judy get chased by a Tiger which they find being friendly to a group of gazzles, but it suddenly changes its mind and leaves them alone. Slick doesn't try to sell them anything and even bad-mouths his own merchandise and the two find Van Pelt freeing a trapped baby deer instead of killing it. When a tree bends to give them passage over a gorge, Judy starts to think something's wrong with Jumanji. They find Alan in a hot tub served by some chimps and he reveals that in Jumanji time they've been gone for weeks and he started to wonder if they'd ever come back. Alan explains that the changes happened gradually with the animals starting to help him out and Van Pelt even saving Alan from one of his own traps. Alan's now even friends with Ibsen who changed his ways too, but suddenly during the explanation, the Manjis attack them with spears leaving them confused as Alan was feasting with them just days before. Before their eyes, a stream of water suddenly turns and goes uphill and they decide to go to Ibsen and see if he has any answers. Along the way the three encounter Van Pelt and Slick sitting down to a friendly tea and are even more shocked. At Ibsen's factory he reveals he believes there is something wrong with Jumanji and that it is perhaps breaking down and if it does that, everything including them will likely be destroyed. After Ibsen's factory flips upside-down, they leave, but outside the ground starts breaking apart and there's a pink river where there shouldn't be one. The three join Slick and Van Pelt on a ship, but abandon it when the two plan to go over a waterfall. The ship goes over, but Peter, Alan and Judy manage to make it safely to shore thanks to a nearby tree root. The three decide to head back to Ibsen's lab to try to help out, but the lab flies in and crashes nearby. In there they find Ibsen acting like a broken robot and ask if he figured out how to save Jumanji. All they manage to get out of Ibsen is that a mechanism needs to be repaired so they enter the underground mechanism system using the Bog of Despair. In the underground area, the mechanisms are starting to break apart and not work properly. The three find a broken gear jamming the mechanisms and figure that must be the problem. They hook up a pulley to try to fix the problem, but Alan realizes if the kids let go of the pulley it'll solve their clue so he tells them to do it and save themselves. The two refuse and knock Alan away and then manage to pull out the gear, restarting the mechanisms. On the surface Jumanji has returned to normal now that the problem has been repaired and the two realize that what they were supposed to let go of was their clue and by doing that they solved their clue. Peter and Judy return home and wonder if perhaps Jumanji broke down on purpose and Judy runs off to answer a call from Dashell as she's very late for meeting him.
33 7 "Love Potion" Andy Thom Siobhan Byrne O'Connor January 21, 1999 (1999-01-21)
Judy asks Wade Riley to the dance, but a new girl named Cindy interrupts and says she's taking Wade to the dance. At home a still unhappy Judy agrees to play Jumanji and Peter gets the clue "a rescue formed for one in need, will soon in kind repay the deed" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again. There they encounter Alan carrying a baby deer and have to run from fire-shooting bugs. They jump into the river and use reeds to shoot water at the bugs, driving them off. When asked about the baby deer, Alan explains that the deer is a rare albino type and is the only baby of her herd. She was caught in one of Van Pelt's traps and Alan rescued her, but in order to free her, they need to get a bolt cutter which requires a trip to Slick's. Alan makes a deal to get a device called a Slickomatic for 25 zebra stripes and heads off to get them while Slick offers Judy a love potion perfume which she trades the earrings Wade gave her for. After she sprays it on herself, it causes Alan to fall in love with her and basically ignore Peter. After dealing with two rams on the way to the deer's home, they encounter Van Pelt and he goes to harm them, but Judy's love potion causes him to fall in love with her too, give up hunting and start fighting over her with Alan while Judy and Peter return the deer to its herd. Judy realizes that returning the deer was the rescue and escaping Van Pelt was their payment and they return home leaving Alan and Van Pelt despondent at Judy's departure. Peter finds out, but doesn't care although he does worry about possible consequences. At school every guy falls for Judy and it seems to go to her head. At the dance everyone wants to be with her and start hurting her fighting over her, but Peter rescues her and Judy is horrified that instead of getting a boyfriend, she ends up with a gym full of love-sick zombies. The two escape, but the love-sick boys chase Judy home and desperate, she and Peter return to Jumanji with the clue "desire and love falsely derived, can only be saved by what's inside." In Jumanji they run into the Manjis who immediately fall in love with Judy too and cart her off to be Tribal Bob's queen. Peter goes to Alan for help, but he's still hopelessly in love with Judy too. Peter manages to trick Alan into helping him rescue Judy from the Manjis, but the Manjis quickly find out and chase after them. Judy tricks Slick into giving her the antidote: sap from the Tree of Aversion undoes the potion and when Judy puts some on herself, it immediately restores Alan back to normal. The Manjis arrive, but don't attack as they're looking for their "queen" and are no longer under the love potions spell and are easily fooled. Peter realizes that as Judy's back to normal she saved them from the Manjis by being herself and thus solved their clue, sending them home. At home everything returns to normal and Judy decides to get an ice cream instead of perfume having learned her lesson.
34 8 "Sorceress of Jumanji" David Schwartz Greg Klein & Tom Pugsley January 28, 1999 (1999-01-28)
Peter and Judy return home to find Aunt Nora having a rummage sale and she reveals she sold Jumanji to a woman named Ms. Desmona for 75 cents. Horrified, the two rush to the home of Ms. Desmona, a very mean old lady, but she claims not to know about the game and orders them to leave. However, as they start to, they witness Ms. Desmona sucked into Jumanji. Judy decides that they have to go after her and as Ms. Desmona's dog Killer comes after them, Judy quickly rolls and gets the clue "power and evil are ancient lore, your only escape lies with the one before" before they are into the game again. Alan rescues them from a water buffalo and is shocked to see Ms. Desmona being menaced by one. He reveals he knows Ms. Desmona from before he got sucked into Jumanji and was the one that gave her nickname Desmeanie. The three defeat the buffalo, but Ms. Desmona is flung into the nearby river and they're forced to follow when the buffalo chase them again. Alan saves Desmona who demands an explanation. They explain and Desmona reveals her clue is "evil spoken will not amend, until one becomes two again." Desmona takes off looking for an exit and Judy and Peter have no choice but to follow as they realize that in order to solve their clue, they have to help Desmona solve hers. Desmona loses them by kicking her way through some deadly snakes who block the others path, then goes to Slick to try to find a way out. She steals the Tome of Jumanji, an evil spellbook and causes Slick's own tongue to grow and tie him up. The others find and free him and Alan is horrified about what she stole because it contains a lot of spells and will make anyone holding it the Sorceress of Jumanji. Slick reveals Ms. Desmona went to the Manji village to collect spell ingredients and the others head off to stop her. They arrive too late and find the witch doctor shrunken and Ms. Desmona transformed into an evil sorceress. She throws Alan and Judy away and kidnaps Peter to be her apprentice planning to never go back to Brantford. Desmona escapes with Peter in a flying pot and heads to Shadow Ravine where the castle of the original sorceress was. Alan and Judy find this out from the tiny witch doctor and head there with Judy enraged about Desmona's actions. Desmona turns Peter's shoes to lead and tries to drown Alan and Judy, but Peter takes off his shoes and shoves Desmona away, breaking the spell and saving Alan and Judy. In retaliation, Desmona manacles him to the chandelier. Desmona tries a shadow creature, but Judy destroys it by reflecting sunlight onto it with her mirror. At the castle Desmona prepares a magical bonfire to brainwash Peter and captures Judy and Alan, but Alan and Peter distract her allowing Judy to snatch the spellbook, turning Desmona back to normal and undoing all her spells. Judy transforms into the Sorceress and is angry at Desmona who apologizes, solving her clue and sending her home as taking away the book made one (Desmona with the book as the Sorceress) become two (Desmona and the book) again and forced Desmona to apologize. Solving Desmona's clue solves Peter and Judy's too and they return to Brantford where Desmona gives back Jumanji and Peter's football and Judy orders her to give back all the other toys she's stolen. Desmona refuses, but when Judy's eyes glow again, she quickly changes her mind.
35 9 "The Ultimate Weapon" Gloria Jenkins Barry Hawkins February 4, 1999 (1999-02-04)
Peter's friend Donny is moving away and he's bummed about it. Believing it's for the best for them to forget about each other he tosses away Donny's email address and he and Judy decide to play Jumanji getting the clue "though worlds apart friendship's your guide, when all seems hopeless, toss it inside" before they're sucked into Jumanji again. Arriving, they look around and find Van Pelt, Squint, The Judge and Ibsen. They're pulled to safety in an underground cavern by Alan and he shows them via a periscope that all of Jumanji's worst villains are at a special auction after receiving an invitation from Slick, which is something Alan heard about from the Manjis. The three pretend to be members of a long-lost tribe of Head Hunters from across Jumanji that speak a different language (Pig Latin) and manage to infiltrate the auction. Slick is revealed to be selling the legendary ancient Trans-Vector of Jumanji, a device that opens up a five-second portal to a nightmare world. Von Richtor, The Judge and Van Pelt all make an offer as does a desperate Judy. Alan outbids her by accident and when they try to get the Trans-Vector, Alan is revealed when his mask accidentally falls off and the kids reveal themselves. A struggle for the Trans-Vector ensues and Van Pelt gets it and casts Alan into the Nightmare World. He tries to do the same to Judy and Peter, but the Trans-Vector is stolen by Ibsen, allowing them to escape. Judy and Peter realize who stole it and infiltrate Ibsen's lab where they're able to talk to Alan through the Trans-Vector. Peter tries to take it, but they're caught in a trap. Ibsen shows up and reveals he wants to destroy the Trans-Vector, but refuses to free Alan. The Judge shows up and steals the Trans-Vector, but when Ibsen traps him, he opens a portal to the Nightmare World that starts to suck up everything and Ibsen joins the kids in order to try to avoid being sucked in and The Judge escapes from the lab. In the Nightmare World, Alan is trapped, but some of the stuff that comes through the portal from Ibsen's lab frees him accidentally. Just as Ibsen, Judy and Peter are about to be sucked in, the portal finally closes and the three decide to work together to get the Trans-Vector back. During the chase, Squint tries to get the Trans-Vector and fails, but Peter and Judy manage to jump onto the back of The Judge's vehicle. He tries to cast them into the Nightmare World, but they're saved by Van Pelt and Von Richtor who capture him and accidentally wreck Van Pelt's traction engine, but the Trans-Vector's still in the vehicle. The two ultimately go over a cliff tied to vines, but manage to get the Trans-Vector. As The Judge and Squint try to pull them up, Peter and Judy untie themselves and quickly open a portal to the Nightmare World which they escape through. The vehicle comes through and crushes a creature that was chasing Alan. All that does is give the thing mechanical properties. On the run, Peter manages to align the Trans-Vector and opens a portal back to Jumanji that they escape through. There they encounter Van Pelt, Von Richtor, The Judge and Squint, but Ibsen takes the Trans-Vector and plans to use it to send everyone to the Nightmare World before he destroys it, but Alan knocks it out of his hand with a rock, but it lands so that the portal is still opened and the villains run away and the creature chasing Alan in the Nightmare World comes through. Peter retrieves the Trans-Vector and opens another portal, but the creature struggles not to be pulled in. Judy realizes their clue means they have to toss the Trans-Vector inside the creature's mouth and Peter does so. The Trans-Vector is caught in the mechanical blade inside the things mouth and explodes inside the creature, destroying it and solving their clue, returning Judy and Peter home. At home, Peter writes an email to Donny, having changed his mind about staying in touch.
36 10 "Who Am I?" Bob Hathcock Tom Pugsley & Greg Klein February 11, 1999 (1999-02-11)
On a rainy day, Peter is practicing baseball inside but isn't doing a good job so Judy gives him a few tips. After Peter accidentally shatters the attic window, Judy pockets a baseball and they decide to play Jumanji. Peter rolls and gets the clue "mirrors reflect, but not what's inside, problems are solved from the other's side" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again. The two arrive in a beautiful day in Jumanji with a rainbow, but the rainbow changes into a lightning ball that starts chasing them. It scoops them up, but drops them off again and they discover that they've changed bodies. Van Pelt approaches them and scared they escape over a gorge on a piece of wood and a vine. They run into a lion but it doesn't chase them, however, antelopes sounding and acting like lions do. They get chased up a tree and remain there until the antelope/lions leave and encounter a bird that sounds like a frog and Judy realizes that the lightning ball jumbled up a lot of Jumanji so everything is in different bodies. They encounter Alan, but he lures them into one of Van Pelt's traps and reveals he is Van Pelt in Alan's body. At Van Pelt's lodge they try to escape and fail, but are rescued by Alan in Van Pelt's body. Van Pelt chases them but they escape and blow up his house. The three decide to follow the path of the lightning ball and come across many switched beings including switched giraffes and snakes and Slick who has been switched with a chimp. Slick reveals he sold Ibsen the Tri-Jumiante Prism, something that can switch things around and Alan and the kids realize that that's probably what's behind everything. They decide to head to Ibsen's lab and end up confronted by Van Pelt, but Peter knocks him out and Judy ties him up. Using Slick's blueprints of Ibsen's lab, the group manages to infiltrate it. They get caught in a trap and Ibsen reveals he did all of this on purpose, but Judy manages to activate the Prism using Peter's baseball to throw a curveball that activates it and switches everyone around again. This time, Peter's Slick, the chimp's Judy, Judy's the chimp and Ibsen's Peter. Judy quickly switches on the Prisim again, but accidentally breaks the on-off lever. The Prisim explodes, destroying Ibsen's lab, but sending a wave of energy across Jumanji that restores everything to normal, except for Ibsen who is accidentally switched with a rat. Peter now knows how to do a curve-ball and as Judy used that in Peter's body to turn the machine on, their problems were solved along with their clue, sending them home. At home, Peter uses the curve-ball to win a game for his little league team.
37 11 "Nothing to Fear" Andy Thom Marsha F. Griffin February 18, 1999 (1999-02-18)
Peter has a nightmare that he goes to school naked, before Judy wakes him up and points out that that was his third nightmare that week. The two decide to head to Jumanji to take Peter's mind off things and Peter gets the clue "what lies before your eyes is sure, reflection makes your vision pure" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again where they're immediately attacked by a giant cockroach. Judy is too frightened to run and after they're saved by Alan, he's forced to carry her away. On the way to Crystal Lake (which Alan believes might be what their clue references) Peter gets stuck in a tar pit and Alan falls in when he tries to save him, but Judy manages to pull them both out. Peter initially believes that the pit ate his clothes, but Judy shows him it didn't and they head to Crystal Lake where Alan and Peter clean up. Judy and Peter realize the clue didn't refer to the lake as nothing happens, but Alan sees a vision of himself old before being attacked by two giant cockroaches and Judy freezes again. Alan carries her to safety and Peter attacks the cockroaches with seashells and they suddenly disappear into thin air. Peter realizes that Jumanji's playing tricks on them and that perhaps the "lies" part of their clue means lies as in a fib before he's snatched by a giant bird and taken to its nest. Alan rescues Peter from the nest, but the bird starts chasing them. They escape and realize that Ibsen must be behind what's going on so they head to his lab. In the lab, they search for anything that could have caused the weirdness and Alan finds a file on him on Ibsen's computer that reveals that Alan doesn't have a clue and is thus a permanent prisoner there and will grow old and die still stuck in the game. Ibsen shows up and reveals he is responsible for what's going on as he's created a machine to bring nightmares to life. Judy and Peter escape the room, but Alan gets trapped in it. Alan gets out but sees a nightmare of Judy many years in the future leaving her daughter on her birthday to come with Peter to try to free Alan, but he's snapped out of it by Judy and Peter. He tells them they're going to solve their clue and he doesn't want Judy and Peter to return again before they're chased by a pack of jackals. They escape across a bridge that Alan then destroys, but he ends up in another nightmare where he sees his own grave. After snapping out of it, he reveals what he learned to the kids, but Peter points out that that's Alan's fear and the machine just made him see that. They realize that confronting their fears make them disappear and head to Jagged Canyon where they figure out Ibsen's machine must be from his model in his lab. There they find it and plan to reflect the beams to cause a power surge and destroy it, but Ibsen shows up and powers the machine up to full, making all of their worst fears appear. Facing their fears doesn't work as these are actually real and Judy realizes that they have to destroy the machine to make them go away. The three manage to climb the towers chased by their nightmares and reflect the energy beams into the center of the machine, overloading and destroying it. The nightmares disappear and the machine comes to life and chases Ibsen away. Peter realizes the clue referred to their manifested nightmares and by reflecting the beams and making the nightmares dissolve, they made their vision pure, solving their clue and sending them home. As they go, they promise once again to get Alan home and Alan's faith in returning home someday is restored after defeating his nightmare.
38 12 "The Doll" Dave Schwartz Steve Roberts February 25, 1999 (1999-02-25)
Peter isn't paying attention in class and is made to sing "My Country Tis Of Thee" and does it badly and gets made fun of. After school, Rock and his gang toss Peter into the trash and at home Aunt Nora orders him to do a bunch of chores. Peter asks Judy to go to Jumanji with him and when he rolls he gets the clue "take what you will, though it will be wrong, your only hope will come in a song" before the two are sucked into the game again. They find a bunch of giant holes and the gofer that made them. The two run away, but Peter falls into a hole and nearly gets eaten before Judy manages to pull him back up. The two reach a cliff and Judy decides to climb down as the river below is too fast to swim, but Peter jumps in anyway and gets swept away and Judy jumps after him and gets swept down-river too before Alan saves her and the two head out to look for Peter who ends up washed on shore drowned and is found by Manjis who take him to their witch-doctor. The witch-doctor manages to revive Peter with a voodoo doll as Alan and Judy show up and Alan explains that the doll cures all and all that's needed is a single strand of hair. As they leave, Peter steals the doll which the witch-doctor discovers when an injured warrior is brought in soon after. The Manjis, angry start to chase Judy, Alan and Peter, but they manage to get away by climbing a tree, but a Manji finds them and hits Peter in the back with a spear before Alan drives him off. Peter discovers the spear hit his songbook and Judy realizes it solved their clue as Peter's songbook saved him and they return home although Judy doesn't understand what the first part of the clue meant and Peter pretends not to either. At school, Peter gets a strand of hair the teacher dropped and makes her look like a fool in front of the class. Later, at baseball practice after the coach insults him, Peter uses the doll to make the umpire kick the coach out. When Rock comes after him, Peter uses the doll to spin him around and throw him into a trash can. At home, Peter uses it to force Aunt Nora to do his chores (and make his dinner as it turns out) and Judy catches him in the act. When she tries to stop him, Peter uses one of her hairs on the doll and puts it into the fridge, causing Judy to turn to ice. When Peter retrieves the doll, the ruby in the center falls off without Peter noticing and nothing Peter can do will revive Judy so he decides to ask the witch-doctor and when he rolls he gets the clue "a chilling lesson will leave its trace, until the red glows in its place" and he's sucked back into Jumanji alone. There, Peter's grabbed by a Lemur, but is saved by Alan. The lemur has his backpack which has the doll and it starts eating the backpack. Alan and Peter retrieve the doll, but are caught by Manjis who aren't happy to see Peter. Peter returns the doll and asks the witch-doctor to help him save Judy, but the witch-doctor is unable to help without the ruby from the doll's chest which is still in the freezer. As the Manjis have no more, Peter and Alan head to a very hot bee's nest that has rubies forming thanks to the heat and after infiltrating it wearing mud, Peter retrieves a ruby, but the two are forced to run as Peter accidentally wakes the queen. They escape and Peter gives the ruby to the witch-doctor who puts it into its place on the doll and starts to glow. Peter realizes that that solves his clue and he returns home where Judy returns to normal and is extremely angry at what Peter did and chases him.
39 13 "An Old Story" Andy Thom Tony Schillaci March 4, 1999 (1999-03-04)
Aunt Nora goes out on a date and hires a babysitter named Sally who is only a little older than Judy. Sally tries to send the two to bed, but they decide to play Jumanji instead, getting the clue "when silk is torn and bondage ends, you must give up what you can't defend" before the two are sucked into Jumanji again. The two get caught up in a dust devil and are dropped into a whirlpool but escape by grabbing onto a branch. The two find Alan cocooned by a giant caterpillar and defeat it and release him. Alan reveals he collected Glaze Berries that all creatures in Jumanji like and they convince him to get rid of them. The two then realize that they solved their clue as the silk was the caterpillar's web, the bondage was Alan tied up and what couldn't be defended was the berries. The two return home leaving Alan disappointed in their quick departure. At school, Peter is forced to hide in the janitor's closet from Rock while Judy is made fun of for needing a babysitter. In the closet, Peter discovers he's suddenly turned into an adult and takes some clothes hanging up and threatens Rock and his goons. Judy discovers she also has become a grown-up and steals clothes from the teacher's lounge before running into Peter. They realize that this happened in Jumanji, but Peter decides to have some fun as a grown-up rather than go back to Jumanji. Peter tries out a car while Judy meets a nice guy named Justin Galloway. Judy later finds Peter at a movie and as they leave, they grow even older and Officer Bentley shows up demanding if they know anything about Peter and Judy's "disappearance." The two manage to escape and head home to find cop cars surrounding it. They get in through the attic window and quickly escape into Jumanji with the clue "youth must follow and age must lead, two legs fail but three succeed." The two find Alan, but by that time are elderly. Alan is horrified to hear about the whirlpool which he reveals is the Pool of Ages which turns anyone who swims in it older and older until death. The three decide to head for Jumanjicon, an ancient ruin where the Golden Goblet of Jumanji is and if Peter and Judy drink from that Goblet, their youth will be restored. As no one knows where Jumanjicon is, they head to Slick and he reveals he has a compass that will lead there. Peter trades the janitor's keys for the compass and they head off to find Jumanjicon. On the way they encounter Ashton Phillips who takes the compass, revealing Slick stole it from him but Judy manages to trick Ashton into taking them along. Along the way Peter and Judy grow even older and Judy has to use a walking stick. They reach a geyser field and Ashton and Alan make it through on their own, but Judy and Peter's failing vision traps them part of the way. Alan comes back for them and uses Ashton's hat and a geyser to propel them the rest of the way. They find Jumanjicon, but Peter and Judy get even older. They get attacked by two chameleons, but Alan stops them by tying their tongues together. They find the temple buried underground thanks to Judy's walking stick and Judy gets the Golden Goblet after Peter trips a secret door, but sand starts filling the room as she activated a booby trap. Ashton double-crosses them, steals the Goblet, drinks from it and leaves them stranded. Alan's efforts save them and they find Ashton a kid again. They get out of the temple which collapses and drink from the Goblet which returns them to their proper ages. Judy realizes their clue is solved as her walking stick helped find the goblet and they're back to normal. The two return home leaving Alan to deal with the child Ashton Phillips who's even more annoying than his grown-up self. At home, Justin comes looking for Judy, but as she's not an adult anymore he doesn't recognize her and leaves.
40 14 "Good Bye, Jumanji" Bob Hathcock Tom Pugsley & Greg Klein March 11, 1999 (1999-03-11)
After entering Jumanji with the clue "when you reflect on actions past, the quest you're on will end at last" Judy, Peter and Alan are chased by a lion and run into a cave when they accidentally cause a rock slide trying to stop the lion. There they find the Jumanji Crystal of Reflection which contains a record of everything that happened in Jumanji. Touching it, they see a few of their previous adventures in reverse order and realize that watching the Crystal for long enough will eventually show Alan entering into Jumanji and thus give them his clue and allow him to escape. While watching it, the three are attacked by a Rock Eel, but Alan uses a substance in the cave that acts like gum and glues the eel's mouth shut and then ties him to a rock. They continue watching the Crystal, but when the lion starts to break through, they have to take the Crystal and run. After stopping to watch some more, they have to run again when the lion's roars get closer and get attacked by a giant toad, but tie its tongue to a staalgmite and run, continuing to watch as they go. They finally get the Crystal to show them Alan getting sucked into Jumanji, but Alan falls on some ice and the Crystal breaks. However, the broken Crystal still shows what happens and Alan watches as he rolls then gets called away to dinner (the reason why he never saw his clue) and watches as the Crystal finally displays his clue: "an act of kindness where there is no light, will help to save you from your plight." As they celebrate finally knowing Alan's clue, the lion attacks and Alan fights it. It's revealed that the lion has a thorn in its paw that's causing it great pain and Judy realizes that the clue refers to Alan helping the lion. Alan removes the thorn and the lion licks him and leaves. Helping the lion finally solves Alan's clue and he leaves Jumanji and solving Alan's clue solves Peter and Judy's as freeing Alan was the quest they were on. The three return to Peter and Judy's house where they celebrate finally freeing Alan. Alan has a moment where he realises he could have left the game almost immediately all those years ago if he hadn't ran. Aunt Nora walks in and vaguely recognizes Alan so Judy and Peter claim he's an actor from down the street and ask if he can stay for dinner. Aunt Nora agrees and walks off arm-in-arm with Alan discussing food, causing Judy and Peter to think that maybe someday he'll end up their uncle. With Alan free, Peter closes Jumanji for the last time and he and Judy decide to destroy the game the next day before leaving the attic to join Aunt Nora and Alan.