List of Jurisdictions of the Church of God in Christ

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North America[edit]


  • Alabama First Jurisdiction - Bishop Oscar L. Meadows
  • Alabama Second Jurisdiction - Bishop Philip A. Gardner, Sr.
  • Alabama Third Jurisdiction - Bishop Peter Wren, Sr.


  • Alaska Jurisdiction - Bishop Otis McCormick


  • Arizona Jurisdiction - Bishop Harvey T. Young


  • Arkansas First Jurisdiction - Bishop Jewel R. Withers, Jr.
  • Arkansas Second Jurisdiction - Bishop Frank J. Anderson, Jr.
  • Arkansas Third Jurisdiction - Bishop Joe Baylor Mason
  • Arkansas Fourth Jurisdiction - Bishop Junius Earl Williams


  • California New Journey - Bishop John M. Richardson, Sr.
  • California North Central - Bishop Donald R. Murray,
  • California Northwest - Bishop Nathaniel Bullock
  • California Greater Northern Second - Bishop Jonathan Logan
  • California Nor Cal Metropolitan - Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, Second Assistant Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ
  • California Northern First - Bishop Albert Galbraith, 1st Vice Chairman Board of Bishops
  • California Northeast - Bishop Michael Julian Johnson
  • California Southern First - Bishop Joe L. Ealy
  • California Southern Evangelistic - Bishop Christopher Edwin Milton
  • California Southern Second - Bishop George D. McKinney, General Board Member COGIC
  • California Southern Third - Bishop Raymond Watts
  • California Southern Fourth - Bishop Roy Dixon
  • California Southern Metropolitan - Bishop J. Bernard Hackworth
  • California Southwest - Bishop Hillrie Murphy
  • California West Coast- Bishop Robert (Bob) Jackson
  • California Western - Bishop Leo Smit
  • California Valley - Bishop Samuel L. Doyle


  • Colorado Jurisdiction - Bishop Roosevelt Dunn


  • Connecticut First Jurisdiction - Bishop Charles H. Brewer, Jr.
  • Connecticut Second Jurisdiction - Bishop Hester D. Bordeaux
  • Connecticut Southern New England Jurisdiction - Bishop T. Walter Plummer


  • Delaware Jurisdiction - Bishop Thomas L. Holsey

District of Columbia[edit]

  • Washington, D.C. Jurisdiction, Bishop Neavelle A. Coles


  • Florida Central First Jurisdiction, Bishop Gary L. Hall, Sr
  • Florida Central Second Jurisdiction, Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr.
  • Florida Eastern, Bishop Jimmie Lee Williams
  • Florida Northwest, Bishop Willie C. Green
  • Florida Southern, Bishop Julian C. Jackson
  • Florida Southwest, Bishop Matthew Williams, General Board Member COGIC
  • Florida Western, Bishop Willie J. Matheney


  • Georgia North Central - Bishop Joseph E. Hogan, Sr.
  • Georgia Northern First - Bishop Oliver J. Haney, Jr.
  • Georgia Northern Second - Bishop Mark Walden
  • Georgia South Central - Bishop Norman O. Harper
  • Georgia Southeast - Bishop Benjamin P. Collins
  • Georgia Southern First - Bishop Larry L. Shaw
  • Georgia Southern Second - Bishop John W. Leggett
  • Western Georgia - Bishop John F. Thomas
  • Georgia Metro - Bishop Michael J. Paden, Sr.


  • Hawaii State Jurisdiction Bishop Jesse T. Wilson


  • Idaho Jurisdiction - Bishop Taro D. Golden


  • Historic Illinois First - Bishop Ocie Booker
  • Illinois Third - Bishop Robert R. Sanders
  • Illinois Fifth East - Bishop James C. Austin
  • Illinois Sixth- Bishop William Haven Bonner
  • Illinois Central- Bishop Juan Morrison
  • Illinois Seventh - Bishop RD Edward Goodwin, Sr.
  • Illinois Midwest - Bishop Darrell L. Hines, General Board Member
  • Illinois Southeast - Bishop William Scott
  • Historic Northern Illinois - Bishop Cody V. Marshall
  • Illinois Southern- Bishop Embra Patterson
  • Illinois Fifth West- Bishop James E. Washington


  • Historic Indiana First - Bishop Mark Henry Blade
  • Indiana Second - Bishop Benjamin A. Sanders
  • Indiana Third - Bishop E. Bobby Warren
  • Indiana North Central Fourth - Bishop Donald Alford Sr.


  • Iowa Jurisdiction - Bishop Leroy Johnson


  • Kansas Central - Bishop Milton P. Jackson Jr.
  • Kansas East - Bishop Lemuel F. Thuston, Chairman of the General Assembly, Church of God in Christ
  • Kansas Southwest - Bishop Mark LaVoy Gilkey


  • Kentucky First, Bishop John W. Fleming
  • Kentucky Second- Bishop James Bell


  • Louisiana First - Bishop Roy L. H. Winbush, General Board Member Emeritus, Church of God in Christ
  • Louisiana East First - Bishop Alphonso Denson, Sr.
  • Louisiana East Second - Bishop Gerald H. Hawkins, Sr.
  • Louisiana East Third - Bishop Howard E. Quillen, Jr.
  • Louisiana Greater New Orleans - Bishop Charles E. Brown, I
  • Louisiana South Central - Bishop Willie Cage


  • Maine Jurisdiction - Bishop Steve Coleman


  • Maryland Central Jurisdiction - Bishop Stanford L Butts
  • Maryland Eastern Shore- Bishop Paul Harmon
  • Greater Maryland First - Bishop Joel H. Lyles, Jr., General Secretary, Church of God in Christ


  • Massachusetts First - Bishop Samuel Byron Hogan, Sr.
  • Massachusetts Greater Jurisdiction - Bishop Bryant Robinson, Jr.


  • Michigan Great Lakes First - Bishop Michael Hill
  • Michigan Great Lakes Second - Bishop Dwight Walls
  • Michigan North Central - Bishop J. Drew Sheard, General Board Member, Church of God in Christ
  • Michigan Northeast - Bishop Phillip Aquilla Brooks, II, First Assistant Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ
  • Michigan Northwest Harvest - Bishop Rance Allen
  • Michigan Southeast - Bishop Roger L. Jones, Sr., 2nd Vice Chairman Board of Bishops
  • Michigan Southwest Agape - Bishop Isaac King
  • Michigan Western - Bishop Nathaniel Wyoming Wells, General Board Member, Church of God in Christ
  • Michigan Southwest First - Bishop John H. Sheard, Chairman, Board of Bishops, Church of God in Christ
  • Michigan Southwest Second - Bishop James Whitehead
  • Michigan Western Second Jurisdiction - Bishop James Atterberry Sr
  • Michigan Southwest Third - Bishop Samuel Duncan, Jr.
  • Michigan Southwest Fourth - Bishop Fred Lewis
  • Canadian-Michigan Jurisdiction - Bishop Welton Lawrence
  • Kingdom United Fellowship Jurisdiction - Bishop Don W. Shelby, Jr.


  • Minnesota Jurisdiction - Bishop Fred Willis Washington


  • Mississippi Northern- Bishop Timothy Titus Scott
  • Mississippi Southern First- Bishop Hollis Musgrove
  • Mississippi Southern Second- Bishop Albert V. Jordan


  • Missouri Eastern First - Bishop R. J. Ward
  • Missouri Eastern Second - Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten, General Board Member, Church of God in Christ
  • Missouri Southeastern Third - Vacant
  • Missouri Western First - Bishop Frank Douglas
  • Missouri Western Second - Bishop John M. Johnson
  • Missouri Midwest - Bishop Elijah H. Hankerson III


  • Montana Jurisdiction - Bishop Phillip H. Porter


  • Nebraska First Jurisdiction - Bishop J.O. Ford
  • Eastern Nebraska Jurisdiction - Bishop Joseph L. Shannon Sr.


  • Nevada First Jurisdiction - Bishop Leon Smith
  • Nevada Northern First Jurisdiction - Bishop Luther Dupree

New Hampshire[edit]

  • Greater New Hampshire Jurisdiction - Bishop Robert L Webbs Sr.

New Jersey[edit]

  • New Jersey First - Bishop Martin L. Johnson
  • New Jersey Garden State - Bishop William Cahoon
  • New Jersey Third - Bishop Kevin E. Knight Sr.
  • South Jersey - Bishop Tyrone McCombs

New Mexico[edit]

  • New Mexico Jurisdiction - Bishop James L'Keith Jones (Suspended)

New York[edit]

  • New York Eastern First - Bishop James H. Gaylord
  • New York Eastern Second - Bishop Rothel Highsmith
  • New York Eastern Third - Bishop Frank O. White - General Board Member Emeritus, Church of God in Christ
  • New York Eastern Fourth - Bishop J.P. Lee
  • New York Southeast - Bishop Tyrone L. Butler
  • New York Central - Bishop R.J. Hoston
  • New York Western First - Bishop James R. Wright
  • New York Western Second - Bishop Glenwood Young

North Carolina[edit]

  • North Carolina Greater - Bishop LeRoy Jackson Woolard
  • North Carolina Second - Bishop Stenneth E. Powell
  • North Carolina Third - Bishop-Designate Michael A. Stevens, Sr.

North Dakota[edit]

  • North Dakota Jurisdiction - Bishop Michael R. Cole


  • Ohio Central East - Bishop David L. Herron Sr.
  • Ohio Northeast - Bishop B. J. Terry
  • Ohio Northern First - Bishop Edward T. Cook
  • Ohio Northwest - Bishop Clifford L. Kimbrough Jr
  • Ohio Southern - Bishop Mark L.Perry
  • Ohio West- Bishop Emmit L. Nevels


  • Oklahoma Northwest - Bishop Lee V. Broom
  • Oklahoma Southeast - Bishop Malcom Colby


  • Oregon First - Bishop A. R. Hopkins
  • Oregon Northwest - Bishop H.B. Daniels Jr.


  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Bishop Benjamin J. Ravenel
  • Pennsylvania Central - Bishop Edgar L. Scott
  • Pennsylvania Eastern - Bishop David Morrell Screven
  • Pennsylvania Western First - Bishop James Miles Foster
  • Pennsylvania Western Second - Bishop Melvin E. Clark, Sr.
  • Pennsylvania Keystone - Bishop George Williams
  • Pennsylvania Koinonia - Bishop Ernest Carl Morris

Rhode Island[edit]

  • Rhode Island Jurisdiction - Bishop Harvey Lewis

South Carolina[edit]

  • South Carolina Jurisdiction - Bishop Johnnie Johnson

South Dakota[edit]

  • South Dakota Jurisdiction - Bishop Lorenzo L. Kelly


  • Tennessee Central - Bishop Brandon B. Porter, General Board Member, Church of God in Christ
  • Tennessee Eastern First - Bishop Felton M. Smith, Jr.
  • Tennessee Eastern Second- Bishop James M. Scott, Sr.
  • Tennessee Fourth - Bishop Jerry Maynard
  • Tennessee Fifth - Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor
  • Tennessee Headquarters - Bishop David A. Hall, Sr.
  • Tennessee Southwest - Bishop William S. Wright, Sr.


  • Texas North Central - Bishop Robert L. Sample
  • Texas Central Metropolitan - Bishop Frank E. Fanniel
  • Texas East - Bishop Robert L. Nichols, Sr.
  • Texas Lonestar Jurisdiction - Bishop Don Venson Nobles Sr.
  • Texas Northeast First - Bishop James E. Hornsby
  • Texas Northeast Second - Bishop David R. Houston
  • Texas Northeast Third - Bishop Nelson J. Gatlin
  • Texas Northeast Fourth - Bishop Nathiel D. Wells
  • Texas Northeast Metropolitan - Bishop Reginald L. Williams
  • Texas Northwest - Bishop William H. Watson, III
  • Texas South Central - Bishop P.E. Bryant Sr.
  • Texas Southeast First - Bishop Rufus Kyles

Auxiliary Bishop Johnny Tates

  • Texas Southeast Second - Bishop Ladell Thomas Jr.
  • Texas Southeast Third - Bishop C.L. Bryant
  • Texas Southwest - Bishop Samuel E. Iglehart
  • Texas Western - Bishop Juan O. Lawson


  • Utah Jurisdiction - Bishop Bobby R. Allen


  • Vermont Jurisdiction - Bishop Loran E. Mann


  • Virginia First - Bishop Ted G. Thomas, Sr., General Board Member, Church of God in Christ
  • Virginia Second - Bishop Wilbert Daniels, Sr.
  • Virginia Third - Bishop Levi E. Wills, Jr.
  • Virginia Fourth - Bishop G. Wesley Hardy, Sr.


  • Washington State Jurisdiction - Bishop Leo Charles Brown, Jr.
  • Washington Northwest Jurisdiction - Bishop James E. Hicks Sr.

West Virginia[edit]

  • West Virginia Jurisdiction - Bishop Henderson Wheeler


  • Wisconsin First - Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, General Board Member, Church of God in Christ
  • Wisconsin Northwest - Bishop C. H. McClelland
  • Wisconsin Third - Bishop J. C. Williams


  • Wyoming Jurisdiction- Bishop Milton Ganison Jr.


  • Guatemala Jurisdiction - Bishop Harrison Hale


  • Canada/Michigan Jurisdiction - Bishop Welton Lee Lawrence
  • Canada Western - Bishop Ralph L. Jefferson
  • Ontario (Canada) Jurisdiction - Bishop Lionel B. Riley
  • Nova Scotia Jurisdiction - Bishop Talbert W. Swan, II


  • Panama Jurisdiction - Bishop Abraham Forcheney



  • Bahamas Jurisdiction - Bishop T.L. Hanna


  • Barbados Jurisdiction - Bishop Paul L. Fortson


  • Belize Jurisdiction - Bishop Alber Oliver Quick


  • Bermuda Jurisdiction - Bishop Richard White, Sr.

Dominican Republic[edit]

  • Dominican Republic Jurisdiction - Bishop Ron Gibson


  • Haiti Jurisdiction * Bishop Leon Pamphile


  • Jamaica Jurisdiction - Bishop Harold Haughton

Puerto Rico[edit]

  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico - Bishop Edward McLachlan

St. Lucia[edit]

  • St. Lucia Eastern Jurisdiction - Bishop E. Charles Conner

Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

  • Trinidad and Tobago First Jurisdiction - Bishop Alton Gatlin
  • Trinidad & Tobago Second Jurisdiction - Bishop Joseph H.Griffith0


Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

  • Congo Jurisdiction - Bishop Fabrice Malundama Mbumba


  • Ethiopia Jurisdiction - Bishop Corby Bush


  • Republic of Ghana Jurisdiction - Bishop Ervin Sims, Jr.


  • Kenya, East Africa Jurisdiction - Bishop Jerry Lee Ivery, Sr.
  • Kenya, Cornerstone First Jurisdiction - Bishop Francis Kamau


  • Liberia Jurisdiction -Bishop Amos Nyema


  • Malawi Central Jurisdiction


  • Nigeria First Jurisdiction
  • Nigeria Southern
  • Nigeria West

West Ivory Coast[edit]

  • West Ivory Coast Jurisdiction - Bishop Enoch Perry


  • East African Rwandan Jurisdiction


  • East African Ugandan Jurisdiction - Bishop Bobby Henderson

South Africa[edit]

  • South Africa - Bishop Vincent Mathews (International Missions President)
  • South Africa Second
  • South Africa Third - Bishop Esra Mataba
  • South Africa Fifth - Bishop Ben Zulu



  • Japan First Jurisdiction - Bishop Carl Hodges


  • Philippines Jurisdiction - Bishop Avel Forto


  • India First Jurisdiction - Bishop Bevin G. Lawrence
  • India Second Jurisdiction - Bishop Samram Paul
  • India Third Jurisdiction - Bishop Edison Victor
  • India Fourth Jurisdiction - Bishop Joseph Norfleet
  • India Fifth Jurisdiction - Bishop G. Jeyakumar


  • Pakistan Jurisdiction - Bishop George Adebanjo


  • Korea Jurisdiction - Bishop Dwight Green

South America[edit]


  • Brazil Jurisdiction - Bishop Terence Rhone


  • Chile Jurisdiction


  • Guyana Jurisdiction - Bishop Curtis B. Sexton


  • Venezuela Jurisdiction - Bishop Derrick W. Hutchins Sr



  • Germany Jurisdiction - Bishop Carlis Moody

United Kingdom[edit]

  • United Kingdom Jurisdiction - Bishop Alvin Blake

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