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K is a 2012 anime series animated by the studio GoHands and directed by Shingo Suzuki, who also serves as character designer for the series. It aired in Japan on MBS (Animeism block) and later on TBS, CBC, AT-X and BS-TBS from October 5, 2012 to December 28, 2012. Animax Asia also broadcast at the same time.[citation needed] The anime has been licensed by Viz Media in North America and by Madman Entertainment in Australia. The opening theme song is "Kings" by Angela and the ending theme song is "Tsumetai Heya, Hitori" (冷たい部屋、一人, " A Cold Room, Alone") by Mikako Komatsu. Insert songs include "Circle of Friends" by Yūki Kaji and "Itsuka no Zero Kara" (いつかのゼロから, "Someday From Zero") by Angela. The score was composed by Mikio Endō. The second season opening theme is "Kai" by customiZ .

Episode list[edit]


No. Title Original air date
01 "Knight"   October 5, 2012
The HOMRA clan, led by the Red King, Mikoto Suoh, attacks a hotel owned by a gang before being confronted by SCEPTER 4, led by the Blue King, Reisi Munakata. Meanwhile, at Ashinaka High School, an entire campus built on an island, Yashiro Isana, aka Shiro, is having lunch with his pet cat on one of the school rooftops. Shiro goes on an errand for his classmate Kukuri Yukizome but on the way he gets chased by the members of HOMRA. He is saved by Kuroh Yatogami, who later points his sword at him to kill him. Confused, Shiro soon sees a video of the "Colorless King", who resembles him, shooting another man. 
02 "Kitten"   October 12, 2012
Shiro manages to escape from Kuroh by tricking him. As he heads back to Ashinaka in disguise, HOMRA offers a 10 million yen reward on Shiro. As he heads to his dorm room, his pet Neko suddenly transforms into a naked girl. However, Kuroh manages to track him down but is led into a wild goose chase throughout the campus, no thanks to Neko, who uses her illusion powers to confuse him. After an exhausting chase, Kuroh gives up the notion of killing Shiro and cooks breakfast for him and Neko. 
03 "Kitchen"   October 19, 2012
In a flashback, Mikoto surrenders to Reisi rather than fight him. As Reisi interrogates Mikoto, he wonders why the Red King has yet to choose his successor as his powers are reaching its limit. Meanwhile, Shiro asks Kuroh about the people with powers chasing him and the "Kings". Kuroh reveals that Japan is secretly being ruled by seven psychic clans called the Seven Clans of Color, each ruled by a king. Unlike the Red Clan HOMRA and Blue Clan SCEPTER 4, whose clans possess the power of fire and lightning respectively, his late master's clan, the Colorless Clan, has the power of premonition. Before his master, Ichigen Miwa, died, he had a vision that his successor, Shiro, might become evil, which Kuroh is tasked to kill him if there is proof. Shiro convinces Kuroh the video released by HOMRA might be a fake and he shouldn't use that to quickly judge him that he is evil without knowing him first. Kuroh agrees to stop attacking him and gets to know Shiro better, but if Shiro ever turns evil, he would kill him. 
04 "Knock-On Effect"   October 26, 2012
Shiro desperately tries to find a possible alibi in order to prove to Kuroh that he was not there during the time of the shooting. Meanwhile, HOMRA and SCEPTER 4 are able to close in on Shiro's whereabouts. Thanks to Kukuri, who is able to provide proof that Shiro was with her during the time of the shooting, Shiro and his friends prepare for the school festival. When he goes to his dorm and opens his closet, he is shocked to discover a bloody school uniform that matches the murderer's picture, which leads Shiro to rethink the whole situation. As he contemplates, Misaki Yata and Rikio Kamamoto arrive at Ashinaka. 
05 "Knife"   November 2, 2012
Shiro, Neko and Kuroh head to the city to buy more fireworks for the festival. Meanwhile Seri Awashima and Saruhiko Fushimi arrive at Ashinaka and order the principal to give them all their information on Shiro, unaware he had just left. While Saruhiko illegally accesses the student council's computer to find Shiro in the student database, Misaki and Rikio ask the students for information about Shiro but due to their looks and Misaki's temper, they only scare them. Saruhiko soon encounters Misaki and Rikio, where he mocks and insults his former friends which angers Misaki to fight him. The fight is soon stopped by Seri, who orders Saruhiko to return to SCEPTER 4 as the school database has no record of Shiro being a student at Ashinaka. When Misaki asks a female student about Shiro before leaving, the student, Kukuri, tells him she has no idea who Shiro is. 
06 "Karma"   November 9, 2012
Seri visits the HOMRA pub for a drink and has a talk with Izumo. Meanwhile, Shiro begins having doubts about himself after noticing he isn't in a picture at the restaurant he and his friends frequent and Kukuri doesn't recognize him when he calls her. When he and Kuroh visit where what is supposed to be his family home, they find a football stadium instead. Depressed and believing he isn't real, Shiro permits Kuroh to kill him but the latter refuses due to his late master's words, until he can truly know if Shiro is good or evil. A flashback of Tatara Totsuka's life is shown on how he joined HOMRA eight years ago until his death which affected his friends. 
07 "Key"   November 16, 2012
SCEPTER 4 has finally tracked down Shiro as they prepare to arrest him. Neko creates an illusion in order for Shiro to escape, but is easily thwarted by Reisi who reveals that Neko has the power to manipulate people's minds including giving them false memories. While Kuroh fights Reisi, Neko escapes with Shiro. As Kuroh is nearly defeated by Reisi, an illusion of Shiro by Neko appears, distracting SCEPTER 4 which allows Kuroh to escape. As the three of them finally escape, Shiro convinces Neko to retrieve his lost memories to find out the truth. 
08 "Kindling"   November 23, 2012
Shiro finds out from his recovered memory about being involved with the Silver King, Adolf K. Weismann. He contacts Reisi about his findings, while the rest of SCEPTER 4 tracks his location. When they reach the location, they find out that the phone call was rigged by Shiro. Meanwhile, Reisi sends his forces towards the Silver King's airship, the Himmelreich, to take him into custody, unaware that Shiro, Kuroh, and Neko are secretly on one of their helicopters also heading to the ship, but as they approach, Adolf sets off an explosion. 
09 "Knell"   November 30, 2012
In 1945 at Dresden, Germany, Adolf and his older sister, Claudia, experiment with a relic called the Slates that give people magical powers. During a bombing raid, Claudia is killed but he himself survives thanks to the power of the Slates. Distraught over her death, Adolf leaves Germany and brings the Slates into his airship Himmelreich. Back in the present, Reisi visits the Golden King, Daikaku Kokujōji, wanting to confirm if the immortal Adolf is really dead. Believing Adolf is faking his death, Reisi orders SCEPTER 4 to keep on eye on him. Meanwhile, a mysterious man calls Mikoto from Ashinaka where he mocks him and claims he killed Tatara. Angered, Mikoto breaks out of prison and overpowers SCEPTER 4. Reunited with the rest of HOMRA, Mikoto and gang head to Ashinaka. 
10 "Kaleidoscope"   December 7, 2012
HOMRA takes over Ashinaka campus as they search for Shiro, as they still believe he is Totsuka's killer. SCEPTER 4 also arrives and are ordered to stand by before they attack. Reisi confronts Mikoto, telling him his actions have gone too far. Reisi is willing to forgive HOMRA if they leave the campus and SCEPTER 4 will hunt down and punish Shiro for them but Mikoto refuses. Reisi warns Mikoto if he kills Shiro, a king, he will lose control of his powers including his Sword of Damocles. Meanwhile, Shiro, Kuroh, and Neko manage to sneak into campus and decide to rescue their friends. 
11 "Killer"   December 14, 2012
After a confrontation between the Blue and Red Kings, HOMRA and SCEPTER 4 forces begin to clash. Mikoto goes off on his own to hunt down Shiro where he eventually finds him with Neko, Kukuri, and Kuroh. During the struggle between Mikoto and Kuroh, Reisi intervenes and strikes at Mikoto. Shiro, Kuroh, Neko, and Kukuri make the chance to escape when all of a sudden, Kukuri stabs Shiro. It is revealed that she is possessed by a white fox spirit out to target Shiro. The possessed Kukuri escapes while Shiro begins to remember his memories and awakens as Adolf K. Weismann, the Silver King. 
12 "Adolf K. Weismann"   December 21, 2012
Shiro, with his recovered memories as the Silver King reveals that his current body was once possessed by the new Colorless King (White Fox Spirit) who wanted to take over his original body to gain his power, but to no avail instead just possessing his body and not his powers. At that moment, his spirit had jumped to the Colorless King's recent body where he got amnesia. He uses his power to let the students of Ashinaka escape, at the same time cooperating with Seri and Izumo to stop their clansmen from fighting. Shiro asks Neko to become his first clansman, and uses her power to find the Colorless King. After she successfully locates him, she passes out and Shiro leaves to confront the Colorless King. 
13 "King"   December 28, 2012
Reisi and Mikoto continue their fight while Shiro tries to catch the Colorless King who's still in Kukuri's body. Helped by Kuroh, who becomes his clansman, Shiro tricks the Colorless King to get out from Kukuri's body and trap him into his own body. Shiro flies to where Mikoto and Reisi are and tells Mikoto to kill him while the Colorless King is still trapped in his body as only a king can slay another king. Mikoto does so after thanking Shiro for bringing the evil fox spirit in him by himself, finally avenging Tatara's death as Mikoto's Weismann level reaches its limit, which causes Mikoto's Sword of Damocles to fall on him as Mikoto knows it will happen and it's a matter of time for him to die. Reisi is forced to stab Mikoto to prevent that as he didn't want his fellow king's life to end like this. He whispers some words which are actually meant for Anna, who later hears them while crying out Mikoto's name, realizing he no longer is alive. The HOMRA gang honors their late leader with a battle cry. Neko and Kuroh escape the island, believing Shiro is still alive. 

K: Missing Kings[edit]

No. Title Original air date
01   Jul 12, 2014
It's been a year since the disappearance of Shiro, the Silver King; Kurou Yatogami and Neko have been diligent in their search, but to no end. Their investigation leads to a run-in with members of the now disbanded Red Clan HOMRA—Rikio Kamamoto and Anna Kushina—being pursued by the Green Clan, who desire Anna's powers for their own ends. Now, the members of Scepter 4 are called upon alongside Kurou and Neko in order to rescue Anna, the mascot, and only female member of the ruined Red Clan, from the enemy's clutches and hopefully find Shiro using the young girl's powers. Amidst crisis, the group is forced into a power struggle when the Green Clan threatens to overtake the Gold King's domain. The second step in the K Project series, K: Missing Kings, continues the story of a young boy caught up in a psychic war between seven kings, and showcases each character's struggles after the losses of their respective Kings. 

K: Return of Kings[edit]

No. Title Original air date
01 "Knave"   October 3, 2015
The first scene shows a startling introduction of Mikoto, the previous Red King, and HOMRA engaging against SCEPTER 4 and their Blue King, Reisi Munakata. When the scene changes, a mysterious figure from the Green Clan is shown spying on Kuroh and Neko. Then the figure gives an order while identifying as a J-rank clan member; the highest level clan member within the Green Clan not including the king. The J-leveler sends a subordinate to bomb Neko and Kuroh. The scene changes again to the Blue Clan's head quarters and through the discussion of the clan members it is discovered that, since the bombing, Kuroh and Neko have gone into hiding. Later, after a disturbing message was broadcast disrespecting the deaths of the former Red King and one of his subordinates, SCEPTER 4 and HOMRA are both lured to a building where the message is being broadcast. A particularly one-sided battle ensues. In the alley way behind the building, a lone deserter makes his way out. Kuroh and Neko catch him and question him. When he is defeated, his mobile phone shows a message; he has been stripped of all points and powers. Seeing this, Kuroh deduces that he will gain no answers from someone who never knew them and leaves. The final scene shows Shiro beginning his descent back to the city. 
02 "Kindness"   October 10, 2015
Kuroh meets with the Blue King Reisi Munakata and he comes to know about how the Green King Nagare Hisui maintains control and how the Green Clan operates - through JUNGLE, a social network service, where the members are recruited and given missions. Gaining or losing JUNGLE points determines their position within the Green Clan. He also tells Kuroh that J-rank is the highest rank in the clan, with people who have acquired real powers and even met the Green King, like Yukari Mishakuji. Reisi enquires him about the location of the Silver King, saying that with the Gold King's absence, and with the Silver King, who knows the most about the Slates, missing, he has to undertake the safekeeping of the Slates. Kuroh declines the Blue King's offer of protection. Munataka assigns the task of tailing Kuroh to Saruhiko Fushimi. Goki Zenjo, a member of the Blue Clan, who was the right hand man of the former Blue King, Jin Habari, and the only one recruited into the new Blue King's clan, is questioned by Seri about the Kagetsu incident - where he killed the previous king. On the other hand, Anna offers protection of the Red Clan to Neko, who is hiding there to avoid meeting the Blue King, but she, too, declines. 
03 "Kismet"   October 17, 2015
The upper clan members, along with the parrot, discuss HOMRA, the attacks on the Blue King's Damocles and also Kuroh and the Silver King. Nagare Hisui makes an appearance, saying he wants to meet the Silver King, the Eternal King and gives a mission to Yukari to eliminate the Silver clansman Kuroh, but to bring back Neko, who he calls Miyabi Ameno, claiming that they are similar. Yukari is joined by Sukuna. Meanwhile, Izumo Kusanagi does some spying on the JUNGLE network. As Yukari arrives to deal with Kuroh, Sukuna attacks Misaki and Saruhiko to get more points. Just as Yukari is about to kill Kuroh, Shiro arrives and stops him. 
04 "Knot"   October 24, 2015
Sukuna and Yukari leave, being ordered by Nagare to do so, after seeing the Silver King's Damocles. Shiro calls for a meeting between the Blue and Red Kings and calls for an alliance to deal with the Green King and clan. He announces the death of the Gold King and also his inability to directly affect the Green Clan. Shiro questions Reisi about the Slates. Reisi answers that he knows quite a bit about the Slates, though not as much as Shiro, but declines Shiro's offer of protecting the Slates together, saying that he can't rely on someone who has already run away once. Shiro is unable to answer while remembering how he left someone earlier, but accepts the outcome. 
05 "Ken"   October 31, 2015
The Red and Blue Clans work together in eliminating the low-level Green Clan members and some illegal activities. Shiro visits the house of the Lieutenant, the Gold King. He reveals that his sister has left something behind, realizing the weaknesses of both himself and the Gold King. The Gold Clan members (Tokijikuin) visit them there and receive permission to only maintain the existing system without active participation. They are secretly spied upon by the Green Clan's parrot. Reisi declares to the Prime Minister that the oversight of Mihashira Tower and the Dresden Slates is now under SCEPTER 4 along with the Gold Clan's authority to issue orders to each government agency. But he also assures that this power will be used, not to control the country but to confront the Green Clan. Anna confides in Misaki and Izumo that the quiet of the Green Clan is just the quiet before a storm. Izumo thinks back to when Shiro asked him to ask the Red King to keep watch over the Blue King, since his Damocles is rapidly declining just like Mokoto's had. Anna comments that she was able to meet Mikoto and HOMRA due to the Slates, but she won't stand for it if they cause the same fate as Mikoto's to someone else. The Green King contacts Shiro, asking if he would like to enter into an exclusive alliance with him for the revolution of mankind. He also says the Slates are an evolution processor that makes the kings. But since the Gold King has kept it under him, the birth of Strains was limited, along with the limitation of births of kings around the Kanto region of Japan. He says that he wants to release this bind. As Shiro refuses, the Green King tells him that he will take the Slates by force, which the Blue King is trying to unsuccessfully suppress. He also accepts being responsible for the incidents of a year ago. 
06 "Keeper"   November 7, 2015
The Green King Nagare plans an attack on Christmas Eve to gain total control of the Slates. Shiro takes the lead of both the Red and Blue Clans in the counter-attack to protect the Mihashira Tower. As his authority for the lead is questioned, he reveals to everyone that he knows all that is to know about the Green King. He also reveals that the Green King had challenged the Gold King all by himself earlier and the records of that are maintained and also handed over to him by the Gold King. He receives support from both clans once the strategies are revealed. On D-day, as the Blue Clan tries to delay Sukuna and Yukari, Shiro reveals that Nagare has enough power to defeat all the clans plus the kings single-handedly, but he can maintain the power for a short time only. Shiro and the Silver Clan stall Sukuna while the Red Clan tries to stall Yukari. In the end, Nagare tears apart his bindings and shoots off to attack. 
07 "Kickdown"   November 14, 2015
As the Green King starts his attacks, Yukari escapes from the Red and Blue Clans surrounding him and also collects Sukuna from the Silver King and Clan. The defenders move to Phase 3, where they lockdown the building and depend only on Anna's psychic powers to communicate. The plan is to slow down and decrease Nagare's power by blocking him many times and also for him to face the Red and Silver Kings. As Anna confronts him again and again, Nagare finally is stopped in one stroke by Reisi. Nagare again declares himself to be similar to Neko/Miyabi Ameno, since they have both defined themselves unbound by the human qualities. When Reisi asks if he thinks that he can receive the Slates by defeating him, Nagare tells him that he won't be the one to defeat him, but he was only paving the path for the qualified one, the Sixth King, Grey King, Iwa. 
08 "Kaput"   November 21, 2015

Kagutsu Incident - in what appears to be the aftermath of a disaster, Iwa searches for anyone alive and finds a little kid, whose heart is pierced by a stone. As he laments that a king's power is useless, if it cannot even save a little kid's life, he sees the kid emitting a green light and a Damocles manifesting above him.

Present - Iwa manages to reach Nagare using his fog, but claims to be not king, but Nagare's 'quite worthless' surrogate father. He then uses his fog to reclaim Nagare. Reisi tries to provoke him by speaking of his past - his being the king of the clan Cathedral, which was second to only the Gold King's Tokijikuin, how he tried to save the Damocles-Down of the then Red King Genji Kagutsu and failed to save almost 700,000 people, and then left - but Iwa is not fazed. He claims he is supporting Nagare since he is the only one who can play the Slates, instead of getting played. Iwa manages to break Reisi's sword, damaging his Damocles more, and escapes with Nagare and the Slates. After a fight with Misaki, Saruhiko also fights with the Blue King for being powerless and sulking about a single loss. He calls the Blue King a coward for losing just by knowing that the Grey King is alive and tells him that he might as well not serve such a king. Reisi angers him by telling him he's used to being a traitor and Saruhiko leaves the Blue clan and joins JUNGLE. 
09 "Kid's Room"   November 28, 2015
Saruhiko releases a former U-rank member of JUNGLE, Douhan Hirasaka, from her prison cell and tells her to flee the place with him, after hearing she was only in it for the money anyway. Meanwhile, Kuroh is tailed by members of the Green Clan, who try to snap pictures of him in order to increase their points. Suddenly a car is bursting into flames and a fire hydrant heats up and is starting to release water after being touched by a man. Soon after, the news are reporting about people developing unnatural powers throughout the Kanto region. It is revealed that the Green Clan is behind this, using the Dresden Slates. The Green Clan also notices Hirasaka and Saruhiko being quite active gathering points, the latter even over 90,000 which they believe is a result of Saruhiko cheating. Shiro is thinking of ideas how to get the Slates back and comes up with a special countermeasure named Resonance Hammer Effect. Seri and Izumo dress up and visit a party held by the Green Clan. There, they manage to steal one of the party guest's mobile phone, but are being chased throughout the building soon after. The mobile is destroyed by one of the Green Clan's members, soon to be revealed as Saruhiko who then gains 3,000 points, reaching J-rank and even surpassing Sukuna's level. Saruhiko then is escaping through the floor with help from Hirasaka and meeting with Yukari who then invites him to the Green Clan's hideout, where he encounters Nagare, Iwa and Sukuna. When asked why he joined, Saruhiko's answer is because he just wanted to see what happens when he reaches a high rank, and is quite disappointed that there's only "a sushi party" as reward. Nagare replies that their plan is just set into action and that he wants to count on Saruhiko as a member of the Green Clan. 
10 "Keystone"   December 5, 2015
Saruhiko becomes an administrator of the game after gaining J-rank. Reisi steps down as Captain after being fired by the Prime Minister for being responsible for not being able to prevent the thievery of the Slates. The Blue Clan members are detained until further notice. It also seems that there are plenty of Green Clan members at Government positions and that they are favoring the Green over the Blue. Anna tells Izumo that Shiro intends to destroy the Slates. When Reisi arrives at HOMRA, Anna tells him too about Shiro's decision to destroy the Slates. He tells them that he still intends to aim for order, even when his Damocles Sword is in danger. He remembers how the situation is similar to a year ago, when he was trying to stop the Red King. He also tells them that the alliance between the kings is void, since he is no longer the Captain. Shiro comes up with an idea to destroy the Slates through his research. He also gives Kuroh and Neko silver coins with the new symbol of the Silver Clan and Kuroh names the Silver Clan as Hakumaitou. Shiro and Anna are influenced as the Slates are liberated. 
11 "Kali-yuga"   December 12, 2015
As the Slates liberate power to all mankind, chaos arises among people to use. Nagare keeps all paths except the Yomito Gate closed and asks Iwa to 'greet' the Blue King while he guards the Slates. He tells Iwa that he can't be beaten since keeping connected to the Slates enables him to use his power without being limited to time. As Reisi and Goki advance towards the tower where the Slates are kept, they are blocked by the Jungle U-rank members. The Blue Clan members gather intel and observe Reisi and Goki approach the Green Clan members. Watching this, Seri resigns from SCEPTER 4, since she wants to join Reisi. As she hands over the rights of acting Captain to Akiyama, he orders SCEPTER 4 to intercept the Green Clan. As Saruhiko opens the gates for the Blue King, he is deemed to be a traitor by Nagare and Sukuna starts a duel with him. As Iwa meets Reisi and Goki, the Silver blimp lands just behind Iwa, uninfluenced by his fog. Iwa and Reisi start to clash. 
12 "Knuckle Bump"   December 19, 2015
In a flashback, Reisi informs Misaki that Saruhiko went to the Green Clan on his orders, since he was the only one capable of a successful infiltration, even knowing that it might result in his death. In the present, the Red Clan members attack and cover the Green's hideout, making a way for the Silver King, Shiro and Neko to reach Nagare. In the meantime, Reisi, with the help of the Blue clansmen, defeats Iwa. As this happens, Reisi's Damocles is starting reaching Down. Misaki and Saruhiko fight and defeat Sukuna and Misaki tells him that if he is determined to go so far for the Blue King, then he has already accepted him as his king, and so is not a traitor. As Kuroh and Yukari fight, Shiro and Neko reach Nagare. 
13 "Kings"   December 26, 2015
Nagare informs Shiro that Neko was also present in the Kagutsu Incident, and she manipulated her own memory to live as a cat. Meanwhile, as Seri stands ready to kill Reisi should his Damocles reach Down, Anna takes the power of Red from all her clansmen and opens a path from the top to the place where Nagare, Shiro and Neko are, exposing them to the Damocles of all the four kings. Kuroh defeats Yukari and reaches Shiro. Meanwhile, Shiro tells Nagare that he has calculated that the power of Damocles Down is enough to counter the power of the Slates and both can negate each other. He maximizes the Weismann level of his own Sword to the limit and brings the Damocles Down and effectively negates the power of the Slates. This results in Nagare's death, since he was only alive using the power of the Slates. On the other hand, since all the Damocles disappear, Reisi is saved from death. Iwa arrives and asks them to escape the building, which is collapsing from explosions, but he stays back with Nagare. As everyone evacuates, the Silver King tells Kuroh and Neko that he has to leave Shiro's body, since it was borrowed and he was only able to contain in it due to the power of the Slates, and that he has to return it to the original owner. In the epilogue we see that Neko has become a student in the school and the Silver King has returned into his earlier body and is a teacher in the same school.