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This is a list of episodes of the 2011-2012 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Fourze. Each episode title consists of four kanji, separated from each other, but that can be read as a full statement together.


# Title Writer Original airdate

Youth-Ful Trans-Formation[edit]

1 "Youth-Ful Trans-Formation"
"Sei Shun Hen Shin" (青・春・変・身) 
Kazuki Nakashima September 4, 2011
The new school year begins at Amanogawa High School as Kengo Utahoshi encounters a strange delinquent who chides him for throwing a girl's love letter into the river. Later, at Ms. Sarina Sonoda's homeroom class while he using a Burgermeal Foodroid to analyze strange energy readings, Kengo encounters the delinquent as he introduces himself to the class as the new transfer student Gentaro Kisaragi. Despite his scary appearance, Gentaro is a nice guy as he recognizes his childhood friend Yuki Jojima, greeting each other with a special handshake, before giving the soaked letter to Kengo with intentions of being Kengo's friend. Refusing to accept Gentaro's offers of friendship, Kengo walks out of class, much to Ms. Sonoda's dismay. Tracking down Kengo, Gentaro arrives at the cafeteria where he meets JK while making enemies out of the head cheerleader Miu Kazashiro and her boyfriend Shun Daimonji, the captain of the American football team. Gentaro proceeds to defend himself from the football team before he is forced to let himself be Shun's tackle dummy when Yuki is captured. However, a monster appears from out of nowhere and attacks the group. The football team runs for it as Gentaro fights the monster, but he is seemingly knocked out. Kengo arrives to even the odds in an exo-suit called the Powerdizer, and Yuki identifies the monster as the Orion Zodiarts. Physically strained from using the suit, Kengo is unable to pursue the escaping monster. After putting the Powerdizer away, Kengo and Yuki enter a concealed locker that transports them to the Rabbit Hatch lunar base, with Kengo intending to use the Fourze Driver. However, the two discover that they were followed by Gentaro who takes the Fourze Driver, instead, while elsewhere the Orion Zodiarts resumes his attack on the school. With Kengo unable to chase him due to his health, Yuki finds Gentaro as he faces the Orion Zodiarts and directs him to transform into Fourze. Fourze and the Zodiarts begin fighting in the men's locker room before Fourze uses the Rocket Module to force the Orion Zodiarts off campus. Gentaro begins to get used to the abilities of Fourze, with Kengo's directions in using the different Astroswitches, before he uses a combination of the Rocket and Drill Switches to initiate the Rocket Drill Kick Limit Break, defeating the Orion Zodiarts. However, the victory falls short when Kengo arrives in the Powerdizer once more with the intent to take the Fourze Driver back from Gentaro by force. Elsewhere, a mysterious man with red eyes is upset that Fourze is in his school as he is joined by a trio of Zodiarts.[1] 

Space Is Amaz-Ing[edit]

2 "Space Is Amaz-Ing"
"U Chū Jō Tō" (宇・宙・上・等) 
Kazuki Nakashima September 11, 2011
Becoming Fourze to save the school, Gentaro seemingly defeats the Orion Zodiarts. However, he is attacked by Kengo in the Powerdizer before Yuki gets them to stop fighting. Taking the Fourze Driver from Gentaro, seeing him while explaining what Zodiarts are, Kengo informs him that he failed to turn off the Zodiarts Switch that is used by a Switcher, a person who becomes a Zodiarts. Kengo takes his leave to track the Switcher down as Gentaro vows to find the Switcher. But as the trio take their leave, a mysterious figure picks up the Orion Switch and returns it to its Switcher. The next day, after a few misadventures of searching the campus for the Switcher, including fighting a group of delinquent students, Gentaro goes into the Rabbit Hatch to find something for a lead and accidentally opens a blast shield, moved by the sight of the Earth. After informing him that they are on the moon, Yuki and Gentaro don space suits to do a lunar walk. Yuki takes Gentaro to what remains of an OSTO lunar base that was destroyed seventeen years ago in the theft of the Zodiarts Switches, and the explosion took the life of Kengo's father. Finding Kengo as he is practicing on the Machine Massigler motorcycle, Gentaro tells him what he saw and offers to aid Kengo to the best of his abilities. By then, Gentaro gets a call about the monster's location at the campus stadium. With Yuki, he arrives at the stadium to find the caller, first-year goth girl Tomoko Nozama. However, Tomoko reveals that she has only traced a death threat posted to the school's website to the IP address of the man behind the Orion Zodiarts: Toshiya Miura. Gentaro finds Miura just as he is about to kill Shun, revealing that he is tired of being the football team's lackey and wants to play in a game. Gentaro tries to persuade him not to use the Orion Switch, but Shun pushes Miura over the edge, leading him to activate the Zodiarts Switch after it transforms into its Last One form. His mind transferred into the body of the Orion Zodiarts as he begins his attack. With the girls taking Shun to safely, Kengo arrives and gives Gentaro the Fourze Driver to allow him to become Fourze again. As Shun takes his leave, saying that he will pretend that he has seen nothing, Fourze holds the Orion Zodiarts at bay with the Machine Massigler as Kengo uses his Burgermeal Foodroid to analyze it to find the Orion Switch. Once he discovers its location on the monster's body, Kengo tells Gentaro that he will have to get rid of the Zodiarts, but he can only do it in safe location: up in the air. He turns the Powerdizer into its Tower Mode, firing a series of missiles at the Orion Zodiarts to get it airborne so Fourze can hit it with the Massigler as it blasts off into the upper atmosphere. Fourze hits the Orion Zodiarts with the Rocket Drill Space Kick, destroying the creature safely, leaving only the Zodiarts Switch behind. After using the Parachute Switch to get a soft landing, Fourze switches off the Zodiarts Switch, causing it to disappear, and gains Miura's friendship. As they are about to get Miura medical attention, Tomoko calls Fourze a "Kamen Rider", showing the others footage of numerous heroes with that title on an urban legend website. Gentaro is inspired to set up the Kamen Rider Club, a club that fights off the Zodiarts and aims to befriend the legendary Kamen Riders. Being made one of the club's first members, Kengo gets second thoughts of making Gentaro the Fourze Driver's user.[2] 

Queen E-Lec-Tion[edit]

3 "Queen E-Lec-Tion"
"Jo Ō Sen Kyo" (女・王・選・挙) 
Kazuki Nakashima September 18, 2011
After Gentaro fails in controlling the Hopping Switch, the newest Astroswitch Kengo has managed to create, he and Yuki head off to class together when he sees a group of students making a commotion. Yuki tells him that it is almost the annual Queen Festival, a talent show and speech contest that determines who is the head of the female student body, and a contest that Miu always wins. When Miu arrives, accepting gifts from the other students, Gentaro approaches her, seeking her friendship. She turns him down until he makes a bet with her; if she loses the Queen Festival this year, she will have to be his friend. Miu agrees on the condition that if she wins, he will have to transfer out of AGHS. With the plan in motion, Gentaro goes out looking for information on someone who can win, forced into fighting the delinquents again before being pointed towards JK. After JK formally introduces himself, he begrudgingly accepts Gentaro's friendship as his price upon seeing the unconscious delinquents. With JK's help, Gentaro tries to convince fellow student Reiko Hirota to enter the contest, until "Don't Enter the Queen Festival" (クイーンフェスには出るな Kuīn Fesu ni wa Deru na?) appear on a blackboard behind them and Reiko is attacked by an unseen force. Gentaro gets her out of the room before he transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze, revealing the culprit to be the Chameleon Zodiarts, empowered by the sign of Chamaeleon. Before he can fight, another Zodiarts appears, allowing the Chamaelon Zodiarts to escape. As Kamen Rider Fourze takes the fight with the mysterious Zodiarts outside, Kengo arrives to tell JK to keep his mouth shut about what he has just seen. Outside, Kamen Rider Fourze is being easily beaten by the mysterious Zodiarts, which Kengo realizes is the one linked to the Scorpius sign and it is much more powerful than the others, and tells Gentaro to use the Astroswitches to beat him. Gentaro picks the Hopping Switch, and still cannot control it, allowing the Zodiarts to take his leave. Though Kengo attempts to take Hopping Switch away from him for its uselessness, Gentaro refuses to give it up as he tells Kengo that everything has a use. When he goes to find Reiko, she tells him she will not enter, as Miu comes by on a jog. Gentaro realizes he only has one option left: Yuki. He catches up with her at the JAXA center after school with Kengo's help, although Kengo's only reason for Yuki to enter the contest is to find the Zodiarts, and they get her to do it. At Miu's house, her sidekicks Tamae Sakuma and Jun Shigeno are enjoying the various gifts Miu has been given, but Miu destroys them and throws them into the trash bin, showing her distaste in the other students, Gentaro in particular for his ideals. The next day, everyone gathers in the auditorium to watch the Queen Festival talent portion. Yuki puts on a performance based on the mission of the Hayabusa satellite, resulting in jeers from everyone in the audience except for Tomoko. Gentaro tries to cheer her up backstage, but Miu puts her down as she takes the stage with her sidekicks to a cheering audience, all the while a video compilation plays. At the end of the performance, Tamae suddenly begins to act like she is being choked and she runs off stage. Kengo and Gentaro realize that the Chameleon Zodiarts must be attacking, again, and Gentaro claps together two erasers to reveal the Chameleon Zodiarts in a cloud of chalk dust. The Zodiarts attacks Miu before running outside, with Gentaro on its tail and transforming into Kamen Rider Fourze. Although the Chameleon Zodiarts has the upperhand throughout most of the fight, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Hopping Switch successfully to turn the tides, before he executes a Rocket Drill Kick on the Zodiarts. However, it escapes before he can land the kick. Back in the auditorium, Miu pleads to let the performance continue until the video feed turns on, showing her actions in regards to the gifts from yesterday. With everyone angry that she does not appreciate them, Miu stands on stage speechless, being yelled at by everyone as Kamen Rider Fourze returns from the fight.[3] 

Trans-Formation Se-Cret[edit]

4 "Trans-Formation Se-Cret"
"Hen Gen An Yaku" (変・幻・暗・躍) 
Kazuki Nakashima September 25, 2011
Watching the events of Miu losing the student body's love unfold, Kamen Rider Fourze realizes the Chameleon Zodiarts planned that turn of events from the beginning as the monster takes its leave. Gentaro arrives back to the auditorium just as Tamae limps back on stage. Gentaro asks Miu if she is okay, but she lashes out at him and leaves. Meanwhile, a smile forms on Tamae's face as she holds a Zodiarts Switch out of sight. The next day, after Yuki worries about her low scoring, Gentaro leaves the classroom out of frustration, and Kengo realizes that the Zodiarts's target is Miu with either of her sidekicks to benefit the most on her loss. But as Yuki points out that both sidekicks were attacked, Kengo leaves class to study what Burgermeal caught on its camera for clues. When Miu heads to her locker, Tamae suggests that she drop out of the contest rather than lose it, to which she lashes out at her for feeling sorry for her. She goes outside to ask Shun to talk with her, as Tamae tells Jun to pick sides after she starts to feel bad for Miu. Kengo heads to the Rabbit Hatch to look over Burgermeal's footage when he sees Gentaro practicing using the Hopping Module outside. He commends Gentaro on how hard he works, which reminds him of Miu. After accosting JK for information, Gentaro finds Miu at the school's bowling alley. Miu thinks he is there to gloat on winning the bet, as she is planning on dropping out of the contest, when Gentaro encourages her not to quit and to give a speech to override the video. However, the Chameleon Zodiarts appears and attacks them until Kengo arrives to reveal that the Zodiarts is actually Tamae. She reveals herself, saying remorsefully that she was only jealous of how Miu had always won and that the Scorpion Zodiarts gave her the Switch so she could win. Miu goes to comfort her when she transforms, again, attacking Miu and leaving her seriously hurt. Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to chase after her, until the Scorpion Zodiarts intervenes and lets her escape. At a hospital later that night, Yuki suggests that they tell the school to cancel the competition, but Gentaro tells her they cannot. The next day, after taking Shun's bouquet for show and reminding Jun not to outshine her, Tamae prepares for the Queen Festival finals. As the competition begins, the emcee calls on Miu to take the stage, but Tamae says that she has run away, and she will be a better queen than she was by not thinking highly of herself and leaving when things get out of hand. However, Miu arrives and reveals that she only hated the gifts because the students should not work to impress her but work to make themselves better, and the person who makes herself the best is the one fit to be Queen. She and Gentaro shake each other's hands in Gentaro's unique way. The student body applauds her, as Tamae walks off stage to use the Zodiarts Switch once more, even though it has made its Last One announcement. Kengo tries to talk her out of using it, but she activates it and leaves her body behind. She abducts Miu out of the auditorium, and Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze and gives chase. However, he cannot land a punch as the Chameleon Zodiarts uses Miu as a human shield, and then threatens to throw her off of an overpass unless Gentaro ends his transformation. Miu uses the opportunity to taunt Tamae being nothing more than a wannabe, pushing the Zodiarts over the edge when she throws Miu off of the bridge. However, realizing Miu's reason for it, Kamen Rider Fourze has activated the Magichand Module and catches her, before finally destroying the Chameleon Zodiarts with the Rider Rocket Drill Kick and turning off the Zodiarts Switch. As Tamae awakes, Gentaro asks to be her friend until Miu pushes him out of the way and encourages Tamae to work harder if she wants to win next year. Later in the Rabbit Hatch, Yuki is upset that Miu has won for a third year in a row and that she never got to give her speech, when Gentaro comes in with Miu. In order to stay in school, Gentaro has told Miu about the Kamen Rider Club and made her a member. Miu explains that a Queen needs to know all of the school's secrets and she makes herself the club president. Yuki gets upset, because she has been in the club longer and has seniority. As the girls argue, Kengo leaves Gentaro to clean up the mess he has made.[4] 

Friend-Ship Two-Faced[edit]

5 "Friend-Ship Two-Faced"
"Yū Jō Hyō Ri" (友・情・表・裏) 
Kazuki Nakashima October 2, 2011
Before Mr. Chuta Ohsugi's geography class starts, JK barges into the classroom and invites Gentaro to his JK Night party, but Gentaro turns down the invitation as he does not think he and JK should be friends yet. Elsewhere, a student is practicing his fencing, angry at someone, when the Scorpion Zodiarts appears and gives him a Zodiarts Switch to seek his revenge. At lunchtime, Miu is eating with Jun in the courtyard until Shun arrives and tries to cozy up to Miu, but she is still upset over what happened during the Queen Festival. When Shun insults Gentaro and the others, Miu rebuffs him and leaves to the Rabbit Hatch, where she enjoys a moonwalk before Kengo calls her back into the base. She eats her lunch, activating the Potechokin Foodroid after she accidentally picks it up, and Kengo reveals he has been working on the Elek Switch which has more power than the other Astroswitches. Back at the school in the cafeteria, after Tomoko creeps out Yuki and mysteriously disappears, JK continues to try to persuade Gentaro to attend his party, even introducing him to his friend Megumyon who begins to fawn over Gentaro. When JK sees a student walk into the cafeteria, he quickly leaves, confusing Gentaro. Outside, the student whom JK identifies as Nitta confronts him and transforms into the Zodiarts to get his revenge on JK. When Gentaro and Yuki see JK run past the cafeteria window with a look of fear on his face, they head outside and see the Zodiarts, which Yuki identifies as the Monoceros-based Unicorn Zodiarts, just as JK manages to elude him. Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze, and is able to keep the Zodiarts at bay by slamming him with the Rocket Module and flying high up into the air, just as Miu and Kengo appear to give Gentaro the Elek Switch, although Yuki and Miu fight over which of them should do so. After the Zodiarts and Kamen Rider Fourze land, Potechokin gives Kamen Rider Fourze the Elek Switch, enabling him to fight off the Unicorn Zodiarts much more efficiently. However, with each hit Kamen Rider Fourze is hit by a strong electrical feedback, allowing the Unicorn Zodiarts to escape. After the fight, Gentaro remarks on how it feels like the Elek Switch is trying to take him over, as JK watches from behind a corner with interest. Back at the Rabbit Hatch, Kengo begins to feel that Miu is not pulling her weight in the club, but she says that as the leader she is to support the others. He reveals that he has completed the Beat and Chainarray Switches, when Yuki suddenly exclaims she has discovered that the Switcher is Fumihiro Nitta, a student in JK's class. Meanwhile, Gentaro has arrived at the karaoke box where JK is holding his party. Gentaro is impressed at how JK can gather so many friends and decides that he was wrong and decides to befriend him, just as JK introduces him to Takahiro and Nitta appears in the hallway. Upon realizing that the Zodiarts must be after JK, Miu tells Yuki to take the two new Astroswitches and get them to Gentaro at the party, who is now facing off against the Unicorn Zodiarts as Kamen Rider Fourze, once more. Yuki manages to get to the party, and gives Kamen Rider Fourze the Beat and Chainarray Switches, which are effective against the Unicorn Zodiarts. However, removing his horse-face as it becomes a sabre, the Unicorn Zodiarts uses his fencing prowess to overpower Kamen Rider Fourze. Kengo contacts Gentaro to use the Elek Switch, but Gentaro cannot find it on him. Elsewhere, JK praises Takahiro for pick-pocketing the Elek Switch off of Gentaro while Megumyon distracted him, all the while berating Gentaro for his concept of friendship.[5] 

Blitz-Krieg Only Way[edit]

6 "Blitz-Krieg Only Way"
"Den Geki It To" (電・撃・一・途) 
Kazuki Nakashima October 9, 2011
Not finding the Elek Switch on himself, Kamen Rider Fourze is at the mercy of the Unicorn Zodiarts until Nitta cancels his transformation and takes his leave, while promising no mercy if Kamen Rider Fourze meddles again. When Yuki asks why he did not use the Elek Switch, Gentaro changes the subject to look for it. Overseeing the fight, the Scorpion Zodiarts meets with the red-eyed man to discuss the Unicorn Zodiarts's sudden evolution in relation to being near Kamen Rider Fourze. The next day, after a day of school while avoiding Kengo on the matter of the Elek Switch, Gentaro meets up JK to look for the item. Eventually, the two run into Nitta after he interrogates Takahiro and Megumyon on JK's location. Nitta then reveals to Gentaro that JK had used him as a bodyguard in the past, costing him a fencing tournament prior to learning that he was used. As Nitta activates his Zodiarts Switch, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to keep the Unicorn Zodiarts from JK. But during the fight, when he tries to run for his life, JK trips over and is exposed as the thief of the Elek Switch and that he only used Gentaro to keep Nitta at bay. In shock at the betrayal, Kamen Rider Fourze is knocked out by the Unicorn Zodiarts before he abducts JK. Coming to at the Rabbit Hatch, secretly brought there by Tomoko, Gentaro is chewed out by Kengo for trusting JK and not telling him about the Elek Switch. Though the others are against it, Gentaro intends to save JK with Yuki giving him the location. Elsewhere, Nitta offers JK a chance at freedom by letting him call someone from his inner circle over, but JK is horrified that his "friends" are not going to save him. Once time runs out, Nitta is about to use the Zodiarts Switch in its Last One stage when Gentaro arrives, much to the shock of JK and Nitta. Gentaro says that he still wants to befriend JK, even though he was taken advantage of by the younger student. A furious Nitta reveals that he never intended to keep his word of freeing JK as he uses the Zodiarts Switch and his mind is transferred into the Unicorn Zodiarts's body. Gentaro transforms and manages to hold the Zodiarts off, just as Kengo and the girls save JK. With JK giving him back the Elek Switch and accepting his friendship with his special handshake, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Astroswitch which transforms him into Kamen Rider Fourze Elek States. With his new power, Kamen Rider Fourze overpowers the Unicorn Zodiarts before destroying him with Rider Ten Billion Volt Break, letting him turn the Zodiarts Switch off. Though JK goes to attack Nitta in revenge, Gentaro tells him to drop his anger as he offers friendship to the other student. Soon after, as an excited JK is made a new member of the Kamen Rider Club to Kengo's dismay, the red-eyed man tells the Scorpion Zodiarts to continue observing Kamen Rider Fourze to find out if he can be of use to them or a hindrance in their plan.[6] 

The King, The Jerk[edit]

7 "The King, The Jerk"
"Ō Sama Ya Rō" (王・様・野・郎) 
Riku Sanjo October 16, 2011
At the AGHS unveiling of a monument in honor of the football team's win at the regional tournament, Shun basks in the spotlight yet is troubled that Miu is not at the party. Upon finding out that Miu is helping Gentaro test Astroswitches, Shun is upset that she is spending her time with the losers. This would attract the attention of his father who tells Shun that he must focus more on himself and his achievements. After the Astroswitch test, Miu wants them to meet on Sunday to test more. However, Gentaro, Yuki, and Kengo reveal to Miu and JK that they have been told to come into school on Sunday for a set of extra lessons. JK reacts in horror, revealing that the Sunday lessons are a punishment only meant for the school's worst students and that most people call it "Study Hell". When the three go in for the class on Sunday, they find that Tomoko and Shun are joining them. Tomoko is taking the class because she wiped the school's digital archives in order to remove a single photo of herself that she found unflattering. When Shun and Gentaro get into an argument, the study hall's teacher Takashi Satake arrives and makes it clear that he is going to teach them to be proper students while singling Gentaro out for his special attention because of his "bad boy" appearance. As soon as Mr. Satake leaves, Gentaro attempts to ask why Shun is here, but the discussion escalates into a fight until Shun states that he needs to pass the class in order to stay on the football team so he can take part in the national tournament. Elsewhere, being the only two club members in the Rabbit Hatch, JK and Miu see a Zodiarts on a Burgermeal's footage just as it goes on a rampage. They arrive to the location, but they realize that they are out of their league in dealing with the monster. Miu calls Kengo, and when Gentaro realizes that she is in danger, he attempts to leave the room only for Shun to block his passage. Kengo leaves instead. He manages to arrive in time in the Powerdizer, identifying the Zodiarts as being the Hound Zodiarts, representing Canes Venatici, and grapples with the monster before it escapes. After Kengo returns to the classroom, Shun asks Mr. Satake if they could raise the stakes for leaving the class by making anyone who fails the exit exam will be required to take the class until he passes, knowing full well that Gentaro will fail. Elsewhere, JK has managed to find the Switcher of the Hound Zodiarts, and he follows him to try to uncover his identity. However, the young man spots him and transforms into the Zodiarts to get rid of him. This time, Gentaro and Yuki manage to escape the classroom, despite Shun's best attempts to stop them, and they catch up to JK. Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze and fights the Hound Zodiarts. Switching through using the Smoke and Spike Switches to level the playing field at Yuki's behest, Kamen Rider Fourze decides to use the Winch Switch to trap the Hound Zodiarts, before he transforms into Elek States in an attempt to finish off the Hound Zodiarts until Shun interferes. He reveals that he is tired of his authority being belittled and he has made it his goal to get Gentaro expelled from the school so Kamen Rider Fourze will no longer be an impediment. Gentaro declares he has no time for Shun's distraction, especially on noticing the Zodiarts has escaped. He activates the Rocket Switch to give chase, but Shun grabs Kamen Rider Fourze, sending them both wildly into the air. The Hound Zodiarts takes advantage of the situation, firing an energy blast at the pair and causing an explosion.[7] 

Iron Knight's Coop-Eration[edit]

8 "Iron Knight's Coop-Eration"
"Tek Ki Ren Kei" (鉄・騎・連・携) 
Riku Sanjo October 23, 2011
The Hound Zodiarts takes advantage of the situation between Shun Daimonji and Kamen Rider Fourze, blasting them out of the sky. With Shun knocked out cold from the Hound Zodiarts's attack, Kamen Rider Fourze proceeds to overpower the Hound Zodiarts with the Scissors Switch until the Scorpion Zodiarts attacks him and allows them to escape. Soon after, Shun finds himself forced by Mr. Satake to join Gentaro and company in doing menial labor as groundkeepers as punishment. Reminded of his father's expectations upon seeing the statue, Shun attempts to do the work himself as Gentaro confronts him about playing dumb to the monster attacks on the school, making Shun remember Miura. This leads to another fight between the two until Miu contacts Kengo about another attack. Gentaro heads to the location and transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to battle the Hound Zodiarts, but the Scorpion Zodiarts interferes, again. The two Zodiarts overpower Kamen Rider Fourze until the Powerdizer arrives and drives the monsters off. Gentaro prepares to thank Kengo, but he is surprised when Miu is revealed to be its pilot, before she collapses from the strain of the fight. After Miu is taken to the nurse's office, Reiko finds them to break up with Shun. When they return to the class, Mr. Satake tells them that if they keep this up, they will be spending every Sunday with him, even after Shun reveals he is supposed to play in a game next week. After Gentaro tries to see things from Shun's point of view, pointing out that he does not seem to be the type to be a quarterback, Shun opens up to them on how his father has been running his life the way he sees fit, even calling the shots on the gridiron. His father's no-nonsense game plans made his teammates upset and forced him to kick Miura off of the team, and a recent fight placed him in the study hall. He also reveals that he only wants to have fun, and the fact that the Kamen Rider Club can have fun while he could not made him seek to get them disbanded. As everyone reconciles, Tomoko pressures Yuki to reveal why she was punished with the Sunday class, as everyone else's reasons have been revealed. She reluctantly reveals she was trying to put books on astronomy and space travel into the school library, until Mr. Ohsugi caught her. As Mr. Satake enters the classroom with the final exam, JK shows up to reveal he has found the Hound Zodiarts's true identity: Mr. Satake's son Teruhiko. JK leads the group to Teruhiko, revealing that while he is a model student, he leads a double life as the kind of "bad boy" that Mr. Satake despises. Teruhiko angrily renounces his father and uses the Zodiarts Switch after its Last One announcement, and runs off in his new body. Gentaro promises to Mr. Satake that he will help his son, and gives chase with Shun. However, Shun is stopped by his father who chastises him for hanging around with delinquents. Shun retorts that he should be allowed to become friends with anyone he pleases, and follows Gentaro who has transformed into Kamen Rider Fourze to take on the monster. He soon transforms into Elek States to counter the Hound Zodiarts's stronger hide when the Scorpion Zodiarts appears, again, and they turn the tides on Kamen Rider Fourze. As Shun and Kengo watch, Kengo summons the Powerdizer with the intent to pilot it, but Shun offers to go in his place, knowing that his body would be more suited to the task. He joins the fray, taking the two Zodiarts off of Kamen Rider Fourze, as they do Gentaro's special handshake. Now an even fight, Shun takes on the Scorpion Zodiarts while Kamen Rider Fourze takes on the Hound Zodiarts, eventually using the Powerdizer to launch himself at the Hound Zodiarts to strike it with the Rider Lightning Drill Kick. With the Zodiarts Switch deactivated, the Scorpion Zodiarts escapes. As Mr. Satake reconciles with his son, Shun uses the Powerdizer to destroy the statue his father gave to the school. On the moon's surface, Shun asks Miu out, but she rebuffs his advances while welcoming him into the Kamen Rider Club. Inside the Rabbit Hatch, Gentaro is pleased with his passing test score, which Yuki reveals is probably only because of Mr. Satake's gratefulness for saving his son.[8] 

The Witch Awa-Kens[edit]

9 "The Witch Awa-Kens"
"Ma Jo Kaku Sei" (魔・女・覚・醒) 
Riku Sanjo October 30, 2011
Seeing Gentaro and Yuki racing to the AGHS campus, Tomoko Nozama berates them for exercising when the world is coming to an end. Kengo puts off her statements as being a goth and Gentaro tries to befriend her, a group of other goth students come forward and introduce themselves as the Lunar Witches. As Yuki takes a look at the Lunar Witch book Tomoko has been reading, the group's leader Ritsuko Usaka threatens Gentaro with a curse if he meddles with their newest member Tomoko. Later, Gentaro being distracted with Tomoko on his mind is effecting his testing of the Flash Module as Kengo assures him that there is no such thing as witches. But as the others talk about their opinions of Tomoko, JK reveals rumors of people actually being cursed by Ritsuko and her two associates, Yuri Kuramochi and Masami Okamura. Feeling something is off about the Lunar Witches, Gentaro asks Yuki to join the group so he can learn more about them, since Tomoko invited her to join. As Gentaro and Kengo watch the ritual, Ritsuko says that they are interrupting the circle. Tomoko rifles through Gentaro's pockets until she finds the Fire Switch, claiming it to be interfering with the Lunar Witches' magic. Ritsuko kicks them out of the room, and Kengo reveals that Tomoko does have a unique ability if she can sense the powers of the Fire Switch. Ritsuko then has Yuri lead the group of witches to the pool, where she has come to seek revenge on the swim team for kicking her off with her magic powers, sending tools and water flying about the pool deck. Kengo has Gentaro transform into Kamen Rider Fourze to stop Yuri, using the Shield and Gatling Switches to take her on before Kengo has him use the Camera Switch to film her attacks before she disappears. As Gentaro and Yuki freak out that they are dealing with actual witches, an excited Tomoko runs off, believing she will actually become a witch. Later that night, JK leads Gentaro to the local occult shop where they find Tomoko, who reveals that she always felt that she did not belong on the planet due to her ability to see things that other people cannot. But since she met Ritsuko, Tomoko finally feels like she can fit in and achieve her dream of going to the moon. When Yuri and Masami arrive, they tell her that she is now a member of the group and can do magic. Tomoko recites the group's incantation, causing her to levitate off of the ground, before she joins the girls to help in Masami's revenge. The next day in class, JK and Miu barge in to reveal that Masami was kicked off of the cheer squad because she fooled around with boys, and that the target of her revenge is her football playing ex-boyfriend. Shun manages to find Masami talking to her ex-boyfriend, when the Lunar Witches join up and trap them in a locker room and unintentionally set it on fire. The rest of the Kamen Rider Club arrives, with Gentaro transforming into Kamen Rider Fourze to get into the locker room. He is unable to deal with the fire until he remembers Tomoko's statement about the Fire Switch, using it to transform into Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States. He uses the Hee-Hackgun's Extinguish Mode Limit Break to put out the fire, saving Shun and Masami's former boyfriend. Before Kamen Rider Fourze can confront the Lunar Witches, Kengo arrives to reveal that the witches' magic was no more than the powers of a Zodiarts, as the Zodiarts arrives and attacks Kamen Rider Fourze. As the Kamen Rider and the Zodiarts battle, Tomoko recognizes the Zodiarts voice as being Ritsuko's, while feeling betrayed that she did not truly gain power. Suddenly, the Scorpion Zodiarts appears and gives her a Zodiarts Switch so she can have actual power.[9] 

Moon-Light Rum-Ble[edit]

10 "Moon-Light Rum-Ble"
"Gek Ka Geki Totsu" (月・下・激・突) 
Riku Sanjo November 13, 2011
Distracted by Tomoko being given a Zodiarts Switch by the Scorpion Zodiarts, Kamen Rider Fourze is overpowered by the Altar Zodiarts before Ritsuko ends her transformation and takes her leave while telling Fourze not to interfere any further. Though Fourze and Kengo urge her not to follow, Tomoko tells them that they have no idea what it is like to be her. Later, Gentaro is accused by Mr. Ohsugi for being behind the fire before Ms. Sonoda and several other students clear Gentaro's name by placing the blame on the Lunar Witches. Though Mr. Ohsugi refuses to believe them, he fearfully runs away from the Lunar Witches when they arrive. Ms. Sonoda refuses to run from them as she attempts to question them about the incident, but Ritsuko instead tells her that she should leave the school before their final ritual is performed. In the Rabbit Hatch, the Kamen Rider Club identifies the Zodiarts as the Altar Zodiarts, having the powers of Ara, and Ritsuko's belief in the occult has amplified its powers. As they try to figure out what revenge Ritsuko and Tomoko are after, Gentaro decides he should find out more about Tomoko. Tomoko's mother leads Gentaro and Yuki to her bedroom, as she is in the shower, where they find several items regarding metamorphosis. As they comment on how she just wants to change, Tomoko finds them. After Gentaro comments on how nice she looks without her goth makeup, she screams and runs out of the house, with Gentaro and Yuki behind. She continues to say that she has nowhere else to go but the Moon and that Ritsuko will make that dream a reality. Annoyed, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze and takes her to the Rabbit Hatch so she can experience the true emptiness of the Moon where she is overcome with emotion. But ends up with Yuki kicking him to Earth. Back inside the lunar base, Gentaro affirms that she can never really be alone, because everyone in the Kamen Rider Club has a weird quirk about them, just like her. Upon leaving the Rabbit Hatch with the club members, Tomoko reveals that Ritsuko's plan is to burn down the school by using the Aradia staff she wields as the Altar Zodiarts. They all go to get Tomoko's Zodiarts Switch, finding it missing before the Kamen Rider Club members are "magically" tied up by Yuri and Masami. Pretending to betray the club members, Tomoko joins them in the ritual in order to steal the Aradia staff. As her followers pursue a retreating Tomoko, Ritsuko uses her Zodiarts Switch as enters its Last One state before following suit and reclaiming her staff. However, having been freed by a Potechokin Kengo summoned, Gentaro saves Tomoko from the Altar Zodiarts before the girl is incinerated, receiving her friendship in the process before becoming Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Zodiarts. Once Shun uses the Powerdizer to remove Yuri and Masami from the fight and the others smash their pendants, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Elek States to fight the Altar Zodiarts until she throws the Aradia staff to begin the ritual. However, Shun intercepts the Aradia and snaps it, enraging the Zodiarts as she begins using her fire powers with Kamen Rider Fourze switching to Fire States. On Tomoko's advice, in conjugation with his faith in her, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Fire Switch to absorb the Altar Zodiarts's flames to increase his power before he incinerates her with the Rider Exploding Shoot. The next day, now a member of the Kamen Rider Club, Tomoko joins Yuki and Gentaro in their morning run. Though Kengo comments that they now have an unused Zodiarts Switch to experiment on, he gets upset upon learning that Tomoko has just thrown it into the river to signify her new life.[10] 

Dis-Appearing Moon-Door[edit]

11 "Dis-Appearing Moon-Door"
"Shō Shitsu Tsuki To" (消・失・月・戸) 
Kazuki Nakashima November 20, 2011
Kengo has no Astroswitches to test today, so Gentaro decides to treat the Kamen Rider Club to ramen while Kengo stays behind, as he still does not accept the Club's existence. Before leaving the Rabbit Hatch, Mr. Ohsugi walks into the abandoned club room just as Yuki is about to enter the locker. In hopes of warding off the curious Mr. Ohsugi, Yuki tries to convince him that the locker belonged to Ms. Sonoda and that the teacher wanted her to deal with it as it is cursed. This only makes Mr. Ohsugi more interested before Shun manages to distract the teacher by telling him that Ms. Sonoda is looking for him. When the coast is clear, Gentaro and Yuki go to the JAXA center where Gentaro learns that Amanogawa High was founded by its own chairman who is a famous former astronaut named Mituaki Gamou. The two are then confronted by the Pyxis Zodiarts who reveals to be Hiroki Makise, a former friend of Yuki's from AGHS's astronomy club who has become her stalker. Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze and fights the Pyxis Zodiarts, but is overpowered. While the Powerdizer holds the monster off, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Fire States. But even with the powers of the Fire Switch, he is overpowered, which lets the Pyxis Zodiarts make his escape. Soon after the fight, Kamen Rider Fourze gets a call from Kengo saying that he is trapped in the Rabbit Hatch. The gang arrive to the abandoned classroom to find that the locker is gone. Kengo tells them to go find it so he can restore the connection between the Earth and the Moon. While searching for the locker, Yuki finds out that Mr. Ohsugi took the locker away and gave it to waste management. Kengo then reveals to the others how he and Yuki found the Rabbit Hatch, as he received an Astroswitch the previous year and absently threw it into the locker, creating the original connection. Elsewhere, Yuki leaves to try to persuade Makise to find the locker. Though Makise agrees to track it using the Pyxis Zodiarts's powers of tracking, he tells Yuki to let him do whatever he wants. After finding the locker, Makise reveals that he no longer loves Yuki and only wants to make her suffer. Gentaro arrives on the scene and transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Zodiarts as the rest of the Club arrive. When Gentaro uses the Launcher Module on the Pyxis Zodiarts, Makise reveals that he also has the ability to redirect the path of objects and uses the missiles to destroy the locker. In the Rabbit Hatch, Kengo watches in horror as the locker is destroyed, and he comes to the realization that he is now trapped on the Moon.[11] 

Mis-Sion Ken's Life[edit]

12 "Mis-Sion Ken's Life"
"Shi Mei Ken Mei" (使・命・賢・命) 
Kazuki Nakashima November 27, 2011
After Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Fire States to extinguish the locker fire, the Pyxis Zodiarts discourages any retaliation from Kamen Rider Fourze as he reverts to Makise and tells Yuki that he never wants to see her again, while mentioning that there are other stars he loves to see as he walks off. After an attempt to use the Powerdizer's Tower Mode to reach the Moon, Kamen Rider Fourze receives a call from a furious Kengo as he snaps and tears down the Kamen Rider Club banner out of fear of dying alone in the Rabbit Hatch. As Tomoko leaves the group on a hunch, JK contacts the gang about his finding at the astronomy club. As Gentaro and Shun meet up with JK, Yuki attempts to ask Mr. Gamou to use his resources to send her to the Moon. Luckily, Miu manages to spirit her away to keep their involvement a secret. While scolding the girl, Miu realizes that Yuki has been acting out of guilt. At the astronomy club, Gentaro learns that Makise is targeting the school's cutest girls, who have all rejected him, and intends to kill them all off by sending a bus with them all in it over an incomplete bridge. Before they can go to stop him, they are intercepted by the Scorpion Zodiarts who overpowers Kamen Rider Fourze before he turns the tables with Fire States as the Zodiarts is forced to escape for its life. Soon after, upon learning from Yuki that Miu is among Makise's captives, Kamen Rider Fourze arrives to save them as Makise uses his Zodiarts Switch in its Last One state. Kengo is contacted by Yuki as she tells him that Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club members are concerned for him while they continue to fight in his absence. Watching the footage of Miu and Shun stopping the bus, Kengo realizes that fighting the Zodiarts is no longer just his mission as he contacts Kamen Rider Fourze. On Kengo's advice, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Stealth Switch in Elek States to counter the Pyxis Zodiarts abilities before destroying the Zodiarts and restoring Makise to his body as he runs away from the girls. Elsewhere, Tomoko discovers that the locker that was destroyed was a fake and that the real gateway was in Mr. Ohsugi's possession the whole time upon discovering the original lie he was told made him keep it due to his love for Ms. Sonoda. With this knowledge, Kamen Rider Fourze and the others find Kengo on the Moon's surface as he plants the Kamen Rider Club flag on the Moon, with Kengo finally accepting both the club and Gentaro's friendship.[12] 

School Re-Jec-Tion[edit]

13 "School Re-Jec-Tion"
"Gak Kō Kyo Zetsu" (学・校・拒・絶) 
Riku Sanjo December 4, 2011
After ensuring the locker would not be removed again, Gentaro and others find a mob led by Toshiya Miura's mother over the monster sightings around the campus. Gentaro is able to get involved when the school's principal Kouhei Hayami arrives and charms the mob into calming down. While Hayami gives his speech of assurance, which inspires Gentaro to put an end to the Zodiarts sightings, Tomoko remembers the Scorpion Zodiarts saying the same thing to her before she leaves with the others. After Gentaro talks with the others about trying to help those who used Zodiarts Switches to return to school, Shun agrees to help with Miura. Shun introduces Gentaro to Miura's girlfriend Mari Yamamoto who offers her assistance to get Miura back to school. Finding Miura at his family's photography studio, Gentaro tries to talk Miura into returning to school, but Miura who reveals he is over his grudge with Shun has another reason for not attending AGHS and runs off. They find Miura with the Scorpion Zodiarts, and no longer intending to show any mercy to him, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Zodiarts with the Hammer Switch while others take Miura to safety. However, though overpowered by Fourze Fire States, the Scorpion Zodiarts produces the stardust-based ninjas called Dusterds to cancel the Kamen Rider's attack and cover his escape. Though Kamen Rider Fourze tries to assure him that he will keep the monster from him, an upset Miura runs off, again. After setting up a plan, the Kamen Rider Club tricks Miura into watching a little play they made to cheer him up, which only upsets him. Though he admits that he loves the school, he cannot go back there as that is where the Zodiarts Switches are. Before he can elaborate, Ms. Sonoda arrives to take him to the principal when the Dusterds attack and kidnap Miura. Chasing after them, Kamen Rider Fourze saves Miura with the Hammer Switch before assuming Elek States in conjugation with the Water Switch to take the ninjas out. Miura breaks down as he reveals that he is suffering from Zodiarts Switch withdrawal as he walks off with Kamen Rider Fourze stunned as to how he can help him, now. Soon after, Miura is confronted by Ms. Sonoda, who is actually the Scorpion Zodiarts as she gives him a new Zodiarts Switch.[13] 

Sting-Er At-Tack[edit]

14 "Sting-Er At-Tack"
"Doku Bari Mō Shū" (毒・針・猛・襲) 
Riku Sanjo December 11, 2011
Transforming into her Scorpion Zodiarts form, Ms. Sonoda attempts to coerce Miura into becoming a Zodiarts once more as his Zodiarts Switch quickly assumes its Last One state. However, Kamen Rider Fourze arrives and the Zodiarts teleports away after telling Miura to meet her where he first obtained his previous Zodiarts Switch. Gentaro tries to reason with Miura as he accepts the Scorpion Zodiarts's offer before walking off. Ms. Sonoda meets Gamou soon after as she receives his praise before being given a new power in case Fourze manages to foil her scheme. The next day, while he asks around about Miura, Ms. Sonoda leads Gentaro into a trap to poison him with her Zodiarts form's stinger while telling him that the agonizing death from her venom is what he deserves in meddling in the affairs of the Horoscopes. Making it to the Rabbit Hatch, Gentaro tells the club about the Horoscopes which Kengo deduces are the enforcers behind the Zodiarts attacks. Though Kengo believes there is no way to use Switch 24's power to cure Gentaro, Tomoko presents a risky alternative before they realize Gentaro is gone along with the photobook Mari gave to Yuki. Finding JK as he has obtained the location of Miura and the Scorpion Zodiarts's first meeting, Gentaro has him take him to Miura and convinces him not to let the Zodiarts Switch run his life. Though he tells Gentaro to leave him alone, Miura sees Mari's photos and remembers his life before becoming the Orion Zodiarts. Suddenly, the Scorpion Zodiarts poisons JK before knocking him and Gentaro off of the building, just as they are saved by the Powerdizer. However, the Scorpion Zodiarts uses Gamou's power boost to transform into Scorpion Nova and defeat the Powerdizer while poisoning Shun. With the Dusterds kidnapping Miura, the Scorpion Zodiarts takes her leave to finish her mission. After Miura musters the strength to refuse the Zodiarts Switch, a furious Scorpion Zodiarts prepares to kill him when Gentaro arrives, having been cured by Kengo's gambit of using a Fourze Driver compatible device to use the Medical Switch, and fights the Zodiarts while giving Yuki Cosmic Energy-based anti-venom to cure JK and Shun. After taking out the Dusterds in Elek and Fire States, Kamen Rider Fourze battles Scorpion Nova as her body begins to overload with enough energy to wipe out a city. Sending Scorpion Nova to space to minimize the damage, Kamen Rider Fourze defeats her with the Rider Rocket Drill Big Space Kick. Crashing back to Earth, an unconscious Ms. Sonoda is found by the Libra Zodiarts as he casts an illusion over her to conceal her identity from Kamen Rider Fourze and take her to Gamou. Gamou then has the Libra Zodiarts, revealed to be Kouhei Hayami, relieve Ms. Sonoda of her Zodiarts Switch and take her place in overseeing Zodiarts Switch distribution. Attempting to fake her anger at the Kamen Rider Club, as Miura returns to AGHS, Ms. Sonoda vows to become worthy of the stars once more.[14] 

Holy Night Cho-Rus[edit]

15 "Holy Night Cho-Rus"
"Sei Ya Gas Shō" (聖・夜・合・唱) 
Riku Sanjo December 18, 2011
During class, Yuki meets a trio of students who are members of the AGHS glee club who ask Yuki to join their club to help them with their annual Christmas pageant at a local kindergarten. Gentaro offers his friendship to the group, but the glee club turns him down. Soon after, Kengo's focus is altered to a Zodiarts attack. Forced to use different Switches in place of the still drained Rocket and Drill Switches, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze confronts the extremely enraged Perseus Zodiarts. However, upon recognizing the Zodiarts's star pattern, Kengo arrives to warn Kamen Rider Fourze that the Perseus Zodiarts can turn whatever he touches to stone. Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Elek States to counter the Zodiarts, but the two are equally matched until the Perseus Zodiarts decides to retreat. Later, after Tomoko tends to his wounds, Gentaro meets an artist named Soshi Matoyama before going to hear Yuki sing. However, as Gentaro sees the glee club forced into singing her "Hayabusa-kun" song, Yuki's singing drives Soshi crazy, and he complains to the glee club president Junta, who is his friend. Before Gentaro can try to calm Soshi down, Kengo and JK arrive to get him so the club can discuss the Perseus Zodiarts and his power to turn people into stone. Remembering Soshi's painting, Gentaro realizes that he might be the Zodiarts and is attacking anything he sees that interferes with his concentration and that Yuki may be in danger. However, he is too late to warn her as her singing has already angered Soshi and he is chasing her as the Perseus Zodiarts. Gentaro and Kengo chase after them with Junta following, as well. Once he realizes his identity is discovered, the Perseus Zodiarts reveals that he is indeed Soshi just as his Zodiarts Switch transforms into his Last One State. Gentaro changes to Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States to destroy the Perseus Zodiarts with a point-blank attack, but just as he is about to turn off the Zodiarts Switch, it suddenly reforms the Perseus Zodiarts's body. The Zodiarts then suddenly glows as Mr. Hayami and Ms. Sonoda watch from afar, with the former explaining that the goal for them, along with the Virgo Zodiarts and the Leo Zodiarts, is to select eight ideal students to evolve beyond the Last One Stage so they can complete the Horoscopes' membership.[15] 

Right-Wrong Con-Flict[edit]

16 "Right-Wrong Con-Flict"
"Sei Ja Kat Tō" (正・邪・葛・藤) 
Riku Sanjo December 25, 2011
Having his Last One form recreated, the Perseus Zodiarts begins to glow with a new power, which Principal Hayami reveals to be the power that will allow him to become one of the Horoscopes. The Perseus Zodiarts is now capable of firing a petrification beam from his Medusa hand, which he uses on Kamen Rider Fourze, striking his hand and turning it to stone. But when Kamen Rider Fourze reminds him of his obligation to give the kindergarteners his painting and the fact he can not return to his human form, the Perseus Zodiarts runs off to finish his painting while unaware that he is being followed. Back at the Rabbit Hatch, the Kamen Rider Club try to figure out what to do about Gentaro's stone hand as Kengo points out that they must get Motoyama back into his body before he is stuck in his Zodiarts body permanently. While Yuki goes back to the glee club to prepare for the kindergarten show, Kengo has Gentaro test out the Pen Switch, but he cannot figure out what purpose its ink-like powers have. Gentaro decides to use a different approach against the Perseus Zodiarts and takes a Hulashake with him should he need help. He goes out to find the Perseus Zodiarts and he challenges him to a drawing contest. If Gentaro wins, then Motoyama must return to his body. If Gentaro loses, the Perseus Zodiarts can encase him in stone. When Gentaro finishes, the Perseus Zodiarts sees that his drawing is poorly done, but he cannot seem to destroy it because he realizes that Gentaro put his heart into the drawing. However, another Kamen Rider Fourze suddenly appears and Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to face the impostor with the Gatling Switch. This forces the fake Kamen Rider Fourze, who is the Libra Zodiarts in disguise, to fight with his staff. Once beating the real Kamen Rider Fourze, the Libra Zodiarts turns his attention to the Perseus Zodiarts and has him completely turn Gentaro to stone so he can reach his true potential as a member of the Horoscopes. The Libra Zodiarts then tells the Perseus Zodiarts to make his way to Hoshiko Kindergarten to give his painting to the class while turning the glee club to stone to complete his evolution. However, when he makes his way to the kindergarten, he hears the children enjoying the "Hayabusa-Kun" performance and also sees a series of drawings the children made to emulate his drawing from the previous year. His attention is then directed to Gentaro being carried by Kengo and Shun, with Gentaro being fine as Kengo explains that his reluctance to turn Gentaro to stone made the effect only temporary. Realizing that he was a fool for not realizing that he was only satisfying himself, the Perseus Zodiarts accepts Gentaro's friendship while agreeing to become human, while losing the glow that would have allowed him to change into one of the Horoscopes. Furious that the Perseus Zodiarts has failed him, the Libra Zodiarts uses his powers to turn him into a mindless brute to kill off Gentaro as he is forced to become Kamen Rider Fourze to defend himself. But the Libra Zodiarts's presence in the fight places Kamen Rider Fourze at a disadvantage until a mysterious Kamen Rider appears. As the mysterious Kamen Rider deals with the Libra Zodiarts, Tomoko and JK arrive on the scene to reveal the Pen Switch's ability to turn its drawings into physical objects. With this in mind, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Pen Module's ink to block the Perseus Zodiarts's petrification attacks, before blocking the beam from being used at all. He then uses the restored Rocket and Drill Switches to destroy the Perseus Zodiarts with the Rider Rocket Drill Kick, returning Motoyama to his body. After the Libra Zodiarts falls back, the mysterious Kamen Rider drives off without a word. Later, as Motoyama begins his drawing anew, the Kamen Rider Club's Christmas party commences until the club members find Gentaro abusing the Pen Switch for decorative purposes.[16] 

Me-Teor Ar-Rival[edit]

17 "Me-Teor Ar-Rival"
"Ryū Sei Tō Jō" (流・星・登・場) 
Kazuki Nakashima January 8, 2012
After Kengo reaches a dead end in finding out the identity of the mysterious black suited Kamen Rider, confirming him not to be of his father's design, Ms. Sonoda introduces a new transfer student named Ryusei Sakuta whom Gentaro offers to help despite both Ryusei's and Ms. Sonoda's wishes. Soon after, Gentaro hears of a rumor of a cat monster attacking students with good grades. With Ryusei watching every movement he and his friends make, Gentaro searches for clues before meeting Kengo's rival Kimio Nonomura. Soon after, Ryusei ends one of Mr. Ohsugi's arguments with Gentaro over not wearing the standard AGHS uniform, and the Lynx Zodiarts appears and attacks Kengo. Running off as Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Lynx Zodiarts, Ryusei watches Fourze use the Gatling and Hammer Switches before going for a Spike/Shield Switch Combo. But when the school bell rings, the Lynx Zodiarts retreats as the others decide to go to classmeet up at the Rabbit Hatch after school. Following them, Ryusei finds his way to the Rabbit Hatch and manages to sneak his way in. He watches as the Kamen Rider Club reviews the footage of Kamen Rider Fourze's fight with the Lynx Zodiarts and Gentaro deduces that the Zodiarts must be Kimio. Once the others leave, Ryusei contacts the mysterious leader of the Anti-Zodiarts Union, Tachibana, of his findings before being reminded that observing them is vital to his personal mission. Following the Kamen Rider Club to a café, Ryusei watches as Kimio assumes his Lynx Zodiarts's Last One state as Kamen Rider Fourze battles him. The fight is taken to an open stage when the Lynx Zodiarts holds JK hostage, Gentaro is forced into negating his transformation as the Lynx Zodiarts takes the Fourze Driver. Having seen enough, Ryusei uses the Meteor Driver to become the mysterious black-suited Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Meteor. Ignoring that the Lynx Zodiarts is still holding JK, Kamen Rider Meteor attacks him and takes their fight outside the stage as Ms. Sonoda and Principal Hayami watch from afar before Kamen Rider Fourze joins the fray once more. But refusing Kamen Rider Fourze's help, Kamen Rider Meteor ends the fight by destroying the Lynx Zodiarts with the Starlight Shower Limit Break. However, the Lynx Zodiarts reforms as Kamen Rider Meteor tells him to run away while he blocks Kamen Rider Fourze's Rider Rocket Drill Kick. Kamen Rider Meteor reveals that he knows of the Horoscopes' true plan to turn students into additional members of the Horoscopes, and he intends to let the Lynx Zodiarts live if it transforms into the Horoscopes' Aries Zodiarts, before attacking Kamen Rider Fourze.[17] 

Gen/Ryu Show-Down[edit]

18 "Gen/Ryu Show-Down"
"Gen Ryū Tai Ketsu" (弦・流・対・決) 
Kazuki Nakashima January 15, 2012
Refusing to let Kamen Rider Fourze meddle in his affairs if it means the Lynx Zodiarts evolves into the Aries Zodiarts, Kamen Rider Meteor proceeds to fight him before Tomoko stops him before the rest of the Kamen Rider Club join in. Seeing their refusal to budge, Kamen Rider Meteor declares them enemies before he walks off. Taking Nonomura's body to the Rabbit Hatch, the gang are shocked to find Ryusei entering their headquarters. Covering his true intents, Ryusei asks to join the Kamen Rider Club. While the others agree, Gentaro refuses as he points out that Ryusei is hiding something from him and he can not accept him just yet. Livid, Ryusei contacts Tachibana about the Lynx Zodiarts's progress before remembering how his friend Jiro ended up in a coma before he obtained the Meteor Driver from a mysterious benefactor. The next day, as Mr. Ohsugi is about to give everyone a test, Dustards burst into the room and cause a panic. With Ryusei watching from afar, Gentaro and the others find the Lynx Zodiarts. Once he transforms, Kamen Rider Fourze proceeds to chase after the Lynx Zodiarts with the Wheel Switch before assuming Elek States to destroy him. Seeing the Lynx Zodiarts destroyed, and ignoring all protocol, Ryusei punches Gentaro in the face in a fit of rage before realizing what he has just done. However, Gentaro is happy to see the real Ryusei before the Scorpion and Libra Zodiarts appear. Getting Ryusei to run away, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight them on his own. However, Ryusei becomes Kamen Rider Meteor to aid Kamen Rider Fourze by defeating the Scorpion Zodiarts. Before the gang can see Ms. Sonoda's face, the Libra Zodiarts spirits her away. Mituaki Gamou then has the Virgo Zodiarts banish Ms. Sonoda to the Dark Nebula for her continuing failures. Later, having succeeded in the first part of his mission, Ryusei is made an official member of the Kamen Rider Club.[18] 

Steel Dragon, No Equal[edit]

19 "Steel Dragon, No Equal"
"Kō Ryū Mu Sō" (鋼・竜・無・双) 
Riku Sanjo January 22, 2012
Arriving at the Rabbit Hatch, having finished the new Horuwankov Foodroid, Kengo finds Ryusei overseeing the testing of the Hand Switch. Feeling left out when Gentaro reveals he made the call on Ryusei to work on the Astroswitches, Kengo becomes upset when the others want to test the new N and S Magnet Switches. Learning that Gentaro took the Magnet Switches behind his back, Kengo declares them to be friends no more and leaves to blow off steam. Soon after, Kengo meets his old friend, Rumi Egawa of the track and field club as he offers to help her in her work before the track team captain Jin Nomoto tells her to get back to training and warns Kengo not to interfere in her progress. When he hears a thunderous noise, Kengo runs into Gentaro as they encounter the Dragon Zodiarts, who has destroyed several cars to attract the Kamen Rider's attention. Gentaro transforms to fight the Zodiarts, but he is unable to land a hit against the Dragon Zodiarts's hard body as the monster reveals that the Libra Zodiarts has asked him to kill the Kamen Riders. Overpowered, Ryusei directs Kamen Rider Fourze to assume Fire States and use the Shield Module to take on the defensive. But when Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Magnet Switches, much to Kengo's dismay, he is unable to control their magnetic pull. The Dragon Zodiarts is forced to fall back to escape the magnets, but not before having two trucks get caught in the magnetic pull to kill Kamen Rider Fourze. Luckily, the Powerdizer holds the pair of trucks off long enough for Kengo and Ryusei to turn the Switches off. Later in the Rabbit Hatch, Ryusei offers a means to modify the Magnet Switches into a phone like device for better use, but Kengo reveals that he already created such an item: the NS Magphone. However, upon finally expressing his feelings that Ryusei is using Gentaro without worrying about the consequences, Kengo is fed up with the others' inability to see the truth and leaves the Rabbit Hatch. While out venting, Kengo realizes Rumi is nearby and helps her improve her running ability before finding himself being attacked by the Dragon Zodiarts under the impression that Kengo is Kamen Rider Meteor. Upon receiving the completed Magphone as he decides to fix things with him, Gentaro receives a call from Miu about Kengo being attacked. Arriving to Kengo's aid, Kamen Rider Fourze is overpowered by the Dragon Zodiarts until Kamen Rider Meteor shows up. However, even with Kamen Rider Meteor's help, the two Kamen Riders are no match for the Dragon Zodiarts. At Kamen Rider Meteor's urging, Kamen Rider Fourze attempts to use the Magphone against Kengo's wishes, only to accidentally send it flying away. Kengo is displeased at Kamen Rider Fourze because Magphone wasn't finished yet.[19] 

Excel-Lent Magne-Tism[edit]

20 "Excel-Lent Magne-Tism"
"Chō Zetsu Ji Ryoku" (超・絶・磁・力) 
Riku Sanjo January 29, 2012
During their fight with the Dragon Zodiarts, at Kamen Rider Meteor's urging, Kamen Rider Fourze attempts to use the Magphone against Kengo's wishes, only to accidentally send it flying. Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Elek States to aid Meteor by using their Limit Breaks on him at the same time. The Dragon Zodiarts decides to take his leave with Kamen Rider Meteor following. Gentaro tries to apologize, but Kengo didn't forgive him as he decides to give his advice to Rumi instead. As Gentaro, Miu, JK, and Tomoko search for the Magphone, Yuki, Shun, and Ryusei attempt to convince Kengo to forgive Gentaro. While Yuki tries to convince Rumi that Gentaro needs him, Kengo's harsh words cause Ryusei to remember his past as he tells Kengo not to say anything he might regret. By then, the Dragon Zodiarts goes on the attack, again, to seek out Kamen Rider Meteor's human identity before the Kamen Rider arrives to hold off the Zodiarts as Kengo and Rumi run off for the latter's qualifying race. Later, Ryusei manages to persuade Kengo to reconsider apologizing to Gentaro by comparing the two of them to magnets in regard to their intentions of helping each other. Elsewhere, Gentaro arrives to help Yuki's group with Kengo as he finds Jin berating Rumi for having Kengo help her. When Shun arrives on the scene, Jin reveals that he is the Dragon Zodiarts, just as his Zodiarts Switch transforms into its Last One stage. Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to take their fight to the field, when Kengo is hurt in the fray until Kamen Rider Meteor joins in. However, the two Kamen Riders are powerless against their opponent until Miu and the others arrive with the Magphone. Giving Kamen Rider Meteor the Elek Switch to hold the Dragon Zodiarts at bay, Kamen Rider Fourze gives the Magphone to Kengo for final tuning as the two rekindle their friendship. Using the Magphone, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes the powerful Magnet States to destroy the Dragon Zodiarts with the Rider Super Electromangetic Bomber and switch his Zodiarts Switch off. Giving Kamen Rider Fourze his Elek Switch back, since Gentaro and Kengo are a team once more, Kamen Rider Meteor takes his leave as the Kamen Rider Club realizes Ryusei is no where in sight. Later, in the Rabbit Hatch, Kengo reports about Rumi's progress before he ends up in another argument with Gentaro over Ryusei to his dismay. Meanwhile, after telling Hayami of Jin's failure to evolve, Gamou tells him to speed up the Horoscopes recruitment operation.[20] 

Gui-Dance Mis-Counseling[edit]

21 "Gui-Dance Mis-Counseling"
"Shin Ro Go Dō" (進・路・誤・導) 
Kazuki Nakashima February 5, 2012
After blaming Gentaro for breaking the fire alarm, Mr. Ohsugi reveals that he is still in the dumps about Ms. Sonoda's absence. Principal Hayami arrives with a new teacher to replace the now retired Ms. Sonoda: Ms. Haruka Utsugi. Though Gentaro is amazed when she almost kicks Mr. Ohsugi's head off for trying to latch onto her, Ms. Utsugi says she has no interest in befriending him. The next day, as Gentaro, Kengo, and Yuki, are interviewed by Ms. Utsugi in a career guidance session, the others find footage of a Zodiarts attack. Ryusei, Shun, Tomoko, and JK use a Horuwankov to track the Pegasus Zodiarts and find him fighting the Libra Zodiarts, who reveals the other Zodiarts is using a stolen Zodiarts Switch. Sneaking off as the others watch in confusion of what is going on, Ryusei transforms into Kamen Rider Meteor and fights the Pegasus Zodiarts while the Libra Zodiarts takes his leave. Gentaro arrives soon after and becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to join in the fray with the Claw Switch. During the fight, with Kamen Rider Meteor forced to run away to keep the others from discovering his true identity, Kamen Rider Fourze notices the Pegasus Zodiarts's fighting style is like Ms. Utsugi's. While JK takes Ryusei to the rakugo club to find out who the holder of a fan the Pegasus Zodiarts dropped is, with Yuki and Tomoko accompanying him, Gentaro finds Ms. Utsugi in a gym. Pretending to want to learn kickboxing, Gentaro gets Ms. Utsugi to use her kicks on him to test his theory. Finding JK and learning that the fan they found was with Ms. Utsugi, Gentaro believes that she is the Pegasus Zodiarts. By then, having sent Shun out to serve as bait, Miu contacts them that they have found the Zodiarts as he leads the monster to them. Intent on discovering the Pegasus Zodiarts's true identity upon its defeat, Kamen Rider Fourze battles the Pegasus Zodiarts before Kamen Rider Meteor joins the fight. Assuming Magnet States, Kamen Rider Fourze forces the Pegasus Zodiarts to flee. As Kamen Rider Meteor pursues, Kamen Rider Fourze uses both the Winch and Board Modules to latch onto the Machine Meteorstar. Though the Virgo Zodiarts arrives and conjures Dustards to hold the Kamen Riders off, Kamen Rider Fourze defeats them by using the Board and Claw Modules in combination while Kamen Rider Meteor jumps the Pegasus Zodiarts. During the fight, the Pegasus Zodiarts reveals itself to be Ms. Utsugi as she kicks the Kamen Rider while his guard is down.[21] 

True Self Rejec-Tion[edit]

22 "True Self Rejec-Tion"
"Ba Kyaku Is Shū" (馬・脚・一・蹴) 
Kazuki Nakashima February 12, 2012
During the fight, the Pegasus Zodiarts kicks Kamen Rider Fourze while his guard is down, upon claiming to be Ms. Utsugi, as he attempts to persuade her to loose the Zodiarts Switch. Kamen Rider Meteor manages to land a blow to the monster's side before the Virgo Zodiarts arrives to cover the Pegasus Zodiarts's escape. Later that night, with Hayami demanding an explanation on why she helped the Zodiarts, the Virgo Zodiarts explains that Gamou has deemed the Pegasus Zodiarts to have the potential to become one of the Horoscopes and would be supported as such. The next day, Gentaro and company meet the rakugo club's president Natsuji Kijima who helped in the Kamen Rider Club's confirmation of the Pegasus Zodiarts's Switcher before realizing he is late for class due to his watch not working, while displaying a wound to his side. Upon learning that Ms. Utsugi has taken the day off, Gentaro goes to the kickboxing gym to try to talk her into getting rid the Zodiarts Switch. As she has no idea what he is talking about, but she is still hiding something, Ms. Utsugi tells Gentaro to meet her in the boxing ring. Coming out from a knockout during his attempt, Gentaro tells her that he will be her guidance counselor tomorrow. Meanwhile, having obtained one of her feathers with a time and place in her attempt to find out his identity, Kamen Rider Meteor battles the Virgo Zodiarts. The next day, Ms. Utsugi finds Fourze in her classroom to guide her, with Gentaro transforming into Kamen Rider Forze because he is forced to take the Switch off her person. However, Ms. Utsugi has no Zodiarts Switch while also revealing that she broke the fire alarm switch out of impulse. Realizing he is wrong about her having a Zodiarts Switch, he apologizes of accusing her before finding a resignation letter that she could not send in time. After encouraging Ms. Utsugi to stay at AGHS to find her calling, he is called by the Kamen Rider Club to be told that Ryusei has uncovered the Pegasus Zodiarts's real Switcher: none other than Kijima. Found out, he revealing his reasons for framing Ms. Utsugi as she took his rakugo fan, Kijima uses the Zodiarts Switch in its Last One state as Kamen Rider Fourze battles him with Ryusei unable to transform into Kamen Rider Meteor, yet, as JK is tagging along. The Pegasus Zodiarts has the upper hand until Ms. Utsugi arrives to accept Kamen Rider Fourze's friendship while cheering him on to win, while advising him to use the Spike Switch in conjunction with the fighting moves she has taught him. After gaining the upper hand, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Magnet States to finish the Pegasus Zodiarts off. The Virgo Zodiarts appears to spirit the Pegasus Zodiarts off when his body reforms, and he evolves into the Cancer Zodiarts. In the Rabbit Hatch, Ryusei is troubled by the Virgo Zodiarts deliberately clueing him in on Kijima during their fight, while Gentaro trains with Ms. Haruka in her new kickboxing club.[22] 

The Swan Un-Ion[edit]

23 "The Swan Un-Ion"
"Haku Chō Dō Mei" (白・鳥・同・盟) 
Keiichi Hasegawa February 19, 2012
At AGHS, Gentaro and friends hear about a new hero from their classmate Norio Eguchi, who identifies the hero as Cycnus and also happens to be a member of the Ugly Duckling Society, a fan club dedicated to Cycnus. Though Kengo wanted to go through Astroswitch testing, Gentaro vows to make Cycnus his friend while Ryusei goes along to learn more about Cycnus. While taking Gentaro to where the Ugly Duckling Society members meet, Eguchi explains how he met Cycnus before the Cancer Zodiarts appears and scare both him and Mr. Ohsugi off. After the Cancer Zodiarts explains he is here for revenge, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight him yet is outmatched due to his opponent's hard armor that not even Magnet States has an effect. But at the last second, Cycnus arrives and battles the Cancer Zodiarts before he falls back. Fourze attempts to befriend the hero, only for Cycnus to run off as both Kengo and Ryusei confirm him to be a Zodiarts. After Gentaro gets the Ugly Ducking Society's president Misa Toriizaki to allow them to observe their meeting, Ryusei learns how the club functions like a cult with points based on heroism. After reporting to Tachibana on the chance of a Zodiarts being good, Ryusei decides to take Tomoko out for fresh air to Misa's dismay. By that time, JK reveals that the Cygnus Zodiarts is not as squeaky clean as he had everyone believe as the Zodiarts attacks Ryusei while Tomoko tries to call a distracted Gentaro. Faking cowardice, Ryusei runs off so he can transform into Kamen Rider Meteor to even the odds before the Cygnus Zodiarts uses Tomoko as a human shield. Finding himself unable to hit her to his shock, Meteor is put in a bind before Fourze arrives and is mortified to find Cycnus to be a sham. Using the Giantfoot Switch, Fourze believes he got him before the Cygnus Zodiarts catches the Kamen Rider off guard and reveals his plan to become the new Fourze.[23] 

Hero-Ic De-Sire[edit]

24 "Hero-Ic De-Sire"
"Ei Yū Gan Bō" (英・雄・願・望) 
Keiichi Hasegawa February 26, 2012
Revealing his plan to replace Kamen Rider Fourze using the Ugly Duckling Society's membership, the Cygnus Zodiarts takes his leave as a wounded Kamen Rider Meteor escapes with the intent to get pay back for his defeat. The next day, after being interrogated by Tomoko over him ditching her, Ryusei joins the Kamen Rider Club as they deduce that the Ugly Duckling Society's president Misa Toriizaki is the Switcher. Confronting her about it as she berates Eguchi, Misa explains that she and her fellow members are all Cycnus before having Gentaro and Yuki thrown out. Following them, Eguchi reveals that he knew Cycnus was attacking people yet wants to believe that he is not such a bad guy while revealing Misa is not the Zodiarts. However, on orders from Hayami to keep him from meddling, Kijima arrives to finish things with Gentaro as he becomes Fourze to defend himself before the Cancer Zodiarts takes his leave. Later joining the rest of the Kamen Rider Club after their own attempt to find the Switcher through the latter's sixth sense, Ryusei and Tomoko present Eguchi being attacked by the Cygnus Zodiarts for talking too much. Seeing this confirms the Switcher's identity as Gentaro decides to call Eguchi over. With the other Club members dressing up to pose as people needing help while Gentaro walks past them, Eguchi helps retrieve a balloon for who turns out to be Yuki disguised as a little girl. Congratulating him for becoming a hero, the Kamen Rider Club reveals to him the footage that reveals Cycnus actually being a dark alter ego created when the youth obtained a Zodiarts Switch and has been slowly taking control. Managing to fight off his Cycnus side's temptation with the intent to hand the Zodiarts Switch over as it assumed Last One state, Eguchi wins Gentaro's friendship. However, Eguchi is snatched by the Cancer Zodiarts and taken to the Ugly Duckling Society where Misa and the others force him to transform. Thanking his followers for their help in ridding him of Eguchi, the Cygnus Zodiarts uses Misa as a human shield to protect himself from a furious Fourze to everyones' shock. However, using the Aero Switch, Fourze gets the Cygnus Zodiarts to loose his hostage before the Cancer Zodiarts appears and drags the Kamen Rider off. With Hayami watching, Fourze using the Winch Module to disable his the Cancer Zodiarts's pincher before assuming Fire States to drive him off with Eguchi cheering after Meteor destroyed the Cygnus Zodiarts as he attempts to flee. Later, the Kamen Rider Club talks about how the Ugly Duckling Society has disbanded while Eguchi is doing good deeds.[24] 

Grad-Uation Trou-Bles[edit]

25 "Grad-Uation Trou-Bles"
"Sotsu Gyō Ushiro Gami" (卒・業・後・髪) 
Riku Sanjo March 4, 2012
The cherry blossoms bloom as Gentaro and company see Miu daydreaming before Shun tries to ask her out to the prom and is turned down, as her mind is elsewhere. After being told what prom is, Gentaro realizes that it means Miu and Shun are leaving AGHS. Later, while trying to cheer Shun up, Gentaro finds Ritsuko Usaka, Tamae Sakuma, and Jin Nomoto all being harassed by the school newspaper club's reporter Yayoi Tokuda about their Zodiarts alter egos running amok, again, much to his amusement. The three reveal that they have nothing to do with the new string of attacks and walk off in a huff. After Miu's decrees Yuki to be their next president once she leaves, the Kamen Rider Club sees the Chameleon Zodiarts attack, before Kamen Rider Fourze intercepts her. He utilizes Elek States and the Pen Module to disable her cloaking, until Kamen Rider Meteor arrives to lend a hand. Once the Zodiarts is destroyed, neither the Switcher nor the Zodiarts Switch anywhere to be found. As Kamen Rider Meteor walks off, Yuki sees a strange mass of hair that she tries get a picture of, until it bursts into flames. The group then realizes that the Zodiarts' intent is to disrupt the prom. The next day, as Miu confronts Tamae about the Chameleon Zodiarts's reappearance, after getting no where with Jin, Gentaro tries to help Shun as he admits that he enjoyed being in the Kamen Rider Club because he made a difference and only wants to go the prom with Miu. Touched by Shun's feelings, Gentaro tries to have Miu reconsider him for the prom and tell him what is on her mind, until he is alerted that the Dragon Zodiarts attacking. Using Magnet States to take out the Dragon Zodiarts, Kamen Rider Fourze is shocked when his powers have no effect, until he manages to destroy him by slamming the NS Magnet Cannon into him. However, it turns out the Dragon Zodiarts is also a clump of hair as its owner reveals itself: the Coma Zodiarts. It creates a hair clone of the Altar Zodiarts, and Kamen Rider Fourze finds himself fighting her, the Coma Zodiarts, and the Cancer Zodiarts. With Shun nowhere to be found, JK is forced to help Fourze in the Powerdizer. By then, Shun arrives to try winning Miu's heart before she finally explodes by admitting that she wants to go to the prom with Gentaro as the Zodiarts are having the upper hand against Kamen Rider Fourze and the Powerdizer.[25] 

Per-Fect Round Dance[edit]

26 "Per-Fect Round Dance"
"Yū Shū Rin Bu" (有・終・輪・舞) 
Riku Sanjo March 11, 2012
By sheer luck, JK's reckless fighting manages to destroy the Altar Zodiarts clone while the Cancer and Coma Zodiarts escape. Nevertheless, the Kamen Rider Club members praise JK for his actions. However, upon hearing how the others will do without them, an upset Miu walks off with a disillusioned Shun running off as well, after she reveals that she wants to go to the dance with Gentaro and not him. Though the others believe focusing on the Coma Zodiarts's identity is important, Gentaro cannot ignore the third-years' plight and decides to do something about it. After packing up her things from the Rabbit Hatch, Miu stands on the moon before Gentaro transformed into Kamen Rider Fourze finds her, as she reveals what prom means to her. Gentaro persuades her to go with Shun, as he truly cares about her. After Miu leaves, Gentaro finds himself decked by Shun who reveals that Miu does not want him as he runs off. As this occurs, Yuki and the others deal with Yayoi Tokuda as she incites an angry mob against the former Switchers before Mr. Ohsugi arrives to reveal the graduation ceremonies and prom are still going to happen. Kengo, Tomoko, and Yuki later find Yayoi to be the Coma Zodiarts's Switcher as she reveals that she wants to stop the convocation and the prom as she wants to stay in AGHS forever. The Coma Zodiarts takes her leave, but Kamen Rider Meteor blocks her escape and fights her just as Gentaro arrives. After waiting Yayoi out at the graduation ceremony, with none of the ex-Switchers or Shun present, Gentaro decides for the Kamen Rider Club to stake out prom instead. He has Ryusei attend the dance with Ritsuko against his will, and Jin goes with Tamae just as Shun and Miu arrive. Despite Gentaro trying to talk Yayoi out of using the Zodiarts Switch, she uses it in its Last One state, forcing Gentaro to transform into Kamen Rider Fourze. The Cancer Zodiarts appears as well, with JK in the Powerdizer providing back up. Back at the prom, after Ryusei reveals how disorganized the Kamen Rider Club has become in their absence, Shun and Miu realize that protecting the prom is more important and they arrive to the fight just as Kamen Rider Fourze is losing. Miu takes charge while Shun gets back in the Powerdizer to hold the Cancer Zodiarts at bay. Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Magnet States as he uses a Limit Break to destroy the Coma Zodiarts, but the Cancer Zodiarts escapes. Later, after giving Gentaro his blazer, Shun asks him to dance with Miu before he walks off. At school the next day, the other members of the Kamen Rider Club are upset that Miu and Shun are gone, but when they go to the Rabbit Hatch they find the two of them inside. They reveal that they will be attending nearby colleges, and they will be able to continue their Kamen Rider Club activities.[26] 

Trans-Formation De-Nied[edit]

27 "Trans-Formation De-Nied"
"Hen Shin Kyak Ka" (変・身・却・下) 
Kazuki Nakashima March 18, 2012
It is spring break and the Kamen Rider Club has nothing worth doing, just as Kengo presents the new Nuggegyroika Foodroid. To end the boredom, Gentaro decides to treat the gang for a party to celebrate the new club at his home Kisaragi Motorcycle Engineering. Gentaro introduces everyone to his grandfather Goro, and the club proceeds with have fun while eating Yuki's special Hot Pot Galaxy. Elsewhere, after reporting to Tachibana about Kijima calling him out while asking if the new form of Kamen Rider Meteor is ready, Ryusei finds that the Cancer Zodiarts is stealing students' life-force and placing them in comas as part of his sick game to pick a potential Switcher from someone who can make him laugh. Offered the Zodiarts Switch and a partnership between the two, Ryusei refuses and walks off just as Kijima becomes the Cancer Zodiarts to kill him. However, Ryusei becomes Kamen Rider Meteor and fights the Cancer Zodiarts throughout the vacant school, with the Horoscopes' blabbering getting on Ryusei's nerves. Losing him in the library, Kamen Rider Meteor cancels his transformation and unknowingly falls for the Cancer Zodiarts's trap to uncover his true identity. The Cancer Zodiarts decides to keep the bit of information from the other Horoscopes, just in case Ryusei reconsiders his offer to a partnership. Knowing that he must dispose of the Cancer Zodiarts, Ryusei arrives at the party to arrange for Gentaro to fight him. However, after Gentaro reveals how his parents made him the friend-making youth he is today, Ryusei leaves, only to find Kijima himself. Ryusei once more tells Kijima there will be no partnership between them, before attempting to transform into Kamen Rider Meteor once more. However, he discovers that the M-BUS is not responding to his transformation, and an unconvinced Kijima assumes his Zodiarts form to severely beat Ryusei, until Gentaro and Tomoko arrive; Tomoko decided to activate the Nuggegyroika's Tsuneggets to follow Ryusei. Gentaro proceeds to become Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Cancer Zodiarts with the Freeze and Water Switches to freeze his opponent in place. Ryusei learns that Tachibana has discovered that his identity has been compromised, and tells Ryusei that he will never become Kamen Rider Meteor, again. However, after faking being defeated by Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States, the Cancer Zodiarts reveals his ability to go Supernova.[27] 

Star-Storm Come-Back[edit]

28 "Star-Storm Come-Back"
"Sei Ran Sai Ki" (星・嵐・再・起) 
Kazuki Nakashima March 25, 2012
As Tachibana tells Ryusei that he will take the Meteor Driver back soon, Kamen Rider Fourze has trouble dealing with Cancer Nova. Luckily, the Cancer Zodiarts reverts to normal as the Virgo Zodiarts comes to escort him to safety. However, before reporting his progress to Gamou, the Cancer Zodiarts steals Ryusei's life force and tells him to meet him in Classroom 2-B by 3:00 PM. After regaining consciousness, Ryusei finds that it is ten minutes to three as he goes to face Kijima alone. However, after receiving a call from the hospital that Jiro has a fever, Ryusei is conflicted before finding Gentaro overhearing him and insisting to go with him. Gentaro tells Kijima that Ryusei needs to be somewhere else, so he offers up his own life force along with the life force of the rest of the Kamen Rider Club's to get Ryusei's back. Annoyed with the Club's conviction, Kijima accepts their offer and makes the trade on the condition that he will release them if Ryusei returns within the hour. Once at the hospital, Ryusei gets a call from Tachibana that he has a final chance to redeem himself and gives him the location of where he will get the Meteor Storm Switch. However, learning that he must get it at the same time he needs to return to Classroom 2-B, Ryusei chooses the Kamen Rider Club over the Meteor Storm Switch. By the time he returns, Ryusei finds that the Cancer Zodiarts has passed the time with his "Open Mic from Hell" with only Tomoko left conscious. Admitting that he has no intention to keep his word, the Cancer Zodiarts attacks Ryusei before the youth points out that he allowed himself to be beaten up so the Horoscopes can laugh at his misery, tricking him into having the Kamen Rider Club members' life force return to their bodies. As Kamen Rider Fourze battles an infuriated Cancer Nova, making it to a nearby lighthouse, Ryusei tells Tachibana how much the Kamen Rider Club means to him before obtaining the box that holds the Meteor Storm Switch. Tachibana, surprised by his new conviction, tells Ryusei to silence Kijima with extreme prejudice. Transforming into Kamen Rider Meteor, Ryusei arrives to the fight just as the Cancer Zodiarts defeats Kamen Rider Fourze. Using the Meteor Storm Switch, Kamen Rider Meteor becomes Kamen Rider Meteor Storm and defeats the Cancer Zodiarts' Dustards before fighting the Horoscopes in his Supernova form. Though Kengo warns him not to attack, Kamen Rider Meteor Storm uses the Meteor Storm Punisher to use Cancer Nova's power against him and defeat him. Though a wounded Kijima escapes, he is dealt with by Hayami stealing his Zodiarts Switch and tricking the Virgo Zodiarts with his illusions to send the arrogant youth into the Dark Nebula. Later that night, after seeing that Jiro's health has improved, Ryusei arrives to the Kamen Rider Club and thanks them, though he is not ready to fully open up yet.[28] 

Jun-Ior Sil-Ence[edit]

29 "Jun-Ior Sil-Ence"
"Kō Hai Mu Gon" (後・輩・無・言) 
Keiichi Hasegawa April 1, 2012
With spring break over, Gentaro celebrates being a third-year student as he vows to make friends with the new first years starting with two named Haru and Ran, though the letter says that they are not interested. When they get to class, Gentaro, Yuki, and Kengo find themselves in Mr. Ohsugi's homeroom class as he resolves to follow their every move both in and after school hours. Yuki uses the Foodroids so they can give Mr. Ohsugi the slip to reach the Rabbit Hatch where JK and Tomoko are waiting for them. Yuki considers to add new members to deal with Mr. Ohsugi as Kengo presents the Net Switch for testing. However, the Kamen Rider Club is then alerted to a Zodiarts sighting by Miu and Shun as they pursue him before Shun's car runs out of gas. Luckily, Kamen Rider Fourze arrives to continue the chase and fights the Musca Zodiarts with the Magichand and Hopping Switches before Ran arrives and reveals the Zodiarts to be her friend Haru. Kamen Rider Meteor arrives soon after to fight the Musca Zodiarts and keep him from running away before deeming the Zodiarts to be of no real importance. Canceling his transformation, Gentaro asks Ran if the Zodiarts is actually Haru before she flips him over onto the ground as she runs off in a huff when he offers to help. The next day, Ran tries to talk Haru into giving her the Zodiarts Switch before learning that a teacher has given it to him. Arriving to the faculty office, Ran finds Gentaro being dragged in by Mr. Ohsugi to learn where he is going to all the time. After she habitually flips him and Mr. Ohsugi over both onto the ground, the volume on the Magphone is accidentally turned onto its highest setting just as Yuki unintentionally reveals the Rabbit Hatch's existence to Mr. Ohsugi while also saying the Musca Zodiarts is on the attack again. As Ran runs off, Gentaro is restrained by Mr. Ohsugi as he demands to know what the Rabbit Hatch is. Though Ran tries to talk him down, the Musca Zodiarts refuses to give up his new-found power as he suddenly evolves into Phase 2 and attacks the Kamen Rider Club members before Kamen Rider Meteor appears and assumes Meteor Storm to fight both the Zodiarts and the Libra Zodiarts's Dustards. However, after losing Mr. Ohsugi, Gentaro arrives on the scene and becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to battle the Musca Zodiarts in Elek States before he switches to Fire States. But at the last second, Ran stops Kamen Rider Fourze from using his Fire States's Limit Break. Leaving the battlefield, Kengo arrives to the Rabbit Hatch to get the Net Switch before finding that Mr. Ohsugi has followed him.[29] 

Sen-Ior Futil-Ity[edit]

30 "Sen-Ior Futil-Ity"
"Sen Pai Mu Yō" (先・輩・無・用) 
Keiichi Hasegawa April 8, 2012
With Ran intervening in Kamen Rider Fourze's attack to protect him, the Musca Zodiarts knocks the girl down and escapes after Kamen Rider Meteor Storm takes out the Dustards. Refusing to explain herself to Gentaro and accept his help, she walks off to finds Haru who tells her that he wants to protect her before throwing his friendship charm into the sewer. Arriving at the Rabbit Hatch, Gentaro and company find Mr. Ohsugi with the Net Switch prior to Miu and Shun arriving. Though he is updated on the Kamen Rider Club and how they deal with the Zodiarts, Mr. Ohsugi refuses to keep quiet about what he has learned as the Kamen Rider Club are forced to restrain him. Later, Gentaro finds Ran as she looks for Haru's charm, and helps her until she finally gives up. Elsewhere, Ryusei is told by Tachibana that a Zodiarts has appeared at his old high school Subaruboshi High, and he travels there to find his friend Mei Shirakawa and the others acting strange before the Libra Zodiarts makes his appearance. Transforming, Kamen Rider Meteor confronts the Horoscopes on what he is doing at the other school before assuming Meteor Storm form just before the Libra Zodiarts uses Tomoko's form to escape. Back at Amanogawa High, after managing to escape Miu and Shun with the Net Switch in hand, Mr. Ohsugi crosses paths with Ran as she thinks he was the one who gave Haru the Zodiarts Switch. The teacher is shocked by this revelation as Haru arrives to use his Zodiarts Switch in its Last One mode with the intent to hurt Mr. Ohsugi for bumping into Ran. Now rendered a mindless monster, the Musca Zodiarts metamorphoses into Phase 3 and chases after Mr. Ohsugi. By then, Gentaro and company arrive with Haru's charm and he gives it to Ran. After learning what has actually happened, and winning her friendship, Gentaro arrives to Mr. Ohsugi's aid before becoming Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Musca Zodiarts. Using various Astroswitch combos, Kamen Rider Fourze is overwhelmed by the Musca Zodiarts when he turns into a fly swarm. Mr. Ohsugi throws Kamen Rider Fourze the Net Switch, and he uses it to capture the Musca Zodiarts swarm before assuming Magnet States. But Kengo tells Kamen Rider Fourze not to finish off the Zodiarts just yet, as Ran needs to get through to Haru by reminding him of his true nature. Once successful, Kamen Rider Fourze is able destroy the freshman's Zodiarts's body without any side effects. As Ran and Haru start their friendship anew, they are made provisional Kamen Rider Club members, but everyone is not sure what to do concerning Mr. Ohsugi. However, Mr. Ohsugi agrees to keep quiet, but only if he can become the club's faculty advisor, much to everyone's shock. As Principal Hayami apologizes for the mistake with Haru, Gamou sees it of no consequence as he reveals that Subaruboshi High is under the control of another member of the Horoscopes: the Aries Zodiarts.[30] 

Plei-Ades King-Dom[edit]

31 "Plei-Ades King-Dom"
"Subaru Boshi Ō Koku" (昴・星・王・国) 
Riku Sanjo April 15, 2012
After confirming that the Horoscopes have infiltrated Subaruboshi High, Ryusei learns that the Zodiarts stationed there was actually the AGHS student that he exchanged schools with. As Ryusei learns from Yuki that the student he replaced is named Tatsumori Yamada, Kengo finishes completing the Cosmic Switch with Kamen Rider Fourze unable to use it, though the item is completely functional. After learning that Ryusei's school is in trouble, Gentaro has Mr. Ohsugi use his connections to enable the Kamen Rider Club infiltrate Subaruboshi High via a test transfer. Upon arriving, they meet Ryusei's friend Mei Shirakawa as she gives him a copy of Robert A. Heinlein's The Puppet Masters that she claims to have borrowed from him. By then, Gentaro reveals Jiro's state of being to Ryusei's dismay just as they meet Yamada. They head to English class where Yamada intimidates the English teacher Ms. Azusa Seta over her inability to speak the language fluently. Soon after, Ryusei opens the book Mei gave him and finds a warning from her to get out of Subaruboshi High while he still can. Elsewhere, Yuki looks at the school's "space club" only to discover that it is a judo club forced into acting they are interested in space, but they all suddenly collapse for before spilling the beans. She then finds that the Aries Zodiarts is to blame as the others arrive to her aid. The Horoscopes reveals himself to be Yamada while telling them that he will not tolerate them ruining the stability of "his kingdom". Gentaro turns into Kamen Rider Fourze to fight him as they their battle outside, with the Aries Zodiarts defeating the Kamen Rider while revealing his ability to emit an aura that ceases bodily functions and places the victim to sleep, just as Yuki is put under his spell. Upon hearing this, Ryusei sneaks off and becomes Kamen Rider Meteor to confront the Horoscopes and asks if his power can be used for the opposite effect, reawakening those in comas. Once the Aries Zodiarts complies, a satisfied Kamen Rider Meteor takes his leave to, much to Kengo's dismay before he loses consciousness. After learning from Tachibana that the Aries Zodiarts much be defeated and his Switch retrieved, Ryusei is reluctant to do it even if he is assured that the research on the Aries Switch will enable Tachibana to revive Jiro. Later, Gentaro finds himself with Mei and the few Subaruboshi students left awake as he vows to save them from Yamada. Deciding them help him, the students take Gentaro to Yamada's televised review where he is going to place Kengo, Yuki, and Ms. Seta in comas for their inability to act accordingly to his script. Gentaro and Yamada assume their fighting forms as Shun arrives in the Powerdizer to help get everyone to safety. After using the Stamper Switch to catch his foe off guard, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Magnet States to overwhelm the Aries Zodiarts. But before he can finish the battle, Kamen Rider Meteor Storm arrives and defeats Kamen Rider Fourze, and mortally wounds Gentaro. Appalled by his protege's actions, Tachibana removes Ryusei's access to the Kamen Rider Meteor powers, revealing his identity to those around him. When asked why he has attacked Gentaro, Ryusei reveals that he has made a deal with Yamada so he can revive Jiro. Gentaro admits that he is glad to help Ryusei and see his true self surface at last, right before he succumbs to his injuries and dies.[31] 

Super Cos-Mic Sword[edit]

32 "Super Cos-Mic Sword"
"Chō U Chū Ken" (超・宇・宙・剣) 
Riku Sanjo April 22, 2012
With Gentaro dead, Kengo confronts Ryusei about how he will never forgive him for betraying everyone even if his reasons are selfless. Shun is about to avenge Gentaro when the Aries Zodiarts's power takes effect. While the others fall to sleep, Kengo is saved by Tachibana remote controlling the Machine Meteorstar as he gets Gentaro's body to safety. Though Tachibana tells Ryusei that he will never become Kamen Rider Meteor again, Ryusei accepts it if it means Jiro can be saved. Later, Yamada debriefs his captives of his work, Academic Rebellion, where they will play the executioners of the rebels played by Mei Shirakawa and her friends. But when the Kamen Rider Club refuses to follow the script, Yamada decides to rewrite them as the executed. Soon after, Yamada completes his arrangement and revives Jiro. Though Ryusei manages to get Jiro to switch off his Zodiarts Switch, he is content with the situation until he learns that Jiro's reason to use the Switch was to be like Ryusei before the youth relapses. After learning from the doctor that Jiro lost the will to live, Ryusei realizes too late that he wanted to be friends with Gentaro. Coming to the aid of the Kamen Rider Club, Ryusei resolves to protect them by fighting the Aries Zodiarts and the Dustards without Kamen Rider Meteor's powers. In the Rabbit Hatch, Kengo is unable to restart Gentaro's heart. He receives a call from Tachibana who reveals himself as the one who gave the boy the Gate Switch. On Tachibana's instructions, Kengo goes to the Rabbit Hatch's outer rim to find a message from his father Rokuro Utahoshi that the power of friendship is the ability to do the impossible. With renewed hope, Kengo uses the Cosmic Switch to revive Gentaro. Just as Ryusei is about to collapse from battling unarmed, Gentaro arrives and gets the others to forgive him with Ryusei accepting his friendship. Taking over the fight, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze and uses the Cosmic Switch to assume Cosmic States. With the powers of all forty Astroswitches at his disposal, Kamen Rider Fourze overpowers the Aries Zodiarts who begins to assume his Supernova form. However, taking him outside Earth's atmosphere via a warp hole, Kamen Rider Fourze defeats the Aries Zodiarts. Yamada is rendered unconscious as the Virgo Zodiarts delivers the Aries Switch to Gamou who is troubled by Tachibana's intervention. Later, as Ryusei tells the others that Jiro's health has improved, Kengo tells the others that Tachibana has entrusted them to keep Ryusei's identity as Kamen Rider Meteor a secret.[32] 

Old City May-Hem[edit]

33 "Old City May-Hem"
"Ko To Sō Ran" (古・都・騒・乱) 
Kazuki Nakashima April 29, 2012
In Mr. Ohsugi's class, in preparation for a field trip to Kyoto, Gentaro, Kengo, Yuki, and Ryusei learn that their group is to be joined by classmate Yukina Takamura, who wants to be more than Gentaro's friend. Once in Kyoto, Kengo takes his leave from Mr. Ohsugi, as he finds the others have run out on him too, for a solo trip through the city. Despite her attempts to get closer to Gentaro as they look throughout Kyoto, Ryusei refuses to give Yukina an inch. When the Libra Zodiarts suddenly shows up during their visit to Fushimi Inari, Yuki gets Yukina away while Gentaro and Ryusei assume their Kamen Rider forms to fight him. After Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor lose track of him while they attempt to execute a double Limit Break, Gentaro is dragged away by Yukina to the movie village as Ryusei notices a recently broken stone tablet. Elsewhere, Kengo meets Professor Kuniteru Emoto, one of his father's old friends, to find out more about Cosmic Energy. He proceeds to tell Kengo of his father and then of The Hole, an event tied to Cosmic Energy above Amanogawa High's campus. Furthermore, Professor Emoto reveals another The Hole has manifested above Kyoto, as the city was designed to utilize Cosmic Energy, with four cardinal points before being alerted to a disturbance in The Hole. Back in Kyoto's movie village, after getting dressed in feudal attire with the others and blackmailing Yuki into helping her, Yukina gets Gentaro alone in an Asuka-style house before a group of Dustards arrive to attack them. Managing to get Yukina out, Gentaro fights them before Kamen Rider Meteor arrives to cover his escape as he assumes Meteor Storm to destroy the grunts. Encountering the Libra Zodiarts again, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight him. However, the Libra Zodiarts uses his illusions to assume the forms of priests before Kengo arrives to direct Kamen Rider Fourze before the Libra Zodiarts summons more Dustards. Soon after, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Cosmic States to finish off the grunts. The two Kamen Riders then find the Libra Zodiarts as he is about to destroy an altar. However, having watched the fight from afar, Gamou's bodyguard Kou Tatsugami becomes the Leo Zodiarts to get the Horoscopes' mission back on track by attacking the Kamen Riders.[33] 

Sky Hole Offense/Defense[edit]

34 "Sky Hole Offense/Defense"
"Ten Ketsu Kō Bō" (天・穴・攻・防) 
Kazuki Nakashima May 6, 2012
As the Kamen Riders find themselves fighting the Leo Zodiarts, the Libra Zodiarts destroys the altar before the Horoscopes take their leave. Once the Leo Zodiarts takes his leave upon defeating them, the Kamen Riders cancel their transformations as Kengo notices the destroyed altar and realizes the Libra Zodiarts' agenda. By then, Yukina runs in to have Gentaro give her a piggyback ride to Arashiyama as she has hurt her leg. Later that night, after Ryusei reports to the other Kamen Rider Club members at Amanogawa High of Yukina before they all turn in for the night, Kengo informs him and an exhausted Gentaro that the altars represent the four points which are concepts utilized in Kamen Rider Fourze's design. With only the northern and eastern altars left, the group realizes that the Horoscopes are trying to converge the Cosmic Energy onto Amanogawa High by negating Kyoto's The Hole. Elsewhere, meeting Tatsugami and losing to him in a fight when his ability to fight a fully powered Kamen Rider Fourze comes, Principal Hayami is told that he has one last chance to redeem himself to Gamou by destroying the northern altar. At the crack of dawn, as Kengo and Ryusei check a map, Gentaro and Yuki are forced to have Yukina tag along with them. Arriving to Chion-in, while he and Ryusei split up to find the northern altar after asking about Tachibana, Kengo sees Gamou before the Leo Zodiarts appears. Seeing Kengo in danger, Ryusei becomes Kamen Rider Meteor to hold off the monster as Kamen Rider Meteor Storm before being defeated. Finding Gamou with Doctor Emoto, Kengo learns that Gamou was also a member of OSTO before being horrified upon learning that Gamou is the one who reluctantly left his father to die on the moon 13 years ago. As the adults take their leave, Kengo and Ryusei find the altar already destroyed. While Yukina tries to get to Kiyomizu-dera, Gentaro is forced to reveal himself as Kamen Rider Fourze. However, both Gentaro and Yuki are shocked to discover that Yukina already knows Gentaro is Kamen Rider Fourze, as she tries to talk him in hanging up the belt. She takes the Fourze Driver and runs away with it until she crosses paths with the Libra Zodiarts who is on his way to the final altar. The Zodiarts attacks them, and Gentaro tries to protect Yukina, even as she refuses to return the belt to him. As Gentaro is being horribly beaten, Yuki manages to convince Yukina to return the belt to him. After accepting Yukina's friendship and promising to take a photo with her before they leave Kyoto, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze and uses the Pen Module for a "Daimonji Barrier/Daimonji Slash" combo before assuming Cosmic States to defeat the Horoscopes. However, the Libra Zodiarts is teleported back to AGHS just as his Dike staff manages to destroy the altar. Principal Hayami finds himself being prepared to be sent into the Dark Nebula for losing. Begging for mercy, Hayami suddenly assumes his Horoscopes form as his Supernova power manifests and he sees the Sagittarius constellation surrounding Gamou. Realizing the Libra Zodiarts has obtained the Eye of Laplace, Gamou reconsiders sending Hayami into the Dark Nebula and instead assigns him the task to use his new power to find the remaining six Horoscopes. Once reunited with the other Kamen Rider Club members with souvenirs from their trip, they tease Gentaro over a photo of him with Yukina.[34] 

Mon-Ster Broad-Cast[edit]

35 "Mon-Ster Broad-Cast"
"Kai Jin Hō Sō" (怪・人・放・送) 
Keiichi Hasegawa May 13, 2012
With The Hole over Kyoto gone, The Hole at AGHS is now the sole focus of Cosmic Energy with the chance of the remaining Horoscopes appearing intensified. After seeing a girl dump water on an arrogant guy, Gentaro and Yuki reveal to the others that a mysterious DJ named Gene has begun an internet radio show that has become very popular among the student body due to his advice. Inspired by Gene's Milky Night Carnival, Yuki decides to start up a band with the Kamen Rider Club, while everyone is unaware that JK is the very DJ they idolize. While on the air that night, JK gets a message with a phone number on it. When he calls the number, the caller tells JK to meet him at the Pan Music Shop where he is revealed to be JK's old friend Tojiro Goto. But to JK's dismay, Goto reveals himself as the new Horoscopes member known as the Capricorn Zodiarts. Finding himself singing well against his will, JK is found by the rest of the Kamen Rider Club as they all want to meet DJ Gene. As JK is forced to watch the events unfold while denying his relationship with him, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Capricorn Zodiarts while Ryusei turns into Kamen Rider Meteor to join the fray. When Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Cosmic States, JK intentionally trips on the Kamen Rider to stop him before as the Libra Zodiarts covers the new Horoscopes' escape while Kamen Rider Meteor attempts to finish the Horoscopes off when the Cosmic Switch suddenly malfunctions. Conflicted by the turn of events, JK learns that Gentaro deduced on his own that JK is DJ Gene. JK proceeds to reveal that DJ Gene is what remains of his childhood dream to be a rock singer before it died while he attended middle school. JK never expected the show to be so popular and he now thinks he might be able to live his dream after all. The next day, Ryusei reveals that DJ Gene's radio show, retitled Gene God's Dark Night Carnival with the Capricorn Zodiarts improving his singing voice, has been brainwashing its listeners to be pumped up, including Yuki, Tomoko, and Kengo. Realizing that Goto is responsible, with his identity as DJ Gene exposed, JK runs off to confront Goto about using him and he decides to stop hosting the show. But finding that the broadcast is still continuing, Gentaro and Ryusei use the Tsunuggets to track down JK before finding themselves fighting the Capricorn Zodiarts. Assuming their ultimate forms, Kamen Riders Fourze Cosmic States and Meteor Storm overwhelm the Horoscopes member before the former sees JK. Getting into an argument over not canceling the broadcast as intended, JK admits that he does not want to end up abandoning his dream like his father, a former popular musician, deciding to instead live for his future and quit the Kamen Rider Club. This causes Kamen Rider Fourze to suddenly revert to Base States, much to everyone's shock.[35] 

Seri-Ous Last Song[edit]

36 "Seri-Ous Last Song"
"Hon Ki Den Ka" (本・気・伝・歌) 
Keiichi Hasegawa May 20, 2012
With Cosmic States suddenly canceled, and as Kamen Rider Meteor Storm holds the Capricorn Zodiarts off, a confused Kamen Rider Fourze pleads with JK if this is really how he wants to achieve his dream. But as JK walks off, the Capricorn Zodiarts overpowers Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States before leaving as well. As he and Ryusei cancel their transformations, Gentaro realizes that losing his friendship with JK is the cause for the Cosmic Switch shutting down on him. The next day, revealing his alias as DJ Gene on the school morning broadcast, JK and the Capricorn Zodiarts proceed to turn students and facility alike into fans with Ryusei and Gentaro unaffected due to their use of Cosmic Energy. As Ryusei attempts to catch him, JK reveals that his band Gene God will have a concert within three days. After informing Miu and Shun of what has occurred, with Gentaro going off to do his own thing, Ryusei leads the college students to JK's studio to abduct him. However, they learn that JK has abandoned it for a new one just as the Leo Zodiarts arrives and knocks Miu and Shun out. After running off to change into his Kamen Rider form, Ryusei battles the Leo Zodiarts before transforming into Kamen Rider Meteor Storm. However, the Leo Zodiarts uses the Zodiarts Switches of his fallen comrades Aries, Cancer, and Scorpion, to assume their forms, forcing Tachibana to call Ryusei back to safety. The next day, with Ryusei, Miu, and Shun at the hospital, Gentaro reveals that he has been fishing but promises to stop the concert tomorrow. On the day of the concert, after having a horrible nightmare, JK gets second thoughts on the live performance before Goto convinces him to go through with it. But as Kamen Rider Meteor Storm finds himself facing the Leo Zodiarts after his opponent uses the Scorpion Switch, Gentaro arrives and plays a song that JK recognizes as one his father played for him as a child. Gentaro reveals that he visited JK's dad the day before and he taught Gentaro the song to remind JK of what his dream was all about. Singing to Gentaro's playing, JK is laughed as the Capricorn Zodiarts's spell wears off because of the sincerity of the music. As the student body runs off at the sight of him, the Capricorn Zodiarts refuses to accept such horrible music to break his spell as Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze and assumes Cosmic States. After Kamen Rider Meteor Storm manages to land a hit on the Leo Zodiarts leg prior to his opponent's escape, he sees Kamen Rider Fourze defeating the Capricorn Zodiarts. From the inferno, the Virgo Zodiarts retrieves the Capricorn Switch and delivers it to Gamou. Though she is about to send Goto to the Dark Nebula, Gamou tells her to stay her hand and wipe his memory instead, as he has confirmed the Core Switch's existence and that it is somewhere on the school grounds. Finishing the final broadcast of the Gene Milky Night Carnival, JK reveals how Goto has changed since losing his memory and how he is restoring ties to both his father and the Kamen Rider Club. He ends the broadcast with his promise to treasure his friends and the intent to put his dream to rest.[36] 

Star Group Selec-Tion[edit]

37 "Star Group Selec-Tion"
"Sei To Sen Batsu" (星・徒・選・抜) 
Riku Sanjo May 27, 2012
At the JAXA, while looking for Yuki, Gentaro finds another girl named Erin Suda whom he was about became quick friends when Yuki arrives as she hints the day her dream is realized comes. However, over the former's fanatic raving over the rocket as a deity, Yuki and Erin get off on the wrong side as the latter walks off. Soon after, Gentaro learns from a broadcast by Hayami that the school is having its annual exam to determine who can enroll in Space International Development Agency's astronaut test. Though both would have failed, Gentaro and Yuki are saved by the bonus question thus joining Kengo, Ryusei, and Tomoko along with the other 16 that includes Erin. They are soon greeted by astronaut Chinatsu Hyuga who tells them they are to be split into groups and to spend 72 hours in an Isolation Chamber for a Productivity Test where they needed to make ten thousand paper cranes. Tensions raise, with Ryusei failing to keep his cool, before Kengo manages to calm everyone down. But when Kengo's health problems take effect, the Aquarius Zodiarts appears from out of nowhere and uses her waters on Kengo. With Tomoko using the origami to block the cameras, Gentaro become Kamen Rider Fourze and fights the Aquarius Zodiarts as they take their fight outside before he assumes Cosmic States. However, his Limit Breaks have no effect on the Horoscope as Fourze learns that the Aquarius Zodiarts is Erin. Finding Erin at JAXA, Gentaro learns of Erin's reasons for helping Kengo and that she wants to become an astronaut like her father and be able to go into space, refusing to lose that honor to someone like Yuki like her father had. Seeing he cannot reach her, Gentaro's proposes for Erin to give him her Aquarius Switch if Yuki does beat her. In the second test, with Tomoko and Kengo transferred to another team, the groups are to each assemble a robot within three hours. After Tomoko's group presents a robot modeled after Shun, Yuki and the rest of Team B present a robot cat with Erin livid. Returning to the chamber, Erin finds something that makes her lose it and attempt to hurt Yuki before Gentaro drags her off. However, as Kamen Rider Meteor holds the Libra Zodiarts at bay, Gentaro becomes Fourze to restrain the Aquarius Zodiarts to find out what happened. When Dustards arrive, the two Kamen Riders' fights are brought together. After loaning Kamen Rider Meteor Storm the Fire Switch, Fourze assumes Cosmic States as the two Kamen Riders use their Limit Breaks. However, the Aquarius heals herself before revealing that Yuki cheated by hiding the piece she needed for the robot design she plan. However, Fourze could not believe Yuki to do such a thing as the Aquarius Zodiarts proceeds to whip him relentlessly.[37] 

Win-Ner Deci-Sion[edit]

38 "Win-Ner Deci-Sion"
"Shō Sha Ket Tei" (勝・者・決・定) 
Riku Sanjo June 3, 2012
After the Aquarius Zodiarts escapes upon telling her is she is not acting like her real self, having Ryusei not tell anyone that she is Erin, Gentaro returns to find her furious that Yuki is both in the finals with herself, Kengo, and student body president Yuta Sugiura. Promising Erin that he will get to the bottom of it, Gentaro asks Erin to play fair while he talks to Yuki. But while talking to her on the Moon as Kamen Rider Fourze, Yuki explains that she can not tell him about what happened in the second trial. After meeting with Gamou, the Aquarius Zodiarts begins to take out her frustration on people before Kamen Rider Meteor fights her, until she negates her transformation upon hearing his promise to Gentaro and then walks off. Later that night, after meeting with Hyuga, Gentaro later finds himself fighting the Leo Zodiarts, who is livid over the youth being informal with Gamou when the chairman directs him to her. Though he transforms, Kamen Rider Fourze is unable fight off the monster before he is knocked into the river. The next day, the final trial commences with the Foodroids overseeing the Survival Race. Losing Kengo along the way, Erin transforms into the Aquarius Zodiarts to injure Yuki. However, Gentaro reveals that Yuki has hidden the camera parts under orders from the judges. Feeling lousy to learn that she actually helped her win, Erin runs off back to Yuki and becomes the Aquarius Zodiarts to heal the girl while stating that she wants to finish the race fair and square. Later, after Yuki accepts both her apology and friendship, Erin tells Gentaro that she can never be friends with him as they are on opposing sides and she cares for the Horoscopes' leader too much to betray him. Seeing no other choice, Gentaro and Erin assume their fighting forms to settle things in a one-on-one duel. As rain begins to pour, Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States manages to shatter the Aquarius Zodiarts' shoulder vases so he can defeat her. Thanking him, Erin is spirited off by the Virgo Zodiarts so she can give the Aquarius Switch to Gamou before her memory is erased. As Erin begins her friendship with Gentaro and Yuki anew, the Horoscopes gain a new member in Sugiura with only the members corresponding to Pisces and Gemini remaining to be found.[38] 

Cam-Pus Ordi-Nance[edit]

39 "Cam-Pus Ordi-Nance"
"Gaku En Hat To" (学・園・法・度) 
Keiichi Hasegawa June 10, 2012
Learning that Student Council has set up the Amanogawa School Bylaws under the authority of the new president Yuta Sugiura, which forbids individuality, Gentaro, JK, and Ryusei head to Miraikan where Sugiura is attending alongside Kengo, Yuki, and Tomoko. As Kengo talks to their instructor Emoto about the Astroswitches in hopes to find out the identity of anyone making the Zodiarts Switches. Sugiura states to Gentaro and his two that the rules are for the student body's benefits before offering to abolish the new rules if they beat him in their elements. After Gentaro and JK sign contacts to make the challenge official, Sugiura beats the former in a break dance battle and then the latter in double dutch. When Sugiura transforms into the Taurus Zodiarts, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to fight him in Cosmic States. However, the Taurus Zodiarts reveals that the contracts he had Gentaro and JK sign makes him able to manipulate the signers' movement. Sneaking around, Ryusei becomes Kamen Rider Meteor, before Sugiura takes his leave. With JK forced to wash his hair dye out and Gentaro donning the school uniform, they decide to join the student council to find out what caused Sugiura's change of mind. Getting Keisuke Yanami alone, Gentaro learns that Sugiura originally was for individuality before the previous president Sayaka Mibu warped his mind. With Yuki following him as the others go after a hysterical Yanami, Gentaro heads to the hospital where they find Sayaka. The others find Yanami as the Taurus Zodiarts takes his soul for considering to leave the council and turns the student into a drone. Refusing to let the Taurus Zodiarts get away with it, Kamen Rider Meteor fights the Horoscopes before the Virgo Zodiarts appears to stop the fight. Following her advice, the Taurus Zodiarts decides to challenge Kamen Rider Meteor and take his freedom. Kamen Rider Meteor accepts and challenges the Taurus Zodiarts to his own talent: golf.[39] 

I-Dea Pas-Sion[edit]

40 "I-Dea Pas-Sion"
"Ri Nen Jō Nen" (理・念・情・念) 
Keiichi Hasegawa June 24, 2012
Accepting a challenge in his own element and to release his victims upon losing, the Taurus Zodiarts takes his leave, as the Virgo Zodiarts is about to follow. But Kamen Rider Meteor demands it to halt for answers for her agenda, only to be assured that it is not on the Kamen Rider Club's side as it teleports away. Later that night at a golf course Miu rented, the Kamen Rider Club finds the odds are against Ryusei as he does not know the first thing about golfing. The next day, Tomoko finds herself on the run from the Student Council before she is saved by Emoto. Thanking him, Tomoko learns that even though his friend Rokuro Utahoshi died on the moon, he is still collecting moon related items. This inspires Tomoko to find a moon rock to give to Emoto, only to discover that the supposedly kind scientist is actually the Virgo Zodiarts as she witnesses him reverting to his human form before running off. Meanwhile, discussing what they learned from Sayaka on the conditions of her injury and his resulting mindset for his ideal justice, Gentaro stops Sugiura as he is about to punish Oki for when she failed to let Tomoko escape. Though Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze, the contract makes him unable to fight the Taurus Zodiarts, forcing Yuki to use the Foodroids to cover their escape as Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Wheel Switch. In response, the Taurus Zodiarts converts all surrounding students into a mindless army to track them down. Learning from Oki that Sugiura has feelings for Sayaka which has motivated his actions, Gentaro makes his way back to the hospital to get her help in reaching through to Sugiura. At that time, Kamen Rider Meteor begins his golf game with the Taurus Zodiarts in a no-man's land area. Kamen Rider Meteor uses the Meteor Storm Switch to beat the Taurus Zodiarts, with the Horoscopes refusing to honor their deal just as he turns the Kamen Rider into his slave to help in capturing Oki as the students boxed her, Yuki, and JK in to a corner. However, before the rest of the Kamen Rider Club is zombified, the Taurus Zodiarts sees smoke on the school rooftop and finds Sayaka having a fireworks barbecue. Gentaro asks him if his intent is truly justified, rather than merely fueled on his feelings for Sayaka. When he is unable to punish her to prove his conviction, the Taurus Zodiarts destroys his Gu-Anna staff to break his hold over the student body before negating his transformation. Though Sayaka thanks him, while assuring that she will return to school, Sugiura accepts Gentaro's friendship. However, the Virgo Zodiarts arrives to give Sugiura one last chance by having him kill the Kamen Rider Club. Sugiura refuses and assumes his Zodiarts form to fight the Virgo Zodiarts before it exiles him into the Dark Nebula. Enraged at its action, Kamen Rider Fourze and Kamen Rider Meteor battle the Virgo Zodiarts in their strongest forms as it overpowers them and eludes them while warning them to no longer meddle in the Horoscopes' affairs. Virgo transforms back into Emoto as he gives Gamou the Taurus Switch, as it is also revealed Emoto was the one responsible for Rokuro Utahoshi's death. Having a loose end to deal with, Emoto finds Tomoko (as she dropped the moon rock she'd intended to give him outside his office) as he assumes his Zodiarts form and sends her into the Dark Nebula despite her trying to convince him that there is some good in him.[40] 

The Club Col-Lapses[edit]

41 "The Club Col-Lapses"
"Bu Katsu Hō Kai" (部・活・崩・壊) 
Kazuki Nakashima July 1, 2012
With only two Horoscopes left to find, and no longer needing to conceal himself through his Zodiarts form, Emoto offers his services in dealing with the Kamen Rider Club as Gamou transforms into the Sagittarius Zodiarts while explaining that he will deal with them if Emoto fails to get the job done. After three days of searching for Tomoko with no avail, the Kamen Rider Club receives a call from Tachibana that Tomoko may have been eliminated by the Horoscopes. He adds that only Kengo and the Kamen Riders should continue the fight, encouraging the others to leave while Tachibana advises a means for Gentaro to find a way to fight use the Cosmic Switch without the power of friendship. The next day, Shun, JK, and Miu are terrorized by the Virgo Zodiarts as he intimidates them before appearing in Mr. Ohsugi's class to go after Yuki. He easily defeats Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor while telling Yuki to leave the Kamen Rider Club or be killed, while also admitting that he sent Tomoko to the Dark Nebula before leaving. As Kengo fails to track the enemy with Nuggeropa to discover his identity, Gentaro accepts Miu's, Shun's, and JK's wishes to leave the club out of fear for their lives and those dear to him as Kengo tells a troubled Yuki that it is okay if she leaves too. With only three members left, the Kamen Rider Club meets Tachibana who proceeds to train Gentaro in a life or death training to master Kamen Rider Fourze's Cosmic States under his own power. Presenting a challenge for Kamen Rider Fourze to take a vase on his person and smash it, Tachibana has Kamen Rider Meteor be among his defenses. During the fight, as Kengo analyzes Tachibana at the remaining Tsunuggets' behest, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Rocket Switch Super-1 to become Rocket States to capture Tachibana but discovers the vase has ended up with Kamen Rider Meteor. However, Kengo reveals that Tachibana emits Nuggeropa's energy signal from his hand. With the truth discovered, Tachibana transforms into the Virgo Zodiarts with a livid Kamen Rider Meteor becoming Kamen Rider Meteor Storm to fight for answers before the Libra Zodiarts joins the fray. During the fight, the Virgo Zodiarts sends the betrayed Kamen Rider Meteor into the Dark Nebula, leaving Kamen Rider Fourze on his own.[41] 

Sagit-Tarius Con-Trols[edit]

42 "Sagi-Tarius Con-Trols"
"I Te Kun Rin" (射・手・君・臨) 
Kazuki Nakashima July 8, 2012
Watching Kamen Rider Meteor Storm get sucked into the Dark Nebula, Kamen Rider Fourze Rocket States battles the Libra Zodiarts before the Virgo Zodiarts teleports him to his lab before returning to the M-BUS with a need to complete his plans for Kamen Rider Fourze. As Gentaro sees Miu, Shun, JK, and Yuki, to see if they are happy, Kengo has trouble trying to modify the Cosmic Switch to work without friends before being shocked when Gentaro intends to meet to with Tachibana to finish the training from before. But having found Ryusei's Storm Topper in the aftermath of the fight, Gentaro assures Kengo not to lose hope over Tachibana being their enemy and of Ryusei and Tomoko being supposedly dead. After meeting with Gamou and being questioned of his convictions to the Horoscopes' cause, Emoto resumes his Tachibana identity to confront Gentaro as they assume their fighting forms to finish the training. Though the Virgo Zodiarts has the upper hand has against Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States with the Launcher and Gatling Modules, the Horoscopes is unnerved as Kamen Rider Fourze points that he is not like the others and refuses to accept that he is sad, despite seeing power being greater than friendship. When the Virgo Zodiarts attempts to use his strongest attack, Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Cosmic States and defeats the Virgo Zodiarts. Though the Virgo Zodiarts states that he sees things his way now, Kamen Rider Fourze explains that he can use Cosmic States as long he has faith in his friendship with the rest of the Kamen Rider Club, just as they arrive with renewed courage. Astonished, the Virgo Zodiarts brings back Kamen Rider Meteor Storm and Tomoko before negating his transformation. He reveals that he never truly sent his victims to the Dark Nebula, but instead placed them in a deep sleep on the M-BUS for their safety. Tachibana then reveals his true identity as Professor Emoto and tells them that he has been undermining the Horoscopes' plan from the beginning. After accepting Gentaro's friendship, Emoto is mortally wounded by the sudden appearance of the Sagittarius Zodiarts. Gentaro and Ryusei assume their Kamen Rider forms to fight the Sagittarius Zodiarts in a losing battle just before the Virgo Zodiarts spirits himself and Kengo away after teleporting the rest of the Kamen Rider Club to safety. Near death, Emoto admits to Kengo that he was the one responsible for his Rokuro's death and is about to reveal a vital bit of information about the elder Utahoshi before the Leo and Libra Zodiarts arrive. Holding them off while telling Kengo that the Horoscopes must not get their last two members, the Virgo Zodiarts spirits himself and the others off to another location before being killed, and his Virgo Switch is taken. As Gamou laments of losing his only remaining friend, the Kamen Rider Club have a moment of silence for Emoto as they resolve to honor his final wishes.[42] 

Gem-Ini Light/Shade[edit]

43 "Gem-Ini Light/Shade"
"Futa Go Mei An" (双・子・明・暗) 
Riku Sanjo July 15, 2012
After Principal Hayami gives her two permission slips for Kengo and herself to join Gamou on his trip to NASA, Yuki is encountered by Gamou as he is impressed by her love for space. No sooner does she leave, Gamou decides to give her a Zodiarts Switch after Hayami uses his Eye of Laplace on her, again, to confirm that she has the potential. By the time Gentaro arrives to the school, he finds Yuki behaving strangely, just as she rips Kengo's NASA permission slip to shreds. Confronting her about it at the Rabbit Hatch, Yuki has no memory of doing such a thing before she is mortified when Mr. Ohsugi confronts her for vandalizing a wall with space-themed graffiti, before every other student comes to her with similar complaints as she insists it must be a doppelgänger's actions. Eventually, the Kamen Rider Club members fall for pranks committed by what appears to be Yuki. Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to save Miu from a six foot drop, just as Yuki transforms into the Gemini Zodiarts and fights him. The fight is cut short when Gentaro tries to stop Kamen Rider Meteor from hurting her, before they are hit by her exploding cards. Once the Gemini Zodiarts runs off, Ryusei and Kengo learn that their opponent is Yuki. Just as she arrives, the gang ties her up for her own good. However, when they cannot find the Gemini Horoscopes Switch on her, they try to get to the bottom of the situation. Yuki is upset that no one believes her, and Gentaro unties her. She demands to know if she is really his friend, just as he forgets something important to her. Yuki runs off back to her home where she finds her room damaged by a masked girl who calls herself Yuki. This other Yuki soon reveals herself to be Yuki's inner darkness brought to life as a separate being, and she is acting out all of Yuki's most darkest desires to become real while the original Yuki ceases to be. By that time, as Gentaro ponders what he has forgotten, he and the others are visited by Mr. Ohsugi with footage that Kengo asked for, revealing the Dark Yuki's existence. Racing to Yuki's house, Gentaro, Ryusei, and Kengo find Dark Yuki as she escapes as the Gemini Zodiarts with Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor in pursuit. The Kamen Riders are at a disadvantage until Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Cosmic States to stop her with a combo of the Launcher and Net Switches. Chasing after Yuki, the Kamen Riders are about to finish her off when the Sagittarius Zodiarts arrives to free the Gemini Zodiarts. He calls her his most precious follower, as he reveals that she will become a new Yuki within twelve hours while the original, finding herself wearing the mask, will cease to be. As Yuki freaks about the mask appearing on her face, the Gemini Zodiarts gets strong enough to use her Supernova powers to create an explosive clone that attempts to take out Kamen Rider Fourze with Kamen Rider Meteor taking the brunt of the explosion.[43] 

Star Fate Cere-Mony[edit]

44 "Star Fate Cere-Mony"
"Sei Un Gi Shiki" (星・運・儀・式) 
Riku Sanjo July 22, 2012
With Ryusei barely surviving the Gemini Zodiarts's explosive clone to save him, Kamen Rider Fourze watches her and the Sagittarius Zodiarts take their leave to find the Presenter. Upon realizing Yuki is missing, Gentaro chases after her. She now has the mask on her face and she is too ashamed to show herself to him and the Kamen Rider Club. As the sun sets, Gentaro and the others feel guilty about what they have put Yuki through as Kengo tells them that the "Presenter" may be the voice of the stars. Gentaro then gets a call that Yuki is at her house. But in reality, it is Dark Yuki who has become the dominant aspect as Yuki confronts her, stealing the Gemini Switch from her after being tricked into thinking she needs it to regain herself. As a result, with the Kamen Rider Club arriving and her memory fading, Yuki finds out she has made a grave error as she finds herself cornered and unintentionally transforms into the Gemini Zodiarts before finding herself getting a beating from Kamen Rider Fourze. Dark Yuki arrives to encourages Kamen Rider Fourze to finish the Gemini Zodiarts off until Kengo reveals that Dark Yuki played them into attacking. Reclaiming her Gemini Switch and stating that only ten hours remain for her other self, Dark Yuki becomes the Gemini Zodiarts and takes her leave, as Yuki is abducted by the Leo and Libra Zodiarts for a ritual to celebrate Gemini's induction. Upon realizing that the place Yuki was abducted to was where they promised to go space together, Gentaro heads to his house and spends the night finding a box she gave him the day he moved into town. The next day, the Horoscopes begin the ritual to complete Dark Yuki's transition. Despite, Miu, Shun, and JK's interference, Yuki is resigned to her fate until Gentaro arrives with the box, containing the space ticket she made for him. This causes Yuki to become the dominant aspect once more as a furious Dark Yuki finds her Horoscopes form is not making her any stronger. Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze and assumes Cosmic States to save Yuki and fight the Gemini Zodiarts. The Horoscopes intervene, with Kengo suddenly projecting an aura to protect the Kamen Rider Club before they get out of harm's way. With the others taking their leave, the Gemini Zodirts creates an explosive clone of herself to kill Kamen Rider Fourze before Ryusei throws the Meteor Storm Switch for Kamen Rider Fourze to absorb the clone's energy and use it to take out the Gemini Zodiarts. With Dark Yuki destroyed, her Gemini Switch is retrieved by Hayami who is becoming more concerned in his use after he find the one who bears the potential to become the Pisces Zodiarts.[44] 

Li-Bra De-Fects[edit]

45 "Li-Bra De-Fects"
"Ten Bin Ri Han" (天・秤・離・反) 
Kazuki Nakashima August 5, 2012
The Kamen Rider Club celebrates Kengo's eighteenth birthday, as Yuki gives him a key holder with anime caricatures of all of them on it. Kengo thanks the others for the birthday present and making him a better person over the year, as they find Gamou working as the cafeteria's cook, treating the club to tasting a vegetable soup. After Gamou finds Gentaro, he expresses how impressed he is with the boy but tells him that there are those who do not want to be friends. As Gamou takes his leave, Kengo suddenly loses consciousness, and Gamou catches him. Later, Gentaro and Yuki visit Haru in the hospital as they find Ran by his side. Principal Hayami suddenly appears as he attempts to take Ran away, lying that she is going to be in the exchange program in the United States. However, the Leo Zodiarts stops Hayami's car as the Horoscopes moves him aside to get to Ran. Finding the ruckus, Gentaro sees Hayami transform into the Libra Zodiarts, who soon tells the boy to help him protect Ran as he proceeds to fight the Leo Zodiarts. Though he has no idea what is going on, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight the Leo Zodiarts in Cosmic States. Evading through the Aquarius Switch, the Leo Zodiarts tells Kamen Rider Fourze that he will pay. Demanding answers from Principal Hayami, who soon reveals that he gave Haru his Zodiarts Switch, Hayami reveals to Ran and the others that he used his Eye of Laplace to confirm her status as the final member of the Horoscopes. Fearing the horrors that would occur if all twelve Horoscopes are gathered, Hayami is aiming to protect Ran to ensure his life will be safe. Being the only one to trust Hayami, Gentaro offers his friendship to him before Kengo stops the moment to have Hayami reveal the identity of their leader to be Gamou. Hayami proceeds to reveal to the Kamen Rider Club how Gamou has arranged all of this so he can see the Presenter while destroying the city in the process. Giving the Libra Switch to Kengo, Hayami admits he was caught in Gamou's splendor until he realized the pain caused by his actions and now wants to redeem himself. As Kengo and JK research Emoto's study with Hayami in hopes of finding something that can stop Gamou, with Kengo finding a flash drive with his name on it, the others use Miu's home as a safe house to keep Ran before realizing that the Leo Zodiarts has followed them. Using the Aries Switch, the graduates and Tomoko are put to sleep and then using the Virgo Switch to catch up to the others, the Leo Zodiarts reveals himself as Tatsugami as he states that Ran will join them. Finding himself facing Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor while taking the Libra Switch from them, the Leo Zodiarts creates two Leo Dustards to hold off the Kamen Riders while he pursues Yuki and Ran. Hayami finds them and tries to fight the Leo Zodiarts, but is at a great disadvantage without his Libra Switch. Refusing to run away, Ran uses the Zodiarts Switch to become the Pisces Zodiarts to fight the Leo Zodiarts. After taking out the Leo Dustards, the Kamen Riders arrive to find the Pisces Zodiarts fighting the Leo Zodiarts just before Gamou arrives. Gamou soon confirms that he is the leader of the Horoscopes and his actions are to further his evolution, even if it means people get killed. Though Kamen Rider Fourze calls him selfish, Gamou states that his ideals are more universal than Gentaro's.[45] 

Supe-Rior Sagit-Tarius[edit]

46 "Supe-Rior Sagit-Tarius"
"Ko Kō I Te" (孤・高・射・手) 
Kazuki Nakashima August 12, 2012
Explaining that his reasons are motivated by his desire to venture into the unknown for the sake of human evolution, Gamou transforms into the Sagittarius Zodiarts in front of Kamen Rider Fourze and defeats both him and Kamen Rider Meteor easily before turning towards Ran who has negated her transformation. When Ran states her intent to fight him, and seeing that the Pisces Switch is undeveloped, the Sagittarius Zodiarts decides to leave and bide his time for her to decide if she would wish to venture or die with the unworthy. Losing consciousness as the two Horoscopes leave, Kengo finds himself with a strange Switch and hears an infant's crying. Coming to with Yuki by his side as she makes him con-gee to eat, Kengo thanks Yuki for what she and Gentaro have done for him over the course of the year. Looking into the contents of the flash drive he found in Emoto's office soon after, Kengo uncovers a shocking truth. Elsewhere, having placed Ran in the Rabbit Hatch as Mr. Ohsugi copes with the news that the principal and Ms. Sonoda were with the Horoscopes, Principal Hayami states that their only choice is to break into Gamou's office to steal the Horoscopes Switches. Upon entering Gamou's lair, Hayami, Gentaro, and Ryusei are attacked by a Gemini Zodiarts clone with the principal sacrificing himself to get Gentaro and Ryusei out. However, the two are jumped by the Leo Dustards and the Kamen Riders proceed to defeat the two enemies with their Rider Super Electromagnetic Strike team attack. Kamen Rider Fourze then receives a call from Miu that Ran has run off to confront Tatsugami who has captured Haru to call her out. Arriving at the beach, Ran becomes a fully matured Pisces Zodiarts to fight the Leo Zodiarts as Kamen Rider Fourze arrives. However, "Kamen Rider Fourze" turns out to be the Libra Zodiarts, just as the real Gentaro and Ryusei arrive. Taking the Pisces Switch from Ran, Principal Hayami reveals that he played the Kamen Rider Club to ensure that Ran's evolution occurred. Mortified that Hayami took advantage of his good nature and that he truly does not care about the students, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to passionately fight the Libra Zodiarts while Kamen Rider Meteor battles the Leo Zodiarts. The Sagittarius Zodiarts arrives, defeating the two Kamen Riders before having the twelve Horoscope Switches gathered to enact the Day of Awakening. However, Kengo arrives to reveal that Emoto has analyzed that the Sagittarius Zodiarts would be rendered defenseless during this moment and that he has arranged the Kamen Riders to deal with him at that time. With Kamen Rider Meteor Storm holding the Leo Zodiarts at bay, Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States attempts to take the Sagittarius Zodiarts out. However, the Libra Zodiarts sacrifices himself to take the Kamen Rider's death blow, the Sagittarius Zodiarts dismissing his follower's death as a sign of loyalty rather than one of friendship. With Gamou's words in his mind, Kengo becomes livid as he glows with a light that cancels the Horoscopes Switches' formation. Upon realizing that he has underestimated Kengo, the Sagittarius Zodiarts and Leo Zodiarts fall back as the mysterious switch appears from the boy's body.[46] 

Close Friends Sepa-Rated[edit]

47 "Close Friends Sepa-Rated"
"Shin Yū Betsu Ri" (親・友・別・離) 
Kazuki Nakashima August 19, 2012
At the Rabbit Hatch, the gang is concerned about the Horoscopes Switches. Kengo watches the Earth from the moon before telling Kamen Rider Fourze and Yuki that he now knows why could never use the Fourze Drive. Taking off his helmet to their shock, Kengo reveals to the two that he is not human but in reality a Core Child, a construct of Cosmic Energy. Telling the others his true nature, Kengo reveals his true origins as an emissary of the Presenter and how his father and Gamou took different paths to use the Core Switch to reach the Presenter that led to Rokuro's death. Furthermore, revealing his objective was to review humanity, he is to return to the Presenter with him now able to use the Fourze Driver to warp them. Despite Gentaro's attempt to talk him out of seeing himself as a thing instead of a person, Kengo severed his ties to them and the others. After taking Kengo to the JAXA, Gentaro points out that he had the same expression he had when he first saw Earth from the Rabbit Hatch. After being found out to have been pretending to be emotionless, Kengo finally breaks down and tearfully admits that he does not want to leave but he must. Gentaro gives Kengo the Fourze Driver and tells him that he will leaving as both a human and as friend with the promise that they will all meet again. But on the way out, the three learn from an injured Mr. Ohsugi that the Rabbit Hatch has been attacked by the Leo Zodiarts with the rest of the Kamen Rider Club still there. Waiting for them with Tatsugami, revealing that his shock that a piece of the lunar base still remains, Gamou demands the Core Switch. However, when Kengo explains that only he can return to the Presenter, a furious Gamou transforms to kill him to prove himself worthy. After Kengo deflects the Sagittarius Zodiarts' attack Gentaro transforms into Fourze Cosmic States to fight the Sagittarius and Leo Zodiarts as Kengo gets the club members to return to Earth after the airlock is destroyed. Giving Yuki a note and telling her that The Hole will cease upon his departure, Kengo joins the fight to knock the Horoscopes back before Ryusei becomes Kamen Rider Meteor so Gentaro can safely give Kengo the Fourze Driver before taking him into the Rabbit Hatch. However, thinking of his friends as he prepares to leave the Milky Way, Kengo is shocked to find the Sagittarius Zodiarts assuming his Supernova form to stop Kengo. Knocking the youth with his kick, Sagittarius Nova crushes the Core Switch with Kengo's body dissolving to Gentaro's horror.[47] 

Youth-Ful Gal-Axy[edit]

Finale "Youth-Ful Gal-Axy"
"Sei Shun Gin Ga" (青・春・銀・河) 
Kazuki Nakashima August 26, 2012

After killing Kengo, Gamou deems the Kamen Rider Club no more a threat of him. He tosses the Fourze Driver to Gentaro and takes his leave to begin the Day of Awakening, but not before telling the others to await for his speech tomorrow at the start of the new term. Gentaro and Ryusei manage to escape the Rabbit Hatch before it explodes, with only their banner saved from the wreckage. Later that night, as the Kamen Rider Club wonders what to do, Yuki remembers the letter Kengo gave her prior to his death. With Yuki reading it to the others, each member is touched by Kengo's feelings and gratitude for what they have done for him and he tells them not to hate Gamou and instead stop him and show him the error of his ways. The next day as the new term begins, and seeing no more need to keep his activities a secret, Gamou makes a public announcement of leaving for the cosmos within an hour, and he tells everyone to spend their final moments with their loved ones. With Gentaro having a plan, he and Ryusei assume their Kamen Rider forms to make their way the manifested Dark Nebula. After the Kamen Riders defeat the army of Dustards he conjures, the Leo Zodiarts battle Kamen Rider Meteor before being defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm's Rider Kick and dissolving away into stardust. Elsewhere, Kamen Rider Fourze uses Rocket States to knock Sagittarius Nova away from the Dark Nebula before battling him with his other States forms, assuming Cosmic States to take him back Amanogawa High via a warp gate. The two end up in the school gym. Before he cancels his transformation, Gentaro battles Sagittarius Nova while the rest of Kamen Rider Club members each give a speech about how Gamou and the school have made them into better people. Representing the graduates, Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to finish Sagittarius Nova off with the Youth Galaxy Mega Rocket Rider Drill Kick, negating the Dark Nebula in the process. In the end, Gentaro offers his hand in friendship to Gamou, who is utterly astonished by the youth and eventually reciprocates. However, when his body begins to dissolve into stardust, Gamou explains that is a side effect of his forced evolution as he asks Gentaro to continue his dream to meet the Presenters before he leaves to spend his final moments alone.

The next day, Gentaro and Yuki prepare to throw out Kengo's letter when they suddenly find him alive and well. Kengo reveals that he was revived by Gamou restoring the Core Switch before fading away, and now Kengo appears to be completely human now. Elsewhere, Shun proposes to Miu, but her attention is suddenly grabbed by a mysterious ring-owner named Haruto Soma. Ryusei bids his farewell to his friends at AGHS before he transfers back to Subaruboshi High, his revealed status as single giving Tomoko glee. With AGHS now in the capable hands of Mr. Satake and the other teachers, Gentaro welcomes Ran and Haru into the reformed Space Kamen Rider Club with their new goal being to befriend the Presenters and everyone else they may find in the universe.[48] 


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