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This is a list of episodes of the 2010–2011 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider OOO. Each episode title consists of three objects featured in the episode.


# Title Writer Original airdate

Medals, Underwear, and a Mysterious Arm[edit]

1"Medals, Underwear, and a Mysterious Arm"
"Medaru to Pantsu to Nazo no Ude" (メダルとパンツと謎の腕)
Yasuko KobayashiSeptember 5, 2010

Eiji Hino is working as a part-time security guard in the Kougami Art Museum, but he is unknowingly drugged by two thieves posing as fellow security guards who put sleeping pills in his juice. While in the middle of robbing the artifact chamber blind, a mass of coins form into an arm that breaks a seal on a mysterious sarcophagus releasing four monsters. The Kougami Foundation, owners of the museum, send their Ride Vendor 1st Squad motorcycle brigade to bomb the museum, intending to trap the monsters known as Greeed inside. However, the Greeed escape, and overpower the squad, while the Kougami Foundation's leader Kousei Kougami decorates a birthday cake, welcoming the Greeed into this world.

Later in the day, a strange red coin hits Eiji in the head, waking him up. Thinking that it is his pay for the day, he takes the coin and changes out of his work clothes down to his underwear, only for the wall behind him to collapse and have several emergency workers behind it. After being questioned by the young police detective Shingo Izumi, Eiji goes on with his life, unaware that he is being followed by a disembodied arm. Upon passing a strange-looking vending machine, Eiji decides to get something to drink, and prepares to use the red coin to buy something, but he drops it and it rolls under the machine. While struggling to get the coin himself, a young woman helps Eiji retrieve the coin by lifting the vending machine off of the ground with little effort. However, the disembodied arm appears, scaring off the girl after she gives the coin back to Eiji, while the arm demands it back and chases him. Elsewhere, the Greeed known as Uva approaches a woman in a jewelry store and uses her to make the Mantis Yummy, instructing the monster to find Ankh to retrieve his master's stolen Core Medals from him. The Mantis Yummy eventually finds Ankh, the disembodied arm, with the resulting fight taking detective Izumi as a casualty. Taking Shingo's gun, Eiji uses it to fight the Yummy, who turns his attention to the human for meddling. Ankh, impressed by Eiji's conviction to save him, decides to return the favor, seeing Eiji as a useful asset. Ankh then produces the seal that kept the Greeed in their 800-year slumber, and places it onto Eiji's midsection, transforming it into the OOO Driver belt. Ankh tells Eiji that if he uses the Medal he found, along with two others that Ankh has, a yellow one and a green one, it will allow Eiji to transform and fight the Yummy. Eiji uses the Medals and the belt to transform into what Ankh calls "OOO". The Mantis Yummy attacks him, again, but Eiji as Kamen Rider OOO (Tatoba Combo) is able to counter, using the Tora Claw gauntlets on his arms and his powerful jump kicks before Ankh gives Kamen Rider OOO the Mantis Medal to switch with the Tora Medal to become Takakiriba. Using the Mantis Swords, Kamen Rider OOO destroys the Mantis Yummy. Eiji's victory is interrupted when he hears a cell phone ringing, realizing that it is Shingo's. On the other line is the girl Eiji met, Hina Izumi, checking on her brother. Eiji wonders what he should do when Ankh attaches himself to the detective's lifeless body, converting it into a puppet body to act through. Nearby, Shintaro Goto of the Ride Vendor 1st Squad opens up a strange can which transforms into a tiny hawk-like robot as it and several others converge on the two, while elsewhere Kousei Kougami has decorated another birthday cake, one for Kamen Rider OOO.[1]

Desire, Ice Pops, and Presents[edit]

2"Desire, Ice Pops, and Presents"
"Yokubō to Aisu to Purezento" (欲望とアイスとプレゼント)
Yasuko KobayashiSeptember 12, 2010
After witnessing Ankh attach himself to the body of the dying detective Shingo Izumi, Eiji demands to know what has happened as the legion of bird-like robots known as Taka Candroids are activated by Shintaro. Each one gathers the Medals that are the remains of the Mantis Yummy to Ankh's dismay, bringing them to Kougami to add to his collection. Eiji follows Ankh as the Greeed takes several popsicles from a vendor, cloaking his arm from view while forcing Eiji to pay for the bill. As Ankh enjoys the ice pops, he reveals how he is keeping Shingo alive as he explains that as a Greeed, he requires Cell Medals to rebuild his body, while the Core Medals give his kind life and power. Eiji then receives a text message on Shingo's phone, and he discovers that the sender, Shingo's little sister Hina, is the young woman he met earlier. She has texted Shingo to tell him that she is getting a job at the Cous Coussier restaurant, passing the owner Chiyoko Shiraishi's test before dressing her like a pirate. Elsewhere, Uva finds the two thieves who attempted to steal from the art museum earlier. He inserts a Cell Medal into one of them to create a White Yummy that hungers for wealth. Ankh senses the new Yummy's creation, and takes Eiji to the bank where the monster goes on a feeding frenzy. However, Ankh refuses to give Eiji the OOO Driver until the Yummy has completed its transformation, making it able for them to collect more Cell Medals from, revealing both types of Medals are powered by humanity's greed. Once full, the White Yummy molts into the Leaf-Rolling Weevil Yummy, growing much larger as it begins to scale and nearly destroy a skyscraper before getting onto another to consume. Eiji decides to fight the Yummy without Ankh's help, but is no match. When he nearly gets himself killed, Ankh saves him after being forced to promise Eiji that he would not put his need for Medals over the safety of human lives. After transforming, Kamen Rider OOO is confronted by Shintaro Goto who comes bearing gifts to celebrate Kamen Rider OOO's birthday: several Cell Medals, the Medajaribur sword, and his own Ride Vendor motorcycle. With support from the Tako Candroids, Kamen Rider OOO battles the Leaf-Rolling Weevil Yummy as Takakiriba before switching back to Tatoba Combo and using the Medajaribur's Triple Scanning Charge to perform the OOO Bash, destroying the Yummy with Ankh to feeding on the Cell Medals left behind. Later, Eiji responds to Hina's text message through Shingo's phone that Shingo is on a "undercover mission" to buy him some time to find a way to save the detective. However, Hina, finds the two of them and hugs Ankh, thinking that he is still her brother. However, Ankh prepares to kill Hina as Eiji tries to stop him from hurting her.[2]

A Cat, Evolution, and a Glutton[edit]

3"A Cat, Evolution, and a Glutton"
"Neko to Shinka to Kuishinbō" (ネコと進化と食いしん坊)
Yasuko KobayashiSeptember 19, 2010
After going through Shingo's memories to find out who she is, Ankh attempts to strangle Hina. However, Hina realizes that the presence of the arm and she rips it off, much to his shock, before fainting in fright of the arm. Ankh still wants to kill her so she cannot meddle in their affairs, but Eiji threatens to dispose of the OOO Driver in the river should Ankh do so. He changes his mind, and Eiji takes her to the Cous Coussier restaurant (currently decorated as an Indian restaurant) meeting with Chiyoko who offers him food for his trouble. But he turns it down as he leaves, with Chiyoko picking up a photograph that has a man in the background of a foreign country that looks a lot like Eiji. Elsewhere, after helping his fellow Greeed take out the police and seeing humans have changed into more of a hindrance, Kazari finds the heavy eater Monta Fukuji and inserts a Cell Medal into him; the White Yummy that is created taking over his body and turning him into a ravenous glutton. Ankh senses the Yummy's creation and takes Eiji to find it, only to discover that the Yummy is a parasitic type. Eiji decides to fight it anyway as Kamen Rider OOO, but only attempts to force the Yummy out of its human host, not wanting to kill Monta. Ankh, however, has no qualms in killing the host, but is only stopped when Kamen Rider OOO gets in the way, reminding Ankh of his promise as Monta escapes. Shintaro arrives with a Ride Vendor, telling Kamen Rider OOO to use it to find the Yummy. He wastes a Cell Medal, much to Ankh's dislike, in turning into the Machine Bike Mode until Goto tells him to use a Taka Candroid. Ankh confronts Goto, asking him why humans could use Medals, only for Goto to respond that humanity has evolved since he was put away. Eiji stops the two from killing each other as Shintaro takes his leave. Ankh decides that if he is to learn more about humanity and the where about of the Core Medals, he must use the resources at his disposal, namely Shingo Izumi's home. As he begins to learn more about humanity, learning that Shingo was a technophile and marveling at his recently bought iPhone 4 as Eiji finds a small memorial shrine to the parents of Shingo and Hina. By then, the Taka Candroid appears and takes Eiji to the Cous Coussier, where the parasitized Monta forces himself the kitchen as Hina and Chiyoko fear for their lives. Using a Tako Candroid, Eiji manages to get the distracted Monta out before grabbing him as the Taka Candroid holds a steak out to lure the White Yummy out of him. However, Ankh stops the procedure and reveals that it does not matter if Eiji saves Monta, stating that he is getting what he deserve and will die from his own gluttony either way. Eiji tries to stop Monta from eating before Ankh pulls him away, asserting his authority over Eiji in case he attempts to make a threat of destroying the OOO Driver again. Once the White Yummy emerges from Monta and becomes the Cat Yummy, Ankh relents and gives Eiji the Core Medals to become Kamen Rider OOO. Though Medajaribur and the Tora Claws are unable to do any damage to the fat Yummy, the Batta Legs prove to be effective as Kamen Rider OOO begins delivering several powerful kicks to push the Yummy back before executing the Tatoba Kick. However, several support columns are thrown in the way to prevent the Cat Yummy from being destroyed as Ankh calls out the one responsible: Kazari.[3]

Doubt, a Picture Message, and a Helping Hand[edit]

4"Doubt, a Picture Message, and a Helping Hand"
"Utagai to Shame to Sukui no Te" (疑いと写メと救いの手)
Yasuko KobayashiSeptember 26, 2010
Being saved by his creator, the Cat Yummy parasitizes Monta once more with Kazari stopping Kamen Rider OOO from pursuing with a warning hit. Revealing that he expected Ankh's condition, Kazari offers Ankh a mutual partnership between the two of them. Though Ankh agrees with the reasons, he asks Kazari to leave to give him time to fully consider the proposition. Ankh explains to Eiji the nature of the other Greeed before leaving to think on Kazari's offer, still vexed by Eiji still wanting to save Monta. Eiji is left by himself, when he receives a call on Shingo's phone, only for Hina to appear behind him asking him how he has her brother's phone. Before he can answer, Eiji collapses due to the strain from the fight with Kazari. Hina brings him to the Cous Coussier, with Chiyoko ruminating on how Eiji had brought Hina in, and now Hina has brought Eiji in. Eiji reveals to Hina the truth about Shingo and Ankh. He makes a promise to Hina that he will find a way to save Shingo, because he feels that if he does not help people when given the chance, he will regret his decision forever. Ankh continues to use the iPhone, amazed at how much information it provides him, as Shintaro tracks him, forcing Kougami to change his tactics. As Monta is being force fed due to the Yummy's growing control, he attracts a crowd of bystanders who upload photos of him to the Internet, which Ankh soon finds, notifying him of the Yummy's completion. Eiji leaves the Cous Coussier, but not before Chiyoko tells him of Monta's presence at a nearby restaurant. Hina tries to stop Eiji from going while he is still hurt, but Eiji merely states he will be alright. Eiji arrives at the restaurant just as Ankh does, asking if he will continue to do as he says. Eiji replies that he will not be merely a tool for Ankh as Kazari arrives, elated that Ankh will side with him instead of Eiji. As Kazari prepares to kill Eiji, Ankh pushes Kazari out of the way, stating that he would rather work with humans because he can trust them, as he has seen photos of Kazari following him on the Internet. Kazari is angered and attacks, but Ankh gives Eiji the Core Medals so he can transform into Kamen Rider OOO. During the fight, Kamen Rider OOO is beat as Takakiriba, and loses the Mantis Medal while being able to take three of Kazari's, leaving the Greeed weakened as his chest armor dissolves. As Kazari falls back, the Cat Yummy consumes Monta's body. Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO, but finds it even more difficult to attack the Cat Yummy, without harming Monta inside. With another slash, he sees Monta inside the Yummy, and he realizes that if he just cuts through the Cell Medals, he can pull Monta out. Ankh throws Eiji one of the new Medals (the Cheetah Medal) he got from Kazari, and Kamen Rider OOO transforms into Takatorartar. Using the Cheetah Medal's super speed, Kamen Rider OOO is able to deliver a barrage of kicks on the Cat Yummy, opening the monster's belly enough for him to pull Monta out before he uses the Medajaribur's Triple Scanning Charge to destroy the Cat Yummy. After the fight, Ankh and Eiji watch Monta being sent to a hospital, with Eiji remarking on the man's change of heart after going through the possession. However, he is soon taken aback by Monta's request to go to the hospital cafeteria, with Ankh remarking on how humans cannot control themselves. As they leave, they are approached by Kougami's aide, Erika Satonaka. She the brings out a tablet computer which shows Kousei Kougami, who tells the two men that they are to all celebrate the birth of their meeting.[4]

A Game of Tag, a Nest, and a Rich Girl[edit]

5"A Game of Tag, a Nest, and a Rich Girl"
"Oikakekko to Su to Serebu" (追いかけっこと巣とセレブ)
Yasuko KobayashiOctober 3, 2010
Via the monitor Erika holds before Eiji and Ankh, Kougami proceeds to negotiate with the latter in forming a partnership where they all share the Medals, with Kougami receiving 70%, while Erika gives Eiji a box of Candroids as a sign of good will. However, Ankh is unable to accept the terms as he is given time to think it over. Meanwhile, as the Greeed now assume human forms on response to Kazari realizing humanity has changed, Mezool approaches a rich girl named Haruka Yamano and uses her to create a mass of roe which soon begins to multiply based on Haruka's desire for shopping. The next day, while going to her fashion college, Hina meets up with Haruka who gives her a scarf that she drops due to bumping into her. Elsewhere, Ankh tries to research the Kougami Foundation to track Kougami down to teach him a lesson, but he is interrupted when he senses a strange presence. He takes Eiji to the location as he has him transform into Kamen Rider OOO before Mezool appears. Though evenly matched with Kamen Rider OOO, Mezool falls back. Though he detects her Yummy's faint presence, Ankh leaves Eiji so he can resume his search for Kougami. Eiji goes off on his own when he realizes that Ankh was looking at a particular building. However, he finds Hina there, who says that her friend Haruka lives in the building, even though Eiji warns her that a monster may be inside. When Mezool meets up with her fellow Greeed, she mentions how she has come across Ankh and Eiji. Uva decides to hunt them down and finds Eiji on his own as he finds Hina at Haruka's place. Uva attacks Eiji, who is unable to transform into Kamen Rider OOO to defend himself. He activates a Taka Candroid to carry one of the new Batta Candroids to alert Ankh to the attack. As Eiji attempts to escape from Uva on a Ride Vendor, the Batta Candroid makes it to Ankh as he gets on a Ride Vendor himself. Elsewhere, Hina finds Haruka who tries to brush her off until Haruka gets a call from her father who is on business in America, alerting her that they are now bankrupt. When Ankh finds Eiji and Uva, he gives Eiji the Core Medals so he transforms into Kamen Rider OOO. During the fight, Uva attempts to retrieve his Batta Medal and has the upper hand in the match. Realizing that Kamen Rider OOO could be defeated, Ankh brings up the fact that Kazari has taken the Mantis Medal that he originally stole. Uva becomes enraged and confused about learning this as Kamen Rider OOO transforms into Takatorartar, giving him the upper hand in the fight. Uva bleeds out several Cell Medals and Ankh catches some of his Core Medals that are also ejected, realizing that he now has a set of three Core Medals: the Grasshopper Medal, the Mantis Medal, and the Stag Beetle Medal.[5]

Fashion, a Contract, and the Strongest Combo[edit]

6"Fashion, a Contract, and the Strongest Combo"
"Oyōfuku to Keiyaku to Saikyō Konbo" (お洋服と契約と最強コンボ)
Yasuko KobayashiOctober 10, 2010
Losing three of his Core Medals to Ankh, Uva is forced to run away as he vows to get his Core Medals back by stealing from the other Greeed as well. Eiji asks what Ankh is up to as the Greeed reveals his kind possess three types of Core Medals in their bodies and that if Kamen Rider OOO uses all three of Uva's Medals in his belt, he can assume a Medal Combo where he possesses all of Uva's power. Ankh takes his leave, after giving Eiji the three Medals to become Tatoba Combo so he can fend for himself, to resume hunting down Kousei Kougami and make the man an offer he can not refuse. At the Greeed's hideout, Uva confronts Kazari about having his Core Medal, but Kazari manages to lie his way out of trouble as Mezool calms Uva down by reminding him that they will get more Cell Medals soon. Elsewhere, Haruka's despair over her father's company going bankrupt causes the clutch of eggs to stir. Eiji arrives at her building with Shintaro waiting for him, giving Eiji the exact location of Yummy activity before taking his leave while reminding Eiji that he needs the Foundation's help. Eiji finds Hina as she tries to convince Haruka not to go shopping. Refusing to listen to either of them, Haruka goes back up to her apartment to shop online. Telling him of Haruka's trouble, Eiji admits to Hina that he never met a person in his worldly travel who did not want something and that it is how one focuses on it that matters. By then, Haruka's greed causes the clutch of eggs to hatch into a swarm of Piranha Yummy which burst out of the windows. Upon seeing them, Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO to get Haruka to safety and getting her under Hina's care as she tells her not to buy clothes as a crutch. Elsewhere, Ankh eventually finds Kousei Kougami who explains that his life is tied to the Medal System as he shows Kamen Rider OOO having trouble with a Ride Vendor as Kougami claims he has made it so it cannot transform. Forced into accepting Kougami's demands, Ankh agrees to provide 60% of all Medals they get from a Yummy to him, just as Kougami reveals that he had been planning on that number all along. After the Ride Vendor transforms, Shintaro Goto is seen with a remote control device that switches the Ride Vendor's modes remotely. Arriving as Kamen Rider OOO fails to hold off the legion of Piranha Yummy, Ankh gives him the Kuwagata and Mantis Medals to use with the Batta Medal to become Kamen Rider OOO Gatakiriba Combo. Using his new combination's powers of duplication, Kamen Rider OOO manages to take out most of the Piranha Yummy before the rest gather into a giant Piranha Yummy-shaped swarm which Kamen Rider OOO finishes off with the Gatakiriba Kick. Commenting on how it is difficult it is to reintegrate himself into a single Kamen Rider, Eiji collapses from the strain of using Uva's power in the fight. Later, Eiji and Ankh watch Hina and her friends visiting Haruka at her new job at a bakery, having got her vices under control.[6]

A Lousy Husband, a Trap, and a Jackpot[edit]

7"A Lousy Husband, a Trap, and a Jackpot"
"Dame Teishu to Wana to Ōatari" (ダメ亭主と罠と大当たり)
Yasuko KobayashiOctober 17, 2010
At their hideout, Kazari tells Mezool his intent to use Gamel in a plan to regain their Core Medals from Ankh upon giving Uva a cellphone to enact his own plan to destroy Ankh. Elsewhere, witnessing a man being hounded down by a woman throwing her shoes at him, Gamel is inspired to create the Bison Yummy to hit people with things for his own amusement. At the Cous Coussier, after taking a break to study for a test, Hina finds the restaurant in an old Edo theme along with Eiji working part-time in her absence. Though Chiyoko offers Eiji to work for her full-time due to having a similar traveling lifestyle, he politely declines as the woman storms in. Identified by Chiyoko as Momoko Komori, she is looking for her husband Takeshi before she storms out of the restaurant. Eiji realizes that she is not wearing any shoes, so Chiyoko sends Eiji to go after her to give her a pair of sandals. By the time Eiji finds Momoko, she is beating up Takeshi when she discovers that he spent all of their money on several scratchcards. Eiji tries to break up the fight and have them solve the problem without violence before the Bison Yummy arrives just as Takeshi wins the million yen jackpot on his last scratchcard. Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO to fight the Yummy before Gamel intervenes when Kamen Rider OOO starts to get the upper hand. Shintaro reluctantly arrives with a cake from Kougami, revealed to have the Lion Core Medal in it, as Kougami has decided that he wants to investigate the powers of the Medal Combos in more detail. Using the Medal, Kamen Rider OOO transforms from Tatoba Combo to Latoraba, and uses the Lion Head's ability to blind Gamel and the Bison Yummy long enough so he can retrieve the Medajaribur. However, the Bison Yummy throws several cars at Kamen Rider OOO to cover the monsters' escape, just as Momoko and Takeshi resume their fight to Eiji's shock. While this all occurred, after reviewing the number of Core Medals he and the other Greeed have currently, Ankh receives intel on a green Medal, believing it to be one of the missing 9 Core Medals not accounted for. Arriving to the location of the one who sent the message, Ankh learns too late that the messenger was Uva. Ankh realizes he has been set up by Kazari, infuriating Uva as he rips Ankh off Shingo's body and strikes him, releasing the Cheetah and Kuwagata Medals.[7]

Sabotage, Having No Greed, and Taking a Break[edit]

8"Sabotage, Having No Greed, and Taking a Break"
"Sabori to Muyoku to Kyūkeichū" (サボりと無欲と休憩中)
Yasuko KobayashiOctober 24, 2010
After Gamel and the Bison Yummy fall back, Eiji attempts to keep Takeshi and Momoko from killing each other as the latter snatches the winning scratchcard and throws it into the river to the former's shock. As he searches for the scratchcard, Momoko reveals to Eiji that Takeshi was once a photographer before becoming his current money-driven self after being used to the sweet life. Eiji remains at Takeshi's side and helps him regain his love for photography. Elsewhere, a weakened Ankh finds himself unable to heal after intentionally discarding the Kuwagata and Cheetah Medals to escape Uva and is forced to wait on Shingo's body, refusing to call Eiji out of pride. Later, Mezool stops a fight between Uva and Kazari at their base, convincing the two to trade for the other's Core Medal. Later that night, as Eiji arrives to meet Kougami for a favor, Gamel whines about Kamen Rider OOO blinding him as the Bison Yummy takes his master's injuries personally with a plan to punish Kamen Rider OOO. The next day, as Takeshi and Momoko reconcile, the Bison Yummy attacks a construction site to get Kamen Rider OOO's attention. Sensing the Yummy, Ankh attempts to crawl to the monster's location when Eiji appears with Cell Medals he has been loaned from Kougami and uses them to heal Ankh, who is reluctant to accept them at first. The two later arrive at the construction site, with Kamen Rider OOO fighting the Bison Yummy before assuming Takakiriba. Much to Ankh's shock, Kamen Rider OOO uses the Lion Medal to become Lakiriba to blind the Bison Yummy while destroying him, with only a single Cell Medal remaining. After seeing Momoko and Takeshi having made up, with the latter resuming his photography career, Eiji takes his leave as Chiyoko attempts to ask him again to work for her. However, Hina follows Eiji to Ankh's location, confirming that he is the reason Eiji is not accepting Chiyoko's offer. She forcefully grabs the Greeed as she convinces Eiji to reconsider the full-time job and housing at the Cous Coussier so she can keep an eye on her brother's body.[8]

Drenched, the Past, and the Scorching Combo[edit]

9"Drenched, the Past, and the Scorching Combo"
"Zubunure to Kako to Shakunetsu Konbo" (ずぶぬれと過去と灼熱コンボ)
Yasuko KobayashiOctober 31, 2010
At the Cous Coussier, Hina forces Ankh to feed her brother's body during the halloween party with Eiji calming him down as Erika arrives in a cat girl costume to collect Kougami's fee for his services. But the party comes to an abrupt end when an explosion is heard and Eiji runs out to investigate. With Hina following him, Eiji finds a destroyed car before telling the others to run as he hears another bomb that explodes with a splash. Eiji then sees a strange man with a puppet on his shoulder and a Cell Medal before following the Taka Candroids to the location of the Shark Yummy. Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO to fight the Yummy, realizing that it is connected to the explosion, before the monster escapes. Learning that the Shark Yummy to be one of many Yummy created by Mezool from Ankh, Eiji is troubled when he hears that the Shark Yummy and its siblings are feeding on someone's desire to destroy things. Meanwhile, while the other Greeed feast on the Shark Yummy, Kazari admits that he is upset that Kamen Rider OOO has his Lion Medal and that someone else is meddling in their affairs. The next day, Eiji learns of another bomb attack and admits to Hina that he is taking the chain of events personally, revealing how he got caught up in civil war and was powerless to save a girl who was killed in an explosion. Though tempted to follow the mysterious man from earlier when he sees him, Eiji is forced to go after a new Shark Yummy as he becomes Kamen Rider OOO to fight it. Even after becoming Takatorartar, Kamen Rider OOO is unable to catch the Shark Yummy as Mezool and Gamel arrive to intercept. With no other choice, Kamen Rider OOO uses the Lion Medal to become Kamen Rider OOO Latorartar Combo whose light consumes Mezool. As Ankh manages to steal four of Mezool's Core Medals before Gamel is forced to get her away from harm, Kamen Rider OOO destroys the Shark Yummy with the Liodias Scanning Charge. Soon after, as Ankh takes the Core Medals from him, a weakened Eiji sees the man with the puppet, identified by Ankh to be an observer. The man reveals that he knows who the bomber really is and has been keeping an eye on him so he can see Kamen Rider OOO's power first hand before taking his leave. Later, as the mysterious man, Kougami Foundation scientist Kiyoto Maki, arrives to the celebrate the Kougami Biotech Laboratory's tenth year, the real bomber Toru Tadano is busy building a new bomb as a new Shark Yummy is about to hatch.[9]

A Fist, an Experiment, and a Super Bike[edit]

10"A Fist, an Experiment, and a Super Bike"
"Kobushi to Jikken to Chō Baiku" (拳と実験と超バイク)
Yasuko KobayashiNovember 14, 2010
At the Kougami Biotech Laboratories, expressing his dismay that Kougami is celebrating the lab's 10th year, Maki learns that his superior sees Kamen Rider OOO to be well suited in his plans to utilize the Medals' power for an unlimited energy source. After presenting a newly made Candroid before Satonaka leaves, Maki enters his lab where he resumes his observation of his lab technician Tadano. After Ankh scolds him for being reckless in using a Combo, Eiji sees the Taka Candroid he sent to follow Maki has returned with the man's whereabouts. Eiji leaves to Hina's dismay as Ankh scoffs at Eiji's intent, but he still follows Eiji in hopes of getting more Medals. Eiji arrives at the Kougami Biotech Laboratories just as Tadano takes his leave, with Ankh arriving in time to identify the man as the Yummy's host. Just then, a Shark Yummy appears as Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO Takatorartar to destroy it. Seeing Kamen Rider OOO, Maki activates the lock down sequence to trap everyone in the laboratory's warehouse as he meets with Kamen Rider OOO to ask him not to interfere in his observation of the Yummy nest. Though Kamen Rider OOO points out the resulting deaths in letting the Yummy nest mature, Maki is more concerned with the ends than the means as he reveals that Tadano has made more bombs. Eiji runs off as Shintaro is forced to deal with the hatching swarm of Shark Yummy. With the Taka Candroid guiding him, Eiji takes Tadano's journal to discover the locations of the bombs and their time of detonation. As Tadano is arrested, Eiji manages to get everyone out of harm's way and defuses all the bombs in time. Returning to the Laboratories, Eiji learns from Ankh that the Shark Yummy have escaped as Maki gives him the Tora Candroid for Kamen Rider OOO to test. Though grateful despite nearly punching the scientist to his shock, Eiji warns Maki to stay away from him as he becomes Kamen Rider OOO and uses the Tora Candroid to combine with the Ride Vendor and create the feral Toride Vendor. Having trouble controlling the mecha, Kamen Rider OOO assumes Latorartar Combo to gain control with the Toride Vendor which absorbs the Combo's excess power. Using the Toride Vendor, Kamen Rider OOO manages to destroy the remaining Shark Yummy. Later, as Maki wonders if using Kamen Rider OOO will provide the world with a satisfying conclusion, Eiji and Hina watch Ankh being pestered by Chiyoko who tries to teach him etiquette.[10]

A Traveller, a Swallowtail, and a Celebrity[edit]

11"A Traveller, a Swallowtail, and a Celebrity"
"Tabibito to Agehachō to Yūmeijin" (旅人とアゲハ蝶と有名人)
Shōji YonemuraNovember 21, 2010
At the Cous Coussier, while hanging his boxers out to dry, Eiji meets his old friend the world traveling blogger Keisuke Tsukuba who has come to Japan to find a publisher for his work. Though Eiji helps him find a publisher, Tsukuba is turned down in favor of a better writer named Kotaro Sawada as he fakes taking it in stride. However, Tsukuba is found by Uva who uses him to create a Shiro Yummy that sucks out Sawada's talent and molts into the Swallowtail Yummy, transferring the talent into Tsukuba. After Ankh contacts him, Eiji finds the Swallowtail Yummy and becomes Kamen Rider OOO to fight him before it escapes just as Shintaro arrives to express his annoyance with him. Reporting to Kougami of Kamen Rider OOO's failure to eliminate the Yummy, Shintaro is upset when Kougami gives him a newly developed Candroid to give to Eiji. On his way out, Shintaro meets Maki who suggests that he prove that he is more suited to protect the world than Kamen Rider OOO. Later, in response to Tsukuba's desire to outdo the Meguro Masaji comedy duo, the Swallowtail Yummy attacks them and sucks one of the comedians of his talent. Seeing a trail of pollen, Eiji and Ankh follow it to the Yummy before being ambushed by Gamel who wants Mezool's Medals back. Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO Takatorartar and runs off in the middle of their fight as the Greeed manages to get Mezool's Tako Medals. Arriving just as Shintaro gets the other comedian out of harm's way, getting hurt by the Swallowtail Yummy in the process, Kamen Rider OOO transforms into Takakirietar to clip the Swallowtail Yummy's wings. But as Kamen Rider OOO is about to destroy the Yummy, Shintaro fires his bazooka at them both. Elsewhere, Hina attends the travel talk show that Tsukuba is hosting in place of Meguro Masaji. She realizes that something is wrong just before seeing Uva and recognizing him as he assumes his Greeed body to silence her.[11]

An Eel, the World, and the Gravity Combo[edit]

12"An Eel, the World, and the Gravity Combo"
"Unagi to Sekai to Jūryoku Konbo" (ウナギと世界と重力コンボ)
Shōji YonemuraNovember 28, 2010
Reeling after taking a hit from Shintaro Goto's bazooka, Kamen Rider OOO is overpowered by the Swallowtail Yummy until he resumes Tatoba Combo to regain the advantage before the Yummy flies off. Soon after, while trying to help Shintaro up, Eiji learns that the young man sees him as an unworthy hero. After Ankh explains that Shintaro can not become Kamen Rider OOO, Hina arrives after giving Uva the slip to tell Eiji what has happened to Tsukuba. Meanwhile, as Gamel gives Mezool back her Tako Medals and Uva offers to work with him to finish Kamen Rider OOO off, a suspended Shintaro is once more confronted by Kiyoto Maki who tricks him into proving his worth, again. At the Cous Coussier, as Ankh thinks about getting Gamel's Core Medals, Eiji and Hina are amazed to find Tsukuba entering the restaurant as he asks Eiji if he can use his story for his own. After learning that Tsukuba traveled only to prove himself to everyone, Ankh confirms him to be the Swallowtail Yummy's host. With Hina taking Tsukuba to follow him and see the consequences of his desire, Eiji stops the Swallowtail Yummy from attacking other celebrities before becoming Kamen Rider OOO to fight him as Shintaro arrives. Both Tsukuba and Shintaro are shocked when Eiji gives the former his consent as long others are aware of what has really happened. Hearing those worlds, Tsukuba admits that he never traveled round the world as Shintaro decides to back up his intent. With Shintaro giving him the Denki Unagi Candroids, Kamen Rider OOO manages to hold the Swallowtail Yummy at bay until Uva and Gamel arrive. Overpowered by the two Greeed and the Swallowtail Yummy, Kamen Rider OOO manages to get a set of Gamel's Core Medals at Ankh's demands. Using the newly acquired Sai, Gorilla, and Zo Core Medals, Kamen Rider OOO assumes his Sagohzo Combo. Driving the Greeed off as Ankh takes Uva's Kuwagata Medal, Kamen Rider OOO smashes the Swallowtail Yummy into oblivion with Sagohzo Combo's gravitational powers and brute force. As Ankh admits that he is impressed with Eiji's tolerance to the Medal Combos, Eiji finally gains Shintaro Goto's friendship. Later, after learning, that Tsukuba has decided to leave and achieve short-term goals, Eiji gives him a pair of boxers as a farewell present.[12]

A Siamese Cat, Stress, and the Genius Surgeon[edit]

13"A Siamese Cat, Stress, and the Genius Surgeon"
"Shamu-Neko to Sutoresu to Tensai Gekai" (シャム猫とストレスと天才外科医)
Yasuko KobayashiDecember 5, 2010
Shintaro is practicing his marksmanship on the Ride Vendor when Satonaka arrives to tell him that he will taking over for her as Kougami's aide while she takes a vacation. At the Cous Coussier, as it sports a cowboy theme, Ankh starts to snap from the stress of not only resisting the urge to kill Chiyoko but also his frustration of not being able to find his own Core Medals, despite being able to obtain the Core Medals of his fellow Greeed. Meanwhile, at a local hospital, its resident genius surgeon Kei Tamura feels that her talents are not being used. This attracts Kazari as he creates a Yummy inside her, causing her to perform unauthorized operations on her own. Sensing the Yummy's actions that night, Ankh takes Eiji to the Yummy's location, despite interference from four Waste Yummy that Eiji destroys as Kamen Rider OOO Gatatoraba. Once arriving at the hospital, Ankh uses Shingo's memories to enter the building by posing as an injured patient as Hina looks after him while Eiji runs off to find the Yummy. Finding Tamura as the Yummy takes over her to attack the hospital's director, Eiji lures her out as Ankh confronts Shintaro Goto who is also posing as an injured patient. Ankh separates himself from Shingo to knock Shintaro out before he flies off. By the time Ankh arrives to find Eiji and the Yummy, the Yummy has matured into the Siamese Cat Yummy, and Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO to fight her. Assuming Sagohzo Combo, Kamen Rider OOO nearly destroys the Yummy when Tamura's semi-conscious body gets in the way. As the Yummy retreats into Tamura's body and runs off, with Eiji recovering from the Combo's strain, a fed-up Ankh flies off with Shingo's body in danger of dying.[13]

Pride, Surgery, and a Secret[edit]

14"Pride, Surgery, and a Secret"
"Puraido to Shujutsu to Himitsu" (プライドと手術と秘密)
Yasuko KobayashiDecember 12, 2010
With Ankh going, Shingo undergoes emergency surgery to prevent his death as decides to track the Greeed down before finding the hospital director as he suffers a heart attack. Eiji tells the director that Tamura has been possessed by a monster created from her desire. The director reveals his reasons as to why he was preventing her from performing surgeries before Eiji runs off to find her. Eiji uses all of the Cell Medals in his possession to track down both Ankh and Tamura, and finds them just as Ankh is about to be killed by the Yummy hiding inside the surgeon. Before she can perform the "surgery", Eiji saves Ankh and Tamura escapes. Ankh gives Eiji several Core Medals to fight the Yummy before he flies back to the hospital to reattach to Shingo. Elsewhere, the Siamese Cat Yummy consumes Dr. Tamura just as Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO to fight her, transforming into Takatorartar to free Tamura from the Yummy. While holding the Yummy back, Eiji tells Tamura that the director needs her and she runs to him. Kei arrives to the hospital as she attempts to save the director, who is revealed to be her father, by operating on him after realizing that he held her back because of her pride and the lack of fear for her patient's lives. Meanwhile, the fight turns bad for Kamen Rider OOO when Kazari arrives and manages to take back his Tora and Cheetah Core Medals. But before Kazari can kill Eiji, Ankh arrives with spare Tora and Batta Medals for Eiji to resume the fight in Tatoba Combo. As Kamen Rider OOO battles Kazari and the Siamese Cat Yummy, Ankh deals with two Waste Yummy as Shintaro arrives to support Kamen Rider OOO, who is able to destroy the Siamese Cat Yummy just as Kazari escapes. With Shintaro taking his leave, Ankh gets into a fight with Eiji over losing two Core Medals in the previous fight. Back at the hospital, Eiji is pleased to learn that Kei was able to save her father after his heart attack and Kei thanks him for helping her become a better person and a better doctor. While these events transpired, Mezool has used a con-man to allow several Piranha Yummy to thrive, the Waste Yummy revealed to be created by Uva in order for her to create a full Yummy nest without interference. As the other three Greeed feast on the Cell Medals from the Piranha Yummy, they set up a plan to get their Core Medals back from Kamen Rider OOO. At the Kougami Biotech Lab, Maki is alerted to the finished analysis on the red Kujaku Core Medal.[14]

The Medal Struggle, the Transport Truck, and the Container[edit]

15"The Medal Struggle, the Transport Truck, and the Container"
"Medaru Sōdatsu to Yusōsha to Utsuwa" (メダル争奪と輸送車と器)
Yasuko KobayashiDecember 19, 2010
At the Cous Coussier, Eiji helps in the Christmas preparations as Hina is unable to answer Chiyoko's calls before Ankh spirits him away. Ankh reveals that was spying on Kougami as he tells Shintaro that he will oversee their transportation of 5000 Cell Medals to Dr. Maki along with a special Core Medal: one of his own. But when Eiji refuses to help him steal his Core Medal back, Ankh is upset about Eiji's refusal when Kazari arrives and gives the human a reason by revealing Hina to be in the transport truck. After confirming her disappearance, Eiji attempts to stop the transport truck as Shintaro assures him that only Cell Medals are on board. After getting Shintaro's permission in hopes of finding Hina, Eiji uses a Ride Vendor to follow before the transport is stopped by Uva and Mezool who want the Cell Medals. Ankh arrives so Eiji can become Kamen Rider OOO to fight the two Greeed while Ankh deals with Gamel. By then, coming to after Kazari knocked her out cold, Hina emerges from a hidden compartment in the truck before Gamel knocks her out. With things made worse by Ankh attempting to get his Core Medal back, Kamen Rider OOO loses most of his to Kazari while being knocked over the bridge by Mezool. With Uva and Gamel taking the truck as Shintaro pursues them, and Ankh escaping his attack, Kazari is confronted by Mezool about what he is planning by telling them about the transport. After waking Eiji, Ankh and he get into a fight until Eiji convinces him that saving Hina by offering him a year's amount of popsicles while promising to get the Core Medals upon her safety. While waiting for Mezool to split their loot, Uva and Gamel find Kazari as he explains that Kamen Rider OOO has defeated her. No sooner does Gamel run off to find Mezool, then Uva dodges a sneak attack from Kazari, revealing himself to have attacked Mezool for her Core Medals and now. After Uva runs off, forcing him to wait for Gamel to return, Kazari turns his attention to Hina. However, Ankh and Eiji save her as the latter becomes Kamen Rider OOO Sagohzo Combo to handle Kazari until Gamel returns. Tricked by Kazari in creating the Tortoise Yummy from his desire to kill Kamen Rider OOO and please Mezool, Gamel and his Yummy join the fray. During the fight, Kamen Rider OOO loses the Sai, Gorilla, and Zo Medals before assuming Latorartar Combo. With Kazari spiriting the blinded Gamel off in the transport truck, Kamen Rider OOO is forced to battle the Yummy and manages to destroy him with Shintaro's help. As Hina tends to Eiji's injuries, Kazari tricks Gamel into ingesting Mezool's Core Medals as Maki wishes to see the full power of the Core Medals when all contained in a single Greeed in relation to his completed project.[15]

An End, the Greeed, and a New Rider[edit]

16"An End, the Greeed, and a New Rider"
"Shūmatsu to Gurīdo to Shin Raidā" (終末とグリードと新ライダー)
Yasuko KobayashiDecember 26, 2010
After absorbing Mezool's Medals upon being tricked by Kazari for Maki's experiment, Gamel achieves his full form. However, before Maki adds Uva's Medals into the mix while asking him to give up some of his Core Medals, Kazari stops Maki as he takes the Kujaku Medal with him as payment for his role in the plot.Eiji's wounds are tended to by Hina, Ankh confronts Kougami about the recent turn of events as the man reveals that Maki is responsible yet he refuses to take action against the scientist as his research is for Kougami Foundation's desire for Cell Medals to save the world. Eiji arrives to restrain Ankh when he demands for any of his Core Medals from Kougami. When Ankh leaves after taking his advice, Kougami reveals to Eiji that fifty Core Medals were created by humans centuries ago as an attempt to create life and the loss of one in each set created the Greeed with a relentless desire to be whole. Later that night, after seeing a girl attacked by Waste Yummy Uva sends after her, Eiji and Ankh cover her escape without realizing that she is a weakened Mezool. At his lab, Maki is confronted by Shintaro about Hina as he explains that he would not take him in while stating that the Medal System he has devised is finished, putting Shintaro in his place. The next day, after a night of searching for Mezool, a confused Gamel arrives at the Cous Coussier where Eiji befriends him without being fully aware of who he is. However, Gamel's desire to find Mezool causes his body to emit destructive energy as he runs off. With Eiji following, he finds Gamel assuming his Greeed form when he explodes with unstable power. When Mezool arrives, she talks Gamel into being absorbed into her body so she can regain her Core Medals. However, Maki also arrives and has the Cell Medals from the shipment and Uva's Core Medals enter Mezool, causing her to be consumed by the power of the Medals and be transformed into a Mega Greeed. Rendered in her mindless "Out of Control" form, Mezool develops the need to devour everything in sight. Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider OOO soon after, unable to defeat the extremely powerful monster until a mysterious figure attacks Mezool and causes her to lose Uva's Core Medals. Grabbing the Medals, Kamen Rider OOO assumes Gatakiriba Combo to finish Mezool off. As Ankh tries to get the Core Medals, Uva and Kazari appear and snatch most of them with Ankh ending up with only one of Mezool's Unagi Medals and one of Gamel's Gorilla Medals. After Ankh reveals that he wants nothing but a stronger complete body with the Core Medals, Eiji realizes that he needs to seal the Greeed and save them from themselves. However, on their way back, Eiji and Ankh meet the mysterious figure who identifies himself, with an instruction manual, as Kamen Rider Birth.[16]

The Kendo Girl, Oden, and the Splitting Yummy[edit]

17"The Kendo Girl, Oden, and the Splitting Yummy"
"Kendō Shōjo to Oden to Bunri Yamī" (剣道少女とおでんと分離ヤミー)
Yasuko KobayashiJanuary 9, 2011
After destroying Mezool with the aid of the mysterious Kamen Rider Birth, Eiji and Ankh meet the man behind the suit: Akira Date. Using the Kamen Rider Birth Manual as a guide, he identifies the two while introducing himself before giving Eiji some Cell Medals and then walking off, while carrying a milk can full of Cell Medals on his back. At the Cous Coussier, Eiji welcomes Chiyoko and Hina back from their vacation in Egypt as the latter gives him a present as her way of thanking him for saving her from Kazari. Too bothered by the recent turn of events to notice the present Hina got for him as he cannot find any info on Kamen Rider Birth, Eiji assures him they'll know more about Date soon enough. Elsewhere, a girl named Rie Shiratori is unable to keep up with the rest of her kendo class as her desire to be the best attracts Uva. He uses her to create a White Yummy that attacks everyone who is better than her at kendo. Though Eiji tries to stop the Yummy as Kamen Rider OOO with his punches having no effect, the monster escapes after knocking Rie out. While Eiji takes Rie to the hospital, assuring her that he will stop the monster, Ankh finds the present Hina gave him: the custom-made O Medal Holder she commissioned during her time in Egypt. By then, the White Yummy defeats enough of Rie's classmates to molt into the Rhino Beetle Yummy, as a Taka Candroid finds him. Alerted by the Yummy's transformation, Eiji arrives as he becomes Kamen Rider OOO Takagoriba so he can use the Gorilla Arms' strength to increase his odds against the Yummy. However, as Rie's desire becomes destructive, the Rhino Beetle Yummy suddenly spawns the Stag Beetle Yummy and the two monsters overwhelm Kamen Rider OOO and Ankh. While this has been occurring, Date has been eating at an oden stand until his Gorilla Candroid alerts him to the Yummy attack. Arriving, with Shintaro following him, Date transforms into Kamen Rider Birth and uses the Cell Medals in his can as ammunition to take out the Yummy with Kamen Rider OOO and Ankh caught in the crossfire. As the Stag Beetle Yummy escapes, Kamen Rider Birth and Kamen Rider OOO destroy the Rhino Beetle Yummy. When Ankh tries to eat some of the Cell Medals, Kamen Rider Birth stops him and takes the Medals for himself. After canceling the transformation, Date explains to Eiji and Ankh that his job is to gather one hundred million Cell Medals.[17]

Destruction, Motives, and the Eel Whip[edit]

18"Destruction, Motives, and the Eel Whip"
"Hakai to Riyū to Unagi Muchi" (破壊と理由とウナギムチ)
Yasuko KobayashiJanuary 16, 2011
After learning of Date's mission as Kamen Rider Birth, Ankh is vexed as he vows he would get the Stag Beetle Yummy's Cell Medals before leaving while Eiji attempts to reason with him about the Cell Medals before Date walks off with Shintaro following. Returning to kendo class, Rie finds her teacher on the phone. Though she assures him she's alright, Rie attempts to follow him when he leaves, only to be stopped by Uva who tells her to wait for her desire to come true. Later that night, at the Cous Coussier after being unable to find him, Eiji and Ankh talk about the strange turn of events that created the Stag Beetle Yummy. The two realize the Rhino Beetle Yummy actually represented Rie's desire to reach her goal that the Stag Beetle Yummy represents. Meanwhile, after being discovered, Shintaro introduces himself to Date and wanted to know what sort of person the user of the Birth System. Taking his leave, Shintaro remembers Kougami's words that his pride is the reason why he is not being allowed to become Kamen Rider Birth. The next day, as Shintaro collapses in the Cous Coussier after Chiyoko and Hina finished setting up the restaurant in an Egyptian theme, Eiji and Ankh arrive to the dojo with the former asking Rie why she wanted to get stronger and she intended to do with it. But when Rie is unable to answer, Date arrives and reveals the girl has a crush on her kendo teacher Masaru and desires to get rid of any one who steals him from her, namely his bride to be. By then, as Date advises the girl to handle this matters of the heart on her own, Uva conjures several Waste Yummy to appear and hold the three men off from interfering. After Rie runs off to the chapel and their opponents dealt with, Date leaves for the site of the wedding without telling Eiji and Ankh the location. Rie is barely able to hold off the Stag Beetle Yummy as he almost kills her when Date arrives, becoming Kamen Rider Birth to take the Yummy out. However, Eiji arrives to Date's shock, revealing he placed a Tako Candroid on the man before while he was not looking. After Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO, the two Kamen Riders fight the Yummy together before Uva joins the fray. While Kamen Rider Birth deploys his Caterpillar Leg and Drill Arm CLAWs weapons to take Uva's Cell Medals, Kamen Rider OOO uses the Unagi Medal to transform into Kamen Rider OOO Takautar to hold the Greeed and his Yummy at bay before Kamen Rider Birth uses the Breast Cannon at four times its Cell Burst power to blast the Stag Beetle Yummy and take his Cell Medals, only to find Ankh sneaking into his can and forcing him to drop the pilfered Cell Medals. As Rie feels relieved that the Yummy are taken care of, Date takes his leave after turning down Eiji's offer for them to team up, though the latter is impressed by the sort of person he is.[18]

The Red Medal, the Detective, and Betrayal[edit]

19"The Red Medal, the Detective, and Betrayal"
"Akai Medaru to Keiji to Uragiri" (赤いメダルと刑事と裏切り)
Yasuko KobayashiJanuary 23, 2011
Coming too after oversleeping, Eiji finds Shintaro working at the Cous Coussier before Satonaka arrives to tell Eiji that Kougami wants to see him. In his office, Kougami gives Eiji Ankh's Condor Medal he got in Europe, admitting he has many trump cards but insists that Kamen Rider OOO needs to become stronger to keep up with the remaining Greeed as they are increasing their powers as well. Afraid that Ankh will absorb the Medal and abandon Shingo's dying body, Eiji returns the Core Medal to Kougami before heading back to the restaurant. Meanwhile, Kazari has finished creating a new Yummy in fugitive Toichi Yamagane, turning him into a revenge-driven berserker as part of plan to regain his Core Medals. Kazari is then dropped off and given a cellphone by Maki, since the scientist's lab is no longer safe for them to meet due to Date taking up residence there. By then, Eiji arrives at the dutch-themed Cous Coussier only to run into a strange man named Yasuji "Yasu" Okumura who is looking for Shingo. However, after he leaves, Yasu is confronted by Yamagane, who intends to make him pay for putting him in jail. Eiji arrives and becomes Kamen Rider OOO to hold off the possessed human. Yamagane manages to escape, after he declares to take revenge on Yasu and Ankh. After Eiji negates the transformation, Yasu recognizes Ankh as Shingo. It is revealed that three years ago, Yasu betrayed Yamagane and was about to be killed when Shingo arrived and saved him. Thus Yamagane blames the two for being sent to prison. Using Yasu as bait to uncover Kazari's scheme. Keeping Hina with them in case the criminal goes after her, Ankh succeeds in getting Yamagane to appear as the White Yummy emerges from him. Though Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO Takakiriba to fight the Yummy, the monster assumes his complete form as the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy whose hybrid appearance worries Ankh. Kamen Rider OOO is unable to fight the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy as he has his jellyfish familiars deal with the Kamen Rider while he goes after Hina and Yasu. Using the Tako Candroids to intervene, Kamen Rider OOO becomes Takakirietar to catch up to the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy before becoming Lakirietar to burn the monster, but the Yummy is immune to his attack due to his blended natures. By then, Date arrives and becomes Kamen Rider Birth to take the Yummy out before Kazari suddenly appears and knocks him away. Revealing that he absorbed Mezool's Core Medals before creating the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy, Kazari sends Kamen Rider Birth flying off the building while the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy defeats Kamen Rider OOO. When Ankh takes out the Medal Holder to help Eiji, Yasu snatches it from his hands and gives it to Kazari. Reabsorbing the Cheetah and Lion Medals, Kazari is now one Medal closer to regaining his true form as he proceeds to get the Tora Medal from the O Medal Holder to achieve his complete form.[19]

A Decoy, the Qualifications, and the Blazing Combo[edit]

20"A Decoy, the Qualifications, and the Blazing Combo"
"Otori to Shikaku to Honō no Konbo" (囮(おとり)と資格と炎のコンボ)
Yasuko KobayashiJanuary 30, 2011
With his trap a success, Kazari is now one Medal closer to regaining his true form as he proceeds to get the Tora Medal from the O Medal Holder to achieve his complete form. However, there were only Cell Medals in the O Medal Holder as Ankh expected the trap and offers a trade: the Kujaku Medal for the Tora Medal. Claiming that Eiji has the Tora Medal, he flings the human off the building as Kazari and the Yummy-possessed Yamagane pursue. Refusing to leave Eiji behind, Hina takes the Kujaku Medal to force Ankh to help her find him. However, Ankh manages to tie her up with the intent of drowning her if she does not him give back his Core Medal. However, she refuses until he saves Eiji and Ankh is unable to pull off the deed. Meanwhile, managing to save himself but finding everyone gone, Date arrives at the Cous Coussier where he finds Shintaro before showing interest in the photographs around the room prior to seeing Eiji. Date then takes Shintaro out after closing time and has him try out the Birth Buster, causing him to fall back from the recoil to show him that he needs to train to use the Birth system. By morning, the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy consumes Yamagane and Kazari sends him after Eiji and destroy everything else to his content. Sensing the Yummy, Ankh is forced to let Hina go so she can guard his Core Medal while dealing with the monster and waiting for Eiji despite his injuries. At the same time, having been saved by Yasu with his wounds treated and sharing stories of being used by their respective partners, Eiji also makes his way to the fight and meets up with Ankh who gives him the medals to become Kamen Rider OOO. However, due to his strained leg, and with only two spare Core Medals left that would not fix the problem, OOO is at a disadvantage as Kamen Rider Birth arrives to take over the fight with his Shovel Arm knocking Yamagane out of the Yummy. However, the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy overpowers the Kamen Riders with his jellyfish as Kougami instructs Satonaka to take the Condor Medal and the Kujaku Candroid to the battle, along with various guns. As Ankh calls Eiji, Eiji as Kamen Rider OOO assumes Tajador Combo once again (as Eiji used Ankh's Core Medals and transform into Tajador Combo form then destroying Kamen Rider Core). OOO in Tajador Combo eliminates the jellyfish before destroying the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy with the Prominence Drop Rider Kick, allowing Birth to take the Cell Medals. As the transformation ends, Eiji collapses from the strain and Ankh takes back his Core Medals. As Eiji told him not to absorb them, a rainbow-colored aura forms into a wing emerging from Shingo's body, yet Ankh is unable to regenerate his body as Eiji's thinking.[20]

The Grasshopper, the Father and Son, and the Ally of Justice[edit]

21"The Grasshopper, the Father and Son, and the Ally of Justice"
"Batta to Oyako to Seigi no Mikata" (バッタと親子と正義の味方)
Nobuhiro MouriFebruary 6, 2011

As Chiyoko and others gather supplies to make Valentine's Day chocolate, Shintaro notices a boy being pushed around by an older man after he refuses to pick up a can he threw. After Eiji gives the man his can, the boy's father arrives and his son, Takashi, expresses pride in him in not letting bad guys have their way before Chiyoko recognizes the father as Susumu Kanbayashi. After leaving, and after Takashi runs away from him after seeing his father refusing to come back home to him and his mom, Susumu is confronted by Uva who creates a Yummy that acts on the man's subconscious desire to show that crime does not pay and molts into the Grasshopper Yummy. Later at the Cous Coussier, while the others continue to prepare for Valentine's Day, Eiji is still worried at how Ankh was unable to regain his true form. Taking Ankh along with him on an errand, Eiji is unable to get any answers as Ankh senses the Yummy's presence. Upon seeing the Grasshopper Yummy going after a frighten woman, Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO with several Waste Yummy getting in the way. After transforming into Takauba to destroy the monster grunts, he watches the Grasshopper Yummy give the scared woman her purse before taking his leave. At the Cous Coussier, with Chiyoko tending to Susumu's wounds before he leaves off, Eiji and Ankh are confused as how the Yummy was acting heroic, but Ankh chides the Eiji for thinking a Yummy can truly be a hero. Later, as the Grasshopper Yummy resumes his attack on whomever Susumu sees as a bad guy, Shintaro trains to resist the Birth Buster's recoil before finding Takashi and tries to explain to him about not putting himself in danger before the boy runs off. That night, when the Grasshopper Yummy attacks a group of punks for causing noise pollution, Eiji arrives and becomes OOO to stop the monster's rampage. With no suitable Core Medals to counter the monster's speed, Ankh is forced to give OOO his Kujaku Medal to become Takajaba before the Grasshopper Yummy stops the escaping punks from nearly running Takashi over. By then, Date arrives and becomes Kamen Rider Birth, using the Caterpillar Leg and Shovel Arm to take some Cell Medals before Uva intervenes. With OOO arriving in time, the Kamen Riders fight Uva and the Grasshopper Yummy. But just as OOO prepares to use a Giga Scan to destroy the Grasshopper Yummy, Susumu stands in the line of fire. Seeing that his father unable to give up this new power to do good, Takashi follows suit in protecting him from the astonished Kamen Rider.[21]

This is the last episode Kamen Rider OOO runs alongside the Tensou Sentai Goseiger in the Super Hero Time lineup.

Chocolate, Faith, and the Power of Justice[edit]

22"Chocolate, Faith, and the Power of Justice"
"Choko to Shinnen to Seigi no Chikara" (チョコと信念と正義の力)
Nobuhiro MouriFebruary 13, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO prepares to use a Giga Scan as Takajaba to destroy the Grasshopper Yummy when Susumu stands in the line of fire. Seeing his father is unable to give up this new power to make the world a better place with, Takashi follows suit in protecting him as Uva and the Grasshopper Yummy run off, with father and son soon following as the former insists to Kamen Rider OOO not interfere anymore. The next day, as Shintaro practices with the Kamen Rider Birth Buster while remembering Takashi's words, the boy and his father use the Grasshopper Yummy to take out every untouchable criminal with Uva checking up on the progress. At the Cous Coussier, Chiyoko reveals that Susumu is leaving his home as Shintaro learns that justice can have corruptive effects when he asks if Eiji intends to destroy the Grasshopper Yummy. This affects Shintaro as he manages to withstand the recoil before asking for Date's reason for fighting. Date refuses to reveal the reason and advises Shintaro to believe in himself just as a Gorilla Candroid arrives to tell them of the Yummy's location. By then, after assuming Gatatoraba to take out a couple of Waste Yummy, Kamen Rider OOO asks Susumu if the Grasshopper Yummy attacking a begging man truly justified as battles the monster as Susumu is told to take the Takeshi to safety. However, Uva takes Takashi hostage and uses the boy to get his Core Medals back. Though he attempts to trick Uva, Kamen Rider OOO's plan fails when Ankh accidentally knocks the Kujaku Candroid away with Uva regaining his Kuwagata and Batta Medals. Eiji gets attacked by the Grasshopper Yummy while Uva attacks Ankh before nearly killing Susumu when he pleas him to stop. But Date and Shintaro arrive, with the former becoming Kamen Rider Birth to chase the Greeed and Yummy while Eiji explains the dangers of justice and that he should protect those dear to him. Meanwhile, after Shintaro takes Takashi to safety and recites Date's advise to the boy of believing in himself, Uva arrives to create a Yummy from the boy. However, taking Shintaro's words to heart and wanting his father, Takashi closes his Medal Insert Slot much to Uva's dismay as Eiji and Ankh arrive. Eiji then becomes Kamen Rider OOO Takatoradol to fight Uva and the Grasshopper Yummy with Shintaro providing backup before he and Takashi leave the scene with the boy's father. By then, Kamen Rider Birth arrives and uses his Drill Arm to weaken Uva's body so Ankh can take back the Batta Medal along with the Tako Medal. After assuming Tajador Combo, Kamen Rider OOO uses his Giga Scan to destroy the Grasshopper Yummy while Kamen Rider Birth and Ankh fight over the raining Cell Medals. Later, during the Valentine's Day party, Susumu and his family visit the Cous Coussier to thank the gang for their help.[22]

This is the first episode Kamen Rider OOO runs along the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in the Super Hero Time lineup.

Beauty, the Egg, and the Sleeping Desire[edit]

23"Beauty, the Egg, and the Sleeping Desire"
"Kirei to Tamago to Nemuru Yokubō" (キレイと卵と眠る欲望)
Yasuko KobayashiFebruary 20, 2011
After talking to Kazari via the Internet upon the Greeed absorbing Gamel's Core Medals, Maki advises Date to get a check to see the effects of the Birth System on a human user, along with some regard to man's condition for the sake of science. At the Cous Coussier, sporting a pre-revolutionary French theme, Ankh worries about the state of the Core Medals and realizes that he and Eiji need get regain their Core Medal Combos before finding Date at the restaurant where he asks Chiyoko if he can speak to Eiji. Elsewhere, at the Beauty Marine Lab beauty salon, Kazari finds an ideal desire in Yumi Sakura, the older sister of the company's owner Rei Sakura. As a Yummy egg beings to form, but disappears, Kazari meets with Uva as he explains that Yumi's desire will win out eventually. But when Kazari brings up the fact that Uva has not absorbed the Core Medals that were once Mezool's and Gamel's that he possesses, he provokes Uva into a fight. Later, Eiji meets Date at his usual oden shack to discuss a photo of the young man, just as Ankh senses the fight between the two Greeed. Though slowed down by meeting Yumi, an old friend of his, Akira Date sets up a meeting for her in the evening before he arrives to see Kamen Rider OOO fighting Kazari as Takagorita and joins in as Kamen Rider Birth, as Uva had run off minutes prior. The two Kamen Riders have trouble fighting Kazari until Kamen Rider OOO assumes Tajador Combo to even the odds before Kazari runs off. Later, Ankh senses Kazari's Yummy egg as it manipulates Yumi into being consumed by her desire to be more beautiful than her sister. When Eiji and Ankh find Yumi, the Yummy egg spawns a school of small stingray-like Ei Yummy that attack them. As Kamen Rider OOO and Ankh fight the monsters off, Yumi takes her leave. Later that night, after not finding Yumi at the oden shack as she promised him, Date runs into Eiji as they find Yumi, who is now beauty incarnate. Eiji and every other man in the vicinity fall head over heels in love with her. However, Date is unfazed.[23]

Memories, Love, and the Ocean Combo[edit]

24"Memories, Love, and the Ocean Combo"
"Omoide to Koi to Umi no Konbo" (思い出と恋と海のコンボ)
Yasuko KobayashiFebruary 27, 2011
With Eiji enraptured by Yumi's otherworldly beauty, Date is unaffected as he demands the Yummy Egg before a school of Ei Yummy to cover their escape as Date and Ankh fight the monsters. The next day, as Rei is frantic over location of Yumi in light of the upcoming conference, Hina tends to Eiji's love sickness while Kougami gives Date the results of his medical check up and current total of Cell Medals while Maki is making upgrades to the Birth CLAWs. At the Aqua Museum Lab for business promotion, Rei is confronted by Yumi as she has the newly hatched Ray-Rhino Yummy hold her sister captive so she can take her sister's place as company president. Seeing Yumi on TV, Date heads to the Cous Coussier to borrow Shintaro as he helps Hina and Ankh snap Eiji out of it. Date arrives at the Aqua Museum Lab as Yumi reveals her reasons to Rei of her sudden change of behavior. Date arrives, revealing he is unaffected by Yumi's beauty as he prefers the old her before reminding her of their time in the Sahara and managing to snap her out of her desire. However, the Ray-Rhino Yummy attacks Date while the Sakura sisters run out of harm's way. With Shintaro covering him, Date becomes Kamen Rider Birth and uses the upgraded Drill Arm to take most of the Cell Medals from the Yummy. With the Gamel-element gone, the large Ei Yummy that remained turns into the giant Devilray Yummy. By then, Ankh and Hina drag Eiji to the fight before Kazari arrives to bar their path. Eventually, leaving Kazari to wait for them, the two manage to snap Eiji out of the Yummy's spell by having Eiji turn into Kamen Rider OOO to fight the Greeed as the Devilray Yummy emerges. While Date tends to Yumi's injuries from the collapsing roof, with Rei begging her sister for forgiveness of causing all of this, Kamen Rider OOO has trouble dealing with his two opponents before Ankh tells him to use his Taka Head's vision to take Mezool's Shachi Medal from Kazari. Despite the Devilray Yummy's interference, Kamen Rider OOO manages to get the Shachi Medal and uses the complete set of Mezool's Medals to become Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo. With his new water-based powers, Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo overpowers the Devilray Yummy on land and sea before destroying the monster with the Octo Banish Scanning Charge. As Eiji reveals he has no memory of being under the Ray-Rhino Yummy's influence, Yumi thanks Date before being taken to the hospital to fully recover. Though Shintaro asks him if he is fine that he and Yumi are parting ways, Date tells him that he has still got business to take care of.[24]

The Boxer, the Left Hand, and the Bird Yummy[edit]

25"The Boxer, the Left Hand, and the Bird Yummy"
"Bokusā to Hidarite to Tori Yamī" (ボクサーと左手と鳥ヤミー)
Yasuko KobayashiMarch 6, 2011
At the Cous Coussier, Ankh refuses to answer Eiji about his nature and storms off as Hina overheard the whole thing. By then, Chiyoko and Shintaro arrive with the former planning on a Spanish theme to boxer Kazuki Okamura and his group. Soon after they leave, as Ankh takes his leave, Shintaro explains about Okamura's punch-drunk syndrome that is forcing the champion to retire. Hearing about a Yummy from Shintaro through Date, Eiji arrives as the Yummy heals Okamura's hand with feathers after petrifying the arm of his friend. With Ankh watching, Date and Eiji assume their Kamen Rider forms to battle the Yummy before he turns into a bird Yummy; the Parrot Yummy. With the Kamen Riders fighting the Parrot Yummy with Shintaro supporting them, before the monster flies away with Okamura. With Shintaro sending a Taka Candroid to find the Parrot Yummy, he interrogates Ankh about the Yummy being his doing. But Eiji tries to defend Ankh, believing it might be another Greeed's doing. The next day, the Parrot Yummy attacks various men, petrifying their forearms to restore Okamura's arm as Shintaro walks with Eiji after finding Ankh nowhere to be seen. As Kamen Rider Birth fights the Parrot Yummy with Shintaro's support, Eiji finds Ankh who gives him his Core Medals to take out the Yummy. However, Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo is defeated by the Parrot Yummy and Kamen Rider Birth's chance to use his Cell Burst attack with the Yummy's guard down is interrupted by what appears to be Ankh. With the Parrot Yummy taking his leave, Ankh follows as Eiji feels utterly betrayed.[25]

Ankh, the Ring, and Putting it All On[edit]

26"Ankh, the Ring, and Putting it All On"
"Anku to Ringu to Zenbu Nose" (アンクとリングと全部のせ)
Yasuko KobayashiMarch 20, 2011[Note 1]
After his injuries from his fight with the blue Parrot Yummy are tended to by Date, Eiji is convinced that Ankh did not create the Yummy but someone else who has his Core Medals did. Furthermore, Eiji realizes the monster's method of granting desires: stealing from others and giving to the host. Date and Shintaro head out on their own to find the Yummy as Eiji is forced to stay behind to recuperate. Despite Kamen Rider Birth's attempt to stop it with a Drill Arm/Caterpillar Leg combo, the blue Parrot Yummy takes Takeda to where a fully healed Okamura waits for him. Despite his injuries, Eiji arrives to help by giving them the location of where Okamura and Takeda are to box. Eiji arrives at the location just as, the blue Parrot Yummy fights with Ankh, revealing that he is to take Ankh's Core Medals. After transforming, Kamen Rider OOO fights the Yummy with Kamen Rider Birth and Shintaro arriving to aid him. After assuming Shauta Combo with Kamen Rider Birth using the Birth Day function of the Birth CLAWs as a distraction, Kamen Rider OOO destroys the Parrot Yummy. The Yummy's spell ends as Okamura promises Takeda that he will go through rehab and fight him again. As Ankh only reveals that he needs Eiji for a complete resurrection, in a body more powerful than his original, they are watched by the mysterious arm that created the Yummy.[26]

1000, a Movie, and the Combatman[edit]

27"1000, a Movie, and the Combatman"
"Sen to Eiga to Sentōin" (1000と映画と戦闘員)
Shōji YonemuraMarch 27, 2011
Kougami summons Eiji and Ankh to celebrate the birthday of the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider by making a movie. After convincing Ankh by offering to reveal who has his medals, Kougami presents film: Kamen Rider OOO vs Shocker with Date as the director. After talking Maki into joining the production as cameraman, Date sets up the cast. He covers everyone but the Shocker grunts, with Kougami employee In Sendo offering his services, with Ankh recognizing him as a Yummy host. During the filming, Chiyoko takes Shintaro's place as the scientist. However an attack by a Red Parrot Yummy attracts Ankh's attention as he and Eiji take their leave to fight him. Assuming Takauta, Kamen Rider OOO battles the Yummy before he flies off. Later, Sendo's actual Yummy, the Squid-Jaguar Yummy hatches and proceeds to act on Sendo's desire to eliminate all Kamen Riders. After failing to stand up against two female motorcyclists, the Squid-Jaguar Yummy fights Kamen Riders OOO and Birth before the Parrot Yummy intervenes. With Birth overpowered by the monsters, Kamen Rider OOO is forced to assume Shauta Combo to destroy the Parrot Yummy.[27]

1000, the Kamen Riders, and the Birthday[edit]

28"1000, the Kamen Riders, and the Birthday"
"Sen to Kamen Raidā to Tanjōbi" (1000と仮面ライダーと誕生日)
Shōji YonemuraApril 3, 2011
Though he is forced to destroy the Parrot Yummy to save Kamen Rider Birth, OOO Shauta Combo loses the Squid-Jaguar Yummy before the Combo's strain comes into play as Eiji and Shintaro look after the wounded Date. Finding Kougami watching all the battles of the past Kamen Riders, Ankh demands answers of who has his Core Medals as the movie is on hiatus. However, though badly injured, Date wants to finish the movie for the children. During the filming, with Date wanting to make the fight scenes, Sendo arrives with some extras for the film to ensure just that before he leaves. By then, the extras, actually Yummy, attack Kamen Rider OOO as Sendo reveals himself as a former Shocker Combatman who proceeds to summons his grunt-like Yummy army to overpower the Kamen Rider before he assumes Tajador Combo to destroy them all, much to Sendo's shock of finding Cell Medals in their place. By then, the Squid-Jaguar Yummy appears as Kazari reveals that he used Sendo's dream of reviving Shocker and punishing the Kamen Riders for years of beating the grunts up to his advantage. However, wanting to be in the climax that he is filming, Kamen Rider Birth fights Kazari before his injuries act up. However, thanks to Sendo and Shintaro's intervention in their respective fights, Kamen Riders OOO and Birth manage to turn the tables before Erika Satonaka arrives with a monitor. Though he reveals that he lied about knowing the identity of the holder of Ankh's Core Medals, Kougami orders Kamen Rider Birth to use all 1,000 Cell Medals to form the CLAWs Sasori to drive Kazari away before using the mecha to weaken the Squid-Jaguar Yummy to help Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo destroy the monster. Later, after watching the end of the film with Sendo and Kamen Rider OOO calling a temporary ceasefire, while stating it to be an excellent 1,000th episode, Kougami declares the birthday celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series has only begun.[28]

The Older Sister, the Doctor, and the Truth About Ankh[edit]

29"The Older Sister, the Doctor, and the Truth About Ankh"
"Ane to Dokutā to Anku no Shinjitsu" (姉と博士(ドクター)とアンクの真実)
Yasuko KobayashiApril 10, 2011
Finding Ankh is out searching for whoever has his Core Medals, Eiji realizes there is another reason why the Greeed could not fully regenerate. At the Kougami Foundation, his partnership to Kazari found out and Maki is threatened with swift and brutal consequences if he continues helping the Greeed. Later, visiting the grave of his sister, Hitomi, where he calls Kazari to meet him, Maki tells him to absorb the other Core Medals and evolve into a Mega Greeed to achieve his desire. However, not intending to lose his mind, Kazari creates a Yummy from Maki, much to the doctor's shock. The Yummy acts on Maki's true desire and crushes Hitomi's grave out of obsession before walking away. Though ordered to call the Yummy off, Kazari refuses Maki's request as he intends to learn what is going on with Ankh. Finding Ankh, Eiji brings him food to nourish Shingo's body. By then, with Maki disgusted that his desire is not one of doomsday, he watches the White Yummy bear-hug the life out of people before turning into the Orca-Panda Yummy. Alarmed to the Yummy's presence while training, Kamen Rider Birth fights the Orca-Panda Yummy before the monster eludes him. Following Chiyoko without her knowledge, the Orca-Panda Yummy is stopped by Maki as he uses the Ptera Candroids to drive the monster off. But it only enrages the monster as Kamen Rider Birth arrives and fights the Yummy before it escapes him again. Maki ends up being looked after by Hina and Chiyoko as the memories of his sister's death flood his mind from being in the latter's presence. On their way to the Cous Coussier, Ankh senses his Core Medals as he and Eiji find Kazari waiting for them, interested in what will happen. Eiji demands to know what Ankh is hiding from him to which Kazari agrees to reveal after taking back his Core Medal by force. Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo to fight Kazari before their fight is interrupted by a being that Kazari calls "Ankh". "Ankh" proceeds fight Kamen Rider OOO with Ankh telling the Kamen Rider to destroy the Greeed. Though the two are equal in power, Eiji's body can no longer handle the strain and he cancels the transformation before "Ankh" sees Ankh and attempts to absorb him, with Eiji trying to stop it.[29]

The King, the Panda, and the Blazing Memory[edit]

30"The King, the Panda, and the Blazing Memory"
"Ō to Panda to Honō no Kioku" (王とパンダと炎の記憶)
Yasuko KobayashiApril 17, 2011
After saving Ankh from the other Greeed, Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO Shauba to get him out. As Eiji takes Ankh back the Cous Coussier, they are met by Date who is updated on the chain of events before he agrees to lend his Cell Medals in exchange for information on what occurred centuries ago. Having no choice, Ankh reveals that the Greeed were actually created for the sole purpose so the original OOO could become a living god. Though he helped the first OOO, Ankh was betrayed as the Kamen Rider used all fifteen Core Medal types he had at once to achieve his goal. However, instead of becoming a god, the Core Medals caused OOO's body to turn into the coffin that housed the four Greeed and Ankh's arm. At the same time, doing his own investigation, Shintaro learns from Kougami that Ankh's body was mummified and was only revived by Kougami taking the Condor Medal from it after finding it during his Trip to Europe. While this all occurred, Maki is driven by Chiyoko to his childhood home for a first aid kit. There, as he spends more time with Chiyoko, his memories come back more clearly, the prior loss being a defense mechanism for the horrible childhood he suffered, and he kicks Chiyoko out of the house. Sensing the Orca-Panda Yummy making his move on Chiyoko, Eiji and Ankh follow Date as the Kamen Riders battle the Orca-Panda Yummy. Assuming Takajaba, Kamen Rider OOO holds the Yummy so Kamen Rider Birth can destroy him with the Breast Cannon. Elsewhere, Maki is forced to accept the fact that Hitomi was actually a heartless woman whose intention was to leave him upon getting married, which drove him to light the fire that killed her. As Kazari arrives, Maki accepts working for him full time as he destroys his lab so he can achieve an end before everything good in the world is gone. By then, with Ankh (Lost) at their side, Kazari and Maki take their leave with Eiji and Ankh astonished.[30]

Returning the Favor, the Plan, and the Purple Medals[edit]

31"Returning the Favor, the Plan, and the Purple Medals"
"Ongaeshi to Takurami to Murasaki no Medaru" (恩返しとたくらみと紫のメダル)
Yasuko KobayashiApril 24, 2011
Having quit the Kogami Foundation to achieve his desire of an end to the world, Maki presents Kazari and Ankh (Lost) with was he took from the Foundation: a complete set of 10 purple dinosaur-themed Core Medals with the intention of creating a Greeed from them. The next day, Hina's friend Suzuka arrives and asks Eiji's help on the matter of a mysterious benefactor leaving money for her and her mother. Eiji eventually finds the person, Kosuke Sakata, learning that he is only paying back Suzuka's father for helping him out. When Suzuka arrives, she demands Sakata to stop paying her family back. As Sakata runs off to talk to her, Ankh stops him to get answers on the Cell Medal on his person. However, Sakata is shocked to see two men to be from the company he works for demanding money from her. Arriving to the office, Sakata tries to take the debt on as his own, only to provoke the Waste Yummy inside the workaholic staff to emerge. As Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO to fight off the monsters, Sakata runs into an irate Uva who creates a Yummy from him. By the time Eiji and Ankh find him, they learn from Sakata that he was paid to bring Cell Medals to Uva in order to get the money to pay back Suzuka's family. Though he messed up, Eiji tells him that his heart was in the right place. Elsewhere, the White Yummy scatters the money it stole from a bank to molt into the Black Swallowtail Yummy to litter the city in money and cause riots as a result. Becoming Kamen Rider OOO Takauta, Eiji grounds the Yummy and fights her before Kamen Rider Birth arrives for support with Uva joining the fray with his Cell Medals making him stronger. Forced to assume Tajador Combo, Kamen Rider OOO battles Uva, with Ankh managing to claim the Sai and Zo Medals from him, while Kamen RIder Birth takes down the Black Swallowtail Yummy with the Torikera Candroid's support. Though Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo destroys the Black Swallowtail Yummy, his battle attracts the attention of five of the purple Core Medals which enter his body. This causes the Eiji's transformation to cancel as Uva takes the Condor Medal before taking his leave. Reverted to normal, the others are forced to take Eiji to the hospital while Ankh is uneased by the turn of events.[31]

A New Greeed, Desire,and the Invincible Combo[edit]

32"A New Greeed, Desire, and the Invincible Combo"
"Shin Gurīdo to Kūhaku to Muteki no Konbo" (新グリードと空白と無敵のコンボ)
Yasuko KobayashiMay 1, 2011
Taking Eiji to the hospital, with no sense of trauma, Date and the others are confused as he comes to. After parting ways with Sakata while telling him that he has similar trouble, Eiji is altered by Ankh's senses of Yummy which are dissolving people with their mist. Arriving to the source, Eiji and Date confront the Pterandon Yummy as they become Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo and Kamen Rider Birth to fight him while Goto tries to get as many people to safety. However, the Pteranodon Yummy cancels Kamen Rider OOO's transformation as a female Pteranodon Yummy appears. Though Date tries to get him to safety, Eiji refuses to leave the people to the monsters' mercy as they injure him in his attempt to help the people. After tending to his wounds in the Cous Coussier, Date finally recognizes Eiji as the son of a politician who unknowingly caused a civil war. Though, Date is confident that Eiji will solve his inner demons, Kougami arrives and reveals that Eiji's lack of desire is what made him ideal to become Kamen Rider OOO. But things changed as the purple Medals destroy any desire and would drive Eiji to the deep end. The next day, the Pteranodon Yummy resume their attack as both Eiji and Ankh sense their dirty work. Becoming Kamen Rider OOO, he fights the monsters with Birth arriving for support. But the presence of a little girl causes Kamen Rider OOO to leave himself open to attack with the female Pterandon Yummy's attack. However, the purple medals in Eiji reacts and protects Eiji from the attack until the purple medals force him to become OOO Putotyra combo. The Pteranodon yummy sense their own power inside him and attacks. However, rendered a beast, Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo utterly destroys them both before turning his attention to Birth before Hina snaps him out of it and Eiji loses consciousness. While this occurred, Maki had Kazari inserts the remaining purple Core Medals into him so he can become a Greeed himself. Maki then produces another Pteranodon Yummy using the candle he had used to burn his sister to death.[32]

Friendship, Chaos, and the Belt Left Behind[edit]

33"Friendship, Chaos, and the Belt Left Behind"
"Yūjō to Bōsō to Nokosareta Beruto" (友情と暴走と残されたベルト)
Nobuhiro MouriMay 8, 2011
Using his Pteranodon Yummy to see if he is more worthy of housing the purple Core Medals than he is, Maki witnesses Eiji become Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo against his will again with Ankh unable to hold the Core Medals. Later, as an argument over Eiji's inability to control the purple Core Medals, Chiyoko arrives with a letter with theme park tickets for Eiji from a young man named Yuichi Kitamura who clams to be Eiji's old friend from high school. The gang arrive to the theme park where Eiji meets Kitamura and finally remembers. Everyone but Ankh has fun until Hina disappears and everyone splits up to find her. As Kitamura arrives to help Eiji find Hina, a Yummy attacks Date who dons the Birth armor to overpower the monster until it molts into the Owl Yummy and flies off with Date as Shintaro arrives to find the Birth Driver. Eiji arrives soon after and learns of Date's abduction, yet feels they need to find Hina first as Ankh decides to handle it himself. However, Ankh finds Kitamura and realizes he is the Yummy's source before falls for the man's trap. Kitamura then lead Eiji and Shintaro to Hina before the two are attacked by the Owl Yummy. Though Eiji using the purple Core Medals is out of the question, Shintaro felt not ready to become Kamen Rider Birth and is captured soon after. However, as the purple Core Medals attempt to take control, Ankh arrives in time and has Eiji become Kamen Rider OOO Sagohzo Combo instead to overpower the Owl Yummy until he uses Shintaro as a shield to escape. As Kitamura and Hina help Eiji find the others, with him keeping quiet of the former's action against him, Ankh is unaware that he is targeted by his other self and Kazari as the Owl Yummy's next victim.[33]

The Close Friend, the Use, and This Connection[edit]

34"The Close Friend, the Use, and This Connection"
"Shin'yū to Riyō to Sono Kankei" (親友と利用とその関係)
Nobuhiro MouriMay 15, 2011
As Eiji looks for Date and Shintaro, having Hina get them something to drink, Ankh confronts Kitamura and forces him to admit his reasons to have Eiji ask him for help in finding Hina and that the Yummy's appearance and the kidnapping the others was not part of the man's plan. When Ankh reveals it to Eiji when he returns, he covers Kitamura's actions from Hina much to Ankh's shock. When Ankh demands why he is defending Kitamura, Eiji admits he has blame in it as he deduces the Owl Yummy's hideout is a place Kitamura enjoys: the green house. Arriving at the green house to find Date and Shintaro, Eiji tries to save them before he is attacked by the Owl Yummy with the freed Shintaro backing him up. Assuming Sauba, Kamen Rider OOO fights the Owl Yummy outside as Kamen Rider Birth and Kazari join the fray before the Yummy spirits Ankh away. Taking the Unagi Medal, Kazari decides to take his leave as he reveals he has succeeded in capturing Ankh. Though he tries to stop him from saving Ankh, Kitamura decides to help Eiji in looking for Ankh, as he is brought before Maki and senses the purple Medals in him. Before Ankh (Lost) attempts to absorb his other self, Eiji arrives and Maki takes his leave as the young man uses sheer will to call forth the purple Core Medals and becomes Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo. He battles with Kazari, gaining one of his Cheetah Medals, before Kazari and Ankh (Lost) escape while the Owl Yummy is destroyed. Leading the feral Kamen Rider away from Kitamura, Ankh manages to reach Eiji and cancel the transformation at the cost of injuring himself. Returning to the Cous Coussier, the gang find themselves working to get ready for a big party.[34]

The Dream, the Brother, and Birth's Secret[edit]

35"The Dream, the Brother, and Birth's Secret"
"Yume to Ani to Bāsu no Himitsu" (夢と兄とバースの秘密)
Nobuhiro MouriMay 22, 2011
After winning a fashion design contest at her school, Hina receives a visit from the contest judge as he offers her a chance to go to Paris to achieve her dream to become a world-renowned fashion designer, but Shingo's situation prevents her from achieving that dream. Elsewhere, Uva is attacked by Kazari and Ankh (Lost) for the red Core Medal on his person. Though he escapes, Uva realizes he is at a disadvantage and needs to even the odds. Meanwhile, using the second-place trophy of Hina's fellow contestant, Shoko Sugiura, Doctor Maki creates the Unicorn Yummy to destroy the dreams of others. Akira Date transforms into Kamen Rider Birth arrives to fight the monster with Shintaro's support. Kamen Rider OOO joins the fight as well, but Uva arrives the fight to steal Gamel's Core Medals from Kamen Rider OOO while Kamen Rider Birth suddenly writhes in pain. After the Greeed and Yummy take their leave, having watched the fight from afar, Kazari realizes that Uva is attempting to revive Mezool and Gamel. Later, Eiji finds Hina as she reveals how Shingo got her to go for her dream with Eiji trying to push her as well. Shoko arrives to ask Hina to let her go to France in her place as the Unicorn Yummy arrives to attack them. Eiji tries to keep the monster away from the girls before Ankh arrives to allow Eiji to transform into Kamen Rider OOO Sajazo. Kamen Rider OOO battles the Unicorn Yummy before Uva and Kamen Rider Birth arrive. Kamen Rider OOO switches to Sagohzo Combo to fight with the Medagabryu. After taking advantage of Date's condition to beat him, the Unicorn Yummy tries to destroy Shoko's dream before Hina tries to stop him. However, Hina loses her dream instead as Ankh suddenly and uncharacteristically attacks the Yummy. Despite Kazari's intervention, he loses the Core Medals he absorbed to Uva and falls back as Uva takes his leave to revive Mezool and Gamel. Once the scene is cleared, Shingo suddenly awakens without Ankh's attributes, much to everyone's shock.[35]

Broken Dreams, the Body, and the Greeed Resurrection[edit]

36"Broken Dreams, the Body, and the Greeed Resurrection"
"Kowareta Yume to Karada to Gurīdo Fukkatsu" (壊れた夢と身体とグリード復活)
Nobuhiro MouriMay 29, 2011
After Uva falls back, Shintaro tends to Date while Eiji and Ankh are astonished to find Shingo semi-conscious. Taking him and Date to the hospital, learning that Shingo is no longer in mortal danger in Ankh's absence, Eiji is shocked to find Hina deciding to quit fashion school. Later that night, taking out a Core Medal from each pile, Uva revives Mezool and Gamel. Remembering the events that led to their demise, the two Greeed agree to join Uva in getting revenge on Kamen Rider OOO and Kazari. The next day, the Unicorn Yummy resumes his attack until he is attacked by Kamen Rider OOO Shajartar and manages to elude him. By then, Eiji realizes the Yummy's power is destroying dreams and questions Ankh on what will become of him as Shingo is healing. Ankh ignores the question and leaves. Elsewhere, as Shintaro learns of Date's medical condition and his reason behind getting paid, Shoko learns that Hina is dropping out and goes to find her at the Cous Coussier. She finds Eiji instead as they go to Hina's apartment, where she is destroying her clothes out of lack of purpose before she loses consciousness. After talking to Shoko, and finding Ankh back in Shingo's body after a run-in with Uva's group, Eiji sees that defeating the Yummy is the only way to save Hina and the other victims. After detecting the Unicorn Yummy, who is unable to destroy Eiji's dream which is to protect the world, Kamen Riders OOO and Birth battle him and Uva's group. However, Kamen Rider OOO assumes Putotyra Combo with full control over himself as he destroys the Unicorn Yummy and drives the three Greeed off. Later, as Hina wakes up with her dream restored, allowing Ankh to use Shingo's body a bit longer, Uva's group gets jumped by Kazari and Ankh (Lost). However, much to Uva's horror, Mezool accepts Kazari's offer to join his group as they, Gamel, and Ankh (Lost) destroy Uva for his Cell Medals. As the four leave to meet up with Doctor Maki, Uva's sole remaining Core Medal whirls to life, claiming he will have his revenge.[36]

Sleep, One Hundred Million, and the Birth Transfer[edit]

37"Sleep, One Hundred Million, and the Birth Transfer"
"Nemuri to Ichi Oku to Bāsu Tenshoku" (眠りと1億とバース転職)
Yasuko KobayashiJune 5, 2011
At Doctor Maki's mansion, Mezool and Gamel take in their revived bodies, but decide that they need some more Cell Medals. As Gamel yawns, Mezool uses a Cell Medal on him to produce a Yummy. While reviewing the Birth System, Shintaro is bothered by Date's condition worsening and wonders what he intends to do with the ¥100,000,000 he is planning to earn before he gets a call that Date has skipped his doctor's appointment. After Shintaro finds Date at the Cous Coussier and tells him to see his doctor tomorrow, Chiyoko is hit by a spiny needle that causes her to suffer from insomnia. The next day, as Date undergoes his physical while Shintaro learns more about his friend's condition, Eiji and Hina take Chiyoko to the hospital and find others suffering from lack of sleep. Eiji gets a call from Ankh that a Yummy is on the move and meets the monster responsible for the sleepless people, the Urchin-Armadillo Yummy. Kamen Rider OOO is forced to fight the Yummy by himself as Shintaro tries to stop Date from transforming, with the Yummy escaping before Kamen Rider OOO can fight him as Takajaba. Date dissolves his partnership with Shintaro and leaves. As Eiji learns of Date's condition from Shintaro, the two set up a theory that he is intending to build a medical school in Africa. Elsewhere, Date is confronted by Doctor Maki who offers to pay him the ¥100 million for his services. By then, the Urchin-Armadillo Yummy causes his victims to all fall asleep with Ankh and Eiji sensing the Yummy getting full of Cell Medals. Kamen Rider OOO battles the Urchin-Armadillo Yummy with Shintaro providing support, assuming Takauba and using the Medagabryu to destroy the monster. Before Ankh can take the Cell Medals, the CLAWs Sasori appears and gives the Cell Medals to Gamel, Mezool, and Kazari as Doctor Maki arrives with Date, who is now working for the Greeed.[37]

The Circumstances, a Farewell, and the Tearful Birth[edit]

38"The Circumstances, a Farewell, and the Tearful Birth"
"Jijō to Wakare to Namida no Bāsu" (事情と別れと涙のバース)
Yasuko KobayashiJune 12, 2011
Joining Doctor Maki to get the hundred million, Date becomes Kamen Rider Birth to support the Greeed by keeping Shintaro from interfering before attacking Kamen Rider OOO Takauba with Mezool and Gamel while Kazari goes after Ankh. Coming to, Shintaro uses the Candroids to cover Eiji and Ankh's escape. At the Cous Coussier, the group talk about how Date's betrayal must be related to the ¥100 million he is trying to raise. Shintaro tries to get a loan from Kougami, but the man refuses and tells him he must let his desire grow. Later that night, at Doctor Maki's manor, Date goes into a debate with the doctor about his intentions to end the world before learning he is to accompany him to get the remaining Core Medals. The next day, arriving at Maki's location after sensing the purple Medals in him, Date is about to fight Eiji when Shintaro arrives and asks him if he is willing to do this if for his dream of building a medical school. But Date reveals that the money is actually for his surgery much to Shintaro's shock as he prepares to fight Date himself to save him as he and Kamen Rider Birth ready for a shooter's duel. However, it turns out that Date was actually working for Kougami the entire time to stop Doctor Maki from becoming a Greeed. Despite learning that the self-destruct mechanism he placed in the Kamen Rider Birth suit was removed by Shintaro, Doctor Maki has the Greeed emerge from their hiding places to consume Kamen Rider Birth in a massive explosion. As Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO Sagohzo Combo to fight the Greeed, Shintaro tends to a mortally wounded Date who tells the young man to believe in himself before seemingly succumbing to his injuries. With a new resolve, Shintaro arrives with the Birth Driver in hand just as Kamen Rider OOO is defeated. Shintaro transforms into Kamen Rider Birth, activating the Birth Day armor to hit the Greeed with a massive Cell Burst attack. Luckily, Ankh (Lost) arrives and spirits the Greeed and Doctor Maki away. Later, after it is revealed that he faked his death to give Shintaro the drive needed to replace him, Date receives ¥50 million from Kougami for his services, reaching his intended goal thanks to the ¥50 million he got from Doctor Maki's bribe. As Date bids Eiji goodbye before entering his plane, telling him to remember his desire, Shintaro trains under the confidence that they will meet again.[38]

The Nightmare, Security Cameras, and Ankh's Revenge[edit]

39"The Nightmare, Security Cameras, and Ankh's Revenge"
"Akumu to Kanshi Kamera to Anku no Gyakushū" (悪夢と監視カメラとアンクの逆襲)
Yasuko KobayashiJune 26, 2011
Coming to after a nightmare of Eiji taking his Core Medals and being absorbed by his other self, a frightened Ankh takes his paranoia-driven fears on Eiji. By then, Gonzo Shimoda, the new chairman of the neighborhood association arrives to tell Eiji that he has installed several security cameras throughout the neighborhood in response to Ankh sneaking in and out through windows. Furthermore, Shimoda advises Eiji for him and Ankh to leave for the sake of the neighborhood. As Eiji tries to talk Ankh into celebrating Shingo's birthday for Hina's sake, Chiyoko attempts to settle the matter is thwarted by Shimoda's wife Tomoko as he watches the monitor and picks at every minor imperfection in his sight. By then, a White Yummy appears and attacks those Shimoda considers a disgrace to the neighborhood. Kamen Rider OOO confronts the Yummy as it molts into the Gamecock Yummy who overwhelms the Kamen Rider with his unorthodox fighting style before Kamen Rider OOO switches to Shagorietar. However, the Gamecock Yummy escapes, with Shimoda expressing dismay. By then, Chiyoko takes matters in her own hands by blocking the cameras with Hina's help, resulting with them invoking the Gamecock Yummy's wrath as he chases the two girls. Hina uses a ladder to fend their pursuer off before Kamen Rider OOO arrives and assumes Takatorartar. However, learning from the last fight, the Gamecock Yummy manages to get the upper hand as Shintaro arrives and transforms into Kamen Rider Birth to help Kamen Rider OOO in double-teaming the monster. But the Yummy is forced to fall back after an indirect attack on Shingo has Kamen Rider OOO assume Putotyra Combo while Erika Satonaka arrives to replenish Kamen Rider Birth's ammo. As Eiji holds Ankh from getting back onto Shingo, with the latter's counterpart now strong enough to absorb Ankh, the Gamecock Yummy retreats to the Shimoda residence where his source is revealed to be Tomoko.[39]

Control, a Birthday Party, and the Disappearing Ankh[edit]

40"Control, a Birthday Party, and the Disappearing Ankh"
"Shihai to Tanjōkai to Kieru Anku" (支配と誕生会と消えるアンク)
Yasuko KobayashiJuly 3, 2011
Though reluctant for his well-being, Eiji allows Ankh to latch unto Shingo's body as they find the police under the Gamecock Yummy's control and enforcing Shimoda's controlling laws. Later, at the Cous Coussier, Eiji apologizes to Hina for getting Shingo hurt as Ankh refuses to release his hold. Though she has not changed her mind, Hina instead asks Eiji what he would do and he answers that he would get rid of Ankh if it meant saving Shingo. Deciding to track down the Gamecock Yummy, Eiji and Ankh find themselves faced by the police as they are ordered to be evicted from the neighborhood and the restaurant to be shut down. After Eiji's attempt to convince the police not to shut down the Cous Coussier, which Chiyoko ruins by attacking the cops, he and Ankh track down the Gamecock Yummy's host to the Shimoda residence with Shintaro covering their escape. Deciding to wait out the Yummy in hopes of finding its source of nourishment, Shintaro sends out Candroids to keep an eye on the Shimoda residence. Forced to spend the night under a bridge, Eiji and Ankh talk about recent chain of events before Hina arrives with Ankh grabbing her by the throat. However, Ankh finds that he can no longer bring himself to harm Hina as Chiyoko joins them in camping out and celebrating Ankh's "birthday". The next day, Eiji realizes that the Yummy's food is the video camera footage of the ordered neighborhood. The Candroids then proceed to take out the cameras with the Gamecock Yummy emerging from the Shimoda residence to stop them. After warning Ankh not to endanger Shingo, Eiji arrives on the scene as he and Shintaro assume their Kamen Rider forms. However, the two are at a disadvantage until Erika Satonaka arrives to even the odds as Kamen Rider OOO assumes Latoratar Combo to destroy the Gamecock Yummy. Things return to normal soon after as Hina gives Ankh a present meant for Shingo. However, Eiji and Hina find Ankh ambushed by Ankh (Lost) who reveals that his scheme was for Ankh to let his guard down once the Gamecock Yummy was destroyed. Ankh (Lost) then finally absorbs him despite Eiji and Hina's attempts to stop it, with Shingo out cold while Eiji and Hina witness the birth of a complete Ankh.[40]

Siblings, the Rescue, and Eiji Leaves[edit]

41"Siblings, the Rescue, and Eiji Leaves"
"Kyōdai to Kyūshutsu to Eiji Saru" (兄妹と救出と映司去る)
Yasuko KobayashiJuly 10, 2011
Having absorbed Ankh, Ankh (Lost) finds out he is missing a Taka Medal, which Ankh gave to Hina prior to being absorbed. Both Eiji and Hina run away until Eiji transforms into OOO Putotyra combo to battle Ankh (Lost). When Ankh (Lost) realizes this as well, he is forced to fall back. Eiji sends a Taka Candroid to keep an eye on him. Eiji and Hina return the Cous Coussier, after Chiyoko gives it a Greek motif, with Shingo greeting the two and revealing that Ankh hid the O Medal Holder full of all of the other Core Medals. Furthermore, Shingo has decided that he will help Eiji out just as Ankh did. As Shingo practices flinging Core Medals Eiji's way, able to think up Random Combos, Kougami watches as he feels the situation with Ankh may worsen Eiji's use of the purple Core Medals. Meanwhile, as Ankh (Lost) is having trouble completely absorbing his other half, Doctor Maki arrives and decides to take advantage of Eiji without Ankh by creating the Ankylosaurus Yummy. At that time, seeing how happy Hina and Shingo are, Eiji thinks that there is no more need for them to get caught up in all this and resumes his life as a wanderer. As dawn comes, after the Candroids pinpoint where Ankh (Lost) is, Eiji finds Shintaro waiting for him as he joins in the Ankh rescue operation. However, the two are stopped in their tracks by the Ankylosaurus Yummy, and they assume their Kamen Rider forms to fight him. However, without Ankh, Kamen Rider OOO is unable to switch Combos and he is defeated. With Kamen Rider Birth holding the Ankylosaurus Yummy off, Eiji crosses paths with Maki. Maki tells him that Ankh is beyond saving and that he should be more worried about the five purple Core Medals in Eiji's body as they resonate with his own.[41]

Ice, Greeedification, and Broken Wings[edit]

42"Ice, Greeedification, and Broken Wings"
"Kōri to Gurīdo-ka to Kudaketa Tsubasa" (氷とグリード化と砕けた翼)
Yasuko KobayashiJuly 17, 2011
While on his way to save Ankh from being completely absorbed by Ankh (Lost), Eiji crosses paths with Maki. Though Eiji tries to escape, Maki blocks his way while revealing the purple Core Medals are turning him into a Greeed. After the Ankylosaurus Yummy escaped them, overhearing Maki telling Eiji the tell-tale signs of Greeedification and how advanced his own is, Kamen Rider Birth and Satonaka manage to save Eiji before Maki can rip the Core Medals out of him. As Satonaka reports Maki's condition to Kougami, Shintaro tells the Izumi siblings about Eiji's change with Hina coming to the conclusion that Eiji must stop fighting. The next day, on Maki's orders, the Ankylosaurus Yummy proceeds to freeze people in order to have them call Eiji. Though Hina and Shingo try to stop him, the former is distraught by the sound of people begging for Eiji's help as he runs off. Using Latorartar Combo to make his way there while Kamen Rider Birth holds the Yummy at bay, Kamen Rider OOO thaws everyone out. Once everyone is out of harm's way, Kamen Rider OOO finds Ankh (Lost) waiting for him, revealing that he has completely absorbed Ankh. Refusing to hand the last Taka Medal over to him, Kamen Rider OOO assumes Putotyra Combo to battle the Greeed while Kamen Rider Birth destroys the Ankylosaurus Yummy. Watching the fight, Shingo has Hina realize that Eiji is fighting because Hina wants Ankh saved. Eventually, Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo goes berserk and overwhelms Ankh (Lost) before destroying him by breaking three of his Core Medals. Hina then arrives to talk Eiji back to normal, but they watch Ankh (Lost)'s remains reform into Ankh as he creates a new body modeled after the possessed Shingo. However, Ankh approaches his former human vessel with a malevolent intent.[42]

The Vulture, the Confrontation, and Ankh Returns[edit]

43"The Vulture, the Confrontation, and Ankh Returns"
"Hagetaka to Tairitsu to Anku Ritānzu" (ハゲタカと対立とアンクリターンズ)
Yasuko KobayashiJuly 24, 2011[Note 2]
After Ankh (Lost) is destroyed, Ankh is reformed from the remains. However, Ankh grabs Shingo and reveals his new body is unstable with the number of Core Medals he now has and he still needs the human for a host. With Shingo telling his sister not to worry for him, Ankh takes full control and takes his Taka Medal back from Eiji before flying off when he invokes the purple Core Medals. The event was witnessed by a man named Kusada, whom Ankh noticed while pondering how to achieve his goal with six Core Medals. On a gambit after getting a strange feeling from Kusada, Ankh creates a Yummy from him. As Hina is depressed on Ankh taking her brother and how Shingo would suffer if Eiji and Ankh fight, Shintaro talks to Eiji about the turn of events. Though he understands why Ankh did it, Eiji is convinced to get Shingo back. By then, the White Yummy attacks various women's boyfriends before molting into the Vulture Yummy, attracting Eiji's attention as he and Shintaro arrive while Satonaka opens fire. Assuming Latoraba, Kamen Rider OOO fights the Vulture Yummy with Kamen Rider Birth and Satonaka supporting him. However, the Yummy's whirlwind overwhelms the Kamen Riders before he flies off. As Shintaro is ordered by Kougami to destroy only the purple Core Medals and not the other types, Ankh meets with Maki and offers to get him Eiji's purple medals to achieve his doomsday goal in return to become a vessel to all the other Core Medals. Later that night, Eiji begins to feel his Greedification as Hina arrives with dinner for him to eat as they talk. The next day, the Vulture Yummy resumes his attack as Kamen Riders OOO and Birth arrive to fight him with the former assuming Shagorita. Though the Yummy uses his whirlwind attack, the two Kamen Riders manage to destroy him as the monster's Cell Medals land on Kusada's truck. Jumping on, Ankh thanks Eiji for his help as Kusada drives off with Eiji pursuing on a Ride Vendor before Ankh blasts him off the road. As Shintaro and Hina tend to Eiji's wounds, it is revealed that Kusada was possessed by the Kuwagata Core Medal holding Uva's consciousness and that the Vulture Yummy was acting on both Kusada's desire to take out any guy with a girlfriend and Uva's desire for a new body. Once Uva is revived, he and Ankh arrive to Maki's manor where the other Greeed are dumbfounded to see the return of their two fellow Greeed to the fold.[43]

Everyone Together, the Perfect Resurrection, and Your Greed[edit]

44"Everyone Together, the Perfect Resurrection, and Your Greed"
"Zen'in Shūgō to Kanzen Fukkatsu to Kimi no Yoku" (全員集合と完全復活と君の欲)
Yasuko KobayashiJuly 31, 2011
At Maki's manor, Ankh tells the Greeed that Eiji has the power to destroy their Core Medals so they must join forces to defeat him and regain their Core Medals from him. However, irate that all his scheming has backfired, Kazari is reluctant to follow Ankh and fights him before Uva gets involved to regain his stolen Core Medals. Mezool stops the fight by that time, with Kazari deciding to play along by joining forces with Ankh for now. Meanwhile, as Hina and Shintaro tend to his injuries at the Kougami Foundation building, Eiji reveals the effects of the purple Core Medals before Kougami appears on the monitor and tells the three to meet him in the building's basement to learn more. Once there, Eiji and company enter a room holding items from the ancient civilization that produced the Core Medals which Kougami calls the King's Room. Kougami reveals the full story of the Greeed's origins to them. They were originally homunculi produced by alchemists under the command of the First OOO to serve as the means to test the power of desire itself in the king's agenda to become a living god. However, the First OOO was unable to contain all the desire within the Core Medals due to his own desire. Though Eiji is a more ideal vessel due to his tragic experience in Africa leaving him without any desire of his own, the purple Core Medals choosing him as a host was unexpected. When Hina asks how to save Eiji, Kougami explains that the answer to controlling the purple Core Medals is for Eiji to find his own desire. The next few days, after multiple attempts, Eiji rests as Hina and Shintaro discuss how Eiji and Ankh knew that they were bound to eventually fight each other. By then, the Greeed arrive to block their way as Ankh destroys the van the humans were traveling in to ensure no escape. After Hina gets to safety, Eiji and Shintaro assume their Kamen Rider forms to fight the Greeed. As Kamen Rider Birth fights with Uva and Kazari, Kamen Rider OOO Latoraba has his own trouble with Mezool and Gamel until he assumes Latorartar Combo. However, Ankh cancels the Combo and tries to take the medals before Hina grabs them. After seeing that Ankh is beyond redemption, Hina resolves to help Eiji and her brother. Before Eiji can transform back to Kamen Rider OOO, Gamel cancels the transformation long enough for Kazari to regain his Core Medals and achieve his complete resurrection. When Kazari tries to get the rest of Eiji's Core Medals, Kamen Rider Birth fights the Greeed on his own and is heavily damaged in the process. Transforming into Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo, Eiji fights Kazari and manages to mortally damage his main Lion Medal before canceling the transformation to watch Ankh take his leave. Limping away, Kazari meets with Maki in hopes of getting the Core Medal cache. However, assuming his new Greeed form, Maki rips out all of the stable Core Medals from Kazari's body and tells him that he has no use for a Greeed who will not follow his plan. On the verge of Cell Medal breakdown, Kazari laments that he is unable to have everything the world has to offer as he is reduced to Cell Medals until his Lion Medal imminently and finally, shatters.[44]

The Surprise Attack, the Proto Birth, and the Desire of Love[edit]

45"The Surprise Attack, the Proto Birth, and the Desire of Love"
"Kishū to Puroto Bāsu to Ai no Yokubō" (奇襲とプロトバースと愛の欲望)
Yasuko KobayashiAugust 7, 2011
With Maki giving Kazari's remaining Core Medals to Ankh, the two discuss how he is evolving beyond the Greeed. Outside, after setting up a plan to storm Maki's manor, Goto and Satonaka lure the Greeed out with the former using the Kamen Rider Birth Prototype suit. At the same time, Eiji enters the mansion to find Ankh as he takes back a combo set of Kazari's Core Medals. When Eiji attempts to ask him again, Ankh reveals his intentions to make Shingo into his new body by placing Core Medals into him. As the two battles join, Maki arrives to take the O Medal Case before revealing the Greeed are bound by their need to consume anything and anyone to achieve their personal desire. When Eiji manages to keep him from taking his purple Core Medals through sheer force of will, Maki becomes the Kyouryu Greeed and uses his power to overwhelm everyone before taking his leave. As Eiji is told by Goto to focus more on himself than Shingo's condition, Maki presents Ankh with Eiji's Core Medals. The other Greeed arrive with Mezool demanding their Core Medals, though unnerved when Maki scolds her for the self-delusion of being the Greeed's mother figure. With the Greeed refusing to back down from a chance of being fully resurrected, Ankh gives them their Core Medals much to Maki's dismay though he sees the logic behind it. With Uva the only one not whole, Mezool discards Gamel for his inability to sake her greatest desire. The next day, Mezool proceeds to abduct various mother/child pairs in order to know true maternal love, even if it kills her human prisoners, before Eiji and Shintaro find her. The two assume their Kamen Rider forms to fight her, but Kamen Rider OOO's Latorartar Combo is powerless against the complete Mezool. With Proto-Birth unable to continue, Kamen Rider OOO uses his Latorartar Combo in conjunction with the Toride Vendor and the Medagabryu to shatter a set of Mezool's Core Medals. By then, Gamel arrives as Mezool dies in his arms and, out of rage, Gamel assumes his complete Greeed form and knocks the Kamen Riders away with his power.[45]

The Eiji Greeed, the Double Births, and Ankh's Desire[edit]

46"The Eiji Greeed, the Double Births, and Ankh's Desire"
"Eiji Gurīdo to Daburu Bāsu to Anku no Yokubō" (映司グリードとWバースとアンクの欲望)
Yasuko KobayashiAugust 14, 2011
After knocking the Kamen Riders off the bridge, a distraught Gamel gets ready to leave when Maki arrives and demands the Denki Unagi Medal that he took from Mezool's remains. But Gamel refuses, as he wants to revive her, getting into a brief fight Maki before running off. Managing to climb back up, Shintaro finds Eiji nowhere in sight. He looks for Eiji until Satonaka calls him about Gamel turning people into Cell Medals in his futile attempt to revive Mezool. Receiving the repaired Birth Driver, Shintaro becomes Kamen Rider Birth to fight Gamel. However, the fight goes bad for Shintaro until Akira Date unexpectedly appears with the prototype Birth Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Birth Prototype. Still at a disadvantage, the two Births use a do-or-die double Cell Burst in hopes of finishing the Greeed off. Though the attack does not finish Gamel, it does finish the damage that Maki started on his two Core Medals. On the verge of Cell Medal breakdown, Gamel gives his last candy to the Denki Unagi Medal before breaking up. Elsewhere, Eiji ends up on an island where his Greedification progresses as he looks for the missing OOO Driver. Elsewhere, Ankh heads to the Cous Coussier where he asks Hina if he can use Shingo's body permanently, but she refuses. Ankh finds his way to the island where Eiji has ended up to take back the OOO Driver. The two fight, with Ankh revealing that his true goal is to have a true life that the Greeed all lack. Though Eiji understands, he refuses to let Ankh have his way while he is forced to admit how the Greeed helped him achieve his wish to help others. Watching from afar, Maki decides to intensify the fight by transferring one of his Core Medals into Eiji, causing him to go mad while he takes the Taka Medal from Ankh. Eiji transforms using the Taka, Tora, and Batta Medals into a corrupted form of Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo with purple eyes and then he transforms into a Greeed after another purple Core Medal is transferred into him. To defend himself, Ankh is forced to assume his complete Greeed form to fight the Eiji Greeed.[46]

The Red Crack, the Satisfaction, and Eiji's Vessel[edit]

47"The Red Crack, the Satisfaction, and Eiji's Vessel"
"Akai Hibi to Manzoku to Eiji no Utsuwa" (赤いヒビと満足と映司の器)
Yasuko KobayashiAugust 21, 2011
Driven mad by the seven purple Core Medals in his body, the Eiji Greeed battles Ankh as he assumes his full Greeed form to defend himself. Though Eiji realizes his desire and manages to become Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo, his mind is still unstable to act against the Medals' instincts as he overpowers Ankh. Ankh finds himself unable to kill Eiji due to the memories of their time together, but he still manages to barely defeat him. Taking Eiji's remaining Core Medals, Maki attempts to kill Eiji so he can get the purple Core Medals out of him. However, Ankh refuses to allow it as he ensures Maki is distracted long enough for Satonaka to get Eiji to safety. Seeing Ankh to be of no use to him, Maki rips out most of his Core Medals before looking for Uva. Soon after,Hina tells Chiyoko the truth behind Ankh and encouraged not to choose between the three men in her life, Hina finds the wounded Greeed. Though he assures her that Shingo is fine, Ankh reveals that Maki has damaged the Taka Medal holding his consciousness and it will shatter soon, resulting in his death. Elsewhere, after Satonaka gives them the key to the King's Room, Shintaro and Date learn that Eiji has a desire now: the power to help others. But to their horror, Kougami then states the next phase is for Eiji to absorb the thousands of Cell Medals they have been collecting to become the ultimate OOO, even though it might turn him into the ultimate Greeed instead. However, sensing Maki's presence, as Shintaro and Date are outraged at Kougami's insane idea, Eiji runs out of the building to face him. Assuming their fighting forms, Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo fights the Kyouryu Greeed as Kamen Rider Birth and Kamen Rider Birth Prototype support him while convincing Eiji not to rely on the purple Core Medals' power. As the Kamen Riders try to calm their ally down, Maki gives Uva the last of his Core Medals, enabling the Greeed to assume his fully resurrected form and overpower Kamen Rider OOO. As the two Kamen Rider Births battle Uva, with a dying Ankh making his way back to him, Eiji runs off back to the King's Room to undergo his transformation into a living god.[47]

Tomorrow's Medals, Underwear, and Arms Held[edit]

Finale"Tomorrow's Medals, Underwear, and Arms Held"
"Ashita no Medaru to Pantsu to Tsukamu Ude" (明日のメダルとパンツと掴む腕)
Yasuko KobayashiAugust 28, 2011

As Shintaro and Date are powerless against the complete Uva, they notice a massive explosion nearby. Emerging from the Kougami Foundation, with the weight of a million Cell Medals inside him, Eiji arrives as Kougami meets with Maki above the battlefield. With the King's Core Medals, three of the tenth Core Medals from each set, Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO and easily defeats Uva with both the Medajaribur and the Medagabryu. However, refusing to accept Kougami's ideals, Maki intervenes and installs the other Core Medals into Uva against his will. Kamen Rider OOO attempts to stop Maki, but is powerless, just as Ankh arrives to his aid. Uva attempts to flee with Maki in pursuit as Ankh restores his friendship with Eiji. However, the purple Core Medals inside Kamen Rider OOO force Eiji to revert while destroying the King's Medals. Later that night, Ankh tells Hina not to tell Eiji that he is dying, but she feels conflicted about his request as well as Eiji's worsening condition. The next day, as Chiyoko finds Kiyo-chan dressed up as Maki in her restaurant, Uva turns into the out of control Medal Vessel that proceeds to create an army of Waste Yummy out of the matter it consumes. Kougami bakes a birthday cake amidst the chaos, while Kamen Riders Birth and Birth Prototype, along with Satonaka deal with the Waste Yummy and Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo and Ankh battle Maki. When Eiji's risky Grand of Rage attack using the Cell Medals he has absorbed fails to defeat the Kyouryu Greeed, Eiji prepares to assume his Greeed form when Ankh intervenes by throwing him his Core Medals. Realizing that Ankh is sacrificing his final moments to save him, with Ankh now fighting by his side in spirit, Eiji becomes Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo and defeats Maki using a purple Core Medal powered Giga Scan. But this causes a black hole to emerge from within the Kyouryu Greeed, sucking him in along with all the Core Medals before the Medal Vessel explodes. Falling to his death while unconscious, Eiji is awakened by Ankh as the Greeed sees that Eiji knows he is about to die and bids his goodbyes, leaving only half of the Taka Medal that once contained his consciousness. Shintaro, as Kamen Rider Birth, manages to save Eiji by catching him midair with the Cutter Wings installed. Upon seeing his friends below, Eiji realizes he has achieved his desire to reach others. Soon after, with Hina giving him the other half of Ankh's Taka Medal that she found through a similar manifestation of their fallen friend, Eiji decides to leave Japan and resume his worldly travels.

Sometime later, everyone returns to their previous lives. Shingo and Shintaro return to the police force, and one day as Hina goes to fashion school, they pass by two high school students, one of whom is carrying a strange switch-like device. Akira Date begins work as a relief doctor. Kougami continues to have Erika Satonaka in his employ as he bakes more birthday cakes. One day, everyone visits the Cous Coussier and Chiyoko serves them a cake before revealing an iPad with Eiji on screen somewhere in a desert, using an iPhone to call them with FaceTime and update them on his journeys. Before he leaves to his next destination, a fresh pair of underwear in tow, he looks at the broken Taka Medal and promises to find a way to fix it, seemingly unaware of the spectral Ankh arm following him.[48]


  1. ^ This episode was originally scheduled to air on March 13, 2011, but TV Asahi postponed the airing of this and several other television programs to air news coverage on the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.
  2. ^ This episode was the final Kamen Rider episode to air on analog television in most of Japan. Analog television broadcasts ceased at noon that day.


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