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The episodes of Kamen Rider W have two titles per episode matching the overall motif of the number two: a story arc title and a subtitle directly relating to the story of that episode. The Latin letter in the story arc title has a double meaning: the name of a Kamen Rider, Dopant, or an important character featured in the story arc and another word that indicates the theme of the arc. The series follows the hardboiled crime fiction genre, although the comedic nature of the series makes it more half-boiled, as its protagonist is described.


# Title Double meaning Writer Original airdate
1"The W Search/Two Detectives in One"
Transcription: "W no Kensaku/Tantei wa Futari de Hitori" (Japanese: Wの検索/探偵は二人で一人)
W (Double)
Riku SanjoSeptember 6, 2009 (2009-09-06)

In the city of Futo, detective Shotaro Hidari has an unpleasant visit from his new boss Akiko Narumi, who has just arrived after learning that her father has gone missing. As Shotaro learns of the girl's relation to his mentor and boss, hiding what became of him, his childhood friend Marina Tsumura arrives in need of his help in finding her boyfriend Yousuke Togawa. Taking the case, with Akiko tailing him against his will, Shotaro learns from his best friend Detective Mikio Jinno that the Windscale building Yousuke worked at has been destroyed by a fiery Dopant. Akiko's initial curiosity turns into terror when she and Shotaro are attacked by the Magma Dopant. Later that night, staying in spite of being told to leave, Akiko ends up stumbling into the secret garage, where she meets Shotaro's partner Philip before she unintentionally has him focus on takoyaki instead of the Dopant. As Shotaro explains the nature of the Dopants and Gaia Memories, Philip finally resumes his research as he accesses the Gaia Library to put the pieces together before Shotaro heads out. Shotaro finds Yousuke; however, assuming Shotaro works for Windscale, Yousuke transforms into the Magma Dopant to attack him. Shotaro calls Philip, who uses the Cyclone Memory in his own belt, which travels with his soul to Shotaro's Double Driver, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Double. He battles the Magma Dopant as CycloneJoker, before transforming into LunaJoker to use his limb-stretching powers to overpower the Dopant. Double then transforms back into CycloneJoker to execute the Joker Extreme, destroying the Magma Memory and returning Yousuke back to normal. However, before Double can do anything else, Yousuke is taken by the T-Rex Dopant. Double summons the RevolGarry with Akiko and Philip's body inside.[1]

  • This Episode is take place after the events of W: Begins Night as the prologues/flashback.

The W Search/Those Who Make the City Grieve[edit]

2"The W Search/Those Who Make the City Grieve"
Transcription: "W no Kensaku/Machi o Nakaseru Mono" (Japanese: Wの検索/街を泣かせるもの)
W (Double)
Riku SanjoSeptember 13, 2009 (2009-09-13)
Double uses the Revolgarry to drive off the T-Rex Dopant, with Akiko learning about Kamen Rider Double's existence while trapped in the vehicle. Yousuke is later found dead and Shotaro forced to tell Marina about it. Seeking the truth behind Yousuke's death and uncover the other Dopant's identity, Shotaro goes to see his informant "Watcherman", making their way to the site of the Magma Dopant's previous attack, where he learns that Yousuke and the person who became the T-Rex Dopant were partners in crime. With this knowledge, and obtaining an article of clothing after evading the T-Rex Dopant, Shotaro has Philip execute a search on the T-Rex Memory with the Windscale clothing line. Once Philip identifies the Dopant to be Marina, Shotaro takes the revelation hard and took offense to his partner's insulting his kindness towards the criminals. Turning in his Body Memories, Shotaro confronts Marina as she reveals that she was fired and wants revenge, attempting to get Shotaro's sympathy. When she realizes that Shotaro has already contacted the authorities, in spite of him telling her to just turn herself in, Marina becomes the T-Rex Dopant and attacks the police before chasing after Shotaro, intending to eat him. Philip arrives at the last second to save him as the two make their peace and transform into Kamen Rider Double to fight the T-Rex Dopant. Akiko takes Philip's body out of harm's way by hiding in a police car, but they are soon put in danger when the T-Rex Dopant assumes her Big T-Rex form with Double transforming into HeatJoker to fight her before dragging the car behind her. Chasing after them on the HardTurbuler, Kamen Rider Double transforms into HeatMetal to defeat the T-Rex Dopant before reassuming CycloneJoker to save Akiko and Marina, who is arrested soon after. While this chain of events occurs, the Gaia Memory dealer Kirihiko Sudo receives a Gaia Memory from the Sonozaki family as an engagement present.[2]

Don't Touch the M/How to Get to Heaven[edit]

3"Don't Touch the M/How to Get to Heaven"
Transcription: "M ni Te o Dasu na/Tengoku e no Ikikata" (Japanese: Mに手を出すな/天国への行き方)
Riku SanjoSeptember 20, 2009 (2009-09-20)
At the Narumi Detective Agency, Shotaro gets into another argument with Akiko over her cramping his style until Philip changes the station to the Healing Princess radio show hosted by Wakana Sonozaki as she mentions the rumored Million Colosseo casino during her Futo's Mystery Tour segment. By then, a couple who owns a pastry shop arrive to hire Shotaro to follow their daughter Yuko Izumi, who has been acting strange recently. Losing Yuko because of Akiko, Shotaro goes to Watcherman for answers, leading them to Goro Murasame, who came from the Million Colosseo and lost everything. Leaving him to contact Philip, who freezes up upon the mention of the word "family", Murasame is attacked by the casino owner Taizo Kaga, the Money Dopant. Shotaro pursues the Dopant, but is forced to fight the monster on his own until Philip comes to and they form Kamen Rider Double. Transforming into HeatJoker and about to finish is opponent off, Double is hit from behind by a mysterious Dopant, covering the Money Dopant's escape. After getting an autograph of Wakana for Philip while searching for clue in the roads leading to it, Shotaro learns of a fake public bus that Yuko takes to the Million Colosseo, following close behind on his own. When he discovers Akiko in the bus, he is attacked once more by the Money Dopant, entering Double's CycloneMetal form to fight the Dopant. However, the Dopant reveals his ace in his Life Coins as he unknowingly causes Philip to freeze up, leaving Shotaro to fend for himself as Akiko enters the Million Colosseo.[3]

Don't Touch the M/Play With a Joker[edit]

4"Don't Touch the M/Play With a Joker"
Transcription: "M ni Te o Dasu na/Jōkā de Shōbu" (Japanese: Mに手を出すな/ジョーカーで勝負)
Riku SanjoSeptember 27, 2009 (2009-09-27)
After surviving the Money Dopant's attack, Shotaro gets a glimpse of Philip's family as the young man comes to and becomes obsessed as he searches the Gaia Library for "My Family", only to find a book with the pages torn out. Shotaro attempts to put the worried Philip at ease until he gets a call from Akiko from the Million Colosseo. She uses the Bat Shot to broadcast Yuko's loss at the roulette wheel after she bet her life to win back her earnings, with the Money Dopant sealing the woman's soul into a Life Coin. When Akiko reveals herself and nearly gets herself killed, Philip challenges the Money Dopant to a game of chance to save her and get the Life Coins, using his and Shotaro's Gaia Memories as collateral. While Philip researches on everything gambling related, Shotaro ruminates on the family he saw in Philip's memory before he and Philip board the bus to the Million Colosseo. Philip easily predicts the results of the roulette, winning most of the Life Coins until Kaga mentions the word "family", breaking Philip's winning streak and winning back his Life Coins along with most of the Gaia Memories. Tagging it for Philip, Shotaro then challenges Kaga to a winner takes all game of Old Maid. Though Kaga played Shotaro into a position where he can win, Shotaro turns the tables by using the Double Driver to link his mind with Philip's to win with his partner's abilities. Enraged, Kaga transforms into the Money Dopant and escapes as Double chases him down, assuming LunaJoker and LunaMetal to fight him. When the Money Dopant attempts to use the word "family" to make freeze Philip up again, he resolves that Shotaro and Akiko are family enough for him at the moment. Double transforms into HeatMetal and uses a memory break to destroy the Money Dopant, freeing Yuko Izumi and everyone else from the Life Coins. On the radio later, Wakana Sonozaki mentions the newest mystery to hit Futo: Kamen Rider Double. Elsewhere, after being tested by Wakana as the ClayDoll Dopant to see if he is worthy of the Nasca Memory's power, Kirihiko's wedding to Saeko goes off without a hitch, and the new family pose for a photo together, all transformed into their Dopant forms.[4]

The Girl... A/Papa Is a Kamen Rider[edit]

5"The Girl... A/Papa Is a Kamen Rider"
Transcription: "Shōjo... A/Papa wa Kamen Raidā" (Japanese: 少女…A/パパは仮面ライダー)
Riku SanjoOctober 4, 2009 (2009-10-04)
At a press conference at the Futo Wind Power Laboratory, councilwoman Miyabi Kusuhara presents her designs for the construction of the Second Futo Tower. During her speech, a barrage of bullets rains down. Shotaro, who has been hired as Ms. Kusuhara's bodyguard after seeing she is being targeted by a Dopant, takes her out of harm's way before running off to transform into Kamen Rider Double in secret. Returning to protect Kusuhara in CycloneMetal form, Double is seen by Kusuhara's daughter Asuka, who calls him "Papa". When the gunfire stops, Double goes to investigate where the bullets were coming from, with the Dopant nowhere in sight. While Akiko delivers the bullet to Philip to study, Shotaro gets Ms. Kusuhara out of her apartment, the Dopant attacks again. Shotaro sends the Bat Shot out to do reconnaissance while making sure Ms. Kusuhara is not harmed. The next day, Shotaro escorts Miyabi and her entourage head towards the area of land needed to build the Second Futo Tower on. However, its owner Genzo Takamura refuses to let them through. As the group leaves, Kirihiko Sonozaki arrives to tell Takamura to get the job done. Later at the riverside, Ms. Kusuhara tells Shotaro that her husband Daizaburo was planning on building the Second Futo Tower when he was brutally murdered last year, and that she has been lying about this fact to Asuka. At this time, Philip pieces together the clues and determines that the attacker is Takamura as the Anomalocaris Dopant, who attacks from the water. Upon realizing that Kusuhara is in danger, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Double and protects her just as the Dopant attacks, transforming into CycloneTrigger to end the bullet barrage and then using the Joker Extreme to break the Anomalocaris Memory. However, when he sees that the man is not Takamura but Takamura's friend and that the Gaia Memory is not the real Anomalocaris Memory (only a prototype model), the real Anomalocaris Dopant attacks just as Asuka runs towards Double, wanting to thank her "papa".[5]

The Girl... A/The Price of Lying[edit]

6"The Girl... A/The Price of Lying"
Transcription: "Shōjo... A/Uso no Daishō" (Japanese: 少女…A/嘘の代償)
Riku SanjoOctober 11, 2009 (2009-10-11)
After Asuka and her mother flee from the assassin's attempt, the Anomalocaris Dopant escapes with Kamen Rider Double unable to pursue. Still worried about Asuka's safety, Shotaro talks to Kusuhara that it is not right for her to lie to her daughter. After talking to Asuka and realizing why her mother lied to her, Shotaro becomes conflicted on the matter and is not sure whether to tell her the truth about Double. The next day, after Akiko gets information for him from Watcherman and Santa-chan, Philip manages to uncover information about Asuka's father. During that time, after nearly telling Asuka the truth about her father, Shotaro is caught off-guard when the Anomalocaris Dopant kidnaps Asuka. Surviving the fall, Double pursues the Anomalocaris Dopant using a tracker he placed on Asuka with the Spider Shock during his fall. However, he is attacked by the Nasca Dopant, who wishes to confront the Kamen Rider one-on-one. Philip realizes that their foe has a Gaia Driver, and Double barely wins with an unorthdox move as HeatTrigger to blast the Nasca Dopant at point-blank range. Their transformation is cancelled, leaving Philip unconscious as Shotaro follows the tracking beacon to Takamura's factory, where Ms. Kusuhara makes her way to after receiving a text message from her daughter's kidnapper. By the time Akiko revives Philip with vinegar, Shotaro manages to find Asuka just as Kusuhara is nearly killed by Takamura as the Anomalocaris Dopant. Kamen Rider Double saves her, then assumes LunaTrigger to rescue Asuka before going after the Dopant as he assumes his Big Anomalocaris form. Summoning the RevolGarry, Double uses the HardSplasher to fight the Anomalocaris Dopant underwater and defeats him. Leaving Takamura for the police, Double maintains the white lie to Asuka by patting her head the way her father used to. Meanwhile, Saeko apologizes to her father about their failed attempt to do away with Ms. Kusuhara, seeing Kamen Rider Double to be an even greater hindrance than expected with the weaklings working for her.[6]

Find the C/Philip Can't Stand It[edit]

7"Find the C/Philip Can't Stand It"
Transcription: "C o Sagase/Firippu wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai" (Japanese: Cを探せ/フィリップはそれを我慢できない)
Naruhisa ArakawaOctober 18, 2009 (2009-10-18)
While doing some research in the Gaia Library, Philip comes across a locked book he cannot open titled "Heaven's Tornado", a street dance which leads him to Dango Inamoto. After realizing he cannot go any further without contacting the young man, Philip leaves the office to hunt him down with Akiko in tow. Despite Philip finding Dango, confronting him about Heaven's Tornado and showing his own dance moves, Dango refuses to tell Philip anything and leaves as the two follow to a public bus incognito. Shotaro, meanwhile, goes to investigate Kazehana High School after a note tied to a rock flies into the window prior to Philip's going out. After being confronted by the school's security, he runs to the principal when attacked by the Cockroach Dopant, calling Philip to transform into Kamen Rider Double. The Cockroach Dopant is nearly defeated after the two transform into LunaTrigger until Akiko sends the Stag Phone to tell Philip that Dango is getting off of the bus, allowing the Dopant to escape as Double gets into an internal argument. When Dango arrives to Kazehana High, he begins dancing to call out Chizuru Hoshino, his former dance partner, a fact that Philip takes into account when Dango's boombox is shut off by a teacher and the boy runs off in search of Chizuru. As Philip and Akiko follow Dango to the school's pool, they are suddenly attacked by the Smilodon Dopant who is out to capture Philip. Elsewhere, Shotaro meets with his high school informants Queen and Elizabeth, who show to him that the Cockroach Dopant's attacks are related to the "Dark Bug Exterminator" website, and that Chizuru was the actual target. Shotaro returns to Kazehana High, meeting with Dango just as Chizuru is attacked by the Cockroach Dopant, who reveals that it was Dango who posted her name on the website. However, before Shotaro can transform into Double, Philip and Akiko have to escape from the Smilodon Dopant by jumping off of an overpass into a garbage truck. Once more, Kamen Rider Double LunaTrigger has the Cockroach Dopant in his sights when he is distracted by Dango and Chizuru fighting, giving the Cockroach Dopant the opportunity to steal the Luna and Trigger Memories right out of the Double Driver.[7]

Find the C/Dancing Hero[edit]

8"Find the C/Dancing Hero"
Transcription: "C o Sagase/Danshingu Hīrō" (Japanese: Cを探せ/ダンシングヒーロー)
Naruhisa ArakawaOctober 25, 2009 (2009-10-25)
Losing the Luna and Trigger Memories, Kamen Rider Double is at a severe disadvantage against the Cockroach Dopant who manhandles Double with his speed. Though Double uses HeatMetal to turn the tables, he loses the Heat and Metal Memories as well. Later, brought to the Narumi Agency by Shotaro, Dango reveals he was the one who threw the rock and that he posted on the Dark Big Extermination out of venting his rage when he and Chizuru broke up as she joined the swimming team without explaining herself. As Philip looks up Chizuru's reason through the Gaia Library, Shotaro meets up with Santa-chan for information about the Cockroach Dopant, giving him a self-published manga that leads him to dōjinshi artist Ikari. Ikari speaks to Kirihiko on the phone, informing him of his possession of Double's Gaia Memories before taking the man's advice to take the remaining Gaia Memories and Double Driver for his own use. Shotaro confronts Ikari, seeking to retrieve the Gaia Memories until Ikari transforms into the Cockroach Dopant and escapes. Shotaro sends the Stag Phone to track him, but the Cockroach Dopant manages to ground it. Meanwhile, Philip finds Chizuru and brings her back to the office to force her and Dango into the RevolGarry so they can make amends. Though the two argue, Chizuru reveals to Dango that she only took up swimming to perfect her dancing and that she still shares his dream of becoming a great dance team. As they leave so Philip can watch Heaven's Tornado, Akiko receives a phone call from Shotaro's phone and tells him where they are going. However, the Cockroach Dopant is on the other line and shows up to break Chizuru's leg. Dango tries to fight him off as Philip interrogates Chizuru on the keyword for Heaven's Tornado: "Wave". With all of the knowledge of the dance at his disposal, when Shotaro finally arrives to fight the Cockroach Dopant as Kamen Rider Double, Philip uses his newly found dancing abilities with Dango to fight. They use Heaven's Tornado to attack the Cockroach Dopant, retrieving the Gaia Memories and transforming into LunaTrigger to deliver the final blow and leave Ikari for the police. Back at the office, Akiko shows Philip a thank-you note from Dango and Chizuru inviting them to see their next dance performance, believing that he has changed from his experience. To Akiko's dismay, Philip throws out the note and expresses an intense desire to see Mount Fuji after reading about it in his books.[8]

The S Terror/The Maid Detective Witnessed It![edit]

9"The S Terror/The Maid Detective Witnessed It!"
Transcription: "S na Senritsu/Meido Tantei wa Mita!" (Japanese: Sな戦慄/メイド探偵は見た!)
Riku SanjoNovember 8, 2009 (2009-11-08)
After Akiko has another argument with Shotaro over the amassing bills, five clients appear all stating that their loved ones have all disappeared, and that they are all pâtissiers. One client, pâtissière Mai Asakawa, is searching for her father Yuzo Asakawa, who was last seen working as the pâtissier for the Sonozaki estate. After Philip discovers that all five pâtissiers also worked at the Sonozaki estate, Akiko goes undercover as a maid to investigate the denizens the mansion and keep an eye on Mai, who is now working as the mansion's new pâtissière. Shotaro, furious, tries to talk her out of it, and nearly tells her what had happened to her father, but finds himself unable to tell her the events of Begins Night, blaming himself for his boss's death. As Shotaro tries to sneak into the mansion, he encounters Kirihiko, believing him to another stalker of Wakana's. Elsewhere, Mai is suddenly attacked by a living whipped cream, alerting Shotaro and Kirihiko. Shotaro enters the grounds and transforms into Kamen Rider Double, saving Mai and discovering the culprit is the Sweets Dopant. Double is coated in the cream which hardens like concrete until he transforms into CycloneMetal and summons the Bat Shot to form the Sonic Shaft to free him. When Kirihiko discovers Kamen Rider Double is on the grounds, he transforms into the Nasca Dopant and enters the brawl. Elsewhere, inside the mansion, Akiko trails Ryubee Sonozaki but he apparently disappears from her sight, allowing him to transform into the Terror Dopant to deal with the disruption outside his estate.[9]

The S Terror/The Great Detective's Daughter[edit]

10"The S Terror/The Great Detective's Daughter"
Transcription: "S na Senritsu/Meitantei no Musume" (Japanese: Sな戦慄/名探偵の娘)
Riku SanjoNovember 15, 2009 (2009-11-15)
The three-way battle between Kamen Rider Double, the Nasca Dopant, and the Sweets Dopant is suddenly halted by the presence of the Terror Dopant. All three barely escape the attack, and Shotaro, feeling the full effects of the Terror Dopant's fear inducing powers, believes Akiko is in danger. After Akiko tends to Mai Asakawa, she admits fault in leaving her alone as Shotaro tells Akiko about her father's ideology, only to find she ran off as he was about to tell her what happened. Shotaro follows her to the Futo Museum where she talks to Ryubee, noticing the magma, anomalocaris, and Tyrannosaurus exhibits as he recalls the Dopants he fought previously before having an unnerving encounter with Ryubee. Later, at the Sonozaki family's afternoon tea, Akiko reveals her identity as a detective to reveal who has been attacking the pâtissiers. She accuses the overweight maid Fukumi Shirotsuka because of her sweet tooth when Philip comes across the true culprit. The maid Yukiko Sasaki suddenly recoils in disgust, having eaten a pastry prepared by Akiko that she finds disgusting, transforming into the Sweets Dopant to kidnap Mai and Akiko. Shotaro, having been watching from the window outside, transforms into Kamen Rider Double to give chase as Kirihiko and Saeko witness him transform. Both assume to their Dopant forms and halt Double to deal with him for his meddling in their affairs. At Yukiko's hideout, she reveals her motives for the kidnappings before she attempts to kill Akiko for the pastry she made. Kamen Rider Double tries to escape the two powerful Dopants, gaining the upper hand when the RevolGarry arrives and he escapes on the HardBoilder Start Dash Mode, using the break away boosters to escape from the Nasca Dopant, who is struck by one of the Taboo Dopant's plasma spheres for failing to catch Double. Just as Akiko is about to be killed, Double arrives to save them only to see Akiko express the same conviction to protect a client as her father had. Kamen Rider Double fights the Sweets Dopant in HeatJoker form, using the Bat Shot's Luna Maximum Drive to pinpoint the Dopant's location before executing a Memory Break with Joker Grenade. Back at the office, as Akiko has Philip taste the pastry she made, Shotaro decides to hold off on telling her of the events of Begins Night.[10]

The Revenge V/Infected Car[edit]

11"The Revenge V/Infected Car"
Transcription: "Fukushū no V/Kansensha" (Japanese: 復讐のV/感染車)
Keiichi HasegawaNovember 22, 2009 (2009-11-22)
At the Narumi Detective Agency, Akiko has fallen ill with a cold and calls Shotaro an "idiot who never catches a cold", spurning Philip's interest in this phrase despite not knowing that it is an idiom. The agency then gets a phone call from a man named Mikio Aoki, who claims that he is being chased and needs help. When Shotaro arrives on the scene, he sees a black SUV chasing Aoki before inexplicably phasing through him, causing the man to writhe in pain before falling dead. When Shotaro is taken in for questioning at the police station the next day, Makura thinking that he murdered Aoki, Jinno arrives to reveal that Aoki died from a mysterious disease. Deciding to get to the bottom of it, Shotaro learns from Watcherman that Aoki was a member in a chop shop street gang. They head to the gang's usual hangout to talk to its leader Kurosu. Shotaro questions him, until Kurosu pulls a gun on Shotaro after one member of his posse hints that the SUV was stolen. Akiko, scared for their lives, drags Shotaro out before the other two gang members leave and talk about checking out the SUV. Shotaro trails them as the SUV appears once more to run down the other two members, killing one of them before chasing after the other. With Philip still absorbed in investigating the idiom, Shotaro instead uses the Bat Shot to take photos of the driver, eventually transforming into Kamen Rider Double to save the younger gang member. However, the Nasca Dopant intervenes, allowing the SUV to kill the gang member. Later, Philip identifies the driver as Kōhei Yamamura, whose older sister Sachi Yamamura was hit by a car driven by Kurosu's gang and is currently in the hospital in a coma. Believing that Kōhei is the Dopant, Shotaro confronts and accuses him. Kōhei runs off into a bus to escape to continue his revenge, succeeding because Sachi's fiance Noriyuki Yushima just got off the bus and holds Shotaro at bay. After talking to Yushima and learning about Kōhei, Shotaro gets a call from Akiko that she has followed Kurosu to a warehouse so he can gun down Kōhei in the SUV. Kamen Rider Double arrives at the warehouse on the HardBoilder, provoking Kōhei to chase after him. Assuming HeatMetal and using the RevolGarry, Double manages to wreck the SUV without getting himself infected. While inspecting the wreckage with Akiko, they discover that the Gaia Memory is absent, just as the Virus Dopant appears.[11]

The Revenge V/Grudge Beast[edit]

12"The Revenge V/Grudge Beast"
Transcription: "Fukushū no V/Onnenjū" (Japanese: 復讐のV/怨念獣)
Keiichi HasegawaNovember 29, 2009 (2009-11-29)
After revealing itself, the Virus Dopant kills Kurosu; Kamen Rider Double is powerless to keep the monster from running away, as Shotaro senses sadness from it. The next day, after reviewing the Sachi's hit-and-run and the Virus Dopant's subsequent rampage, Shotaro believes that Yushima is actually the Dopant. Heading to a girls' school where Yushima teaches art, Shotaro finds the Virus Dopant attacking Yushima. Double saves Yushima and fights the Dopant before it runs away. Back to square one, Akiko believes that Sachi may be the guilty party. Though Shotaro could not believe it, Akiko and Philip visit the hospital where Sachi is being kept, and he finds a Living Connector on her. Philip concludes that the Virus Dopant is formed from Sachi's consciousness, and seeks to contact her through the Gaia Library. Upon meeting her, she tells Philip that just before she received the Virus Memory, she caught Yushima proposing to another woman. Elsewhere, Shotaro learns from Queen and Elizabeth that Yushima is a casanova who uses women for his art. When Shotaro goes to confront him, he arrives just as the Virus Dopant is about to kill Yushima. Shotaro begs the monster to stop while he forces Yushima to apologize to Sachi. Neither Shotaro nor Philip can reason with Sachi, leading the powers of the Virus Dopant to take over, forcing them to transform into Kamen Rider Double to fight the Virus Dopant. After Philip realizes that the only way to defeat the Dopant is to destroy it completely, Shotaro decides that they transform into HeatTrigger and use the Trigger Explosion Maximum Drive to deal the deathblow. The Virus Dopant is vaporized, and the Virus Memory is ejected from Sachi's body and breaks. Soon after, Shotaro punches Yushima for breaking Sachi's heart, and the deaths that resulted from it. A few days later while closing the case, Shotaro begins showing symptoms of a cold.[12]

The Q on the Radio/Targeted Princess[edit]

13"The Q on the Radio/Targeted Princess"
Transcription: "Redio de Q/Nerawareta Purinsesu" (Japanese: レディオでQ/狙われたプリンセス)
Keiichi HasegawaDecember 6, 2009 (2009-12-06)
After Wakana Sonozaki deals with a stalker Gaia Memory dealer who attempts to force her to marry him, Wakana airs the debut of her song "Naturally" before receiving a call from a "Mister Question" who wants to give her a present. A nearby building is destroyed by the Violence Dopant soon after. Arriving as Wind Wave DJ Motoko Saeki diverts press attention away from Wakana over the incident, Shotaro sneaks by and offers his services to her, though she refuses. Later at the Sonozaki mansion, Wakana fights with Saeko over her quitting her job at Wind Wave and going into the family business. Though Ryubee stops the two from fighting, he agrees with Saeko and Wakana promises to handle things. The next day, the police and Shotaro investigate as Mister Question calls Wakana again. On Philip's suggestion, Shotaro talks to Mister Question himself so he can deduce the Dopant's goal. Philip confirms the location to be a nearby amusement park where the Violence Dopant is igniting the gas main. When Shotaro shows up and transforms, he is easily outmatched. Later that night, while the crew is investigating, Wakana storms into the agency, scaring Shotaro and Akiko temporarily out of their wits, to find Philip as he hides in the hangar. Keeping the door closed, Philip explains that Mister Question used an interview where Wakana mentioned her love for aromatic candles and yearly visits to the amusement park to set up his attack. Impressed, Wakana forces the door open slightly, grabbing Philip's hand to thank him, but stimulates his memories as he promises to help her. The next day, Wakana allows Shotaro to accompany her to a special recording at the Izumi family's pastry shop. During the show, the shop is called by Mister Question stating his intent for Wakana to always see her favorite scenery, which Philip figures out is the destruction of Futo Building #3 that obstructs the view of the Futo Tower from Wakana's bedroom. Shotaro heads there, now able to fight him as Kamen Rider Double HeatMetal. However, the fight is interrupted by the ClayDoll Dopant who attacks Double, while Kirihiko watches unnoticed by the sidelines. During the fight, Double and the ClayDoll Dopant come in contact, triggering the same reaction Philip had before when Wakana touched his hand. As Philip tries to figure out what this all means, the Violence Dopant enters the fray once more as the Violence Ball, shocking Double and Kirihiko by landing on top of the ClayDoll Dopant and shattering her into thousands of pieces.[13]

The Q on the Radio/Live Catastrophe[edit]

14"The Q on the Radio/Live Catastrophe"
Transcription: "Redio de Q/Namahōsō Daipanikku" (Japanese: レディオでQ/生放送大パニック)
Keiichi HasegawaDecember 13, 2009 (2009-12-13)
When the Violence Dopant runs off after crushing the ClayDoll Dopant, Kamen Rider Double prepares to give chase until the ClayDoll Dopant reforms and walks off. Later, Wakana visits the Asakawa family's bakery for her show. However, Mister Question calls the bakery and tells her that he has an amazing present--and gives no hints. Using what they know about him, Philip states that Mister Question is someone Wakana knows. Sneaking out, Wakana visits Philip as he learns of her family's past; her sister Saeko would take out the anger she had towards their father on Wakana, and their younger brother would help Wakana cope with the anger she had towards her sister, almost acting as her conscience. While this occurs, Motoko arrives to take her place in reviewing the Fumen ramen stand's products. With Wakana's help, Philip is able to deduce Mister Question's identity. After Philip promises to see her once this case is solved, Wakana makes her way to the Fumen ramen stand, and Philip's curiosity starts to get the best of him. After Wakana finishes the show, Mister Question calls, and Wakana reveals him as her manager Tsuyoshi Ageo, who walks up and assumes his Dopant form. He abducts Wakana, and Shotaro calls upon Philip as he resists reading a Gaia Library book about Wakana. Double chases the Violence Dopant on the HardTurbuler, until assuming LunaTrigger and catching him in a net projected by the Trigger Magnum and Spider Shock. When freed, Wakana asks Ageo where he received the Gaia Memory. After professing his love for Wakana, he admits the Gaia Memory was a gift from someone else and runs off with Kamen Rider Double in pursuit. Wakana goes to the Wind Wave studios, confronting Motoko who admits that she bought the Violence Memory and used Ageo to get rid of her as competition. Infuriated, Wakana becomes the ClayDoll Dopant to kill her, only to stop after remembing what both her younger brother and Philip told her. Taking advantage of Wakana's mercy as she leaves, Motoko decides to expose her on the air until Kirihiko arrives, becoming the Nasca Dopant to permanently silence Motoko. Elsewhere, Kamen Rider Double has defeated the Violence Dopant with a Trigger Stag Burst, dropping Ageo off on a rooftop once the Memory Break completes. Later, perplexed by her knowledge of Gaia Memories, Philip calls Wakana to asks her if she has a Gaia Memory as she reminds him of their promise. After asking her to wait a bit longer for their meeting, Wakana discards the ClayDoll Memory on the mansion's patio and walks away, only for Ryubee to pick it up moments later.[14]

The F Afterglow/Burglary Rider[edit]

15"The F Afterglow/Burglary Rider"
Transcription: "F no Zankō/Gōtō Raidā" (Japanese: Fの残光/強盗ライダー)
Riku SanjoDecember 20, 2009 (2009-12-20)
After finding Philip trying to train like a boxer through weight-loss hell tactics in the RevolGarry's cockpit after listening to Wakana, seeing a tiny dinosaur robot from his past, the Narumi Detective Agency is approached by Fuyumi Aso, who asks them to find a Kamen Rider. Initially thinking it to be an easy task, they learn that the "Kamen Rider" is actually an impostor who has gone on a crime spree. Shotaro takes the case to get to the bottom of it after learning more at the site of the culprit's robbery on an armored truck. Using the Bat Shot, Shotaro finds the culprit Dopant riding a motorcycle to attack the next armored truck, and he arrives as Kamen Rider Double in time to stop the attack as the Arms Dopant flees from the scene. After losing the Arms Dopant, Double finds a small scrap of metal it left behind. When Akiko and Shotaro confront Fuyumi about her connection to the Dopant, she reveals that she is one half of the Twin Rose cat burglar team, and the Arms Dopant is her partner Kenji Kurata. Despite being lied to, Shotaro continues working the case on the condition that Fuyumi turns herself in afterwards. As Shotaro explains to Akiko his personal reasons for going after the Arms Dopant, Philip has trouble searching for Kurata's hideout until Akiko identifies the piece of metal as being part of an apple-shape, leading him to the Sherwood Building. As Shotaro makes his way there, Philip is still troubled by the mystery of why Kurata is pretending to be a Kamen Rider. With Akiko and Fuyumi, Shotaro confronts Kurata and orders him to discard the Arms Memory. Kurata, under the Arms Memory's influence, refuses to give it up and transforms into the Arms Dopant to face him. Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Double and fights the Arms Dopant, until the Dopant gets a call from his client who tells him to spring the trap. The Arms Dopant calls upon a small army of Masquerade Dopants who have captured Akiko and Fuyumi, threatening to kill the former if Double does not revert. Shotaro follows through, while keeping in mental contact with Philip to prepare the Luna Memory, but the Arms Dopant fires a projectile that closes up the right side of Shotaro's Double Driver once the Heat Memory is removed. When the Arms Dopant reveals that his target is Philip (who is hiding in the RevolGarry), Shotaro yells at Philip to run as he staggers out. Managing to dodge fire by the Masquerade Dopants, Philip runs outside where he comes across Saeko, the one who set up the trap. With open arms, Saeko walks towards Philip, who she calls Raito, the "Chosen Child".[15]

The F Afterglow/Recover Your Partner[edit]

16"The F Afterglow/Recover Your Partner"
Transcription: "F no Zankō/Aibō o Torimodose" (Japanese: Fの残光/相棒をとりもどせ)
Riku SanjoJanuary 3, 2010 (2010-01-03)
When confronted by Saeko and learning his true name, Philip refuses to go with her as she assumes her Dopant form to take him by force. He runs away, only to encounter the Fang Memory, he tells it to go away and escapes on the RevolGarry, leaving Akiko and Shotaro helpless. Back at the base, Philip wakes up with the Fang Memory watching him; Philip tries to drive it off. After Watcherman and Santa-chan enter in search of Shotaro, Philip meets Inspector Makura, who learned that Fuyumi was seen around here. Learning she was released, Philip saves Fuyumi from the police as he needs answers. Though he's no longer the Kenji she knew, Fuyumi refuses to give up on her partner, giving Philip the final resolve to save Shotaro as he runs into the Fang Memory once again. Elsewhere, a bound Shotaro and Akiko discuss their means of escape, and Shotaro says that only their seventh Gaia Memory, the living Fang Memory, could possibly help, but its last use was too taxing on Philip's mind and body. The next day, Shotaro is set to be executed by being dropped over sharpened metal, with Akiko forced to hang on to his rope before she inevitably loses her grip. Luckily, the Fang Memory saves Shotaro, just as Philip arrives. Despite Shotaro's protests, Philip uses the Fang Memory to transform into Kamen Rider Double FangJoker, with his body becoming Double. With Philip unable to control himself, Double FangJoker goes berserk, attacking the Masquerade Dopants and finally the Arms Dopant, who holds Akiko hostage in an attempt to get Double to stop. Just before Double slashes Akiko, Shotaro finds Philip within the burning Gaia Library, where they reassert control over Double, saving Akiko from themselves. Now in control, the two finish the battle and destroy the Arms Dopant with the Fang Streiser Maximum Drive, shattering the Arms Memory. Seeing Saeko drive off, with Philip's body no longer able to continue, Shotaro takes over as Double gives chase, assuming LunaTrigger to finish her off. However, the Nazca Dopant saves the Taboo Dopant at the last second with his newly-mastered super speed. After saving a little girl as HeatMetal in front of Jinno and the police force, the Kamen Rider's reputation is saved and they return home. After closing the case, though Shotaro worries that the Fang Memory's resurfacing is a prelude to things to come, Akiko calls to Shotaro as Philip has decided to put on weight, to disastrous results, while the Fang Memory encounters a strange blue beetle-like device.[16]

Farewell N/Memory Kids[edit]

17"Farewell N/Memory Kids"
Transcription: "Saraba N yo/Memori Kizzu" (Japanese: さらばNよ/メモリキッズ)
Keiichi HasegawaJanuary 10, 2010 (2010-01-10)
Shotaro and Kirihiko unknowingly come across each other at the Barber Kaze barber shop, where Kirihiko proudly reveals that he invented the city's mascot, Futo-kun. However, when they realize who they've been talking to, the two proceed outside for battle, though Philip is unable to find the Fang Memory for Shotaro to use. The Nasca Dopant nearly has the advantage against Kamen Rider Double, but the battle is halted when the owner of Barber Kaze calls for Shotaro. The owner had called the Detective Agency to find his daughter Akane, who has gone missing for a few days. Shotaro takes the case and returns to the Agency, where he finds that Philip, obsessed with finding the Fang Memory, has resorted to using mousetraps to catch it. Akiko puts on Wakana's show, where rumors of a strange birdman catches Philip's attention. After seeing Queen and Elizabeth for information, Shotaro learns that Akane has been hanging out with a bad crowd underneath the freeway bridge. When Shotaro and Akiko find them, Akane's friend Toma pulls out the Bird Memory, which he then passes to his friend Yuichi who transforms into the Bird Dopant. Shotaro prepares to transform into Kamen Rider Double, but a distracted Philip claims that he found a rhinoceros beetle in one of his traps, despite it being the wrong season for the beetle to be active. Shotaro manages to transform in time and give the Bird Dopant a beating as LunaMetal, until Yuichi suddenly gives up and takes it out. However, before Double can confiscate the Gaia Memory, Yuichi throws it back to Toma, who transforms into the Bird Dopant and takes Akane away as Yuichi begins writhing in pain. Watching the entire fight, a concerned Kirihiko confronts Saeko about Gaia Memories being used by children; Saeko assures him that the matter will be dealt with, as she asks how his body is doing. At the hospital, Shotaro talks to Yayoi, who says that Toma got the Bird Memory and they have been using it for fun until Toma decided to attack people. They learn his next target is the Fumen Ramen as Akane attempted to get them to leave, but Shotaro intervenes before anyone can get hurt as the others runs off. Before he can transform, Philip shows up and says that he has discovered how the Fang Memory works: it appears when Philip is in danger. They transform into FangJoker and manage to defeat him, causing the Gaia Memory to eject and Toma begins writhing in pain. However, it does not break, as Kirihiko reveals that the Bird Memory has more than one person using it, provoking Double to demand why he sold it to children. Though he has no idea how this could happen, the Nasca Dopant instead takes this opportunity to fight Double FangJoker.[17]

Farewell N/The Friend with the Wind[edit]

18"Farewell N/The Friend with the Wind"
Transcription: "Saraba N yo/Tomo wa Kaze to Tomo ni" (Japanese: さらばNよ/友は風と共に)
Keiichi HasegawaJanuary 17, 2010 (2010-01-17)

The Nasca Dopant and Kamen Rider Double FangJoker fight, and the Nasca Dopant has the upper hand with his newfound super speed until he suddenly falls in pain. Philip is ready to deliver the finishing blow until Shotaro stops him, saying that killing someone—especially someone who loves Futo as much as Kirihiko does—would not be right. Double and the Nasca Dopant end the fight and go their separate ways, as Shotaro takes Toma to the hospital. Later at the Agency, as Akane blames herself for what happened to Toma, Philip returns from the Gaia Library and reveals that Akane has the real Living Connector. Akane tells them that after she was having problems completing the high jump at school in preparation for an event, a woman approached her and gave her the Bird Memory to help. Later, as Akane rests, Shotaro leaves to contact Akane's father that they have found her. However, Akane wakes up and attacks Philip and Akiko in a withdrawal rage before running off, with one of the Spider Shock's trackers attached on her. Akane returns to the school where she comes across Saeko, the woman who had given her the Living Connector in the first place, and the Bird Memory is returned to Akane. At the Sonozaki Family mansion, after seeing Saeko coming out of a secret doorway, Kirihiko enters it and finds himself in a cave system with a strange piece of equipment within it. Ryubee reveals it to be the source for the first set of Gaia Memories and the center of the Museum. Kirihiko learns that Ryubee intentionally allowed the Bird Memory to be given to children to test the new Gaia Memory's power, regardless of the consequences. Enraged, Kirihiko threatens to kill Ryubee as the Nazca Dopant unless he is told how to defeat the Dopant without harming the child. Ryubee complies; but the Nazca Dopant begins writhing in pain. Ryubee explains that Kirihiko was also used to test the Nasca Memory's powers, revealing that its Level Two power is slowly killing him. Ryubee then transforms into the Terror Dopant to put him out of his misery as the Nasca Dopant escapes, only to be chased by the Smilodon Dopant. Wakana arrives and turns into the ClayDoll Dopant to save Kirihiko. Kirihiko thanks Wakana as she tells him to be true to himself, leaving to help Kamen Rider Double. By that time, Shotaro finds Akane just as she uses the Bird Memory and flies away. Shotaro and Philip transform to give chase, eventually summoning the RevolGarry to use the HardTurbuler to chase her in the air. During the fight with the Bird Dopant, her power grows, and she knocks Double out of the air. Double changes into CycloneTrigger and tries to hold off the attacks until the Nasca Dopant appears to help, knocking the Bird Dopant out of the air and reveal its weak point with his Driver. Akane is freed after Double's Trigger Bat Shooting and the Nasca Dopant regresses into a pain-stricken Kirihiko. He reveals Museum's existence to Double, leaving the rider his Futo-kun keychain. Later, Kirihiko calls Saeko and asks if she would leave town with him out of love. Saeko, in response, transforms into the Taboo Dopant and blasts him with one of her energy balls, taking the Nasca Memory and saying that she has bigger plans for the Gaia Memories. As she leaves, Kirihiko feels the breeze and disappears into a cloud of dust that drifts away in the wind.

Days later, at the Narumi Detective Agency, Shotaro opines on the case's aftermath while looking at a newspaper covering Kirihiko's mysterious death. Suddenly, Akiko exclaims that a rhinoceros beetle is in the building and Philip asks where it is as it flies out the window. It flies to the police station, where a man in a red jacket takes it and states his contempt for Futo while holding a red Rider-type Gaia Memory: the Accel Memory.[18]

The I Doesn't Stop/That Guy's Name Is Accel[edit]

19"The I Doesn't Stop/That Guy's Name Is Accel"
Transcription: "I ga Tomaranai/Yatsu no Na wa Akuseru" (Japanese: Iが止まらない/奴の名はアクセル)
Ice Age
Riku SanjoJanuary 24, 2010 (2010-01-24)
While down in the billiard hall below his office, Shotaro is approached by a man dressed in red who is in need of his services. Introducing himself as Superintendent Ryu Terui, he requests Shotaro's aid in investigating a crime wave involving frozen victims which may be connected to a Dopant. Though Shotaro turns him down, Akiko gladly accepts the case on his behalf after getting the payment in advance, forcing him to follow Ryu to a recent crime scene while Philip expresses an interest in Ryu. At the crime scene, the apartment of survivor Shinya Ikeda, Ryu finds a blue flower at the scene while Shotaro gets the low down on him from Jinno and Makura. After being manhandled by Ryu for being curious about the flower, Shotaro accompanies him to the hospital where Shinya is being held after his brush with death, finding him being attacked by a mysterious icy Dopant. Shotaro is about to transform when Ryu retrieves a large (and very heavy) sword –the Engine Blade– which he barely swings at the Dopant while ordering Shotaro to become a Kamen Rider, much to Shotaro's surprise. Shotaro prepares to transform, but is delayed due to Philip's latest research topic. After enough nudging from Shotaro, Kamen Rider Double is formed as he fights the icy Dopant, assuming HeatJoker to counter the Dopant's ice attacks. As Ryu gives chase, he sees a woman running off with a blue flower left behind. They return to the agency offices where Ryu enters the hangar much to Akiko's surprise, with Shotaro mortified to find Philip pretending to be a St. Bernard thanks to the latest Wakana's Healing Princess. Ryu reveals that he has been spying on them with the Beetle Phone the entire time and then reveals his Accel Memory and his intent to become a Kamen Rider. Though annoyed, Philip uses the Gaia Library to point Ryu to florist Makiko Katahira with Akiko's help. Shotaro, Ryu, and Akiko go to her flower shop where they encounter her son Kiyoshi who tells them that she spends her time at the Futo-En amusement park. Upon their arrival, as Shotaro and Akiko go off to find Makiko, Ryu meets with the mysterious woman Shroud as she gives him the Accel Driver (in a metal suitcase surrounded by a ring of fire.). Once Shotaro and Akiko confront Makiko about the icy Dopant's attacks, she runs off as the icy Dopant appears once more to attack Shotaro. Assuming HeatJoker for the advantage, Double is outmatched by the Dopant even after assuming HeatMetal. By then, Ryu arrives and activates the Accel Driver with his Accel Memory, transforming into Kamen Rider Accel. Now able to use the Engine Blade without being burdened by its weight, Accel uses it to overpower the icy Dopant as it attempts to escape. However, Accel assumes Bike Form to pursue before executing his Maximum Drive, the Accel Glanzer Rider Kick, on the Dopant. However, the icy Dopant shatters with no Gaia Memory in sight. They then see the real icy Dopant trying to escape, and when they follow it they see Makiko grasping a Gaia Memory. Kamen Rider Accel, infuriated for some reason, prepares to attack her, while Shotaro exclaims that Ryu should not attack an untransformed human.[19]

The I Doesn't Stop/Kamen Rider Style[edit]

20"The I Doesn't Stop/Kamen Rider Style"
Transcription: "I ga Tomaranai/Kamen Raidā no Ryūgi" (Japanese: Iが止まらない/仮面ライダーの流儀)
Ice Age
Riku SanjoJanuary 31, 2010 (2010-01-31)

Just as Kamen Rider Accel prepares to attack Makiko, Kamen Rider Double HeatMetal intervenes, allowing Makiko to escape. Enraged that Double would interfere with his revenge, Accel forces him to revert, and prepares to kill Shotaro for his ideology until Akiko stops him. Ryu leaves after declaring his hatred for Futo, seeing no good in this city. As Shotaro refuses to accept Ryu's ideology and heads out, Philip decides to investigate Ryu's relation to the W Gaia Memory in the Gaia Library. While Ryu follows Kiyoshi to his mother, Shotaro goes to see Watcherman for information on Makiko. Shotaro arrives just as Accel is about to kill her, with Philip helping her escape. Forming Kamen Rider Double FangJoker, Philip manages to subdue Accel before revealing he knows about Ryu's family being killed by a Dopant with icy powers. Philip asks a furious Ryu to tell him what had happened. Ryu tells how his father, before he died, told him that the culprit had a Gaia Memory with the letter W. Ryu encountered Shroud soon after, receiving the Accel Memory and Engine Blade to get his revenge. Before he walks off to find Makiko, Shotaro informs him that she is not the Dopant. Taking Ryu to a dance club, Shotaro reveals Kiyoshi to be the icy Dopant, and that his mother has only been protecting him. Suddenly, Makiko arrives, pleading for Kiyoshi to stop, but he shoves her off and escapes in his Dopant form. After telling Makiko not to burden herself, Shotaro and Philip give chase as Ryu begins to contemplate how Shotaro kept him from making a big mistake. As HeatJoker and then HeatTrigger, Kamen Rider Double has trouble with the icy Dopant's abilities and is overwhelmed until Ryu appears once more and transforms into Kamen Rider Accel. Using the Engine Memory's Steam abilities in the Engine Blade, Accel deflects the Dopant's attacks before using a Maximum Drive to expel the Gaia Memory from Kiyoshi. After nearly giving Shotaro and Makiko a fright, everyone is surprised as Ryu slaps handcuffs on Kiyoshi instead of attacking him, stating that he will play by Shotaro's rules while in Futo. As Makiko comforts her son, Ryu discovered that Kiyoshi had the IceAge Memory, not the W Memory as he had assumed.

Elsewhere, now under Saeko's wing as she is being forced into the family business, Wakana is introduced to their family's benefactor and a high-ranking member of the Museum. Wakana states that the man, though well-mannered, instills more fear in her than her own father. Saeko explains that the man is a brutal figure responsible for the crime wave of frozen victims. The man sits down at a piano and begins playing, until he pulls out a black Gaia Memory from his pocket: the Weather Memory.[20]

The T Returns/A Melody Not Intended for Women[edit]

21"The T Returns/A Melody Not Intended for Women"
Transcription: "Kaettekita T/Onna ni wa Mukanai Merodi" (Japanese: 還ってきたT/女には向かないメロディ)
Keiichi HasegawaFebruary 7, 2010 (2010-02-07)
Ryu Terui and Makura follow Himuro, an inspector who has been leaking info to Gaia Memory dealers. Once they prepare to arrest him, the Gaia Memory dealers surround them and transform into Masquerade Dopants as Ryu transforms into Kamen Rider Accel to execute the Dopants after Makura trips himself and passes out. By the time Accel finds Himuro, he is killed by the Triceratops Dopant who escapes Accel. While checking on Makura, Ryu is saved from a Masquerade Dopant by Detective Aya Kujo, a member of the FPD who has been working for the LAPD. The next day, Makura goes to the Narumi Detective Agency to ask for Shotaro's help in the investigation into Himuro's partner in crime as to impress Aya, who he has become enamored with. Understanding his plight, Shotaro takes the case to show up Ryu. Going to Watcherman with Makura and Akiko, Shotaro learns the corrupt detective is named Ken Akutsu. Finding Akutsu with Santa-chan as Ryu and Aya are watching, Makura exposes everyone as Akutsu runs off. They give chase, and Ryu comes across Akutsu just as the Triceratops Dopant appears again to attack Akutsu after removing Ryu from the picture. Shotaro arrives to transform into Kamen Rider Double to stop the Dopant, assuming HeatMetal to have an advantage until the Triceratops Dopant escapes after its right leg is hit. Everyone regroups and Ryu shows a keychain that Akutsu dropped as he ran off during the fight with the name "Catherine" on it. Returning the Agency, with Philip noticing her leg Kujo briefs everyone on Masaki Mizoguchi, her former superior officer who mysteriously vanished after being kicked out of the force for bribery. Leaving the keychain to Philip, Ryu learns that Kujo loved Mizoguchi as he admits his own goals in Futo. At the Digal Corporation, after reviewing the footage of Kamen Rider Accel and smacking Wakana for being childish, Saeko is contacted by Akutsu who is need of her help. After being told that "Catherine" is the name of Akutsu's boat, the gang track him down to his boat and split up to corner him. Though he holds Shotaro at gunpoint, Ryu disarms Akutsu and forces him to admit that he and Himuro were sending criminals to the Gaia Memory dealers as subjects for Gaia Memory experiments and that he and Himuro killed Mizoguchi when he discovered the truth and discredited him. By then, Akutsu's bodyguard, the Smilodon Dopant, arrives as the Kamen Riders battle the feral Dopant while Akutsu escapes to his boat. By the time they drive the Smilodon Dopant away, Double and Accel watch Akutsu escaping on the Catherine until the boat is obliterated by the Triceratops Dopant's club. Though Shotaro wonders if it is Mizoguchi, Philip and Ryu reveal that the Dopant is none other than Aya Kujo.[21]

The T Returns/The Man Who Can't Die[edit]

22"The T Returns/The Man Who Can't Die"
Transcription: "Kaettekita T/Shinanai Otoko" (Japanese: 還ってきたT/死なない男)
Keiichi HasegawaFebruary 14, 2010 (2010-02-14)
With Aya revealed to be the Triceratops Dopant, learning that Ryu was told by Philip after seeing her leg, she reveals that she is out for revenge as Kamen Rider Accel asks her to give him the Triceratops Memory. However, after Aya refuses to as her revenge is not complete yet, Accel prepares to attack her until Kamen Rider Double intervene with Aya escaping. The next day, as Akiko keeps a confused Makura from entering Detective Agency, Philip reminds Shotaro of the corrupting power of the Gaia Memories despite his feeling that she might resist it. Ryu gets a call from someone saying he is the man with the W Memory and Ryu goes to meet him but it is a trap and he is covered by falling rubble. Reviewing the Mizoguchi case before Ryu, Shotaro finds Aya at the site of Mizoguchi's death and asks her to turn herself in before the Gaia Memory destroys her. But Aya asks him to wait until tomorrow to capture one of Museum's members before turning herself it. Later, about to find Shotaro, Ryu gets an apparent call from the W Memory Owner, telling him to meet him in an alley to settle things. But it turned out to be a trap as Ryu is buried alive in debris. Later that night, Aya confronts Saeko and overpowers her before requesting a position in the Museum. Impressed, and seeing her consumed by her Gaia Memory, Saeko asks Aya to kill Detective Jinno for her to prove her worth. The next day, after a relieved Shotaro and Akiko see Aya entering the police station, Philip learns that Aya staged a trap on Ryu and is forced to take matters in his own hands as Shotaro was invited to a karaoke box by Queen and Elizabeth. Managing to enter the station as Aya assumes her Dopant form to kill Jinno, Philip succeeds in getting Shotaro's attention so he can transform into Kamen Rider Double FangJoker. With Shotaro shocked that Aya lied to him, Aya reveals that her revenge for Mizoguchi's death now extends to all of Futo after the city turned its back on him. FangJoker is unable to hold off the Dopant until Ryu appears, claiming that he cannot be killed so easily until he sets his affairs in order. He transforms into Accel and fights the Triceratops Dopant on his own with Double staying on the sidelines, until the Dopant transforms into the Big Triceratops to take out Futo Tower. Unable to keep up at first, Accel turns the tables with the Gunner A, combining with it to form the AccelGunner which breaks the Triceratops Memory as a defeated Aya loses consciousness. Later, at the detective agency as Shotaro sits down at his typewriter reviewing the case, Makura vows to be a great detective for Aya's sake before Akiko shows him his bill for their services.[22]

L on the Lips/Singer-SongRider[edit]

23"L on the Lips/Singer-SongRider"
Transcription: "Kuchibiru ni L o/Shingā Songuraidā" (Japanese: 唇にLを/シンガーソングライダー)
Riku SanjoFebruary 21, 2010 (2010-02-21)

Queen and Elizabeth approach Shotaro as clients to investigate the goings on at the Fuuuuuutic Idol competition. While performing their song "Love♡Wars" to get a major release, the audience loves them; but for some reason, the three judges—Aya Kamiki, TAKUYA, and Ichirouta Oonuki (Ichirou Mizuki)—eliminate them in favor of street musician Jimmy Nakata whose singing is terrible, blaming an individual known as the "Radio Tower Clown" for their failure and his promotion. Though warned by the two informants, when Shotaro and Akiko investigate Jimmy, they reel in pain from his painful singing of his song "Futo Tower" (風都タワー, Fūto Tawā). Shotaro begins asking him about his "spilk" (スピック, supikku, "spinning to folk") style until his fan Yukiho Sumita barges in, asking for another of Jimmy's autographs. At the Sonozaki Mansion, after Ryubee sees Saeko heading off to see the W Memory owner, Wakana turns on the TV to watch Fuuuuuutic Idol as Jimmy ostensibly earns his second win, to the audience's distress. When Ichirouta Oonuki steps up to the stage to call on an audience member to perform: Philip in a yellow mask. Shotaro tries to stop him, but he hands Shotaro a blue mask and Philip dubs themselves the "Kamen Singers". As the duo perform "Finger on the Trigger", Ryu confronts the "Radio Tower Clown" and fights him as Kamen Rider Accel behind the scenes, supposedly destroying his Gaia Memory with the A-Slasher. After Shotaro and Philip's performance, they too are eliminated in favor of Jimmy Nakata. Though Shotaro tells him the contest is fixed, Jimmy does not believe it. At the Narumi Agency, Ryu states that the "Radio Tower Clown" is a Dopant who was responsible for Jimmy's wins and holds up the destroyed Gaia Memory to prove it, only to discover what he had picked up earlier is actually trash. While Philip helps Ryu track down the Gaia Memory, Shotaro attempts to find Yukiho, who he believes is responsible. However, he instead finds poet and street calligrapher Sachio Sawada before Santa-chan tells the two that Yukiho works at a recycling plant. They two watch her from afar before Yukiho passes out, taking her to the Isaka Internal Medicine Clinic where she reveals her intent to do anything for Jimmy. They pursue her when the strange Dopant appears with Yukiho paying him for help. However, feeling that he is not being paid enough, the Dopant refuses to help her anymore. Accel arrives, revealing that their opponent is the Liar Dopant, and how he has manipulated the judges to let Jimmy win and the other contestants lose. After Shotaro transforms, Kamen Riders Double and Accel double-team the Liar Dopant until Yukiho interrupts Double LunaTrigger as he prepares the Maximum Drive. As Yukiho pleads that she needs the Dopant to help Jimmy win, Jimmy arrives as the Liar Dopant has arranged, revealing the lie to him. Upon realizing his success was all a farce, Jimmy breaks down in tears.

At the Isaka Clinic, after closing time, Saeko arrives to see doctor Shinkuro Isaka, the owner of the Weather Memory.[23]

L on the Lips/The Liar Is You[edit]

24"L on the Lips/The Liar Is You"
Transcription: "Kuchibiru ni L o/Usotsuki wa Omae da" (Japanese: 唇にLを/嘘つきはおまえだ)
Riku SanjoFebruary 28, 2010 (2010-02-28)

After Yukiho and the Liar Dopant's farce is revealed, Jimmy breaks down in tears. With Kamen Rider Double's guard is down, the Liar Dopant uses Lie Needles to trick Double into thinking Accel is a Dopant, and then redirects Akiko's slipper attack to a tanuki statue. Before he leaves, the Liar Dopant gathers some of Jimmy's tears on a slip of washi paper. The Lie Needles' effects wear off soon after, as Jimmy leaves in a huff with Yukiho in tears. While this all occurs, Dr. Isaka examines Saeko's Dopant form, suggesting to her that she could possibly defeat her father and take over the Museum, offering his services to her. Back at the Narumi Agency, Yukiho reveals how she met Jimmy while in a deep depression, and his singing was the only thing that brought her joy. Wanting to return the favor, she says she met the Liar Dopant, who convinced her that he could help Jimmy win the Fuuuuuutic Idol competition. As Ryu and Philip review their battles with the Liar Dopant, specifically how the Lie Needles affected them, Shotaro finds Jimmy at the beach and, in an unwilling melodramatic fashion, tells the young man that he has been lying to himself the whole time and now needs to make his own choice. Using washi as a keyword, Philip identifies the Liar Dopant as Sachio Sawada. However, after Shotaro finds that Sawada has gone into hiding, Ryu recites something the Dopant said to him, which Philip identifies as one of Wakana's catchphrases. Phoned by Philip, Wakana agrees to help him by claiming she would meet the "Radio Tower Clown" after finishing her broadcast. Hearing it on the radio, Sawada assumes his Dopant form and follows her. When he finds Wakana meeting with the "Radio Tower Clown", the "Clown" directly insults Sawada, bringing the Dopant out of hiding. However, it turns out to be a trap as Shotaro is the "Clown", Ryu is Wakana's bodyguard, Akiko is one of Wakana's (male) fans, and Philip is Wakana. While Akiko is distraught that she had to play the male fan while Philip played a very convincing female role in the trap, Kamen Riders Double and Accel battle the Liar Dopant, with Double assuming CycloneMetal form to use the Spider Shaft combo to disable the Liar Dopant's needle attacks. After being saved by Accel in Bike Form, Double uses Accel's speed to deliver a Joker Extreme to destroy the Liar Memory, bringing Sawada to tears. Back at the Fuuuuuutic Idol competition, with Yuhiko in the crowd, Jimmy arrives and dedicates a song to her. While the judges dislike the song (now that the Liar Dopant's spell is over), they understand that he put a lot of heart into it and they encourage him to work harder. Backstage, Yukiho approaches Jimmy and they admit their feelings to each other.

Days later, Jimmy begins to work at the same factory as Yukiho, spending more time with each other and making each other smile. Queen and Elizabeth arrive at the Narumi Agency with the first of their debut CDs, but the two are upset that the Kamen Singers have gotten bigger press. Akiko uses calligraphy to state that she is a woman, still distraught that Philip makes a better-looking woman than she does, just as Philip suggests he and Shotaro start a new singing career after having discovered enka.[24]

The P's Game/The Doll Has Sticky Fingers[edit]

25"The P's Game/The Doll Has Sticky Fingers"
Transcription: "P no Yūgi/Ningyō wa Tekuse ga Warui" (Japanese: Pの遊戯/人形は手癖が悪い)
Keiichi HasegawaMarch 7, 2010 (2010-03-07)
Shotaro arrives at the Agency to find a mysterious package has arrived for Philip, while Akiko reading the book The Girl and the Dollhouse. After Philip discovers that the package holds a Giji Memory and instructions for a new Memory Gadget, seeing it to be from Shroud, he and Shotaro go into the hangar. Meanwhile, Akiko encounters a mysterious girl named Riko, who tells her to "listen to the doll". After giving Akiko a list of addresses, Riko disappeared before Shotaro returns to the front office. Akiko goes to the first address, Wind Castle, where she meets Yuki Karakita, a literary critic who had received a strange doll hours ago. Listening to Karakita lambasting The Girl and the Dollhouse after she finds the box, Akiko notices the doll missing after averting her gaze from it, finds the doll attacking Karakita before pushing her out the window. Questioned by the police for attempted murder, Akiko tries to explain how the doll had been responsible, but Jinno, Makura, and Shotaro do not believe her. Intent on proving her innoncence, Akiko escapes to go to the second address where the resident, Senta Tama, gets into a car accident caused by him being attacked by the doll. As it attacks Akiko, Ryu arrives to save her, becoming Kamen Rider Accel to fight it. However, the doll outmatches him and escapes. Though happy that someone believes her, Akiko learns from Ryu that two similar incidents occurred prior to Karakita's, and the doll involved in all of them may be a Dopant. While working on the Frog Pod, Philip is forced by Akiko to help Ryu in tracking the doll though its victims, linking them to the author Keio Horinouchi, whom Akiko recognizes as the author of The Girl and the Dollhouse and his daughter as Riko. Shotaro and Ryu deduce that Riko is the Dopant due to its size, and that Horinouchi must be directing his daughter to attack the critics, the latter provoking Horinouchi at a book signing to make himself a target. At the police station, Makura comes in with a red box with the doll in it. To Makura's shock, it comes to life and begins attacking everyone before Akiko traps it in a box. But after using a knife to cut its way out, Kamen Riders Double and Accel chase after the doll, but are outmatched until Akiko calls out for Riko, which causes the doll to stop. However, after being captured by the Spider Shock and taking a direct strike from Accel's Accel Glanzer, they realize that the doll is not a Dopant. When the real culprit—the Puppeteer Dopant—attempts to regain control of the doll, Double transforms into LunaTrigger and forces the Dopant out of hiding, revealing himself to be Horinouchi as Akiko hears Riko's voice through the doll. Elsewhere, while giving Saeko another Dopant inspection, Isaka manages to get her to reveal her issues about Wakana, asking him to make her a perfect Dopant. Hypnotizing Wakana, Isaka gets her permission to modify her Gaia Driver so she can reach her full potential.[25]

The P's Game/Akiko on the Run[edit]

26"The P's Game/Akiko on the Run"
Transcription: "P no Yūgi/Akiko On Za Ran" (Japanese: Pの遊戯/亜樹子オン・ザ・ラン)
Keiichi HasegawaMarch 14, 2010 (2010-03-14)
Upon discovering that Horinouchi is the Puppeteer Dopant, Akiko demands to know why he is treating his daughter so badly. Enraged by her claim, the Puppeteer Dopant is stopped by Kamen Rider Double before he disappears through a thick fog. Finding himself at the Isaka Clinic, the Puppeteer Dopant is offered by Isaka a new puppet for him to use for his revenge on Akiko: Wakana. At the Detective Agency, after the finished Frog Pod startles Shotaro, Akiko realizes that she met Riko before on the day she came to Futo. Running off, Akiko encounters Riko, who insists that she must talk to her doll. But after revealing she cannot listen to it, Riko disappears before Shotaro arrives and Akiko throws the doll out. Akiko is called by Ryu to meet him at Horinouchi's house, where she learns that Horinouchi's daughter Rikako died a month ago in a car accident. Initially confused, Akiko realizes that "Riko" is the doll assuming Rikako's appearance. However, a garbage truck takes the doll before she can retrieve it. Taking Watcherman's bike, she manages to stop the truck and gets Riko's message from the doll. Meanwhile, the Agency is invaded by the ClayDoll Dopant under the Puppeteer Dopant's control, but the AccelGunner arrives to server the Puppeteer's control as he runs off and finds Akiko. After revealing his reasons for attacking everyone who criticized him for writing a book in his daughter's memory, the Puppeteer Dopant prepares to attack as the Kamen Riders arrive. Taking control of Kamen Rider Accel, the Puppeteer Dopant uses him to fight Double; Double uses the Frog Pod to cancel the Dopant's hold over Accel before using Metal Twister to defeat the Dopant. With Horinouchi losing the Puppeter Memory, he laments that he has nothing left as Akiko tells him Riko's message for him not to cry anymore as she gives the doll to him. At the Isaka Clinic, after getting hurt by Wakana as she attempts to attack Isaka, Saeko learns that the doctor removed the safety functions on Wakana's Gaia Driver, putting her in the same danger as those who directly insert their Gaia Memories.[26]

The D Was Watching/The Transparent Magical Lady[edit]

27"The D Was Watching/The Transparent Magical Lady"
Transcription: "D ga Miteita/Tōmei Majikaru Redi" (Japanese: Dが見ていた/透明マジカルレディ)
Riku SanjoMarch 21, 2010 (2010-03-21)
While at a dinner theatre, Shotaro, Philip, Akiko, and Ryu watch the magic show of Frank Shirogane and his granddaughter Lily. Frank prepares Lily to perform his most famous trick: the disappearing act. After a count, the cloak is removed and Lily is gone, though Frank is visibly unnerved by this. Later at the Narumi Agency, Philip shows off the new Memory Gadget he received from Shroud and completed: the Denden Sensor. He explains how it can detect light from any spectrum and when there is a change it sets off an alarm—which it does as the front door opens on its own. When Shotaro approaches, he is knocked over by an unknown force revealed to be Lily Shirogane. She soon explains that she is able to become invisible because she is actually a Dopant, on account of the Invisible Memory. Philip believes the Invisible Memory is faulty, as such powers only manifest while the user is transformed. Lily asks them to help her return to normal, and Shotaro decides to find the person who gave her the Memory. Using the Denden Sensor's Goggle Mode to keep track of Lily as they run into Ryu, Shotaro and Akiko eventually track her benefactor, Dr. Isaka, down to a restaurant where he plays piano as Ryu walks up to the pianist and arrests him. But when Isaka hears Ryu's surname, the man reveals that he murdered his family before using the Weather Memory to become the Weather Dopant, but not before Akiko takes some photos of him. Outmatched by the Weather Dopant, Shotaro tries to execute a Twin Maximum Drive to defeat him, but Philip stops him, reminding him of the dangers. By then, Kamen Rider Accel arrives to deliver what he believes is a finishing blow until Lily gets in the way, asking the Weather Dopant to fix her Gaia Memory to everyone's shock as he conjures a thunder storm to cover their escape. Later, after Philip explains how the Weather Memory allows its user to control the elements, a furious Ryu runs off to find the W Memory user to everyone's dismay. At the FPD, Ryu gets Isaka's name and some more information on the Shirogane family: how Frank's son and daughter-in-law died in a car crash, and Frank was left to raise Lily to follow in his footsteps. While trying to find Isaka, Shotaro and Akiko come across Santa-chan in a leg cast and this makes Akiko remember that the pianist is the doctor at the clinic that they brought Yukiho to: the Isaka Clinic. At the clinic, with Saeko fuming over his obsession over the girl, Isaka examines Lily's body and manages to stabilize the Invisible Memory, allowing Lily to control her invisibility. However, Ryu arrives to fight Isaka, who laments that he can no longer be a doctor, taunting Ryu that he knows his name because it was his father's last words as Isaka reveals he killed Terui's family just to test his power. Shotaro arrives to find the enraged Accel fighting the Weather Dopant, and transforms, with Accel telling Double to stay out of his fight. Catching the Kamen Riders off guard, the Weather Dopant explains that he chose the Weather Memory for its multiple powers, and how he has discovered the means of evolving through absorbing other Gaia Memories, claiming he will be able to become invisible once the Invisible Memory uses up Lily's life force as he planned. Enraged that Lily's nothing more than a lab rat to the villain, Accel attacks him in Bike Form, but the Weather Dopant easily defeats him, claiming that a refined Gaia Memory could never defeat him. Before the Dopant can freeze Ryu, Double HeatTrigger prepares a Twin Maximum Drive against Philip's pleas to Shotaro, leaving Double to be consumed by the power of both Gaia Memories.[27]

The D Was Watching/Twin Maximum Suicide[edit]

28"The D Was Watching/Twin Maximum Suicide"
Transcription: "D ga Miteita/Kesshi no Tsuin Makishimamu" (Japanese: Dが見ていた/決死のツインマキシマム)
Riku SanjoMarch 28, 2010 (2010-03-28)
After attempting a Twin Maximum Drive to defeat the Weather Dopant, Shotaro begins losing consciousness due to the extra strain on his body as Kamen Rider Double. Surviving the attack, the Weather Dopant is invited to tea by the Terror Dopant. Before losing consciousness, Shotaro pleads for Ryu to save Lily. To Philip's dismay as he gets slugged, Ryu tries to hunt down the Weather Dopant, regardless of the danger that he places his life in so he can bring the murderer of his family to justice. After torturing Makura to learn of his whereabouts, Akiko finds Ryu watching as he insist that she is his only clue to find Isaka. Noticing them, Frank invites them in and entertains them before admitting his fear for Lily's safety. After cornering Lily as she returns, Ryu warns her of the danger before he realizes he used Shotaro's words, allowing her to continue her plan to use the Invisible Memory to put her grandfather at ease for his final performance. Elsewhere, after a brief confrontation over Wakana's change, Isaka earns Ryubee's respect before he leaves to retrieve Lily. After he arrives to give Ryu a return right-hook, Philip reveals the plan of saving Lily as the show begins. But during the show, Isaka arrives and assumes his Dopant form. But Ryu ditches the Weather Dopant with the AccelGunner covering their escape. After Lily leaves the stage, succumbing to the Invisible Memory's effects, Kamen Rider Accel cuts down Lily to remove the Gaia Memory, then uses the Engine Blade as a defibrillator to revive her. Arriving to find his plan ruined, the Weather Dopant battles Accel as Philip learns that Shotaro has regained consciousness, transforming into Kamen Rider Double FangJoker. The two Kamen Riders battle the Weather Dopant, almost defeating him with their Rider Twin Maximum attack. As Isaka's wounds are tended to by Saeko, Shotaro thinks about Ryu changing for the better as the gang receives a visit from Lily as she thanks Ryu, much to Shotaro's dismay.[28]

The Nightmarish H/The Melancholy of the Sleeping Princess[edit]

29"The Nightmarish H/The Melancholy of the Sleeping Princess"
Transcription: "Akumu na H/Nemuri Hime no Yūutsu" (Japanese: 悪夢なH/眠り姫のユウウツ)
Keiichi HasegawaApril 4, 2010 (2010-04-04)
After Akiko tells Shotaro of how she stayed up all night watching a jidaigeki DVD box set, a sleep deprived young woman comes in claiming she is unable to sleep because of a monster that has invaded her dreams like six other college students. Akiko deduces that it must be a Dopant, a fact that Philip goes to investigate out of interest. After introducing herself as Himeka Yukimura and claiming Shotaro to be her destined "prince", she brings him and Akiko to Futo University where she is part of a lucid dream sleep study led by absent-minded Professor Akagi and his aid Hajime Fukushima. Ryu and Makura have also arrived to investigate the six comatose students who were helping in Akagi's project. In order to capture the Dopant, both Ryu and Shotaro agree to use the same brainwave devices that the professor uses in his study, prompting Himeka to claim Ryu is her prince as well. That night, both Shotaro and Ryu attempt to confront the Dopant. As Shotaro attempts to watch Akiko's DVDs to bore him to sleep, only to have the opposite effect, Ryu has a bad dream about his sister Haruko marrying Jinno before the Nightmare Dopant appears to attack him. The Dopant uses his reality-altering powers to overpower Kamen Rider Accel before trapping him in a massive dreamcatcher. By morning, Shotaro learns of Ryu's fate as Philip uses the Gaia Library with no success in determining the Dopant's identity. Returning to Futo University, Shotaro comes across Himeka who gives him a warning she received from the Dopant to stay away, but he refuses to accept the Dopant's threat. By then, Philip (followed by a strange bird) arrives with a plan to combat the Dopant by entering Shotaro's dream through their transformation as Kamen Rider Double. After the two transform and Shotaro falls asleep with the brainwave device on, they find themselves in a jidaigeki-influenced Futo. They shortly come across the Nightmare Dopant, who wonders why Himeka is also in Shotaro's dream as he kidnaps her. After transforming into Double in the dream as well, they chase after the Dopant who eventually reveals that he is capturing other men in their dreams so he alone can be Himeka's "destined prince". After escaping Double, the Nightmare Dopant is stopped by Philip, who is immune to the Dopant's power, asking the monster if he is Akagi. But the Dopant reveals that he has already trapped Akagi in a dream as well. Before he can determine the identity, Philip is forced into the real world by the Weather Dopant attacking Double in revenge for the Invisible Memory incident. As Shotaro is forced to fight the Nightmare Dopant on his own, the Fang Memory attempts to protect Philip, but it is blown away and Philip is struck by a bolt of lightning, leaving him unconscious in Akiko's arms.[29]

The Nightmarish H/Who is the Prince?[edit]

30"The Nightmarish H/Who is the Prince?"
Transcription: "Akumu na H/Ōjisama wa Dare da?" (Japanese: 悪夢なH/王子様は誰だ?)
Keiichi HasegawaApril 11, 2010 (2010-04-11)
As the Nightmare Dopant leaves the dream, Shotaro wakes up to find Akiko huddling an unconscious Philip as the Weather Dopant is about finish the job. But at the last second, a bird-like creature digitizes Philip and flies off, much to the Weather Dopant's dismay. While this occurs, Shotaro confronts Fukushima, believing him to be the Dopant, before finding him to also be one of the victims. Akiko offers herself as bait to help Shotaro track down the Dopant, revealing that she talks in her sleep. At the Sonozaki Mansion, Isaka reveals that he would have been able to kill Philip if the strange bird-like Gaia Memory had not arrived. Ryubee identifies it as the Xtreme Memory, and realizes that its appearance means that "she" has finally made her move. Within the Xtreme Memory, Philip wakes up to see Shroud, who calls him Raito while telling him that he cannot die yet as the planet needs him. But she also says that he must abandon his partnership with Shotaro in order to save the world. In Akiko's dream, she is in an Osaka-influenced version of Futo before the Nightmare Dopant appears. With Shotaro in place of Philip, Akiko becomes Kamen Rider Double in the dream (identifying her as the "Kamen Beauty of Naniwa" (なにわの美少女仮面, Naniwa no Bishōjo Kamen, "Masked Beauty of Naniwa")) and fights the Nightmare Dopant as they go by several Osaka landmarks (the Tower of the Sun, Osaka Castle, and Tsūtenkaku) until Akiko is punched in the face. The Nightmare Dopant reveals that everything in the dream but him is an illusion that the attacks had no real effect on him. Before she is trapped in her dream, Akiko tricks the Dopant into revealing his true identity, not knowing that Akiko is telling this all to Shotaro. With the information, Shotaro meets Himeka to reveal that she has brought this on herself due to her affections for everyone before she passes out from the lack of sleep. In Himeka's dream, the Nightmare Dopant chases her before Shotaro (in her dream) saves her as her destined prince, but also as he confronts the Nightmare Dopant in Akagi's lab. Shotaro reveals that he knows Fukushima is the Dopant, as the man ends the transformation, explaining how he faked being a victim earlier and his reasons for using the Nightmare Memory. When Himeka first told him that he might be her prince, he fell in love with her. However, once he saw that she told this to everyone, he became so distraught that he lost sleep over it, and he decided that Himeka should also suffer from this sleeplessness. Fukushima transforms into the Nightmare Dopant again to kill Shotaro for discovering his identity. Shotaro defends himself with the Memory Gadgets until the Xtreme Memory returns again with Philip. Together, they transform into Kamen Rider Double much to the Dopant's shock as he did not actually think Shotaro was really the Kamen Rider, as they defeat him using LunaMetal's Metal Illusion Maximum Drive. As Fukushima is taken away by the cops, Himeka goes to him to apologize and say she will wait for his release. Shotaro believes that this is a fine end to the story, until all of the other victims appear to greet Himeka who says she loves them all equally, causing Shotaro and Akiko to realize Himeka learned nothing. Back at the agency, Shotaro asks Philip about what happened while he was taken away, but Philip merely states that the two of them are partners and that is all that matters.[30]

The B Carried on the Wind/The Beast Must Be Pursued[edit]

31"The B Carried on the Wind/The Beast Must Be Pursued"
Transcription: "Kaze ga Yobu B/Yajū Oubeshi" (Japanese: 風が呼ぶB/野獣追うべし)
Riku SanjoApril 18, 2010 (2010-04-18)
As Philip tries to figure out what Shroud means that he can no longer be partnered with Shotaro, Ryu requests his aid in an old case involving a "Beastman" as one of Sokichi Narumi's old clients, recently-released convict Isamu Bito, arrives at the agency in search of Sokichi. After Shotaro and Akiko inform him of Sokichi's death, a disappointed Bito takes his leave. Though turned down, Shotaro follows Bito on his own personal investigation and they arrive at a fairgrounds with some food stands. Bito asks a stall attendant about his old employee Maruo Arima, to which the attendant denies knowing the man. However, Watcherman is nearby and informs them that Arima owns the fairgrounds and provides an address. At the place, Bito meets up with Suzuko Arima, another old friend and Maruo's wife. Once in, Maruo appears and comments on how Bito was recently released from jail before asking him to leave. Bito asks Maruo about the Beastman case, to which Maruo derides Bito for going to Narumi ten years ago, believing that the man could help with a "memento". Upon hearing this, Shotaro admits to being Narumi's apprentice, claiming to know about the memento. Back at the agency, after telling Ryu about Sokichi, Philip uses the Gaia Library to check up Bito and discovered his link to the Beastman case. Sokichi Narumi investigated it because there was nothing to tie Bito to the crime. After Shotaro and Bito leave the Arima residence, Shotaro admits to bluffing when he is attacked by the Beastman, who demands Shotaro for "the bear". Shotaro calls on Philip to transform, but complications in the Memories stunt Double's ability to fight. Kamen Rider Accel arrives to help and perform a Maximum Drive on the Dopant, but the Dopant immediately regenerates. Before another attack, Bito tells the Dopant that Shotaro was bluffing, and the Dopant he transforms back into Maruo Arima, just as Bito expected. After exclaiming that no one can beat him, Maruo transforms again and escapes. After Shotaro ends the transformation, Philip finds himself in the Gaia Library, confronted by a strange new form of Double before waking up. Later that night, Philip cannot find any information on a "bear" until Akiko mentions a statue of a bear with a salmon in his mouth, which reminds Shotaro of that very statue in Sokichi Narumi's cabin in the woods. In a bar, Maruo complains of how the cops are after him as Saeko and Wakana listen on, directing his attention to Isaka who wishes to assist him in the "bear hunt". The next day, as Shotaro takes Akiko and Bito to Mt. Kazefuki, Shroud arrives at the agency, telling Philip that he is evolving for the Xtreme Memory and needs an ideal partner to use that power with. When Shotaro's group find the cabin, Bito finally admits that he turned himself in to help Suzuko and Maruo, as Suzuko was deeply in love with Maruo. Once Akiko finds the statue, the Weather Dopant takes the statue with Shotaro pursuing him. Despite Shroud's advice, Philip travels in the RevolGarry to assist Shotaro, and the two transform into FangJoker to offset Philip's evolving power with his weaker body, but this fails, with the transformation ending mid-attack. Shotaro wakes up and reaches for the Double Driver, which discharges a shock at his touch. Back at the agency, Shroud exclaims that Shotaro is no longer fit to be Double, just as he realizes that he is now unable to transform, questioning if he's an ideal part of Double to begin with.[31]

The B Carried on the Wind/Now, in the Radiance[edit]

32"The B Carried on the Wind/Now, in the Radiance"
Transcription: "Kaze ga Yobu B/Ima, Kagayaki no Naka de" (Japanese: 風が呼ぶB/今、輝きの中で)
Riku SanjoApril 25, 2010 (2010-04-25)
The Weather Dopant attempts to kill the powerless Shotaro and Philip when Kamen Rider Accel arrives to their aid, gaining the Cyclone Memory to beat Isaka as Shotaro is forced to watch. Philip realizes that Ryu may be his ideal partner, as Shotaro is still in shock. As the others look after the hospitalized Bito, Shotaro decides to find the bear with the Gadget Memories. Upon finding it, he rejoins the others and tells them it's just a bear asking Philip and the others to give it to him. After, Philip asks Ryu if he would like to partner up, to Akiko's dismay, as he then realizes Shotaro is doing something reckless. At the Arima residence, Shotaro confronts Suzuko with the Zone Memory he found in the bear about being Maruo's partner in crime and asks her to apologize to Bito for wasting a decade on her behalf. But she refuses and resumes her Zone Dopant form, showing her teleportation power to Shotaro before dropping him in the river. Philip manages to save him, apologizing to him after he found a message hidden in the bear statue from Sokichi Narumi meant for Bito: "Nobody's Perfect". This made Philip realize that Shotaro's kindness, something that he and Shroud perceived as a weakness, is really Shotaro's greatest strength. The two make their way the Futo Dam as the Beast and Zone Dopants overpower Accel while attempting to finish their armored car heist by retrieving the money. During the fight, Kamen Rider Double bursts with light as the Xtreme Memory digitizes Philip's body before linking up with the Double Driver. With Shotaro and Philip now one in mind and body, they become Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme to everyone's amazement. While this occurs, Ryubee has brought Wakana to the source of the true Gaia Memory to bear witness as it reacts to Double's transformation. Now knowing everything about his opponents, Double CycloneJokerXtreme defeats the two Dopants with the Prism Bicker, as Shroud witnesses the fight, stunned that Shotaro defied her expectations. Later, though fearing his reaction to Suzuko's involvement, Bito tells Shotaro to continue with the agency, realizing that Sokichi Narumi chose the right student.[32]

Y's Tragedy/The Woman Looking For Yesterday[edit]

33"Y's Tragedy/The Woman Looking For Yesterday"
Transcription: "Y no Higeki/Kinō o Sagasu Onna" (Japanese: Yの悲劇/きのうを探す女)
Kazuki NakashimaMay 2, 2010 (2010-05-02)
A woman named Yuko Fuwa comes to the Narumi Agency to ask for help in looking for her lost cat Kinou (whose name means "yesterday" in English), and Shotaro agrees to take the case, much to Akiko's shock. Elsewhere, Ryu investigates a strange set of attacks, all linked with a strange hourglass symbol printed on the victim. After looking around Futo Hall, stopping at a poster of Saeko and Futo-kun, Shotaro resorts to making cat noises before Yuko joins in. After splitting up, Shotaro sees a Dopant and chases after it as Kamen Rider Double HeatMetal, before taking their fight into Futo Hall. After putting an hourglass mark on Double, the Dopant escapes destruction from CycloneJoker's Joker Extreme. As the sun sets, Yuko arrives with Kinou, as she thanks Shotaro for his help in finding her cat. The next day, as Saeko attends her lecture in Futo Hall, Shotaro suddenly reenacts the events of the previous day. Philip investigates the link and identifies the Yesterday Memory before being forced to become Double to keep Shotaro from falling to his death. With Philip unable to control Shotaro, Double enters the lecture room as he attempts to unknowingly attack Saeko until Ryu arrives and becomes Kamen Rider Accel to take Double outside in order to use the Xtreme Memory to free Shotaro. By then, the Yesterday Dopant appears and reveals herself to be Yuko Fuwa, and then she reveals that she is actually Yukie Sudo, the younger sister of Kirihiko who claims that she set up the attack on Saeko in order to become a member of the Museum.[33]

Y's Tragedy/Brother and Sister[edit]

34"Y's Tragedy/Brother and Sister"
Transcription: "Y no Higeki/Ani Imōto" (Japanese: Yの悲劇/あにいもうと)
Kazuki NakashimaMay 9, 2010 (2010-05-09)
With Yuko Fuwa revealed to be Yukie Sudo, holder of the Yesterday Memory and younger sister of Kirihiko Sonozaki, Shotaro reluctantly lets her escape. While thinking about the chain of events, though told by the others that she used him, Shotaro feels something is still not right as Yukie meets Saeko to get a place in the Museum. The next day, Yukie visits her old school where Shotaro waits for her, as he attempts to talk her out of joining Museum by revealing the circumstances behind Kirihiko's death from his perspective and how she is really a good person in her heart before she assumes her Dopant form. Kamen Rider Double attempts to restrain the Yesterday Dopant before being forced to let her go in order to destroy the hourglass marks she sent off towards the city before they could harm anyone. Later, Yukie meets up with Saeko, who accepts the former's offer before being marked by one of her hourglass marks. Though Yukie succeeds in getting close enough to avenge her brother, Saeko predicted the events and assumes her Dopant form to transfer the brand to Yukie. The next day, finding out what happened to Yukie, Double fights the Weather Dopant before Kamen Rider Accel arrives to hold Isaka off, while Double assumes CycloneJokerXtreme to destroy the brand on Yukie before easily defeating the Weather Dopant, to Accel's dismay. After Isaka escapes, Yukie loses all her memories of the previous days' events, to the detectives' shock.[34]

Beyond the R/The Rain Called Monster Approaches[edit]

35"Beyond the R/The Rain Called Monster Approaches"
Transcription: "R no Kanata ni/Yagate Kaibutsu toiu Na no Ame" (Japanese: Rの彼方に/やがて怪物という名の雨)
Keiichi HasegawaMay 16, 2010 (2010-05-16)
While visiting the Futo Bird Sanctuary, remembering his younger sister Haruko as she gave him a present for his promotion to police superintendent and then to her death, Ryu sees a young woman resembling his sister shoving a girl away mistreating a little girl who wanted to ask her about some of the birds. Confronting her, only to finds a large Living Connector on her arm, the girl warns Ryu to stay away from her before she falsely accuses him of trying to grope her in order to get away, as several bystanders, including Shotaro and Akiko, go up to defend her. After everything is cleared up, Ryu learns that Shotaro and Akiko came to the Bird Sanctuary to find the same young woman, Nagi Shimamoto, as a favor to the children who she used to tell the birds to until very recently. Finding Nagi, she tells them on the night her father was murdered, Nagi was branded with a Living Connector on her arm before her attracker promises he'll be back for her. Ryu assures her that he will protect her and he gives her the necklace that he received from his sister, referring to it as a good luck charm. By then, the Weather Dopant arrives, revealed as Nagi's attacker as the Kamen Riders transform to fight him. After trapping Kamen Riders Double and Accel in different centralized weather systems, the Weather Dopant approaches Nagi with a strange-looking Gaia Memory. Seeing the Living Connector not fully formed, Isaka takes his leave as Double transforms into CycloneJokerXtreme to escape his trap. Though Ryu asks if she's alright, Nagi angrily tells him that he could not keep his promise before running off. Back at the Agency, Philip identifies the Gaia Memory as the Quetzalcoatlus Memory, and that Nagi's Living Connector has developed due to the fear she has of Isaka to increase her compatibility to it. Ryu, angered that Isaka intends to torture Nagi, storms out of the office with Akiko in tow. Back at the Sonozaki estate, Isaka reveals Saeko how he witnessed Ryubee use the Terror Memory and vowed to take it for himself. Though he asks if it bothers her, Saeko says she is relieved to know his true agenda in her own scheme to kill off her father. Later, returning to the Bird Sanctuary, Shotaro reveals to Nagi that Ryu also lost his family to Isaka as he assures her that Ryu would not die protecting her. Suddenly, Isaka arrives with a copy of the Quetzalcoatlus Memory which he uses on a red-and-green macaw, turning it into the Quetzalcoatlus Dopant to intimidate and abduct Nagi. Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Double and takes chase on the HardBoilder until deciding that he needs the HardTurbular. However, Double finds the Gunner-A in the RevolGarry, to which Philip notes that it has been near their hangar lately. They chase after the Quetzalcoatlus Dopant on the HardGunner, using its cannon to save Nagi. Double then transforms into CycloneJokerXtreme and uses the Bicker Charge Break to defeat the copied Dopant, only to find that Isaka has Nagi in his grasp, again. While this has occurred, Ryu has gone to find Shroud to confront her to make himself strong enough to defeat the Weather Dopant. Shroud refuses at first, she reconsiders when she sees Ryu's fiery passion for revenge. She leads Ryu and Akiko to a motocross track, and tells Ryu to get on the motorcycle.[35]

Beyond the R/Surpass Them All[edit]

36"Beyond the R/Surpass Them All"
Transcription: "R no Kanata ni/Subete o Furikire" (Japanese: Rの彼方に/全てを振り切れ)
Riku SanjoMay 23, 2010 (2010-05-23)
After Kamen Rider Double drives the Weather Dopant away, Nagi is brought to the Narumi Detective Agency where Philip inspects her Living Connector and sees that Ryu's emotional support was stunting its growth before Nagi realizes she lost Ryu's necklace. Meanwhile, Shroud gives Ryu the Trial Memory for Kamen Rider Accel to assume Trial Form as she then detonates several bombs to create a rockslide to test Accel Trial's abilities until he failed to achieve his Maximum Drive within the given time, causing the Trial Memory to electrocute Ryu and cancel his transformation. Shroud then points this out to Ryu and tells him to train to execute the Maximum Drive within a time limit of 10 seconds. To train Ryu in using the Trial Memory, Shroud connects the Trial Memory to a modified off-road motorcycle which he must ride through a motocross track within 10 seconds or be shocked. Eventually, as the damage from repeated shocks takes it toll on Ryu, Akiko calls Shotaro for help as Nagi overhears before sneaking off to find Ryu's necklace. Meanwhile, at the Sonozaki estate, Ryuube finally remembers Isaka as the one who wanted his Gaia Memory. After her father assumes his Dopant form when Isaka states that he will take his Terror Memory, Saeko as the Taboo Dopant finally makes her move before covering her and Isaka's escape. Confronting her sister at the Digal Corporation building, Wakana learns that Saeko decided to attack their father because of the fact that she was never loved by him. She then attacks Wakana after refusing to take her side before the Smilodon Dopant comes to her aid and spirits her off. By the time she finds Ryu's necklace, Nagi is kidnapped by Isaka. Coming to, Ryu receives a call from Isaka to come alone or Nagi dies. After coming through the course one more time, Shroud lies to him that he finished with a time under 10 seconds, giving him the Trial Memory. However, Akiko looks and sees Shroud's stopwatch registered Ryu actually finished in 10.70 seconds, yet Ryu was not shocked by the Trial Memory. Akiko demands to know Shroud's angle as she tells the girl that she no longer needs Ryu after seeing that Ryu would prefer fighting to protect others rather than for revenge. After admitting his feelings to Saeko, Isaka welcomes Ryu as they assume their fighting forms to end their feud. During the fight, Accel transforms into Accel Trial and proves to be a match to the Weather Dopant, able to use the Machinegun Spike Maximum Drive in a time of 9.8 seconds as Shotaro, Philip, and Akiko arrive. With his Weather Memory destroyed, as Ryu crushes the Quetzalcoatlus Memory to free Nagi, Isaka dies of excessive memory use as he warns them that Shroud will kill them all. With everything solved, Nagi returns to the Bird Sanctuary as a guide where her audience of children surround Shotaro, and eventually Ryu.[36]

Visitor X/The Bridge of Promises[edit]

37"Visitor X/The Bridge of Promises"
Transcription: "Raihōsha X/Yakusoku no Hashi" (Japanese: 来訪者X/約束の橋)
Foundation X
Keiichi HasegawaMay 30, 2010 (2010-05-30)
While Akiko attempts to set up a website for the detective agency, a man comes in who acts strangely when sees Philip before he asking Shotaro to find his family whom he lost track of ten years ago. While this occurs, as Ryubee offers Wakana her sister's place in leading the Museum in its final stages and the upcoming visit from very important visitor from Foundation X, Saeko is on the run through the streets being chased by several Masquerade Dopants as she manages to kill them. The next day, as Shotaro meets up with Watcherman, Philip suddenly gets a call from Wakana, seemingly in trouble at the Futo Bridge. After getting Shotaro info on the client, Watcherman is approached by a grasshopper eating woman in Gothic Lolita attire who is also looking for Shotaro's client. When Watcherman plays dumb, she attacks him with her electroshock boots until Ryu arrives and she knocks the informant out. She transforms into the Hopper Dopant and attacks Ryu, who fights back as Kamen Rider Accel before the Hopper Dopant escapes after keeping him from using the Trial Memory. Shroud appears, scolding Ryu for losing so easily, before she mentions that she needs him to destroy their true foe: the Museum. At the Futo Bridge, Philip finds Wakana who pretended to be in trouble so they can meet face to face as she asks for his advice about whether she should carry on her family business which Philip confirms to be Gaia Memory distribution. Philip suggests that they both should be just themselves as Wakana jokingly suggests leaving town together. Back at the agency, Shotaro gives their client the information on his family just as Philip arrives. The client tries to leave quickly, but Shotaro stops him and reveals that he knows that he is the presumed dead neuroscientist Satoshi Yamashiro as Ryu arrives to reveal the man was forced into working for the Museum. Yamashiro tells them the truth in that he escaped to see his family, and if he is caught Ryubee Sonozaki will try to have him killed as he reveals that the entire Sonozaki family leads the group. After finishing up her broadcast, Wakana gets a call from Saeko as she vows to survive and kill her and Ryubee. However, Saeko is suddenly attacked by the Smilodon Dopant, who sends her into the river while taking her discarded Taboo Memory with a man in white watching. When Philip attempts to look up Ryubee Sonozaki in the Gaia Library, it forcibly boots him out. Ryu makes note of how the name has come up in multiple cases with no meets to connect him to them. Akiko suddenly bursts in saying Yamashiro has run off. At the Sonozaki mansion, Ryubee meets with the Grasshopper Woman as Mick returns with the Taboo Memory, advising her to finish her job. Wakana watches the conversation, and is angry that her father sent Mick to kill Saeko, but Ryubee's words of dealing with all traitors frightens her. Elsewhere, Yamashiro seeks out his family until the Grasshopper Woman finds him and attacks him until Shotaro arrives to fight her as Kamen Rider Double with a horrified Wakana unable to call the incapacitated Philip. After transforming into CycloneJokerXtreme, Double prepares a Bicker Charge Break until the Hopper Dopant grabs Yamashiro and reveals how he was used to not only erase her memories, but Philip's as well. As Accel arrives to fight off the Hopper Dopant, Double breaks his transformation so Philip can ask what memories Yamashiro erased. Yamashiro answers that it was one specific set of memories: that of Philip's family.[37]

Visitor X/In the Name of the Museum[edit]

38"Visitor X/In the Name of the Museum"
Transcription: "Raihōsha X/Myūjiamu no Na no Moto ni" (Japanese: 来訪者X/ミュージアムの名のもとに)
Foundation X
Keiichi HasegawaJune 6, 2010 (2010-06-06)
As the Hopper Dopant escapes Kamen Rider Accel after he transforms into Accel Trial, Yamashiro reveals that Ryubee offered him money for his research before learning the truth about him. After answering Philip that he does not know his family, Ryu takes Yamashiro in into custody so he can tell the police all he knows about the Museum. At the Sonozaki mansion, Ryubee is visited by Jun Kazu, the white-suited representative for Foundation X, assuring the man that with Wakana leading the Museum, the group's funding would be worth it. Back at the agency, Akiko tries to cheer Philip up on his recent discovery by having a group photo taken for the website. However, Stag Phone intervenes with a call for Philip from a terrified Wakana as she seriously asks him about leaving Futo together to make a new life for them. Conflicted on what to do, Philip is helped by Shotaro as he takes him to Futo Station and meet Wakana at 2 PM. At the Futo Police Station, as Yamashiro finally opens up, the Grasshopper Woman arrives and knocks the cops off before attempting to kill Yamashiro. Ryu transforms into Accel to face her, giving Yamashiro the chance to escape to see his family. Though he finds his family, Yamashiro is attacked by Grasshopper Woman before he could get to them and is left for dead as Accel pursues her in Trial Form. However, after defeating her, the Grasshopper Woman attempts to escape when she is killed by the Smilodon Dopant in a hit-and-run attack. Just as Shotaro and Philip arrive, Akiko calls them to tell them that Yamashiro is in the hospital and needs to tell Philip something. As they leave, Wakana walks up to the train station before being confronted by the Terror Dopant as he spirits her off to Museum headquarters to have her assume her place as the Museum. At the hospital, Yamashiro apologizes to Philip for wronging him and, in his dying breath, reveals his real name: Raito Sonozaki, son of Ryubee. With this information, Philip makes up his mind that he has to be with his sister as he leaves for the train station on his own. Once there, Philip is attacked by a changed Wakana as she assumes her Dopant form with intent to kill him for betraying their family. Calling Shotaro for help, Philip becomes Kamen Rider Double FangJoker to fight the Masquerade Dopants as the ClayDoll Dopant takes her leave while asking Philip to remember his role in the Museum. At the agency, Shotaro reflects on the case, knowing that Philip has been deeply affected by the turn of events, even as Akiko shows them the newly finished, and very girly, Narumi Detective Agency website. While this all occurs, Saeko wakes up in the Futo Hotel, greeted by Kazu as he produces her damaged Driver. He tells Saeko that she has lost everything, but he can help her get it back if she does everything he says.[38]

The Likelihood of the G/Bad Cinema Paradise[edit]

39"The Likelihood of the G/Bad Cinema Paradise"
Transcription: "G no Kanōsei/Baddo Shinema Paradaisu" (Japanese: Gの可能性/バッドシネマパラダイス)
Riku SanjoJune 20, 2010 (2010-06-20)
As Akiko tries to cheer Philip up since learning about his relation to the Sonozaki Family and Wakana's change, a girl named Ai Nijimura comes to the agency for help in investigating at the movie theater in which people are trapped to watch a strange movie that Ai appears to star in. After being barred by the manager, Shotaro and Akiko meet strange young man named Toru Kawai, who only communicates with a notepad, and Akiko realizes he has feelings for Ai. Just as they are about to leave the theater, Shotaro sees an advertisement for a new 3-D movie for the jidaigeki series he became interested in and the two buy tickets to investigate without causing trouble. They end up watching the strange movie for over seven hours before it ends in cliffhanger, which vexes Shotaro until he sees the culprit: a Dopant. As Shotaro chases the Dopant and seeing that it can modify molecular structures of living things, Philip concludes that it is the Gene Dopant. Once cornering the Gene Dopant, Kamen Rider Double assumes LunaJoker to easily defeat the Gene Dopant as he reverts to Toru Kawai, who directed the movie and assumed Ai's form as lead actress. Though Double is about to take Toru to the authorities, Akiko offers a better solution that would work for everyone. With Makura, Ryu, Watcherman, Philip, and Ai, the group begins to film a new version of Kawai's film with Akiko's changes, cutting it down in length, attempt to get Toru (and Philip) to open up. Meanwhile, at the Futo Hotel, Saeko learns that Kazu saved her out of love as he reveals that Wakana is leading the Museum now. While he offers to protect her, Saeko turns Kazu down as she manages to sneak back into her old office as a janitor and takes Kirihiko's Nasca Memory from a hidden compartment in the room before finding an L.C.O.G to use on herself. At the Sonozaki estate, Ryubee presents Wakana with the prototype Gaia Progressor which would evolve her into more powerful being. However, Wakana needs to the Gene Dopant to activate it. Back at the film site, Toru complains about Akiko's changes as Ai tries to figure out what is wrong when Wakana arrives to take Toru. After trying to talk her out of it as they leave for safety, Shotaro and Philip become Kamen Rider Double to fight the ClayDoll Dopant before assuming CycloneJokerXtreme to counter her abilities. Their fight is interrupted by Saeko, belittling Wakana as she transforms into the Nasca Dopant before evolving into the R Nasca Dopant as Kazu realizes she is using the Nasca Memory's Level 3 powers. After Ryu returns after getting everyone else to safety, he transforms into Kamen Rider Accel and then Accel Trial to hold the R Nasca Dopant so Double can get a shot at her, but she easily overpowers them. In the melee, Akiko notices that the movie camera is in danger, but Toru holds her back, saying he would rather finish the movie himself and he wants the Gene Memory back.[39]

The Likelihood of the G/You Are Unforgivable[edit]

40"The Likelihood of the G/You Are Unforgivable"
Transcription: "G no Kanōsei/Anata ga Yurusenai" (Japanese: Gの可能性/あなたが許せない)
Riku SanjoJune 27, 2010 (2010-06-27)
After the fight between Kamen Rider Double and the R Nasca Dopant ends in a stalemate, Philip tries to reason with Saeko as well. However, Saeko sees him only as a tool and nothing more as she mocks Wakana while leaving. Nearby, with the camera destroyed, Akiko learns that Toru has no romantic feelings for Ai. Back at the agency, Akiko watches Toru's version of the movie to find out what he really wants before they all resume the production. Meahwhile, after turning down Kazu's love and business offers, Saeko uses her newfound powers to ambush Wakana and belittle her fighting abilities. After the fight, Wakana vows to become stronger with the Gaia Progressor. When Toru approaches Akiko to try to explain the problems he has with the changes to the movie, he attempts to steal back the Gene Memory, but it gets knocked out of both of their hands and over to Wakana as the ClayDoll Dopant. She takes the Gene Memory and Toru off to the Digal Corporation, convincing him to fuse the Gaia Progressor into her Dopant body. Akiko follows and arrives too late, but manages to get through to Toru after giving him and his kidnapper words. The ClayDoll Dopant begins reacting to the Gaia Progressor and Akiko tells Toru to get the others. When Toru gets back to the film site, his notepad destroyed, Toru finally speaks his mind to Ai on how she is portraying his character, and then notifies the others of Akiko's predicament. When they find Akiko and Wakana, Shotaro, Philip, and Ryu transform into Kamen Riders Double and Accel, but find that the ClayDoll Dopant is much stronger. Double transforms into CycloneJokerXtreme and uses the Prism Break to destroy the ClayDoll Memory, but the Claydoll Dopant merely shatters and reforms as she tells the Kamen Rider and Saeko to see her new power in its entirely. As the light of the true Gaia Memory envelops the ClayDoll Dopant, Jun Kazu learns from Ryubee that Wakana was raised to become a construct for the very power of the Earth, allowing the Kamen Riders to exist in Futo to provide the needed data to perfect the Gaia Progressor. Having evolved into ClayDoll Xtreme, Wakana completely overpowers the Kamen Riders and drives away her sister. The Kamen Riders are only saved when CycloneJokerXtreme uses the Metal Memory in the Bicker Finallusion for its defensive capabilities. After ClayDoll Xtreme disappears, Saeko vows that she will overthrow her sister as Toru gives up the Gene Memory for Double to destroy, deciding to complete the film his way with Ai and their coworkers helping him. Later, while in the Gaia Library, Philip encounters Wakana as she tell him it's a matter of time before she can fully interact with the planet as he vows to save her and get his family back.[40]

The J Labyrinth/The Psychotic Villainess[edit]

41"The J Labyrinth/The Psychotic Villainess"
Transcription: "J no Meikyū/Ryōkiteki na Akujo" (Japanese: Jの迷宮/猟奇的な悪女)
Keiichi HasegawaJuly 4, 2010 (2010-07-04)
Shotaro and Akiko are called down to the FPD by Ryu because a suspect in a jewel heist has requested their help: Det. Mikio Jinno. Jinno explains to Shotaro that on the previous night he was coming home from a bar when he was knocked out by a woman in a large hat, sunglasses, and wearing a large diamond ring. After coming to, he was arrested by several police officers as the woman planted several stolen diamonds on him. Shotaro accepts to help Jinno by finding the "diamond woman" as she may be related to seven young women that have been attacked and turned into diamonds by an unknown assailant. After looking around town, with Shotaro explaining Jinno's habit of believing everything he hears, he and Akiko learn from Santa-chan that all seven women were models who had attended an exclusive night club in town: the Blue Topaz. While this occurs, as Philip is still depressed over the recent events, Kazu reveals to Saeko that her chances at beating Wakana now that she has access to the Gaia Memory and its Infinite Archive are slim, unless she can acquire a particular Gaia Memory. Arriving at the Blue Topaz, Shotaro and Akiko are turned away at the door as they are not models. However, popular male model Makoto Uesugi arrives and vouches for them. As Uesugi takes his leave, Akiko confronts a strange woman who knocks her down while proclaiming that she is like a diamond: precious, beautiful, and impervious to harm. The lights go out and a Dopant appears in the woman's place, turning all the women in the room into diamonds. Shotaro calls on Philip to transform into Kamen Rider Double, but none of their basic forms are able to break through the Dopant's diamond defenses. When the Dopant leaves, Uesugi comes back and reveals the woman to be his best friend Rui Jojima who became a Dopant because of him. Back at the Narumi Agency after tending to Akiko's wounds, Philip manages to confirm their target to be the Jewel Dopant until Wakana interferes, revealing that she can now interact with anything in the Gaia Library, even him. He becomes distraught and cannot complete the search to discover the Jewel Dopant's true weakness. The next day, Shotaro and Uesugi go to the FPD to vouch for Jinno, explaining that Uesugi, Rui, Jinno, and a fourth man named Satoru Takeda are all old friends. However, due to a love triangle, Rui became the Dopant while Satoru disappeared a month ago. Ryu and Makura manage to track down Rui to a bar where she is confronted by Saeko who demands to have the Jewel Memory. Rui easily defeats and escapes from Saeko as Ryu and Makura find the ladies. Kamen Rider Accel Trial and the R Nasca Dopant fight while Makura loses track of Rui. Akiko and Shotaro later find Rui at the docks, and Shotaro deduces that Rui's diamond ring is none other than her friend Satoru. Rui attempts to fight Shotaro, but Shotaro manages to subdue her, eventually knocking off her hat and sunglasses. But when Rui assumes her Dopant form, Shotaro and Philip transform into Double CycloneJokerXtreme and are still unable to break her defense. Back at the FPD station, Jinno ruminates over what Uesugi had told him when he remembers something that Rui once said: "The more you care about something, the more you want to see it destroyed." Jinno realizes that her true target is none other than Uesugi.[41]

The J Labyrinth/The Diamond Is Hurt[edit]

42"The J Labyrinth/The Diamond Is Hurt"
Transcription: "J no Meikyū/Daiyamondo wa Kizutsuite" (Japanese: Jの迷宮/ダイヤモンドは傷ついて)
Keiichi HasegawaJuly 11, 2010 (2010-07-11)
After the Jewel Dopant escapes when her fight with Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme mingles with that between Kamen Rider Accel Trial and the R Nasca Dopant, Shotaro and Philip are unnerved by her words that it is almost over. When they meet with Jinno at the jail, he reveals that in the past how Rui told him she loved the city, yet destroyed the pinwheels set up by children. As Shotaro and Akiko leave, Jinno is visited by Rui in disguise as she needs to tell him something about the events before running off after Jinno hurts her feelings. Realizing that Rui is there, Shotaro chases her as she calls him as naive as Jinno. In the Gaia Library, Philip tries to talk to Wakana as she assumes her Dopant form to his shock. As Philip gets an idea from Akiko, Uesugi arrives with a message from Rui to meet her at the wharf and asks Shotaro to accompany him. The next day, as Philip begins his own battle with Wakana within the Gaia Library, Shotaro saves Uesugi from Rui's trap. However, Shotaro later finds Uesugi as he is about to leave town and Shotaro identifies him as the real Dopant, much to Akiko's shock. Philip confirms that Rui was forced into portraying the Dopant in order to save Satoru, as Uesugi attempts to toss into the sea, the ring which contains the diamond that Satoru was turned into. However, Ryu saves the ring as Uesugi assumes his Dopant form with Kamen Riders Double and Accel Trial fighting him. Assuming CycloneJokerXtreme, Double uses the knowledge Philip has acquired to target the Jewel Dopant's one weakness. When Uesugi demands why Rui got Jinno involved, she reveals that she did it because he is gullible, much like the day she took the blame for Uesugi tearing the pinwheels. The Jewel Memory shatters and all of the Jewel Dopant's victims are released from their diamond prisons. Later, as Makura worms his way back into Jinno's graces, Shotaro tells his friend that Rui is making dinner for him. Not believing it, Jinno reveals that he made a promise to himself that he will not fall for everything he hears, before he runs off upon the mention of a yeti, which Shotaro and Akiko actually see.[42]

The O Chain/The Aged Detective[edit]

43"The O Chain/The Aged Detective"
Transcription: "O no Rensa/Rōjin Tantei" (Japanese: Oの連鎖/老人探偵)
Keiichi HasegawaJuly 18, 2010 (2010-07-18)
After visiting his family's grave to tell them he's alright, Ryu goes over to the Narumi Agency to treat Shotaro, Philip, and Akiko to sweet dumplings until a woman named Yoshie Goto arrives to get help for her daughter Miyu, who somehow aged into the old woman who came with her. Heading to Miyu's school, Ryu and Akiko learn from the principal that Miyu was recently chosen to be the lead in the upcoming school play before meeting Miyu's friend Kumi and her mother Mitsuko Sekine. Elsewhere, Shotaro meets Watcherman and learns about a fortune teller called the Ager who ages people his customers hate, including the secret code to find him. Soon after going through many fortune tellers to find him, Akiko finally finds the Ager, Takashi Soma. When Ryu and Shotaro attempt to take him in, the Ager becomes the Old Dopant and uses his aging Old Creak on Akiko until Kamen Rider Accel takes the bunt of the attack with the Dopant shocked to see it had no effect on him. Kamen Rider Double joins Accel in fighting the Old Dopant before becoming CycloneJokerXtreme to end it. However, the Old Dopant uses his faster side to hold off Double, and then uses his Old Creak, canceling the transformation as Shotaro begins to age. The Old Dopant escapes before as Philip realizes his attacks are similar to the Terror Dopant's, joining Ryu is pursuing Shroud who tells them that that have similar physiologies. Also, that with Shotaro unable to continue, they now need to join forces to become the hate-powered Kamen Rider Double CycloneAccel Xtreme to defeat the Old Dopant and Ryubee. As Makura is forced into babysitting the aged Shotaro as Akiko takes Yoshie to find Mitsuko on a hunch, Philip tries to look up the means to reverse the Old Dopant's effects on Shotaro and Miyu. However, he finds Wakana attempting to look up Shroud after their father was cryptic about the woman's identity. While this occurred, after meeting Kazu and seeing the next generation Gaia Memories developed by a former Museum scientist, Ryu confronts her about Shroud the relation she has with the Sonozaki family. Arriving to the Sekine residence, Akiko and Yoshie find the Ager as he left the house. Assuming his Dopant form, he was able to age the women when Philip arrives and lures the Dopant away. While Yoshie manages to force Mitsuko to admit she did hire the Ager to age Miyu so Kumi can be the star of the school play, Philip calls Shotaro to become Double FangJoker as Shroud watches when the fight goes the Old Dopant's way. Back at the Futo Hotel, Saeko reveals to Ryu that Shroud is the one who set all of these events into motion to get her revenge on Ryubee with his family paying the price when she gave Shinkuro Isaka the Weather Memory.[43]

The O Chain/Shroud's Confession[edit]

44"The O Chain/Shroud's Confession"
Transcription: "O no Rensa/Shuraudo no Kokuhaku" (Japanese: Oの連鎖/シュラウドの告白)
Keiichi HasegawaJuly 25, 2010 (2010-07-25)
With Shotaro unable to fight further, Kamen Rider Double FangJoker is at a disadvantage until the Xtreme Memory drives the Old Dopant off while Shroud takes her leave. Now knowing that Shroud was responsible for his family's death, Ryu calls out Shroud and learns that she picked him because of his physiology of resisting the Terror Dopant's Terror Field, much like Philip can. When she confirms her part in his family's deaths, Ryu attacks her as Kamen Rider Accel and she uses her Shroud Magnum gun to hold him back while making him hate her with every fiber of his being. After revealing that the Old Dopant is also her doing, Accel transforms into Accel Trial and they are both ambushed by the ClayDoll Dopant. She attacks Shroud before Accel Trial stops her, but then she reveals that Shroud is none other than Fumine Sonozaki, the Sonozaki family's matriarch and a traitor to the Museum. As Shroud leaves, Ryu is torn by the new information. Back at the Narumi Agency, Miyu arrives with the aged Kumi as Akiko realizes Yoshie has also set up deal with the Ager as Shotaro comforts the girls. Akiko finds the mothers fighting each other until Ryu tells the two that they have done is make their own children suffer, and the principal defends that their blind judgment was out of love for their children. When Ryu finds Shroud, he tells her that he forgives her because he now understands that her motivation was for Philip. Shocked, Shroud reveals her history to Ryu that she was in a happy marriage with Ryubee until Raito became the Chosen Child. When she tried to save her son from his fate, Ryubee attacked her, scarring her face with the Terror Field and forcing her to leave the rest of their children to him. When Shroud sees Philip nearby, Ryu tells Shroud that he and Philip are going to prove her wrong about using hatred to fight. By then, Shotaro has found the Ager and tries to fight him until he transforms into the Old Dopant just as Ryu and Philip arrive. The three transform into Kamen Riders Double CycloneJokerXtreme and Accel Trial and together defeat the Old Dopant, while Shroud watches on. When the Old Memory is destroyed, all of the Ager's victims return to their normal ages. After the fight, Shroud tells Ryu that she had given Isaka the Weather Memory to use him to take down her husband, and never expected that he would murder so many people. Ryu accepts her apology and vows to stop Ryubee and Shroud takes her leave into obscurity, much to Philip's dismay. Meanwhile, Foundation X agent Tabata picks up the T2 Gaia Memories from Kazu to take them to their headquarters as Saeko learns that she now has one less person to get in her way.[44]

Who the K Needs/The Devil's Tail[edit]

45"Who the K Needs/The Devil's Tail"
Transcription: "K ga Motometa Mono/Akuma no Shippo" (Japanese: Kが求めたもの/悪魔のしっぽ)
Riku SanjoAugust 1, 2010 (2010-08-01)
After seeing the reconstruction on the Futo Tower in the aftermath of its near destruction during a terrorist attack on the city, Shotaro feels it to be a prelude to things to come before being accosted by a woman in Indiana Jones-garb named Kyoko Todoroki, a curator at the Futo Museum who overheard Ryubee trying to find an artifact known as the "Evil Tail" in a excavation site. She wishes to find it to impress him. Shotaro agrees to take the case, despite Akiko's apprehension in getting involved with the Sonozakis as he sees it to be fate. As Philip and company go to one of the many archaeological dig sites near the Sonozaki mansion to find the Evil Tail, Philip attempts to research the artifact in the Gaia Library, only for the Museum's security measures to prevent him until it suddenly brings up several books on the relating to the Museum, the Gaia Memories, and one about himself. Fearful to read it, Philip leaves the Gaia Library in terror, just as Wakana arrives and reveals that she removed several restrictions so Philip can have full access to the Gaia Library for the sole purpose of discovering the truth. Back at the dig site, with Akiko using her slippers as dowsing rods, Shotaro finds the box holding the Evil Tail before being suddenly attacked by the Smilodon Dopant, sent by Ryubee to find the item. Becoming Kamen Rider Double, Shotaro fights the Smilodon Dopant as the monster gets the Evil Tail before the Xtreme Memory knocked it off his hands. As CycloneJokerXtreme, Double manages to hit the Smilodon Dopant. However, the Terror Field appears at the dig site, and Ryubee's voice calls out for the Evil Tail. Though Shotaro wants to settle this, Philip convinces Double to escapes with the two girls. Meahwhile, at the Futo Hotel, Kazu tells Saeko that her father is preparing for the Gaia Impact, a fact that Saeko shows trepidation towards it. Back at the Narumi Agency, Shotaro tries to see what the Evil Tail is to find out Ryubee's plan, but Kyoko will not allow it, refusing to accept Ryubee is a dangerous man. Though Shotaro apologizes to Philip for saying such things about his father, but Philip realizes he must accept the truth, no matter what it may be as he decides to read the Gaia Library book. By that time, Kyoko runs off to the museum. Ryu and Shotaro follow, while Philip decides to read the book on himself. At the Futo Museum, Kyoko approaches Ryubee as he explains that humanity's ensured future in Earth's history is all he cares about and the Evil Tail will make it a reality. Ryu and Shotaro appear in the museum to confront him, but Ryubee reveals that his true power as the Terror Dopant, having made Shotaro subconsciously unable to fight him due to their previous encounters. Ryubee then summons the Smilodon Dopant to chase down Kyoko as Ryu pursues as Kamen Rider Accel while Ryubee leaves the frighten Shotaro. Elsewhere, Philip has read the book on him and discovered a horrific revelation. As Accel transforms into Accel Trial to fight the Smilodon Dopant in a losing battle, a terrified Shotaro watches on as Philip arrives and manages to snap him out of his trance as they become Double to fight the Smilodon Dopant. Assuming CycloneMetal on Philip's notion to distract the Smilodon Dopant with Metal Shaft, Double uses the Metal Stag Break Maximum Drive to destroy Mick's Gaia Driver and Smilodon Memory, reverting the Smilodon Dopant back into his feline state. However, the Terror Dopant arrives, commenting that Philip remembers his purpose with the Evil Tail to initiate the Gaia Impact as Shotaro freezes in fear. Accel Trial intervenes, only for the Terror Dopant to state that he already knows that Ryu is immune to his mind-based attacks, so he conjures the Terror Dragon to attack Accel Trial physically. Kyoko watches on until Wakana finds her with the Evil Tail. With Shotaro still catatonic, Wakana comments on how Philip has no choice now after reading his book as the Terror Dopant states that he must have learned that Raito Sonozaki died twelve years ago after falling into the source of the true Gaia Memory, a fact that Philip confirms to Shotaro.[45]

Who the K Needs/The Last Supper[edit]

46"Who the K Needs/The Last Supper"
Transcription: "K ga Motometa Mono/Saigo no Bansan" (Japanese: Kがもとめたもの/最後の晩餐)
Riku SanjoAugust 8, 2010 (2010-08-08)
After learning that he has been dead for twelve years, Philip is revealed to be nothing more than a receptacle of data as the Terror Dopant demands him to come with him as he reabsorbs the Terror Dragon. But Philip refuses to go as he and Shotaro form Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme, only for them to be unable to fight as the transformation is canceled. Taking the Evil Tail from Kyoko, telling her to forget about him for her own good, the Terror Dopant spirits the unconscious Philip and Wakana away to the Sonozaki estate. As Akiko tends to Ryu's injuries and Shotaro's panic attacks, Ryubee then sends out invites to Saeko and Shroud to return to the mansion for a victory dinner. Coming to, Philip finds his family gathered as Ryubee presents to them the Evil Tail. Though Philip attempts to convince his family not to go through with this, Saeko explains that that will never happen, as Ryubee reveals that the dinner is for her and Shroud to beg for Wakana's forgiveness as she will become all-powerful once she becomes one with the planet. But refusing to do it, Saeko becomes the R Nasca Dopant to attack Wakana as she assumes her ClayDoll Dopant form while Shroud takes her leave as she tell Philip his only true family is Shotaro. Taking their fight outside, ClayDoll Xtreme defeats the R Nasca Dopant and destroys the Nasca Memory. The next day, Akiko gets a call from Philip who gives Shotaro his final goodbyes to him, as he is to be sacrificed for the Gaia Impact. By then, Kyoko returns after sneaking into the Sonozaki estate with the Evil Tail that she gives to Shotaro. At the estate, as Wakana assumes her ClayDoll Xtreme form, Ryubee tosses Philip into the source of the true Gaia Memory which breaks his body up into data that can be absorbed by Wakana. By then, Shotaro and Akiko arrive to reveal that the Evil Tail is a brush inscribed by Fumine (Shroud) and their children which served as a means for Ryubee to carry out his plan without second thoughts. Remembering Philip's words as Ryubee assumes his Dopant form, Shotaro manages to reach Philip as he transfers his mind into Kamen Rider Double. As ClayDoll Xtreme loses control, Double battles the Terror Dopant as he summons the Terror Dragon. However, Kamen Rider Accel arrives and combines with the Turbuler Unit to form the AccelTurbuler. As Accel fights the Terror Dragon, the Xtreme Memory manages to get Philip's body out of ClayDoll Xtreme, causing her to explode as Double becomes CycloneJokerXtreme to knock the defeated Terror Dopant towards the estate as it catches on fire and his familiar is destroyed. As the Sonozaki estate burns to the ground, with Philip saddened that he could not save him or Wakana, Ryubee enters the estate and dies in the flames without regrets as he apparently fulfilled his goal. Unbeknownst to the Narumi Detective Agency crew, Wakana has been saved from the flames by Kazu and brought to Foundation X.[46]

The Abandoned U/A Request From Philip[edit]

47"The Abandoned U/A Request From Philip"
Transcription: "Nokosareta U/Firippu kara no Irai" (Japanese: 残されたU/フィリップからの依頼)
Riku SanjoAugust 15, 2010 (2010-08-15)

After the destruction of the Sonozaki mansion, Shotaro and Akiko present Philip with Mick, who they have found to cheer him up. However, Philip reveals that Wakana is still alive due to the link they made and asks Shotaro to help him find her no matter what happens. While this occurs, the leader of Foundation X, Neon Ulsland, presents the Charming Raven pharmaceutical factory to Jun Kazu to serve as their own Gaia Memory factory as the Museum's funding has been severed in favor of a new project. Kazu reveals that the Museum still has use for them as he reveals that Wakana has been salvaged to complete the Gaia Impact after her body fused with the ClayDoll Memory, and he has someone planned to take over organization. Elsewhere, Shotaro has had Watcherman find Saeko, the person he believes has taken Wakana. They and Ryu find her at the local race track on her motorcycle, only to find Saeko is surprised to hear her sister is still alive. Suddenly, Kazu appears to escort Saeko, introducing himself and revealing that Foundation X has been behind the Museum all along and now is heading the Gaia Impact project. Philip demands that he free Wakana, but Kazu refuses and shows that he has a Gold Memory as he uses it to become the Utopia Dopant. Everyone is lifted into the air until the transformation completes and Ryu transforms into Kamen Rider Accel to fight him. Shotaro prepares to transform, but Philip tells him that they should hold off until they have the chance to save Wakana, as the next time they become Kamen Rider Double, Philip will disappear forever. Accel is easily defeated by the Utopia Dopant's reality altering powers as he takes Saeko with him to the Foundation X headquarters, with Saeko telling Philip that their father must be rolling in his grave. As Saeko is introduced to Ulsland, she learns that the Foundation plans to digitize Wakana into data and beam her into the Foundation's satellites to eliminate all humans on Earth who are not highly compatible with Gaia Memories. As Ulsland leaves to another appointment, Kazu gives Saeko the Taboo Memory. Back at the detective agency, thanks to Saeko giving him the clue in saying "grave",

Philip deduces that Wakana is being held at Foundation X's Charming Raven facility. Shotaro asks Philip if he is right about him disappearing, and Philip concurs; as he has died already and was recreated in a data-based body. But as he was fused with Wakana previously, his body has become unstable to the point that if he become Double, again, he will become one with the Earth and disappear forever. Refusing to accept it, Shotaro runs off to find Shroud for a way to save Philip so he can honor the promise he made to Sokichi Narumi. However, Shroud reveals that she was Sokichi's final client in the job that killed him and that Philip is more than just data now. She asks an irrate Shotaro to make sure Philip's final moments are peaceful with a smile on his face. When Shotaro returns to the agency, finding Jinno, Makura, and the Futo Irregulars there as Akiko gathered them for a surprise farewell party for Philip who they have been told is going to school overseas. Philip thanks them all for being his friends while he was in Futo, and gives everyone a gift. Akiko tells Shotaro that they will save Wakana tomorrow, letting Philip say his goodbyes tonight. As Shotaro ruminates on what is soon to come, Philip gives him a gift and tells Shotaro that he can open it later. The next day, Shotaro, Philip, Ryu, and Akiko infiltrate the Charming Raven facilities. As Ryu transforms into Accel to hold off several Masquerade Dopants guarding the facility, Shotaro, Philip, and Akiko find Wakana. Philip tries to rouse her, but notices a strange monitoring device on her forehead. Kazu arrives and reveals that it is a device to monitor Wakana's power as ClayDoll Xtreme. After Philip guesses his intent, Kazu transforms into the Utopia Dopant with Shotaro hesitating to become Double as the Dopant spirits Wakana away. However Accel arrives to fight him, still no match for the Utopia Dopant as Accel Trial while the villain cancels his transformation and revealing the Utopia Memory's powers are based on granting its user's wishes before forcing Ryu out of Rider form in flames. Infuriated, Shotaro attacks the Utopia Dopant head on, and is severely harmed in the process as Philip screams for Shotaro to stop. Kazu discovers that Wakana's power rises the more upset Philip becomes as he decides that he should kill Shotaro in front of Philip in order for the Gaia Impact to proceed.[47]

The Abandoned U/Eternal Partners[edit]

Finale"The Abandoned U/Eternal Partners"
Transcription: "Nokosareta U/Eien no Aibō" (Japanese: 残されたU/永遠の相棒)
Riku SanjoAugust 22, 2010 (2010-08-22)
As the Utopia Dopant continues to harm Shotaro to get a rise from Philip to increase Wakana's power, Philip tells Shotaro to transform. Just as the Utopia Dopant is to deliver a final blow, he is struck by an orb of gravitational energy from the Taboo Dopant, canceling his transformation and throwing him into a wall before she unleashes a barrage to finish him off. However, Kazu reveals himself to be like the undead soldiers of NEVER as he resumes his Dopant form and cancels Saeko's Dopant form, spiriting her and Wakana away. After Ryu is brought to a hospital, Akiko, Shotaro, and Philip go to the beach to regroup. The two argue until Akiko finds a ball in the sand and hands it to them, telling them to talk it out. Philip tells Shotaro that if he is going to disappear forever, he wishes to fulfill something to make him happy before he goes. Shotaro, however, cannot accept Philip leaving. Philip tells him it will still happen, having him promise to keep protecting Futo on his own after he is gone. Just then, Shotaro gets a phone call from Jinno, only to find the caller to be Kazu as he shows Philip a taste of his personal utopia: a psychic barrage of his attacks on Queen, Elizabeth, Watcherman, Santa-chan, Jinno, and Makura, erasing their faces, before revealing that he is at the detective agency. By the time Philip and Shotaro get to the office, they find Akiko faceless like the others. Philip breaks into tears as Wakana starts to waken in response. Remembering Shroud's words, a guilt-ridden Shotaro takes Sokichi's hat off of the wall and walks off. After having a dream of the events that made her choose this path, seeing Philip as he tells her he can no longer save her, Wakana comes to and finds Saeko as she reveals Kazu's plan to her. Wakana believes that Saeko is to blame before Kazu arrives, saying that he is ready to fulfill his promise to her: to change her life for the better. Though he forgives her, Kazu asks why she had helped the Kamen Riders find Wakana, and Saeko replies that because her father died, she no longer has anyone to prove herself over Wakana. She takes the Taboo Memory from him and tells Wakana to escape. However, after mortally wounding the Taboo Dopant, leaving Saeko to die, the Utopia Dopant captures Wakana and hooks her to the data uplink device to begin the process. However Shotaro walks in and uses his wits to get the upper hand against the Utopia Dopant, having the Memory Gadgets hold the Dopant at bay and damage the machine as he rescues Wakana. As he escapes, the laboratory explodes, trapping the Utopia Dopant inside. Once outside, Shotaro puts Wakana down as the Xtreme Memory arrives with Philip who is amazed that Shotaro has done this all by himself. Their celebration is interrupted by the Utopia Dopant, asking why his plans had to be stopped. After Philip explains that his partner will always be there to foil it at every turn, Shotaro replies he will never let Futo suffer as he and Philip tell Kazu to count his sins as they transform into Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme for the final time. The Utopia Dopant tries to use their emotions to increase his powers, but Philip's final emotions to save his sister prove too much for the Utopia Dopant to absorb. The Utopia Dopant jumps into the air as Double activates the Maximum Drives of both the Prism Memory into the Xtreme Memory to deliver a Double Prism Xtreme Rider Kick. The Maximum Drive lands, overpowering the Utopia Dopant and sending him to the ground. With his transformation canceled, Kazu gets to his feet, asking if it is a sin to love, before activating the Utopia Memory, again. However, he drops it to the ground and it breaks, before he dissolves away into nothingness. Having watched the entire fight, Ulsland deems Foundation X's study of Gaia Memories to be scrapped as she takes her leave. The Xtreme Memory gives off some green energy and Philip realizes it is time to go. After asking Shotaro not to tell Wakana about what is to happen, he prepares to remove the Xtreme Memory from the belt before Shotaro stops him, asking if he could remove it instead. With Shotaro keeping himself from crying, Philip tells him that they will still be partners even if he is gone so long as the Earth exists. Shotaro removes the Xtreme Memory from the belt, as it and Philip dissolve away into the planet. After bringing Wakana to the hospital, with Akiko and the others returned to normal, Shotaro returns to the office and opens the gift Philip left for him. Inside is the Lost Driver from the NEVER incident and Philip's book. Inside the book is a message from Philip: "Please take care of the city I love, Kamen Rider, Shotaro Hidari."[48]

Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice to This City[edit]

True–Finale"Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice to This City"
Transcription: "E ni Sayonara/Kono Machi ni Seigi no Hanataba o" (Japanese: Eにさよなら/この街に正義の花束を)
Riku SanjoAugust 29, 2010 (2010-08-29)
One year after Philip's merging with the true Gaia Memory, after leaving a pet shop upon giving the third degree to one of its workers for not having cat food he needed, Shotaro is followed by a young boy named Akira Aoyama who needs help finding his sister Yui who has gone missing for three days. Taking the case, and Akira with him, Shotaro goes to Watcherman and Queen & Elizabeth, learning that Yui was last seen with a gang calling themselves "EXE" who are buying Gaia Memories. Eventually, Shotaro finds gang leader Shiro Endo with five EXE members and discover that Yui is being held captive, having revealed to have a Gaia Memory that she was trying to sell to them. Endo reveals that they are taking over the Gaia Memory business in order to get someone's attention. When one of the EXE flunkies becomes the Anomalocaris Dopant, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Joker to defeat him as Endo's posse take their leave. Chasing after a frightened Akira, Shotaro explains that they are no different in not being strong on their own before telling the boy to meet him at the detective agency. Later, Shotaro returns to the office, just as the Frog Pod impersonates Philip's voice for Akiko's request. Akira, prompting Akiko to explain to the boy able who Philip was, suddenly gets a text message from Endo to come to their hideout alone. Akira arrives there, Yui revealing that she hid Ocean Memory in his bookbag. Akira and his sister run away as another EXE member transforms into the Cockroach Dopant to pursue them. However, having placed a tracking device on Akira's shoe, Shotaro arrives to their location and becomes Kamen Rider Joker to defeat the Cockroach Dopant just as Ryu takes out most of the other EXE members, allowing Akiko to get Akira and Yui to safety. After destroying the Ocean Memory and arresting the various members of EXE, Shotaro believes that everything is resolved. However, the pet shop worker from earlier arrives, revealing himself as EXE's actual leader while transforming into the Energy Dopant. After one blast from the rail gun in the Energy Dopant's arm, Shotaro falls to the ground, seemingly dead. However, from out of nowhere, the Xtreme Memory blocked the fatal shot before Philip materializes from it to everyone's shock. Philip reveals that almost a year ago, after Wakana accidentally learned that Philip sacrificed himself to save her, she found her mother Shroud who at that point was terminally ill. Before passing away, Shroud revealed to Wakana how she would be able to invoke the Gaia Impact. Wakana used this opportunity to bring Philip back to life, restoring his existence by sacrificing her own. Philip is then approached by all of his family in the Gaia Library, saying their goodbyes and entrusting Futo's and the Earth's well being to him as they dissolve into the True Gaia Memory. But as his body still needed to be fully restored, Philip watched over Shotaro from afar up until the Energy Dopant's attack. However, Shotaro and Philip's reunion is cut short by Energy as he resumes his Dopant form. Together again, Shotaro and Philip transform into Kamen Rider Double, defeating the Energy Dopant with their Joker Extreme Maximum Drive.[49]


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