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List of Kappa Alpha Psi members

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The list of Kappa Alpha Psi (ΚΑΨ) brothers (commonly referred to as Kappas or Nupes) includes initiated members.[1] The list below includes members recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

As of its centennial in 2011, the fraternity was composed of 150,000 college-trained men, with undergraduate chapters located on more than 360 college and university campuses and alumni chapters in more than 340 cities in the United States and five foreign countries.[2] The fraternity's Constitution has never contained any clause which either excluded or suggested the exclusion of a man from membership merely because of his color, creed, or national origin,[1] though membership has traditionally been dominated by those of African heritage.

Kappa Alpha Psi was founded on January 5, 1911, at Indiana University Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana. The campus of Indiana University at that time did not encourage the assimilation of Blacks. Kappa Alpha Psi is the second oldest existing collegiate historically Black Greek letter organization and the first intercollegiate fraternity incorporated as a national body.[1]


Name Original chapter Notability References
Elbert Frank Cox Alpha First African American to earn a Ph.D. in pure mathematics, a field concerned with mathematical theory rather than with practice or application [3]
Dr. Juan E. Gilbert Kappa Delta Professor and Andrew Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Chair at the University of Florida; recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring [4]
Marc Lamont Hill Abington-Ambler (PA) Alumni Professor at Temple University; author; activist; TV political commentator and host of Our World with Black Enterprise [5]
Joseph B. Johnson Gamma Psi Ph.D; former president of Grambling State University (1977 - 1991); former president of Talladega College (1991 - 1998). [6]
Arturo Alfonso Schomburg Omicron Historian and scholar of African-American culture [7]
John Silvanus Wilson Pi Ph.D, Eleventh president of Morehouse College, former executive director, White House Initiative on HBCUs [8]
Arturo Schomburg

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Film, television and theatre[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Joe Clair Alpha Iota Television host, best known for hosting BET's Rap City [5]
Aaron Douglas Eta American painter, illustrator and visual arts educator. He was a major figure in the Harlem Renaissance. [5]
Lance Gross San Fernando-Santa Clarita (CA) Alumni[citation needed] Stage and television actor; best known for his role as Calvin Payne on Tyler Perry's House of Payne [9]
Cedric 'The Entertainer' Kyles Beta Nu
(Charter Member: Mu Zeta)
Comedian and actor [5]
Stan Lathan Delta Theta Film director, television producer and television director' producer of shows such as Sanford & Son and Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam [10]
Whitman Mayo Upsilon Actor, best known as the character Grady Wilson on the sitcom Sanford and Son [5]
Robert Reed (artist) Alpha Iota Artist and tenured art professor at Yale University School of Art [5]
John Singleton Beta Omega Director, best known for Boyz n the Hood and Rosewood (film) [5]
Aaron D. Spears Mu Phi Television actor [5]
Ernest Lee Thomas Alpha Zeta Actor, best known as Roger "Raj" Thomas of What's Happening!! and What's Happening Now!! [5]
Palmer Williams Jr. Beta Phi Stage and television actor; best known for his role as Floyd Jackson on Tyler Perry's House of Payne and the sitcom Love Thy Neighbor [11]
John Singleton
Cedric The Entertainer

Print and television media[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Charles M. Blow Gamma Psi American journalist; current visual op-ed columnist for The New York Times; former graphics director and art director for National Geographic magazine. [12]
Chris Broussard Iota Nu Sports columnist and sports reporter for Fox Sports 1 [13]
Kevin Corke Beta Theta Fox News White House Correspondent [14]
Augustus "Gus" Johnson Jr. Silver Spring (MD) Alumni Fox Sports commentator [15]
Demarco Morgan Delta Delta Current co-host of ABC's GMA3; former CBS News anchor; former News reporter and anchor for Atlanta's NBC affiliate, WXIA. [16]
Tavis Smiley Alpha Talk show host; political commentator; author [17][18]
Jim Vance Gamma Omega News anchor for the NBC affiliate WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. [19][20]
Roger Wilkins Sigma Journalist, professor, and civil rights leader; [21]
Charles M. Blow
Kevin Corke
Tavis Smiley


Name Original chapter Notability References
Alvin Batiste Alpha Sigma Jazz clarinetist [22]
Marion Brown Gamma Kappa American jazz alto saxophonist, composer, writer, visual artist, and ethnomusicologist. He is best known as a member of the 1960s avant-garde jazz scene in New York City, playing alongside musicians such as John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, and John Tchicai. [5]
Lawrence Brownlee Indianapolis (IN) Alumni Opera singer [23]
Elwood Buchanan Beta Jazz trumpeter; music educator; early mentor to jazz legend Miles Davis [5]
Donald Byrd Alpha Beta Jazz and R&B trumpeter [5]
Byron Cage Kappa Upsilon Gospel musician [3]
Danny! Gamma Nu Recording artist for Questlove's Okayplayer Records; music producer/ and composer for MTV's Hype Music production library [3]
DeP (musician) Beta Beta R&B Recording Artist, Actor and Model [24]
Cleveland Eaton Alpha Theta Jazz bassist with Count Basie Orchestra and the Ramsey Lewis Trio [5]
Jester Hairston Chi American composer, songwriter, arranger, and choral conductor; actor on sitcom Amen [5]
Graham W. Jackson, Sr. Pi Organist, Composer, Music Educator, Pianist, and choral conductor [5]
Edward Jordan Alpha Sigma Jazz saxophonist [22]
Montell Jordan Beta Omega R&B musician [5]
Booker T. Jones Alpha American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer and arranger, best known as the frontman of the band Booker T. & the M.G.'s. [5]
Lecrae Eta Gamma Christian hip hop artist, record producer, and actor; president, co-owner and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records [25]
Smokie Norful Gamma Sigma Gospel musician [3]
Marvin Sapp Grand Rapids (MI) Alumni Gospel musician [3]
William Grant Still Delta Classical composer, first African American to conduct a major American symphony orchestra [21]
Billy Taylor Alpha Phi Jazz musician [26]
Kris Thomas Eta Gamma R&B and soul singer; competed in Season 4 of The Voice [21]
Grant Still
Billy Taylor
Lecrae (left)


Name Original chapter Notability References
James A. Dallas Miami (FL) Alumni Businessman, nightclub owner, and civic leader, Fort Lauderdale; [27]
John Edward Jacob Xi Vice President of Anheuser-Busch; former CEO of the National Urban League 60th Laurel Wreath Laureate; [3]
Robert L. Johnson Beta American businessman, media magnate, executive, philanthropist and investor; founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET); former majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats; first African-American billionaire; first African-American majority club owner of a major American sports league [5]
Reginald Lewis Alpha Phi CEO of TLC Beatrice International, the first black-owned company to have more than $1 billion in annual sales [5]
Kedar Massenburg Delta Mu President and CEO of Motown Records [3]
John Moutoussamy Alpha Rho American architect, best known for designing the headquarters building of the Johnson Publishing Company in downtown Chicago, Illinois. He was the first African-American architect to design a high-rise building in Chicago. [3]
William Gaston Pearson Durham (NC) Alumni One of the organizers of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, the Fraternal Bank and Trust Company, Southern Fidelity and Surety Company as well as Banker's Fire Insurance Company; [3]
Guy Primus Lambda Delta COO of Overbrook Entertainment; named one of Urban Influence Magazine's "Men of Influence 2009" [28]
Roy Roberts (chief executive) Grand Rapids (MI) Alumni Former executive with General Motors; [3]
Max Siegel Indianapolis (IN) Alumni CEO of USA Track & Field; [3]
Donald Andrew Spencer Sr. Cincinnati (OH) Alumni Noted Cincinnati businessman. Songwriter of many Kappa Alpha Psi songs; [3]
John W. Thompson Alpha Xi CEO of Virtual Instruments; Chairman of the Board of Directors for Microsoft Corporation; former vice-president at IBM; former CEO of Symantec Corporation [29]
Carl Ware Gamma Kappa American businessman, philanthropist; Longtime Executive of Coca-Cola; 57th Laurel Wreath Laureate [5]
James A. Dallas
Robert L. Johnson
Guy Primus

Government and politics[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Archie Alexander Gamma Governor of US Virgin Islands; 6th Grand Polemarch; 4th Laurel Wreath laureate; [26]
Lionel Artis Nu Indianapolis civil servant and administrator; past Editor of the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal; 8th Laurel Wreath laureate [26]
Nelson B. Bascome Alpha Iota Minister of Health and Member of Parliament, Bermuda [30]
John A. Bell Philander Smith College Director of the Education and Secondary Education Division of the Office of Civil Rights, United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [31]
Stephen K. Benjamin Zeta Epsilon Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina [5]
Sanford Bishop Pi Representative from Georgia [32]
Tom Bradley Upsilon Mayor of Los Angeles, California; 18th Grand Polemarch; 22nd Laurel Wreath laureate; [5]
Andrew Brimmer Gamma Eta First African American to have served as a governor of the Federal Reserve System [5]
George L. Brown Mu First Black Lieutenant Governor of Colorado; with his Kappa brother, California's Mervyn Dymally, he was one of the first two Black lieutenant-governors since Reconstruction and outside of any southern state [5]
Albert Bryan Mu Xi Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands [5]
Troy Carter (politician) Beta Iota Representative from Louisiana; [32]
Dwaine Caraway Beta Upsilon Former city councilman Dallas, Texas [5]
William Lacy Clay, Jr. St Louis (MO) Alumni Representative from Missouri [32]
Michael B. Coleman Columbus (OH) Alumni Mayor of Columbus, Ohio [32]
Ian Conyers Kappa Chi Michigan Senator from District 4 [32]
John Conyers Alpha Beta Representative from Michigan; chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; 52nd Laural Wreath laureate; [32]
George W. Crockett Pi Representative from Michigan; civil rights activist; 38th Laurel Wreath laureate; [5]
Sam Cunningham Wilberforce (OH) Alumni First African-American mayor of Waukegan, Illinois [33]
Gloster B. Current Tau Former deputy executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Director of Branches and Field Administration of the NAACP during the Civil Rights Movement; [26]
Mike Davis Zeta Delta California State Assembly member [3]
Rufus Davis Theta Eta Social and political activist, business executive, and former Mayor of Camilla, Georgia [3]
Andre Dickens Lambda Delta Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia; technology executive [26]
Mervyn M. Dymally Upsilon First black Lieutenant Governor of California; Representative from California [5]
Walter E. Fauntroy Alpha Gamma Representative from Washington, D.C.; civil rights leader [5]
Adrian Fenty Alpha Omega Former mayor of Washington, D.C. [34]
Aaron D. Ford Las Vegas (NV) Alumni State Senate Majority Leader Nevada [35]
Johnny Ford Beta Phi Former Mayor of Tuskegee, Alabama [32]
Jason Frierson Theta Sigma Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly [32]
Wilson Frost Alpha Delta Longtime Chicago, Illinois alderman [32]
Truman Gibson Iota Lawyer, Government advisor, and later influential boxing promoter who played a unique and unheralded role in the Civil Rights Movement, primarily as a member of the "Black Cabinet" of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman. [32]
William F. Gibson Beta Rho Dentist, Civil Rights activist, and former chairman of the NAACP [32]
Wilson Goode Philadelphia (PA) Alumni First African-American Mayor of Philadelphia [36]
Curtis Graves Beta Upsilon Former Texas state House of Representative [5]
Elihu Harris Gamma Alpha Mayor of Oakland, California [21]
Alcee Hastings Alpha Delta Representative from Florida; Federal Judge; 59th Laurel Wreath laureate; [32]
Reginald Hawkins Alpha Epsilon First African-American to run for Governor of North Carolina. Dentist. Civil rights activist who played a central role in integrating Charlotte schools, hospitals, and public spaces. [37]
John Hayden Jr. Beta Nu Police Commissioner of the St. Louis [32]
Wade Henderson Washington (DC) Alumni Former president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights [32]
Dennis Hightower Xi Former Army Officer, retired business executive, college educator, and public servant who was the United States Deputy Secretary of Commerce from 2009 to 2010. [5]
Alvin Holmes Beta Zeta Former Alabama state House of Representative [5]
Alphonso R. Jackson Epsilon Eta 13th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) [32]
Lester G. Jackson Epsilon Psi Georgia state senator [5]
Hakeem Jeffries Mu Kappa Representative from New York; House Minority Leader since 2022 [32]
Richard Lee Jones Alpha Former United States Ambassador to Liberia 1955-1959; U.S. Army General; [26]
Vernon Jones Alpha Kappa CEO of DeKalb County, Georgia; Senator from Georgia 2008 candidate [21]
Joe Lang Kershaw Miami (FL) Alumni Florida politician and educator [26]
Donald McEachin Beta Kappa
(Charter member: Kappa Chi)
U.S. House of Representatives member from Virginia [32]
James Perkins, Jr. Gamma Phi First African-American Mayor of Selma, Alabama [38]
Edward J. Perkins Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Alumni US Ambassador to Liberia, South Africa, the United Nations, and Australia [39]
Kwame Raoul Theta Zeta State Attorney General for Illinois; former Illinois state representative [5]
Brensil Rolle Bahamas Alumni Member of Parliament, the Bahamas [40]
Kasim Reed Atlanta (GA) Alumni Mayor of Atlanta [41]
Julian Russell Epsilon Alpha Senator, the Bahamas [42]
Charles E. Samuels, Jr. Kappa Kappa 8th Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons; its first African-American director [43]
Carl B. Stokes Alpha Omega Mayor of Cleveland, first black mayor of a major US city [5]
Louis Stokes Alpha Omega First African-American Congressman from Ohio; civil rights lawyer; 51st Laurel Wreath Laureate [39]
John F. Street Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Mayor of Philadelphia [34]
Danny Tabor Mayor of Inglewood, California [44]
Bennie Thompson Gamma Rho Representative from Mississippi; Chairman of House Homeland Security Committee; 71st Laurel Wreath Laureate [5]
Wellington Webb Denver (CO) Alumni Mayor of Denver Former mayor of Denver, CO; 54th Laurel Wreath laureate of Kappa Alpha Psi [5]
Michael Weeks Bermuda Alumni Member of Parliament, Bermuda [45]
Jesse White Beta Zeta Secretary of State of Illinois [46]
Albert Wynn Beta Epsilon Former member of the U.S. House of Representative from Maryland [32]
Sanford Bishop
William Clay
John Conyers
Rufus Davis
Adrian Fenty
Alcee Hastings
Charles E. Samuels, Jr.


Name Original chapter Notability References
Marvin S. Arrington Sr. Gamma Kappa Fulton (GA) County Judge, former Fulton (GA) County Commissioner [5]
A. A. Birch, Jr. Epsilon First African American to serve as Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court [3]
A. Scott Bolden Pi Noted Attorney and television political commentator. [5]
Robert Brokenburr Indianapolis (IN) Alumni Indianapolis based attorney, civil rights leaders and Indiana state senator. [5]
James Clayborne, Jr. Alpha Theta A member of the Illinois Senate representing the 57th District from his appointment in 1995 until 2019 [5]
Johnnie Cochran Upsilon Defense attorney, best known for his role in the legal defense during the O. J. Simpson murder case [5]
Charles Swinger Conley Beta Zeta Montgomery (AL) County attorney, civil rights leader and Alabama's first Black judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Macon County, AL. [5]
William Cousins Beta Retired Illinois State Appellate Judge; Former Chicago Alderman, [5]
George Crockett III Pi Judge, Recorder's Court (Detroit); served on the same bench as his father, Judge George Crockett, Jr. [47]
Gonzalo P. Curiel Alpha District Court Judge, United States District Court for the Southern District of California; appointed by President Barack Obama [48]
Henry Frye Alpha Nu First African American chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court; 53rd Laurel Wreath Laureate [5]
William P. Greene, Jr. Tau Former judge on the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims [3]
George Edward Chalmer Hayes Washington (DC) Alumni Civil rights attorney; 15th Laurel Wreath laureate [3]
Nathaniel R. Jones Beta Pi Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit; former NAACP General Counsel; Laurel Wreath Laureate [49]
George N. Leighton Xi Retired Cook County (IL) Circuit Court Judge and Illinois Appellate Judge [5]
Conrad L. Mallett, Jr. Upsilon Attorney, Past Justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, [5]
C. Vernon Mason Pi Attorney for infamous Tawana Brawley case, Howard Beach incident. [5]
Loren Miller (judge) Mu American journalist, civil rights activist, attorney and judge. He was appointed to the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles [3]
Irvin Charles Mollison Iota First African American to serve on the United States Customs Court. [3]
James D. Montgomery Beta Chicago, IL based attorney [5]
Donald Gaines Murray Alpha Iota Central figure in Murray v. Pearson (1935), which ruled that the University of Maryland School of Law's policy of racial segregation was unconstitutional [50]
Theodore R. Newman Jr. Chi First African American to serve as Chief Justice of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals [3]
T. Gillis Nutter Tau Civil Rights activist, NAACP leader, 3rd Laurel Wreath laureate [5]
Eugene K. Pettis Zeta Phi First African American to serve as president of the Florida Bar [51]
Kenneth Polite Theta Iota Lawyer who is currently serving as the assistant attorney general for the criminal division in the United States Department of Justice. He previously served as a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana from 2013 to 2017. [5]
Freeman Ransom Indianapolis (IN) Alumni Indianapolis based attorney and businessman. [5]
John W. Rogers Sr. Iota Illinois judge attorney, and Tuskegee Airman; [5]
George H. Starke Pi Broke the color line as the first African-American law student at the University of Florida. [5]
Percy Sutton New York (NY) Alumni Attorney and civil rights activist; attorney for Malcolm X [3]
Johnnie Cochran


Name Original chapter Notability References
Lerone Bennett, Jr. Pi Best selling author; Author of Before the Mayflower; editor of Ebony [52]
LeAlan Jones Theta Eta Author of Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago [21]


Name Original chapter Notability References
Frederick C. Branch Alpha Epsilon First African-American officer in the United States Marine Corps [3]
Daniel James, Jr. Nashville (TN) Alumni First African-American four-star general; 28th Laurel Wreath laureate [5]
Henry B. Perry Tuskegee (AL) Alumni Combat fighter pilot; Tuskegee Airmen [5]
Robert W. Smith III Beta Epsilon Major General in the United States Army Reserve [53]
Dennis L. Via Alpha Phi Four-star General; 18th Commander of the United States Army Materiel Command; 72nd Laurel Wreath laureate [54]
Daniel James, Jr.
Dennis L. Via


Name Original chapter Notability References
Ralph David Abernathy Beta Zeta American civil rights activist, Baptist minister, leader of the civil rights movement, and close friend and mentor of Martin Luther King Jr. He collaborated with King and E. D. Nixon to create the Montgomery Improvement Association, co-created and was an executive board member of SCLC; led the Poor People's Campaign in Washington, D.C., as well as other marches and demonstrations for disenfranchised Americans. He also served as an advisory committee member of the Congress on Racial Equality [3]
Jamal Harrison Bryant Baltimore (MD) Alumni American minister, author and former political candidate. He is the senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Former pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Bryant has appeared on BET's Meet the Faith, CNN, C-SPAN, and Politically Incorrect, served as a panelist on the national town hall meetings entitled "The State of Black America" and "The State of the Black Doctor." [3]
Calvin O. Butts Pi an American academic administrator and a senior pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, which historically was the largest black church in New York City.

He established the Abyssinian Development Corporation, a $500 million engine in housing and commercial development in Harlem, and was president of the State University of New York College at Old Westbury.

W. Sterling Cary Pi President of the National Council of Churches from 1972 to 1975 [55][56]
Eddie L. Long Alpha Kappa Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. [3]
Smokie Norful Gamma Sigma American gospel singer and pianist. [3]
Leon Sullivan Tau A Baptist minister, a civil rights leader and social activist focusing on the creation of job training opportunities for African Americans, a longtime General Motors Board Member, and an anti-Apartheid activist.

A Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee, Spingarn Award honoree, and the 28th Laurel Wreath Laureate of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Gardner C. Taylor Alpha Omega An American Baptist preacher. He became known as "the dean of American preaching. A Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee. [3]
Ralph Abernathy

Science and medicine[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Nathan L. Fletcher Alpha Iota President of the National Dental Association [57]
Henry Foster Pi Surgeon General of the United States nominee [5]
Bernard A. Harris, Jr. Eta Lambda Astronaut; first African American to walk in space; 50th Laurel Wreath laureate; [5]
Bernard Harris



Name Original chapter Notability References
Emmett Ashford Upsilon First African American umpire in Major League Baseball [58]
Larry Bradford Gamma Kappa Former MLB pitcher with the Atlanta Braves [58]
Harvey Branch Beta Zeta Former minor league pitcher and MLB player for the St. Louis Cardinals [58]
Don Buford Beta Omega Former MLB player for the Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles; former minor and major league coach [58]
Donn Clendenon Pi Former MLB first baseman; MVP in the 1969 World Series with the New York Mets [58]
Samuel Drake Beta Tau Former MLB infielder with Chicago Cubs and New York Mets in mid to late 1960s [58]
Solly Drake Beta Tau Former MLB outfielder with several MLB teams in mid to late 1950s [58]
Kenny Lofton Delta Omicron Former MLB outfielder [58]
Lloyd McClendon Zeta Alpha Hitting coach for Detroit Tigers. Former MLB outfielder; former manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Seattle Mariners [58]
Walter Owens Gamma Beta Former pitcher and outfielder who played in Negro league baseball. Coached baseball and basketball for 54 years, 34 of them at Northern Illinois University before retiring in 2007. [58]
Ted Savage Alpha Mu Former MLB outfielder with numerous clubs; [58]
Nate Smith (baseball) Alpha Theta Former minor league catcher; [58]
Charlie Williams (umpire) Epsilon Kappa African American umpire in Major League Baseball [58]
Reggie Williams Alpha Sigma Former MLB player for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Indians [58]
Lloyd McClendon


Name Original chapter Notability References
Cliff Anderson Delta Eta Former NBA guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Rockets of the ABA. [10]
Bernie Bickerstaff Delta Epsilon Assistant coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers; NBA coach and front office executive [5]
Charlie Brown (basketball, born 1936) Gamma Eta Former collegiate All-American and former amateur basketball player [10]
Cliff Anderson Delta Eta Former NBA guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Rockets of the ABA. [10]
Jeff Capel II Epsilon Beta Former men's head basketball coach Old Dominion University, North Carolina A&T University and Fayetteville State University; former NBA assistant coach Philadelphia 76ers and Charlotte Bobcats [5]
Wilt Chamberlain Mu Former NBA center; Basketball Hall of Fame, 1978; College Basketball Hall of Fame, 2006 [5]
John Chaney Gamma Theta Distinguished Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and Temple University head coach; Basketball Hall of Fame 2001 [5]
Erick Dampier Eta Upsilon Former NBA center [5]
Harold Ellis Pi Former NBA Los Angeles Clippers Denver Nuggets forward; NBA team executive [5]
Caesar Felton Gayles Pi
(Charter Member)
Distinguished Langston University men's basketball head coach; College Basketball Hall of Fame 2014 [5]
Penny Hardaway Kappa Beta Former Orlando Magic guard; 1996 Summer Olympics gold medalist; Current head basketball coach at University of Memphis; [10]
Marques Haynes Alpha Pi Former Harlem Globetrotter; Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, 1998 [10]
Alan Henderson Alpha Former NBA forward [5]
Talen Horton-Tucker Omega Drafted by the NBA Los Angeles Lakers in 2019 NBA draft; [5]
Allan Houston Mu Rho Assistant general manager for the New York Knicks; former NBA guard; 2000 Summer Olympics gold medalist [5]
Wade Houston Alpha Omicron Former head basketball coach at University of Tennessee; first African-American head basketball coach in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) [5]
Sam Jones Boston (MA) Alumni Former Boston Celtics Guard; Basketball Hall of Fame, 1984; College Basketball Hall of Fame, 2006, ten-time NBA champion [5]
Maurice King (basketball) Mu Retired professional basketball player; first African American player to start for the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team. [10]
Ron Knight (basketball) Beta Omega Former NBA basketball player [10]
Edward Martin (basketball) Charleston (SC) Alumni Retired head basketball coach at South Carolina State University and Tennessee State University [5]
Jerome Mincy Kappa Kappa Member of the Puerto Rican national basketball team 1983-2002 [10]
Johnny Newman Eta Xi Former NBA forward [5]
Roman Penn Omega College point guard. [10]
Charles Ramsey (basketball) Delta Nu Former men's head basketball coach Eastern Michigan University from 2005-2011 [5]
Oscar Robertson Beta Eta Former NBA guard; Basketball Hall of Fame, 1980; College Basketball Hall of Fame, 2006; FIBA Hall of Fame, 2009; 1960 Summer Olympics gold medalist; the Oscar Robertson Trophy was named in his honor [5]
Bill Russell Gamma Alpha Former NBA center; first African-American inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame; Basketball Hall of Fame, 1975; College Basketball Hall of Fame, 2006; FIBA Hall of Fame, 2007; 1956 Summer Olympics gold medalist; eleven-time NBA champion; awarded the 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom; the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award was named in his honor; 1956 Summer Olympics gold medalist [5]
Mark Tatum Iota Phi NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer (COO); first African-American Deputy Commissioner of the NBA [59]
Darrell Walker Iota Tau Head basketball coach Clark Atlanta University former assistant coach for the New York Knicks; former head coach of NBA Toronto Raptors, former NBA guard [5]
Wilt Chamberlain
Oscar Robertson
Bill Russell
Penny Hardaway

American football[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Nnamdi Asomugha Gamma Alpha Retired Oakland Raiders All-Pro cornerback; philanthropist [60]
Chris Barclay Omicron Sigma Retired NFL running back [3]
Lem Barney Delta Delta Retired Detroit Lions All-Pro safety; Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1992 [5]
Odell Barry Beta Xi Retired wide receiver Denver Broncos; former of mayor Northglenn, Colorado [3]
Reggie Barlow Jacksonville (FL) Alumni Retired Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver; Head Coach Virginia State University [3]
Albert Bell Eta Chi Former NFL wide receiver [60]
Latin Berry Delta Alpha Former NFL defensive back with Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns [3]
J. J. Birden Delta Alpha Former NFL wide receiver [3]
Johnny Bright Omega Former CFL running back, College Football Hall of Fame, 1984, Canadian Football Hall of Fame, 1970, Three time Grey Cup Champion [3]
Dana Brinson Eta Former wide receiver for NFL San Diego Chargers and Atlanta Falcons and the London Monarchs of the World League [3]
Reggie Brown Delta Alpha Former NFL running back with Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles and USFL Arizona Outlaws [3]
Steve Brown Delta Alpha Former Houston Oilers cornerback; NFL secondary coach [60]
Earnest Byner Eta Psi Former NFL Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens running back, NFL running back coach [3]
Jim Caldwell Gamma Former head coach of the Detroit Lions; former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Wake Forest Demon Deacons; former offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens [61]
Drew Carter Zeta Former Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders wide receiver [3]
Maurice Carthon Theta Mu Former assistant head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs; Former fullback for New York Giants and USFL New Jersey Generals; Two-time Super Bowl champion [62]
Greg Childs Iota Tau Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver [5]
Ryan Clark Nu Iota Former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back; host and NFL analyst on ESPN [63]
Dextor Clinkscale Alpha Lambda Former NFL Dallas Cowboys defensive back; [60]
Jerome Couplin III Xi Theta Former Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams Safety. Former CFL Linebacker for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Current Safety for the Orlando Apollos
B. J. Daniels Zeta Chi Former NFL Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans QB [64]
Ron Dickerson Beta Psi Former head coach of Temple University and Alabama State University [5]
Donnie Fletcher Chi Former NFL cornerback [3]
Jamar Fletcher Beta Omicron Former NFL cornerback; recipient of Jim Thorpe Award and Jack Tatum Trophy [60]
Terrell Fletcher Beta Omicron Retired NFL running back San Diego Chargers [60]
Chris Gragg Iota Tau Buffalo Bills tight end [65]
David Grant Epsilon Chi Former NFL defensive lineman [3]
Robert Green Eta Omega Former NFL running back [3]
Bobby Grier Beta Epsilon First African American football player to break the color barrier of the collegiate Sugar Bowl game when his Pittsburgh Panthers played in the 1956 Sugar Bowl held in New Orleans, LA against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets [3]
DeJuan Groce Eta Former NFL cornerback [3]
Charlie Hardy Delta Rho Original Oakland Raider from the American Football League [3]
Bobby Harris Lambda Pi Former NFL/CFL offensive tackle [3]
Chick Harris Gamma Iota Long time NFL assistant coach [5]
Corey Harris Nu Rho Former NFL safety [3]
Matthew Hatchette Langston (OK) Alumni Former NFL wide receiver [3]
John Henderson Sigma Retired Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver; Head Coach Virginia State University [3]
Kahlil Hill Gamma Former NFL/CFL wide receiver [60]
Randal Hill Miami (FL) Alumni Former NFL wide receiver [60]
Randy Hilliard Theta Lambda Former NFL defensive back; [60]
Bruce Holmes Stockbridge-Jonesboro (GA) Alumni Retired Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker [3]
Earl Holmes Alpha Xi Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker [3]
DeAndre Houston-Carson Xi Theta NFL defensive back [3]
Hornsby Howell Durham (NC) Alumni Former head football coach at North Carolina A&T University; first African-American on the football coaching staff of the University of Georgia [3]
Lane Howell Gamma Psi Retired NFL lineman New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles [3]
Willie Jackson Zeta Phi Former NFL wide receiver [60]
Tony Jeter Eta Retired NFL tight end; [3]
John Henry Johnson Gamma Iota Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987; member of 49ers Million Dollar Backfield [5]
Ernest Jones Zeta Epsilon Los Angeles Rams linebacker [3]
Jimmy Jones Beta Omicron Retired Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos wide receiver; [3]
Kevin Jones Theta Psi Former Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears running back [21][60]
William Judson Alpha Lambda Former NFL Miami Dolphins cornerback; [60]
EJ Junior Eta Chi Former Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins linebacker; two-time Pro Bowler [60]
Colin Kaepernick Xi Phi Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback [66]
Shaun King St. Petersburg (FL) Alumni Former NFL and Arena Football League quarterback; sports personality [21]
Jerry Latin Epsilon Omicron Former NFL St. Louis Cardinals running back [3]
Cleo Lemon Theta Mu Former NFL/CFL quarterback [67]
Keenan Lewis Iota Iota New Orleans Saints cornerback [3]
Leo Lewis Alpha Mu Former CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back, College Football Hall of Fame, 2005, Canadian Football Hall of Fame, 1973, Four time Grey Cup Champion [3]
Greg Lloyd Gamma Zeta Former Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl linebacker [3]
Andre Lott Mu Rho Former NFL safety [3]
Lenny Lyles Alpha Omicron Former Baltimore Colts cornerback, Member of the 1958 NFL Champions [60]
Brandon Marshall Lambda Omega Chicago Bears All-Pro wide receiver; 2012 NFL Pro Bowl MVP; most receptions in a game in NFL history (21) [60]
Brandon Marshall Xi Phi Denver Broncos linebacker [60]
Jim Marshall Zeta Former Minnesota Vikings All-Pro defensive end; member of the famed Purple People Eaters defense; [60]
Ollie Matson Gamma Alpha Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1972; College Football Hall of Fame, 1976; won bronze medal in the 400-meter run and a silver medal as part of the US 4x400-meter relay team in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland; member of the undefeated 1951 University of San Francisco football team [5]
Pellom McDaniels III Iota Iota Former Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons defensive end [3]
Booger McFarland St. Petersburg (FL) Alumni Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle [3]
Guy McIntyre Zeta Iota Former San Francisco 49ers Pro Bowl guard; three-time Super Bowl Champion with the San Francisco 49ers [60]
James McKinley Gamma Beta Former football player, coach, and businessman [3]
Bennie McRae Sigma Former Chicago Bears cornerback; Member of the 1963 NFL Champion Chicago Bears [3]
Glyn Milburn Lambda Nu Former NFL special teams specialist [60]
Steven Mitchell Beta Omega NFL Los Angeles Rams, Houston Texans wide receiver [3]
Emery Moorehead Beta Theta Former New York Giants, Chicago Bears tight end / wide receiver, Member of 1985 NFL Champions [3]
Kirk Morrison Delta Epsilon Former NFL linebacker [60]
Ace Mumford Delta Born Arnett W. Mumford; inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001; coached Southern University Jaguars to five national championships in football; coached Southern University to the 1941 national championship in basketball by taking the National Intercollegiate Invitational Basketball Tournament [68]
Cliff Odom Iota Alpha Retired NFL Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins linebacker [60]
Chris Oldham Delta Alpha Former NFL cornerback [60]
Mike Perez Delta Rho Former NFL pro quarterback for multiple NFL and Arena Football teams; [60]
Billy Pritchett Epsilon Pi Former NFL running back [3]
Stanley Pritchett Jr. Zeta Epsilon Former NFL fullback [3]
Dave Raimey Sigma Former NFL Cleveland Browns and CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Toronto Argonauts. Member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame [3]
Dwight T. Reed Psi Three lettermen in football at University of Minnesota; member of the 1935 and 1936 national champion Golden Gopher football teams; Former longtime head football coach at Lincoln University (Missouri) [3]
Herman Riddick Alpha Kappa Former longtime head football coach for North Carolina Central University [5]
Gerald Riggs Gamma Iota Former NFL Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins running back [3]
C.R. Roberts Beta Omega Retired NFL and CFL running back [5]
Ron Sayers Alpha Eta Former San Diego Chargers running back; Younger brother of Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers [5]
Chris Scott Indianapolis (IN) Alumni Former NFL defensive lineman with Indianapolis Colts [3]
Duke Slater Gamma First African-American lineman in NFL history. Former AFL & NFL offensive tackle, 6x All Pro; Pro Football Hall of Fame 2020 Centennial Class; College Football Hall of Fame, 1951 [3]
Charlie Smith Gamma Psi Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver [3]
George Taliaferro Alpha First African American drafted by an NFL team, College Football Hall of Fame, 1981 [60]
David Tate Beta Theta Former NFL Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts safety [60]
Joe Taylor Epsilon Omicron
(Charter member: Zeta Mu)
Retired football coach Howard University, Florida A&M University, Virginia Union University, and Hampton University; College Football Hall of Fame inductee [60]
Dennis Thomas Gamma Pi Inductee of the College Football Hall of Fame [69]
Dontarrious Thomas Theta Delta Former NFL linebacker [60]
Burl Toler Gamma Alpha First African-American referee in the NFL; first African-American official of any professional sport when he was hired in 1965; member of the undefeated 1951 University of San Francisco football team [70]
Mike Tomlin Eta Omega
(Charter member: Xi Theta)
Head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers; youngest head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory in 2009; has the most wins by an African-American Head Coach in NFL history [3]
Jason Tucker Kappa Epsilon Former Edmonton Eskimos wide receiver; two-time Grey Cup Champion; current receivers coach for Saskatchewan Roughriders [3]
Bobby Turner Delta Iota Longtime NFL running back coach [3]
Courtney Van Buren Gamma Sigma Former San Diego Chargers and Detroit Lions offensive tackle [3]
Kevin Walker Cincinnati Alumni Former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker [3]
Ted Washington Sr. Zeta Zeta Former NFL Houston Oilers linebacker [3]
Dick Westmoreland Alpha Nu Former San Diego Chargers cornerback [5]
Freeman White Eta Retired tight end New York Giants; Ottawa Rough Riders [3]
Aeneas Williams Alpha Sigma Former All Pro St. Louis Rams defensive back; Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2014 [5]
Elijah Williams Zeta Phi Former NFL running back [3]
Bill Willis Zeta One of the first African-American football players to play professional football in the modern era; Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1977 and College Football Hall of Fame, 1971 [5]
Donovan Woods Zeta Theta Former NFL linebacker [60]
Colin Kaepernick
Nnamdi Asomugha
Earl Thomas
Gale Sayers
Mike Tomlin

Track and field[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Hollis Conway Theta Nu 1988 Olympic silver medalist and 1992 Olympic bronze medalist in the high jump [5]
Jon Drummond Kappa Epsilon 2000 Olympic gold medalist in the 4X100 relay [5]
Vincent Henderson Iota Tau Sprinter [3]
Byron LaBeach Alpha Iota Retired Jamaican sprinter who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics [3]
Sean Maye Las Vegas (NV) Alumni 1997 World Indoor Championships 4x400 gold medalist [3]
Erick Walder Iota Tau Long and triple jumper [3]

Soccer, tennis, and other athletics[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Arthur Ashe Upsilon Tennis legend, social activist; 39th Laurel Wreath laureate; [5]
Kenny Bayless Gamma Alpha Noted championship boxing referee [5]
Richard Hudlin Iota Famed tennis coach, tennis mentor to Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe, Helped desegregation public tennis facilities in St. Louis, MO [5]
Frank Forbes Pi Former Morehouse College Athletic Director and basketball coach; The 6,000 seat on-campus arena, Forbes Arena, is named after him which hosted basketball preliminaries during the 1996 Summer Olympics and was the home arena to the Atlanta Glory; [5]
Cullen Jones Charlotte (NC) Alumni Retired competition swimmer and Olympic gold medalist who specializes in freestyle sprint events. [3]
Dasan Robinson Iota Mu MLS player [3]
Dante Washington Theta Psi MLS player; 1992 Olympian [71][72]
Darryl Washington Beta Epsilon World-class swimmer; multiple Big East Conference Champion [5]


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