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This is a list of notable members of Kappa Alpha Theta, a North American college sorority. This list includes both initiated and honorary members.


Arts and entertainment[edit]






  • Jennifer Bertrand (Kappa, Kansas University) – winner of HGTV Design Star season three.[13]
  • Katie Lee Joel (Gamma Upsilon, Miami University Ohio) – Chef, restaurant critic, former wife of Billy Joel.[1]
  • Julia Morgan (Omega, UC Berkeley) – designed the Hearst Castle, first woman to receive the AIA Gold Medal.[1]
  • Marion Manley (Delta, Illinois) – received the Gold Medal Award in 1973 from the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects.[1]
  • Carol Morris (Beta Kappa, Drake) – the second Miss USA to win the Miss Universe title in the pageant's fifth edition in 1956.[1]
  • Shelby Ringdahl (Gamma Psi, TCU) – 2013 Miss Missouri winner and 2014 Miss America semifinalist.
  • Dorothy Liebes (Omega, UC Berkeley) – "mother of modern weaving".[1]


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