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A list of chapters of the Kappa Kappa Gamma women's fraternity.



Province University Chapter Founding Date Status
British Columbia University of British Columbia Gamma Upsilon 1929- Active
Manitoba University of Manitoba Gamma Sigma 1928–1976 Inactive
Ontario University of Toronto Beta Psi 1911- Active
Ontario University of Waterloo Zeta Omega 1994- Active
Quebec McGill University Delta Delta 1930- Active

United States[edit]

State University Chapter Founding Date Status
Alabama Auburn University Epsilon Eta 1963- Active
Alabama University of Alabama Gamma Pi 1927- Active
Arizona Arizona State University Epsilon Delta 1959- Active
Arizona University of Arizona Gamma Zeta 1920- Active
Arkansas University of Arkansas Gamma Nu 1925- Active
Arkansas University of Arkansas at Little Rock Epsilon Theta 1963–1981 Inactive
California California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Eta Rho 2013- Active
California California State University, Fresno Delta Omega 1954- Active
California California State University, Northridge Epsilon Xi 1974 Active
California University of California, Berkeley Pi Deuteron 1880–1885, 1897- Active
California University of California, Davis Epsilon Omicron 1975- Active
California University of California, Irvine Zeta Eta 1982-2013 Suspended
California University of California, Los Angeles Gamma Xi 1925- Active
California University of California, Merced Eta Xi 2009- Active
California University of California, Riverside Epsilon Pi 1976- Active
California University of California, San Diego Zeta Nu 1985- Active
California University of California, Santa Barbara Epsilon Psi 1978- Active
California University of California, Santa Cruz Eta Mu 2007- Active
California Chapman University Eta Sigma 2013- Active
California Pepperdine University Eta Beta 1996- Active
California University of San Diego Eta Gamma 1997- Active
California San Jose State University Delta Chi 1949–1972 Inactive
California Santa Clara University Eta Nu 2009- Active
California University of Southern California Delta Tau 1947- Active
California Stanford University Beta Eta Deuteron 1892–1944, 1978- Active
Colorado Colorado College Delta Zeta 1932- Active
Colorado Colorado State University Epsilon Beta 1956- Active
Colorado University of Colorado Beta Mu 1901- Active
Connecticut University of Connecticut Delta Mu 1942-2014 Suspended
Connecticut Trinity College Zeta Theta 1982- Active
Connecticut Yale University Zeta Xi 1987- Active
District of Columbia George Washington University Gamma Chi 1929- Active
District of Columbia Georgetown University Eta Tau 2013- Active
Florida University of Central Florida Eta Eta 2002- Active
Florida Florida State University Epsilon Zeta 1961- Active
Florida University of Florida Epsilon Phi 1978- Active
Florida University of Miami Delta Kappa 1938- Active
Florida Rollins College Delta Epsilon 1932-2013 Suspended
Georgia Emory University Epsilon Epsilon 1959- Active
Georgia Georgia Southern University Zeta Upsilon 1990- Active
Georgia University of Georgia Delta Upsilon 1948- Active
Idaho College of Idaho Zeta Pi 1987- Active
Idaho University of Idaho Beta Kappa 1916- Active
Illinois Elmhurst College Eta Phi 2013- Active
Illinois Illinois Wesleyan University Epsilon 1873- Active
Illinois University of Illinois Beta Lambda 1899- Active
Illinois Knox College Eta Kappa 2007- Active
Illinois Loyola University Chicago Eta Lambda 2007- Active
Illinois Monmouth College Alpha Deuteron 1870–1884, 1934- Active
Illinois Northwestern University Upsilon 1882- Active
Illinois Rockford Female Seminary Zeta 1874–1876 Inactive
Illinois St. Mary's School Beta 1871–1874 Inactive
Indiana Butler University Mu 1878- Active
Indiana DePauw University Iota 1875- Active
Indiana Franklin College Nu 1879–1884 Inactive
Indiana Indiana University Delta 1875- Active
Indiana Purdue University Gamma Delta 1919- Active
Indiana Smithson College Gamma 1872–1875 Inactive
Indiana Valparaiso University Eta Delta 1998- Active
Iowa Drake University Gamma Theta 1921- Active
Iowa Iowa State University Delta Omicron 1946- Active
Iowa University of Iowa Beta Zeta 1882- Active
Iowa Simpson College Omicron Deuteron 1880–1890, 1990- Active
Kansas Kansas State University Gamma Alpha 1916- Active
Kansas University of Kansas Omega 1883- Active
Kansas Wichita State University Eta Upsilon 2013- Active
Kentucky Centre College Zeta Gamma 1980- Active
Kentucky University of Kentucky Beta Chi 1910- Active
Louisiana Louisiana State University Delta Iota 1935- Active
Louisiana Tulane University Beta Omicron 1904- Active
Maryland Goucher College Delta Theta 1933–1942 Inactive
Maryland Johns Hopkins University Eta Epsilon 1999- Active
Maryland University of Maryland, College Park Gamma Psi 1929–1992 Inactive
Massachusetts Babson College Zeta Alpha 1980- Active
Massachusetts Boston University Phi 1882–1971 Inactive
Massachusetts Harvard University Eta Theta 2003- Active
Massachusetts Lasell Seminary Tau 1881–1882 Inactive
Massachusetts University of Massachusetts Amherst Delta Nu 1942- Active
Massachusetts Northeastern University Eta Omicron 2010- Active
Michigan Adrian College Xi 1882–1944 Inactive
Michigan Hillsdale College Kappa 1881- Active
Michigan Michigan State University Delta Gamma 1930- Active
Michigan University of Michigan Beta Delta 1890- Active
Minnesota University of Minnesota Chi 1880- Active
Mississippi Mississippi State University Epsilon Tau 1977–1984 Inactive
Mississippi University of Mississippi Delta Rho 1947- Active
Missouri University of Missouri Theta 1875- Active
Missouri Washington University Gamma Iota 1921- Active
Missouri Westminster College Zeta Zeta 1982- Active
Montana University of Montana Beta Phi 1909- Active
Nebraska Creighton University Eta Iota 2005- Active
Nebraska University of Nebraska Sigma 1884- Active
New Hampshire Dartmouth College Epsilon Chi 1978- Active
New Jersey Princeton University Zeta Phi 1992- Active
New Mexico University of New Mexico Gamma Beta 1918- Active
New York Adelphi College Beta Sigma 1905–1954 Inactive
New York Barnard College Beta Epsilon 1891–1917 Inactive
New York Binghamton University Eta Omega 2018- Active
New York Colgate University Zeta Rho 1988- Active
New York Cornell University Psi Deuteron 1883–1969, 1977- Active
New York Marist College Zeta Chi 1993- Active
New York New York University Eta Pi 2011- Active
New York St. Lawrence University Beta Beta Deuteron 1881–1903, 1915- Active
New York Syracuse University Beta Tau 1883- Active
North Carolina Duke University Delta Beta 1930- Active
North Carolina University of North Carolina Epsilon Gamma 1958- Active
North Carolina Wake Forest University Zeta Psi 1993- Active
North Carolina North Carolina State University Eta Chi 2016- Active
North Dakota North Dakota State University Gamma Tau 1929–1985 Inactive
Ohio University of Akron Lambda 1877- Active
Ohio Bowling Green State University Zeta Kappa 1983- Active
Ohio University of Cincinnati Beta Rho Deuteron 1885-1885, 1914- Active
Ohio Denison University Gamma Omega 1929- Active
Ohio John Carroll University Eta Zeta 2001- Active
Ohio Miami University Delta Lambda 1940- Active
Ohio Ohio State University Beta Nu 1888-2015 Suspended
Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Rho Deuteron 1880–1884, 1925- Active
Ohio Wooster College Beta Gamma 1876–1914 Inactive
Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Delta Sigma 1947- Active
Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Beta Theta 1914- Active
Oklahoma University of Tulsa Delta Pi 1946- Active
Oregon Oregon State University Gammu Mu 1924- Active
Oregon University of Oregon Beta Omega 1913- Active
Pennsylvania Allegheny College Gamma Rho 1888- Active
Pennsylvania Bucknell University Delta Phi 1948- Active
Pennsylvania Carnegie Mellon University Delta Xi 1944- Active
Pennsylvania Dickinson College Epsilon Omega 1979- Active
Pennsylvania Lafayette College Zeta Beta 1980- Active
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Delta Alpha 1930- Active
Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Beta Alpha 1890–1977 Inactive
Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Gamma Epsilon 1919- Active
Pennsylvania Swarthmore College Beta Iota 1893–1934 Inactive
Pennsylvania Villanova University Zeta Iota 1982- Active
Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College Zeta Lambda 1984- Active
South Carolina Clemson University Epsilon Mu 1970- Active
South Carolina Furman University Eta Alpha 1994- Active
South Carolina University of South Carolina Epsilon Kappa 1967- Active
Tennessee University of Tennessee Epsilon Lambda 1967- Active
Tennessee Vanderbilt University Epsilon Nu 1973- Active
Texas Baylor University Epsilon Upsilon 1977- Active
Texas University of North Texas Zeta Sigma 1989- Active
Texas Southern Methodist University Gamma Phi 1929- Active
Texas Texas A&M University Epsilon Rho 1976- Active
Texas Texas Christian University Epsilon Alpha 1955- Active
Texas Texas Tech University Delta Psi 1953- Active
Texas University of Texas Beta Xi 1902- Active
Utah University of Utah Delta Eta 1932- Active
Vermont Middlebury College Gamma Lambda 1923–1969 Inactive
Vermont University of Vermont Zeta Delta 1980–1994 Inactive
Virginia University of Richmond Zeta Omicron 1987- Active
Virginia Virginia Tech Zeta Mu 1985- Active
Virginia University of Virginia Epsilon Sigma 1976- Active
Virginia Washington and Lee University Zeta Tau 1989- Active
Virginia College of William and Mary Gamma Kappa 1923- Active
Washington Washington State University Gamma Eta 1920- Active
Washington University of Puget Sound Epsilon Iota 1966–2004 Inactive
Washington University of Washington Beta Pi 1905- Active
Washington Whitman College Gamma Gamma 1918- Active
West Virginia West Virginia University Beta Upsilon 1906- Active
Wisconsin Lawrence University Zeta Epsilon 1981- Active
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Eta 1875- Active
Wyoming University of Wyoming Gamma Omicron 1927- Active

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