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This is a list of characters in the animated television show Kappa Mikey.

Main characters[edit]

Mikey Simon[edit]

Voiced by: Michael Sinterniklaas

Mikey Simon is the main character of the show. He comes from the United States of America, but won a contest to appear on the LilyMu show in Tokyo, Japan. Mikey is somewhat of an egotistical, self-centered jerk. He is oblivious to the world around him unless it gets him his way, and will do anything to get what he wants. He hatches a bunch of wild plans that often get him into trouble and unpredictable situations.


Voiced by: Sean Schemmel

Gonard plays the part of LilyMu's main antagonist, a purple-skinned, blue-haired creature set on either domination or destruction. In reality, Gonard is actually a loveable, sweet-natured, infantile young man who is good friends with Mikey and appears to be quite ignorant and dim-witted. As opposed to the purple skin of his LilyMu character, Gonard actually possesses a more natural, realistic skin tone, albeit like Mitsuki, his hair is actually blue. He is the tallest of the LilyMu cast members.


Voiced by: Gary Mack

Guano is a small purple creature with long pointed ears (similar to those of a rabbit), whiskers, a long thin tail topped with a ball of fur, and a blue crystal on his abdomen. On LilyMu, he portrays a small purple being that helps the team fight crime and is capable of uttering nothing more than his name, "Guano." He is presumably based upon other iconic anime characters before him, such as Pikachu from Pokémon, and specifically Azumi from Azumi Mamma Mia[1] and other than being featured in the actual LilyMu television series, he also is the program's scriptwriter and director. Guano is friendly and willing to help his friends whenever they need it. But he has the tendency to fear or stress out about work or his friends' antic related problems very often. Guano is also very secretive of his life before Lilymu and is also a superhero named The Masked Tanuki. Of the five main he's usually the one to get hurt including by Ozu. In the Kappa Mikey Christmas special, it was revealed that Guano is actually a human (though Phantom of the Soundstage teased that he was wearing a suit) and Ozu's long-lost son, and that the crystal in his stomach actually contains a stuffed teddy bear, the same one that Ozu gave to him when he was a baby.


Voiced by: Kether Donahue (aka Annice Moriarty)

Lily is a very pretty girl actress who portrays the damsel-in-distress role in all of the episodes of "LilyMu," and in these episodes she also plays the sweet, innocent girl who is a member of the LilyMu gang who Mikey often saves as his fictional superhero alter-ego, Kappa Mikey, who also has a crush on her in real life as well. But in reality, Lily is a heartless, overindulged actress who was the original star of "LilyMu" (explaining the program's title) before Mikey joined the show's cast and was given a starring role. Lily appears to be a kogal or a gyaru ( a subculture of young Japanese women who are known for their materialism and love of fashion that mirrors that of the American Valley girl culture). She is constantly seen wearing a modified version of a sailor fuku (a common staple of female anime characters and Japanese school girls in real life) which is much tighter than usual and has miniskirt. She is a stereotypical tsundere (her personality is very similar to Asuka Langely Soryu of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rei Hino of the Sailor Moon anime). Lily also tries her hardest to keep up with popular fashions in order to stay on lists for best-dressed celebrities, which she manages to stay on. Because of the fact that Mikey has taken up her role as the star of "LilyMu," Lily despises Mikey and constantly is torturing him, however, Mikey is extremely unaware of Lily's intentions to torment him and continues to have a crush on her, although towards the end of the series he started to become aware of Lily's hatred for him and seemed to slightly move onto Mitsuki, who really loves him (though Mikey continues to still be in love with Lily). In the world where Mikey never came to Tokyo, Lily wound up marrying Yoshi and gained weight and had some street urchins follow her home.


Voiced by: Evelyn Lanto

Mitsuki is a beautiful, very friendly, selfless young woman who has a not-so-secret crush on Mikey. She plays a headstrong, tough-as-nails bad girl on the show which contrasts with her real life persona. Mitsuki often appears to be the most sensible and down-to-earth person of the gang and often is the most ethical and logical one. However, when Mitsuki gets upset her personality will turn bitter and often violent. She is also forgotten easily by her co-workers. She is best friends with Lily though Lily will often insult or belittle her constantly. Mitsuki is more of a tomboy while Lily is more of a girly girl, though Mitsuki seems to represent more of the yamato nadeshiko or "perfect woman" archetype being more quiet, humble and gentle but having inner-strength. Mitsuki loves Mikey and will often make it obvious to him but Mikey will often ignore her. Before she became an actress, Mitsuki was a secret agent though she later quit after realizing it wasn't for her. In A Christmas Mikey, it was revealed that when Mikey never came to Tokyo, she became the biggest star there after LilyMu was cancelled, but her fame was short lived, and she soon became oblivious to the fact that the public no longer accepted her, which made her delusional, similar to actress Theda Bara with the fade of the silent film era. Her blue hair is shown to compliment her cool-headed and quiet nature and as contrast to Lily's strawberry-blonde hair which punctuates Lily's fiery and headstrong personality.


Voiced by: Stephen Moverley

Ozu is the producer of LilyMu. Ozu is terribly short-tempered, bossy and very demanding. He is known for screaming at the cast when they mess something up especially Mikey. Ozu is shown to treat Mikey better than the other cast members as Mikey's character saved the show, but will still snap at Mikey when he does something dumb. Despite his short fuse, Ozu means well and yells at the cast to keep them in check and at times can be a father figure to them and including son Guano as he bails them out of any trouble they get into. He has the tendency to have fun at times whether it be with mini golf, his weather machine, snowball fights and etc. He is mostly concerned more about the show's ratings and reception and is very money-oriented. According to the episode "Easy Come, Easy Gonard", Mikey owes him ¥20 million, a debt he originally owed to Mr. Tatami, but was assumed by Ozu after he bought Tatami Megastore.

Yes Man[edit]

Voiced by: Jesse Adams

A hyperactive, overdramatic and often annoying yes manservantscapegoat to Ozu who agrees with everything Ozu says. He is devoted to Ozu and will do whatever he says. A running gag is that Yes Man is often the victim of physical harm and bad luck. His glasses are look like Nobita Nobi's of Doraemon. His behavior seems to be a parody of the Japanese work environment, in which salarymen are expected to act submissive to their superiors.

Secondary Characters[edit]

These characters appear at least several times in episodes that follow each of their debut appearances. They are voiced by the principal cast, a couple in-house employees, 4Kids Entertainment's frequent talents, including Dan Green, Bella Hudson, and Wayne Grayson, as well as others. Almost all of the Season One characters appear again at the Christmas party in A Christmas Mikey. Characters from both seasons appear again in the crowd during Live LilyMu. Because the show's credits do not match up the voice actors with the characters in the list below, the people who voice each individual minor character are unknown for the most part.[2]


Voiced by: Jesse Adams

The main camera man for the LilyMu series, Yoshi is a shy, blond, beer-bellied man, and though he's not important enough to be a main character, he is featured somewhere in many episodes, sometimes as a main role (such as in Battle of the Band), but mostly as an easter egg. In, A Christmas Mikey, it is said that if Mikey had never come to Tokyo, Lily would've wound up marrying Yoshi after LilyMu was canceled. He appears to live in LilyMu Towers with the other cast members. Like Yes Man, he is frequently prone to be the butt of violence, regardless of intention.

He is a pirate, as was shown in the episode Ship of Fools. In The Bracemaster, he was Dr. Katashi's assistant, and was a dentist, and a member of the Onis in The Oni Express. In The Wizard of Ozu, he plays the part of the Tinman, but the rest of the cast ignores him and he is thus left rusting in the rain. In "Fashion Frenzy", when Lily is talking about her favorite designer making 3-legged pants, Yoshi reveals to the cast that he has 3 legs, but this has only been mentioned in this episode.

Dancing Sushi[edit]

Voiced By: Misc. people

Little sushi-beings that serve as scene transitions or bumpers. They dance around and make cute noises. They are sometimes accompanied by other random characters, such as a sushi chef or a sumo wrestler. They rarely appear out of bumpers, and when they do, it's for a split-second. They were once shown being eaten by Gonard. The three main sushi, as well as other types of sushi, have their first speaking role in this series in The Wizard of Ozu, playing the parts of the Munchkins.

The three main sushi beings starred in the Kappa Mikey spin-off mini-series, called Dancing Sushi.[3] In this show, their names are Larry (after Larry Schwarz), Roro, and Salmon, and a female sushi named Meep was created to round out the main cast.[4]


Voiced by: Adam Moreno

A sock puppet pop icon with a mind of its own, spokesperson for Hitoshi Beauty Cream, and rival of Lily for Tokyo Trend's Top 50 Most Beautiful list. However, he was removed from the list, after Mikey discreetly revealed that the sock had once been a "dork". He is famous for his motto "Stay Socky". Socky has become one of LilyMu's most persistent antagonists, having appeared in Mikey At The Bat, and in Mitsuki Vanishes, where he attempts to get Lily, and later, Mitsuki, to star in his new television projects. Socky's character shares resemblance with Triumph, the insult comic dog, as well as the rapper Snoop Dogg. He also has 3 female dancers that follow him around and act as his entourage, as well as a body guard who resembles Batou from Ghost in the Shell.


Voiced By: Kether Donahue

Ethel is an old, wrinkled lady with a cane who appears at least once in every episode, sometimes in a speaking role, but mostly as a background extra. Her name is uttered for the first time in Script Assassin, by Guano. In The Lost Pilot, she bumps into Mikey right when he's about to leave back for America, whacks him in the head with her purse, expresses that she loves LilyMu, and whacks him in the head again. In Sumo Of All Fears, she lifts a prop resembling a bus. In Tin Putt, her name is Mildred.

The Cat Burglar[edit]

Voiced by: Wayne Grayson

An unnamed bandit who steals the invisibility coat in The Fugi-Kid. Throughout the episode, he was thought to have only one arm, due to the other being covered by the coat during the Mikey-witnessed theft. Agent Yoshida has been chasing him for five years-he has stolen over 2,000 cats, plus the bank robberies he committed using the coat and framed Mikey for. Known to Mikey as "The One-Armed Man" until revealed that the coat was covering one arm ("What are you!? Some kind of TWO armed man!?"). His extreme lankiness, crazy red hair, and strange chin give him a resemblance to Cletus Kasady (AKA Carnage) from Spider-Man.

He makes a second appearance in LilyMeow, revealing that he eats the cats after he catches them and that he is also allergic to cats, developing a rash all over his body and going into fits of sneezing when he comes near one.

The Cat Burglar makes a third appearance halfway through The Masked Tanuki, where he kidnaps Mikey, Guano and Gonard as revenge for putting him in jail...twice. By now, he is no longer allergic to cats (which he explains, " better. Like magic!"), and instead, treats them like his minions. He also appeared to have broken the habit of eating them.

His last appearance is in "Mikey's Memoirs", where he tries to kill Mikey for stealing an album that was originally stolen by him, and wants credit for it.

Mom and Dad[edit]

Voiced by: Dan Green and Zoe Martin

Mikey's parents. They have yet to be seen (they, like Mikey, are probably animated in an American style, since their answering machine(s) and counter top are rendered in this way), but they have been featured in the episodes The Lost Pilot, Easy Come, Easy Gonard, Lost in Transportation, The Switch, Saving Face, and La Cage Aux Mikey. Their rather offbeat answering machine messages nearly always give some sort of help - even if it isn't in the way one would expect. Mikey appears to be their only child.

Speed Racer[edit]

An older version of the famed racer. He makes a cameo appearance in the theme song as the LilyMu team's limousine driver, and in the pilot episode. Despite having the body of a middle-aged man, he has the voice of a young boy. In A Christmas Mikey, he can be seen as the hypothetical scratch card contest winner for LilyMu, in place of Mikey, yelling "I'm back!" However, this choice drops the rating for LilyMu down enough for Ozu to cancel the show.

Speed again has a speaking role in "Mikey And the Pauper", where he drives Mikey and Guano to the Filth District, and gets attacked by a gigantic squid tentacle.

Ironically, Animation Collective is the producer for the next big television revamp of the Speed Racer franchise on Nicktoons Network.

Gonard's Mother[edit]

Voiced By: Sean Schemmel

Gonard still lives with her in LilyMu Towers, or at least in the same place. In The Switch she has a woman's voice, while in The Fugi-kid, and all the succeeding episodes, she is voiced by Sean Schemmel in a falsetto voice with an Irish accent.

The Kappas[edit]

Voiced by: Evelyn Lanto, others

The kappas are water spirits who Mikey's LilyMu character is named after, they are described by Ozu as fish out of water and Mikey being an American in Japan. They live around a river in the middle of the jungle. They talk in impish, caveman-like voices. They meet Mikey in Mikey, Kappa. They initially try to sacrifice Mikey to the snakes, but once they realize it is the hero they saw on television (curiously, while they have no access to electricity), they praise him and express their fandom. Mikey realizes his littering causes their water supply to run out, making them ill, and brings their water back.

In The Wizard of Ozu, the kappas appear again to play the role of the flying monkeys.

Dr. Takashi Katashi[edit]

Voiced by: Wayne Grayson

In "Plastic Surgeon To The Stars", he wears a generic doctor headband over his eye, much in the fashion of Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. He performs an unintentional 'pimple enlargement' on Mikey, because he had to do two operations at once (first trying to remove Mikey's pimple, but failing; and turning Yes Man into a muscular man). He did plastic surgery on Socky, to make him beautiful, information which led to Socky's downfall.

Katashi also appears to have a degree in dentistry, according to The Bracemaster. He performs a check-up on Mikey, Gonard, Lily, and Mitsuki, and reports that only Mikey has an overbite, and needs a retainer. Katashi has a dark side as well; he steals Ozu's retainer and family heirloom for its value, with plans to sell it for a green sports car.

Agent Yoshida[edit]

Voiced by: Michael Alston Baley

A Japanese government agent that bears a resemblance to Commander Amarao from FLCL, complete with eyebrows (he also wears a similar uniform to the one Naota does at the end of the anime). He arrested Mikey for a crime he did not commit. However, later on, he does arrest the real crook, with Mikey's help.

Agent Yoshida is hired by Ozu to investigate a DVD piracy ring in Back To School. However, after months on the case, he finds no suspects. With LilyMu's help, he finally arrests the students behind the crime.

Pirate Captain/King Pirate[edit]

Voiced by: Sean Schemmel

Captain of a pirate ship and five other pirates. He first appears in episode Ship of Fools when he gives Mikey a pirated video game in exchange for Gonard. Mikey manages to frighten the pirate into abandoning ship (courtesy of the Super Gonard balloon) in order to save Gonard.

In La Cage Aux Mikey, the Captain fills in for Mikey's dad after they announce their cancelled trip to Japan. It is revealed in this episode that the Pirate's last name may be Ohoulihan, as he accidentally says Mikey has done the name proud.

In Lost in Transportation, The Captain is seen as an honorary member of the Chums (whose trademark is:"Chums! For Chums! Kssssss....."), the center photo of the wall. He makes an appearance in a sumo outfit in The Sumo of All Fears. In "Go Nard Hunting" he replaces Gonard's role on LilyMu.

One of his pirates bears a striking resemblance to Lucky Roux, (one of captain Red-Haired Shanks's pirates) from the anime and manga One Piece.

Masako Masako[edit]

Voiced By: Lex Woutas

Tokyo's most beloved red-carpet fashion critic in Battle of the Bands, her first appearance, and motherly talk show host in Script Assassin. She resembles Yubaba from Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Her voice is low enough to be voiced by a man, which is indeed the case. She appears again as a news correspondent in The Karaoke Episode: Part II.

Lex Woutas has a more prominent role in Three Delivery as the villain, Kong Li.

The Chums[edit]

A gang of outcast bikers (whose trademark is:"Chums! For Chums! Kssssss....") who accept Mikey as an "honorary member" when he is convinced that the rest of the LilyMu cast are leaving him out of activities and, quite literally, vehicles, in Lost In Transportation. They are big fans of LilyMu. Mikey is most acquainted to their leader, Beef, who teaches him the Chums bear-hug. Mikey eventually becomes friends again with the cast, but the Chums keep in touch with him using a whistle whenever he needs help. The motorcycle they give him has been used in several LilyMu sequences.

Beef returns in La Cage Aux Mikey to impersonate Mikey's mom, and has his second big role in Hog Day Afternoon as the owner of a bike shop. It is in Hog Day Afternoon that Mikey finally uses the whistle they gave him, but they don't respond, since he angered Beef, and that he's not a member anymore. It turns out they were late in saving him, due to a Viking parade. Mikey is currently under temporary probation, instead of being kicked out of the Chums. In Script Assassin, he has a conversation with Guano at the bar in his cafe, during Guano's depression state.


A local Tokyo street urchin, modeled after the character Oliver Twist, who loves the LilyMu show. He has a speaking role in Easy Come, Easy Gonard, Manic Monday, Seven from LilyMu, Mikey's Memoirs, but it's only until Mikey and the Pauper where his name is properly introduced. He has a dog named Mr. Poopers and many friends, including Mikey look-alike Jomar, and some children he likes to play with in a playground. Mitsuki is apparently his favorite star on the show, as evidenced in Easy Come, Easy Gonard, when, while at the Tatami Megastore, he asked Mitsuki to buy him a toy and she gave him a Mitsuki doll, for which he was grateful, saying she was his favorite LilyMu star, and the "cat's meow".

Mr. Stereo[edit]

Voiced by: Wayne Grayson

One of Ozu's company sponsors and best business partners in Lost In Transportation. Mr. Stereo sells stereos at bargain prices, and claims that if his stereos don't please his customers, he will do crazy things, even though he does them anyway. Those crazy stunts turn into his one running joke. He has a spoiled son named Timmy who is a huge fan of LilyMu.

Mr. Stereo appears again in Seven LilyMu to host the LilyMu live performance in the Megastore, in honor of his tenth store.

The Tatami Twins[edit]

Voiced By: Bella Hudson

Two immensely fat little boys who are the sons of Mr. Tatami. They mistake Guano for a toy, and even throw Lily and Mitsuki into the 'Tatami Room' for 'shoplifting' (trying to save Guano). They could be a reference to the classic Mario Bros. (red and green shirts & overalls), who looked equally chubby at the time. Their heads look almost exactly the same as the Troublemaker Studios's logo. Their voices are similar to Luffy's voice from the 4Kids dub of One Piece as they share the same voice actress.

They make a second appearance in Manic Monday, purchasing Gonard and Guano's cursed tiki idol, in an attempt to pass on the bad luck. Unfortunately, the tiki has the opposite effect on them instead, earning them an hour-long sweep of the Megastore.

Minor characters[edit]

These characters have major roles in one episode each, and do not appear again, save for a brief cameo.

Brozu and No Man[edit]

Voiced by: Stephen Moverly and Jesse Adams

Brozu is Ozu's older twin brother (though only by 1 second) who claims to be the Lord of the Dance. He has a very hip hop and arrogant persona and uses a large amount of street slang. He appears in the episode Big Brozu. Brozu has his own hip hop version of Yes Man named No Man, who always yells "Oh no!" (which is odd, considering Yes Man does not shout "yes" most of the time, rather he agrees with Ozu), and who does the turn tables for Brozu's songs. Since he was born one second before Ozu, he claims ownership of 51% of the company and has legal right to take over and change the LilyMu show from an action theme into a street dancing theme. He fired Ozu and made Mikey the show's new producer, and Mikey, of course, was totally unfit for the job. Later on, however, Ozu regained control of his company after he and Mikey beat Brozu in a dancing contest.

Ori and Yori[edit]

Ori and Yori are Tokyo's hottest rock stars. They appeared in the episode Battle of the Bands where they first appeared on their own television show. They later appeared in The Clip Show when one of their songs was played during the flashback of the LilyMu gang's friends. They resemble (and appear to be a parody of) the television show characters Ami and Yumi from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

The Karaoke Genie[edit]

Voiced by: Marc Diraison

The green, Arabic, villainous genie is the DJ of a magical karaoke machine that Mikey uncovers in "The Karaoke Episode". He puts a curse on the six principal cast members (except Yes Man), to make Mikey appreciate the value of singing.


Voiced By: Dan Green

Dadzuki is Mitsuki's mustached father, and the most acclaimed kabuki actor in Japan. He has naturally blue hair and green eyes, like his daughter, and talks in a Shakespearian, dramatic voice. His mustache is also blue. In Mitsuki Butterfly, he breaks his foot immediately before a play starts, and after some considerable convincing by Mitsuki, she covertly covers for him. But he swears to her never to reveal her identity to the audience, because as Japanese tradition dictates, no woman can ever perform kabuki. When Mikey fawns over Mitsuki in her kabuki role and later visits her in the dressing room, she and Dadzuki go to great lengths to prevent him from getting close enough to her to recognize her, lest their secret be revealed (which it eventually is later on thanks to Mikey's persistence).

Dadzuki has a cameo in The Karaoke Episode in the crowd during "Heart", and can be seen performing during "Bounce". He also appears briefly in Live LilyMu.

Scoop Suzuki[edit]

Editor-in-chief of a tabloid newspaper The Daily Scoop in Japan. In Saving Face he threatened to expose Mikey's pimple to the masses unless he could get emabarrassing photos of his friends, to which Mikey sheepishly complied (he had earlier pumped Mikey for gossip on his friends and printed it behind Mikey's back). He bears a strong resemblance to Spider-Man villain J. Jonah Jameson. In La Cage Aux Mikey, he is revealed to have a cousin in America (who is drawn in American style) who works for a newspaper in Mikey's hometown of Cleveland.

Suave Mikey[edit]

Voiced by: Michael Sinterniklaas

Suave Mikey appeared in Ship of Fools. He looks exactly like Mikey, down to the American-drawn style and same outfit, the exception being of his black sunglasses and noticeably refined demeanor. Lily is enamored with him while Mitsuki thinks he's a jerk (the exact opposite of their feelings for the real Mikey Simon).

Mr. Tatami[edit]

Voiced by: Lex Woutas

The ruthless and sadistic former owner of Tatami Megastore, a carrier of LilyMu merchandise, and the Tatami Room. Father of the Tatami Twins. Mikey owes him 20 million yen, until Ozu buys the Megastore from him, making him an employee of Ozu.

Lawrence Von Martenhouse[edit]

Voiced By: Marc Thompson

An American actor (also drawn in an American style, like Mikey). He played Captain Impressive on American TV several years back, and became Mikey's childhood hero. He puts on a rather embarrassing Dum-Dum Show at the Tatami Megastore, the result of which 'inspires' Mikey to become a bad boy to avoid suffering a similar fate. Mikey realized his mistake and called on Von Martenhouse to play Captain Impressive one last time, trying to stop a riot that Mikey started. An impressed Ozu put Von Martenhouse back on TV, on The Dum-Dum Hour.


Voiced by: Zoe Martin

A small kitten that wandered onto the LilyMu set one day in Lily Meow. Mikey adopts her in order to get attention for himself, but Kello ends up stealing the spotlight from the entire LilyMu cast due to her "cuteness", proceeding to get everyone (except Guano) fired off the show for being jealous of her, she gets angry, and almost gets them killed. Ozu had her "banished" to a Teletubbies-like TV show where she is thrown up in the air and sprayed with water. She is a parody of Hello Kitty and possibly the popularity of moe and cuteness in Japan. In later episodes, she shows up as an anonymous kitten.

Dr. Igor[edit]

Voiced by: Marc Diraison

Appearing in Big Trouble In Little Tokyo, Dr. Igor is a mad scientist who lives on in the 'secret floor' (the 13th) of LilyMu Towers, and the only way to get there is by revealing the secret panel behind all the other buttons in the elevator. He claims to have created all the monsters in the old monster movies in the past, and invented ways of making them huge. Now, he makes a hobby out of shrinking monsters so they become tiny. His face bears a strong resemblance to Vash the Stampede from Trigun. He is also clearly a parody of Vash the Stampede based on his height of at least 8 feet, his similar coat and the frames of his glasses.

He fled when Ozu told him he owed forty years worth of unpaid rent. However, he was seen later in a brief cameo in La Femme Mitsuki, in which he revealed he worked part-time as a movie usher.


Voiced By: Seth Herzog

Dr. Igor's "son" and assistant. He resembles a demon with a fox's face, bat's ears and wings, chicken's feet, scaly dinosaur arms (he claims he has more than one pair of arms), goat's horns and a tail in contrast to Dr. Igor's human appearance (either his mother looked like this, he was adopted, he was created by Igor, or Dr. Igor altered him from his original form). He is very charismatic, and is the only other character besides Brozu and Suave Mikey known to have come on to both Lily and Mitsuki without hesitation. He takes great pride in designing the monsters' butts. He later appeared in Live LilyMu.

Miko and Kai[edit]

Two LilyMu fanatics who welcome Mikey into their SuperFans Club in With Fans Like These. They are complete nerds, down to the pimples, thick lisps, glasses, LilyMu memorabilia, and awkward behavior. Besides Mikey, it turns out their club only consists of the two of them, and is held in Miko's mother's basement. They hound Mikey to the point of being a nuisance, and Mikey gets rid of them with the help of Mitsuki, who introduces them to a couple of nerdy female superfans of her own. They are afraid of sunlight in their first scene, but don't seem to mind it through the rest of the episode. They are parody of stereotypical anime fanboys or otaku.

Agent F[edit]

Only seen inside the disguise of a U.S. post box, Agent F is a secret agent who pleads with Mitsuki to return to her old job alongside him in La Femme Mitsuki, addressing her by her former name "Agent M". She flatly refuses, being perfectly happy and content now as an actress living the "normal life" that she desired when she quit the crime-fighting profession 5 years before. He tried convincing her that the nice girl she has grown into was an "act" that wasn't "her". Although slightly bumbling and limited as to what he is able to do from being stuck inside the mailbox, he was once her partner, was very fond of her work, and will stop at nothing to get her back, even trying to harm Mikey, whom Agent F knows she is fond of. He writes poems on his spare time, which he tries to keep private. Mitsuki, in getting Agent F to leave her and Mikey alone for good, threatens to expose, among other things, one of those poems.

Harmony Sunshine[edit]

An earthie (hippie) who Gonard meets and befriends in La Femme Mistuki. He presents himself as a "professional dreamer", and loves playing the bongoes and the guitar. He inspires Gonard to become an earthie himself, but Lily, sick of Gonard's and Harmony's antics, has Ozu inspire them to change their ways, turning Harmony into a conservative business career man.


A gigantic, red, Japanese dragon in The Man Who Would Be Mikey. He has the personality of a cranky, old, Jewish man, and wears spectacles and carries a cane. He awakes from his thousand-year nap underground once he discovers one of his spikes was stolen by Mikey, and wants to eat him for revenge. He eventually let Mikey off the hook when Mikey returned the missing spike to his tail. Interested in the game of tic tac toe. Later appeared briefly in La Femme Mitsuki.


Voiced By: Robert Riddell

Lawrence is Mikey's guardian angel from A Christmas Mikey, who is a parody on Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life. As opposed to the aged Clarence, Lawrence is drawn in the style of a young bishōnen, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a scarf. He aids Mikey into learning what things would've been like if he had never won the scratch-card contest in the first place. His own goal is to get rid of the standard, issued wings that all angels have, and earn large, golden ones with triple pumping action. He is the last character to be seen at the end of Season One, winking at the audience, and flying, with his new wings, into the moonlight.


Voiced By: Dan Green

In Hog Day Afternoon, Mikey upgrades his motorbike, but takes it upon himself to "borrow" a defective microchip from a store, which brings the bike to life. As a character, it is animated in 3D. It can see out of the two front headlights. Temperamental and monstrous, it has the urge to destroy Mikey.

Ninjaman McFranklin[edit]

Voiced By: Sean Schemmel

Sneaky ninja owner of a restaurant chain called Ninjaman McFranklin's House of Chicken and Ninjas. He resembles Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, only he has a black mask over his eyes. In Mikey's Place he has the power to hypnotize Gonard into preparing dishes for him all with no breaks.

Evan and Carl[edit]

Evan Voiced By: Jesse Adams

Two nerdy, anti-social Mount Lebaniku high school students who Mikey befriends, after failing to fit into any of the other clics, in the episode Back To School. Evan is fat, wears thick glasses, and has a simple black hairstyle. Carl is short, skinny, and has blond, vertical-crescent-shaped hair. Both like to spend their lunch periods by themselves, playing fantasy RPGs, though are admittedly "wicked lonely". When Mikey joins them, he discovers that they're pathetically desperate and will help him in any way they can.


Voiced By: Evelyn Lanto

Reggie is a green, baby Jungle Crow who gets separated from its family in Like Ozu, Like Son. Taken by its cuteness, Gonard and Guano vow to raise and look after it until it can learn to fly so it can find its family again- Reggie is the name they give him. The other jungle crows think they are mistreating it, until Reggie flies in front of his new friends in defense, and thanks them by appearing on LilyMu as a guest.

The Phantom of the Soundstage[edit]

Voiced by: Sean Schemmel

The Phantom of the Soundstage shares his name with the episode he appears in. He used to be one of the original members of LilyMu. Today, he is Ozu's soundstage janitor by day, but off-work, he sports an outfit very much like the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera, except his mask is modeled after that of a Japanese oni. He sings very badly, and talks in an exaggerated impersonation of Christopher Walken. His sole purpose as the Phantom is to punish anyone who dare pulls a prank, ever since he himself was pranked by a new LilyMu cast member from Canada, who wrote the word "fart" on his forehead with "permanent" marker. He convinces Lily to team up with him and take revenge on Mikey with a huge prank, but Lily turns the tables on him and he is eventually arrested "for assault of a permanent marker, and general craziness".

Riku and Shino[edit]

Riku Voiced By: Zoe Martin

Two poor children from Seven LilyMu. Riku, the younger brother, admires the LilyMu team to the point where he believes they are real superheroes, and convinces them to save their playground from being demolished. Shino, the older and more mature sister, looks after him when they are away from their parents.


A giant, pink squid that Mikey befriends in Free Squiddy. He talks in high-pitched squeaks. According to Mikey, they have a lot in common, as they're both handsome, and "both blend into their surroundings to avoid predators". He is also very talented.


Voiced by: Morgan York

A spooky ghoul girl who vowed revenge on all mankind after she flushed herself down the toilet in LilyBoo. She promised to lay a curse on anyone who watches a mysterious cursed DVD, scaring them with phone calls and ultimately turning them into nougat. She places a curse on the LilyMu gang, but they end the curse for the last time once they find her gobstopper. She appears to be very close friends with Gonard.


A girl who auditioned for a part on LilyMu but lost out to Mitsuki, whom she has never forgiven. She began to plot revenge against her in Mitsuki Vanishes, which involved using her superior acting abilities to make it seem like she was a harmless, dim-witted little girl who would never do such a thing. She stole Mitsuki's train ticket out of Mikey's pocket so Mitsuki couldn't leave with the others, kidnapped Mitsuki, tied her up and smuggled her aboard the train, only to have Mikey discover Mitsuki tied up and realize something was wrong and convince the others (whose trust he has betrayed over "losing" Mitsuki's ticket) of what he saw. After Mikey and the others grill other suspects, Reiko fesses up, then uncouples the gang's train coach from the rest of the train so she can complete her revenge on Mitsuki. The gang rides a handcar back to the train and starts after Reiko, who has grabbed Mitsuki and is making a run for it. The chase ends at Mount LilyMu, where Mikey rescues Mitsuki from a rockslide and Gonard, Guano and Lily capture Reiko trying to escape. She's clearly yandere.

Richie McMillions III[edit]

Voiced By: Sean Schemmel

In Tin Putt, Richie is the pompous owner of the exclusive miniature golf country club Mini Pines. Richie is known to enjoy a friendly game of mini-golf with Ozu from time to time. It's all in good fun, except for the fact that he cheats, and talks about cheating, even when he is trying to hide it. For some reason, he can't resist of talking about his cheating. On the other hand, if he doesn't cheat, he cannot play miniature golf to save his life. He winds up losing the country club to Ozu and the LilyMu cast in a high-stakes game to Mikey and Gonard, especially after Mikey exposes Richie's cheating technique (using magnets inside the holes to help out even the worst shots).

Gary the Gopher[edit]

A tough, hot-tempered, bossy, selfish, immature, French-accented, patriotic gopher that lives below Mini Pines in Tin Putt. He enlists Guano in his efforts to free all gophers from the groundskeeper's tyranny once and for all.


Another street pauper who is a direct look-alike of Mikey, save for being in anime form, and wears a torn-up version of Mikey's outfit with a scarf. After Mikey gets tired of his acting career in Mikey and the Pauper, Jomar trades places with him. He guest stars on LilyMu alongside Mikey at the end of the episode.

The Ghosts of Japanese Christmas[edit]

Three ghosts who visit Ozu on Christmas when he's not in the Christmas spirit. The first ghost, a fat pink, purple and white ghost wearing a samurai helmet, takes Ozu back to his hometown of Kotoura to witness that fateful Christmas when his family Kiyoko and Guano, left him and he got upset, and then he understands why Ozu doesn't like Christmas, and then the second ghost, a blue, black and white ghost with long wiggly arms shows up and the pink ghost takes him back to witness the same thing, and that made him sad and made both ghosts realize that they'd never like Christmas again. So, Ozu and the two ghosts go to LilyMu studios and begin to wreck the Christmas party until the third ghost shows up and tells Ozu that he'd find his son on Christmas, which he does.


She briefly appeared in "A Christmas Mikey" when Ozu was having a flashback of his former life in his hometown. She was Ozu's wife and the mother of Guano. Kiyoko appeared young looking with black hair, brown eyes and wore a blue kimono. Her and Guano left their home implied because of an explosion or some kind of destruction of their house when Ozu was gone making his fortune. Besides this flashback, she is never mentioned again in the episode or in the series. It's possible she died, possibly explained through Guano or Ozu (but seeing how both her and Guano left their home and Ozu didn't know if they were alive or not, this wouldn't make sense how Ozu would know or not).


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