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This list contains the names and schools of all Kappa Sigma chapters and current colonies, and their respective locations and founding dates as of May 3, 2019. Below the chapter and colony list is a list of active alumni organizations.

All undergraduate chapters and colonies[edit]

Roll no. School name Chapter name Founded Chapter location Status
1 University of Virginia Zeta 12-10-1869 Charlottesville, Virginia Active
2 Duke University Eta Prime 02-28-1873 Durham, North Carolina Active
3 Washington and Lee University Mu 12-31-1873 Lexington, Virginia Active
4 Virginia Military Institute Xi (original) 01-03-1874 Lexington, Virginia Inactive - fraternities banned
5 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Nu Prime 06-17-1874 Blacksburg, Virginia Active - Without formal university recognition
6 Emory & Henry College Omikron[1] 06-24-1874 Emory, Virginia Active
7 University of Maryland, College Park Alpha-Alpha 11-28-1874 College Park, Maryland Inactive
8 Mercer University Alpha-Beta 03-08-1875 Macon, Georgia Active
9 Vanderbilt University Kappa 04-13-1877 Nashville, Tennessee Active
10 Bethel Academy Psi (original) 02-03-1880 Warrenton, Virginia Inactive - school defunct
11 University of Tennessee at Knoxville Lambda 05-11-1880 Knoxville, Tennessee Active
12 Cumberland College Gamma (original) 08-31-1880 Lee County, Virginia Inactive - school defunct
13 Virginia Episcopal School Sigma (original) 1880 Lynchburg, Virginia Inactive
14 Lake Forest College Alpha-Chi 10-23-1880 Lake Forest, Illinois Inactive
15 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Alpha-Iota 02-15-1882 Chattanooga, Tennessee Active
16 Rhodes College Phi 04-12-1882 Memphis, Tennessee Active
17 University of the South Omega 05-06-1882 Sewanee, Tennessee Inactive
18 West Virginia University Gamma-Phi 09-30-1883 Morgantown, West Virginia Inactive
19 Hampden–Sydney College Upsilon 11-14-1883 Hampden Sydney, Virginia Colony
20 University of Texas at Austin Tau 09-18-1884 Austin, Texas Active
21 University of North Georgia Rho Prime 02-11-1885 Dahlonega, Georgia Active
22 Purdue University Chi 03-15-1885 West Lafayette, Indiana Active
23 Centenary College of Louisiana Epsilon 08-29-1885 Shreveport, Louisiana Active
24 Maryland Military & Naval Academy Delta (original) 10-19-1885 Oxford, Maryland Inactive - school defunct
25 University of Maine Psi (second) 01-01-1886 Orono, Maine Active
26 Ohio Northern University Sigma (second) 05-08-1886 Ada, Ohio Inactive
27 Southwestern University Iota 10-15-1886 Georgetown, Texas Active
28 Louisiana State University Gamma (second) 02-24-1887 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Active
29 Emory University Alpha 03-26-1887 Atlanta, Georgia Active
30 Indiana University Bloomington Beta-Theta 05-14-1887 Bloomington, Indiana Inactive
31 Cumberland University Theta Prime 10-07-1887 Lebanon, Tennessee Active
32 Thatcher Institute Beta (original) 02-27-1888 Shreveport, Louisiana Inactive - school defunct
33 Swarthmore College Pi 07-21-1888 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Inactive
34 Randolph–Macon College Eta 11-14-1888 Ashland, Virginia Active
35 Tulane University Sigma (third) 01-26-1889 New Orleans, Louisiana Inactive
36 College of William & Mary Nu 03-01-1890 Williamsburg, Virginia Active
37 University of South Carolina Chi-Omega 04-24-1890 Columbia, South Carolina Active
38 University of Arkansas Xi (second) 05-29-1890 Fayetteville, Arkansas Active
39 Davidson College Delta 11-17-1890 Davidson, North Carolina Active
40 Butler University Beta (second), then Epsilon-Omicron 02-16-1891 Indianapolis, Indiana Inactive
41 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Alpha-Gamma 12-12-1891 Urbana and Champaign, Illinois Active
42 Pennsylvania State University Alpha-Delta 01-08-1892 University Park, Pennsylvania Active
43 University of Pennsylvania Alpha-Epsilon 01-20-1892 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active
44 University of Michigan Alpha-Zeta 02-23-1892 Ann Arbor, Michigan Active
45 George Washington University Alpha-Eta 02-23-1892 Washington, D.C. Active
46 Union University Alpha-Theta 03-05-1892 Jackson, Tennessee Inactive
47 Cornell University Alpha-Kappa 05-23-1892 Ithaca, New York Active
48 University of Vermont Alpha-Lambda 02-16-1893 Burlington, Vermont Active
49 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Alpha-Mu 06-03-1893 Chapel Hill, North Carolina Active
50 Wofford College Alpha-Nu 01-27-1894 Spartanburg, South Carolina Active
51 Bethel College Alpha-Xi 05-28-1894 Russellville, Kentucky Inactive - school defunct
52 Transylvania University Alpha-Omicron 09-07-1894 Lexington, Kentucky Inactive
53 Wabash College Alpha-Pi 02-01-1895 Crawfordsville, Indiana Active
54 Bowdoin College Alpha-Rho 03-22-1895 Brunswick, Maine Inactive - fraternities banned
55 Ohio State University Alpha-Sigma 03-22-1895 Columbus, Ohio Active
56 Georgia Institute of Technology Alpha-Tau 10-05-1895 Atlanta, Georgia Active
57 Millsaps College Alpha-Upsilon 11-09-1895 Jackson, Mississippi Active
58 Bucknell University Alpha-Phi 12-11-1896 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Inactive
59 University of Nebraska–Lincoln Alpha-Psi 02-13-1897 Lincoln, Nebraska Active
60 William Jewell College Alpha-Omega 05-08-1897 Liberty, Missouri Inactive
61 Brown University Beta-Alpha 02-22-1898 Providence, Rhode Island Inactive
62 University of Richmond Beta-Beta 03-05-1898 Richmond, Virginia Active
63 Washington and Jefferson College Beta-Delta 04-15-1898 Washington, Pennsylvania Inactive
64 University of Missouri Beta-Gamma 04-16-1898 Columbia, Missouri Active
65 University of Wisconsin–Madison Beta-Epsilon 06-11-1898 Madison, Wisconsin Inactive
66 Stanford University Beta-Zeta 05-19-1899 Stanford, California Active
67 University of Alabama Beta (third) 06-03-1899 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Active
68 Auburn University Beta-Eta 01-20-1900 Auburn, Alabama Active
69 Lehigh University Beta-Iota 11-28-1900 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Inactive
70 University of New Hampshire Beta-Kappa 02-02-1901 Durham, New Hampshire Active
71 University of Georgia Beta-Lambda 03-16-1901 Athens, Georgia Active
72 University of Kentucky Beta-Nu 04-05-1901 Lexington, Kentucky Active
73 University of Minnesota Beta-Mu 04-06-1901 Minneapolis, Minnesota Active
74 University of California, Berkeley Beta-Xi 08-24-1901 Berkeley, California Inactive
75 Dickinson College Beta-Pi 02-07-1902 Carlisle, Pennsylvania Inactive
76 University of Denver Beta-Omicron 02-08-1902 Denver, Colorado Inactive
77 University of Iowa Beta-Rho 09-27-1902 Iowa City, Iowa Inactive
78 Washington University in St. Louis Beta-Sigma 11-22-1902 St. Louis, Missouri Active
79 Baker University Beta-Tau 02-02-1903 Baldwin City, Kansas Active
80 North Carolina State University Beta-Upsilon 02-23-1903 Raleigh, North Carolina Active
81 Case Western Reserve University Beta-Phi (original) 11-26-1903 Cleveland, Ohio Inactive
82 University of Washington Beta-Psi 12-15-1903 Seattle, Washington Active
83 Missouri University of Science and Technology Beta-Chi 12-19-1903 Rolla, Missouri Active
84 Colorado College Beta-Omega 03-12-1904 Colorado Springs, Colorado Active
85 University of Oregon Gamma-Alpha 04-16-1904 Eugene, Oregon Active
86 University of Chicago Gamma-Beta 05-11-1904 Chicago, Illinois Inactive
87 Colorado School of Mines Gamma-Gamma 05-21-1904 Golden, Colorado Active
88 University of Massachusetts Amherst Gamma-Delta 06-13-1904 Amherst, Massachusetts Active
89 New York University Gamma-Zeta 04-06-1905 New York City, New York Active
90 Dartmouth College Gamma-Epsilon 04-11-1905 Hanover, New Hampshire Inactive
91 Harvard University Gamma-Eta 06-24-1905 Cambridge, Massachusetts Inactive, disaffiliated
92 University of Idaho Gamma-Theta 09-30-1905 Moscow, Idaho Active
93 Syracuse University Gamma-Iota 05-15-1906 Syracuse, New York Inactive
94 University of Oklahoma Gamma-Kappa 06-07-1906 Norman, Oklahoma Active
95 Iowa State University Gamma-Lambda 01-21-1909 Ames, Iowa Active
96 Washington State University Gamma-Mu 03-06-1909 Pullman, Washington Active
97 Washburn University Gamma-Nu 03-06-1909 Topeka, Kansas Active
98 Denison University Gamma-Xi 02-15-1911 Granville, Ohio Active
99 University of Kansas Gamma-Omicron 05-18-1912 Lawrence, Kansas Active
100 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gamma-Pi 09-25-1914 Cambridge, Massachusetts Active
101 University of Arizona Gamma-Rho 05-29-1915 Tucson, Arizona Active
102 Oregon State University Gamma-Sigma 05-30-1915 Corvallis, Oregon Active
103 University of Colorado at Boulder Gamma-Tau 06-02-1916 Boulder, Colorado Active
104 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Gamma-Upsilon 04-29-1918 New Brunswick, New Jersey Inactive
105 Kansas State University Gamma-Chi 06-07-1919 Manhattan, Kansas Active
106 Oklahoma State University Gamma-Psi 05-13-1920 Stillwater, Oklahoma Active
107 University of Pittsburgh Gamma-Omega 11-18-1920 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Colony
108 Johns Hopkins University Alpha-Alpha Prime 12-21-1920 Baltimore, Maryland Inactive
109 Carnegie Mellon University Delta-Alpha 04-12-1921 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active
110 Lafayette College Delta-Beta 05-05-1921 Easton, Pennsylvania Inactive
111 University of Wyoming Delta-Gamma 09-10-1921 Laramie, Wyoming Active
112 University of Florida Delta-Delta 04-28-1922 Gainesville, Florida Active
113 University of Toronto Delta-Epsilon 09-26-1924 Toronto, Ontario Inactive
114 University of New Mexico Delta-Zeta 01-24-1925 Albuquerque, New Mexico Active
115 University of Southern California Delta-Eta 09-11-1925 Los Angeles, California Active
116 University of South Dakota Delta-Iota 03-19-1926 Vermillion, South Dakota Inactive
117 Ohio Wesleyan University Delta-Kappa 05-14-1926 Delaware, Ohio Inactive
118 University of California, Los Angeles Delta-Nu 09-10-1926 Los Angeles, California Active
119 University of North Dakota Delta-Mu 09-17-1926 Grand Forks, North Dakota Active
120 Montana State University Delta-Lambda 09-20-1926 Bozeman, Montana Active
121 University of Mississippi Delta-Xi 10-08-1926 Oxford, Mississippi Active
122 University of Montana Delta-Omicron 05-13-1927 Missoula, Montana Active
123 Southern Methodist University Delta-Pi 10-20-1927 Dallas, Texas Active
124 University of Utah Delta-Sigma 05-16-1928 Salt Lake City, Utah Active
125 Franklin & Marshall College Delta-Rho 06-01-1928 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Active
126 Union College Delta-Tau 03-22-1929 Schenectady, New York Inactive
127 Occidental College Delta-Upsilon 09-08-1933 Los Angeles, California Inactive
128 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Delta-Phi 03-02-1935 Geneva, New York Active
129 Mississippi State University Delta-Chi 03-06-1936 Starkville, Mississippi Active
130 Michigan State University Delta-Psi 11-15-1937 East Lansing, Michigan Active
131 Wake Forest University Delta-Omega 12-09-1937 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Inactive
132 University of Alberta Epsilon-Alpha 05-01-1939 Edmonton, Alberta Active
133 University of Miami Epsilon-Beta 08-28-1939 Coral Gables, Florida Active
134 Louisiana Tech University Epsilon-Gamma 04-07-1941 Ruston, Louisiana Active
135 Northwestern University Epsilon-Delta 04-07-1941 Evanston, Illinois Inactive
136 University of British Columbia Epsilon-Epsilon 04-07-1941 Vancouver, British Columbia Active
137 University of Connecticut Epsilon-Zeta 05-16-1942 Storrs, Connecticut Inactive
138 Bowling Green State University Epsilon-Eta 08-15-1947 Bowling Green, Ohio Active
139 University of California, Santa Barbara Epsilon-Theta 08-30-1947 Santa Barbara, California Active
140 San Diego State University Epsilon-Iota 12-09-1947 San Diego, California Active
141 Utah State University Epsilon-Kappa 12-09-1947 Logan, Utah Inactive
142 University of Puget Sound Epsilon-Lambda 02-10-1948 Tacoma, Washington Inactive
143 University of Tulsa Epsilon-Mu 11-29-1948 Tulsa, Oklahoma Active
144 University of Southern Mississippi Epsilon-Nu 12-11-1948 Hattiesburg, Mississippi Active
145 The University of Texas at El Paso Epsilon-Xi 09-12-1949 El Paso, Texas Active
146 University of Memphis Epsilon-Pi 05-28-1950 Memphis, Tennessee Active
147 Kent State University Epsilon-Rho 06-05-1950 Kent, Ohio Active
148 University of California, Davis Beta-Phi 02-20-1951 Davis, California Inactive
149 Florida State University Epsilon-Sigma 06-02-1951 Tallahassee, Florida Active
150 California State University, Fresno Epsilon-Tau 06-09-1951 Fresno, California Active
151 University of North Texas Epsilon-Upsilon 10-16-1952 Denton, Texas Colony
152 Texas Tech University Epsilon-Phi 05-16-1953 Lubbock, Texas Active
153 Texas Christian University Theta 02-19-1955 Fort Worth, Texas Inactive
154 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Epsilon-Chi 03-17-1956 Lafayette, Louisiana Active
155 Lambuth University Epsilon-Psi 05-30-1958 Jackson, Tennessee Inactive - school defunct
156 Georgia State University Epsilon-Omega 09-15-1958 Atlanta, Georgia Inactive
157 Florida Southern College Theta-Alpha 04-11-1959 Lakeland, Florida Inactive
158 California State University, Long Beach Theta-Beta 05-09-1959 Long Beach, California Active
159 Midwestern State University Theta-Gamma 11-21-1959 Wichita Falls, Texas Active
160 Willamette University Theta-Delta 02-18-1961 Salem, Oregon Active
161 Portland State University Theta-Epsilon 02-19-1961 Portland, Oregon Active
162 Eastern New Mexico University Theta-Zeta 11-16-1962[2] Portales, New Mexico Active
163 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Theta-Eta 06-01-1963 Little Rock, Arkansas Active
164 Arizona State University Rho 12-14-1963 Tempe, Arizona Active
165 Western Kentucky University Theta-Theta 02-05-1965 Bowling Green, Kentucky Active
166 San Jose State University Theta-Iota 04-24-1965 San Jose, California Active
167 Texas A&M University-Kingsville Theta-Kappa 05-09-1965 Kingsville, Texas Active
168 Texas State University Theta-Lambda 02-12-1966 San Marcos, Texas Active
169 Northwestern State University Theta-Mu 03-26-1966 Natchitoches, Louisiana Active
170 Millikin University Gamma-Beta Prime 03-26-1966 Decatur, Illinois Inactive
171 Ashland University Theta-Nu 05-28-1966 Ashland, Ohio Active
172 Trine University Theta-Xi 11-12-1966 Angola, Indiana Active
173 Muskingum University Theta-Omicron 11-19-1966 New Concord, Ohio Active
174 East Carolina University Theta-Pi 11-20-1966 Greenville, North Carolina Active
175 McNeese State University Theta-Rho 12-09-1966 Lake Charles, Louisiana Active
176 Spring Hill College Theta-Sigma 02-11-1967 Mobile, Alabama Inactive
177 California State University, Los Angeles Theta-Tau 03-25-1967 Los Angeles, California Active
178 Miami University Theta-Upsilon 04-01-1967 Oxford, Ohio Inactive
179 Wichita State University Theta-Phi 04-29-1967 Wichita, Kansas Inactive
180 University of Louisiana at Monroe Theta-Chi 05-06-1967 Monroe, Louisiana Active
181 Oklahoma City University Theta-Psi 05-13-1967 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Active
182 The University of Texas at Arlington Theta-Omega 05-20-1967 Arlington, Texas Active
183 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Kappa-Alpha 06-02-1967 Paradise, Nevada Active
184 Indiana State University Kappa-Beta 01-13-1968 Terre Haute, Indiana Colony
185 Northern Arizona University Kappa-Gamma 02-16-1968 Flagstaff, Arizona Active
186 University of South Florida Kappa-Delta 03-23-1968 Tampa, Florida Active
187 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Kappa-Epsilon 06-08-1968 Edinburg, Texas Active
188 Georgia Southern University Kappa-Zeta 10-26-1968 Statesboro, Georgia Active
189 Widener University Kappa-Eta 11-16-1968 Chester, Pennsylvania Active
190 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Kappa-Theta 12-06-1968 Indiana, Pennsylvania Active
191 Middle Tennessee State University Kappa-Iota 03-08-1969 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Active
192 Georgia Southwestern State University Kappa-Kappa 03-29-1969 Americus, Georgia Active
193 Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Kappa-Lambda 04-26-1969 Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Active
194 Tennessee Technological University Kappa-Mu 05-02-1969 Cookeville, Tennessee Active
195 University of South Alabama Kappa-Nu 05-03-1969 Mobile, Alabama Active
196 University of Massachusetts Lowell Kappa-Xi 05-17-1969 Lowell, Massachusetts Inactive
197 LaGrange College Kappa-Omicron 06-07-1969 LaGrange, Georgia Inactive
198 University of Central Oklahoma Kappa-Pi 10-10-1969 Edmond, Oklahoma Inactive
199 Boise State University Kappa-Rho 12-05-1969 Boise, Idaho Active
200 Youngstown State University Kappa-Tau 01-18-1970 Youngstown, Ohio Inactive
201 Clemson University Kappa-Upsilon 03-06-1970 Clemson, South Carolina Active
202 George Mason University Kappa-Phi 03-14-1970 Fairfax, Virginia Active
203 College of Charleston Kappa-Chi 09-19-1970 Charleston, South Carolina Active
204 Villanova University Kappa-Psi 09-20-1970 Villanova, Pennsylvania Inactive
205 University of North Carolina at Charlotte Kappa-Omega 11-21-1970 Charlotte, North Carolina Active
206 Northern Michigan University Lambda-Alpha 12-05-1970 Marquette, Michigan Inactive
207 East Tennessee State University Lambda-Beta 03-19-1971 Johnson City, Tennessee Active
208 Jacksonville State University Lambda-Gamma 03-26-1971 Jacksonville, Alabama Active
209 University of West Georgia Lambda-Delta 04-02-1971 Carrollton, Georgia Active
210 University of Central Florida Lambda-Epsilon 04-30-1971 Orlando, Florida Active
211 Virginia Commonwealth University Lambda-Zeta 05-14-1971 Richmond, Virginia Inactive
212 Lamar University Lambda-Eta 08-25-1972 Beaumont, Texas Inactive
213 Dallas Baptist University Lambda-Theta 09-15-1972 Dallas, Texas Inactive - local fraternities only
214 Lyon College Lambda-Iota 04-27-1973 Batesville, Arkansas Active
215 Montana State University, Billings Lambda-Kappa 05-18-1973 Billings, Montana Inactive
216 Elon University Lambda-Lambda 09-21-1973 Elon, North Carolina Active
217 Southern New Hampshire University Lambda-Mu 12-14-1973 Manchester, New Hampshire Inactive
218 Appalachian State University Lambda-Nu 02-09-1974 Boone, North Carolina Active
219 Georgia College and State University Lambda-Xi 03-29-1974 Milledgeville, Georgia Active - Without formal university recognition
220 University of North Alabama Lambda-Omicron 05-04-1974 Florence, Alabama Active
221 Delta State University Lambda-Pi 01-11-1975 Cleveland, Mississippi Active
222 Nathaniel Hawthorne College Lambda-Rho 12-14-1975 Antrim, New Hampshire Inactive - school defunct
223 James Madison University Lambda-Sigma 02-27-1976 Harrisonburg, Virginia Active
224 Baylor University Lambda-Tau 11-13-1976 Waco, Texas Active
225 Emporia State University Lambda-Upsilon 03-25-1977 Emporia, Kansas Inactive
226 Sam Houston State University Lambda-Phi 03-11-1978 Huntsville, Texas Active
227 College of Idaho Lambda-Chi 04-28-1979 Caldwell, Idaho Active
228 St. Mary’s University Lambda-Psi 02-16-1980 San Antonio, Texas Active
229 Lander University Lambda-Omega 11-15-1980 Greenwood, South Carolina Inactive
230 Colorado State University-Pueblo Mu-Alpha 04-25-1981 Pueblo, Colorado Inactive
231 Huntingdon College Mu-Beta 01-23-1982 Montgomery, Alabama Inactive
232 Texas A&M University Mu-Gamma 05-08-1982 College Station, Texas Active
233 University of California, Irvine Mu-Delta 11-20-1982 Irvine, California Active
234 Linfield College Mu-Epsilon 02-26-1983 McMinnville, Oregon Active
235 University of North Carolina Wilmington Mu-Zeta 03-26-1983 Wilmington, North Carolina Active
236 University of Louisville Mu-Eta 11-05-1983 Louisville, Kentucky Active
237 Davis and Elkins College Mu-Theta 12-03-1983 Elkins, West Virginia Inactive
238 Gallaudet University Mu-Iota 12-10-1983 Washington, D.C. Active
239 University at Buffalo, State University of New York Mu-Kappa 03-03-1984 Buffalo, New York Inactive
240 University of Calgary Mu-Lambda 03-10-1984 Calgary, Alberta Active
241 California State University, Fullerton Mu-Xi 03-10-1984 Fullerton, California Inactive
242 Louisiana State University in Shreveport Mu-Omicron 04-14-1984 Shreveport, Louisiana Active
243 Missouri State University Mu-Rho 04-28-1984 Springfield, Missouri Active
244 Towson University Mu-Sigma 05-04-1985 Towson, Maryland Active
245 Austin Peay State University Mu-Tau 10-19-1985 Clarksville, Tennessee Colony
246 University of Northern Iowa Mu-Upsilon 11-16-1985 Cedar Falls, Iowa Active
247 Yale University Mu-Phi 12-08-1985 New Haven, Connecticut Inactive
248 Boston University Mu-Psi 11-14-1987 Boston, Massachusetts Active
249 Southeastern Louisiana University Mu-Omega 01-14-1989 Hammond, Louisiana Active
250 California Polytechnic State University Nu-Alpha 05-06-1989 San Luis Obispo, California Active
251 Northern Illinois University Nu-Beta 11-04-1989 DeKalb, Illinois Inactive
252 Pratt Institute Nu-Gamma 01-27-1990 Brooklyn, New York Active
253 University of Alabama at Birmingham Nu-Delta 05-05-1990 Birmingham, Alabama Inactive
254 New Mexico State University Nu-Epsilon 06-02-1990 Las Cruces, New Mexico Active
255 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Nu-Zeta 02-09-1991 Oshkosh, Wisconsin Inactive
256 Morehead State University Nu-Theta 03-02-1991 Morehead, Kentucky Active
257 Hofstra University Nu-Eta 04-06-1991 Hempstead, New York Inactive
258 Rowan University Nu-Iota 04-13-1991 Glassboro, New Jersey Active
259 University of Central Arkansas Nu-Kappa 11-16-1991 Conway, Arkansas Active
260 California State University, Sacramento Nu-Lambda 12-07-1991 Sacramento, California Active
261 Alfred University Nu-Xi 02-14-1992 Alfred, New York Inactive - fraternities banned
262 The University of Texas at Dallas Nu-Omicron 03-28-1992 Dallas, Texas Active
263 Southeastern Oklahoma State University Nu-Rho 11-01-1992 Durant, Oklahoma Inactive
264 Radford University Nu-Sigma 12-12-1992 Radford, Virginia Active, without formal university recognition
265 Stephen F. Austin State University Nu-Tau 03-27-1993 Nacogdoches, Texas Active
266 Winthrop University Nu-Upsilon 05-08-1993 Rock Hill, South Carolina Active
267 Northeastern State University Nu-Phi 05-15-1993 Tahlequah, Oklahoma Active
268 University of Cincinnati Nu-Psi 04-23-1994 Cincinnati, Ohio Active
269 University of Tampa Nu-Omega 04-23-1994 Tampa, Florida Inactive
270 Minnesota State University, Mankato Xi-Alpha 05-14-1994 Mankato, Minnesota Inactive
271 Northeastern University Xi-Beta 03-04-1995 Boston, Massachusetts Active
272 State University of New York at New Paltz Xi-Gamma 04-01-1995 New Paltz, New York Active
273 The University of Texas at San Antonio Xi-Delta 04-29-1995 San Antonio, Texas Active
274 Thiel College Xi-Epsilon 03-30-1996 Greenville, Pennsylvania Active
275 Northwest Missouri State University Xi-Zeta 07-27-1996 Maryville, Missouri Inactive
276 Christian Brothers University Xi-Eta 11-16-1996 Memphis, Tennessee Active
277 Valdosta State University Xi-Theta 11-16-1996 Valdosta, Georgia Active
278 Columbus State University Xi-Iota 11-16-1996 Columbus, Georgia Active
279 Florida International University Xi-Kappa 12-07-1996 Miami, Florida Inactive
280 University of Delaware Xi-Lambda 03-22-1997 Newark, Delaware Active
281 West Texas A&M University Xi-Mu 04-18-1998 Canyon, Texas Inactive
282 University of Western Ontario Xi-Nu 03-27-1999 London, Ontario Active
283 Marquette University Xi-Xi 04-10-1999 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Active
284 Eastern Michigan University Xi-Omicron 05-01-1999 Ypsilanti, Michigan Inactive
285 Stockton University Xi-Rho 02-05-2000 Galloway, New Jersey Active
286 Western Carolina University Xi-Sigma 08-25-2001 Cullowhee, North Carolina Inactive
287 John Carroll University Xi-Tau 04-27-2002 University Heights, Ohio Inactive
288 Texas A&M University-Commerce Xi-Upsilon 09-28-2002 Commerce, Texas Active
289 University of South Carolina Upstate Xi-Phi 04-26-2003 Spartanburg, South Carolina Inactive
290 University of Northern Colorado Xi-Chi 04-24-2004 Greeley, Colorado Inactive
291 University of North Florida Xi-Psi 11-06-2004 Jacksonville, Florida Active
292 Idaho State University Xi-Omega 11-13-2004 Pocatello, Idaho Active
293 Rochester Institute of Technology Omicron-Alpha 12-10-2004 Rochester, New York Inactive
294 Long Island University C.W. Post Campus Omicron-Beta 04-09-2005 Brookville, New York Inactive
295 Arkansas Tech University Omicron-Gamma 04-09-2005 Russellville, Arkansas Active
296 Suffolk University Omicron-Delta 04-16-2005 Boston, Massachusetts Inactive
297 Adelphi University Omicron-Epsilon 09-24-2005 Garden City, New York Active
298 University of Hawaii Omicron-Zeta 10-28-2005 Honolulu, Hawaii Active
299 Nova Southeastern University Omicron-Eta 12-10-2005 Davie, Florida Active
300 Thompson Rivers University Omicron-Theta 02-25-2006 Kamloops, British Columbia Active
301 Armstrong State University Omicron-Iota 04-01-2006 Savannah, Georgia Active
302 Kennesaw State University Omicron-Kappa 04-29-2006 Kennesaw, Georgia Active
303 Southern Polytechnic State University Omicron-Lambda 05-06-2006 Marietta, Georgia Inactive - merged with Omicron- Kappa upon SPSU merger with Kennesaw State University
304 California State University, Bakersfield Omicron-Mu 11-18-2006 Bakersfield, California Active
305 Murray State University Omicron-Nu 12-02-2006 Murray, Kentucky Inactive
306 University of Lethbridge Omicron-Xi 12-02-2006 Lethbridge, Alberta Active
307 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Omicron-Omicron 12-02-2006 Kutztown, Pennsylvania Active
308 Carleton University Omicron-Pi 03-17-2007 Ottawa, Ontario Active
309 University of Michigan, Flint Omicron-Rho 03-31-2007 Flint, Michigan Active
310 Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Omicron-Sigma 03-31-2007 Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania Active
311 University of Arkansas at Fort Smith Omicron-Tau 04-14-2007 Fort Smith, Arkansas Active
312 Temple University Omicron-Upsilon 04-28-2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active
313 Washington College Omicron-Phi 04-14-2007 Chestertown, Maryland Active
314 Nicholls State University Omicron-Chi 04-28-2007 Thibodaux, Louisiana Active
315 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Omicron-Psi 09-15-2007 Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Active
316 California State University, Stanislaus Omicron-Omega 09-22-2007 Turlock, California Active
317 Louisiana State University at Alexandria Pi-Alpha 12-01-2007 Alexandria, Louisiana Inactive
318 Loyola Marymount University Pi-Beta 12-08-2007 Los Angeles, California Inactive
319 Johnson and Wales University North Miami Campus Pi-Gamma 01-26-2008 North Miami, Florida Active
320 University of Virginia's College at Wise Pi-Delta 02-02-2008 Wise, Virginia Colony
321 University of Houston Pi-Epsilon 02-16-2008 Houston, Texas inactive, expelled by nationals & university.
322 Johnson and Wales University Charlotte Campus Pi-Zeta 03-08-2008 Charlotte, North Carolina Active
323 Missouri Southern State University Pi-Eta 05-03-2008 Joplin, Missouri Active
324 Coastal Carolina University Pi-Theta 08-23-2008 Conway, South Carolina Active
325 California State University, Chico Pi-Iota 09-06-2008 Chico, California Active
326 Bentley University Pi-Kappa 10-04-2008 Waltham, Massachusetts Active
327 Penn State Harrisburg Pi-Lambda 11-01-2008 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Inactive
328 Methodist University Pi-Mu 11-16-2008 Fayetteville, North Carolina Colony
329 Ramapo College of New Jersey Pi-Nu 12-06-2008 Mahwah, New Jersey Active
330 Colorado State University Pi-Xi 12-06-2008 Fort Collins, Colorado Active
331 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Pi-Omicron 02-28-2009 Colorado Springs, Colorado Inactive
332 University of Akron Pi-Rho 04-04-2009 Akron, Ohio Active
333 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Pi-Tau 04-10-2009 Socorro, New Mexico Active
334 Academy of Art University Pi-Upsilon 04-18-2009 San Francisco, California Active
335 Salisbury University Pi-Sigma 05-09-2009 Salisbury, Maryland Active
336 Brooklyn College, City University of New York Pi-Phi 10-30-2009 Brooklyn, New York Active
337 Lake Erie College Pi-Chi 08-29-2009 Painesville, Ohio Active
338 University of California, San Diego Pi-Psi 09-26-2009 La Jolla, California Active
339 Sacred Heart University Pi-Omega 11-07-2009 Fairfield, Connecticut Active
340 University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Rho-Alpha 11-07-2009 Bradford, Pennsylvania Active
341 St. John’s University Rho-Beta 12-05-2009 Queens, New York Inactive
342 Texas Woman’s University Rho-Gamma 01-23-2010 Denton, Texas Active, without formal university recognition
343 California State University, Northridge Rho-Delta 02-27-2010 Northridge, California Active
344 University of Alaska, Anchorage Rho-Epsilon 03-20-2010 Anchorage, Alaska Inactive
345 Florida Gulf Coast University Rho-Zeta 04-17-2010 Fort Myers, Florida Active
346 High Point University Rho-Eta 04-17-2010 High Point, North Carolina Active
347 University of New Orleans Rho-Theta 04-24-2010 New Orleans, Louisiana Active
348 State University of New York College at Cortland Rho-Iota 05-01-2010 Cortland, New York Active
349 California State University, Monterey Bay Rho-Kappa 05-29-2010 Monterey Bay, California Active
350 Belmont Abbey College Rho-Lambda 10-02-2010 Belmont, North Carolina Active
351 Central Washington University Rho-Mu 11-13-2010 Ellensburg, Washington Active
352 The University of Texas at Tyler Rho-Nu 12-04-2010 Tyler, Texas Inactive; Interest Group
353 Eastern Kentucky University Rho-Xi 12-04-2010 Richmond, Kentucky Active
354 University of California, Merced Rho-Omicron 02-12-2011 Merced, California Active
355 Young Harris College Rho-Pi 02-19-2011 Young Harris, Georgia Active
356 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Rho-Rho 04-30-2011 Tifton, Georgia Active
357 St. John’s University Staten Island Campus Rho-Sigma 04-30-2011 Staten Island, New York Active
358 Queens College, City University of New York Rho-Tau 08-13-2011 Queens, New York Inactive
359 University of the Incarnate Word Rho-Upsilon 08-27-2011 San Antonio, Texas Inactive
360 Utah Valley University Rho-Phi 11-19-2011 Orem, Utah Inactive
361 University of Mary Washington Rho-Chi 12-03-2011 Fredericksburg, Virginia Active
362 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Rho-Psi 01-21-2012 Corpus Christi, Texas Inactive
363 Stevens Institute of Technology Rho-Omega 01-28-2012 Hoboken, New Jersey Active
364 Trinity College Sigma-Alpha 03-10-2012 Hartford, Connecticut Active
365 Oglethorpe University Sigma-Beta 03-21-2012 Atlanta, Georgia Inactive
366 Henderson State University Sigma-Gamma 04-28-2012 Arkadelphia, Arkansas Active
367 Stony Brook University Sigma-Delta 05-12-2012 Stony Brook, New York Active
368 Hunter College, City University of New York Sigma-Epsilon 09-08-2012 New York City, New York Active, without formal university recognition
369 Northwood University Sigma-Zeta 09-15-2012 Midland, Michigan Active
370 Central Michigan University Sigma-Eta 11-17-2012 Mount Pleasant, Michigan Active
371 Old Dominion University Sigma-Theta 12-01-2012 Norfolk, Virginia Active
372 St. Norbert College Sigma-Iota 12-08-2012 De Pere, Wisconsin Active
373 Grand Valley State University Sigma-Kappa 01-19-2013 Allendale, Michigan Inactive
374 Christopher Newport University Sigma-Lambda 01-19-2013 Newport News, Virginia Active
375 Colorado Mesa University Sigma-Mu 01-26-2013 Grand Junction, Colorado Active
376 Binghamton University Sigma-Nu 02-09-2013 Binghamton, New York Active
377 University of West Florida Sigma-Xi 03-23-2013 Pensacola, Florida Active
378 Furman University Sigma-Omicron 03-23-2013 Greenville, South Carolina Inactive
379 University at Albany, State University of New York Sigma-Pi 04-13-2013 Albany, New York Active
380 Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Sigma-Rho 04-27-2013 Edwardsville, Illinois Active
381 Minnesota State University Moorhead Sigma-Sigma 05-04-2013 Moorhead, Minnesota Active
382 Western Oregon University Sigma-Tau 05-18-2013 Monmouth, Oregon Active
383 University of California, Riverside Sigma-Upsilon 05-18-2013 Riverside, California Active, without formal university recognition.
384 Campbell University Sigma-Phi 01-11-2014 Buies Creek, North Carolina Active
385 The Catholic University of America Sigma-Psi 03-22-2014 Washington, D.C. Active, without formal university recognition
386 Santa Clara University Sigma-Omega 04-05-2014 Santa Clara, California Active
387 State University of New York College at Geneseo Tau-Alpha 04-19-2014 Geneseo, New York Active
388 Humboldt State University Tau-Beta 04-26-2014 Arcata, California Active
389 University of Nevada, Reno Tau-Gamma 04-26-2014 Reno, Nevada Active
390 Pace University Tau-Delta 05-10-2014 New York, New York Active
391 Gonzaga University Tau-Epsilon 10-11-2014 Spokane, Washington Active, without formal university recognition
392 Arkansas State University Tau-Zeta 11-15-2014 Jonesboro, Arkansas Active
393 University of Rhode Island Tau-Eta 11-22-2014 Kingston, Rhode Island Active
394 West Chester University of Pennsylvania Tau-Theta 01-31-2015 West Chester, Pennsylvania Active
395 Farmingdale State College Tau-Iota 03-07-2015 East Farmingdale, New York Active
396 Indiana University Southeast Tau-Kappa 03-14-2015 New Albany, Indiana Active
397 Johnson and Wales University Providence Campus Tau-Lambda 03-28-2015 Providence, Rhode Island Active
398 Capital University Tau-Mu 04-18-2015 Bexley, Ohio Active
399 Marshall University Tau-Nu 04-25-2015 Huntington, West Virginia Active
400 Bethel University Tau-Xi 05-02-2015 McKenzie, Tennessee Active, without formal university recognition
401 California State University, San Marcos Tau-Omicron 09-12-2015 San Marcos, California Active
402 San Francisco State University Tau-Pi 09-19-2015 San Francisco, California Active
403 Ithaca College Tau-Rho 10-03-2015 Ithaca, New York Active, without formal university recognition
404 Angelo State University Tau-Sigma 10-24-2015 San Angelo, Texas Active
405 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Tau-Tau 12-05-2015 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Active
406 York University Tau-Upsilon 02-20-2016 Toronto, Ontario Active
407 Hartwick College Tau-Phi 03-12-2016 Oneonta, New York Active
408 Fairleigh Dickinson University Tau-Chi 04-09-2016 Madison, New Jersey Inactive
409 State University of New York at Fredonia Tau-Psi 04-23-2016 Fredonia, New York Active
410 Montclair State University Tau-Omega 09-17-2016 Montclair, New Jersey Active
411 Reinhardt University Upsilon-Alpha 09-17-2016 Waleska, Georgia Active
412 California State University, San Bernardino Upsilon-Beta 09-24-2016 San Bernardino, California Active
413 College of Staten Island Upsilon-Gamma 11-05-2016 Staten Island, New York Active
414 Eastern Washington University Upsilon-Delta 11-05-2016 Cheney, Washington Active
415 Marist College Upsilon-Epsilon 12-03-2016 Poughkeepsie, New York Active
416 Middle Georgia State University Upsilon-Zeta 01-14-2017 Cochran, Georgia Active
417 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Upsilon-Eta 02-04-2017 Green Bay, Wisconsin Active
418 Saint Leo University Upsilon-Theta 04-22-2017 Saint Leo, Florida Active
419 Florida Atlantic University Upsilon-Iota 10-02-2018 Boca Raton, Florida Active, without formal university recognition
420 Monmouth University Upsilon-Kappa 04-21-2018 West Long Branch, New Jersey Active
421 State University of New York College at Oneonta Upsilon-Lambda 04-28-2018 Oneonta, New York Active
422 The City College of the City University of New York Upsilon-Mu 05-05-2018 New York, New York Active
423 Eastern Connecticut State University Upsilon-Nu 09-01-2018 Willimantic, Connecticut Active
424 Rutgers University–Newark Upsilon-Xi 02-09-2019 Newark, New Jersey Active, without formal university recognition
425 University of New Haven Upsilon-Omicron 03-23-2019 West Haven, Connecticut Active, without formal university recognition
426 State University of New York at Oswego Upsilon-Pi 04-13-2019 Oswego, New York Active
427 California State University Channel Islands Upsilon-Rho 05-04-2019 Camarillo, California Active
Cameron University Lawton, Oklahoma Colony
Cardinal Stritch University Milwaukee, Wisconsin Colony
Illinois State University Normal, Illinois Colony
McGill University Montreal, Quebec Colony
Merrimack College North Andover, Massachusetts Colony
Rhode Island College Providence, Rhode Island Colony
Seattle University Seattle, Washington Colony
State University of New York College at Old Westbury Old Westbury, New York Colony
University of Massachusetts Boston Boston, Massachusetts Colony

Undergraduate chapters and colonies outside the United States[edit]

Roll no. School name Chapter name Founded Chapter location Status
113 University of Toronto Delta-Epsilon 09-26-1924 Toronto, Ontario Inactive
132 University of Alberta Epsilon-Alpha 05-01-1939 Edmonton, Alberta Active
136 University of British Columbia Epsilon-Epsilon 04-07-1941 Vancouver, British Columbia Active
240 University of Calgary Mu-Lambda 03-10-1984 Calgary, Alberta Active
282 University of Western Ontario Xi-Nu 03-27-1999 London, Ontario Active
300 Thompson Rivers University Omicron-Theta 02-25-2006 Kamloops, British Columbia Active
306 University of Lethbridge Omicron-Xi 12-02-2006 Lethbridge, Alberta Active
308 Carleton University Omicron-Pi 03-17-2007 Ottawa, Ontario Active
406 York University Tau-Upsilon 02-20-2016 Toronto, Ontario Active
McGill University Montreal, Quebec Colony

Alumni chapters[edit]

United States[edit]

Chapter Name Chapter Location
Alpha-Upsilon Alumni Chapter Jackson, Mississippi
Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Kappa Sigma (AAC) Atlanta, Georgia
Beta-Gamma Alumni Association St. Louis, Missouri
Beta-Lambda Alumni Chapter Atlanta, Georgia
Birmingham Area Chapter of Kappa Sigma (BACKS) Birmingham, Alabama
Boston Area Alumni Chapter Windham, New Hampshire
Central California Alumni Fresno, California
Central South Carolina Alumni Chapter Chapin, South Carolina
Chicago Area Alumni Chapter Chicago, Illinois
Columbus Georgia Alumni Chapter Columbus, Georgia
Connecticut Alumni Chapter Avon, Connecticut
Dallas Alumni Chapter Dallas, Texas
Delta Rho Star & Crescent Alumni Chapter Cincinnati, Ohio
Delta State's Lambda Pi Alumni Chapter Horn Lake, Mississippi
Epsilon Upsilon Alumni Chapter Denton, Texas
Epsilon-Chi Alumni Association Lafayette, Louisiana
Epsilon-Eta Alumni Association Bowling Green, Ohio
Epsilon-Nu Alumni Association Jackson, Mississippi
Gamma-Sigma Alumni Chapter Corvallis, Oregon
Greater Miami Alumni Chapter Miami, Florida
Greater Phoenix Alumni Chapter Phoenix, Arizona
Houston Alumni Chapter Katy, Texas
Kappa Sigma Alumni Association of Central Florida Orlando, Florida
Kappa-Phi Alumni Chapter Vienna, Virginia
Kappa-Rho Alumni Association Boise, Idaho
Lambda-Gamma Alumni Association Jacksonville, Alabama
Lambda Zeta Alumni Chapter Broadway, Virginia
Los Angeles County Alumni Chapter Sherman Oaks, California
Low Country Kappa Sigma Alumni Chapter Charleston, South Carolina
Memphis Alumni Chapter Memphis, Tennessee
Mu-Alpha/Colorado Alumni Chapter Centennial, Colorado
Mu-Beta Alumni Association Montgomery, Alabama
Nevada Alumni Chapter Henderson, Nevada
Northeast Kansas Alumni Chapter Topeka, Kansas
Northwest Louisiana Alumni Chapter Shreveport, Louisiana
Nu-Epsilon Alumni Chapter Las Cruces, New Mexico
New York City Alumni Chapter New York City, New York
Portland Alumni of Kappa Sigma Portland, Oregon
Rho Prime Alumni Chapter Dahlonega, Georgia
San Diego Area Alumni Association San Diego, California
San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Chapter San Francisco, California
Southeast Virginia Alumni Chapter Portsmouth, Virginia
Tau Chapter Alumni Association of Kappa Sigma Austin, Texas
Theta-Rho Alumni Chapter Lake Charles, Louisiana
Theta-Upsilon Alumni Chapter Cincinnati, Ohio
Tucson Alumni Chapter Tucson, Arizona
Xi-Beta Alumni Chapter Boston, Massachusetts
Xi-Theta Alumni Chapter Stockbridge, Georgia


Chapter Name Chapter Location
Greater Toronto Alumni Chapter Toronto, Ontario


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