List of Karaite Jews

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People associated with Karaite Judaism include:

  • Early Karaite Period — 8th-9th centuries (700-899 CE)
    • ‘Anan ben David — founder of the Annanites which would later be absorbed into Kara'ism
    • Benjamin al-Nahawandi — regarded by some as the proper originator of Kara'ism as it has come down through the ages
  • Middle Period — 13th-17th century (1200-1699 CE)
    • Aaron ben Elijah of Nicomedia, (1328/9-1369) perhaps the most prominent Kara'ite theologian, considered the Kara'ite equivalent of his rabbinic contemporary, Maimonides
    • Elijah Bashyazi, (1420-1490) Hakham who codified Kara'ite laws
    • Yiṣḥaq b. Avraham of Troki — 16th century Lithuanian Kara'ite philosopher and writer who wrote the important apology or defense of Judaism vis-a-vis Christianity entitled Ḥizzuq Emunah (Fortification of Faith)
  • Current-Modern Era — 20th-21st centuries (1948 CE-present)
    • Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana — author of the Kahana Chronicles series of books and publisher of the website blog "Kahana's Voice"
    • Avraham Kefeli — Ḥazzan in Ashdod, Israel
    • Avraham Qanaï — Ḥakham of the Kara'ite congregation “Oraḥ Ṣaddiqim” in Albany, New York
    • Joe Pessah — congregation leader of congregation B'nai Y'Israel in Daly City, California
    • Meir Rekhavi — prominent ḥakham, author and co-founder of the World Karaite Movement. Currently he holds the position of Chancellor for the Karaite Jewish University; he maintains the website
    • Moshe Marzouk (1926-1955) Egyptian Kara'ite Jew, hanged by Egypt for his participation in Israel's Operation Suzannah, also called the Lavon Affair
    • Nehemia Gordon — an author/scholar, and co-founder of the World Karaite Movement
    • Moshe ben Yosef Firrouz — Chief Rabbi and Vice-Chancellor of Karaite Jewish University; Rabbi Firrouz maintains the website
    • Yochanan Zaqantov — Hazzan and Dean of Students of Karaite Jewish University; Hazzan Yochanan maintains the website; He was one of the first Karaite conversions in 2007