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A Kennel Club (known as a Kennel Council or Canine Council in some countries) is an organization for canine affairs that concerns itself with the breeding, showing and promotion of more than one breed of dog. All-encompassing kennel clubs are also referred to as 'all-breed clubs', although "all" means only those breeds that they have decided to recognize, and "breed" means purebred dogs, not including dog hybrids and crossbreeds or mixed-breed dogs. A club that handles only one breed is known as a breed club.


Country Kennel Club FCI Membership WKU Membership Sources
Argentina Federación Cinológica Argentina Yes No [1]
Argentina Association Canina Argentina No Yes [1]
Australia Australian National Kennel Council Yes No [2]
Austria Österreichischer Kynologenverband Yes No [3]
Azerbaijan Kinologičeskii Sojuz Respubliki Azerbaidžan Yes No [4]
The Bahamas Bahamas Kennel Club No [clarification needed] No [5]
Bahrain Kennel Club of Bahrain Yes No [citation needed]
Barbados Barbados Kennel Club Independent No [6]
Belgium Société Royale Saint-Hubert Yes No [7]
Belarus Belorussian Cynological Union Yes No [8]
Bermuda Bermuda Kennel Club Independent No [9]
Bolivia Kennel Club Boliviano Yes No [10]
Bosnia and Herzegovina Unija kinoloških saveza Bosne i Hercegovine Expelled[citation needed] No [11]
Brazil Confederaçao Brasileira de Cinofilia Yes No [12]
Bulgaria Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology Yes No [13]
Canada Canadian Kennel Club Independent No [14]
Canada Canine Federation of Canada Independent No [15]
Canada Canadian Border Collie Association Independent No [16]
Canada Large Munsterlander Association of Canada Independent No [17]
Chile Kennel Club de Chile Yes No [18]
China China Kennel Union Yes No
Colombia Asociación Club Canino Colombiano Yes No
Costa Rica Asociación Canófila Costarricense Yes No
Croatia Hrvatski Kinološki Savez Yes No
Cuba Federación Cinólogica de Cuba Yes No
Cyprus Cyprus Kennel Club Yes No
Czech Republic Českomoravská Kynologická Unie Yes No
Denmark Dansk Kennel Club Yes No
Dominican Republic Federación Canina Dominicana Yes No
Ecuador Asociación Ecuatoriana de Registros Caninos Yes No
El Salvador Asociación Canófila Salvadoreña Yes No
Estonia Eesti Kennelliit Yes No
Egypt EgyptianKennel Fédération[1] Independent No
Fiji Fiji Kennel Club Independent No
Finland Suomen Kennelliitto FK Yes No
France Société Centrale Canine SCC Yes No
Georgia Cynological Federation of Georgia FCG Yes No
Germany Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen VDH Yes No
Gibraltar Gibraltar Kennel Club Yes No
Greece Kennel Club of Greece Yes No
Guatemala Asociación Guatemalteca de Criadores de Perros Yes No
Guernsey Guernsey Kennel Club Independent No
Honduras Asociación Canófila de Honduras Alt Yes No
Hong Kong Hong Kong Kennel Club HKKC Yes No
Hungary Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete Yes No
Iceland Hundaræktarfélags Íslands Yes No
India Kennel Club of India KCI Yes No
Indonesia Persatuan Kinologi Indonesia Yes No
Ireland Irish Kennel Club IKC Yes No
Israel Israel Kennel Club Yes No
Italy Club Italiano Cani di Razza ICBD No Yes
Italy Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana ENCI Yes No
Jamaica The Jamaican Kennel Club Independent No
Japan Japan Kennel Club JKC Yes No
Jersey Kennel Club of Jersey Independent No
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kennel Club Yes No
Latvia Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija Yes No
Lithuania Lietuvos Kinologu Draugija Yes No
Luxembourg Union Cynologique Saint Hubert Luxembourg Yes No
Macedonia Kinološki sojuz na Makedonija Yes No
Madagascar Societe Canine de Madagascar Independent No
Malaysia Malaysian Kennel Association Yes No
Malta Malta Kennel Club Yes No
Malta Malta Canine Society No No
Mexico Federacíon Canófila Mexicana Yes No
Moldova Uniunea Chinologica din Moldava Yes No
Monaco Société Canine de Monaco Yes No
Montenegro Kinološki savez Crne Gore KSCG Yes No
Mongolia Mongolian Kynological Federation [2] Yes No
Morocco Société Centrale Canine Marocaine Yes No
Nepal Nepal Kennel Club Independent No
Netherlands Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland Yes No
New Zealand New Zealand Kennel Club NZKC Yes No
Nicaragua Asociación Canina Nicaragüense Yes No
Norway Norsk Kennel Club Yes No
Norway Hundeeiernes Klubb No Yes
Pakistan Kennel Club of Pakistan Yes No
Panama Club Canino de Panama Yes No
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Kennel Independent No
Paraguay Paraguay Kennel Club Yes No
Peru Kennel Club Peruano Yes No
Philippines Philippine Canine Club Yes No
Poland Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce ZKWP Yes No
Portugal Clube Português de Canicultura Yes No
Puerto Rico Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico Yes No
Romania Asociaţia Chinologică Română Yes No
Russia Russian Kynological Federation Yes No
San Marino Kennel Club San Marino Yes No
Scotland Scottish Kennel Club Independent No
Serbia Kinološki Savez Srbije Yes No
Singapore Singapore Kennel Club Yes No
Slovakia Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota Yes No
Slovenia Kinološka Zveza Slovenije Yes No
South Africa Kennel Union of Southern Africa KUSA Yes No
South Korea Korean Kennel Federation Yes No
Spain Real Sociedad Canina en España RSCE Yes No
Sri Lanka Kennel Association of Sri Lanka Yes No
Sweden Svenska Kennelklubben Yes No
Switzerland Société Cynologique Suisse Yes No
Taiwan Kennel Club of Taiwan Yes No
Thailand Kennel Club of Thailand Yes No
Trinidad and Tobago The Trinidad and Tobago Kennel Club Independent No
Trinidad and Tobago The Independent Kennel Club No Yes
Turkey Cynology Federation Of Turkey (KIF) [3] Yes No
United Kingdom The Kennel Club TKC Independent No
United States of America American Kennel Club AKC Independent No
United States of America United Kennel Club UKC Independent No
Ukraine Ukrainian Kennel Union Yes No
Uruguay Kennel Club Uruguayo Yes No
Uzbekistan Cynological Federation of Uzbekistan Yes No [citation needed]
Venezuela Federación Canina de Venezuela Yes No
Zambia Kennel Association of Zambia Independent No [citation needed]
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Kennel Club Independent No [citation needed]


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