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This article is a list of Khalifas (successors) of Sufi religious leader Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi. The term Khalifa (Arabic: خليفةḫalīfah/khalīfah) derives from the Arabic About this soundخليفة Khalīfa . Its etymological root word is Arabic: خلف‎ (Khalf) means, behind, relates to someone surviving her or his predecessors. In Sufism, Khalifa (Bengali: খলিফা) means a deputy, caliph, successor or apostle[1][2] of a Sufi sheikh who is to act as an authorized successor of his Sufi Master/ Pir (Sufism) to lead the Sufi Order (Tariqa).

Apostle nomination[edit]

As the founder of Maizbhanderi Sufi Order[3] Bengali: মাইজভাণ্ডারী তরীকা, the universal Sufi Saint Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi Bengali: আহমদ উল্লাহ মাইজভাণ্ডারী (1826–1906)[4] had millions of followers in South Asia and elsewhere.[5] He appointed hundreds of Khalifa/ Spiritual Sufi Successors to continue his Sufi teachings and thought among society.[6] These successors came from different territories in addition to disciples from different religions. This list also can be said as Khalifa of Ghaus-e-Azam Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi in fact, he is vastly denoted as Ghaus-e-Azam Bengali: গাউছুল আজম[7][8][9][10][11] by writers in Parisian, Urdu, Bengali and English works. Among Sufi communities he is known as Ghaus-e-Azam in the perception of spiritual hierarchy.

Importance of sobriquet[edit]

Some Khalifa remain unidentified because they went to different parts of the region; they wanted to remain anonymous because of self-will and to keep themselves engaged in introspective thought and practices. Some of them became famous by pseudonyms; their original names generally remain unknown, examplease are: Baba Bhanderi (Bengali: বাবা ভাণ্ডারী), Harvangiri (Bengali: হারভাঙ্গীরি), Mandakini (Bengali: মান্দাকিনী), Forhadabadi (Bengali: ফরহাদাবাদী) and Rahe Bhanderi (Bengali: রাহে ভান্ডারী).[12][13]


A list of his Successors; firstly became published by one of his descendant Delwar Hossain Maizbhanderi in his famous work 'Gausul Azam Maizbhandarir Jiboni O Karamat' Bengali: গাউছুল আজম মাইজভাণ্ডারীর জীবনী ও কারামত (Life sketch of Hazrat Kebla Kaba).[14] In that book the author expressed his sorrow for such an incomplete list. Meanwhile, many among those of his Khalifa latterly became famous in the society[15][16] for their own works and Sufi activities. As a continuous process, that list became published twice more in recent days. Once at the preface of Rahe Bhander Sufi Order 'Noxar Shondhane' Bengali: নকশার সন্ধানে[17] as a descending followers apart[18][19] of the Maizbhanderi Sufi Order and latterly at a publication on the 100th Disappearance Anniversary[20] of Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi. Here, a spiritual successors' (Khalifa) list of Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi is being written following all those and other published lists.


This list is unable to show neither their seniority nor superiority nor even dignity but names and the place where they born or placed to rest in peace based on available information. It is to note that, none of them are alive now but most of them still have thousands of followers and affectionate. All of them are well known as 'Maizbhaderi' Bengali: মাইজভাণ্ডারী in a common identification purpose. A research report prepared by the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT)of Australia reported; today there have over 10 millions[21] of Maizbhanderi Sufi followers across the globe.

List of Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi's spiritual successors / Khalifa(s)[edit]

No. Original Name Uttered as Inscribed Name & Address Refs
* Gawsul azom Golamur Rahman (k:) Baba Bhanderi Bengali: বাবা ভাণ্ডারী Gausul Azam (Gaus-e-Azam) Hadrath Sayed Golamur Rahman Al Maizbhanderi, Rahman Manzil, Maizbhander Dorbar Sharif [22][23]
* Aminul Haque Choto Moulana Bengali: ছোট মৌলানা Wasel-e-Gausul Azam (Gaus-e-Azam) Hadrath Sayed Aminul Haque Wasel Maizbhanderi, Daftar-e-Gausul Azam- Amin Manzil, Maizbhander Dorbar Sharif [24][25][26]
* Osiur Rahman Moulana Shaikh Osiur Rahman Al-Faruqi of Charandip, Boalkhali Chittagong
* jonab kazi Asad Ali saheb (k:) Moulana jonab kazi Asad Ali saheb of Ahla dorber shorif, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Abdul Aziz Moulana Abdul Aziz Saheb of Khitabchar, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Aminul Haque Harbangiri Bengali: হারভাঙ্গীরি Moulana Aminul Haque Harbangiri of Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Khalilur Rahman Moulana Khalilur Rahman of Rangunia, Chittagong
* Aman Ullah Ali Moulana Aman Ullah Ali of Banchkhali, Chittagong
* Mohsen Ali Moulana Mohsen Ali of Banchkhali, Chittagong
* Monsef Ali Moulana Monsef Ali of Banchkhali, Chittagong
* Akam Uddin Moulana Akam Uddin of Moheskhali, Chittagong
* Mia Hosain Moulana Mia Hosain of Kanuchi, Arakan, Myanmar
* Abdul Aziz Moulana Abdul Aziz of Khandal, Arakan, Myanmar
* Mostafizur Rahman Moulana Mostafizur Rahman of Amilaish, Shatbaria, Chittagong
* Ahmed Safa Moulana Ahmed Safa of Kanchannagar, Chandanaish, Chittagong
* Mujibullah Moulana Mujibullah Sultanpuri of Rawjan, Chittagong
* Abdur Razzak Hakim Shah Bengali: হাকিম শাহ Moulovi Abdur Razzak (Hakim Shah) of Shatbaria, Chittagong
* Abdul Gani Kanchanpuri Bengali: কাঞ্চনপুরী Baharul Ulum Moulana Abdul Gani of Kanchanpur, Fotikchari, Chittagong
* Abdul Salam Moulana Abdul Salam Vujpuri of Edilpur, Kanchanpur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Aminul Haque Forhadabadi Bengali: ফরহাদাবাদী Moulana Mufti Aminul Haque Forhadabadi of Forhadabad, Hathazari, Chittagong
* Tafazzal Hosain Moulana Mohaddes Hajez Qari Tafazzal Hosain Mirjapuri
* Abdul Aziz Moulana Abdul Aziz Kanchanpuri of Noakhali
* Ashraf Ali Moulana Ashraf Ali of Dugayah, Chandpur, Comilla
* Ali Azam Moulana Ali Azam Mondol of Khondol, Noakhali
* Yakub Gazi Moulana Yakub Gazi of Horinkata, Sripur, Noakhali
* Ahmedullah Moulana Ahmedullah of Maizvanga, Shandip
* Keramath Ali Moulana Keramath Ali Nezampuri of Mirossorai, Chittagong
* Shirajul Haque Moulana Shirajul Haque of Kawkhali
* Salequr Rahman Dulha-e Hajrath- Bengali: দুলহায়ে হযরত and Rahe Bhanderi- Bengali: রাহে ভান্ডারী Moulana Salequr Rahman/(Salekur Rahman Rahe Bhanderi) of Rahe Bhander Rajanagar Dorbar Sharif, Rangunia, Chittagong [13][16][18][19][27][28][29][30]
* Enayath Ullah Moulana Enayath Ullah of Pathantuli, Chittagong
* Yakub Nuri Moulana Yakub Nuri of Alipur, Noakhali
* Ujeer ali Moulovi Ujeer ali of Noakhali
* Hasmath Ali Moulana Hasmath Ali of Chipaitali, Guman mardan, Hathazari, Chittagong
* Yousuf Ali Moulana Yousuf Ali of Hawla, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Abdur Rashid Moulana Abdur Rashid of Shatbaria, Chittagong
* Abdul Bari Moulana Kaji Abdul Bari of Satkania, Chittagong
* Abdul Gafur Moulana Abdul Gafur shah of Sharwatali, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Monwar Ali Kaji Moulana Monwar Ali of Borouthat, Patiya, Chittagong
* Abdul Hadi Moulana Abdul Hadi Kancanpuri of Fatikchori, Chittagong
* Faizul Haque The only son of Gausul Azam Ahmad Ullah Maizbhanderi: Moulana Faizul Haque Maizbhanderi
* Jafor Ali Moulana Jafor Ali Shah Shahbaj HijrothKari of Karachi, Pakistan
* Abdur Rahim Moulana Abdur Rahim of Babunagar, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Rijwanuddin Moulana Rijwanuddin Shahnagari
* Muhabbat Ali Moulana Muhabbat Ali of Bibirhat, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Abdul Jalil Mia Abdul Jalil (Balu Fakir) of Sadek Nagar, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Hachi Qutub Kalandar Bengali: কুতুব ক্বলন্দর Hachi Fakir Qutub Kalandar of Chariyah, Hathazari, Chittagong
* Yousuf Ali Yousuf Ali Fakir Chaiyah of Chittagong
* Nazir Ahmad Shahar Qutub Bengali: শহর কুতুব Moulana Nazir Ahmad (Nazir Shah Shahar Qutub) of Station Road, Chittagong
* Mamu Fakir (Original name is unnoticed) Mamu Fakir Bengali: মামু ফকির Mamu Fakir ‘Mazzub Maktul’ of Rangunia, Chittagong
* Obaidul Haque Obaidul Haque Mia ‘Masth Qalandar’ of Chandgaon, Chittagong
* Azgar Shah Azgar Shah ‘Mozzub Qalandar’ of Chawkbazar, Chittagong
* Khalil Chaiyah Qalandar Bengali: ছাইয়া ক্বলন্দর Khalil Shah ‘Chaiyah Qalandar’ of Khandakia, Hathazari, Chittagong
* Zafor Ahmed Mamu Fakir Bengali: মামু ফকির Zafor Ahmed (Mamu Fakir) of Yangun, Chuliagoli, Myanmar
* Bangali Baba (Original name is unnoticed) Bangali Baba Bengali: বাঙ্গালী বাবা Bangali Baba of Karachi, Pakistan
* Belayath Ali Belayath Ali Shah Abdal Qutub of Chaitannagoli, Chittagong
* Amiruzzaman kala shona Bengali: কালা সোনা ‍and Amirul Awlia Bengali: আমিরুল আউলিয়া Moulana Amiruzzaman Mozzub-e Salek Awlia of Patiya
* Abdur Rahman Moulovi Abdur Rahman Miah Qalandar Shah of Munshiqdar bari, Forhadabad, Chittagong
* Abdul Wahab Abdul Wahab Shah of Malibag, Dhaka
* Abdul Aziz Moulovi Abdul Aziz Qutub Qalandar of Fani
* Feni Miah Pagla Moulovi Bengali: পাগলা মৌলভী Feni Miah (Known as Pagla Moulovi)
* Pagla Miah Pagla Miah Bengali: পাগলা মিয়া Pagla Miah of Rawjan
* Mozaffor Ahmed Shahar Qutub Bengali: শহর কুতুব Amir Mozaffor Ahmed Shahar Qutub of Coxsbazar
* Ali Ullah Mozzub Ali Ullah Bengali: মজ্জুব আলী উল্লাহ Mozzub Ali Ullah (Father of Mr. Zaker Hosain the Ex-Governor of East Pakistan)
* Munir Ullah Moulovi Munir Ullah of Nasirabad, Chittagong (Previous caretaker of the Shrine of Bayezid Bostami at Chittagong)
* Nurussofa Moulovi Nurussofa of Kazipara, Kanchan Nagar, Patiya
* Lutfur Rahman Moulana Lutfur Rahman of Patiya
* Jahed Miah Jahed Miah of Patiya
* Abdur Rahman Moulovi Abdur Rahman of Sartha, Rawjan, Chittagong
* Karim Bax Moulana Karim Bax (Bazlul Karim Mandakini)
* Rahat Ullah Moulana Rahat Ullah of Rangunia, Chittagong
* Fariduzzaman Moulana Fariduzzaman of Shatkania, Chittagong
* Abdul Hamid Moulana Abdul Hamid of Banchkhali, Chittagong
* Rahimullah Moulana Rahimullah of Rawjan Chittagong
* Abdul Quddus Hawlapuri Bengali: হাওলাপুরী Moulana Abdul Quddus Hawlapuri of Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Sultanuddin Bacha Fakir Bengali: বাচা ফকির Moulana Sultanuddin Bacha Fakir of Rangunia, Chittagong
* Ahmed Bashir Bacha Shaha Bengali: বাচা শাহ Ahmed Bashir (Bacha Shaha Fathepuri)
* Wali Mastan Wali Shah Bengali: ওয়ালী শাহ Wali Mastan (Known as Wali Shah at Hill tracks) of Rawjan
* Abdul Gafur Qambli Shah Bengali: কাম্বলী শাহ Abdul Gafur (Qambli Shah) of Mohanpur, Faridpur
* Matiur Rahman Matiur Rahman Shah of Farhadabad
* Abdur Rashid Haji Moulana Abdur Rashid of Shatbaria, Chittagong
* Nuruzzaman Sufi Nuruzzaman of Boizzarkhil, Boizzakhali, Rawjan, Chittagong
* Mir Ahmad Moulana Mir Ahmad of Boroma, Patiya
* Forrok Ahmed Moulovi Forrok Ahmed (Ex Sub Registrar)of Nanupur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Eklasur Rahman Moulovi Eklasur Rahman of Bahaddarbari, Chittagong
* Reazat Ullah Moulovi Reazat Ullah (Ex Sub Registrar) of Comilla
* Abdul Aziz Abdul Aziz Miah (he was the Nayeb/Chief employee of Nawab Hossainul Haidar of Comilla) of Kazi Bari, Comilla
* Ali Miah Ali Miah (Was the Nawab of Ghawar, West Comilla) of Comilla
* Ali Bahadur Ali Bahadur (Nawab of Comilla Bagicha Bari) of Comilla
* Abul Fazal Kala Miah Bengali: কালা মিঞা Doctor Abul Fazal (Kala Miah) of Nanupur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Khuilla Miah Khuilla Miah Fakir Bengali: খুইল্লা মিয়া ফকির Khuilla Miah Fakir of Naupur, Fatikchari Chittagong
* Umed Ali Umed Ali Fakir of Nanupur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Mamtaz Ali Sufi Mamtaz Ali of Azimnagar
* Abdur Rahman Abdur Rahman Sufi of Azimnagar
* Shamsuzzaman Moulovi Doctor Shamsuzzaman of Bakshi Bari, Chittagong
* Matiur Rahaman Moulovi Matiur Rahaman of Moheshkhali, Batakandi, Comilla
* Abdur Rahim Hafez Abdur Rahim of Qadir Shardar Bari, Brammon Shakua, Bagra Bazar, Comilla
* Abadullah Moulovi Abadullah Shah of Ukhia, Harbang, Cokoria, Coxs Bazar
* Nur Ahmad Nur Ahmad Khan of Khandakia, Hathajari, Chittagong
* Ishaq Munshi Ishaq of Farhad Nagar, Noakhali
* Abdul Gani Moulovi Abdul Gani Mokhtar of Bainnar Tila, Chittagong
* Kala Miah Kala Miah Chawdhuriy
* Abdul Karim Abdul Karim of Mogdair, Rawjan, Chittagong. (went to Myanmar according to Gausul Azam’s commandment and lived there)
* Ramjan Ali Moulana Ramjan Ali of Kadhurkhil, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Anwar Ali Moulana Anwar Ali of Kadhurkhil, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Ajizur Rahman Ajizur Rahman of Boijjarkhil, Boizzakhali, Chittagong
* Hamid Ullah Moulana Hamid Ullah of Baroyghona, Rawjan, Chittagong
* Obaidullah Obaidullah Chaiwdhury of Mirossarai, Chittagong
* Delwar Ali Delwar Ali Chawdhury of Mirossarai, Chittagong
* Altaf Ali Altaf Ali Miah of Kawkhali, Feni
* Chand Miah Moulana Sufi Chand Miah Mandakini of Hathajari, Chittagong
* Fazlur Rahman Mastar Fazlur Rahman Mandakini of Hathajari, Chittagong
* Anwar Miah Anwar Miah of Dawlathpur
* Chunnu Miah Hajrrath Chunnu Miah Chowdhury
* Tutun Miah Tutun Miah Fakir Bengali: টুটুন মিয়া ফকির Tutun Miah Fakir of Dawlatpur
* Fazlur Rahman Fazlur Rahman Chowdhury of Dawlatpur
* Malequzzama Malequzzama Miah of Dawlatpur
* Amjad Ali Moulana Amjad Ali Bengali: মৌলানা আমজাদ আলী Moulana Amjad Ali of Dawlatpur
* Abdul Wares Writer Abdul Wares Shah Bengali: লেখক আব্দুল ওয়ারেছ শাহ Writer Abdul Wares Shah of Vujpur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Khair Uddin Doctor Khair Uddin Bengali: ডাক্তার খায়ের উদ্দিন Doctor Khair Uddin of Nanupur
* Abdul Latif Moulana Abdul Latif of Nanupur
* Abdul Gani Moulana Abdul Gani Bengali: মৌলানা আব্দুল গণি Moulana Abdul Gani of Miazipara, Maizbhander
* Nesar Ahmed Hajrath Munshi Sayed Nesar Ahmed of Nanupur
* Khayez Ahmed Khayez Ahmed Miazi of Maizbhander (Neighbor)
* Haider Ali Haider Ali Gomosta of Nanupur
* Oasin Mohammad Oasin of Kulalpara
* Nazer Ali Moulana Nazer Ali Shah of Bardhona, Satkania
* Abdul Jabbar Abdul Jabbar Chawdhury of Rangunia
* Abdul Haque Abdul Haque Fakir of Azim Nagar, Chittagong
* Tutun Fakir Tutun Fakir Bengali: তুতুন ফকির> Tutun Fakir of Azim Nagar
* Ziaul Hossain Moulovi Ziaul Hossain of Maizbhander
* Gurudas Gurudas Fakir Bengali: গুরু দাশ ফকির Gurudas Fakir (Was a follower of Hinduism)
* Dhonon Joy Dhonon Joy (Was a follower of Buddhism)
* Nur Ali Miah Nur Ali Miah
* Fayez Ahmed Fayez Ahmed Chawdhury of Dholoi, Hathajari, Chittagong
* Mono Mohan Shadhu Mono Mohan Datta Bengali: সাধু মনো মোহন দত্ত Shadhu Mono Mohan Datta (Was a follower of Hinduism) of Sajmara, Comilla
* Afaz Uddin Moulana Afaz Uddin Ali of Kaloromar Chara, Moheshkhali, Coxs Bazar
* Abdul Aziz Moulana Abdul Aziz Saheb of Sonapur, Noakhali
* Abdur Rahaman Moulana Abdur Rahaman of Kanchanpur, Chittagong
* Abdul Majid Abdul Majid of Azimnagar, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Aminul Haque Pani Shah Bengali: পানি শাহ Moulana Aminul Haque Pani Shah of Dholoi, Hathajari, Chittagong
* Golamur Rahman Moulana Golamur Rahman of Barishal
* Matiur Rahman Matiur Rahman Shah of East Forhadabad, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Abdul Aziz Moulana Abdul Aziz of Feni
* Abdur Rahman Fakir Shah Abdullah Darbesh Bengali: ফকির শাহ আব্দুল্লাহ দরবেশ Mohammad abdur Rahman (Fakir Shah Abdullah Darbesh) of Bancharampur (Boro Bari), Brammonbaria
* Afzal Afzal Shah Patwari of Haindgaon, Begumgonj, Noakhali
* Rajab Ali Shakrapuri Bengali: শাকরাপুরী Moulana Rajab Ali Shakrapuri of Shakrapur, Comilla
* Mohammad Hossain Mohammad Hossain of Dhaka
* Ayoub Ali Mohammad Ayoub Ali Sub-Registrar of Hathajari, Chittagong
* Abdul Aziz Moulovi Abdul Aziz of Eastern Chambol, Banchkhali, Chittagong
* Abdul Hakim Moulana Abdul Hakim of Courtpara
* Fozu Miah Moulana Fozu Miah Chawdhury of Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Mosaheb Uddin Kazi Mosaheb Uddin Shahpuri of Shahpur, Comilla
* Makbul Fakir Makbul Fakir of Panchlaish, Chittagong
* Fazlur Rahman Hafez Fazlur Rahman of Hafez Nogor, Chandanish, Chittagong
* Afaz Uddin Chulla Fakir Bengali: চুল্লা ফকির Afaz Uddin Miaji (Chulla Fakir) of Rawjan, Chittagong
* Amet Ali Amet Ali of Rangunia, Chittagong
* Nobidur Rahman Nobidur Rahman Shah of Nanupur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Makbul Pandit Makbul Pandit of Kutubdia, Chittagong
* Nuruddin Moulana Nuruddin of Kutubdia, Chittagong
* Yakub Shiqdar Yakub Shiqdar of Kutubdia, Chittagong
* Dula Fakir Dula Fakir of Dulahajara, Coxs Bazar
* Khairuzzaman Khairuzzaman of Chandanish, Chittagong
* Askar Ali Askar Ali Pandit Bengali: আশকর আলী পন্তিত Askar Ali Pandit of Chandanish, Chittagong
* Yasin Yasin Munshi of Kali Shimul, Brammanbaria
* Ahsan Ullah Ahsan Ullah of Rashider Ghona, Lohagara, Chittagong
* Abdul Gani Moulana Abdul Gani of Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Khalekuzzaman Khalekuzzaman Miah of Dowlathpur
* Abdul Hakim Kabi Abdul Hakim of Bangladesh
* Obaidur Rahaman Moulana Obaidur Rahaman of Nanupur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Amin Uddin Moulana Amin Uddin Munsef of Nanupur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Asmat Ali Asmat Ali of Kodala, Rangunia, Chittagong
* Abdul Qader Abdul Qader of Nasirabad, Chittagong
* Odiath Ullah Moulana Odiath Ullah of Jahapur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Ejabath Ullah Moulana Ejabath Ullah of Baktapur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Amin Ullah Moulana Amin Ullah of Sundarpur, Fatikchori, Chittagong
* Abdul Hakim Moulana Abdul Hakim of Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Abdul Majid Moulana Doctor Abdul Majid of Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Abdul Malek Moulana Abdul Malek of Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Hedayet Ali Hedayet Ali of Bangladesh
* Jamir Uddin Moulana Jamir Uddin of Latif Shikdar, Tripura, India
* Aminullah Moulana Aminullah (Father of Dr. Aminul Haque) Baktapur, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Miah Fakir Miah Fakir of Azim Nagar, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Rauf Miah Rauf Miah Siddiqi of Akubdondi, pur, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Raham Ali Mohammad Raham Ali of Bangladesh
* Osiur Rahman Lal Miah Bengali: লাল মিঞা> Osiur Rahman (Lal Miah) of Haithkandi, Mirossorai, Chittagong
* Jinnath Ali Jinnath Ali Shah of Harbang, Chakaria, Chittagong
* Abdul Gani Abdul Gani Chawdhury of Damdama, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Kharu Fakir Chunnu Miah Fakir Bengali: চুন্নু মিঞা ফকির Kharu Fakir (Chunnu Miah Fakir) of Sadek Nagar, Fatikchari, Chittagong
* Kalimullah Moulana Kalimullah of Southern Shatta, Rawjan, Chittagong
* Abdul Oahab Shaikh Abdul Oahab Shah of Goni Tola Dorbar, Mirossoirai, Chittagong
* Abdur Rouf Mohammad Abdur Rouf Chawdhury of Krisna Jafarabad, Mirossorai, Chittagong
* Humed Ali Humed Ali Chawdhuri of Mirossorai, Chittagong
* Jobed Ali Jobed Ali Chawdhruy of Mirossorai, Chittagong
* Fazal Kabir Fazal Kabir Shah of Central Kadhurkhil, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Alim Uddin Alim Uddin Shah of Kadhurkhil, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Ahsan Ullah Mamu Fokir Bengali: মামু ফকির Ahsan Ullah (Mamu Fokir) of Kadhurkhil, Boalkhali, Chittagong
* Amanath Ullah Moulana Amanath Ullah of Pathantuli, Nazir Bhander, Chittagong
* Matiur Rahman Moulana Matiur Rahman Sultanpuri of Shatgachia
* Jamir Uddin Ahmed Noor Nagari Bengali: নূর নগরী Moulana Jamir Uddin Ahmed (Noor Nagari) of Ciora, Comilla
* Nuruzzama Moulana Nuruzzama of Charkhizurpur
* Jamir Uddin Jamir Uddin of Tishna, Comilla
* Ali Ullah Ali Ullah of Rajapur, Comilla
* Nur Bax Nur Bax of Goalia, Noakhali
* Abdullah Abdullah of Banchkhali, Chittagong

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