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Coronation of David, as depicted in the Paris Psalter

This article is an overview of the kings of the United Kingdom of Israel as well as those of its successor states.[1]

Family tree[edit]

Genealogy of the kings of Israel and Judah.svg
Family tree
King of the United Monarchy: r. 1010-970 BC
Bathsheeba Maacah Zeruah
Naamah Solomon
King of the United Monarchy: r. 970-931 BC
Absalom Jeroboam
King of Israel: r. 931-910 BC
King of Judah: r. 931-913 BC
Uriel Shilhi Nadav
King of Israel: r. 910-909 BC
Macaah Azubah
Annas Abijam
King of Judah: r. 913-910 BC
King of Judah: r. 913-870 BC
King of Israel: 884-874 BC
King of Judah: r. 870-849 BC
Jezebel Ahab
King of Israel: r. 871-852 BC
King of Judah: r. 849-842 BC
Queen of Judah: r. 842-835 BC
King of Israel: r. 849-837
King of Israel: r. 850-849 BC
King of Judah: r. 842-841 BC
Zibiah Jehosheba Jehoiada
King of Judah: r. 836-796 BC
King of Judah: r. 796-767 BC
Jecoliah Saul
King of the United Monarchy: r. 1050-1012 BC
King of Judah: r. 783-742 BC
Jerusha 13 generations Isaiah
King of Judah: r. 742-735 BC
Azio Hephizbah
King of Judah: r. 732-716 BC
King of Judah: r. 716-687 BC
King of Judah: r. 697-643 BC
King of Judah: r. 643-610 BC
King of Judah: r. 640-609 BC
King of Judah: r. 609-598 BC
Nehushta Jehoahaz
King of Judah: r. 609 BC
King of Judah: r. 596-586 BC
King of Judah: r. 598-597 BC
Family tree (Hasmonean-Herodian)
Shimon ben Asmon
Yochanan ben Shimon
Mattathias ben Yochanan Simona bat Onias III
John Gaddi Simon Thassi
Prince of Judaea r. 141 - 135 BCE
Judas Maccabeus Eleazar Avaran Jonathan Apphus
John Hyrcanus I
Prince of Judaea r. 134 - 104 BCE
Aristobulus I
King of Judaea r. 104 - 103 BCE
Alexander Jannaeus
King of Judaea r. 103 - 76 BCE
Salome Alexandra
Queen of Judaea r. 76 - 67 BCE
Absalom ben Yochanan
John Hyrcanus II
King of Judaea r. 67 - 66 BCE
Aristobulus II
King of Judaea r. 66 - 63 BCE
Salome bat Absalom
Alexandra II bat Hyrcanus II Alexander II Antigonus II Mattathias
King of Judaea r. 40 - 37 BCE
Malthace Cleopatra of Jerusalem Herod the Great
King of Judea r. 37 - 4 BCE
Mariamne I
Herod Antipas
Tetrarch of Galilee r. 4 BCE - 39 CE
Herod Archelaus
Tetrarch of Judaea r. 4 BCE - 6 CE
Philip the Tetrarch
Tetrarch of Batanea r. 4 BCE - 34 CE
Aristobulus IV
Herod V
King of Chalcis r. 41 - 48 CE
Herod Agrippa
King of Batanaea r. 37 - 41 CE
Herod Agrippa II
King of Batanaea r. 53 - 100 CE

List of kings[edit]

House of Gideon[edit]

House of Saul[edit]

Saul and David by Rembrandt

According to the Bible, the Tribes of Israel lived as a confederation under ad hoc charismatic leaders called judges. In around 1020 BCE, under extreme threat from foreign peoples, the tribes united to form the first United Kingdom of Israel. Samuel anointed Saul from the Tribe of Benjamin as the first king.

House of David[edit]

The Tel Dan Stele with reference to the "House of David"

After Rehoboam reigned three years,[3] the United Kingdom of Israel was divided in two – the northern Kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam, with its capital, first in Shechem, then Penuel, Tirzah, and finally Samaria, and ruled by a series of dynasties beginning with Jeroboam; and the southern Kingdom of Judah with its capital still in Jerusalem and ruled by the House of David. Under Hezekiah rule in the Kingdom of Judah, the Neo-Assyrian Empire conquered and destroyed the northern kingdom 722 BCE leaving only the southern kingdom of Judah.

Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)[edit]

Kingdom of Judah[edit]

Hasmonean dynasty[edit]

The descendants of Mattathias

Herodian dynasty[edit]

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