List of kings of Numidia

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Genealogy of Numidian Kings[citation needed]

Numidia was an ancient Berber kingdom located in the region of North Africa in what is now northern Algeria and parts of Tunisia and Libya . The Kingdom existed from the 3rd to 1st centuries. The Kingdom of Numidia was established as a client kingdom by Rome following the Second Punic War. It was annexed by Rome in 46, and then again, after a brief period of restored independence, in 25.

List of kings[edit]

All dates are BC.

Kings of the Massylii (Eastern Numidia)[edit]

The last ruler of the Massylii conquered the Masaesyli and created the unified Numidian kingdom.

Kings of the Masaesyli (Western Numidia)[edit]

Kings of Numidia[edit]

The three sons of Massinissa originally shared the kingdom, dividing responsibility. Micipsa later tried the same thing with his three heirs, but the result was a civil war. The Roman Republic defeated Numidia during the Jugurthine War. Gauda thus succeeded to a reduced Numidian kingdom. He divided the kingdom geographically between his two sons, establishing two different lines of Numidian kings. They were briefly displaced by a certain Hiarbas, but Roman intervention restored them.

Eastern Numidia[edit]

This was the main Numidian kingdom after 81.

Annexed to Rome as Africa Nova (46–30).

Western Numidia[edit]

This was a much small chiefdom than Eastern Numidia, roughly corresponding with today's Petite Kabylie. Towards the end, its capital was Cirta.