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ADV Films Region 1 DVD box set containing all thirteen episodes of Kino's Journey (first series)

The anime series Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- is based on the light novel series Kino's Journey written by Keiichi Sigsawa and illustrated by Kohaku Kuroboshi. Produced by A.C.G.T and Genco, and directed by Ryūtarō Nakamura, the 13 episode series aired weekly on the WOWOW satellite television network between April 8 and July 8, 2003.[1][2] It was also broadcast on the anime satellite television network Animax, which also aired the series on its networks in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia. The episodes were released to Region 2 DVD compilation volumes between June 18 and November 19, 2003.[3] Spanning six volumes, each volume contained two episodes except the first, which had three.[3] The series was re-released in two, three volume bundles on January 19, 2005 and February 16, 2005.[4] In addition to the main series, there is also a 12-minute-long prologue entitled "Episode 0: The Tower Country -Freelance-" which was released as an original video animation episode with the first animated film's DVD release on October 19, 2005.[3]

The 13-episode anime series was licensed for North American distribution by ADV Films. The episodes were initially released on four DVD compilations between February 24 and June 29, 2004; the first volume contained four episodes, while each of the subsequent volumes contained three episodes. The first DVD volume was sold in two editions, with the difference between the two being a series box all four DVDs could fit inside. A DVD box set titled Kino's Journey: The Complete Collection was released on October 25, 2005 containing three discs.

Two pieces of theme music were used for the anime: one opening theme and one ending theme. The opening theme is "All the way" by Mikuni Shimokawa and the ending theme is "the Beautiful World" by Ai Maeda; both singles were released on June 18, 2003.[3]

A new anime television series adaptation titled Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series aired from October 6 to December 22, 2017.[5][6] It is animated by Lerche and produced by Egg Firm. The series is directed by Tomohisa Taguchi, with Yukie Sugawara supervising scripts and Ryoko Amisaki designing the characters.[7] The opening theme is "Here and There" and the ending theme is "Satōdama no Tsuki" (砂糖玉の月), both by Nagi Yanagi.[5] Crunchyroll is streaming the anime with subtitles,[8] and Funimation will stream the series with a simuldub.[9]


Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- (2003)[edit]

No. Title Original air date
0"The Tower Country -Freelance-"
"Tō no Kuni" (塔の国)
October 19, 2005 (2005-10-19) (OVA)
Kino and Hermes ride into a city containing a tower reaching up into the sky. She meets a boy who does not want to spend his life building the tower which has been built continuously for 230 years. It is the sole obsession activity of the population although no-one seems to know why. One day, the tower begins to crack and crumbles to the ground. Rather than being disappointed, the people rejoice at being able to see it fall, and immediately commence building a new one.
1"Land of Visible Pain -I See You-"
"Hito no Itami ga Wakaru Kuni" (人の痛みがわかる国)
April 8, 2003 (2003-04-08)
Kino and Hermes find themselves in a country that seems to be inhabited only by servile machines. Outside the city, she notices people living alone in the countryside. Kino befriends a man in a cottage who tells her that the entire population drank a special liquid which enabled them to understand each other's thoughts with the aim of creating harmony across the country. However being able to read each other's minds only brought disharmony to society through being aware of the unfiltered thoughts of every other person – even between the man and his wife. The only solution for the population was to live a short distance from each other. The man asks Kino to stay, but she declines and continues on her way, passing by the cottage of his wife living nearby.
2"A Tale of Feeding Off Others -I Want to Live-"
"Hito o Kutta Hanashi" (人を喰った話)
April 15, 2003 (2003-04-15)
Towards the end of winter, Kino comes across three starving men who are trapped in their truck which is bogged in the snow. She offers to hunt food for them until they recover, killing and cooking rabbits although she has misgivings about valuing the lives of the men over those of the rabbits. As the snow begins to thaw, Kino uses Hermes to help extract their truck, but they draw guns on her, explaining that they are human traffickers and she would be of value to them. When distracted by falling snow, Kino manages to attack and kill two of them before executing the third. Inside their truck she finds the remains of the human cargo they ate to stay alive through the winter. As they ride away Hermes asks Kino if she would make the same choice again.
3"Land of Prophecies -We No The Future-"
"Yogen no Kuni" (予言の国)
April 22, 2003 (2003-04-22)

This episode consists of four related stories.

Land of Prophecies -We NO The Future- (予言の国). Kino and Hermes arrive in country where everyone believes that the world will end the next day according to their Book of Prophesy as interpreted by the southern priest. When the world does not end, the northern priest declares that his interpretation predicts that the event will occur in 30 years time.

Tradition -Tricksters- (伝統) In the next country, travellers are so rare that a celebration is held on Kino's arrival including a traditional Cat Ear Party dance. After Kino leaves, the populace begin to think of another tradition they could have to entice the next traveller to stay. Outside the town, Kino encounters a descendant of the king who was banished years earlier who explains that the tradition of the country has become to keep thinking up new traditions.

The Sad Land (悲しい国). Kino arrives in the Sad Land where she finds that a poet was commissioned by the king to write a sad poem, and did so only after his wife committed suicide. Years later, after the poet died, society arranges for a young girl to recite the cryptic and extremely long sad poem every day. As Kino leaves, the border officer tells her that the poem was written down and a nearby country acquired it, calling it the Book of Prophesy.

Land of Prophecies -Beneath the Sky Full of Stars- (預言の国 そして満天の星の下こて). Camped overnight under the stars, Kino is interrupted by an army from the Land of Prophecies invading the Sad Land. When she asks why, a soldier responds that a new interpretation of the Book of Prophesy indicated that the next country is responsible for their world coming to an end.
4"Land of Adults -Natural Right-"
"Otona no Kuni" (大人の国)
May 6, 2003 (2003-05-06)
Kino thinks back to when she was an 11 year-old girl in the Land of Adults and first met the mysterious traveler Kino whose name she later took as her own. He stayed at her family's inn for a few days where he started repairing an old motorcycle in the basement and they named it Hermes. She explained that on their 12th birthday children undergo an operation to become an adult and be hard-working and responsible. When she has doubts about the adult operation after traveler Kino opened her eyes to other possibilities, the townspeople turned on him and he decided to leave. However when the young girl’s parents prepared to kill her for challenging their customs, traveler Kino stepped in front to protect her and was killed instead. As her father pulled the knife from Kino's lifeless body to kill his daughter, Hermes suggested that she ride away instead and they flee. Later, in fields of crimson flowers the girl took the name of Kino and changed into the man's clothes, including his long travelling coat.
5"Three Men Along the Rails -On the Rails-"
"Rēru no Ue no Sannin no Otoko" (レールの上の三人の男)
May 13, 2003 (2003-05-13)

As Kino rides Hermes along an old railroad, she runs into a man who has been polishing the tracks for some fifty years. Stopping for a break, he asks her to tell him a story about her travels.

A country Where You Do Not Have to Work" -Workable- (仕事をしなくていい国). Kino entertains the man with a story of a land with advanced machine technology where the people no longer have to work, but choose to subject themselves to meaningless and stressful tasks anyway. The old man says they must be crazy to spend their time on meaningless tasks. Further on, Kino meets another an old man who has been dismantling the polished tracks for the past fifty years. She tells him the same story. Even further on, Kino meets another an old man who has been laying railroad tracks for the past fifty years. When he asks her to tell a story from her travels, she declines, saying she's a poor storyteller.

A Land of Decision by Majority -Ourselfish- (多数決の国). Kino and Hermes arrive in the next country, but after 3 days of exploring ruined buildings she finds no-one. Eventually she meets a man who tells her that years ago, the people removed and killed the cruel and oppressive king. They formed a government that would rule by majority vote. Unfortunately anyone who questioned the majority was executed until the graveyard was overflowing. Eventually only the man and his wife remained, but she died, leaving him alone. As Kino prepares to leave he pulls a gun insisting that she stay. However Kino and Hermes outvote him so they ride away, hearing shots echoing in the empty streets behind them.
6"Coliseum (Part 1) -Avengers-"
"Koroshiamu (Zenpen)" (コロシアム(前編))
May 20, 2003 (2003-05-20)
Kino stops off in a country reputed to be a beautiful and wondrous place, but she finds that due to the laws laid down by the land's cruel and hedonistic king, all visitors must participate in battle tournaments to become a first-class citizen or be subjected to lives of slavery as second-class citizens. The eventual winner then has the right top make a new law. Kino decides to abide by this custom, and wins the first round when her opponent yields. Kino meets Shizu, another contestant, who tells her that the current king murdered his father seven years ago to take the throne and had his children banished. In the second round Kino meets an armored kunai-throwing assassin and then a seasoned killer, but she forces them both to surrender. Only four challengers remain for the semi-finals; Kino, Shizu, a withdrawn woman and a gunfighter.
7"Coliseum (Part 2) -Avengers-"
"Koroshiamu (Kōhen)" (コロシアム(後編))
May 27, 2003 (2003-05-27)
The king treats the semi-finalists to a play about how he became king by killing his father, but no-one is entertained and he reveals his own self-destructive madness. Kino and Shizu win their challenges, while Hermes discovers that Shizu's companion Shiba Inu dog Riku can talk. Kino recalls meeting a woman on the road who said that Kino should visit this country. Kino links the woman to the story of a couple who entered the country and were forced to fight each other. The woman apparently surrendered and survived but her husband was killed in the following round. In the Coliseum, Kino faces the sword-wielding Shizu in the final round and beats him. Shizu refuses to surrender, and while pretending to shoot Shizu, Kino fires an especially prepared bullet into the King's private suite, killing him. As the winner, Kino proclaims a new law that the first-class citizens can fight each other until the last person standing becomes king, leading to chaos in the country but liberation for the second-class citizens. On the road, Kino encounters Shizu who reveals that he is the prince and returned to kill the king. Hermes tells Kino that Riku can talk, but Kino doesn't believe it.
8"Land of Wizards -Potentials of Magic-"
"Mahōtsukai no Kuni" (魔法使いの国)
June 3, 2003 (2003-06-03)
In the Land of Wizards, worth and power are measured by a person's ability to increase crop production. In this agriculturally orientated land, however, dwells a girl named Nimya who dares to dream of something completely different. Nimya desperately wants to build a successful flying machine, and despite the lack of support from her peers, she has dedicated her life to fulfilling her dream. It may take the help of a certain traveler and her motorcycle to help bring it to fruition.
9"Land of Books -Nothing Is Written!-"
"Hon no Kuni" (本の国)
June 10, 2003 (2003-06-10)
On their way to the Land of Books whose library gathers together all the books in the world, Kino and Hermes encounter a man in the desert who gives Kino a book that she can use to exchange when she arrives there. Kino finds that writing is forbidden and the Department of Reading and Welfare locks books considered ‘harmful' away in the Castle, leaving only the most wholesome and inoffensive ones out on display to read. The desk librarian recognizes Kino's book as being from her lover who left the country. They were part of a resistance Publication Society that seeks a secret passage into the Castle. As Kino becomes involved in the plot, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur, until it becomes almost impossible to distinguish what is really happening, what only exists on the pages of a book or in the depths of an author's mind.
10"A Tale of Mechanical Dolls -One-way Mission-"
"Kikai Ningyō no Hanashi" (機械人形の話)
June 17, 2003 (2003-06-17)
While searching for a village where she can get Hermes' speedometer repaired, Kino stumbles across an old woman who claims to be a mechanical doll. She serves a family living in the woods, but as Kino spends time with the nanny and her family, she finds the old woman to be more real than the family. The nanny even has the ability to repair Hermes' speedometer. Eventually she dies, showing that she was human after all. At her graveside the family reveal that they are mechanical dolls created by the woman over 54 years earlier during a time of conflict in the land. After her husband and son were killed, and she was left alone, they flooded the town so that she would not be reminded of the past. The mechanical family also cared for her and acted the role of a family. They offer to be a family for Kino, but she is not interested. Realizing they no longer have a useful function, they plunge into the depths of the lake they created and disappear.
11"Her Journey -Love and Bullets-"
"Kanojo no Tabi" (彼女の旅)
June 24, 2003 (2003-06-24)

As Kino takes a boat downriver and enjoys a lazy fishing trip, she finds herself recalling the people she has met on her travels - people who were undertaking journeys of their own in which she chose not to intervene: a woman seeking revenge for her husband's death; a killer hoping to atone for his violent past; a woman seeking revenge for her husband's death; the old woman whom she came to call "master".

A Tale of Wise Men (賢者の話). Kino also recalls how, when running low on fuel, she stopped at the hermitage of a rumored wise man. There. she found a dying, frail old man being cared for by a young girl. Kino asked about his wisdom, and he replied that he was not wise. His attitude to life was only the result of cruel experiments to erase self-consciousness, thought to be the root of desire and criminal behaviour. However the experiment was a failure because his motivation was also erased - an undesirable side-effect. Hermes remarks that Kino's life is little different to those they met on their travels, however Kino replies that she is trying to live her life consciously.
12"A Peaceful Land -Mother's Love-"
"Heiwa na Kuni" (平和な国)
July 1, 2003 (2003-07-01)
Kino and Hermes visit Veldelval, a land that prides itself on a being a peaceful nation. However, abandoned military equipment litters the streets and on the outskirts of town, an army is training for a war to be held on the following day. Curious about these contradictions, Kino visits the History Museum and learns that after nearly 200 years of war with Reslsumia, they finally found a solution 15 years ago. The next day, Kino understands the solution - both armies attack a village of defenseless Tatatan tribal people nearby, and the army causing the most casualties is declared the winner. Back at the museum, Kino asks about the impact on the Tatatans and the museum curator explains that even though some Tatatans die, the number is low compared to those of her people killed in a real war. Kino is not convinced however that this is the right solution. As Kino and Hermes leave the country, they are surrounded by vengeful Tatatans who want to kill Kino, however they disperse when she kills one of them, to her own dismay.
13"A Kind Land -Tomorrow Never Comes-"
"Yasashii Kuni" (優しい国)
July 8, 2003 (2003-07-08)
When Kino hears of a land where travelers are shunned, she decides to visit anyway and experience the people's attitude for herself. To her surprise, when she says she will stay only 3 days, the inhabitants become extremely friendly and welcoming. Kino is soon made to feel at home among them and makes friends with Sakura, a girl who reminds Kino of her younger self. When Kino says she would like to stay longer, the citizens react strangely, however they then shower her with parting gifts when she leaves. That evening, Kino watches in horror as a pyroclastic flow engulfs the land. Kino then reads a letter she was given, explaining that the people knew of the impending destruction but decided to stay in the land they grew up in and loved.

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series (2017)[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1"A Country Where People Can Kill Others -Jungle's Rule-"
"Hito o Korosu Koto ga Dekiru Kuni" (人を殺すことができる国)
October 6, 2017 (2017-10-06)
Kino encounters a gunslinger, intending to settle in the country ahead where murder is legal. He believes it is perfect for him and hopes to meet Regel, an infamous serial killer. The gunslinger asks Kino to take half of his stuff ahead for him but she refuses. Upon arriving in the country, Kino is surprised to find that the people living there are peaceful and friendly, despite being armed. During her three day stay, she befriends a kindly old man who believes Kino might fit in with them and asks her to stay but she declines. As she is about to leave, the gunslinger she met earlier demands that Kino hand over her belongings as "compensation", but she refuses. He draws his gun to kill her, but much to his shock, the locals stop him with arrows from a crossbow. The old man tells him that although killing is "not prohibited", it does not equate to being "permitted". Killing is only allowed to punish those who plan or commit murder. The distraught gunslinger is then killed by the old man who reveals himself to be Regel. After leaving, Kino encounters another gunslinger escaping a country of violence and killing, and she tells him the country she just left is perfect for him.
2"Colosseum -Avengers-"
"Koroshiamu" (コロシアム)
October 13, 2017 (2017-10-13)
Kino and Hermes arrive in a country ruled by a tyrannical king. She is forced to participate in a tournament held every three months where contestants fight each other to the death or until one opponent yields. The winner then becomes a citizen with the right to make a new law. Hermes is told by their guard that the current king murdered his father seven years ago to take the throne. This horrified his wife who committed suicide, and led their son and daughter to run away. Kino easily defeats her tournament opponents, forcing them to yield. In the final round, Kino faces a young accomplished swordsman named Shizu but defeats him. While pretending to shoot Shizu, she fires an especially prepared bullet that breaks through the King's private suite, killing him. As the winner, Kino proclaims her new law that the citizens can fight each other until the last person standing becomes king, leading to chaos in the Colosseum. After escaping, Kino and Hermes encounter Shizu and his companion Riku, a talking Shiba Inu dog. Shizu reveals that he is the prince who returned to kill the king and gratefully thanks Kino for ending his father's tyrannical rule. After Kino and Hermes leave, Shizu is left to decide whether or not he should now become king himself.
3"Bothersome Country -Leave Only Footsteps!-"
"Meiwaku na Kuni" (迷惑な国)
October 20, 2017 (2017-10-20)
Kino and Hermes board a "traveling country", housing an entire population in a gigantic moving vehicle. The immigration officer explains the vehicle is powered by an automatic generator whose energy must be consumed to prevent overheating. When they arrive at the border wall of another country, the General in charge refuses permission to continue. Undaunted, the traveling country breaks through the wall using a powerful laser and crosses the green pastures. The local military fails to penetrate the vehicle's armor and in frustration they target a mural painted on the side by the children. Kino helps her hosts by shooting the targeting binoculars and missiles. Kino realizes that with their technology, her hosts could easily conquer other countries but the immigration officer tells Kino that they have no such desire and only want to travel the world in peace. As Kino and Hermes leave the travelling country, Hermes remarks on the "bothersome country". Kino is confused as to which one, and Hermes replies both: one for causing destruction with its massive tracks as it travels, the other for charging a high toll for travelers to pass through the land that they have sealed with their long border wall. Hermes then remarks that the children of the traveling country will be sure to paint a new mural depicting Kino's heroism, causing much embarrassment for her.
4"Ship Country -On the Beach-"
"Fune no Kuni" (船の国)
October 27, 2017 (2017-10-27)
Shizu and Riku board a giant ship headed to the Western continent. The ship's cloaked rulers, the Tower Clan, offer Shizu comfortable accommodation in exchange for overseeing the inhabitants, but Shizu refuses. Guided by a seemingly mute girl named Tifana (Ti), Shizu and Riku explore the ship and she becomes his constant companion. When the ship starts to shake violently, Shizu discovers sections of the ship are flooding, in disrepair, and in danger of falling apart. When Shizu challenges the Tower Clan, he is faced with Kino who had taken on an overseer's role. However, Kino joins Shizu to confront the Tower Clan leaders who surprisingly make him king before vanishing. Shizu runs the ship ashore but the people don't believe the ship will sink and prepare to depart, leaving Shizu, Riku, Ti, Kino and Hermes behind on the beach. Ti suddenly stabs Shizu when he suggests that she leave with the ship. Hermes then reveals the Tower Clan were in fact the artificial intelligence of the ship Tifana and Ti was abandoned by her traveler parents. She was rejected by the ship's population, descendants of the children of the original crew who died from a plague. The Tower Clan tried for years to land ashore but the people had lost the desire and ability to live on land. Shizu forgives Ti and asks her follow him. In the epilogue, after Kino fixes Shizu's wounds, they part ways.
5"Country of Liars -Waiting for You-"
"Usotsukitachi no Kuni" (嘘つき達の国)
November 3, 2017 (2017-11-03)

"Tale of a Traveler -You-" (旅人の話) In a new country, Kino visits the Memorial Hall to a great but modest traveler who saved the country, overthrowing the corrupt government and becoming its first president. Inside, Kino sees the former traveler's belongings, including his motorcycle. It tells Hermes and Kino that it wants to be ridden, and if not, destroyed, but Kino declines both requests. As she is leaving, Kino encounters a young boy who wants to travel, and Kino suggests that he talk to the motorcycle in the Memorial.

"Country of Liars -Waiting for You-" (嘘つき達の国) Kino and Hermes arrive at the next country. As they enter, Kino is approached by a man inquiring about his lover who left five years ago. Over dinner, the locals tell Kino that the man she met in the woods near the gate was one of the leaders of a revolution that removed a tyrannical king. He destroyed the car carrying the royal family, killing them all, but then learned his lover was a princess who was killed in the blast. Shocked and unable to accept her death, he was told that she had gone on a journey. The whole country maintains the lie to protect him, and he is cared for by a young woman housekeeper who was a former traveler. However, the housekeeper tells Kino that she is the princess herself, as the people killed in the blast were body doubles. The princess returned when she heard about her lover's plight, and now she is happy to be with him, maintaining the lie. Before Kino and Hermes depart, the hero tells them he knows that his housekeeper is his lover but is happy maintaining the lie to be with her. Kino reflects that everyone in the country is a liar.
6"In the Clouds"
"Kumo no Naka de" (雲の中で)
November 10, 2017 (2017-11-10)
In a mountainous region, some travelling merchants with a convoy of trucks setup camp. They mistreat a slave girl they picked up in a previous religious country as part-payment for goods. Despite this, the slave does not resent their behavior as people in her country were taught to respect others. As the merchants eat their meal, she realizes that some herbs they picked are poisonous, but is unable to warn them in time and decides to eat as well to share their fate. However a young boy throws a stone, spilling her meal on the ground. While she considers what to do, the entire group dies from poisoning. She finds one surviving merchant who was sympathetic to her and she asks him to kill her. Instead, he frees her and tricks her into killing him. A small motor scooter named Sou in one of the trucks calls out to the slave girl, consoling her over the merchants' deaths and tells her to live rather than die. Some time later, Kino and Hermes discover the dead merchants lying before them, and Kino deduces the nature of their deaths from the poisonous herbs growing nearby. Years later, Sou reveals the unnamed slave was able to let go of her past, struck it rich and became a photographer, now named Photo.
7"Historic Country -Don't Look Back-"
"Rekishi no Aru Kuni" (歴史のある国)
November 17, 2017 (2017-11-17)
As Kino and Hermes approach a country with a tall clock tower, Kino recalls a story her Master told about when she was a young traveler. The young Master entered the country with her apprentice, planning to sell gems to buy supplies. When her apprentice is arrested by the corrupt police force for selling drugs and his possessions are confiscated. After failing to bribe the police chief to obtain his release, she agrees to leave the country. That night she returns, creates a diversion and releases her apprentice from prison. Rather than hide out, Master suggests that they go on the offensive, turning the top of the tower into a hide site where they wound the police returning to their headquarters, shooting them in the legs. After a three day siege, the police give up and ask them to leave, but she only agrees after they pay a considerable ransom. Back in the present, Kino and Hermes arrive in the country and find a monument near the clock tower. One of the many old men walking with canes tells them it is dedicated to the brave strangers who saved the country from the corrupt police state.
8"Country of Radio Waves -Not Guilty-"
"Denpa no Kuni" (電波の国)
November 24, 2017 (2017-11-24)

"Country of Radio Waves -Not Guilty-" (電波の国) Shizu is looking for a country to settle in rather than keep travelling. Shizu, Riku and Ti arrive in their buggy at a country which seems promising after some investigation. While exploring the countryside they are confronted by a man covered in blood threatening to kill everyone before Shizu subdues him. The police chief tells Shizu that hundreds of years ago, devices were planted in the heads of slaves to control them using radio waves. The citizens, descendants of the slaves, believe the still active radio towers sometimes cause people to act violently against their will. Skeptical, Shizu volunteers to destroy a nearby radio tower but finds it in complete ruins. He takes photos for evidence, but the citizens are unable to accept that people have acted on their own impulses and attempt to arrest him. They are stopped by Ti who grabs a baby and threatens to explode a hand grenade. Shizu then pretends to be affected by radio waves and takes the police chief hostage. The three travelers leave and release the police chief beyond the border, Shizu still unable to convince him to question his beliefs.

"Ti's Day - a Day in the Girl’s Life-" (ティーの一日) The trio arrive in a country with a high crime rate and Shizu goes looking for work, leaving Riku with Ti. Ti goes for a long walk with Riku in tow to find a place where she can step on her shadow. After spending the day together, Riku and Ti become closer to each other.
9"Various Countries"
"Iroiro na Kuni" (いろいろな国)
December 1, 2017 (2017-12-01)

"Tale of Bandits -Can you imagine!-" (山賊達の話) Two bandits watch for easy travelers to rob but the elder one dissuades his pupil from targeting Shizu and Kino. He explains that the most seemingly vulnerable are the most dangerous, a lesson he learned when he tried to rob Kino's Master in the past which got most of his gang killed.

"Country of Accruing Virtue -Serious Killer-" (徳を積む国) Kino speaks with the terminally ill ex-president about his country's virtue point system. Citizens who perform good deeds are rewarded with points but criminal acts will deduct those points and they can be sent to jail if the points go below zero. He admits he performed good deeds all his life so he could kill someone without repercussions. However he changes his mind when Kino is prepared to defend herself which reveals his own conflicted desires for good and evil.

"Country of Cooking -Original-" (料理の国) In a country of restaurants, a group of chefs mistakes Kino for a famous wandering chef who creates great recipes and ask her to cook for them. Due to her horrible cooking, Kino makes fried chicken that is too spicy. Shortly thereafter a leading chef announces another recipe, a milder version of Kino's chicken. The chefs decides to adopt both recipes as their country's specialties.

"Ti's Wish -Get Real!-" (ティーの願い) Shizu, Riku and Ti visits a country where people write down their wishes on paper and stick them on statutes. Ti writes down a wish that everyone's wishes should come true. The people praises her generosity, even though she doesn't believe any of the wishes will come true.

"Country of Beautiful Memories -Beautiful Memories-" (美しい記憶の国 ) Kino is excited to visit a country that her Master enjoyed but never remembered. However she suddenly finds herself leaving the country three days later with no memory of what happened. Hermes directs Kino to a letter in the saddlebag that Kino wrote to herself while there which explains the country is very secretive and demands all travelers who visit must take an amnesia pill to erase memories of their time there. Kino is even more frustrated when Hermes refuses to tell her what happened after making a promise to the people.
10"Kind Country -Tomorrow Never Comes-"
"Yasashī Kuni" (優しい国)
December 8, 2017 (2017-12-08)
Kino is curious to enter a country rated poorly among travelers who have described the citizens as rude and unfriendly. Surprisingly Kino and Hermes are warmly welcomed. She makes friends with young girl Sakura, who takes the travelers on a guided tour of her country. They visit a gunsmith who services Kino's persuader for free and he even gives her a semi- automatic pistol. Sakura takes Kino to see a play about how the poor, hungry people settled in the heavily forested land and Sakura shares her dreams for the future. On the last night Sakura's parents offer Sakura the opportunity to travel, but she decides to stay and fulfill her dream of becoming the best tour guide. When Kino asks to stay longer, the police remind her of the time limit, however the citizens all come to see her off when she leaves and Kino remarks on how different the country was from the rumors. That evening, camped on a ridge, Kino watches in horror as a pyroclastic flow engulfs the land. Kino then reads a letter she was given, explaining that the people knew of the impending destruction but decided to stay in the land they loved, and treated Kino kindly so that at least one person would have positive memories of their country.
11"Country of Adults -Natural Rights-"
"Otona no Kuni" (大人の国)
December 15, 2017 (2017-12-15)
Kino and Hermes stop and fall in a field of crimson flowers. She thinks back to when she was a shy 11 year-old girl and first met the unassuming traveler Kino. She forgot her original name, which was that of a flower which could easily be turned into an insult. She took him to her family's inn to stay for a few days where he repaired an old motorcycle in the basement and they named it Hermes. She told him that in her country, children on their 12th birthday undergo an operation to become an adult, to become hard-working and responsible. On the day before the operation Kino asked if it can be cancelled, to which all the adults accused her of insulting them and their country, and shaming her family. Kino was blamed for her change of heart, but was allowed to leave, although the girl would be killed. Suddenly Kino stepped in front to protect her and was killed instead. Hermes suggested that she mount the motorcycle and escape which she did. After leaving her country, she and the motorcycle fall in a filed of crimson flowers and she takes the name of the traveler, Kino.
12"Fields of Sheep -Stray Army-"
"Hitsuji-tachi no Sougen" (羊たちの草原)
December 22, 2017 (2017-12-22)

As Kino and Hermes travel along the countryside, they see some sheep that begin to pursue them, but they have to stop at the edge of a ravine. Kino is forced to leave Hermes behind and climb down the ravine, then follows the ravine to find a way out, but the sheep follow on the plateau above. Days later, Kino exits the ravine and finds the skeleton of a traveler beside his four-wheel drive vehicle, trapped in the narrowest part of the ravine. After freeing the vehicle, Kino drives it back to Hermes. Kino lays a line of oil around Hermes and sets it alight to create a barrier of fire, then begins shooting all the sheep within the barrier. She then builds a ramp to jump across the ravine with Hermes. They make it safely to the other side where Kino contemplates why the sheep showed such anger towards them. When Kino arrives at the gates of the next country, she is asked if she saw any sheep. Answering yes, she is told that the sheep were bred for fighting, but released after the practice was stopped. Kino wonders whether to tell the gatekeeper of her experiences.

"Journeys End –Kino's Nap-" (旅の終わり) Later Kino decides to have a long nap, declaring her journey ended to Hermes' surprise. Kino explains that if she decides to travel again when she awakes then it will be the beginning of a new journey.

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