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This is a list of notable buildings of the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic fraternal service organization founded in 1881 in New Haven, Connecticut.[1]

in Canada
James Cooper House, being moved in Toronto, in 2008
  • James Cooper House, Toronto, which served as a Knights of Columbus meetinghall from 1910 to 2005
  • A fire at the Knights of Columbus Hall in St John's, Newfoundland kills 99 on December 12, 1942 (see 1942 in Canada).
in the Philippines
in the United States

(by state then city or town)

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
1 Knights of Columbus Building (New Haven, Connecticut) Knights of Columbus headquarters.jpg 1969 built One Columbus Plaza
41°18′09″N 72°55′39″W / 41.30250°N 72.92750°W / 41.30250; -72.92750 (Knights of Columbus Building (New Haven, Connecticut))
New Haven, Connecticut Headquarters of the Knights of Columbus. Also known as the Knights of Columbus Tower, the building was designed by Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates and finished in 1969. It is a 23-story modern style reinforced concrete building, at 321 feet (98 meters) tall, the second-tallest building in the city. The cylindrical towers at the corners give the structure a simple geometric form.[4]
2 Knights of Columbus Building (Gary, Indiana) 1925 built
1984 NRHP-listed
333 W. 5th Ave.
41°36′6″N 87°20′29″W / 41.60167°N 87.34139°W / 41.60167; -87.34139 (Knights of Columbus Building (Gary, Indiana))
Gary, Indiana listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Lake County, Indiana[5] Photos here.[6] And here.[7]
3 Knights of Columbus-Indiana Club 1924 built
1985 NRHP-listed
320 W. Jefferson
41°40′29″N 86°15′15″W / 41.67472°N 86.25417°W / 41.67472; -86.25417 (Knights of Columbus-Indiana Club)
South Bend, Indiana Renaissance, Italian Renaissance architecture[5]
4 Knights of Columbus Hall (Pascagoula, Mississippi) 2008 Mississippi listed 3604 Magnolia Street
30°22′12.06″N 88°33′29.39″W / 30.3700167°N 88.5581639°W / 30.3700167; -88.5581639 (Knights of Columbus Hall (Pascagoula, Mississippi))
Pascagoula, Mississippi Also known as Krebs House; designated a Mississippi Landmark in 2008[8]
5 Knights of Columbus Building (Butte, Montana) 1917 built
224 W. Park St
46°0′44.3″N 112°32′24.86″W / 46.012306°N 112.5402389°W / 46.012306; -112.5402389 (Knights of Columbus Building (Butte, Montana))
Butte, Montana Renaissance Revival style; designed by Wellington Smith and built in 1917-1918; regarded as an "icon" in the community; in disrepair in 2009. The Knights of Columbus had by then applied for a $300,000 historic preservation grant from the state.[9][10] Likely included[clarification needed] in the Butte-Anaconda Historic District. It is included in a walking tour of historic Uptown area of Butte.[11]
6 George A. Bartlett House, also known as Old Knights of Columbus Hall 1907 built
1982 NRHP-listed
McQuillan and Booker Sts.
Tonopah, Nevada Shingle Style architecture. Also known as Old Knights of Columbus Hall.[5]
7 Knights of Columbus Building (Portland, Oregon) Knights of Columbus building - Portland, Oregon.jpg 1920 built
1990 NRHP-listed
1998 NRHP delisted
804 SW. Taylor St.
45°31′5.63″N 122°40′53.59″W / 45.5182306°N 122.6815528°W / 45.5182306; -122.6815528 (former location of Knights of Columbus Building (Portland, Oregon))
Portland, Oregon Late Gothic Revival architecture[5] demolished around 1998

Additional notes[edit]

If there is a distinctive architecture for Knights of Columbus halls, it may involve use of the K of C logo (designed in 1883) and components such as fasces, the bundle of sticks with an axe blade, a symbol that generally signifies "strength through unity".

See List of carillons for Knights of Columbus-named tower.

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