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This is a list of notable buildings of the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization. Many of these are named, primarily or as an alternative, "Pythian Castles", and are built to resemble medieval castles, consistent with the theme of the Pythian order.

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in the United States

(by state then city or town)

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
1 Knights of Pythias Building (Phoenix, Arizona) Knights of Pythias Building (7).JPG 1928 built
1985 NRHP-listed
829 N. 1st Ave.
33°27′27″N 112°4′27″W / 33.45750°N 112.07417°W / 33.45750; -112.07417 (Knights of Pythias Building (Phoenix, Arizona))
Phoenix, Arizona Mission Revival architecture[1]
2 Pythian Castle (Arcata, California) Pythian Castle Arcata CA.jpg 1885 built
1986 NRHP-listed
1100 H St.
40°52′16″N 124°5′6″W / 40.87111°N 124.08500°W / 40.87111; -124.08500 (Pythian Castle (Arcata, California))
Arcata, California Queen Anne architecture[1]
3 Pythias Lodge Building (San Diego, California) 1911 built
1981 NRHP-listed
211 E St. and 870 3rd Ave.
32°42′52″N 117°9′41″W / 32.71444°N 117.16139°W / 32.71444; -117.16139 (Pythias Lodge Building (San Diego, California))
San Diego, California Beaux Arts architecture[1]
3.5 Pythian Building (Middletown, Connecticut) Middletown, CT - Pythian Building 01.jpg c.1874 built
1983 NRHP CP-listed
360 Main St.
41°33′45″N 72°38′56″W / 41.56250°N 72.64889°W / 41.56250; -72.64889 (Pythian Building (Middletown, Connecticut))
Middletown, Connecticut A contributing property of the NRHP-listed Main Street Historic District (Middletown, Connecticut). Includes Ford News, local landmark
4 Knights of Pythias Lodge Hall (Weiser, Idaho) 1904 built
1976 NRHP-listed
30 E. Idaho St.
44°14′47″N 116°58′5″W / 44.24639°N 116.96806°W / 44.24639; -116.96806 (Knights of Pythias Lodge Hall (Weiser, Idaho))
Weiser, Idaho [1]
5 Knights of Pythias Building and Theatre Knights of Pythias Building and Theatre.jpg 1899 built
1978 NRHP-listed
215 N. Broadway
39°20′17″N 85°29′5″W / 39.33806°N 85.48472°W / 39.33806; -85.48472 (Knights of Pythias Building and Theatre)
Greensburg, Indiana Early Commercial architecture, Italianate architecture[1]
6 Knights of Pythias / Tyner Building Tyner Bldg Hartford City IN.jpg 1900 built
? cp-NRHP-listed
204-210 W. Main St. Hartford City, Indiana Included in Hartford City Courthouse Square Historic District. Queen Anne architecture and other. The Hartford City Times operated from the 210 W. Main address during the early 1900s.[2] For a brief "turbulent" period during the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan had an office in this building.[3]
7 Knights of Pythias Lodge (South Bend, Indiana) Knights of Pythias Lodge in South Bend.jpg 1922 built
1985 NRHP-listed
224 W. Jefferson
41°40′29″N 86°15′11″W / 41.67472°N 86.25306°W / 41.67472; -86.25306 (Knights of Pythias Lodge (South Bend, Indiana))
South Bend, Indiana Chicago architecture, Classical Revival architecture[1]
8 Knights of Pythias Temple (Louisville, Kentucky) Louisville KoP Temple.jpg 1914 built
1978 NRHP-listed
928–932 W. Chestnut St.
38°14′58″N 85°46′3″W / 38.24944°N 85.76750°W / 38.24944; -85.76750 (Knights of Pythias Temple (Louisville, Kentucky))
Louisville, Kentucky Building has also served as a YMCA building.[1]
9 Pythian Opera House 1894 built
2008 NRHP-listed

43°51′15″N 69°37′35″W / 43.85417°N 69.62639°W / 43.85417; -69.62639 (Pythian Opera House)
Boothbay Harbor, Maine Queen Anne architecture[1]
10 Pythian Home of Missouri 1913 built
2009 NRHP-listed
1451 E. Pythian Street
37°13′17″N 93°16′07″W / 37.2214°N 93.2686°W / 37.2214; -93.2686 (Pythian Home of Missouri)
Springfield, Missouri Built in 1913 of "Carthage Stone", a hard limestone from the Ozarks, as an orphanage and retirement home. Commandeered in 1942 for use by the U.S. military, and used as an Enlisted Men's Service Club. Then German and Italian prisoners-of-war were held there, still during World War II.[4][5] The listing was announced as the featured listing in the National Park Service's weekly list of October 16, 2009.[6] Also known as Pythian Castle[1]
11 Knights of Pythias Building (Virginia City, Nevada) Knights of Pythias Building 1876 built
1966 NRHP cp-listed
B Street, btwn Union & Sutton Sts. Virginia City, Nevada Contributing property in Virginia City Historic District.[1]
12 Pythian Temple (New York City) The Pythian.jpg 1927 built
1986 converted to residential
135 West 70th Street New York, New York Built in 1927 to serve as a meeting place for the 120 Pythian lodges of New York City; used in other ways; converted to coop residences in 1986.
13 Pythian Temple and James Pythian Theater 1925 built
1983 NRHP-listed
861-867 Mt. Vernon Ave.
39°58′16″N 82°58′44″W / 39.97111°N 82.97889°W / 39.97111; -82.97889 (Pythian Temple and James Pythian Theater)
Columbus, Ohio Colonial Revival architecture[1]
14 Pythian Castle (Toledo, Ohio) 1890 built
1972 NRHP-listed
801 Jefferson Ave.
41°39′8″N 83°32′25″W / 41.65222°N 83.54028°W / 41.65222; -83.54028 (Pythian Castle (Toledo, Ohio))
Toledo, Ohio Romanesque architecture[1]
15 Knights of Pythias Pavilion 1897 built
1988 NRHP-listed
TN 96
35°55′57″N 86°54′30″W / 35.93250°N 86.90833°W / 35.93250; -86.90833 (Knights of Pythias Pavilion)
Franklin, Tennessee Classical Revival architecture[1]
16 Knights of Pythias Building (Fort Worth, Texas) 1901 built
1970 NRHP-listed
1981 restored
315 Main St.
32°45′19″N 97°19′52″W / 32.75528°N 97.33111°W / 32.75528; -97.33111 (Knights of Pythias Building (Fort Worth, Texas))
Fort Worth, Texas Medieval architecture, built on site of 1881 building, the first-built Pythian Castle[1] also known as Pythian Castle Hall
17 Pythian Home 1909 built [7] 1825 E Bankhead Dr.
32°45′04″N 97°45′23″W / 32.7510851°N 97.7562699°W / 32.7510851; -97.7562699 (Pythian Home (Weatherford, Texas))[7]
Weatherford, Texas Medieval architecture[7]
18 Pythian Castle (Portsmouth, Virginia) 1897-98 built
1980 NRHP-listed
610-612 Court St.
36°50′1″N 76°18′5″W / 36.83361°N 76.30139°W / 36.83361; -76.30139 (Pythian Castle (Portsmouth, Virginia))
Portsmouth, Virginia Romanesque Revival architecture[1]
19 Pythian Temple (Tacoma, Washington) Pythian Temple.jpg 1906 built
1985 NRHP-listed
924-926​12 Broadway
47°15′17″N 122°26′23″W / 47.25472°N 122.43972°W / 47.25472; -122.43972 (Pythian Temple (Tacoma, Washington))
Tacoma, Washington Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture, Second Renaissance Revival architecture[1]
20 Pythian Castle Lodge 1927 built
1988 NRHP-listed
1925 W. National Ave.
43°1′21″N 87°56′15″W / 43.02250°N 87.93750°W / 43.02250; -87.93750 (Pythian Castle Lodge)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mission/Spanish Revival architecture, Spanish Colonial Revival architecture[1]
21 Pythian Castle (Circleville, Ohio) Pythian Castle, Circleville, OH.JPG ???? built
???? NRHP-listed
118 N Court St.
Circleville, Ohio Medieval architecture[1]


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