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The following is a list of software programs that can communicate with and/or host directory services via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Client software[edit]



  • Evolution - the contacts part of GNOME's PIM can query LDAP servers.
  • KAddressBook - the address book application for KDE, capable of querying LDAP servers.
  • Ldapscripts - Shell scripts to manage POSIX accounts in an OpenLDAP directory

OS X[edit]

Microsoft Windows[edit]


Server software[edit]

Developer Software license[a] Comments
389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server) Red Hat GPL linking exception[2] with exception to allow linking to non-GPL[3]
Active Directory Microsoft Proprietary
Apache Directory Server Apache Software Foundation Apache License 2.0
Apple Open Directory - A fork of the OpenLDAP project [citation needed] [citation needed]
CA Directory CA Technologies Proprietary
Critical Path Directory Server Critical Path Proprietary
DirX Directory Atos (ex-Siemens) [citation needed]
FreeIPA Red Hat (using 389 Directory Server) GPL
IBM Tivoli Directory Server IBM Proprietary
ldapjs,[4] implementation of LDAP in JavaScript on Node.js. Mark Cavage[5] MIT License
Mandriva Directory Server, now part of Mandriva Management Console Mandriva development team GNU General Public License
Nexor Directory [citation needed] [citation needed]
Novell eDirectory Novell Proprietary
OpenBSD ldapd[6] Martin Hedenfalk, OpenBSD ISC
OpenDJ - A fork of the OpenDS project ForgeRock CDDL
OpenDS Sun Microsystems CDDL no longer maintained
OpenLDAP Kurt Zeilenga and others (based on Slapd) OpenLDAP Public License
Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition[7] Oracle Proprietary
Oracle Internet Directory Oracle Proprietary
Oracle Unified Directory Oracle, based on OpenDS Proprietary
RadiantOne Radiant Logic [citation needed]
Red Hat Directory Server Red Hat GPL plus exception Commercial version of 389 Directory Server
Samba4 - Active Directory compatible Domain Controller Samba Team GPLv3
Slapd - Standalone LDAP Daemon University of Michigan Free[citation needed] superseded by OpenLDAP[8]
Sun Java System Directory Server Sun Microsystems [citation needed] no longer maintained
UnboundID Directory Server[9] UnboundID Proprietary
Univention Corporate Server Univention GmbH AGPL[10]
ViewDS Directory Server - Cross-platform X.500/LDAP/XML directory server ViewDS Identity Solutions Proprietary
Virtual Identity Server Optimal IdM Proprietary


  1. ^ Licenses here are a summary, and are not taken to be complete statements of the licenses. Some packages may use libraries under different licenses.


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