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This is a list of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (LGBT) people who have been the head of government of a country or a subnational division, such as a state, a province or a territory. To date, there have been five openly LGBT people who have served as a national head of government, holding office in Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and Serbia.

Note that this list only includes politicians who were out as LGBT during part or all of their term in office. Politicians who were closeted while in office, and either came out as gay after their retirement or were outed only after their deaths, are not included.


  Denotes incumbent head of government
Name Image Country Office Mandate start Mandate end Term length
Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir[1] Johanna sigurdardottir official portrait trim.jpg  Iceland Prime Minister of Iceland 1 February 2009 23 May 2013 4 years, 111 days
Elio Di Rupo[2] Elio Di Rupo PES-Kongress 2014.jpg  Belgium Prime Minister of Belgium 6 December 2011 11 October 2014 2 years, 309 days
Xavier Bettel[3] Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg supports Charlie Hebdo-102.jpg  Luxembourg Prime Minister of Luxembourg 4 December 2013 Incumbent 4 years, 347 days
Leo Varadkar[4] Leo Varadkar closeup portrait.png  Ireland Taoiseach 14 June 2017 Incumbent 1 year, 155 days
Ana Brnabić[5] Ana Brnabic, July 3, 2018.jpg  Serbia Prime Minister of Serbia 29 June 2017 Incumbent 1 year, 140 days


  Denotes incumbent head of government
Name Image Country Office Mandate start Mandate end Term length
Elio Di Rupo Elio Di Rupo PES-Kongress 2014.jpg Belgium Minister-President of Wallonia July 15, 1999 April 4, 2000 264 days
Jan Franssen Jan Franssen (1988).jpg Netherlands King's Commissioner of South Holland May 3, 2000 January 1, 2014 13 years, 243 days
Klaus Wowereit Klaus Wowereit Berlin-Tegel 01.jpg Germany Governing Mayor of Berlin June 16, 2001 December 11, 2014 13 years, 178 days
Ole von Beust Ole von Beust 3289.JPG Germany First Mayor of Hamburg 31 October 2001 25 August 2010 8 years, 283 days
Nichi Vendola Nicola Vendola daticamera.jpg Italy President of Apulia 4 April 2005 1 June 2015 10 years, 58 days
Clemens Cornielje 2011-03-02 provinciehuis arnhem 18.JPG Netherlands King's Commissioner of Gelderland August 31, 2005 Incumbent 13 years, 77 days
Elio Di Rupo Elio Di Rupo PES-Kongress 2014.jpg Belgium Minister-President of Wallonia October 6, 2005 July 20, 2007 1 year, 287 days
Lynne Brown Lynne-Brown.jpg South Africa Premier of the Western Cape 25 July 2008 6 May 2009 315 days
Allan Bell Isle of Mans finansministrar Alan Bell skriver under avtal tillsammans med sina nordiska kollegor vid Nordiska Radets session i Oslo. 2007-10-30. Foto- Magnus Froderberg.jpg United Kingdom Chief Minister of the Isle of Man October 11, 2011 October 4, 2016 4 years, 359 days
Rosario Crocetta Rosario Crocetta2012.jpg Italy President of Sicily 10 November 2012 18 November 2017 5 years, 8 days
Kathleen Wynne Hon Kathleen Wynne MPP Premier of Ontario.jpg Canada Premier of Ontario February 11, 2013 June 7, 2018 5 years, 116 days
Andrew Barr Andrew Barr 2016.JPG Australia Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory December 11, 2014 Incumbent 3 years, 340 days
Kate Brown Kate Brown in 2017.jpg United States Governor of Oregon February 18, 2015 Incumbent 3 years, 271 days
Wade MacLauchlan Wade MacLauchlan in DC (cropped).jpg Canada Premier of Prince Edward Island February 23, 2015 Incumbent 3 years, 266 days
Arno Brok Burgemeester-brok-1366958702.jpg Netherlands King's Commissioner of Friesland March 1, 2017 Incumbent 1 year, 260 days
Jared Polis Jared Polis official photo.jpg United States Governor of Colorado January 8, 2019

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