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The following is a list of periodicals (printed magazines, journals and newspapers) aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) demographic by country.


The most comprehensive holdings of LGBT periodicals is found at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives; their holdings are listed in ALGA Periodicals Collection Catalogue.

  • Archer
  • Blue. (Studio Magazines)  ISSN 1323-0026.
  • Dandy Magazine, published in Sydney
  • DNA Magazine. (Inter-Prime Publications)  ISSN 1443-1122.
  • Dreamboys. (Studio Magazines)  OCLC 56750263.
  • Lesbians on the Loose. (Lesbians on the Loose)  ISSN 1324-6542.
  • Pink Advocate.
  • Q Magazine.   ISSN 1449-499X.
  • QNews Magazine.   ISSN 1833-4830. OCLC 223039064. Fortnightly since 2000[1]
  • Southern Star. (Gay Publications)  ISSN 0819-5129. OCLC 220874467. , also ISSN 0816-4290, Victorian sister publication of Sydney Star Observer
  • Star Observer
  • Sydney Star Observer. (Gay Publications)  ISSN 0819-5129. OCLC 220874467. , also ISSN 0816-4290
  • They Shoot Homos Don't They?. (Shannon Michael Cane)  OCLC 191573637.
  • Wax. (Evolution Pub., Gay in WA Holdings)  OCLC 437301176.


Out of print[edit]


  • GAY45 - European indie journal for queer freedom & creativity - in English
  • COXX – Vienna Gay News. (eDate Advertising GmbH) 
  • Pride. (Linz : Verein zur Förderung der Information über Schwule, Lesben und TransGender-Personen)  OCLC 52802306.
  • queerbook. (queermedia)  , national
  • Vangardist – Progressives Männer Magazin. (Vangardist Medien OG) 
  • XTRA!. (XTRA! Verein für Gesundheitsinformationt)  , national
  • Lambda Nachrichten. (Homosexuelle Initiative Wien)  OCLC 30122454. , launch 1979

Out of print[edit]

  • Tamtam. (Kulturverein Schwulesbisch in Gumpendorf)  OCLC 24646763.


  • Gay Magazine.   OCLC 320452597.
  • ILGA-Europe. (International Lesbian & Gay Association, European Region)  ISSN 1378-577X.
  • LABELS Magazine. (LABELS Media & Publishing)  [2]
  • ZiZo Magazine. (çavaria)  [3]


  • A Capa
  • G Magazine
  • H Magazine
  • Homens
  • Junior
  • Revista Via G

Out of print[edit]


Probably the most comprehensive list and largest collection of Canadian and international LGBT periodicals is at the ArQuives in Toronto. See the following website: Our Collections.

Out of print[edit]

  • abOUT. (Ninth Avenue Media)  , Toronto and New York
  • OutWords. (Outwords Inc)  ISSN 1715-5606. , Manitoba
  • Angles. (Vancouver Gay Community Centre Society)  ISSN 0824-2100. OCLC 10845159. (1983–1998). There is a detailed digital (PDF) INDEX to the contents of Angles and its predecessor, VGCC News, covering the period 1980 to 1998. Index is titled Angles and VGCC News and is available through Library and Archives Canada's online catalogue, through OCLC's WorldCat, or at the Internet Archive. (A few libraries also have print copies of the index).
  • Le Berdache (Montreal)
  • The Body Politic (Toronto: Pink Triangle Press). ISSN 0315-3606
  • The Church-Wellesley Review. (Pink Triangle Press)  ISSN 1483-8281.
  • fab (fab Style Quarterly). (Toronto: No Fear Publishing)  ISSN 1704-3166. , launch 2006
  • The Gaezette (Atlantic Canada)
  • GO Info (Ottawa: Gays of Ottawa). ISSN 0315-0151.
  • J.D.s (Toronto)
  • Outlooks. Calgary: SuperMarketing.   ISSN 1704-7927.
  • Perceptions (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), 1983–2013. (There is also a separately published index to this periodical, in both print and PDF, covering years 1983–2004; check index holdings by some libraries in OCLC WorldCat and note that a copy of the index is also archived at Internet Archive; see also entry for Perceptions (magazine), elsewhere in Wikipedia). NOTE that this periodical title is sometimes given in library catalogues or elsewhere as: Gay and Lesbian Perceptions.
  • Le petit Berdache (Montreal)
  • Rites (Rites pub). ISSN 0828-5802 (Toronto)
  • Siren (Toronto: More Sex Please! Press). ISSN 1205-6251.
  • Urban Fitness (Vancouver) (Health & lifestyle title for North American market.)
  • Xtra! (Toronto: Pink Triangle Press; ISSN 0829-3384)

China, People's Republic of[edit]

See also separate list at: Hong Kong.

See also separate list at: Taiwan.

乐点 / 点 = Gay Spot / GS / Gayspot Magazine (Beijing, 2007– ).

One of the longest-running mainland Chinese LGBT periodicals. Note that digital (PDF) archival copies for the period 2007 to 2015 (26 issues) have been posted for preservation to the Internet Archive. The entry as given above notes the various titles, in both simplified Chinese characters and in English, by which this periodical is represented. And yet one additional title form, Le Dian, has also been seen (as the Hanyu pinyin transliterated title).

Femalefield = 女性天地 (1990s?).

Note one archived sample issue of Femalefield at Internet Archive.

Les+ (Beijing, 2005–2013).

Missionary (Beijing, 2018– ).

First issue of Missionary, Sept. 2018, called "Public", created by DaddyGreenBASEMENT and "showcasing a series of personal discussions about male homosexuality in public spaces" (Emma Sun posting, Jan. 16, 2019,

Costa Rica[edit]

Czech Republic[edit]

  • Hlas.   1931–1932
  • Kamarad.   1932
  • Novy Hlas.   1932–1934
  • Hlas prirody.   1938
  • Gay kontakt. (Princ Press)  OCLC 320412938.
  • Princ : gay sex magazín. (Dagra Communication)  ISSN 1212-1878. , launch 1993


Out of print[edit]


Out of print[edit]



Out of print[edit]


Hong Kong[edit]

For a more complete list of current and discontinued Hong Kong LGBT periodicals, see the "Towards Full Citizenship" bibliography (HK LGBT Periodicals section of that list). "Towards Full Citizenship" (4th ed., 2021) is accessible online at this link [2], as well as through Library and Archives Canada's catalogue and via the OCLC WorldCat.

NOTE: several Hong Kong periodicals of the 1990s have been archived to the Internet Archive site. (Click below on Contacts Magazine and on Satsanga Newsletter, which have been linked; note also that digital copies of Hong Kong Ten Percent Journal have also been archived to Internet Archive). Additionally, contents of the three titles noted in the previous sentence have been indexed in a separately published index titled: IN THEIR OWN VOICES, which is electronically available at this link [3], and also through Library and Archives Canada's online catalogue (Aurora).

Note also samples of other 1990s titles archived at Internet Archive (女同誌 ;同志後浪).



See also the web page at: Click on "Magazines and Journals" at this page for lengthy list of current and discontinued Indian/South Asian LGBT periodicals.

  • Bombay Dost, India's only registered LGBT magazine, launched 1991, global distribution twice a year
  • Gaylaxy Hindi.   India's first LGBT Hindi webzine, launched 1 January 2014
  • Gaylaxy.   India's largest LGBT webzine, launched 2010
  • Pink Pages.   launch July 2009, global quarterly distribution
  • Queernama.   available online as a pdf and a hardcopy.
  • The Gays Today, TGT, is an online magazine first published in January 2023 focusing diverse issues and components of the LGBTQ+ community in India


The following four Indonesian titles are noted by the Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives:


  • GCN (Gay Community News). (National Lesbian and Gay Federation (Ireland))  ISSN 0791-7163. , since 1988.
  • Gay Star. (Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association)  OCLC 41114928. Gay Star/update/upstart/Northern Gay were a family of publications covering a range of topics and uses. For example, Gay Star was mainly quarterly and normally rang as an A3 fold over with 24 to 28 pages, providing in depth articles, movie/book/theatre/music reviews, even sometimes poetry. It had some advertising of local events and venues, and also provided advice on medical issues such as AIDs and the Health Clinic location. The other magazines were in a number of formats, A4, A3 fold over and these were often used to get news quickly out to the community and warn them of some kind of possible issue in our communitye.g. police sting operations, people being beaten up, a predator hunting gay people. A full set of these magazines is located in the Linenhall Library, 17 Donegall Square North Belfast, BT1 5GB, and listings of LGBTQ+ material can be searched on their website It should also be noted that these magazines started of as part of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association, but in later years were independent of the organisation, but still supporting the aims and objectives of NIGRA. The two main editors over time were Sean McGouran and Terry McFarlane. Sean is now retired and Terry runs his own website ACOMSDave as a community journalist

Out of print[edit]


Out of print[edit]


Out of print[edit]

  • Samson (サムソン), 1982–2020
  • BÁdi (バデイ) (Terra Publications), 1994–2019
  • G-Men (ジーメン), 1995–2016
  • Adon (アドン), 1974–1996
    • MLMW (ムルム), 1978–1981
  • Adonisv(アドニス), Yukio Mishima was concerned with foundation of a periodical, 1952–1962
  • Anise (アニース)
  • Bara (薔薇), launch 1964
  • Barakomi (バラコミ), launch 1986
  • Carmilla (カーミラ)
  • doukou (同好), launch 1959
  • Fabulous (ファビュラス), launch 1999
  • The Gay (ザ ゲイ), launch 1978
  • Kuia Japan – Queer Japan. (Keisō Shobō-2001)  OCLC 43906181. , launch 1999
  • Niji ()
  • P-NUTS (P-NUTS), launch 1996
  • Sabu (さぶ), 1974–2002
  • Super Monkey (スーパーモンキー), launch 1979
  • yes (yes), launch 2006


  • My Kali magazine, launch 2007, a conceptual digital queer publication for/by Middle East, North Africa and diaspora queers.


Out of print[edit]

  • Barra


Out of print[edit]


Out of print[edit]

The Netherlands[edit]

Out of print[edit]


The Philippines[edit]

  • Outrage magazine[6]
  • TEAM magazine[7]


Out of print[edit]

  • Dečko magazine


Out of print[edit]


Out of print[edit]

  • Narobe. (DIC Legebitra)  ISSN 1854-8474.
  • 1xy. (Škuc Magnus) 
  • eLmagazin. (MKC Maribor) 
  • Lesbo. (Škuc LL)  OCLC 442867867.
  • Kekec. (Škuc Magnus) 
  • Legebitrina Oznanila. (Legebitra) 
  • Revolver. (Škuc)  ISSN 1318-2668.
  • Sestre.  

South Korea[edit]

  • Buddy magazine


  • Entiendes? 1989– ISSN 1575-1635
  • Gay Hotsa, bilingual Basque and Spanish, OCLC 289381704
  • MagLes magazine
  • Shangay magazine
  • Zero (out of business)

Out of print

"Dunas Mag [4]" - Gay Magazine in Maspalomas and Gran Canaria (in English / every 3 months).


Out of print[edit]

  • Destroyer. (Karl Andersson)  ISSN 1801-8203. , launched May 2006, global quarterly distribution, ceased publication in January 2010


Out of print[edit]


  • Blue Man magazine
  • Blue Men magazine
  • G & L Passion magazine
  • Good Guy magazine
  • Style Men magazine
  • Tung Yen Wu Chi (Eng: "Gays Speak Out")


See the Australian National University project website for many archived Thai LGBT periodicals in electronic format. ThaiRainbowArchive: Catalogue



  • Bombastic, online and print magazine.[9] The first six issues (2014–2020) have been archived in PDF format at the Internet Archive, entered there under title: Bombastic Magazine [Uganda] [5]. See additional related information at the website:

United Kingdom[edit]


  • Boyz. (Windmill Europe Ltd)  ISSN 1750-7944.
  • FS Magazine. (GMFA)  ISSN 1750-7162. , free
  • Galha News. (Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association)  ISSN 0953-8763.
  • Gay London Life. (Phoenix Meadow Ltd) 
  • GScene. (Gscene Magazine CIC)  Free monthly LGBTQ+ lifestyle magazine for the UK's South Coast.
  • Schools OUT UK's Official Guide to LGBT History Month. (Sugar Media & Marketing / Schools OUT UK)  Free annual listings and lifestyle magazine for LGBT History Month
  • Midlands Zone. (What's On Magazine Group)  Free monthly lifestyle magazine
  • QB - Nottinghamshire's Queer Bulletin.  
  • The Quorum.   , established 1920
  • ScotsGay. (John Hein) 
  • TheGayUK. (Pineapple Rock Ltd.)
  • UnDividingLines.   Free online LGBT/queer magazine produced for and by Scottish Highlanders
  • Vada Magazine. (Dog Horn Publishing) 

Out of print[edit]

United States[edit]

National news and information[edit]




  • POZ Magazine. (Smart + Strong)  ISSN 1075-5705. , launched 1994


  • Connextions Magazine. (Connextions Magazine LLC)  ISSN 2160-4355.
  • Passport Magazine. (Q Communications)  ISSN 1531-0213.
  • OUTCOAST (Gay Florida Travel Magazine)

Out of print[edit]


Historical research resources[edit]

  • International Directory of Gay and Lesbian Periodicals (Oryx Press, 1987), ISBN 0-89774-297-4
  • Lesbian Periodicals Index (1986), ISBN 0-930044-74-6
  • Lesbian Sources: A Bibliography of Periodical Articles, 1970–1990 (1993), ISBN 0-8153-0782-9
  • Our Own Voices: A Directory of Lesbian and Gay Periodicals, 1890–1990: Including the Complete Holdings of the Canadian Gay Archives (Canadian Gay Archives, 1991), ISBN 0-9690981-6-2
  • Women's and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Movements (LGBT) Periodicals Collection, 1968–2005, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University[19]

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