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This is a list of LYNX public art artists, who contributed to public art projects along the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte, North Carolina. As part of the budget for the LYNX system, a percentage of the overall cost was reserved for both the purchase and display of public art along the route. Through the utilization of less than 1 percent of the overall design and construction budget, 13 artists were selected to design displays for each of the Blue Line's 15 stations.[1]

  • Alice Adams: Adams is responsible for the design of the scoring patterns marking stations called Evergreen Encyclopedia and Celtic Calendar. Additionally, she is responsible for the relief images placed on walls along the route.[1]
  • Shaun Cassidy: Cassidy is responsible for the design and fabrication of 40 sections of fencing to be utilized at 10 station platforms. Each section will resemble a leaf from a tree species native to the neighborhood where the station is located. Additionally, the tree veins on each leaf will be designed to replicate the street layout of the neighborhood where the station is located.[1] Cassidy also played a role in the design of both the seat fabric and ceiling graphics for each light rail vehicle.[1]
  • Hoss Haley: Haley is responsible for the design of five handmade bronze sculptures that will double as station seating.[1]

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